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Empower: Cash Advance $250 for Positive User Reviews

Empower: online banking and servicesEmpower has helped me keep track of my spending and when I have been short on money at first the cash advance they offered me wasn’t really that much but I accepted it and repaid so the next time I needed another cash advance they were here to help.. If you are in need of a larger lump sum this isn’t the app for you however if $25 your first advance would help along with a tracker to help you see what you are spending and bills you are paying then I recommend Empower. they also have an excellent customer service to chat with online if any questions you may have. Empower offers an online checking and savings account also. These accounts grow interest to help save even more with access immediately to both accounts whenever you need to deposit, withdraw. Track. Or even ask any questions 24/7.. Thanks emperor for your service and trusting me with the cash advance offer..Version: 5.51.0

Great for keeping track of where you spend your moneyI have been on the hunt for the perfect financial app to help me with budgeting and goals. My ideal app would be able to link to my accounts, I would be able to easily see the different categories that I am spending money on (food, shopping, bills, etc.) and I would be able to create my own financial goals (for vacations, large purchases, etc.) Empower makes it SUPER easy to see exactly where your money is going to. It makes it easy to change thing from category to category if need be. Empower is easier to use compared to the other financial apps I have used including Mint and Clarity. My one request is to add a way to create personal financial goals. I want to be able to say “I want to save 10,000 in the next 3 years for such and such, where can I save money and how much money do I need to be saving per month in order to make this goal?” If I had that, Empower would be a five star, for sure..Version: 2.0

Pleasantly surprised!!I am surprised but happy for the app being a success. I thought honestly it was going to be like the first time I signed up a 1 or 2 years ago but then closed my account because I paid a subscription fee for 2 months and never received any advance since I was only able to take out$10 even though I was making $1800 bi weekly. This time around I have my check going to 2 accounts 80% in one and 20% in another so I connected the 1 with 80% and I said it wasn’t surprised when it told me it couldn’t recognize any reoccurring payments for direct posits even though on my account dec, Ashford clearly shows the name of my employer, and deposited direct deposit even said direct deposit next to the employer name! So I was going to close the account again today and when I thought I connect my second account with 20% of my check first just to see what happens since I was being told I was already approved for $25 but after connecting the second account recognize the checks that I have direct deposit it and I actually approval for $75!!! So now I’m going to keep my account open for now. Thank you for partially fixing the system..Version: 5.71.0

Great App!I gave this app 4 stars simply on the matter that I’ve had Empower since 2021 and at that time they didn’t except my Banks. I’ve had some e-mail issues that have caused me to change my email address so when downloading the Empower app again I had to go thru much headache just trying to update my phone number as well as my email address. It was a bit hectic and still isn’t fixed in its entirety, however, once emailing customer support and being able to actually get into my account, I was instantly approved for a $25 Instant Loan which was directly deposited into my checking account onto my debit card as soon as I accepted the offer and added my debit card information. I really only needed a few dollars to make it to work and collect my bonus check and I had little to NO petroleum in my tank. Thanks to Empower, not only was I able to add a few dollars to my gas tank, I was also able to stop by McD’s for a breakfast sandwich and coffee, lol. Came in handy at the right time. I will change my 4star to a 5 star once I get my credentials with my account situated. Other than that, so far so good, can’t wait to see what else Empower has to offer. Good looking out Empower! Keep up the good work..Version: 5.76.0

Almost Perfect AppThe only opportunity I see for improvement is that I’m able to link up all my accounts except my Alliant Credit Union Account. I’ve seen some reviews where people are also having trouble linking up their credit union account. Also, the maximum you can transfer is $2,500 per week. What?!? At least make it $10,000. I was trying to transfer $10,000 from my Chase to my Empower savings account to take advantage of the competitive APY but the transfer limit is way too low. What if I needed money for an emergency and I had most of my cash in Empower?! That’s the only reason why I would not make this my primary savings account.. until they increase that to at least $10,000. The app also sometimes doesn’t open up and you have to close application and try to open it again. It’s intermittent. Other than that, this app is great. It has all your balances and investments in one place. They help you renegotiate bills which I thought was not possible at all. I also love the user experience, one of the best..Version: 2.13

