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Empower: Cash Advance $250 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Empower: Cash Advance $250 app received 29 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Empower: Cash Advance $250? Can you share your negative thoughts about empower: cash advance $250?

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Empower: Cash Advance $250 for Negative User Reviews

Not A Good BankI’ve Only Been With This Bank For Less Than 3 weeks and I’m Already Having Problems. The First Time I Transferred Money from my first bank to my empower bank my funds were posted and available the same day the transfer was completed. The 2nd time I transferred money i got a notification that the transfer was complete but this time my funds weren’t posted & isn't available. I Can’t Call Customer Service To Speak With Anyone I have to Email Them. All they tell me is that it takes 1-5 business days to transfer but if it is complete then That Information is Irrelevant because I’ve already done the waiting period for it to complete and I’ve got the email letting me know the transfer is complete so now I have to play the waiting game waiting on my money. This will be my last time using this bank and I will not recommend this bank to anyone , you all do not have real customer service. And I will let everyone know what I am going through. You don’t play with people money when they’re trusting u with it.Version: 2.14.0

Terrible company!You don’t get to pick what your repayment method will be, ACH or by card so my spouse and I got royally screwed by this company. We had our repayment taken out by ACH on a Thursday evening and it will take 3 business days to repay. Meaning we can’t get more money till Tuesday. We asked to have it taken out of my husband’s paycheck almost a week earlier through our card which is automatic bc his is a much bigger paycheck and it works way better for us financially. They said “our system picks the best repayment method”. So it came out of my much smaller paycheck and left us with $50 for almost a week. We talked to a supervisor who “couldn’t do anything”. This is in spite of the fact that they have access to our bank account, so therefore can see that the account has been repaid. And the supervisor didn’t care at all that this had happened to us. Or tried to fix it. We had talked to them multiple times asking to make sure that they take out the money when it worked best for our finances but unfortunately they leave it up to an automated system instead. Don’t use Empower, I wish we hadn’t!.Version: 5.53.0

DO NOT USEWorst app ever. I used them for 9 months. Fairly consistently. I always paid on time. Tipped. Etc. Then I had an issue with my bank account. I contacted Earnin and explained that the money would not be in my account and I needed to push my payment back a couple weeks. It had never happened before. They refused and said they had already started the process of debiting the money and couldn’t stop it…. And I should have asked them sooner to push the payment back. I would have loved to but unfortunately hackers don’t give advance notice before they hack your bank account. 🙄I told them the money wouldn’t be there and I would be charged a fee. I got disconnected from the chat 5 times…. Then was told if the money wasn’t there it would be returned to them and if I was charged a fee to contact them. Well the payment wasn’t returned and I was charged a fee. I contacted them and was basically told tough crap. There is nothing we can do and I didn’t meet the criteria to have my bank fee reimbursed but no one would tell me what those criteria were. I will never use them again. Dave is way better and I never have had an issue with them..Version: 5.9.0

False advertising.I opened up an account through empower. There was a trial period, in which I agreed to sign up for. I knew the subscription fee would come through after the trial ended, but one day I get an email from my insurance company that my insurance was going to be canceled due to non payment due to not having enough money in my account. After looking at my bank statement I realized that empower charged me 8 dollars during the trial period which was not supposed to happen. That 8 dollars left me just short of being able to pay my car insurance. When I reached out to empower, they told me I was aware of their subscription agreement and that the fee would not refunded unless I closed the account. So I told them fine, close it. I got the 8 dollars back. I payed back my advance. Then looking back at the app, my account was marked as ‘permanently closed.’ No option to reopen, just permanent. I was never rude or pushy with them and they do this? If that’s how you want to treat your customers then I don’t want to come back anyway. Absolutely unethical. Do not recommend this app..Version: 5.72.0

Lacking FeaturesUnfortunately, this isn't a stand alone bank account since you have to link it to another bank account and transfer money into it. There is no mobile deposit or other means to have a full suite of banking services. I want to leave brick and mortar banks altogether but am stuck because of the outside account linkage requirements. They also withdrew a direct deposit until I proved it was mine causing bill payments to be returned. The hassle to get issues resolved, the lack of meaningful banking features and other blah experiences (even though I have the free version which means I’ve been patient from the very beginning) I’m finally leaving. If you're like me in this regard, try another online bank. The auto-savings feature, the cool debit card, and the ease of using the app are all cool but there are other feature laden online accounts with much better customer service..Version: 5.22.2

