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Jamboard App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Jamboard app received 100 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Jamboard? Can you share your negative thoughts about jamboard?

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I like your cut gI like your cut g.Version: 2.1.24

Lol look at charalsHi.Version: 2.1.45

Absolute GarbageI’ve been using this app throughout my school year for math and science classes. I’ve ran into many issues from crashes to my teacher not showing up on the board. There’s also a very noticeable lag even after both me and my teachers have confirmed that our internet connections were solid. My biggest gripe with this app is that whenever I’m using my Apple Pencil on the app, the app constantly senses that my palm is touching something and ends up moving a problem I’m working on. This has gotten to the point where I have to employ surgical precision to ensure I don’t mess up the entire page. Keep in mind that iPadOS has had a very functional palm rejection system in place for years. So if Google fixes all of this that would be a miracle..Version: 2.1.27

VERY SLOWI was surprised that this google run app was so slow and ineffective, I still have the app because I need it for work but it’s annoying..Version: 2.1.30

No text box option?Why is there no text box option on the app?!.Version: 2.1.20

Text boxShould add text boxes like on computer. Sticky notes have a limited amount of words only. Need to also improve copy & paste. But other then that great app. Just a little laggy.Version: 2.1.49

Has too many problemsI am a French class student and I was working on a Math assignment that wouldn’t work on safari so I decided to download this so I tried to erase something then it erased the whole thing it has some nice effects but it still isn’t do able enough I can only do it on my computor so to users on phones and iPads I wouldn’t recommend this app and if you are a teacher reading this is wouldn’t recommend it because it deletes things and the erase button doesn’t work..Version: 2.1.28

Why did Google bother?Slow, you cant write text, post it text length is minimal…what is the point? Already OneNote is crippled in iOS (no real sticky notes, they get converted to text if you move them to the canvas) and Jamboard just does not work as it should to be a viable solution. A true pity, as it seems decent enough on the web version (still lacks much). Unless you want to get really upset at failing badly to collaborate because half the functionality is half baked, then go ahead, otherwise, there are better options in the store..Version: 2.1.37

TerribleI use my phone for Jamboard but it always says “Something went wrong. Please try again.” I would like you to fix this issue. Computer users have no problem but iphone users like me have issues joining the Jamboard. I miss out in class participation because the Jamboard link provided by my teacher doesn’t allow me to join. “Something went wrong. Please try again.” My teacher is someone who doesn’t worry the technical issues of the students, so the students have to fix it themselves and if we cannot fix it, it affects our grade. I tried putting the link in safari, but it didn’t work either. I tried putting the link in and then going to desktop mode, but it still did not work. I don’t know what the issue is but I’ve missed a lot of class participation points for not answering the questions on the Jamboard due to the issue of not being able to join the Jamboard despite almost everyone else in my class being able to join. Please fix this issue immediately..Version: 2.1.20

BruhBruh.Version: 2.1.16

Not for meTeacher made us do crap tons of work on this crappy app which only works like half the time.Version: 2.1.37

Doesn’t syncI was using it in every online meeting, but now it just stopped to sync from iPad. It ruined all my recent meetings. I am disappointed. And I use it as a G Suite user for business purposes. Last updates just broke the app..Version: 2.1.16

One main problem...Jam board is decent. It’s clear and it looks well presentable and it’s quite good to use in lesson. However, If you have Google docs or another chat feature, then I’d recommend using that. Jam board doesn’t have a clear demonstration and I feel that it lacks charm as it’s just a typical chat app for Lessons. The main problem I have, is that when I’m writing information on a sticky note, my information gets cut off right before I’ve even reached the Max type limit. The type limit could also be improved on as it’s not that expanded and it’s very limited. Overall, I think 3/5 is a fair review..Version: 2.1.20

So badThere is no point in downloading this because it is 10 times slower than google docs and you might as well just use it on safari because then it’s faster. I’m disappointed in this 😔.Version: 2.1.20

Hard to useIt is okay to draw with, but is super hard to use. Not as good as Docs..Version: 2.1.5

Aint got no gas innitVery slow and unresponsive.Version: 2.1.57

So annoying !This app is so annoying because, for a school project, I needed to insert an image into jam board. Simple enough? Well as I insert the image, it is inserted super tiny! I have to zoom in the extend the photo (by pinching which makes it even harder, you should be able to crop) but as I extend it, it fills the whole screen! So I try to zoom out, but I just end up using the draw tool! This app is a lazy piece of work someone had to quickly put together so they could make it a mobile app. You need to do some work google!.Version: 2.1.17

