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UKG Pro (UltiPro) App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

UKG Pro (UltiPro) app received 83 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using UKG Pro (UltiPro)? Can you share your negative thoughts about ukg pro (ultipro)?

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UKG Pro (UltiPro) for Negative User Reviews

Login fails every time!!!My dad, who can barely use a smartphone, needs to use this app to make sure his hours are being clocked in and every time I have to reset his password on a different device so that he can log in. He uses a Samsung phone and I have to use my iPhone to reset his password because the app doesn’t let me reset from his phone. I’ve had to do this EVERY TIME because the app never logs in with the previous password. Fix these issues! Once I manage to log in the app is easy to navigate but the login process makes this app a headache to use..Version: 2.20.1

Not able to start the app with my iPadIt was working before.Version: 2.7.1

Nice appThe app is really easy to use and I like to see all my payroll stuff but the only issue I have is that I cannot print off any of my tax forms or pay stubs I have to go to an actual computer to print them off.Version: 2.23.5

DeleteHad enough of your reset passwords..Version: 1.25.20

PDF option not visibleWe use to be able to download directly on the app the payslip in PDF, but the icon is not there anymore.Version: 2.8.0

Constant issuesThis app is terrible. It never works, I have issues every single morning trying to clock into work. The desktop site is just as bad. Every morning I have to login both the app and the desktop to see which one will work first so I can clock in for work and not be late. I have to email my boss every morning to let him know I’m not clocking in late but that the site or the app does not work and he has to adjust my time every week. I don’t understand how a company like this, where their customers depend on their app to clock in the employees and track their hours cannot get an app or a desktop site to function especially during a time like this where many people are working from home and need to depend on these apps. I’ve had to use several different types of site or apps over the years to clock in for work and this one has been by far the WORST!.Version: 2.15.0

TrashI have an iPhone 10 and it won’t let me access the entire app, app is garbage.Version: 2.27.0

M UltiPro blemsUnless the company that required me to download this hadn’t unlocked all the features, this is fairly circular and limited. The embedded’ email’ function only links to your email account and, when I finally did get a notification, it came through my email, not the app; yet it was altered to look like it came from my own email account. The PTO was almost never correct and for a long time did not match what was on payroll page, nor the timesheet page. You never knew what to believe except that you’d better email yourself all pay stubs and screenshot everything else before you lose access and your account is locked, because your company refuses to give you paper copies. Just enough wiggle room for each company to blame the other if there’s a discrepancy. Beware of the how it keeps track of and displays time( but, again that might be the company not the app- although both PTO and earnings info on check stubs are carried out to 4 decimal places, the check stub info never shows anything past 10ths., while the PTO is posted in 100ths hours, 60 min blocks (time worked) ; tenths, 6 min blocks (decimals, display reasons); twelfths, 5 min blocks (rounding every 2.5min, so technically 24ths?).Version: 2.9.0

HorribleThis app is horrible! My company (harbor freight) just switch to ulti pro and I got a new bank so I updated my card information but it won’t allow me to delete my old card info which means it won’t let me select 100 percent amount deposited into my new account because it still Shows my old account! AND a really big issue is that I cannot login to the desktop version for some reason. I log into the app fine but the desktop version it’s says there is a problem with the account! Anybody had that happen before?.Version: 2.10.0

Hot GarbageNormally if I have an issue with an app i just delete it, unfortunately with this one i can’t. My job has our paystubs, hours, Vacation/sick pay all viewable with this app. However, it is such hot garbage. I can’t no matter how many time i try to, stay signed into this app. It requires me to log in every time the app closes. Even if I am able to log in half the time it times out or doesn’t actually log me in. I can be inside of a Wi-fi Pool and this app will not log in or load half the time. Why even give the option to stay signed in if you can’t let me stay signed in? Garbage and frustrating..Version: 2.38.0

