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Texas Lottery Official App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Texas Lottery Official App app received 33 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Texas Lottery Official App? Can you share your negative thoughts about texas lottery official app?

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Texas Lottery Official App for Negative User Reviews

2020 Update ruined the app.The app was a great tool to check numbers, scan tickets, and keep track of winning scratch tickets along with unclaimed jackpots. The update runs the app too slow. It crashes, fails to scan tickets, and did I mention too slow? The speed of the app is equivalent to downloading a movie using a 1994 dial up connection. Texas Lottery, please allocate some funds to immediately roll out an app that measures up to the amount of capital gained by your business..Version: 2.8.2

What once was good is no moreThe barcode scanner used to be on target until the last two updates. Now it barely works and when it does you have to stand in a corner with one leg up, holding your mouth just right while juggling oranges. Quit fiddling with a good app. Why programmers think they have to constantly improve on something is beyond me. If it works efficiently, leave it alone. The rest of the app is fine but the scanner is useless. Hope they fix it soon. Otherwise I’ll have to keep driving to a retailer to check the tickets..Version: 2.8.2

Barcode Scanning Incompatible with iPhone 8 & XThe best feature of this app was the ability to quickly check one ticket numbers by scanning the ticket barcode. Alas that feature is no longer compatible with the iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Until this feature is updated it’s about as useful as searching Google for the winning numbers. You’re back to manually checking your numbers. Hopefully the developers are providing an update soon (crossing fingers).....Version: 1.7.0

Too many problemsAfter filling out the registration It wouldn’t let me register by saying, ‘the system is currently not working.’ I tried later and It said my email and password were not valid. The screens pop up and down as you try to touch the tabs. I gave up and deleted It. I think they are making it way more difficult than it should be so people won’t use it, thereby saving the state money..Version: 2.6.0

Feb 2022 updateI play three games twice a week. In the previous version this created one barcode for a retailer to scan for all three games. Now, the retail associate has to swipe my phone through three barcodes, one for each game or they have to hand it back and forth for all three games. This is already a burden because I find less then half of them even know what the app is all about. Often, they even try to scan it using the point of sale scanner. This is absurd. And as mentioned before, scanning tickets is hard to do. The scanner in app is very rudimentary and creates many error scans. The beep is also unnecessarily loud..Version: 3.0.0

Another improvement screws up appOld app was pretty good but they improved and now is a train wreck. Same function now requires three inputs. Will check one ticket but do not try more than one. After tapping check another ticket it gives no time to find ticket in camera. Total fail. Another example of programmers having zero common sense. If you do not understand what the app is suppose to do then leave it alone..Version: 3.0.2

Like the app but, App is Not working properlyI really enjoy this app. The past two days the app has not been working properly. Was hoping with this update it would be fixed. The update just came out and I updated the app, but it still is not working. I hope it gets fixed soon. This app has been very useful..Version: 1.9.6

Update is terribleThe app before the latest update was great for playing your draw games it would let you assign your numbers in categories like the morning,day ,evening and night draws now you can’t they should have left the app alone it’s hard to use, the update team needs to go back to the old version which was much more user friendly.Version: 3.0.2

Now it won’t even open!This app HAD 3.5 stars from me originally. Now after it’s last update IT DOESN’T WORK PERIOD! 😥. #1. It opens and asks to use your location-you allow or deny (I’ve done both to see if either answer allows the app to open... it doesn’t matter!) #2. It asks if I am 18yrs old/older and I tap yes. #3. I tap continue... AND IT FREEZES WITH THE PIN WHEEL JUST GOING AROUND AND AROUND!!!! ...stopped waiting on it to load after 12 minutes! ...LITERALLY 12 MINUTES! 😡.Version: 2.8.2

Garbage!!!! New DesignI was excited for the new update….for about 3 minutes. Nothing seems to work with this app. Scanner works right about 3% of the time. It’s almost impossible to get the scroll to work on past numbers to check. And don’t get me started on saving your favorite numbers. That’s an even bigger joke. Pretty much the new app is a total disaster. It’s not even worth a half star, much less a one star. Absolute garbage!!!!!.Version: 3.0.2

