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Bully: Anniversary Edition app received 42 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about bully: anniversary edition?

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Nostalgic but ruined it for meI love how smooth the game ran on my phone and being able to connect my ps4 controller to my phone made it even better but for some odd reason when I was at 13% progress my game crashed and started me from the beginning. I even went back to my saves and saw my 13% autosave was still there but it just starts me over at the beginning. I just ended up deleting it because I was into it and having to go back through all of that again would just annoy me..Version: 1.1

Keep crashing!!!!!!!Would rate 4star otherwise , complete tease and waste of money!!!!!!.Version: 1.04

Controls and camera need major workI never played this game so I don’t have the nostalgia feel. Maybe that’s why it just angers me. I like the gameplay, but the poor control responsiveness and bad camera just make it almost unbearable. Switching weapons or tools is a pain. Running is a pain. Jumping is difficult. Accidentally entering aiming mode and various modes happens much too often. Aiming at anything is incredibly difficult without using auto-aim. Doing missions with auto aim can be incredibly difficult, especially when auto-aim never targets the closest or correct enemies and there is no way to switch. The game is just ridden with bugs and honestly, this is the only game I’ve rated poorly by Rockstar on mobile, but It truly is a bad game if you never played before..Version: 1.1

CrashesI played this games back when it was on ps2 and loved it finally decided to get it for iPhone and got a good ways into the game when I went to play it again I tried to load my saved file and it crashes every time I select the file so now I will have to start all over I’m not to happy after paying $7 for this game I assumed since the game has been out for a long time now that any problems like that would be fixed by now I’m really wanting a refund I’m worried about playing and getting far into the game again and it doing the same thing would have gave 5 stars if it wasn’t for that problem no excuse for paid game to have any glitches after being out for this long.Version: 1.1

Great game but it glitches and crashesThe game is really good but the further into the story I’m getting the more it crashes. The camera angle randomly changes sometimes, it told me I had failed a mission after I already passed it and I had to start again, it glitches when I’m fighting or riding a bike/skateboard and a few times the app has shut down randomly. I feel like due to these bugs they should really lower the price. I’m only on the 3rd chapter and already it’s starting to act up.Version: 1.04

Crashes constantly.The game is good but the problem is it crashes every 2 minutes. I can't even get past the first level with out the game crashing. You said its compatible with my device (I Pad mini 2) and I looked before buying so it shouldn't be an issue but it is. I've also put the graphics to the lowest quality but it made no difference. After spending £6.99 I expect much better..Version: 1.04

Good but control issuesUsing a PS4 controller, the IPad will sometimes just have me spinning around in circles without any control at all.....defeats the object of having the external controller. Then there’s the transformer level, you need the slingshot to target the transformer, but after 12 try’s, endless positioning, it simply will not target it. So i cannot progress due to ridiculous controls. Totally frustrated with the game now. Played 4 hours on one level alone to try and get passed it..Version: 1.1

Please repair this game!When Jimmy ride the bike or skateboard or a scooter the game turns into a black screen then I had to restart the game..Version: 1.1

Save filesSave files on both device and cloud corrupt sometimes using iPhone 11 Pro.Version: 1.1

Good but...Honestly this game is so nostalgic for me and playing it again has been so fun. I hope they do create a sequel as this is such an amazing game and it has been out for over ten years now. HOWEVER, after reaching chapter three my game is frozen. The screen is black and I can hear audio and use controls but it’s just total blackness. It’s been like this for three days now and I’ve tried turning off my phone and closing and reopening the app and nothing. And if I delete it my data will be gone. Can you please fix this? Kinda stupid you don’t refund apps like this especially if you aren’t fixing bugs and glitches which is apparent from the fact people are still having issues. Hopefully it gets sorted but I didn’t spend £6.99 on this game just to play it for a day or two and have it crash and be unplayable..Version: 1.04

No responseWhy bother writing? You guys don’t respond anyway.Version: 1.1

Cloud Save doesn’t workWanted to switch to playing this game on my iPhone since my iPad is no longer in my possession. Checked to make sure that I saved my game to the Cloud Save slot on my iPad and it was there. I then go on to log into my Rockstar Social on my iPhone (6S) and the Cloud Save slot is empty. Have tried waiting a few days for it to sync, in case it’s a sync issue but still no saved game. There’s no help or info available on this issue online..Version: 1.04

Good until...Great game until I reached chapter three. My game saves were messed up and every time I tried loading it crashed. I managed to get a save to work and when I go to the nerd challenge it crashes, and everything is reset again. I’m very disappointed that this has happened, please fix. Thanks.Version: 1.1