Connection / never worksI never write reviews but this app is just horrible I just had to share to hopefully get this issues resolved. And after reading all the reviews it’s still the same issue! The app never connects, consistently can never connect to the server, or save punches! I just started a new company and they require us to use this app to clock in and out for work and lunch. But just like every review here I have to hope the app will connect on time or login correctly or even connect to the server! I have to login before my start time and keep it open in hopes it will be functional for me to clock in on time. And as far as lunch I spend majority of my lunches battling logging in or making sure my lunches save! Every week I have to email my manager to correct some punch whether something didn’t save or I couldn’t login to punch in on time! As a new hire that makes me look incompetent! Come on developers I know I’m not the only person experiencing this issue as it’s been addressed here in the reviews for over a year now! I write this because I’m forced to use this horrible app otherwise I would not be here! Please fix your app!.Version: 2.19.0

Horrible just horrible...Horrible app. Horrible company. Horrible costumer service..... You’d think that a company that deals with peoples money they’d be a little easier to deal with/wouldn’t make constant mistakes at every opportunity they have. Seriously don’t know how this is still a company. I’d rate it less than one star if possible..Version: 2.10.1

Vacation pay wrong password reset every 30 days and so onStop resetting password every 30 days get the number right make sure our vacation pay is correct and put some decimal on the numbers so it doesn’t look like $120,000 and travel not under hours . You need to make it more simple..Version: 2.0.4

I’m missing icon on my appThis is need some fixing I don’t know what type of development is behind this but it ridiculous. I’m still missing my TIME CARD, and my Caleneder, what other user, automatically have it and I been using it for the past 3 weeks. When I go on my Time it take me to a login, after I login it’s a blank website like come on, how can this be useful at all, can someone please tell me why I’m not seeing some of my icon on my phone. I tried several method as in deleting the app, restarting my phone still no response, can someone please help with this..Version: 2.42.0

Annoying password change.Password resting itself every 45day, it’s very inconvenient..Version: 1.25.20

Cannot punch in or see my timesheetsAfter upgrading from ultipro to ukg pro,I can no more punch in the app neither it allows me to look at my time sheets. None of the options work, it seems as if the app in not connected to internet though everything else works just fine. I really want you guys to fix this issue as i have to login through the website which is not very convenient..Version: 2.20.1

Very INCONVENIENT APPThis App is very INCONVENIENT , You need to change your password when you laps after 30days .I already changed my password 3x this year!!! This the only app giving pain for the user.They want you log in at least once a month. But not all of us has luxury to check it every now and then . I am so BUSY to do that.And also to those people using the old fashioned way, they can’t keep up on this. Maybe try to consider this FEEDBACK. Thank you!.Version: 2.20.0

Waste of timeYou know how some medicines were discovered by accident trying to create something else? This app should be called heart burn or stress pro. I have an app that creates and stores passwords. I tried copy/pasting a 50 character one, a 40 character one, 30, 25, then finally I straight up typed one in manually that met all listed criteria. Finally being able to hit OK, I tried signing in. Guess what, invalid. I kept trying until the system locked me out. I clicked on “forgot password”, chose “send email”. Guess what, an email never came. Gfy..Version: 2.40.0

Celery thing is great except for its main function...Can’t punch clock inGreat concept with having everything at your fingertips with research from pay, who is in your organizational chart, accrued vacation & PTO, & hours worked. The only thing that is terrible about this app is the main function which is there is no way to clock in for work! I set this up at the range location where I would clock in. The app gives me a message that I am not in range and to move closer when I am in the office where I set this app up. Very disappointed in wasting space on my phone for a time clock that doesn’t do its main purpose. 😡😡😡 Please, fix it. Thanks..Version: 2.5.0

Might be the single worst app ever created.And I’m genuinely not exaggerating. I have to use this everyday and it takes about 20-25 minutes just to clock in and out. The servers are down roughly half the time. The login process is insanely poorly designed and usually has to be attempted multiple times because the app crashes or freezes halfway through. For an app that is just a sign in process and then one button press it’s literally the most poorly programmed app that mankind has yet to create. Or at least that I have witnessed. Also I have an iPhone 12 and insanely good reception at work just in case anyone thinks it might be my phone or anything other than the app developers fault.Version: 2.23.5