BadI don’t like it cuz u have to use it for school purposes.Version: 2.1.36

Not so good:(My students always come up to me in the middle of class saying “this doesn’t let me write” or “it deleted all my work and I didn’t even touch it” “it keeps on glitching”, I had virtual parents contact the school and I thousands of times and it’s not just one student it is everyone, it gets very annoying so please put some new fun colors or at least try and fix whatever is with all the glitches and it disconnecting!👎.Version: 2.1.17

1 starDon’t get it.Version: 2.1.20

PoliticsI long for the sweet release of death.Version: 2.1.24

Call jamboard but now music???I big fan of board an d i think they make app so4 i get but no music pls fix.Version: 2.1.16

Hard for iPadThe app is great but on iPad it doesn’t have all the features that it would on a chrome book I’m trying to do some work and when I try to zoom in or out it makes my picture small and my writing big when I try to drag something to the bottom it deletes it very frustrating😒.Version: 2.1.24

Need to improveWorst app.Version: 2.1.20

Frequently crachesThe app often crashes especially when I try to use the thumbnails. It does not support thai lletters. When I read thai text written when using pc, it appeasrs as ????.Version: 2.1.91

Horrible appI have had to use it for school a lot and every time i do i hate it more and more its very annoying to use.Version: 2.1.65

Way to hard to functionSo I’m only nine years of age and even I have downloaded it deleted it because I thought that I had some glitch in my iPad but it’s just that it’s to hard to function because when I was meant to play jamboard or meant to do my spelling I couldn’t find anything to put my work on and i can’t even find a blank peace of a slide so I have even screenshoted my work and I can’t even find anything to put my photo so the rating i have giving is 1 and only one.Version: 2.1.36

Needs to have the option to typeI am a teacher using jam board to set work. The children at home using iPads don’t have the option to type.they can only use sticky notes. This is not helping them to submit there work..Version: 2.1.20

Mobile issuesAbsolute garbage you cant even wright on this crappy thing all there is are sticky notes pictures (that you cant move around or delete without deleting the entire screen) and the sticky notes get deleted when you try to even touch the screen. Most of this doesn't even make sense because the stuff that does work is a red line and moving stupid blue dots. Don't recommend this app..Version: 2.1.28

Glitches & Low res on iPadThere seems to be glitching on boards with text pixelating when a board is opened a few times... gets irritating as it needs to be duplicated and reshared each time to fix the issue. The writing is also very low res on I:ad, zooming in creates blur for the text... not great. Please take some pointers from Miro and other leading apps on how to make this better. Infinite canvas would be a huuuuuuge benefit..Version: 2.1.8

BadTorture 😁👍.Version: 2.1.24

GarbageAbsolutely garbage.Version: 2.1.20

Bad appI cant make stuff bigger ind i can’t copy and paste..Version: 2.1.20

When the when the when youYou the when are then we should when you are the those that when you when the when bad.Version: 2.1.41

Impossible to useIt’s really difficult to use and I have to make a science fair project with it, it has countless flaws and I completely understand why it had a 2.4 star review it’s just so bad please don’t make your class use this it is a modern day form of torture. This app is what would happen if google slides and kami had all there flaws mixed into one app don’t use this app!.Version: 2.1.17

:(Terrible. Hard to use, I jus spent 30 minutes trying to write my name at the top of the gdamn sheet.Version: 2.1.20

It’s so badI wanna kill myself everytime i open this.Version: 2.1.27

Why is the app different from the web version?Trying to create activities for my students, using my iPad, is so incredibly frustrating. Why does the web version differ from the app? Why do I have stickers on the app, and NONE on the web version? Why can’t I change the background on the app, but I can on the web version. It takes me HOURS to create jams for my online class! Can you PLEASE just give them equal functionality! You’re Google…you can do it!.Version: 2.1.45

The fitness gram pacer test is a multi stage workout.I use this for school... So, EWW. Dog water, get clapped on.. TRASH KID TRASH. Wet wipe.Version: 2.1.28

