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Video & TV Cast + Chromecast App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Video & TV Cast + Chromecast app received 116 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Video & TV Cast + Chromecast? Can you share your negative thoughts about video & tv cast + chromecast?

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Video & TV Cast + Chromecast for Negative User Reviews

C’est une arnaque j’ai payer très mauvais produit à ne pas acheterA déconseiller.Version: 2.4

Keeps disconnectingIt is a good app in the sense you can watch a short video with it. But it doesn’t hold the connection properly for longer watching. You have to refresh the websites and then press play all the time. Until it just stops working all together. it also needs a screen saver for your phone or tablet if you keep it open. It works if you close the screen but at some point the app will get killed in the background..Version: 1.25

Video & TV CastAbsolutely crap only plays video!.Version: 3.1

Waste of time and money zero starsWhat a total waste of time and money this app is. I purchased it specifically for casting videos to my smart tv, but it just doesn’t do what it should. Wish I had known this before spending $20 plus on this app. My advice is to avoid this app like the plague and keep your money..Version: 2.2

Not impressedPaid $11.00 for nothing.Version: 3.3

Ok AppWorks fine sometimes and other times it crashes in the middle of the video. Have to keep restarting and finding your place.Version: 3.3

Do not purchaseBought the app - impossible to connect and stream videos without purchasing separate hardware which comes with fee software to begin with. Tried for 2 hours multiple ways to load Disney video streaming content from my iPhone to my Panasonic smart tv. Multiple websites multiple utube videos - this app simply does not work.Version: 3.0

Useless waste of timeCrap doesn’t work.Version: 3.0

Waste of MoneyI paid fro the premium (Ultimate) package because it said I could cast whatever was on my screen to the Chromecast device. This is not true. I have an iPad PRO. I cannot cst anything more than I could with the Chromcast once it it set up. I tried all of the Apps that came with the Ultimate package. No difference..Version: 2.6

Not consistentIn web browser doesn’t display any video but just a black screen. Very inconsistent app!.Version: 3.3

Almost thereI love the apps ability to cast internet videos to chrome cast, and I was certainly overwhelmed with the multiple apps after I upgraded to ultimate edition. However, the biggest issue for me is that though I was once able to cast a .wav file, I no longer can. Would definitely like a workaround for this. Besides that, it’s great..Version: 2.0

Unable to use pro on 2nd tvAnd cannot find support to help as not on Facebook.Version: 2.2

Itune MovieTalkDoesn’t cast i tune moovie. Black screen!.Version: 3.3

Craig WillisCannot connect to my chrome cast what a waste of £9.99.Version: 2.2

Videos need Play properly Instead of stopping all the timeVids need to play without constantly stopping all the time..Version: 1.21

Streams photos but for movies or TV it will not streamIt is only worth the effort if you want to stream your videos or local applications. None of the streaming services will work..Version: 3.3

BadBad viedo pauses to much when we cast.Version: 3.3

Mauvais rien ne fonctionneTres mauvais..Version: 1.10

Worked well before, but not nowBought this app because of the claim that you can cast from any webpage. While this worked for a few months, it’s become frustrating in the last few days. In some websites it would say, “No Videolink found to cast!”, and/or while its casts video streaming just stops. This doesn’t, and has never, happened with other apps (e.g., YouTube or Netflix). I am starting to think I this is a waste..Version: 1.22

Fails to load video most of the timeIt has in the last month or so constantly started to tell that video failed to load. Reporting it hasn't sorted the problem either.Version: 1.10

CastWhat does it do.Version: 2.4

CrapDon't buy this app it doesn't work.Don't waste your money. I want my money back..Version: 1.9

I don’t likeThis app does not work I bought it to watch this movie website. The support from the website recommended it. $6.99 later this app won’t even cast google. Is this a 1 time purchase or a subscription. Either way I would like to delete it. Help.Version: 3.1

Does not workThe app pretends to cast your phone content to the Smart TV but when you try it asks you to buy another app for mirroring. This is false advertising. Very disappointing..Version: 3.3