Not worth itThis app covers only a tiny subset of what can be done via the website. Our HR department continually makes requests to do something via UKG, all of which requires me to log into the website. None of which can be performed from the app. The only thing this is good for is to see your total paycheck. I couldn’t even see the correct 401(k) company contributions (hidden in the PDF form.) In my opinion, this is a waste of time. You are better off using the web site, since you have to go there anyway to do anything useful..Version: 2.20.1

Worst AppWon’t let me log in even after contacting administrator.Version: 2.35.0

JunkApp is terrible with little functionality and desktop version won’t let you sign it for full access.Version: 2.37.0

Frustrating and Inconvenient AppDoesn't save username or password even when checking "remember" or save in keychain, opens in separate window prompting you to input it all every single time. Signing up had to try and set my password EIGHT times. Wish my employer did not switch us from ADP. Hope the developers will fix these issues with an update soon..Version: 2.23.5

This app has been buggy for years.Have had sign in problems with this app forever. It also forces password changes with irritating regularity..Version: 2.42.1

Not letting me editThe app says that it should let me edit my personal information such as address and phone numbers but I am unable to do this. Why is that?.Version: 2.29.3

JUNK!!!This app should be removed it’s absolutely GARBAGE !!!! The developer should be ashamed of themselves Can’t change password always gotta have it rest by my HR at work. PAY STUB ARE BETTER !!!!!!!.Version: 1.25.19

Kinda Sorta works…Honestly this app location is pretty decent. I don’t have a ton of bad things to even say. However! There are two burning red hot issues! The main components that make up the application, the literal bones either unresponsive or simply too slow to be beneficial. Firstly on initial loading of the app, it scans your biometrics, which works flawlessly. However the very next step where the page loads is problem! Because it doesn’t. You may have to close and open the app at minimum twice to get that initial page to load properly. And this is over the network or wifi. And across multiple networks and cellular device types. Me and my coworkers are barely able to log in and out as this is how we clock in and out for work. The second issue is quite similar. Once in the application loading your calendar can be a real pain. The delay between loading the calendar and the the load time after the entire calendar view and a specific day is almost unreal. In some and or most instances you’re never sure if the app has frozen or it’s just taking it’s good ole time loading. Other than these two issues this app has everything! Very fluid, you can find almost any and everything you should need to be and stay productive. If these two main issues would be addressed, I could see no reason this application wouldn’t be a 4.0 or better..Version: 2.42.0

Terrible.Company I work for (one of the largest restaurant groups in the country) switched to UKG a few months ago. I cannot send messages to co-workers or managers, I can’t simply swap shifts or request time off in an intuitive way. When I do try to swap a shift, I often get an error message, or the other person I am swapping with doesn’t see the request one their end - making me have to text my managers directly for these type or requests. It’s just a mess. I regularly get an error message on my inbox page that says there is an error and I may not be able to see my messages. Terrible..Version: 2.42.0

This app is bad and you should feel badThis app is bad and you should feel bad.Version: 2.18.0

Timesheets not visible in recent update 😡An a manager, the app USED TO BE incredible! I could verify, correct, and approve timesheets within the app, versus having to be on my employer’s network and login into the site. The app was so much faster!! However, recent updates took away that ability. Now, when employee timesheets are clicked, a solid white screen comes up. HR opened a ticket with UltiPro and was told they were working on the problem — NOT FAST ENOUGH!! The app was such a time saver and the change in capabilities has crippled me. It’s not a user setting — it’s widespread in the application. I am frustrated to see there have been updates and “bug fixes” over the last couple of weeks, but this problem was not addressed. This is a key function. Crazy that you haven’t prioritized the problem for your customers. 🤔.Version: 2.0.4