LagIt’s a good app but it’s vary laggy.Version: 2.1.41

Skol bad 😫👎🗿🗿🗿.Version: 2.1.59

GlitchesWhen I type it always glitches me out..Version: 2.1.29

I want to add text, not sticky notesSeriously, or at least not give sticky notes a limit. My laptop broke so I had to use my phone, and it was a 1000 times more of a nuisance than it needed to be. It’s better to use the website on iPhone then to use the app..Version: 2.1.30

Not as good as Docs Sheets and SlidesThis app is so impossible to make the images bigger and hard to draw..Version: 2.0.270059834

Travis CoatIts lit.Version: 2.1.43

Non Latin textThe app does not support non Latin based script. Any sticky notes created on a desktop app will show up as question marks when accessing the board from the app..Version: 2.1.35

SchoolHad to downloade for school and I don’t like it.Version: 2.1.49

Terrifying experienceThe app is not there yet and seeing that the app is from google it’s just disappointing, it need a lot of work in understanding the users input, and the tools need to be updated or adjusted… it’s just horrible.Version: 2.1.55

Good, but not quite there yetI use Jamboard macOS all the time, so downloading the iPadOS version seemed like the natural thing to do EXCEPT there is no way to add Text! Not all of us have beautiful writing/printing. Sometimes we need titles beyond adding a sticky..Version: 2.1.24

Please fix this!Unlike other note taking apps, such as GoodNotes, notability and many others, this app will NOT disable hand writing when you are using Apple Pencil! This is super annoying and you have to keep hand off the screen when writing with pencil. I have not seen this issue on any other note taking app. Please google, fix it..Version: 2.1.49

Reduce latencyWould be great to have strokes synced as they are drawn.Version: 2.1.15

Very limited compared to the webAs far as I can tell some features like adding text just aren’t there, and you can’t colour or rotate shapes. Lots of other omissions and you’re better off using the website..Version: 2.1.17

Needs improvementI like this app however it needs some improvements. Speaking from an iPhone and iPad user experience, there are limited options available such as the text box accessibility and not being able to place an image as the background. There also seems to be a universal issue on the color options (should vary). But I do like the assistive drawing tools..Version: 2.1.20

Hard to use and just badGoogle chrome imma g.Version: 2.1.24

Fix this plzWhen I’m in class and i use jamboard people keep scribbling on it and deleting the sticky notes. Plz make only the creator of the jam board to be able to scribble and to delete stuff..Version: 2.1.20

TrashThere’s nothing good about it don’t download.Version: 2.1.20

It crashed and no new / latest/ basic toolsWhen i was just opening my jam board and going to the share file to do some school assignment , when i tried to go to my slide or just do anything , the jamboard crashes and immediately, and when i tried to uninstall , re-login, restart my phone . The app still crashed so i recommend the google team to improve this disability and make the app more top notch.Version: 2.1.20

Very badHorrible,horrible. Didn’t think this crap app would be associated with my school board, yuck, hope my school board sues..Version: 2.1.28

Gar BageSomething went wrong; Some errors occurred; There was an Error; Not working right now, try again 200 years later; These are what you get from this app. specially when someone share a jamboard and you want to work on it together to collaborate, which supposed to be this app purpose, it won't work. List of bugs: - in stickey notes , enter will make question mark.Version: 2.1.20

No🥶‼️HEE HEE.Version: 2.1.24

NoJust doesn’t function.Version: 2.1.37

How I show my hate for JamboardJamboard makes my life harder then it is it isn’t even available on safari I have to fricken download it and I don’t have the space..Version: 2.1.39

Terrible!This app is so laggy and takes ages to load. This bloody app is a disgrace!.Version: 2.1.49

Easy to deletePeople keep deleting all of the sticky notes, it’s really annoying. Make it so only the person who made the Jamboard can delete notes.Version: 2.1.20

HelloLondon bridge is falling down bvvbh.Version: 2.1.59

Please listen to my ideas, thanksJam board is a fun app to use for educational purposes, such as in class work. But something about Jam board that really annoys me is that there is a limit to how much you can write on a post it. I recommend that you guys should allow us to edit the font so that we are able to fit everything. Or you can make it so that we can fit more writing once we expand the post it..Version: 2.1.16

Needs to add the web features to the appOverall a good app but the features from the website needs to come to the app.Version: 2.1.31

Improvements neededThe app is okay, but I’m not able to access much while on my phone like creating text boxes. The sticky notes should be able to be any color as well as the background and font of words. Needs for creative add one..Version: 2.1.20