LOVE this appI never write app reviews, but this is exactly the app I needed. I’ve fought a long time with Quicken and hated it but saw no other option. This saved my budget and helped me get out of credit card debt fast. I’m especially thankful for the auto save portion because my employer doesn’t do percentages and I’ve just been putting a flat amount into my savings monthly. This posed a challenge as I am a part time hourly worker with great schedule variance. This was the solution I needed! The only thing I wish is that I could have more than one auto save option. It seems that isn’t the case at the moment. I’d like to be able to save for two things at once! Hopefully this will be a possibility in the future. I recommend this app to everyone who wants to manage their money easily and well..Version: 1.6

Good appEmpower has great sync features, and easily able to track individual categories, and it's holistic overview of personal finance is very mint-esque without the annoying advertisements. THE ONE feature I think that's lacking is the ability to group expenses by categories such as housing (under which could be rent, internet, electricity etc.) And the ability to customize the tracking feature for customized periods of time. As it stands currently, you can only look at the last 2 months, and yearly. The ability to customize these types of tracking features would make this an elite app. I think these are some of the biggest issues preventing me from buying the yearly subscription. I really like this app, it's closely behind YNAB, but needs a few tweaks!.Version: 2.9.2

Best App for help.I just recently signed up via all of the google questions that can be asked with wondering how do I get money right away. It suggested a number of apps but the app seemed the midst appealing, being that I only have to add my debit card and will receive help. IT WORKS!!!! You download this app and attach your account not only does it help you with your spending, it helps you in actual life right away, based upon who you are and what you have done in the pass in order for you to need an advance. It doesn’t look at your previous expenditures and says NO. It actually learns about who you are, your patterns, and most importantly how to help you in your current situation. I just signed up and got paid directly via me adding my debit card. Great app….Nothing more to say..Version: 5.79.0

The App That’s Got Your Back!There are a few apps that offer similarities when it comes to cash advance during a difficult time, however the simplicity of using Empower makes it vary easy find what you need. The Cash Advance fee amount of $7 is amongst the higher end fees of the apps I have experienced, but the service you get such as consistent notifications if/when charges are posted to your bank, as well as the percentage of spending information they provide, you can see exactly what category your heaviest spending tends to allowing you to, if you deem it necessary, adjust spending habits to better fit the needs of your individual financial situation. Excellent App, User Friendly, Simple Design, Easy To Navigate, & Fast Advances..Version: 5.44.0

Simple & Fast/ Pros & cons IMO!Took me 4 minutes to sign up and receive my first $25. I just did it to see if it works and apparently the more you use this app to borrow and how fast you pay each loan amount back depends on how quickly the next borrowed loan amount increases. I set it up to pay it back in three days because that’s technically when I get paid again. It’s suppose to go to $50 after that so we will see. (UPDATE/EDIT: didn’t go to $50 after the first time, stayed at 25 for second offer after I paid it back on time, on the scheduled date I picked. Once again it says will go to 50 so m gonna borrow one more time just to see. I was thinking maybe you need to use the app often to receive a higher offer.) I don’t care for the fee you have to pay for get the $25 it was $2. No big deal. So the $27 doesn’t have to be paid till you schedule to pay it back. Also, not a fan of the $8 monthly fee after the 14 day free trial. If I’m already borrowing money and paying a small fee I don’t see why I have to pay a monthly fee..Version: 5.43.0