Useless, better to stick with the web browserMost of the important aspects or features still requires the user to use the browsers, so what’s the point of making an incomplete app? Too much clutters, too much attention to features which are rarely or never used instead of focusing to those which are actually needed by the users. The security feature is more annoying than helpful, I really can’t think of something good about this app, other than deleting it right away.Version: 2.38.0

Was good but now not so much.I got this app 2 years ago when I first started at my job, and up until the last 2-3 months the app worked wonderfully, had some bugs but none the less it did it’s job. Now, and as I’ve read I’m not the only one, the app won’t load past the main loading screen even if I let it sit there for 15-30 minutes it does the same thing, I tried re-installing the app and it did nothing. The app history shows it was updated recently but many people having the same issue, please fix and I’ll put in another review for 5 stars..Version: 2.9.1

Works only on or employee platform. Will not work for multiple jobsI use this for my position at one of my several on call jobs at hotels and parks in the Orlando area. These places all use Kronos for payroll timekeeping and you keep track with this app. My issue is it will not allow to interchange these 4 different places to track time, pay or sign documents or check schedules. I constantly have to stay on top with managers, as I cannot run more than 1 employer. Cannot load multiple apps for other jobs and have tried to erase one address to put another to see if that works…and it does not….this was when it was Kronos. Is there any possibility to list other employers and scroll to one you want to use. I know others with several on call positions in same dilemma..Version: 2.27.0

This app is trashThe things don't load in this app to book time off. I showed it to the rep at my company and got a 🤷🏻‍♂️. This system is worse than our old one. So far everyone seems to hate the layout at my work. Your program is bad and you should feel bad. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 9 thumbs down. You get plus 1 for even having an app. But if you are going to make the thing and release it make sure it works..Version: 2.1.3

App change brings more bugs than it had beforeI give the app two stars because it works as it should about 40% of the time.. I’m on brand new phone on company WiFi and most of the time I can’t select any thing because it says oops something went wrong so I must log out and re log in.. another problem is upon start up it always loads two log in pages and neither will actually log me in.. being a professional business app I’d really expect better still far from perfection...Version: 2.20.0

Asks for Pw Resets without warningWorks fine 7/10 times but sometimes it take a while to take clock ins or outs and it resets your password without warning. This reset will take a few minutes to enter old and new passwords to specific security specifications; by this time you are late or hit your 5th hour and the company gets penalized and you get a talk with the manager. It’s an ok app, but I suggest always be ready to spend 5 min for anything that comes up with the app..Version: 2.0.0

Clock in and outThe only reason I got to is app was to be able to use my time sheet and clock in and out. Idk why else any hourly employee would use this app. It does absolutely nothing for me..Version: 2.23.5

Doesn’t work right…Have been waiting for an update and no change from the previous version. The app does not work as advertised here. Apps are supposed to be a replacement for using a website for getting things done for your account. This app only displays basic information and doesn’t allow me to Clock On or Clock Off or submit requests for TimeOff. Have been a part time employee for 9 months and have a bigger background in security than anyone who I work with. I know what apps are supposed to be and this one is not working for me. I still have to log in via the website and cannot use this app as advertised..Version: 2.26.0

Literally the worst app of all time.Just read the reviews. Worst app ever, if you are part of developing this app, do us all a favor and quit your job, your obviously not qualified. We have had employees go home sick and contemplating quitting because of how stressful the logging in procedure is. I have to come to work 15 minutes early and make multiple attempts to log in, and sometimes still do not get in, nothing like being stressed out for the day before you even start your shift. If you are a company that is looking at a new company app for logging in payroll etc, do your employees a favor and pass this one up and choose a different one..Version: 2.42.0

Always has an issueThe UI is clunky and slow. It always asks for a password, and never has anything faster like a PIN for logging back in. It always takes at least 2 minutes just to clock in, even longer if the app is running in the background and gives the logged out message. Logging in from that screen only gives an endless loading screen, so I have to force-close and log in again. I get a lot of issues logging in, and everything acts as a setback to logging my hours. Passwords expire with no warning, so instead of letting me log in to clock in to work, then updating my password if it would expire in the next [unit of time], the app would rather me sit around and fiddle with making a new password for ten minutes and waste time that I don’t get paid for and makes me late for work. I most often use this app to punch in and out of work, and that’s all I need it to do. I shouldn’t have to log in multiple times to make one punch..Version: 2.24.0

