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Video & TV Cast + Chromecast app received 82 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about video & tv cast + chromecast?

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Video & TV Cast + Chromecast for Positive User Reviews

LivestreamsPlease optimize the app to work with ALL livestreams. Some live streams don’t play at all, others for a few seconds, and the best livestreams tend to stop playing while I’m enjoying the stream the most. I have sent a few links, (Volokit is my preferred site). Other than streams, a perfect app, no problems at all..Version: 2.6

Super tool, a must for ChromecastingSo long as the codecs are compatible, this app will play most internet video streams. UI could be a bit better, but still use this app happily. Recommended..Version: 1.14

CrashingLately the app has been crashing and/or disconnecting. Needs to be updated because that’s annoying!.Version: 1.25

Absolutely loving it!Best money I’ve spent all year! Easy to use. The playbar allows me to pause rewind and forward. I expected that! What I didn’t expect was the bookmarks which is hugely practical for quickly accessing sites on particular pages. AND... works with subtitles- big plus..Version: 1.21

Loving the appThe update are doing well had it for about three years now.Version: 3.1

I love itI wish that all the amazing photos had their locations to compliment the scenery or concepts, please think about that going forward. Thank you l.Version: 2.6

Decent appI love this app, I’ve used it for afew years to watch movies off my phone to my chromecast, it’s good, I’d recommend.Version: 1.18

Easy to use, no issue most of the timeThere are occasions where the video couldn’t be streamed. But works well 90% of the time! I use it everyday!.Version: 2.6

Great everything in one place my phone lolI can sea everything from my fone to any screen now.Version: 1.22

Pretty good, worth paying the upgradeStreams to my TV wonderfully. No issues, good speed, good quality.Version: 3.0

TV Cast. (C)Chromecast this is one the best things that I have bought in years. It’s streams videos and music and pictures can’t say enough about it. I recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a way to use there phone for streaming from my iPhone and iPad and computer. 👍😳🙂.Version: 1.25

Absolutely perfect!Exactly what I need. Casts videos in high quality, with audio, and issues are infrequent or easily worked around. My only real issue is that it always automatically casts to a random device in my house, often connecting to my housemates’ tv in their room. If there were a way to stop it from automatically connecting that I can’t find, it’d be perfect..Version: 3.3

Tv castThis app is absolutely amazing.Version: 3.3

26constantinFonctionne très bien.Version: 1.18

Dont buyWorst app ever. Everytime there’s something happened and the cast stopped suddenly.Version: 2.2

Well worth the ten dollarsIt isn’t perfect, but how much easier it is to manage pop ups makes it money well spent..Version: 1.12

Works right out of the box...Works right out of the box. Just add bookmarks and you're watching movies. Well worth the minimal purchase price! :-).Version: 1.14

Best casting appBest casting app without a doubt. Even great for watching streams on phone as it’s easy to block popups! Super easy! Trust me.Version: 2.6

Works where others fail.Got this to work where my Apple TV wouldn’t. Recommend.Version: 1.22

GGah.Version: 1.16

Great, kindaIt’s good and I’m able to watch a lot of things on tv that I wouldn’t have previously been able to but there are a few glitches and error’s here and there. Also, sometimes if the subtitles aren’t on the video itself, it won’t show up on the TV which makes some videos hard to watch... overall, great app..Version: 2.2

GoodThe app works great..Version: 3.1

The gold standardUpdate: Even w Roku, Apple TV & others, some services and channels don’t play nice w my TV. TV Cast is an essential utility to have. Thanks for updating it! This is the best app I’ve found to use my Chromecast. The ad blocking also stops websites from rerouting me onto another site. Well worth the $$..Version: 2.2

Casting.Very scratchy.Version: 3.1

TopsGood. Really good.Version: 1.14

Great appGreat app. Very reliable & easy to us.Version: 1.14

By far the best.They have apps that allow iOS users to connect their devices to almost anything! Worth every penny..Version: 2.4

Love it but just a lil feedback too!Great but hard to watch when u can't get subtitles to support. Maybe auto activate when identified to specific countries. Eg location aus. Language English movie is in French. Movie should auto change to the chosen language..Version: 1.21

Frequent surfingFrequent surfing and interruptions. Can anything be done.Version: 2.0

Great for casting from iphoneI bought this app twice (for iPhone and iPad) even though I didn't have to (Family sharing) because I like it so much, I wanted to support the author. This app works great for casting from my Apple devices to my TV via Chromecast..Version: 1.10