DO NOT GET THE APPAfter canceling my subscription and account with Empower, it continued to take from my account and place into its savings. When trying to contact the help center, it only continues saying “there seems to be an error, please try again in a few moments. If now email us” at the email they give. After a day of trying to use their in app help service , but is so bugged out of an app it still wouldn’t load. So I used the email they gave but after another whole day there’s been no response, not even an automated message. Do not use. Also even though I have canceled every thing and signed out, it appears it still continues to be connected to my bank account because it still sends me notifications of my transactions through empower even when not signed in and “supposedly” they have shut my account and described it. They have done it two weeks now. I have no access to that “savings” account because I have canceled my subscription and all with them., but they continue to have access to my account and withdrawal money and monitor my personal bank account..Version: 4.28.0

SCAM ALERT!!Empower is running a scam/ Ponzi Scheme, stay away! In order to receive an advance, you need to link your debit card; the problem is they're having ongoing technical difficulties linking debit cards. I contacted them and they said they’re working on the issue (so far it’s taken 6 weeks and still no resolution) but in the meantime, if I want an advance I can open a bank account with them and they’ll send a debit card. In other words, they’re charging me monthly, taking and selling all of my personal and banking data, and then screwing me. Empower is bait and switching people into opening accounts with them by advertising a cash advance, but they’re getting around actually sending the advance by pretending to have technical difficulties and the only way to get it done is by opening a bank account thru them- if that even works that’s probably a lie as well. This company is a complete scam and incredibly dishonest. Stay away for Empower..Version: 5.70.0

It’s okIt’s not a bad app but I do have a couple of complaints. My first complaint is the processing time. It took nearly a whole week for my payment to process. My second complaint is after it took forever for the repayment to process, I couldn’t qualify again which is weird because I paid the payment on time plus the subscription fee. I honestly think that’s their way of luring you in. Have you qualify the first time and then you pay it back and then they find a reason not to approve if you need it again. That way they can continue to charge you $8 a month. After not qualifying again, I reached out to customer service about refunding the $8 fee and closing my account because It’s pointless to spend money on a service you can’t even use. Of course when I reached out to customer service I got no response..Version: 5.28.0

1/2 star rating..dissatisfied and disappointedI made a cash app transfer of $94 to a friend. Cash app canceled because the ID I used was not valid. I reached out and got a valid ID to resend. This time it failed. This all took place on Friday May 24. I reached out to Empower and was told it takes a few days for the money to be returned. By mid week I’m reaching out again and was told there didn’t seem to be available funds for that transaction on Friday. Not true. When I pointed that out to CS I’m told they have to look into it to see what is going on. Tomorrow is May 31 and I still don’t have my money back into my account. How complicated is this? Checks and balances. Since you can’t overdraft and all transactions are listed on dashboard why is it difficult to determine what happened? By checks and balances I should have a balance and I don’t. In all of my years of banking I’ve never encountered this. CS is nonchalant, it may not be important to them however it is to me. I’ve been using Chime bank. I will be going back to Chime. I had misplaced my Chime debit card and had to wait for a replacement so I thought I’d try Empower. I should have just had my DD put on my Cash App card. I give 1/2 a star. I’m so disappointed. I would steer clear of such a bank that takes this long to resolve an issue as simple as this!.Version: 2.18.0

Support not helpful at all!I received an advance for a measly $10 about two months ago despite my income being roughly $1500 every two weeks. I had two connected accounts to the app and requested an advance to one, and received it on the other. Whatever no biggie. BUT the account they sent it to I don’t use anymore, and when I click on “view cash advance” to attempt to repay the advance using the account it should’ve been sent to, it gives me an error stating it is “unable to retrieve debit card information for one of the accounts”. I have reached out to support through chat about 10 times. Have had follow up emails from support with seemingly NO ONE understanding wth I’m saying despite screenshots provided. All I get is “sorry we don’t have a solution for this right now”. Okay then why am I still being charged $8 a month for a service I cannot use? I have attempted to pay back this advance SO many times but no one seems to be able to help. Useless. This was my last resort to leave a review. Apparently there is no such thing as tech support at Empower..Version: 5.71.0

