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Great App but please help a brother out in Old Jersey!Ever since I got this app to check how much I made in a week and what I’ll make in the next week at my job at Sam’s Club, this app has been the holy grail for me hell I can even check my hours if my badge is lost or I’m not punched in to see my schedule but one problem I desperately need is the Instapay here in NJ. Developers please hear a hard working young man out of when it will be available to Instapay all current Walmart/Sam’s Club Associates here in New Jersey it would be stellar! But other than that this app is fantastic!.Version: 7.2.13

Interested and satisfiedI never saw an app like this before… I started a new job in a new town far away from my living space… It’s two hours on the train or an hour driving on the highway. I enjoy the job and it pays well my challenge was my direct deposits were falling on days that I did not like… This company gives me the freedom and flexibility to have money show up when necessary to pay the bills that are pressing on the front end.Version: 8.28.17

Awesome!Amazing app it saves me so much money on late fees! If I forget about my phone bill instead of being charged a 30 dollar late fee I just take out of my paycheck with this app no interest definitely worth the six bucks a month and if you want to just cancel it and next time you need to use it just sign back up for premium and you don’t even need the money they just take 6 dollars out of your next paycheck that way your not paying 6 a month if you barely use it. It hasn’t back fired on me once just be responsible :).Version: 8.0.8

Intuitive and simpleI am happy to be able to access funds early for free. What I did not expect was a snapshot of everything I spend money on including a subscription for a service that I no longer use and had cancelled already. It was a small amount and I haven’t caught it before Even had it tight there and I’m grateful for the tools I’m given to better control my account. Very grateful..Version: 8.12.4

Are we in the future?My first impression of even is that it gathers all of your upcoming bills for that months and basically adds what you’ll be paying in total for that whole month. And, that is perfect because now I know exactly what I’ll be paying monthly, which makes it easier to view. Anyways, I haven’t fully used the instapay option just yet, as I have just started using the app. This app is an absolute genius idea who would’ve ever come up with such a brilliant idea! I’ll update my review once I try the instapay option. And, I’m really hoping it goes well, as I have already left 5 stars..Version: 5.6.1

1-5 starsEven can be a lifesaver. Allows you access to funds for your emergency situation. On the other hand many things are not clear or partially hidden from user; for instance the price. It is not free! It leads one to believe it is. Also i hope you dont have any questions that require immediate attention. Your led to believe that you can just text them and all is well and probably will be, but it may be 6,8 hours later. There are other issues that give it that shadowy feel of what are they not telling me even though you wont find out till too late. I asked for maximum draw then the second i closed that screen the mac went up 40 dollars. Guess ill text them and get that straightened out. Nope text was closed. Didnt tell me that either.Version: 6.0.16

I love this app!I work for a qualified employer so I get the membership for free and I have to say I’m in loveee with this app. Everything about it helps me manage my money. The only thing I have to say could improve, is that I seriously wish there were more than 3 save tabs. I have lots to save for, and not enough tabs available. But other than that I’m obsessed with this app and have used every feature to save money, and better manage my money spending..Version: 8.22.16

Great Initial ExperienceI used the app to get an advance on my first paycheck. The required steps were clearly defined and the app functioned just as the description said it would. Also, it appears to me that the confusion about subscription costs mentioned in a previous review, has been clarified. It couldn’t be more clear that the “Plus” subscription is available for a one month FREE trial period. What’s really awesome about these developers is they set up the default to NOT auto-renew the subscription after the trial period. You actually have to select auto-renew for that to happen. This is a great, easy to use app, that really saved me when I needed it most. Many thanks to the developers..Version: 6.0.5

Best Customer Service!I made a mistake with my bank account information and began getting frustrated with this app. My first thought was not to go to customer service because that never ends well and was stuck in this predicament for a couple of days. I was getting more and more upset. I finally decided to give it a go and it was basically like texting a person. The response was immediate, instructions were clear and the app became easier to follow. Loving the app and the ways I can make a savings account also definitely love the customer service. I’m not a paid customer and I never write reviews especially this long but this app really deserves it. Once you’re sure this app will help you with problems that occur it makes it more trusting and makes you at ease to use it!! 10/10 Recommend :).Version: 8.3.8