You cannot do the simplest thingsLike make a holiday request, the help system in app is poor, rather a waste of time. Will log in on the pc instead. Tho even on the pc it is hardly intuitive..Version: 2.36.0

A joke !!Fix your stupid security ! Screenshot the security answers so i wouldn’t forget them and then your stupid app locks me out because I didn’t answer the security questions correctly. WELL DONE !!.Version: 2.42.1

Not user friendlyOn the App and on the website it makes you login and then click on Time Clock to open before you can even clock in. A LOT of days we have issues with the Time Clock page opening and we can’t even clock in or out. I’m not on this site 3-4 times a day for pleasure I’m on it to clock in and out. Access to the time clock should be first thing you see. It drives me crazy that you have to open an additional page to clock in or out. At lunch today it took 3 minutes to open the Time Clock page to be able to go to lunch. It’s frustrating and just a waste of time..Version: 2.29.0

Password changeI’ve never had an app that required so many password changes and I keep getting locked out of my own account. It’s garbage and I’m going back to paper paystubs if this can’t be fixed. I’ve had the same banking password for years. Why does this need to be changed once a month and need so many mixed characters. GARBAGE.Version: 2.20.1

Punch featureSets the ease for user, no chance... I can’t even use the punch in feature.everything is enabled, location, data... punch feature remains greyed out...Version: 2.18.0

I just want my tax formsHad to call service desk because of how frustrating it was to log in..Version: 2.37.0

Not remotely user-friendlyI’m not sure who are giving these glowing reviews. This app seems to have been designed as just a mobile website and not even accounting for how people log info with phones or generally go about using apps. I will grant that the app LOOKS modern and clean — which is great and I do appreciate. But sheesh, so SO clunky to use the time logging feature — which is the primary reason I downloaded. It’s so time consuming entering time, I am going back to using the browser version on my phone (when remote from my computer). And that decision itself should tell you how bad this app is, because the web version is also a clunker to use on the phone! Please, make a version or something that doesn’t take so many taps and clicks to do what you need it to do. Maybe snag some ideas from some competitors or something..Version: 2.15.1

If I didn’t have to…I wouldn’t use this app. My company switched over months ago and it has nothing more than a thorn in my backside. Login is eternally frustrating, often forcing to me to go directly to managers for things this app is supposed to make easier. Security is useless is I myself can’t get into my damned account..Version: 2.41.1

Terrible app. Every single recent review is one star.I don’t know how this app is almost 5 stars on the App Store when every single recent review is one star. Like every single review going back months and months. All with the company generically responding “sorry for the inconvenience, we released as update to fix bugs”. Maybe this app used to be decent? It literally crashes my phone anytime I try to use it. To the point I have to restart my phone to get it to turn back on from a black screen wheel of death. I’ve never had an app do that before. All the reviews are negative! Take a hint UKG and get your act together. What are y’all doing wrong? Fix it..Version: 2.23.5

App does not work whatsoeverNo form of contacting Ultipro for customer service or questions. Login information is wiped clean and the app denies access because it forgets what my password is. I have had to have my HR department reset my account twice in the past 2 weeks and have gone through 4 different passwords because it seems a password and all the process of forming account is for one sign in. Terrible app run by careless people who don’t have the common decency to leave a contact us page because they know their app is a dud and are hiding from their problems..Version: 2.11.1

No more pie chartThe old version used to have a pie chart showing gross pay. It. I longer shows that other then that it works good.Version: 2.0.2

TerribleIf you’re a company that uses this app, i hope you fail. 0 way of accessing my information..Version: 2.37.0