Waste of a lot of money for nothingDon’t waste your time or money..Version: 3.1

Since the update I can't get app to workIt's been hit and miss with this app. I've put off doing a review just so I could have more time trying and using it before I posted my opinion on it. In theory it's a great idea, however this app doesn't support a lot of video types. At least videos I've tried to cast to tv using this app. Video plays fine on my iPhone and iPad but app doesn't support the video format and therefore won't cast. You can send in an alert that the video wasn't supported but I find they never take the time to fix or address the issue. When I emailed them about it they told me sorry it wasn't working for me and that was the end of that. Customer support was lacking and most of the videos I try to stream don't work so I wouldn't recommend paying money for this app..Version: 3.0

Does not okay cnn wellCNN never streams well.Version: 2.1

No GoodWhat a waste of money....doesn’t even remotely come close to casting or mirroring. Such a disappointment...is this a money grab? Seems to me there is no intention of this thing working..Version: 2.4

This app is waste of moneyBought it to allow me to cast Prime Video onto my Chromecast and it won't allow me to do that.... The tech support for this app say that the description states the Amazon Prime is not supported but what it actually states is the DRM videos such as HBO are not supported.... What is HBO??? All very misleading and resulting in me paying £6.99 for an app I have no use for and no way for me to get my money back....!!! All very disappointing....!!!.Version: 1.14

Very poorI worked at first but now doesn’t- not intuitive. When does work is great but simply unreliable sadly. Don’t pay for this app.Version: 3.3

Doesn’t workAbsolute joke - not worth the $20 I just spent.Version: 3.3

Doesn’t worksI have downloaded and paid Pro version but I can’t watch everything through it. It doesn’t worth it . Don’t buy it.Version: 3.1

Waste of moneyWhenever i want to cast something the video doesnt seem to work all the time.Version: 2.2

GarbageThis app is absolutely garbage.Version: 3.3

ConnectionIt keeps on disconnecting it. For ever asking to setup.Version: 3.3

Not happyKeeps dropping out all the time, cant watch movie that you stream.Version: 2.2

FrustratingI’ve used this app for over a year and have been very frustrated with is for the last couple of months. When casting I can never get through a whole episode or movie thT I’m watching because the app keeps kicking me out. I have tried using different devices and on different wifi’s, even my own data and it happens all the time..Version: 3.3

Rien fonctionne plein $ envoyéIl n’y a rien qui fonctionne après 25$ de paiement donc la madame n’est vraiment pas contente.Version: 3.3

Not a good purchaseIf you buy this app but if you don’t like how it works they will not give a refund , I bought the full version and tried it for about 4 days trying to find the best way to used it , not easy to used , crashes very often , no full controls for casting , I request a refund and they said it is not eligible for refund , very disappointed.Version: 1.24

Download this download thatWaiting for a reimbursement. Not user friendly.Version: 3.0

UnreliableVery unstable ——- Updating with more information as requested. Video will load and will cast. But it will only cast for 30sec and app crashes. Website I’m trying to connect is miomio.us I tried re-starting the app, even restarted my phone. It doesn’t solve the problem. I even kept my phone open with app constantly running in my screen and it still does the same. Sending from iPhone 11 to Chromecast model# H2G2-42..Version: 2.4

Best one till nowHave tried so many paid n unpaid but this one is best..Version: 1.23

Waste of moneyIt’s worked for 2 months by reconnecting every 30min, then after it’s not connecting at all..Version: 3.3

OverratedTo pay for something that does not work is not acceptable.Version: 3.3

Ok to a pointOk for streaming videos but not so good when cast audio(musiv). It shows all somgs in your ipad library alphabetically not by album nor artist.Version: 1.25

Struggles to castThe app started off being really reliable, casting first time, every time. After a couple of months the it would take 10+ attempts to cast and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Very frustrating.Version: 2.4

Gets disconnected every 15-20minsIt keeps getting disconnected every 15-20mins. Waste of my money. My internet is perfectly fine..Version: 3.0

Doesnt work with vimeo and any other site i useI want a refund, i won’t pay for somethiing that doesn’t work! *UPDATE* The company won’t refund you so just dont bother buying this piece of *%$?!.Version: 3.3