I have a problem with it!! 😡😡I bought this game and played it back in February or March of 2019 and I love this game I really do! But I’ve been having an Issue with the Music class and couldn’t hit the right circle that comes down when I’m attending the class! I can only hit the left circle and I can never get past (Music 1) or (The Nutcracker) Mission in this game on Mobile! One of my friends mentioned that they were able to get pass the music class because they were doing it on an IPad! And they used some kind of app that allows you to download any app or any game for free and it’s not illegal! I tried it on my IPad but it didn’t work! So I downloaded this game again on my IPad and tried the music mission but I still couldn’t get passed it!!😫😫😫 so I decided to give up and I bought the Scholarship Edition for my Xbox and I beat the game in like 3 days! I would give this 5 stars but only 2 since it has a big issue and that I love the game too btw. But I do actually give the game a 5 star rating since I do love it and a 2/5 for this issue and a 3/5 for the anniversary edition cause I don’t like it that much. I do love this game very much R*! It’s my all time favorite game ever! I hope you guys come out with a sequel to Bully which I heard that it’s gonna be your guises next project!.Version: 1.1

Good game but crashes a lotAlways when I finish the last mission of chapter 2 it crashes but overall good game.Version: 1.1

Terrible.By far the worst game release for IOS by rockstar. I do not recommend classes are near impossible, missions can’t be completed with out prefects catching you, just not a good app. Disappointed I paid a high price for this. I regret buying it entirely..Version: 1.1

Keeps glitching and restartingAny help I have paid the money to purchase the game and since playing I haven’t had much issues i am using a iPhone 6 but the problem is since reaching chapter 3 it just turns of game and restarts the whole game completely I’ve even made sure I’m saving games after every mission the same problems keep happening any help??.Version: 1.1

Would be a great game if I could ACTUALLY PLAY IT!On the red nosed Santa mission he glitches into the toilet he’s sitting on(I can live with that) But when the 3rd kid gets on his lap it says there either not smiling or behaving when they are and I can’t pass it or skip it. PLEASE FIX ALL THE MAJOR BUGS OR AT LEAST ADD A SKIP MISSION BUTTON ROCKSTAR, DONT IGNORE YOUR CUSTOMERS AND TAKE THERE MONEY! YOUR BETTER THAN THIS!.Version: 1.1

Yuge problemThis game is good but I'm playing it on a brand new iphone6 and it does this weird thing where it totally disables the touchscreen. Starts in game and then when you try to use the touch screen out of the game that doesn't work either. Kind of even worse than it just crashing. I have to hard reset to get my phone working again..Version: 1.04

Screen size on iphone XPlease fix this problem for full screen mode Thanks..Version: 1.04

Doesn’t Launch!I’d like a refund.Version: 1.1

Game play is good but needs workGame play is decent however needs work in the following aspects. The controls are a little wonky for certain things like when you get to close to something if you drop an item. It doesn't give you the ability to pick it up because the computer thinks your trying to "use the other item in its way. Another issue is when you are using the camera it should also you to align the camera and zoom similar to the way you work a sniper rifle in the GTA series. Next frame rates are sketchy at times. The most lag is seen when you are "go-Karting." It starts off fine and then the frame rate just becomes horrible. Lastly a bug report if your phone gets a call when playing the game all sound from the game mutes itself forcing you to save your progress. Force close and then re-open the app. Rockstar if you can fix the controls and frame rate issues you would have another 5-star game. Lastly this game is being played on an iPhone 6S.Version: 1.04

Crashes!The game looks great but every time I enter a building, it crashes! Please fix this..Version: 1.04

GreatThis game is so good 😊 It reminds me my childhood 🤘😎 But it’s keep crashing 😡 Fix it pls🙏.Version: 1.1

Brings back great memories but.......I really like this game, classic rockstar, in my opinion, Rockstar's greatest... However I'm pretty disappointed about it because my game crashes every time I meet Johnny in The Rumble mission... It is still the best game I've played but, if you could fix it, if it's on your end... this would make the game a 5 Star Rating....Version: 1.04

Support more devicesI have an iPod 5th gen and I can't get into the principles office without it crashing please make it available for more devices.Version: 1.03.1

Need help awful bugPlease fix this Rockstar! This game worked fine for me until I got to chapter two. One time when I was playing, my game crashed. So I went back in, and I had lost literally all of my progress. I restarted at Welcome To Bullworth, and tried to load my save from chapter two. It didn’t work, I just went back to the opening cutscene. I tried again, and it did work! But then the game crashed again, and the same thing happened! Rockstar, this is not okay. I need you to fix this, because it’s game breaking. I’m not willing to waste hours of my life loading back my save. Fix this please!.Version: 1.1