It does what it says! Love it.Outstanding, just combine all apps in one and have a better interface. Other than that perfect..Version: 2.6

😎👍👍😎👍👍.Version: 2.6

Use it everydayWorks really well- can’t really fault it.Version: 3.1

CastExcellent love this app.Version: 1.22

Needs ImprovementIt sometimes will not connect to the chrome cast connected to the TV and everything has to be powered down and restarted to get it to connect..Version: 3.1

Best AppThe best app i’ve used.Version: 2.2

Its alrightWorks.Version: 3.3

TitleAvisser.Version: 1.18

Pricing - be carefulThe price was $9.99 but they charged me $18.98 Not happy at all.Version: 1.25

PoorQuit working doesn’t allow for browser to wok.Version: 2.4

Works greatTwo wishes... I could select subtitles for the videos that offer them and do a better job at skipping ads, sometimes hitting the button for an ad does nothing and then it will cast the ad afterwards and not detect the actual video..Version: 1.10

It’s averageI purchased all the pro versions so I was able to cast to any device and every time I cast it will only work for about 5 minutes before the stream closes out. I can still hear the audio but the screen returns to the main display screen and I have to constantly refresh to attempt to complete a movie or anything I’m casting. So annoying and not worth it to me.Version: 1.22

It’s cool butI got confused and paid for the in app purchases and then paid for the pro version again when I tried to restore the purchases. Edit: I have and they’ve refunded me. Got to admit, I don’t regret paying for it after using it for a while..Version: 1.18

Awesome!By far the best app of its kind..Version: 1.25

OutstandingPlease keep me updated I purchased the pro both I don’t know why I have the Google Chrome cast pro & Chrome cast pro what is the difference they both work fine but was I charged for both because I only need one please let me know and if so how do I go about getting my refund.🙏.Version: 2.3

IPhone 11 Pro Max Tv cast CWorking perfect ! Thanks ......Version: 2.2

Not working on my ChromCast deviceNot working on my ChromCast device; It starts well at the beginning but around 1 minute later it starts buffering and buffering, so much frustrated with this app. Subtitle also is not working. Not happy at all. I wish I could get my money back..Version: 1.24

AwesomeDoes everything I want, wish I would’ve purchased the ultimate package earlier works with all my platforms!.Version: 1.12

Additional Features RequiredOverall the app is great but a few minor changes would be better. Like when casting a video and if we want to seek forward/backward should have separate 10s button. Also, if a call comes in the cast disconnects, can this be fixed..Version: 2.6

Works as advertised!The free version doesn’t have scrubbing as well as other features. Well worth the upgrade for what I use it for..Version: 1.12

User friendlyThis app does function satisfactory, although not perfectly as I’ve experienced instances when suddenly it would close unexpectedly during streaming from a website and my phone would suddenly be on my home screen with no apps open or running and all streaming abruptly ended,leaving no option but to search and cast all over again. The app functions smoothly regarding all other commands..Version: 1.22

Fantastic AppI’m speaking purely on the pro version. I had the free version for a while and it’s a night and day comparison. The pro version is smooth and reliable. Any reviews of the contrary are due to internet connections, I’m sure. Well worth the $6 and if you’re smart, and no how to utilize some sites online, you’d never have to pay for a streaming service or cable again. And that includes live sports. A++ app..Version: 3.1

Absolutely love it!Great work team at TV CAST, honestly one of the best and most useful app here :).Version: 3.1

Great applicationLove that you can cast one video while watching another in the same program.Version: 1.22

One of few apps for this job that just excelsI’ve had the pro bundle for a couple of years, migrating between iPhones as I’ve upgraded hardware and also on iPad, casting on different TV’s at home and in hotels it just works, simply. A UI which suits me and what I want to solve the problems of casting I have, I’d highly recommend the pro bundle. Just buy it..Version: 3.3

Great man dingaI like the new volume feature great very happy you guys added that thx.Version: 1.14

Customer service and problem resolutionI asked to have an issue with playback addressed from a certain website, and I was told that the developers would eventually look into it. It has now been 3 to 4 months since my initial request. I asked for an update and have had absolutely no word from anyone as to when or even if my concerns would be addressed and/or even fixed..Version: 2.2

GREAT GREAT GREATWorth my money. Love the app🥰.Version: 3.3

Bought the package!Works perfectly with my Chromecast first gen!.Version: 1.9

Really cool app...Because of the fact I can delete and restore over and over on different devices and each and every single time, my restore option...well it just works. Thanks for saving me on cash guys!!!.Version: 1.17