I’m newHello everyone I’m very new to The Empower app. I have seen and heard of the Empower app on ads before quite a few times before and have been very interested in giving it a try, so I am rating this app 2 stars for now due to I did have to pay 8 bucks for the first month just to get an advance of 10 dollars, I’m a bit confused on that and pretty turned off about it due to the fact that I have used other apps like Dave and Albert and their fees are no where near that high, Dave’s is somewhere around $1.99 or $2.99 a month and Albert I believe was free or $4.99 if you wanted to explore other features on the app. So with that said I am rating Empower 2 stars. I will give the app a month to prove to me whether or not, I actually keep the app. Part of downloading the app was the fact that I seen on the ads from different sites that I was using that you could get up to $250 for a pay advance, not saying that I need the advance all the time but when you need it, you need it and so I really think $8 dollars a month is really high just starting out for a $10 cash advance, so I will come back on here next month around the 28th, 29th of February and let everyone know how I actually feel and if it’s worth the $8 dollars. Thank you for reading my review and if you try this app out, please let me know what you think?.Version: 5.77.0

Infrequent UpdatesI think the layout and organization of the app is decent however I take issue with the fact that my accounts are not regularly updated. This makes it near impossible to get an accurate profile of my accounts (what’s been paid, how much I owe, etc.). Most times I find myself going to an individual account’s website to get this information which defeats the purpose of having Empower in the first place. What’s worse is that there doesn’t seem to even be a means for manually refreshing account information as with some other apps I had so your only option is to delete the account and re-enter it again to get the updated info. It is really frustrating because this issue has persisted for months and nothings been done about to address or even acknowledge it for that matter. I don’t believe I will continue with Empower much longer as I feel there are better options available..Version: 2.5.1

Such a frustrating app I give upI like the idea of the app and so wish it worked. Unfortunately for the year or so that I stuck with the app, it never functioned properly. I was constantly trying to reconnect accounts that disconnected for no reason. Sometimes they wouldn’t reconnect and I’d have to keeping trying to connect it for multiple days until it finally worked. Ultimately the main bank account I had my subscription to disconnected and I couldn’t reconnect it. They told me to wait a month and try again. I waited and it didn’t work so they had no solution except for me to open a new checking account under a different bank or delete my account with them and recreate (neither of which is solving the problem of THEIR app!). I’ve had multiple emails with customer service and they clearly don’t read the entire email or just want to get their credit for responding and send suggestions for things I already stated in the email that I had tried. I feel like they do not care to fix the app and it’s very frustrating since this is a subscription service..Version: 4.47.0

Customer support doesn’t listenSo far so good except for linking my card. I was able to add my account no problem. I was able to get $100 advance no problem. The problem started when I tried to add my card to get an instant transfer, I received an error message saying that the card wasn’t linked to the account which is crazy because it’s the only card for it (I check to make sure I entered everything correct and I did) so I had to opt for receiving it 2 days later which is ok. But I did try to connect customer support because I would like to add my card for the future. They literally aren’t even reading what I said, first I was told my account wasn’t accepted and it most definitely was because I was offered the $100 advance. Then they said I couldn’t get an advance which again was wrong because I literally already started the transfer. Then I was told they couldn’t make changes to the transfer when I never even said anything about changing it. All I want is to add my card that’s absolutely it. This is why I hate chats and emails it takes forever and it’s almost always a bot. Please get that together!.Version: 5.79.0

Worse by the dayFirst the new App layout is awful! Its difficult to use and clunky. Second, they’re now charging users every month to have an account. They claim it’s less than regular bank fees, but I’ve never once had a fee from my regular bank. They’re in the process of forcing everyone to update to a new account, which is annoying to start with, but don’t mention the $6 PER MONTH fee until after you go through all the work to make the new account. Empower USED to be a great company with a great interest rate, but it literally gets worse daily. Third, and most important, the interest rate is steadily decreasing. While it rate is still ok it’s not the rate that was promised. It has literally dropped from 1.60% to 1.10% is less than a month. The app is targeted at younger people who are less likely to have significant amounts of money, but they are charging an extreme monthly fee! At this point, the app is going to end up costing people more than they are able to gain with the lower than promised interest rates and $6/month fee. Empower has effectively rendered itself obsolete..Version: 4.4.1

