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Adult Emojis Icons Pro - Naughty Emoji Faces Stickers Keyboard Emoticons for Texting App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Adult Emojis Icons Pro - Naughty Emoji Faces Stickers Keyboard Emoticons for Texting app received 37 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Adult Emojis Icons Pro - Naughty Emoji Faces Stickers Keyboard Emoticons for Texting? Can you share your negative thoughts about adult emojis icons pro - naughty emoji faces stickers keyboard emoticons for texting?

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Adult Emojis Icons Pro - Naughty Emoji Faces Stickers Keyboard Emoticons for Texting for Negative User Reviews

AWFULFirst, having to open the app each time you use an emoji is a huge pain! Next, having the "Rate it" box come up every stinking time you open the app is EXTREMELY annoying, especially if you've paid for the app to avoid the pop up boxes. Lastly, where are the 1000's of emoji'??? I doubt that there are more than 100 or so :( Overall, a major disappointment & huge waste of money~.Version: 1.1

Not very adult or naughty!The emojis are great. Just not as adult or naughty as I want. Not looking for porn, but some very suggestive emojis to send to my wife. They are not here. However, there are some great “love” emojis that she likes getting. Biggest complaint is the interface. I need to open the app and share the emoji stickers. Only a few emojis are available from my text screen..Version: 1.1

Annoyingly difficult to use since....You have to go out of your txt message- open the app --choose the emoji -- address a new msg --then go back to your messaging app. Even if you are in the emoji app and send one and wanna send another to the same person you have to readdress another txt message and swith apps again. Not worth $2.99. Plus i paid for no ads then get a popup everytime i choose an emoji asking me to review the app. !!! Poorly designed..Version: 1.1

Could be good if.....I like this app but I don't like the fact it shoots a pop up request for a review every time you click on an emoji. The way to get a good review is not to badger your customers. Customers will write good reviews if they enjoy the app not if they get annoyed..Version: 1.1

It’s rubbish appNot a app just images save your money don’t buy !!!.Version: 1.1

Meh....Not Even CloseThese emojis are not able to be added to your keyboard. The only way to use them is to open up the app, find the emoji you want to use (there is no search feature to find what you want), and then click it, which then just copies it to your clipboard, so you can paste it. It does not work in most app chats (Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale.. etc). This app is just as useful as googling an emoji, copying it, and pasting it into your messages..Version: 1.1

Not emojisMore photos than emojis Waste of money and time.Version: 1.1

NAUGHTY....REALLY???First, quit asking for a rating!! Hate that. You open the app to use it, not opine upon it. Also, guess that I’m just too worldly. If these are “adult” naughty emojis as represented/advertised, then sweet romantic emojis would make me puke. Don’t misunderstand, I am very romantic, and love to convey and see/listen to, and discuss romantically centered thoughts and subject matter. But, the term naughty evokes, or brings to mind more sexually explicit imagery than I am seeing here!! Your earlier version was certainly, without a doubt much more sexually suggestive than I am seeing here! Where did the little stick figures go? Where did all of the various combinations of M/F, F/F, M/M, singularly or in multiplicity implication go to?? My wife and I had great fun with that; daring each other, etc. This is really disappointing.....Version: 1.1

I’ve owned this for 10 minutesAnd it’s already locked up on me. Everytime I go to send an emoji it freezes and I have to exit the entire app. And I bought the paid version. The latest updates are an improvement.Version: 1.1

Good funRaises a smile but not very explicit.Version: 1.1

Could be better!Would be better if you could access the emojis from keyboard or whatsapp for example. More selection would be good. They are not rude enough which is the biggest disapointment!!.Version: 1.1

Can't see how to access from the Apple keyboardNot truly integrated.Version: 1.1

Most annoying AppI bought this app. This means... let me use it without constantly asking me to rate you every time I open it. Here is my feedback about the app itself. - On the latest iOS, it freezes. - It does NOT integrate with the messaging/texting app, you have to open their app every time and copy/paste an image - quality of the actual emoji’s is horrible and grainy - they are a little large, looks like they used a small emoji and tried to double it size causing the grainy graphics - for what I paid, this app is a waste of both money and time Note to the developers, make sure you are testing your app and integrating it with the keyboard. Remove the rating request that pops up because it’s like me buying a car and the salesman comes with it. Ahhh! Overall... not worth the money. Go find something you can copy and paste from Google... might be faster..Version: 1.1

OkCool.Version: 1.1

Poor appI bought the paid app thinking it would be better than the free version...... SAME DAMN THING, sucked mu in!!! Same thing here bought it and exactly the same! Should be illegal!.Version: 1.1