Brilliant idea, not reliable for businessThe Jamboard idea is a brilliant one and I was excited about the iPad app to join Hangouts/Meets and whiteboard distributed discussions. But I have not seem such a buggy app in a long time, much less so would ever thing that Google would release it in such a poor state: - A board you worked on yesterday suddenly appears blank - A board you modified and deleted bits suddenly seems to somehow resync and paste all the deletions on top of your changes (Rendering the board useless) - When you use things like shapes or the AI drawing recognition it hides everything else sometimes Now, I’m using this for business and I can’t afford to lose information, it sounds like the app was created on a Hack Day and release in the wild. And all those issues are happening with me being the single user of Jamboard and from a single device, just using it to sketch and share during Hangout meetings. There are heaps of small things not in the app so this was clearly attempted as an MVP and I’m fine with that but quality is not something you can trade off in your MVP unfortunately, because then your customers can’t even use your product. Quite embarassing for Google..Version: 1.1.13

Crashes Every TimeI can’t switch pages too quickly or it crashes, I can’t scroll on the page select because it crashes. basically, if you have to be on a different page, you’re SOL..Version: 2.1.63

Made me get a D in AlgedbraThroughout this entire quarter of my school year, my algebra teacher has been unable to view my assignments completed on jamboard because IT PUT AN ADD IN THE LINK! He had to download jamboard with the link, this only worked ONCE and then the links wouldn’t function because they ALL had ads in them for jamboard. This is a terrible practice for an app that is often used for work/education. Thanks google, very cool ;-;.Version: 2.1.24

So badIt’s so bad and glitchy. I didn’t even know how to move my sticky until 40000 years later 😑😑😑😑😑.Version: 2.1.49

I don’t get update changesSo I can live with moving tools around (like undo button from bottom left to bottom right) but what happened to the web browser? I can search for an image, but I can’t search for web pages any more. Also app on iPhone and iPad crash and don’t connect as consistently. Finally I couldn’t open a Jam from my iPad to a Jamboard, but I could do it with my iPhone. Used to be 5 stars, but functionality and.Version: 2.0.270059834

Started great, then stopped syncingIt’s a great app that works very well on the ipad. Was loving using it and even having it open on my laptop and sharing that screen during Meet meetings. However it’s stopped syncing in real time and the app has stopped updating on my iPad. Really frustrating. Additionally have had multiple jams corrupt themselves and there is not a good support channel to get help for these issues..Version: 2.1.24

Basically UselessThis app is so bad i cried when it didn’t work.Version: 2.1.20

HorribleThis app is EXTREMELY hard to work with. A total formatting NIGHTMARE! Only reason I have ever even completed anything with it is because it was required for a school assignment. Even my teacher acknowledges that the app is horrible, and does everything she can to avoid using it. The app is just extremely hard to work with..Version: 2.1.28

I have to download itIt isn’t supported on safari and I don’t have space fix it please it’s hella annoying.Version: 2.1.49

Lack of landscape orientation very odd!You can’t flip your iPhone round into landscape orientation when viewing a Jam - this makes it almost impossible to view a diagram!.Version: 1.1.13

Cannot be worseEverything in the bad reviews are true and worse than is conveyed. 5 star ratings must be from bots because this app does not function under any circumstances. Google you know you can and should do better. Why torture us like this? The reviews are only from people who bothered to write reviews. Quintuple the bad reviews and you have a closer truth..Version: 2.1.28

Very badDisappointed yet again by google controls are very bad. my phone, 6s, isn’t that small considering 12 mini’s screen is smaller. when I try to minimise or zoom into the jamboard page with two fingers, I end up moving a sticky note that one of my fingers happens to be landing on. when I am using two fingers at once, it should void all other interactions with other items. it might also become annoying, but it makes sense. that is how virtually any other company will do it. the arrows and trash can buttons also hinder my ability to use the app to the fullest. the whole app is very frustrating. deserves one star..Version: 2.1.36

Needs ignore fingerAnd very laggy..Version: 2.1.37

Glitches 🤨I go to open a Jamboard and it glitches and has to reopen. The reopened version is missing things. Not happy. Please fix ASAP.Version: 2.1.8

Nice App but ConcernsHeyo! What a lovely functioning app, but my main problem is the LINKS! I cannot for the life of me add my personal links to a Google document and Google Form so my audience will be able to click on the link and be directed to it, but that’s impossible for Jamboard. I wish things change in the future so it’ll be easier to click on links that go blue and take you to where it is saying instead of appearing black / gray and not working. It’s frustrating. I tried and tried but no AM SO SORRY!!!.Version: 2.1.20