Still has a evolve both as a complete bank and financial assistantAllows transfers with smaller limits. As an online bank with no check deposit it should support higher limits. As a bank it should still evolve, no deposit check, bill pay, checks. Transfers can take 3 business days to complete but sometimes higher than that. Even though they were giving boost intially it was tough to transfer money into the account. Now I will have hard time taking out the money. They don't even give an official withdrawal check for savings Interest rates are good, great during the referral period, I guess compounded and paid daily in the statement, couldn't verify as I can't download it on iPhone, looks like a bug. Mentioned it to support, wasn't fixed yet. Other features are great except for minor bugs. Transactions sometimes were showing duplicate and pending. Other accounts don't refresh often sometimes even Weeks, so it doesn't help to know your current balances. Used it for over a month the AI suggestions just started but I just have common basic subscriptions. Hope they get better and become a complete bank and introduce basic stuff and fix all issues The statement share option is now visible and I got my Feb statements but it is not able to load or share until loaded. There are decent number of transactions in it.Version: 2.12.1

Horrible Advances ChangingYou pay for this membership services with your loan and bank connection to this app and it’s so annoying when it goes from 150$-250 dollars sometimes and now back to 75$ dollars when I still have funds in my account and it does me no good to barrow ever again from this app if this keeps happening this has been 3 times already when it’s new year’s today now when I just paid this app 260$ dollars back with the fees and it never can stay accurate or anything and i always have my account in the positive so I’m not sure why it keeps changing because it’s doing the same thing for my grandma too we barrow pay it back on time just to be broke and barley able to barrow anything back because it’s more in fees than the loan is worth now and I’m always paying it back on time with a day early now putting my account in the negative always on Thursday’s now just because of y’all not charging on the right payday.Version: 5.72.0

Customer support is no helpTheir app hasn’t had a real structural update in 1.5 years, customer support will disconnect the chat if I try to explain what’s going on and always send “copy and paste” scripts instead of taking the time to explain what’s happening in their own words. I’m not asking for hand outs that are monetary, I just want my questions answered with dignity and respect without customer service/support treating their jobs like it is a hassle to investigate issues. That’s what the job is as a customer service specialist/representative, to investigate, diagnose, and assess the issue of the customer. This is another company that takes its customers or user base/demographic for granted just to improve there bottom line of numbers and metrics to make themselves profitable. This is the last cash advance app I will use and hope everyone gets a hold of there financial security, like I’m working towards without these apps, to obtain a better future. Let companies like this fall, don’t let yourself fall from dealing with these companies. 🙏🏾.Version: 5.26.1

Cool at first then switched upEverything was cool I initially signed up for direct deposit with at least $200 to be qualified for the $100 after hiccups of not being able to get an actual empower card still never got one til this day smh but custom service linked my own card so I will be able to get an advance I qualified twice for the $100 and paid them back on time !!! All of a sudden I’m not qualified anymore not even for the $25 smh constantly contacted support once again and I’m always hit with “there’s nothing we can do about it but hey here’s a free month for the inconvenience lol” what a joke I should’ve known sim was fishy when I first got the app and weeks in I was already contacting support about my card I never received and the problem still haven’t been fixed I’m closing my account soon I don’t tried everything I could with this company even link my job too to show them I make enough to qualify even up to $250 but nope I get the run around with them good riddance!!.Version: 5.14.1

The hype is not what it seemsWell I got this app. I was so excited about the payday advance feature. So I was charged the $8 monthly fee the 1 st month. Did not qualify for the second month another $8 charged, on the 3rd month another $8 charged. This time it says you unlocked a $25 dollar advance but would not let me pull it out. I get ssi monthly then it says not requiring enough really I’ve had ssi for 7 years now plus I make deposit about the same every 2 weeks. But then I checked back the next day. There again I was not approved now, but on the other part I was. This is so messed up over $25 dollars. Now I don’t get that. And they will shoot me a generic reply saying “oh we’re sorry to hear your having trouble send me your information and we will help” ya right. You know what I mean. I have thousands of people that will read this. I can’t believe this I given you over $25 for a crappy app. If you are going to do something and don’t and blame it on a glitch. Well that’s pretty sad. Hey guys I will update you on there reply. And I will pay another month. To either add to this experience or give a 3 to 5 star rating if it is done with meaningful sincerity. The $25 dollars is crap even though I should have qualified for at least $50 or 100 because I have more stars hot a higher advance then the $25 I no longer qualify for. I hope you look into this because you have no problems taking my $8 every month.Version: 5.3.0