Almost PerfectI very rarely write reviews, but for this app I’m going to make an exception. I’ve been searching for a budgeting and savings app for a while now, and I’ve tried competitors like mint and even gave a couple paid offerings a shot. Honestly, this app is far better than the competition. It includes all the same features you’ve come to expect in a budgeting app such as financial advice and linking accounts, but it does it better. One good example of its superior customer experience is the feature to add and remove specific accounts from your financial institution (For instance, if you have a savings account connected to your chase checking account that you’ve never touched, it’s not going to be around to irritate you and take up space.) This app even lets you link your investment institutions and lets you see how your securities are doing right in the app! My only gripe is that for whatever reason I’m having trouble connecting my Robinhood account. If anyone from customer service sees this review, I’d be very grateful for some assistance. : ).Version: 2.3

DO NOT GET THIS APP...I REPEAT DO NOTThis app does not allow the user to unlink their account, which is a cause for concern. I want to cancel because they charge a $6/month fee for all new users. Before I cancel I want to remove my linked bank account but the app does not let you remove it. To cancel you have to email them and wait to get a response. I literally was on email all day back and forth to then have the person from Synapse say they can’t help me because they don’t know about the Empower app and they only handle the back-end banking. I asked who can assist me with the removal and she never replied. I googled and found a number which led me back to Synapse live person and explained everything again. At least this person emailed Empower app, cc’d me to get try to get some resolve. Which unfortunately did not happen, as I asked if they (Empower) can remove my linked account on the developer end and I got no response to my question. DO NOT USE THIS APP. The 1.6% is not worth the headache of the run around and non responsive Synapse customer support. Find an online bank that offers same or better rates with no headaches when you decide to cancel..Version: 4.1.1

Genius Banking for MillennialsInitially, I have been Using this Bank for a few Months Now, I admire when I use an ATM, this Bank give me back the Fees that, the ATM Charge me., so please keep up the great Work. Furthermore, when I need assistance, please respond within a timely manner, The previous Bank you guys were using the Deposited $9989 dollars within my Account, then I wrote you guys I never received a response for weeks. Moreover, this incident was an internal error on you guys part. Therefore, the bank should give me the Funds instead give me the funds. Moreover, I hope this does not ever happened again., Thanks for swishing Banks Partners. 👑👏🏾👏🏾💯, continue to provide us with 1.00 yield, a lot has happen with this my accounts now you guys are living another Bank, I’m confuse with the Switch. This New Bank is doing a good Job. Just continue allow us to receive or Funds, thank you for letting us know about the switch of Banks..Version: 5.31.1

This app is almost genius!I absolutely love this app. It is by far the best budgeting app I have used, ever. And I have used them all! It also connects to my other bank accounts and credit card accounts, so when it budgets, it budgets ALL OF THE THINGS. So great! The only thing that I hate about this app is that my paychecks are always coming in at inconsistent times. I received my paycheck one day early one time, but as of recently I’ve been receiving my ACH paycheck in late - which is super stressful. You want to know where your money is at all times if you’re a budgeter. So, that’s kind of stressful. If you reach out to support, (and let me just say, the support team is phenomenal), they will usually tell me it takes a certain amount of time for ACH’s to come in - that doesn’t change the fact that it’s been inconsistent most of the time. If the Empower team could figure that issue out, this would be the winning budget/banking app. The look of the app is incredible and aesthetically pleasing. They way it works is user friendly and I get excited to use the app. I wish my paychecks came in on time, that’s the only setback about this app..Version: 3.1.7

Could use some workThey have a good system going on, good banking, borrowing system etc. the frustration only sets in when you want things to happen because every process in the app is slow: I was prompted to link my Chase Bank with Empower, and with linking my bank, I expect the application to report banking actions as they happen or at least within the hour… for example, I get paid on fridays… I get the notification of my direct deposit days later. Same thing with regular store purchases. Their lending service is appreciated: I can borrow $50, $75 (If I agree to have it sent to the credit card they sent me), or $200 if I sign up to get direct deposits through Empower. I would sign up for direct deposits but am hesitant that I will not get paid right away due to their already slow services. Lastly, I want to shed a little more light on their lending service. Whatever I borrow, I have to pay it back, I get that. But what irritates me is that it takes about 5 days for that repayment to process, which means I can’t borrow from them until that repayment clears through them. Most apps I borrow from only need about 1 business day for repayment to reflect on the app and I can borrow again. Not Empower, no. I have 4/5 starts because I appreciate the services and am glad they can help people like me lot. But the company itself is flawed and they should really take a second to improve on the issues listed above. Thank you!.Version: 5.11.0