Definitely NOT ADPReally upsetting that our company decided to move from ADP to this junk of UKG. It feels so outdated, even when logging in via a desktop, the pay statements look like the information is just thrown on a piece of paper. It doesn’t have to look identical to ADP but it would be nice if it was more modern. We don’t have access to the clock, likely because HR doesn’t give us that option, but I don’t know how much better it would be after reading all the reviews with people having issues punching their time on the app..Version: 2.36.0

Tired of this appThis is the third time I’ve had to rip out the app and reinstall and update my login. Why do I have to keep doing this when I have face recognition? Wasting my time. :(.Version: 2.43.0

Remember me optionPlease add the remember me option during the login process. I have to manually type in all information each time I need to login. Every other app I use has this feature yet somehow a massive company like yours does not have this some how? I haven’t had a lot of the other issues other users have experienced other than a couple times the past few months there were technical issues where I could not login that resolved itself the following day..Version: 2.41.0

ShortcutsOverall it is not a great software, way worst than ADP but I do not have a choice. The worst is that you can’t customize the shortcuts, after you customize to your liking and close the app when reopen all back to default. Needs work.Version: 2.22.1

Non responsiveThe app has started acted really buggy. The punch in and outs, transfers take so much time to react to the click, almost feels like the app has crashed..Version: 2.27.0

Is zero stars an option?I never leave reviews like this but this app is absolute trash. I used to use ADP for any employee related tasks which worked great. A few months ago my company switched to UKG and anytime I have to get into the app for ANY REASON it’s a total pain. It’s a 10-20 minute ordeal almost every single time I have to approve my time card. It won’t load, it keeps redirecting back to login, they’ll make you go through the security steps over and over its just a complete joke. Tons of reviews saying the same thing FIX THE PROBLEMS..Version: 2.44.0

HORRIBLE TERRIBLE USELESS WORST APP EVER!This company is basically a phishing site. That’s why there is no contact to them directly. The Admins are able to access your account and change things without your knowledge. The emails you receive from them have no info or signatures and a no reply address. It’s unbearably unprofessional. Keep everything and track everything and get your coworkers with you then go to a lawyer. They give out our information. They change our timesheets and insurance information. What a terrible company, app, tech, everything! No support from the company. You can’t log in and can’t get any assistance. This is so horrible..Version: 2.23.0

IPhone XRDoesn’t work on iOS 14.Version: 2.18.0

I wouldn’t recommendCompletely unprofessional, they don’t even have a direct contact or number just an email. Logging in is even worse. I log in one time then log out only to come back saying my password is incorrect, which is not even a possibility, I have all my passwords written down and saved on my phone. Every other team member in the company has completely different usernames, even though they gave us a format for the passwords to be the same. This app has great potential but it seems to me some people have problems and others don’t making this extremely inconsistent. For an app made to give employees an insight to paperwork and paychecks makes it in my opinion unreliable.Version: 2.13.0

TerribleEvery time I enter my acces code it says “Were experiencing a network issue right now please try again later” this would be understandable if this happened rarely. But it happens EVERY TIME EVERY DAY. Worst app I’ve ever downloaded.Version: 2.35.0

CodeI keep getting asked for a code when I have the app downloaded how do I get the company code.Version: 2.6.1

Icons deceive the ease of the appDeceiving, miss-leading is just simply the one thing I would say. The icons appear as if will be user friendly until you try to use the time and attendance nightmare. To have to scroll and scroll because the search function is specific enough. The main heartache is literally Editing your daily inputs by also scrolling and scrolling each time you have to enter a field of data. The worst because for most phones at a point while scrolling the screen jumps and you have to start over. I believe for date or time entry it should allow for manual entry. No copy and paste ease adds to the stress of this day entry each day multiple times a day. As most of the stress is with the UTA format I have to score this app as 1 star but I would give half of that. If they made this a easy as the linked learning/training add on I would give the app a full 5 star rating.Version: 2.21.0