Worst APP everThis app deserves zero stars. The first Time I tried to get a cash advance it kept Saying it didn’t see my deposits when they were clearly in my account. Reached out to tech support and it was going well until different tech supports were involved. They asked me to provide screenshots of my deposits which I did as well as who it’s from which was my employer. The whole reason for the screenshot was to prove that the deposits were in my account and recent since the system could not detect it. The last rep was oblivious to the entire support ticket between myself and his team members..asked me the same questions, didn’t sound like he even took the chance to read through the transcripts. Been going back and forward for about a week to get this before the holiday and now someone else tells me that they can’t accept the screenshots and that the money isn’t in my account!!!! Who are you to tell me what I have in my account when all screenshots were provided and where in the policy does it say screenshots can’t be provided when there is a technical issue with the app!!! It’s madness, it shouldn’t be this hard to get a cash advance when the proof is there but your app isn’t working. I’m uninstalling and moving on, seriously worst app ever..Version: 4.32.0

Shady!!! Beware!!!!I downloaded this app specifically for advances from check to check, which I was able to do. They have an autosave feature which I requested to have $10 taken every week. I then PAUSED it a week later and requested to have the money sent back to my account, which it did... now here’s the fun part. After requesting to have it sent back, it kept depositing the money back to my account, then repeatedly taking it back out. It’s been doing this for the last 3 days, mind you i CANCELLED the autosave feature so now it’s pulling money from my account without my authorization. Today the money got deposited back into my account, which was then taking AGAIN right after and I went into the app, it shows that my autosave balance is $0. Hmm so where’s the money app now? I cancelled my subscription immediately and am going to call my bank as soon as they open and have them block this app from attempting any transactions, oh and not to mention customer service is non existent!!.Version: 4.42.0

AvoidDoesn’t link with my credit union so can’t use most of the features advertised. It says it will but whenever I try there is a “problem. Please try again later.” I’ve been trying for 3 weeks. When I contacted support (after some frustrating and counter-intuitive discussions with a Bot) they told me there was a temporary outage with my credit union and to try again in a week. Obviously disappointed and finding this app totally useless I deleted my account. It says all my data and account details will be deleted. Yet when I attempt to re-sign in and confirm my account has been deleted it simply just re-signs me in and all my data is still there and it hasn’t been deleted at all. I don’t know why so many people are giving this good reviews. Perhaps they haven’t used it properly but I was very keen to use empower that I’d already decided I would. I decided to just do some simple tests to put my mind at ease about using a new company and they failed all of those tests: doesn’t link with external accounts as advertised, time wasting bots are the customer support, solutions eventually offered are totally inadequate and when I made my decision that this “bank” (its really a tech company) wasn’t for me I had to repeatedly email and message them to actually manually delete my account (even though the app tells you you can do it from their main menu). New companies will improve the banking experience in the near future. Empower is not one of those..Version: 2.12.1

Dont accept cash advancesEveryone has hard times financially, i need to borrow a couple bucks for gas every now and then and every single time i borrowed $50 they charged me a $36 fee for whatever they wanted really, theyd say i didnt pay on time, that is entirely false, i had it automatically deducted first thing when i got my direct deposit. Then once my card info was in the system and everything it wants to start "saving me money" and it would take an additional $50 out every week to put in an "empower checking account" and they mailed me a debit card to use, i did not ask for you to take my money and make me an account, and when i transfer it back to my bank account it takes 3 business days, i already have talked with their support team and they said it was an error and they apologize and it shouldnt happen again but here we are, it happened twice more, along with the $36 fee for god knows what that i cant get back. Its a scam, plain and simple, dont use this garbage app!.Version: 4.26.0

Do not use this app!!The worst app I have ever used!! I do not ever take a min to write a review about apps but this one I must! First off, the criteria for a cash advance is written specifically for people that wouldn’t even need a cash advance in the first place. You have to maintain a $50 balance for so many days for 4 pay periods. So, why would I borrow $50 if I could keep $50 in my account? Also this app charges monthly fees for what I don’t even know. What they charge you for, other apps have been doing for a while now. The customer service is terrible. They read scripts and will just disconnect the chat whenever you as the customer are right. This place is a scam!! They cold-heartedly trap people into paying $11 or so a month in hopes they might qualify for advances in the future. I receive over 2k a month through the account connected to this app and told I don’t qualify for not maintaining a $50 balance. When I explained I move money to my savings account every pay period they said there wasn’t anything they could do. Thankfully, there is one thing I can do...cancel, never use again and share my experience. THIS PLACE IS A STRAIGHT SCAM!!! Update: they apologized and explained there auto save feature costs $8 monthly. I can auto save from any account for nothing and my bank already advances me $200 every payday. This app is completely worthless!!.Version: 4.48.0