GAME KEEPS ON CRASHING ON MEEnjoying this game...when it works!! I'm playing this on a IPad 2 with IOS 9.3.5 It runs my other Rockstar games good but this one keeps crashing during missions I'm at my wits end can you suggest how I need to remedy this please It cost me money!!.Version: 1.04

What the hellI downloaded the game and accidentally turned my internet off so it stopped downloading. I now have to pay another 11 dollars for a new app. This is some real bull you know what and I can't do a thing about it.Version: 1.04

GoodWhen ever I do nutcrackin mission or music the. Right side doesn’t work tell fix it on iPad so I can’t progress to Jealous Johnny.Version: 1.1

Poor compatibility with the new iPad ProPlz update.Version: 1.04

MrI have iPad mini and can't get past intro mission because it crashes every time please fix.Version: 1.03.1

Don’t knowFor the first 70 missions it was awesome but after that their were no more missions on the map why is that..Version: 1.1

Terrible controls(TouchScreen)Everything about the game is great. The story and the characters are both incredible. Characters are well written and the voice actor did an amazing job. I didn’t have any trouble with controls from the game when it came to vehicles, special missions and mini game they all work fine. Until you start fighting other bullies the game really begins to fall apart. The combat is absolutely horrendous, fighting one on one is doable, but further into the game you’ll begin to fight more than one person at a time. At this point in the game you’ll begin to fight with the controls. There’s no targeting system to switch between enemies, there doesn’t seem to be a blocking mechanic that actually works. So your constantly spamming the punch button in an effort to overwhelm your enemy. But this tactics becomes useless as I said further into the game you fight at times 4 to 6 enemies at once. So you’re constantly running in circles trying to cheese your enemy’s just so you can survive. If you plan to buy this game, I recommend doing only if you have a controller..Version: 1.1

Good but lots of glitches and bugs followed by constant crashingOk so now the game glitches after ‘The Rumble’ mission on the chapter 4 opening scene as it glitches the dialogue so it doesnt’t play, u just get the subtitles and doesn’t move past that screen. Very disappointed as i’ve completed this twice already and never experienced this before and was going for 100% this time. This port is full of glitches as i’ve mentioned in a previous review from dialogue, to animations..Version: 1.1

FIX THIS NOW!!When I do music class I can’t tap the dots on the right side of the screen, meaning I can’t do the nutcracker mission and can’t go on with the story so please fix it. I waited two years to see if the glitch got patched but NOPE DO U EVEN CARE ABOUT THE GAME. U JUST CARE ABOUT THE MONEY AND NOT ABOUT HOW GOOD THE GAME ACTUALLY IS..Version: 1.1

Great however...I love this game so much, I really think it's great however I've noticed it appears to crash a lot, for me near chapter 3 the rumble after you beat up the three greasers. I've tried everything, deleting more then several apps to see if it was to do with storage and even deleting the game to see weather that would accomplish anything but it didn't. I think it might just be a bit of a glitch in the game but either way, now I can't get off of that chapter of the game because of it. It would be great it you could update it so there's less bugs..Version: 1.04

Crashes on IpadI am using this on an Ipad 4 and it regularly crashes. one of the most annoying crashes though is in the mission "the rumble." this is annoying as I can not proceed with the game until I have completed the mission with I can not. I have tried deleting the app and resetting my iPad but nothing has worked!.Version: 1.04

You should not buy thisThe game sucks I wasted my money I really want to get this off the App Store because they can’t ever make ONE! GOOD! GAME! Idk how they’ll even be in business for any time longer and the game keeps glitching and it doesn’t let me do the kickups it doesn’t let me catch it doesn’t let me do the soccer where you have to hit the kid it doesn’t let me do training.Version: 1.1

Freezes all the time!!!The game is fun to play, but always lags and freezes especially when you’re half way through a mission!! So you have to start all over again..Version: 1.04

Please make compatible for iPad mini 1I have a iPad mini and I got the game but it keeps crashing before the tutorial has even finished Please fix this.Version: 1.03.1

Controls don’t work sometimes!I love this game played it on the PS2 years back! This game would be perfect other than the fact that sometimes controls seem to work. For instance whenever I am chased by a prefect and I’m entering a building or exiting my bike, scooter, etc the movement controls seems not to work despite me using the analog. Same goes for the “Music” class. In the 3rd edition of the music class you are required to play the drums. Unfortunately there is a note you’re supposed to play and it requires you to hit both sides of screen. However the game doesn’t register you hitting the screen on both sides of the screen which causes you to miss the note. At some points the controls of the game are infuriating..Version: 1.1

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