Withholding money and bouncing peoples accounts!People depend on their direct deposit to pay bills and buy food the morning of payday; they just ruined some stuff I was trying to pay, and they ruin peoples credit when they do that. Now, we are sitting here waiting for them to get paper checks to the company, so we can eat during this darn food shortage and not being able to stock much! I can see why Tesla and Pepsi sued them, for shorting peoples checks and ruining their finances! Do a little research, and you’ll see this is a bad company! You’ll reap what you sow, at least!!!!.Version: 2.37.0

Password!Hi! I love the program and how it works but really disappointed in the fact whenever they do an update my Face ID doesn’t work and need to put in my password again. What is the point I say in that? I use my Face ID security login so I don’t have to remember my password. Nothing more secure than my Face ID! Please fix this! I don’t want to have to remember passwords! Thank you!!.Version: 2.43.0

UselessRandomly boots you out and says your password is incorrect even if it isn’t..Version: 2.23.5

HorribleI like that I can access my work information but half the things in the app don’t even work. For instance I am trying to change my phone number and address and when I click submit, it loads and goes back to the previous page which it should but never actually updates anything. All my old information is still there. This isn’t anything my job can help me with and the app makes it like impossible to contact any type of support. Like I don’t even know what to do right now.Version: 2.46.0

This app is horribleUpdate again this app has locked me out I, ive put in my password and again it asks me to change it, I do and then it tells me I’m now locked out again now I have to contact system administrator again to be able to log back in, please take the 30 day password change off, my bank doesn’t eve n ask me to change my password every 30 days This app is horrible for some strange reason it makes your log in every week even though I set up my finger print login and says I haven’t logged in for 30 days so I have to log in with user name and password, then it makes change your password every so often, why can’t it just leave the same password unless I want to change it. Epost was so much easier!.Version: 2.7.1

I don’t know why this app gets such good reviewsThis app used to work well. When my company first started using it it worked. Now for the last several months the app is useless. My time is split with two entries per day. The app only show the first entry. It says 8hrs but only reveals 4 of them. If I add time in another entry it will show up but the second half of my day is still missing. Trying to take time off is a pain. Half the time I try to put in for a day off and the app does nothing. I have to go to a computer and log into the full website to schedule time off. The mobile site is also useless for scheduling time off. I reported this to my HR department and was told UltiPro knows about the issue. How hard can it be to fix when you had a working app and go live with a new app that breaks the most useful features and months later nothing is done about it? Please fix this app and please test your software before release, or at least go back to the working version..Version: 2.3.0

One starRead the 4-5 star reviews. People meant to give 1 star, posted negative reviews but it still shows 5 stars. What’s up with that? I hope my employer goes through as much frustration and pain as we do while using this useless app. Each update makes is even worse. It’s a social experiment, I’m sure. It can’t be real. Management started posting paper schedule, lol, we have to call the restaurant if we switch stations, etc. no way to do it on the app. No notifications. Welcome back to pre smart phone era. Love it..Version: 2.42.0

Needs improvementI have to use this for my company so I have no choice it needs to improve a lot first off it doesn’t show when I punched in or out on as reviews it also don’t have we go by a point system it doesn’t even show when your points will expire or when you get points and it won’t even let me request a day off I’m going to have to go to my manager tomorrow at work to have him help get one if it ok with him. I do like where shows I work 40 hours one week and 36 the next I do like that the program needs to be little more organized in my opinion.Version: 2.8.0

Not user friendI have 2 employers . 1 employer was already established but the other employer just migrated to this company for payroll. I went to add the new company to the app as well and it deleted my other employer info. There should be an option to add more then one employer. Or at least let us know that only one company account per device can be added. Now I can’t get into my other company with having to get onto the company computer to see my pay because it’s not accepting my info which I confirmed to be correct..Version: 2.23.5