New version…. Throw OUT team that worked on this versionI noticed a new Texas Lottery icon on my Home Screen, new blue colored icon. I touched ion to launch app. I have several scratch off tickets to check A long 5 minutes no app selections, nothing . Looked DOL-dead on launch. Went to APP Store it see about downloading again. All I could do was OPEN app within APP Store. Even after eating dinner, 30+ minutes later app still had a white screen, no Texas Lottery app functionality. Bring back previous version, fire new version app team, save money, and have all end users happy! WHAT!!! I can’t give a half star!!! here’s a forced 1..Version: 3.0.0

To scan or not to scan that is the question?Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know I just downloaded this and the scan ticket option isn’t working for me the app just freezes? I tried other apps and they all work fine. Is this a bug and if so is it going to be resolved. The look of the app is nice and fun and easy to use. But currently the scan a ticket is unavailable at the moment. Such a bummer..Version: 2.3.0

Doesnt workWe’ve tried the app on two phones and three iPads but when you scan the scratch tickets it comes back as invalid barcode. We assumed that it may not work with certain scratch tickets possibly newer ones but, on the back of the ticket it specifically states to download the app and scan the tickets. This occurs on all the tickets we have purchased: bonus jackpot, fast cash, super crossword, and just cash word..Version: 2.2.0

Not Available when NeededWHEN! It works it’s good. After a drawing it’s useless. Obviously your bandwidth can’t handle Texas! Do something about that. Tweek this app and make it better. Just might be that your IT lack the ability to make this a great app. It’s been operative too long for it to have a 3 star rating. I’m sure you have the funds to hire top notch programmers. Got to spend money to make money..Version: 2.9.3

App is freezing upI am not sure what has happened, it seems as though this app has started to freeze up for some reason not really sure what’s going on. I know prior to the update everything was working fine I’m not really sure when this is going to be resolved however I do enjoy the app but right now not so much just wanting to know when are you gonna make the updates to stop all of the freezing going on?.Version: 2.8.2

Could be way betterI just downloaded on my IPhone but it’s glitches a lot. Took me a few times to even get it to work. Then it will work then it won’t be available. Love the idea & think that it could be way better if they fixed all that..Version: 2.9.0

Updates neededThe app doesn’t support IPhone 8... The phone has been on the market for over a month now and your app has yet to evolve. Maybe the app developer needs to pay attention to technology changes if they want to play in the technology business. While you work to allow your app to work on the IPhone 8 why don’t you also take away the annoying automatic wheel spinning menu when we first open the app. I open the app to check my tickets, but your spinning menu makes me wait for the wheel to stop spinning before I can make my selection. The options menu needs to be static and not dynamic..Version: 1.7.0

Nice App, but..This app is good overall. It’s so convenient that you can scan your tickets using the app and instantly find out if it’s a winner or not. Also. I like the fact that it shows the dates of the drawings and the numbers from the most recent game. I do wish there was a way once you scan a winning ticket it saved the ticket information and the amount you won. Maybe once you scan a ticket it can track how much you spent vs how you’ve won overall based on the tickets you scan with the app..Version: 2.9.3

Scanner not workingFor the last few weeks, this app hasn’t been able to detect bar codes in the tickets. Maybe once every 10 scans it works but not reliable. Shame because it use to work just fine before. Something got broke on one of the latest updates. I hope it gets fixed..Version: 2.9.3

0 Stars if possible- new update is awful!It won’t scan tickets. When it does, it is wrong. You may possibly be throwing away more money but they don’t care they have your money and get to keep your if you win by the looks of the same amount of complains for a long time now! The new format is nice but it cannot keep up w interactivity for the scanner! Mine went from scanning, to not scanning, to saying my brand new phone I received as a gift that is the latest model doesn’t have the capability to scan, to now saying unable to scan see retailer. When I went to several different retailers when they Two Step was high. So, it is all the application. Not that many cashiers and retail places could make the same mistake!.Version: 3.0.2

Fix Filtering IssueWhen you filter the scratch off ticket section and then click on a specific ticket, once you click back, it should keep the filter settings so you don't have to reset them each time. Currently it resets them again and you have to re-enter filter settings. This is extremely frustrating and should be fixed!.Version: 1.9.8