Very frustrating glitch!First, the free version & paid version are virtually identical. Second the emojis are not that provocative. Third, stop asking for a rating every time I open the app. And most importantly, there’s a huge glitch in the paid iPhone app. When u select an emoji & then select a person to text it to, the screen freezes so you have to shut down the app & reopen again. It’s very frustrating!.Version: 1.1

Good appVery good app.Version: 1.1

Paid for the appI paid 5.49 for the app and didn’t get anything that was worth it. Not much different then the free one..Version: 1.1

So soI paid for this not to be asked for reviews all the time sometimes it works sometimes you click on one item and you come to paste it and you have something totally different than you picked.Version: 1.1

OKUpdate would be nice.Version: 1.1

Emojis won’t sendWell I thought I would like this but it’s kinda hard to like anything that won’t work. I got the paid version and the emojis won’t even show up to the person I send them to and half the time it also freezes up after I choose an emoji to send. Sure hope you fix this crap. Pretty ridiculous especially with the paid version..Version: 1.1

No updates no additional featuresThe quality of the product is decent, but the app doesn’t ever have any new updates and new emojis to select from. This is a big down fall Because the app is limited to different expressions once the main ones used are all used. Also, the app is sexual preference bias. I was hoping there will be gay emojis but not a single one. It’s all straight. Very hurtful..Version: 1.1

Omg vanilla as heckDefinitely not a dirty can do way better with most gif keyboard add ons.. x content is vanilla save your money.Version: 1.1

Good app for frustratingGood selection of Emojis: but the nagging to rate the App is so annoying for an App I paid for that I have to rate it this low. I would definately ask for a refund if it was possible. Developper: asking once to rate it would be enough: lile others do!!!.Version: 1.1

Freezes upKeeps freezing up for me, if I close and reopen it will let me proceed and then freeze up again. I tried deleting and reinstalling but that did not solve the problem. Can be very annoying. Please fix this issue.Version: 1.1

Decent appThe app so far is decent. I paid the $1.99 to have the extra emojis and overall it was worth it. The app crashes after each emoji sent. There's no keyboard short cut for my Apple phone so I have to open the app. And it's been asking me to rate this app every time I open it...this is after I have given them a 3 star rating..Version: 1.1

Freezes every timeI agree with everyone that is frustrated with the begging for a rating. Stop it. As the iOS is updated on the phone this app isn’t updated in step. Freezes anytime I copy an emoji forcing me to shut down the app and reopen it to use it again. Way overdue for an update. Will not purchase any upgrades because of these issues..Version: 1.1

BoringNot worth paying for.Version: 1.1

App issues!The app keeps freezing up and each time you send an emoji it makes me exit out completely and open the app back up to send another one. Totally a pain!! Sometimes it will not even let me send anything because it is frozen!! Needs some major updating and bug fixes!!!.Version: 1.1

GREAT APP BUT FEATURES ANNOYING!This is a lovely app but it should be made to included in the keyboards because i hate that i have to go out of messages to open the app and then select what i want to go back to my messages and this rating pop up is very annoying i paid 2.99 clear this up and also add more smileys this could be a great app!.Version: 1.1

Keeps freezingIt’s a good app, but every time I try to favourite an emoji or I have chosen one it freezes, so I have to quit the app and reopen it, please fix this ASAP it’s annoying., I have an iPhone XS with iOS 13.6..Version: 1.1

Like BUT not KeyboardI really like the emoji’s. Very creative and cute. BUT, I was hoping this was a keyboard that I could just add to my Keyboard list. I have to >go out of the text window>open the Emoji app> find the emoji I want>copy it>close the app>go back to the text window> and copy it in to the “typing box”. That is a lot of steps for one emoji!! Make it a keyboard that can be added to “Keyboard list” on iPhone!!.Version: 1.1

Not exactly what I expectedDefinitely has a good amount of content to get a point across but could really use some updating and more adult content would be great too since that’s the point of getting these particular apps! Also would very much appreciate if I could stop being spammed with review requests everytime I try to send an image. I rated and it didn’t submit or something because it asked again and I clicked it and it was blank..Version: 1.1

Arby33Great emojis but a real pia to use. Should spend more time resolving the usage issues than hounding user for a rating, then it will be a great app. Current use has too many limitations. Need to be able to put emoji in body of message, not as a separate msg. You wanted the review - you got it!!.Version: 1.1

RubbishCan’t believe I just paid £2.99 to upgrade to the pro version only to find that it has less Emojis on it than the free version, robbed..Version: 1.1

BoringThe most boring looking emojis the free ones on My keyboard look much better. Also you cannot access these from your keyboard. They are not explicit apart from the odd swear word, they don’t give you a real preview before you buy because they are really rubbish. It’s given me a good laugh as I can’t get over how awful this is!.Version: 1.1

UselessWon’t integrate into keyboard for texts or emails. Don’t waste your money.Version: 1.1

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