HiIts not working please help me to setup.Version: 2.2

Shocking - does not workDownloaded and brought £5.99 - then installed the correct app on the tv, it was asking me To the purchase again so that was another £5.99… app still doesn’t work and won’t allow to connect to the cast. Looking for a refund but no contact from anyone. My husband brought it on his phone too.. DO NOT BUY £10 wasted.Version: 3.3

Doesn’t workDoesn’t work.Version: 3.3

ConnectThis app has serious connection issues,was fine not too long ago,but just like a mechanic tinkering with his car he then finds it continually breaks down,they had this app going brilliant,just load it and connect,but no they had to add new features or tweaks,now it's really unreliable and I've got the paid for version.happy NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.24

Not recognizing my purchaseSubtitles are available but not upon casting!.Version: 2.2

Glitches constantlyThis chromecast app glitches constantly regardless of which setting you try. It repeats sections about every 10 seconds. Save your money..Version: 3.3

Instructions not clearJust trying to connect iPhone to Samsung TV with no AirPlay function and was pointed to your app but at no point was it clear that you needed chrome cast. Spent money on this app that does not work and spent more money on another app your app directed me to - about £9 in total..Version: 3.3

Video doesn’t loadIt doesn’t work properly and video stays loading and I have a fast connection. I want a refund!.Version: 3.1

Don’t waste your moneyThey lie that they provide support for App most links don’t work.Version: 3.3

Good But Need Mentioned Features• Automatically Connect One Fixed Device Except just allowing us to enable or disable the automatic connect feature. Please add a feature that let us choose only one device that should be automatically connect to. As right now it just randomly connect to any found device, we cannot configure to automatically connect to one specific device. • Need Proper Good Looking Playback Controls Right now, when we cast any video to the TV. It has a very small video bar at the bottom. We cannot press and move the video to forward, due to the small area of the video bar. Please add a full screen button which allow us to control the video like a real remote controller to play/pause/forward/rewind..Version: 1.25

HateHating it!!.Version: 3.1

What’s going on?This app was working great last night and now videos won’t play from the same websites I was watching them on?.Version: 1.20

Dissatisfied clientStopped working and asked to pay $100.00..Version: 3.0

Have to by add on’s that don’t workFirst you pay for the App. I actually paid for the ultimate edition so I could stream HBO Max to my tv using my fire stick. But to be able to cast video from an app, you have to purchase an additional app to screen mirror. The second app does not work at all. So now This company has basically duped me out of $12. Not worth the money at all!.Version: 2.6

Poor scoreFor that price. Nah.Version: 3.1

Probably the worst app I’ve ever paid forCouldn’t get this to work even once. Terrible confusing interface which even after I stumbled my way through didn’t deliver. Support+? Forget it!.Version: 2.2

Recently uselessLately about 80% of the videos won't stream to the chrome cast.... It's gotten to the stage where it's almost completely useless!.Version: 1.11

Subtitles for any website not workingI purchased tv cast for chromecast pro and also an chromecast device just to watch videos with subtitles. But subtitles is not working at all for any website. Hence 2 rating . Will change the rating once the issue is fixed..Version: 3.3

All external videos failE.Version: 2.1

Useless app. Waste of money don’t buyI go to cast a movie and movie will buff. Have not been able to watch one movie without interruptions 😤😤😤 Want a refund!.Version: 3.0

No soundTotal waste of money..Version: 3.3

Google Sign-in Required?!This App works well, But I feel one should Not be required to Sign-in to Google in order to Browse the Web for sending a URL via Chrome- cast ! Robert..Version: 2.6

App failureEvery time I go to cast to the tv it automatically try’s to load and then resets to the main page on the tv where it shows that it’s connected but refuses to cast. Please help as I purchased this app for this main purpose..Version: 1.25

This is the worst app ever. They took my money and I can use the app. ThievesThieves.Version: 3.1

DecentSo far so good, could be a lot better though.Version: 1.22

ReallyStill not casting...... AGH !!!.Version: 1.16

Too complicatedWaste of time.Version: 3.3

Scammers!Absolute rip off. App closes without warning all the time. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!! Rip off 😡😡.Version: 2.0

Rubbish😒Hopeless!.Version: 2.6

Not happyNot happy at all just bought this app and go to try watch a movie and for starters it’s not letting me easily cast a video, finally got it working for it to just stop casting?? Can I get my money back ?.Version: 2.2