Terms and conditionsFolks should really read through terms and conditions before considering use of this app, particularly on the topic of privacy of personal information. If you were to ever win a jackpot-and your intent should that ever happen was to remain anonymous by using a third party to distribute your winnings to you, you may be already giving up your privacy by using this app. Sometimes what we do in the spirit of convenience is not what is always in our best interests..Version: 1.9.0

Ticket scam ! DOESNT SCAN !Enjoy the app but lately it’s been horrible ! The ticket scanner was working fine then a new update and now the app is bugged out. DOESNT load then when it does the ticket scanner doesn’t work ? Don’t fox things that are not broken ! Ps. Your new ticket 50x ? I get a 5x symbol on the ticket so I’m thinking cool at least a $25 winner because it’s a $5 scratcher. I scratch and it’s $2 under the 5x ? There are no $2 prizes so why is there one under the 5x ! Hope the sales on these are way down. I’ve been letting every one I know and customers in stores that these new tickets are scams !.Version: 2.8.2

Scanner doesn’t workUsed to be a great app however an update earlier this year broke the scanning function and it still hasn’t been worked. Makes the app worthless. Updated review on 22 Aug 2021. The scanner STILL doesn’t work which makes this app worthless. Many other reviews state the same thing so it’s not just me. Please fix this app. It was good for years until an update earlier this year caused the scanner to quite working..Version: 2.9.3

Lucky Numbers Not WorkingI have set up multiple cards with lucky numbers in the app. Anytime I try to delete one it tells me I can’t do it. If I edit one and try to adjust it and save it, it creates a second board of numbers. So now I have like 20 different boards of lucky numbers when I really only want three. I hope they can fix this in the next update..Version: 3.0.2

Clearly they changed developer companyI wonder how much tax lotto got for selling the rights and what this developer gets in customer data. As the other reviews following this update indicated the app is broke. More complicated, the few things I use it for like looking at cash option and scanning were either taken away or are broken and the data policy was rewritten which means they can collect and do whatever they want with it. Bye Bye app!.Version: 3.0.2

Do not upgradeI used this app to scan tickets occasionally (because I’m not a regular player), but mostly to check the value of drawings—specifically the cash value. That is what determines if I buy a ticket. They removed that option. It’s useless to me now. Plus, it’s hard to see information at a glance. They took a perfectly usable app and made it worse.Version: 3.0.0

Still buggyParts of the app don’t load. It may take a long time to just load the main page. The scan function which is the only reason I downloaded it is not currently working , at least on iOS. It looks like it tries to access the camera but fails after a few minutes. I have used it once in the past when the scan function worked which was nice but the app appears to not be well maintained..Version: 2.8.2

Can’t scan tickets with new update.I’ve had this app for a long time and always loved it because I could scan my tickets. I just updated the app a few days ago and now I can’t scan anything. If that’s fixed it’s definitely a five star app..Version: 3.0.0

A case for “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”The newest update changed the icon to solid blue; and the other icon was so easy to find, with a glance. The worst thing, though, is that the scanner is malfunctioning. It still scans scratch off tickets most of the time; but it is not recognizing printed tickets. The unreliability of the scanner is rather annoying. I like the website a lot better; and I only used the app for scanning tickets as a double verification..Version: 3.0.2

App not working nowThe app isn’t working now at all . It was working fine just a few days ago everything is up-to-date on my phone. I tried to open the app to scan a few tickets right now and nothing in the app is working it just ask like it is trying to open and load but nothing pops up and then when I go to the options and hit scan tickets nothing happens it doesn’t pull up the camera like it usually does. I tried deleting the app and then re-downloading it and it still doesn’t work please fix this ASAP this is very irritating.Version: 1.9.4

MehThis app is ok but certainly nothing to write home to momma about… the only thing it’s really good for is to scan your tickets to see if they are winners. I’ve lived in a few other states with state lottery apps that are 10x better than this one. Would be nice if you could actually purchase the lottery/powerball tickets from the app as well as given the option to save your winning ticket funds to the site (to purchase more tickets).Version: 3.0.0

Scanner doesn’t workWith the most recent update (supposedly to make the scanner better) the scanner has stopped working. Freezes up or takes five minutes to scan and then says invalid barcode. Might actually scan once out of every 10 times. Worked much better before this recent update. Tried deleting app and re-installing and now the app times out (sits and spins) on the terms and conditions page. Can’t get past this page rendering the app completely useless..Version: 2.8.2

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