Not Sure who’s writing the other reviewsJust started work for a company that unitize this app and it’s absolutely atrocious. It’s taken me a week to merely get logged in, I haven’t even used the app itself for work, but based on this initial impression I am sure it’s going to be horrible. Once an employee has signed their work contract, which includes timesheets, email, and employee ID there should be no further barrier for them to login to the app. It’s not my contract supervisors responsibility to clock my hours or aid me in login an app. The process should work seamlessly, with little need for go between, or contacting HR to use an app. Other companies exist that are far better with less hassle and nonsense. For employers I would recommend looking at those to save money and increase productive. Time spent trying to login to a garbage app, use a garbage app, or talking with others to fix a problem with using a garbage app is productive and money lost..Version: 2.33.0

Almost never worksI’ve reinstalled so many times but this app almost always encounters and error when I try to sign in. When it works, it’s very useful but unfortunately, it doesn’t actually let me sign in very often..Version: 2.45.1

Be more like Hot SchedulesMaybe as an employer this system is great, I wouldn’t know, but as an’s awful. What’s the point of an app if it’s going to open into an unintuitive page on a web browser? It should be seamless to see my schedule, see what shifts are available to pick up, find coworkers contact info (if they choose to share it), message coworkers/managers and release shifts for others to pick up, but instead it’s clunky and confusing. My advice to employers: save yourself the headache, invest in Hot Schedules and find something else for payroll/bookkeeping. It’s just the cost of doing business. And you’ll have happier employees..Version: 2.44.0

My time card not showingI recently been hired at this job I been working for about 2 months I had download this since then my time card has not shown, and my calendar can the developer please take a look in to it. I done tried many solutions such as re-downloading the app, talk to my HR, and tried to login on another devices nothing has work, can the developer please take a look into this. It’s been going on for too long can someone please contact cause it’s hasn’t work, I done tried everything possible. This Is a recommended app, and developer should keep up with there update can someone please help..Version: 2.43.0

Worst everWill not submit time sheets disappear.Version: 2.20.0

Do not like this appOur company said that we were moving into the 21st century with this app. I downloaded it signed in and for the first 2 weeks entered my start and end times flawlessly using the timesheet option. Then we were told to start using the time clock punch option and I’ve had nothing but problems, it punches me in but never punches me out. My second punch should be my punch out but it’s always another punch in instead! I’ve had to get my times corrected by the hr or my direct supervisor. Not impressed at all!.Version: 2.24.0

Awful User ExperienceAs a department manager I cannot begin to describe how terrible this app is and the pain it creates. I manage a team of 31 people who use this app. I have multiple users, multiple times per week, who all report the inability to correctly use the time clock. They get screens that never load or error messages saying that our company doesn’t exist. I have confirmed with our IT department that everything is set up correctly, made sure all of my users have the most up-to-date version of the app, and even made everybody reset their passwords in an attempt to get this thing to work. It’s now at the point that my employees have to send me notes to correct their time cards almost every day. If it was up to me I would take our company of more than 400 users to a different solution. Update: New app name, same poor performance. Same Company not found messages, same unintuitive work flow. Our company had to tell all employees to use desktop computers to clock in and out because the app is so glitchy..Version: 2.38.0

DisappointedHad just started using the app. Could see all my punch in and out data. Cool. After the last update, all of the timesheet function disappeared..Version: 2.26.0

App Rarely opens out worksI’ve been using this app just about everyday for work since May and it will allow me to sign in maybe half the time. I’m constantly having to ask my superior fix my time sheets because the app doesn’t want to work correctly. He’s annoyed and tired of changing it all the time, and I don’t blame him. I’m TIRED of seeing the same two messages when I try to log into the app - “No company servers available” and “we’re having trouble connecting to the sign in server”. This happens literally at least half the time I try to sign into the app in order for me to “Clock in” or “Clock Out” of work. It’s come to a point that I have to pray that my app will work properly. This shouldn’t be the case, especially if y’all had any competent coders and programmers. However, WHEN IT DOES WORK, I do like the UI of the app and how it’s organized. But again, the app rarely even works in the first place. It’s literally become a joke within our company because it’s known to be UNRELIABLE..Version: 2.19.0

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