No pictureI use Showbox and it recommended this app to Chromecast the tv shows and films. I have tried but all I get when I cast is sound and no picture. I will be asking for a refund..Version: 2.0

Don’t bother...Firstly I wouldn’t normally write s negative review as it’s just not something I do but.... After all the hard adding in app prompts to unlock each and every function I gave in and paid the money thinking I would be able to at least get something to play. Sure it went to play my movie but after buying the ‘premium - all inclusive option for over $10 and what do I get . A pop up add. That’ll be another $4 thanks. Take your app and put it shove it somewhere dark. Give me back my $10 as your app didn’t work anyway.Version: 1.10

….Version: 3.1

Like it, but could stand some improvementsThis is app is good but for the price charged there need to be more features such as subtitles (eg opensubtitles.org) support and the ability to queue or create a playlist for programmes so they can be watched back-to-back (useful for TV series if doing a ‘binge’ evening or weekend). I’ve ending up downloading a much cheaper app and using that the large majority of the time because it has these functions. Stabilising the playback would also be a godsend..Version: 3.0

Did. Not. Work.Completely didn’t work bought the pro for this would like a refund..Version: 2.3

Not working for meI paid the one time fee and purchased this. It doesn’t cast anything from the video websites I am interested in like Freeview etc. Waste of money for me.Version: 3.1

USED to be the best video app....Used to to be the best video app for streaming, but now every time app is closed, the video seems to turn off. Before you could cast video then use device for other functions, now the device is useless while streaming content... i don’t know what happened or why they changed this, but it is no longer as great as it was. I would have recommended this app to everybody, now i would not ever... sad to see such a great app lose so much functionality....Version: 3.0

Used to be goodThe app is now closed to be useless. You pay for an adblocker, but it doesn't work. I open the same site in Safari and the FREE adblocker extension I have downloaded is blocking the ads that this applications paid adblocker cannot. Then there is the issue with the pop up blockers pop ups. Instead of just blocking them in the background the application gives you a pop up notifying you that there was a pop up which it blocked which you need to allow or deny.. it's just as if we didnt have a pop up blocker at all!!! Also there are a lot of videos it simply cannot cast to the Chromecast! It plays fine on the phone, both in this application and in Safari but the app fails to cast it over.. and finally the videos with multiethnic options (Resolution X, Y, Z; Expert 1,2,3..; Adaptive Quality) no matter which one you choose none of them will work properly as the video will get stuck for a half a second every 20-45 seconds.. and there is nothing you can do when these pop up as there is no "Cancel" option, so even though you're already aware none of the options will work correctly you still will have to pick one, start playing, disconnect, reconnect and find an other versik! Do yourselves a favour and look for a different app instead of paying for this rubbish.Version: 3.3

Audio delaySlight Audio delay when casting that needs to be fixed..Version: 3.0

Chrome cast is crap.Don’t waste your money. You can stream from YouTube or elsewhere . I paid but it only works on one device so you have to pay for each device . Deception in marketing.Version: 3.1

So many issuesFirst week this app worked like charm, since then its all downhill!!! Videos work on phone but as soon as its cast to tv via app it just buffers.. not just any particular video it’s happening for all videos.. i want my money back.. i knw the crap i will get on this post contact apple for refunds etc etc.. better you developers spend some time to fix issues with your app!!.Version: 3.0

It connect to TV but link doesn’t cast/play on TVIt connect to TV but link doesn’t cast/play on TV on few websites... However it worked with few sites, I thought it would be suitable with all sites, also whenever you try to forward video the app gets stuck and then you start from beginning again.. it’s bit annoying ....Version: 2.1

SMHLiterally was using the regular version up until this ad popped up advertising the upgrade, obstructing the entire view of the screen UNTIL I PAID FOR THE UPGRADE …so i did. Now i can’t even get the thing to stream properly. I want my money back..Version: 3.3

Needs fixed.I have the pro version, it works fine for a little while. Then it decides to disconnect if I time out my phones screen, or if I leave the app temporarily. When I go to open the app it’s no longer on the page I was casting and I have to do it all over again. I honestly feel like I’ve wasted my money considering, unless I let my battery drain and leave it up on my screen I cannot cast to my chromecast without it closing everything out after about 3 minutes..Version: 2.0

