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Adult Emojis Icons Pro - Naughty Emoji Faces Stickers Keyboard Emoticons for Texting App User Positive Comments 2024

Adult Emojis Icons Pro - Naughty Emoji Faces Stickers Keyboard Emoticons for Texting app received 62 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about adult emojis icons pro - naughty emoji faces stickers keyboard emoticons for texting?

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Adult Emojis Icons Pro - Naughty Emoji Faces Stickers Keyboard Emoticons for Texting for Positive User Reviews

Not badWould be better if you capsule access from message keyboard. No where near as rude as made out to be on App Store. Seems to work well.Version: 1.1

Feed backNot to bad need more dirty ones lol.Version: 1.1

GoodSo far so good.Version: 1.1

Spicey app!This app adds a little fun in my texting! When I have time to insert a little extra color into my words, it’s nice to have a variety of new emojis to draw from!.Version: 1.1

Love it!This so much better then the keyboard style not only great facial expressions. They are easier to see for us half blind people. They’re also more.Version: 1.1

UsefulA simple and easy to use app. Offers many different emojis compared to the many often repeated by others..Version: 1.1

Great appEnjoy this app got some great fun emojis to send and annoy my friends easy to use great app.Version: 1.1

Decent AppI like this app. I paid for the upgrade with no commercials. But the app is always locking up on me. Twice, I've deleted the App & reinstalled it. I do like all the choices & categories..Version: 1.1

Adult emojiBrilliant app.Version: 1.1

ReviewThis app is hard to use I have to go back and forth to contact to why isn’t it on my message emojis.Version: 1.1

Adult emojisBit of fun.Version: 1.1

Awesome / GlitchyLove the emoji! For the sake of helping the developers improve the app...please know that for me it freezes when I copy the emoji. Not a huge deal as I am not the creator and I just work around it. So thanks for the awesome emojis that convey so much more emotion and fun!!.Version: 1.1

Much more fun and expressive Emojis!!!I was getting bored using the regular Emojis and wondered whether or not there were ones that had more effect. I came across this and I love the fact, that the facial expressions are more dynamic, not to mention, they show up not as a tiny dot on your phone, but a good 1 inch image comes up in your text field. I am enjoying this app so far and have not had any glitches or crashes....Version: 1.1

GoodGood enough.Version: 1.1

It’s pretty goodYeah got most off the emojis there . It’s a pretty good version.Version: 1.1

Fun emojisI love the emojis. They're big and there are many of them to choose from to send to family and friends. I just wish I could add the app to my keyboard for messaging. It would have been sooo easy to send..Version: 1.1

Very goodVery good.Version: 1.1

Better than free appThis app is fantastic I find. Ok we have to pay but it's better than seeing all the adverts that used to pop up on the free app..Version: 1.1

FunYou get a bit of a laugh.Version: 1.1

Hopefully this will stop the constant pop-upsI've had the free app for a month or so and finally bought the app to stop the ads every time I open it. Now it's asking for a review each time it is opened. It's is unbelievably annoying. The emojis are useful but I don't know if they are worth the aggravation ..Version: 1.1

My reviewSo far so good since the app is pretty much forcing me to write this review that’s all I can say right now tbc.Version: 1.1

Love it!The free version torments with way too many commercial interruptions but at $2.99 it's a great deal of fun for just a little pocket money. Please add more emojis including more naughty ones..Version: 1.1

Nice appNice app lots of emoji‘s but just wondering why you asked for rated every time you use it no matter how rated it already???? Need to fix that I don’t see a paid version of it unless that is the paid version just very irritating.Version: 1.1

Copy & Paste?I spent a half hour trying to get the adult emoji keyboard added - then I realized there isn’t one. Had I researched further, I could have made my own folder of emojis to copy and paste. The emojis are cute but it is a lot of work to use them..Version: 1.1

PiepiesReally good and fun.Version: 1.1

Looks good but rating requests are annoyingI keep getting asked about ratings to the point where I haven’t even gotten to really check out the app. Sheesh let me look around for crying out loud..Version: 1.1

Great app easy to useLike the large emojis ease of use and no special third party permissions I paid 2.99 for the ad free app price is fair I recommend this app to everyone.Version: 1.1

J'adoreVraiment cool!!!!.Version: 1.1

GoodSome pretty good emoji's in this one.Version: 1.1

Great app BUT…I paid the money for the upgrade because I like the app so much, but every single time I go to use it it asks me to rate it. I thought I paid the money so it wouldn't bug me anymore. Please fix this it is SO annoying.Version: 1.1