SooriIt's the best.Version: 2.6

The best👍.Version: 1.9

Works like a charm!I do not give away 5 star ratings usually or spend much time reviewing. I am a techie if you like so I really know what i need in an app to make the iOS system more versatile. Not only is this a great chrome cast projector (Now far more superior than my Apple TV with no drops or “kick outs”, but it has become the essential tool to overcome many issues with iOS and Freedom! I won’t bore you with the details, but this little gem of an app has saved me over $400 dollars and avoided a purchase which I thought I needed. I have paid for the pro version to unlock its full potential which in my opinion is very worth the small amount charged. If I was to purchase this tool for my PC for windows on disc 15 years ago it would probably cost about $80!! To the very negative review on here that states this is a crappy app that has“laggy” video is a fool who needs to get their facts right before damming this; reset your tablet, try hardwiring your router/WiFi using Ethernet connection, if using a VPN buy a yearly subscription rather that a crappy free version that seldom works and throttles your bandwidth, because I’m more than sure these are all a factor in your bad experience....it’s not the app fool! Anyway, if you need a cast app that can do what no other app in this category can do (or do well enough), or avoid paying hundreds of dollars for VPN enabled Router, or you just want to simply cast local video grab this, you won’t be disappointed. Try for free and see.👌.Version: 1.14

Good and Bad!I love this App, but after pausing a movie or something else, it shuts down after a while and I have to start all over!! I asked for support, but I did not get any response! This is the reason, because I gave this App only 4 stars! Arabelle.Version: 3.3

The best (NO KIZZY)Probably a lot of fake reviews on this but it actually works really well, especially for those websites that we all use to get the free tv and movies , I actually pay 0 subscription fees for anything anymore and I just copy and paste my putlocker or couchtuner links into the web browser and it works seem pesky with no pop ups. Best thing I’ve bought in forever …. 💯💯💯💯.Version: 3.3

A little slow to connectSometimes when broadcasting something from Chrome browser it is challenging to make the connection; however I can eventually get it to work..Version: 1.11

Better than the free versionAll though it may cost $7 it's worth it, now I can skip, pause the video, and block ads. It overall makes my experience better with this app instead of the free.Version: 1.10

Chrome castPoorly blocks ads.Version: 2.3

Great App! Need One for MacBook Pro!!!Have purchased this App and using it. Love it so much! And have purchased all the bundles... Please Add a feature for MacBook Pro, using the screen mirror so laggy, love to use like the TV Cast App. PLEASE MAKE ONE FOR MACBOOK PRO!!! Or just Add the feature Cast from MacBook Pro to TV (MacBook Pro Cast).Version: 3.0

Does the jobHad been looking for something like this for awhile now. Did app does very well on streaming pretty anything you find online. The only thing I would complain about is that every once and awhile it will cut off the streaming for no reason..Version: 2.3

Very good appReally cool app. Must buy if you want to stream videos to your tv. Using it on my ipad pro and it is working fine. Tries on chromecast and fire tv and working fine. Love it..Version: 2.2

I bought the wrong applicationBought for $6.99 then the want you to pay another $3.99 for add on and I still can’t cast appletv to my fire tv I originally gave a bad review and received feedback from the app developer explaining that I had purchased the wrong one in the process to go about getting a refund from Apple. I really appreciate the follow up..Version: 3.1

Cant go wrongCan’t go wrong with this app...Version: 2.6

HhkklPotts.Version: 3.3

Casting from FacebookIt works well most of the time but occasionally I have problems. EG: when casting from Facebook. It seems to revert automatically to Gaming videos which I hate and which I can’t turn off without closing tv down and the Facebook app..Version: 3.1

Great appGreat app.Version: 1.11

Best packageI bought the pro package when there was a sale and tho I hadn’t used it much recently with the overwhelming amount of different smart TVs at very low prices having access to so many plant forms for casting has made the pro collection my smartest casting purchase.Version: 3.3

WagwunnVery good been using for a while now ! Payed the subscription worth it !.Version: 3.3

TV CASTI bought this app when the Chromecast first came out. At that time few apps were Chromecast compatible. I remember looking at several different ones and I chose this one. It has never failed me. There may be better apps now. BUt it works..Version: 3.1

GreatLove the picture quality and the ease of using.Version: 3.0

RE: RefundHi there, I got confused and bought this pro version which I didn’t need, so pls kindly refund my £6.99 for me. I’m using this platform because I don’t know where to go and get my refund. Bye and hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks..Version: 2.6

Great.5/5. Great app. All you need..Version: 1.22

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