Bad purchaseI am not enjoying chromecast because I was told that it’s easy to use. It’s not! I have tried for 4 days and even with people double checking everything the most that I have seen is about 20 minuets of something before everything freezes and goes off and I am told to reboot and start over. Looks like a total waste of money..Version: 1.18

Total waste of moneyYou have to pay extra for mirroring and it doesn’t accept YouTube ad blocker. It’s a google product in disguise. I detest it.Version: 3.3

ConfusedI use he free firestick version and im very happy with it! They asked me if i wanted to upgrade to pro so happy to pay and do that turns out the pro version is chromecast?! No good to me?! So confused why they would sell me a pro chromecast when i need firestick??.Version: 1.23

Waste of moneyIf I wanted to search in google , I did not need this rubbish app, do not buy it , it does not work.Version: 1.14

Won’t work on streaming website I have subscribed not happyWon’t work on streaming website I have subscribed not happy. Can I refund?.Version: 3.3

Keeps on crushingThere is nothing more frustrating than watching a show and the app keeping on disconnecting and/or crashing.. it shouldn’t be hard to fix, can you please take some time and figure out how to improve it? I paid money for this app...Version: 1.25

MehCuts in and out during stream, have to reconnect and I paid for the pro version.Version: 2.4

DanCan’t cast a thing this app is a rip off. Waste of time.Version: 3.0

No workingIPhone 7 Plus ios 12 not working with samsung smart hub . App try to Cast video from site but stucking on loading stripe.Version: 1.22

It’s keeps stoppingHey I recently upgraded to the pro version, yes it’s ad free but why it’s keep stopping and I have go back and cast again. I’m really not happy with the app. I want my money back. How do I get my refund.Version: 2.6

Worst appDon't want your money, the vedio is not working only few min and then will stop.Version: 3.1

Has yet to workSucks.Version: 1.23

It’s okay but not all videos are castSome videos are not cast despite it ‘finding them’..Version: 2.4

No goodUnable to cast the movies as it’s streaming all the time or not connecting.Version: 2.2

Misleading and lacking capabilityI downloaded the free version, couldn’t see how to mirror my iPhone, was prompted to buy the $11 pro app to do this. But the pro app can’t mirror screen.. apparently that’s yet another paid app. And when sharing files this app can’t seem to share PDF or PPT files so that’s pretty limiting. If you want to share photos or web browsers you can do this from google photos itself or chrome..Version: 3.3

SlowVideo keeps failing.Version: 2.2

Didn’t workI only purchased this app because I was staying at an Embassy Suites and it said that I could cast my phone to the TV with this app. It didn’t work even with purchasing the app. Would not recommend this app if you’re in a hotel that says you can stream from your phone. It didn’t work..Version: 3.3

Overly priced for $*£tNo trial, I paid $10.99 for nothing can’t even stream $*£t. And I have to pay extra $5.99 to mirror. I want my money back, I never used it because it did not work. Stop scamming people.Version: 3.3

DisappointedI use this app on my 2017 IPad at first it was great but this week it stop casting to my television I use the chrome cast and it keep telling me to click on the external button that’s highlighted in blue but when you click it doesn’t work so not I can’t watch anything on tv because it won’t cast.Version: 1.16

DisappointedI just purchased the app and it will not load the videos through the web browser function. Just wasted my money..Version: 3.1

Waste of moneyTerrible app. Doesn’t work don’t bother buying.Version: 1.14

Rarely worksSome videos load but most of the time they are unable to case without constant buffering. I know it is the app because I can play the video on my phone just fine and my Chromecast connection is strong with every other app..Version: 1.24

YeahIt’s alright but not really worth 11 dollars..Version: 3.1

Paid version sucks!!!I recently paid for the full bundle version. The one that i use (chromecast), the browser does not even work when search. But if i try the other apps from the bundle, the search works. What's strange is that using the free chromecast version of this app, browser seatch works. I wouldn't buy this app.Version: 1.9

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Is Video & TV Cast + Chromecast not working?

Video & TV Cast + Chromecast works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Video & TV Cast + Chromecast.

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