Early, but awesomeOk so let me first say I love this app and use it every day. Like others have said, it does break more often then I'd like (which is never) but it breaks way less often then other money apps. And I've definitely noticed it getting better over time. I feel like in a few months it will be really awesome. This may sound weird but the concept of the app is so amazing that I want to use it just to help them make it better, so everyone can one day have an Even that works flawlessly. Also their customer service is fast and excellent..Version: 5.4.3

Good for emergenciesThis app always came in handy when I needed money before payday. Unfortunately I can’t use it anymore since I’m no longer a Walmart Employee but when I did have access to instapay I was able to cash out at a Walmart store which was convenient. The only thing I don’t really understand is why we have to pay our own money back from hours we’ve already worked. I know it’s an advance before payday but it’s literally coming from what we’ve already worked. Anyway, I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who works for Walmart and needs money instantly. I just wish that I could utilize instapay with my new employer in San Bernardino County but nonetheless, i was happy to be able to use it when I was able..Version: 7.0.0

AmazingIts a really good app i love it its the best to know exactly how much you getting on your paycheck how many how’s you have and if you want you can use it a savings app i love that feature it really helps Theres a month fee for insta cash but i feel that its really cheap compared to being late on a payment or having to overdraft you debit card The support team it’s super fast i had a question and the chat said that there was high traffic that it might take up to 24 hours for a response but in seconds becky answer my question and she was really friendly and kind and she answer exactly what I needed. She was so amazing I actually took the time to let you guys know my experience with the app (tbh I don’t review any app so this is my first time) hope you guys feel like this help you get the answer of if you want to download this or not (i can tell you something I wish I had this app 5 years ago I would of been on my feet’s sooner..Version: 7.2.33

Love the app, just one question.I’ve been using the app for awhile and I don’t have any real problems, the savings is good, the calculations, everything is great. One thing I would like to see a change to is the amount you’re able to pull with instapay. There have been times where I needed practically my whole check before payday for bills and I can’t pull out enough. So, I then get late fees and I think it would be amazing if it could be raised to at least 75% or maybe just 100%. Please, think about this. I’m sure it has to do with trying o help people manage their money more but in dire times of need I need everything. Thank you..Version: 7.2.18

Rough timesI’m going through a very rough patch in my life a major mile stone and I don’t get much good news. But with the even app I get so much positive information it changes my day for the better. When I really need to focus on where the money is and where it’s going even helps me to prepare for the future whatever that may bring. The best part is that I don’t have to pay fees for this wonderful service because I am a Walmart employee. Ms. Janice told me about this app and I have been grateful ever since. thank you very much for all you do. This app really helps me..Version: 8.21.3

Excellent AppThe App has been a life saver, more than once. It’s easy, clear, and precise. I never have a problem or issue that I can’t get resolved, either by the app itself or the excellent online assistance by anyone of the app team members. I definitely have and will continue to recommend this app to my fellow coworkers who actually didn’t even know this app could benefit them. I remembered and wrote it down when I heard it in orientation. Thanks again Even..Version: 6.0.0

Awesome but...This app is awesome it helps with bills and has other features I’m sure will be very helpful to me. But it’s math is abit off so far. Like I’m only scheduled for 72 hours no overtime yet. And it says there is a predicted amount of 76 hours and that I will be paid a amount of $528 my pay wage is $11 an hour and I took $106 from it for bills. I do love that it deducts taxes from it already. Which gives me a plan ahead of time of how much I’ll receive from my check. But the thing is if I have 76 hours going for me at a wage of $11 an hour it’ll be more even with $106 taken out. Just thought I’d point that out but over all it’s still a great and wonderful app!.Version: 6.0.14

Game Changer!!This app has saved my skin more times than I have fingers to count. If you are fortunate enough to be downloading it I’m sure it will help you just as much. Loaded with features and options, this app makes earning your living flexible for when you have extra money or when you’re in a squeeze and need some help. I cannot speak highly enough this app will help you keep money in your pocket at all times and never be completely broke. Give it a shot the premium membership is WORTH IT!!!!!.Version: 8.46.7

ChangesKinda disappointed they unsubscribe if we don’t use instapay in 2 months I understand because they don’t want to charge the fee which went from $6 to $8 but not only did the fee go up , I didn’t mind getting charged because I actually use the app for my hour and stub info .$6 was fine and I know it’s 2 extra dollars but that makes me think twice before resubscribing ...sadly.Version: 8.3.6