Can’t really do muchI can’t really do much in the app compared to other google services. For example I needed some notes from this app so I could print them off but I literally couldn’t find a print option and when I tried to do it from a chrome book it only aloud me to save it as a pdf rather than actually printing the documents. So if I’m the future if the developers could fix this issue it would be very much appreciated :).Version: 2.1.13

It’s okNot the best use something better.Version: 2.1.13

Doesn’t syncI just spent 2 hours making a chemistry lesson on my iPad. I then opened the Jamboard on my pc. The pc version of the board was 2 hours behind. Jamboard then assumed that the pc version was the most recent version and deleted all of my changes on the ipad. 2 hours work lost. Similar issues have occurred when I’ve tried sharing with my nephew (I’m tutoring him). The app simply doesn’t work. Hey Google, here’s some more personal info of mine for you to store and sell without my consent and without you paying me anything --> I dislike Jamboard..Version: 2.1.20

Hate skoolHate skool 😒.Version: 2.1.37

What was Google ThinkingWhat is this, you can’t type notes right, everything is laggy, we NEED another form of text other than sticky notes. If your working in a group, pray, you need to, because if everyone is working at a time. Things will get deleted, and misplaced. There is absolutely no point in using this over slides. When the teacher says “this isn’t rocket science” yes, yes it is.Version: 2.1.43

So badI have used this app before and it worked fine but then i tried again and it wouldnt work i put my google account in many times but it just wouldnt work. Do not recommend it to anyone..Version: 2.1.29

FinickyEvery time I tried to do something with this app it just ended up doing something else super hard to control but if you had this on an iPad I could see this working.Version: 2.1.7

Add text box pleseI can’t edit or add text-boxes except using sticky notes only.Version: 2.1.30

History neededAs a teacher I like to use this to interact with students virtually. I run into the occasional problem of a student deleting someone else’s work or using the pen tool to randomly start drawing. Because there is no history of who is doing what, it can really throw a wrench into an activity. Another idea would be to have a way to lock the board so no one could add delete or move information/objects until the creator unlocked it..Version: 2.1.14

Not better then docsWho needs colours to wright.Version: 2.1.20

MehIts fine on laptop but dont download it on phone.Version: 2.1.20

Don’t workDear person reading this, Hey I needed to work in groups for my class I was the one sharing my screen and when I went on the jam board it worked for 3 mins then i when to another tab to look for something and when I came back to the jam board everything was gone there was no redo button no nothing and plus it was my first time using a jamboard so I didn’t know anything we told our teacher she said it happens sometimes so we tried again and when I went to another tab came back it happened again so I recommend not getting this app. Sincerely, Random person.Version: 2.1.24

It’s okayI think there isn’t too much you can work with on this app, however it’s not too shabby. I wish it had more variety in fonts and colors, and also was easier to use. Sometimes I try putting a picture in the bottom of the board and it instantly deletes it. Not only that but I also can’t manipulate the shapes of the sticky notes to have the words formatted a certain way. I just wish there was a bit more functionality to this app and variety when it comes to customizing the board..Version: 2.1.12

Needs more functionalityA bit more functionality would be great Text boxes especially to replicate mine maps Shapes as well.Version: 2.1.8

Hard to work with and too much missingSo I’ve had some problems with this app. This is possibly one of the hardest app for me to work with. I downloaded this for a school project, which was a simple one, just to make arrays to show multiplication equations. Something you should add is a shape tool, or a chart tool, because I know many people who’ve had to use this for that purpose. Also there is no line tool, so it was hard to draw straight lines. There was also many glitches when drawing and the undo/redo button. When I would draw or use the undo and redo button, most of the time it would undo a line I was happy with, or add a random line in the middle of the board. At first I thought my arm was on the screen, but then when I tried while having my arm off the screen, I still had these problems. It would be a great app if you fix the actual mechanics of it..Version: 2.1.13

PpBad bad sucky bad.Version: 2.1.29

WORST APP EVER (Possibly cursed)I was using this for online school work and couldn’t even finish the task because the page kept crashing, random things were flying around the page, and it was complete chaos. Please, please do NOT get this app. IT IS CURSED!!!!! Ps. Annie and Lily rule..Version: 2.1.34

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