It’s a life saver!Good day. I was skeptical at first, but I went with it. Being a single mom living in NY is challenging. I’m a very responsible person but we all have our weeks lol. I am very prideful so I don’t like asking for a helping hand. I came across Empower on Facebook & were pleased with the reviews! When they said instantly they really meant it! I was approved for $250! It was in my checking account in seconds! There is a $7 fee if you want it in less than an hour. You will have to link your banking & debit card info. The trial is free for 14 days then $8 a month there after. You pay it back on your next pay period. This app is worth it when you’re in desperate need of a couple of hundreds to get you through the week. I’m very pleased with this app!.Version: 5.44.0

READ THIS PLEASEListen I’ve used Brigit for so long almost 5 months and they only ever gave me 50$ cash advances and never upgraded it . But this app on the first freaking offer they gave me 100$ and not only that they were able to do it the same exact day listen to anyone that’s out there looking for apps looking for any money that needs it ASAP stop what your doing idc if this is a review idc if you doubt me TRY THIS APP AT LEAST BC THIS IS THAT ONE APP PPL DONT KNOW ABT THAT LITERALLY IS A APP EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABT. This app saved me when I was stuck in downtown had no card or nothing for a payment filled everything out (YOU NEED A JOB Ok Like how do u expect for them to trust you?) and after 5mins I opened a account with card and was approved 100$ and had a form of payment once I was finished bc it allows you to save it to your wallet like genius omg thank god for this app.Version: 5.72.0

I LOVE this app!Initially I had some trouble connecting my bank but as soon as I got everything set up it’s AMAZING. I love being able to look at my savings and checking account balances as well as my credit card statement all at the same time. Everything you need is on the main screen so there’s no unnecessary scrolling through multiple pages. This app allows you to set budgets, for example how much you want to allow yourself to spend every month and by week on different items and overall. They make a cool graph so you can very easily see what you’re buying and keep track of how much you’ve spent & how much you have left to spend based on the budget you set for yourself. I can’t say enough good things about this app, it’s amazing I love it so much, it’s making keeping track of my money so much easier..Version: 1.86

Almost PerfectEmpower is the most efficient way to take control of your finances. The ability to for the app to keep track of all my purchases, place them into categories, and note how much I’m spending (overall and per category) makes budgeting a breeze. So much so that I’ve opted to go with the premium monthly subscription. With that though are two feature I would like to see introduced: the ability to delete categories and the ability to create my own transactions when I use cash. There are numerous default categories that I will never use that simply create clutter. To be able to narrow those selections down to just those I use frequently would be a huge improvement. Additionally, I would like to be able to keep track of purchases I make with cash, so that I get a complete sense of my expenses. These two features would make the app as close to perfect, in my opinion..Version: 2.0

RelievedAfter downloading, signing up, going through 5 min verifications of a dozen apps like this, I thought I’d run into the same walls. Whether it be verification issues or being misled, I didn’t have any issues with Empower!! I had to wait a few mins to get the instant transfer (needed the money literally ASAP so I was getting stressed) and it came thru! Now don’t get me wrong, Earnin, Dave and FloatMe are equally great. I’m sure you all will find that as well. But the ease of access with Empower was such a weight lifted off my chest. I only qualified for $50, but I already borrowed $100 from Dave so it’s probably a good thing. I don’t want an empty bank account when payday comes. Thanks to the Empower team!!! You guys are great! And I’m seriously considering a bank account with you all..Version: 5.11.2

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