Faults in app, confusing customer serviceI was enjoying this app until I came across issues with using the AutoSave feature which allows you to build up savings over time by having a scheduled amount of money withdrawn from your checking. I noticed money withdrawing from my checking but it was not in turn being deposited into the AutoSavings. I reached out to Empower to solve this problem and get my money back, and after multiple confusing emails and being told my account was on temporary hold due to an incorrect social security number, I was told to contact Synapesfi, their payment processor. Empower has no phone number to reach and talk to customer service. I had to re-explain the issues I was experiencing to Synapesfi, and have still not received my money back. If the issue truly stemmed from entering an incorrect ss number, the app should have detected that and notified me right away/not allowed me to continue with creating an account before taking money out of my checking..Version: 4.4.1

Customer ServiceI’ve used this app for over a year and it’s been pretty good, however I’ve noticed that repayments are taking longer and longer to process. I’m not picky so a few days is totally fine with me but I recently repaid my loan and noticed that one payment was still pending a week later. After another week I contacted support only to be told to wait again for my repayment to process. It’s now been 4 weeks (20 business days) and my payment is still pending. The payment definitely came out of my account and everyone I speak to at empower just asks me to wait. I feel like 20 days for a payment to post is more than enough time or in the very least it’s enough time to figure out why it’s still showing up as pending. There seems to be no one at the company who will even explain what is going on which is a shame because I could really use that extra money right now and I’ve always repaid my loans on time… Smh, I feel like they’ll never actually tell me why this happened and no one there is even willing to try to figure it out..Version: 5.53.0

DOES NOT SUPPORT 2ND CARD OR MANY ATMS OPTIONSMy wife and I read about Empower through a financial article and it sounded like a great option for us. We had closed our Chase account and kept our PNC open until everything was switched over to cover expenses and make sure there was no lapse in bills. So once that was finished we finally got our....1 card? Empower does not support two cards for the same account. That was not disclosed or advertised or anything. It was deep within their “Help” section after we had signed up. So because it does work with Apple Pay we thought, ok the options and cash back are a nice option so let’s get through it. Well, we finally closed our PNC account and just had empower at this point. My pay check was a live check one week because of the switching of accounts, they wanted to be sure I could have the cash. So with this live check I look on how to deposit it or cash it..... THEY DON’T HAVE SUPPORT FOR THIS. The only way you can contact them is a messenger or email and you MIGHT get an answer back in 24-48 hours even though their app says most replies are in 2 hours of the operation times. They have no answers. So I had to go to my local grocery store where they would cash it but for $8. I responded back to their for short email giving me no answers and that was 24hours ago. Other than that, the app works nicely. Just can’t deposit cash or checks. HUGE flaw when setting up this business..Version: 2.9.2

FAILURE AND TOTAL GARBAGEEmpower is one of the most worthless and quite frankly, utterly useless “financial/banking services” I have ever encountered. Thankfully my unfortunate mistake of signing up with Empower; will be other people’s gain. I have no problem describing what a pathetic joke the feeble attempt at customer service Empower haphazardly provides to it customers. I can imagine how it would be nothing less than a total embarrassment if I had to admit to people that I worked at or was in any associated with such a deplorable and disheveled wreck of a company that Empower truly is. Seriously. I would say that perhaps Empower can bilk their investors out of more money so that their totally incompetent robot customer service staff could be trained on what “customer service” actually means. Alas, I believe that would just be an exercise in futility. I simply cannot wait to be the first person in line to attend the party that will be held upon the news of this company’s inevitable, and 100% deserved, abject failure. I can hardly contain my glee because the thoughts of Empower being dissolved into total non-existence is a delight of which I will always be ready to enjoy. Always. TL;DR - EMPOWER AND ITS USELESS ROBOT CUSTOMER SERVICE STAFF ARE GARBAGE - JUST LIKE THEIR “PRODUCT”. STAY AWAY FROM THIS TOTAL MONEY STEALING SCAM!!!.Version: 2.15.0

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