Makes you feel like a responsible adultI love this app! It makes you feel like you’re responsible adult! That can support your love ones at a time of need! To have access of your money During financially complications. The app helps you fight financially complication moments in your life.(Now it’s hard to live without it ) It helps you strategize your future transactions. For the big moments in your life! Love Your friendly Walmart self check out Host And I approve this app 100%.Version: 7.0.11

Best money/budget app I’ve used in a while!After all my years of using apps on the App Store, this will be my FIRST review. I love the Even app so much that I have to say THANK YOU to the developers for creating such an innovative & convenient way for people to budget, plan & save money accordingly. I use this app in conjunction w the Digit app & not to sound cheesy, but it’s decreased my stress & improved the quality of my life already! The money transfers quickly (depends on your bank) & picking up the $ at the Walmart center is always stress free as long as you have valid ID matching the address you’ve given the app. This such a brilliant idea, I can’t imagine how I lived w o it before. Thanks again Even!.Version: 7.1.6

ReviewIt’s an amazing way to see your information after you work and to know exactly how much money you will be making your next paycheck. It also tells you the days you should next be able to get paid. An amazing app all around and it’s so easy when you are trying to budget or worried about how you’re going to pay for bills and utilities the next few weeks and yeah I love it. The instapay on it is super helpful too! Like if your in an emergency need of money it literally takes a day to get it to your account..Version: 8.44.2

Continues to get betterAt first, I was not sure about this app. Certain information it was quoting about my bills seemed incorrect. However, the longer I use the app, the more spending habits it has to learn from, and it truly does seem to learn. My advice if you have a bumpy start is to give it time. Now, the app is able to more properly quote my bills and judge more accurately how far I’m behind or ahead monetarily. Also the instapay is a great feature. Instead of juggling around bills to suit my paydates, I just use instapay. I’m able to receive my payment the following business day, enabling me to pay that bill immediately..Version: 5.4.16

Good app, bad updateThis is a good app I use to use often if i was short on bills or something. But now im not too quick to do so. I work over night so the hours and the pay dose not show the proper amount which means i don't really know what my check is until the end of the pay period. So now using this app is literally my last go to. Pulling money from my checks now is putting me at risk for any other bills i need to pay. Much rather prefer the way it displayed the hours before.Version: 8.47.41

Best finance app I’ve ever usedEven is AMAZING! I can see how much I make every day, how much my next paycheck is, and get paid EARLY! It keeps track of all your income, bank accounts, and bills. It budgets for you 100%, shows you how much you can spend everyday and still pay all the bills and rent coming up. It’s like having a personal accountant. Also customer service is fast. My question (adding my raise) was answered and the representative fixed everything for me in less than 2 min. They responded instantly, within about 10 seconds which really surprised me. Oh and you can set aside savings without opening up a new bank account. I don’t even use my bank’s app anymore, Even does it all..Version: 7.2.2

Good AppI like this app and i like how they have the option to get paid early or set aside money for bills so you know how much you can spend and that you are ableto save money from your paycheck automatically for different goals (vacation, emergency or whatever goal you want) the only issue i have is that they only allow you to save 10% and i just wish they update this feature so it allows you to save as much as you want if they can update this feature the app would be👌🏻.Version: 8.39.5

Definitely the best financial app out there.Even is definitely worth it. They don’t even ask you for your paystub or anything. You put your job information in and bank information if you’d like to. Once your connected with your job you’re all set. You’ll be notified of the hours you worked previously and what your paycheck estimate is. You can also save up to 10% of your check with Even’s savings options and burrow out of your check one pay period whenever you need the money! Even won’t let you down..Version: 7.2.40

PayJust a quick question for the developers! Just downloaded the app since I just started working at Walmart. But when I calculated my pay with how many hours I will be working for the week, it’s giving me a different number then what is being calculated in the app. My pay is more then what is being given in the app. Do you guys automatically take out the taxes & etc from checks & then show the balance that is available afterwards? Or how does that work ? App features look amazing & app is really easy to use. Just concerned about the pay amount 😬.Version: 8.51.0

Works. AmazingEasy to set up. Affordable every month (even if walmart wasn't paying for it, $8 a month for what this app does is fire). In an emergency, needing part of your paycheck early and being able to get it within 24 hours is a literal godsend. Automatic instapays turn your biweekly paycheck into a weekly paycheck. Makes it much easier to keep funds in your account between paydays. I appreciate this app and I appreciate the developers who run and created this app. Thank you, Even!.Version: 8.7.3

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