Cool little AppRunning iPhone 6S, updated system and no issues at all. Simple to use and interface with sms text etc! Naughty-Nice-Risqué and a lot of fun. Good job to the developers..Version: 1.1

Nouveau pour moiC’est excellent.Version: 1.1

Mojo adultSo funny.Version: 1.1

Needs updatedNeeds updated emojis for each category. The same ones are getting old, since I am paying for thus app, please add more or you may lose a customer.Version: 1.1

This app you can express yourself much easier !!!This app makes a Tex more fun, and the receiving person has better understanding awesome job!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.1

Decent enoughNice variety of different emojis that makes some friends jealous when I send them. Would be better if they could be used whilst sending messages via keyboard. Not as rude as suggested when buying but all in all not a bad little app..Version: 1.1

Great ProductI have enjoyed the service, there are a wide selection to pick from the the service is easy to use.Version: 1.1

Nivel Emojis But .....I use it a lot. I like the way its looks but not the way of how to use it. You need to open the app, select the emoji and then choose which platform you want to use. Emojis shall always goes first selected and then write something if you want to. No Copy/Paste. Not possible to use in Facebook..Version: 1.1

GoodNot bad I like it.Version: 1.1

Get itGreat app! Works as it should. and ya' know that a pic is worth a thousand words. well using these emojis saves me a lot of time trying to spell out an emotion in a text message and that in itself is worth far more more to me than the cost of the app.Version: 1.1

SweetI use these at least once a day. I love all the different categories , I've been through them all! There's always something appropriate for what I need..Version: 1.1

Stay using it.It says a lot without me using my words. Could use more when update comes..Version: 1.1

FunnyHappy with the purchase.Version: 1.1

Yaaaaaas!This app gets a 4 star rating for all the funny , and crazy emojis and phrases.... what would make it perfect is sticker for i message and possible motion emojis other than that this is a great app definitely worth the price.Version: 1.1

Adult EmojisFabulous little app! Everyone is jealous when I send these cute emojis. This baby is now my most used application and one that never becomes boring. Thanks for this gem.Version: 1.1

GmformerCould be a little bit more adult fun but nothing too rude.Version: 1.1

Adult expressionsWorks well with lots of different emojis to choose from. Many times I don’t even have to write anything at all. I just emoji my way through the text with few words..Version: 1.1

Ok butWish I could send via whatsapp.Version: 1.1

Adult emojis is quite humorous.Pop up ads in the free one are quite annoying but the paid version eliminates it. Have to leave the message to add it to your text but hold the image and copy it then insert into your text. A little longer but totally worth it to me. So funny!.Version: 1.1

Seems good so farHaven't had a chance to really use it yet, but it looks like it's got quite a few emojis. Was hoping for a few that were a little more sexy and naughty, we'll see how it goes..Version: 1.1

Girlie AmbitionVery welcoming package funny and well conceived most of all everybody that said my app is neat has to go home.Version: 1.1

Very cuteGreat variety of expressions, which are useful for communicating with husband when you are too annoyed to speak to him, and of course when you want to say something lovely. Irritating thing is when you switch phones it doesn't save your favourites, so you have to rebuild. Would be good if the app alerted you to duplicates in the favourites, but overall this is the best enhanced emoticon app I've found..Version: 1.1

I Likey!! :)Thumbs Up!!.Version: 1.1

CoolIt is indeed good. Will better when I work out how to use it pro.Version: 1.1

Naughty, NaughtyI have yet to come across an app that’s naughtier than this! It’s a perfect balance of naughty and nice and to top it off it’s got some funny stuff too! I use it almost daily to just give this super awesome punch in my text. The only thing I’d love to see is the ability of the app to show up in the keyboard. For ease of use. Although even without that the app is still a solid five stars!.Version: 1.1

Mostly funMost of the emojis are fun. Some of them definitely cross my line and I don't think there is a way to delete them. If anyone finds a way please let me know. I would rather not have to see them while looking for the one to send..Version: 1.1

Emojis changed my life..! 😌These emoji's are totally fun. I like that they included Black and Blue and the new more adult centric emoji's. If my friends were tired of the emoji's I was sending before just wait till I start sending these! I went ahead and purchased the ad free version as well and I think it's totally worth the $2.99. Thanks 😍.Version: 1.1

Awesome apps.After using the standard emoji’s on the phones system. This new setup is a bunch of laughs & funny to use. I would recommend it..Version: 1.1

Lots of FunI enjoy all the different emojis I have now. Lots of fun finding a suitable one for different situations..Version: 1.1

Great!!!Fantastic aplications!!!!.Version: 1.1

OkOk, better if could access directly in WhatsApp.Version: 1.1

YayAwesome.Version: 1.1

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