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Facetune2 Editor by Lightricks app received 188 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about facetune2 editor by lightricks?

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RidiculousGot a free trial to try the app out then woke up today with a bill from the app for 54 dollars !!!!!? Ridiculous just a money grab.Version: 2.0

Greedy much?I have used this app on a daily basis since it launched. I purchased the original version and since I’m already paying £30 for an editor on my laptop I didn’t want to pay £8 a month for this as well, especially since IT’S NOT WORTH £8! I tested many of the paid features and they are poor quality. Today I went on the app to edit my photo (I only use a couple feautes, such as whiten, paint and reshape) and I realized them made reshape and paint only available for the paid version! Of course they would since probably no one wants to sign up for ‘patch’ which is not working the completely ridiculous backdrop feauture! Will be deleting this app and using the original version where they cannot charge you £60 a year (?!?!?!) for something this basic.Version: 2.7

I watched this happen, so not saying you should do it...So like many apps do, they have VIP membership subscriptions that enable you to unlock certain features. Well a friend of mine is a long time user of the app, but whenever she wanted to use a specific feature that could only be used in the VIP membership, she would just screenshot it. I’m not snitching on her or anything really, but I found this kinda funny. I guess there is a new update on that app that when someone tries to screenshot the photo edited with features without paying for the membership it now will say “It was worth a shot”—it was funny seeing her reaction! But what I thought was even funnier is that when that happened, it didn’t stop her for any longer than 3 seconds. All she had to do was screenrecord her screen for 5 seconds then once it was in her album, she screenshot it from the video & got her picture 😂😂 SO I say that all to say... you all miiiiight want to update your system a little bit to make more of a profit— I guess Gen Z is rather fast 😂🤷🏾‍♀️ Hope this helps!.Version: 2.9.4

Retouch and Paint featuresI read a review prior to writing this one that discussed the same issues I’m having. I honestly think the developers of facetune are talented and have created an amazing app, however I don’t think its fair to suddenly update the app and start charging for two features that have allowed them to gain so many downloads: the retouch and paint option. I use this for work, for myself, and for friends who need help fixing photos. Frankly, I pay too many subscriptions to be able to afford another one just for these two options. I think that they can increase their revenue for the app by adding more features such as hair color or clothing (available through subscription) rather than charging for the ones that were once promises to be free. Please open these features up to free users again, those who can afford to continuously pay a subscription will pay for the other, new, and much cooler features you guys have been adding! App is great in use, no crashes, it was just this one thing. P.S. it seems that the hype over facetuning that has been introduced by influencers has made the creators believe that they should suddenly start charging more for what they call a “selfie editing app”..Version: 2.7

Ridiculous purchase sectionI’m so annoyed and upset right now! In the purchase section, it says £3 or sth like that per month, I thought that wouldn’t be a bad thing just to have a try for one month to see how it goes, so I purchased. Then they emailed me and said that I just paid over£30 for the whole year Vip membership! I was shocked and wanted to cancel it, but wasn’t able to even I reported the problem to App Store. They say ‘This app’s subscription DOESN’T REFUND’. So what should I do or who should I run to? Isn’t the whole thing a trick?.Version: 1.7.3

Save your bank account!It said nothing about the price!! In downloaded this app and because It said it was free until I downloaded it it said payment proceeding!!!! I scroll down and it’s £3.99 what a rip-off. I instantly deleted the app before It could download. I am absolutely furious!! I have NO idea where my money is. I will be reporting this app ! This is disgusting behaviour and I never want to see this again! For all you know they could be taking £100 out of your bank account! I do not recommend this app at all ! If you do get this app I’m telling you now your bank account will be robbed !!!! This is written by a 13 year old ! DO NOT GET THIS APP !!!!!!!.Version: 1.20.3

🙄Such a money grab what a stupid app 🙄🙄🙄🙄.Version: 1.6.3

Used to be good until everything costs moneyI liked the “paint” functions in the app but now they decided to make it cost money to use which is ridiculous....Im really disappointed and I will be deleting the app because of it..Version: 2.4.2

DeceivingI have the original Facetune and is generally fine, I saw thelittle video of all the new and amazing features on facetune2 just to fall in the trap! they make you believe that with the facetune 2 you can do amazing things likel changing backdrops, lighting etc, but they don’t tell you that you need to pay extra for the “vip” settings each month (in facetune you have smooth and smoother for free while they have all this things on vip! Just ridiculous! Don’t spend your money on this app.Version: 1.9.3

NOT free, NO clear labelsSo I was very excited to see this new version was free after learning about the app in an online article I was reading that showed a before and after picture a girl had edited. HOWEVER, when I actually got into the app, it keeps constantly saying everything I do is premium-only. Unlike PicMonkey that clearly labels what is and is not premium-only by adding star signs on premium features, this app doesn’t seem to have any labeling of what is and is not free. I don’t want to see here and go through every single thing to figure out what I can and can not do. I can understand having some features as premium but if have little to no free features despite allowing the app download to be free, no one can try the app to feel comfortable enough TO spend money on it. I guess I’ll just continue using the free photoshop apps. Super frustrated with this now..Version: 1.20.2

The free features just changed?Thought I was going crazy. I love this app and thought it had a really reasonable selection of free tools to use if you can’t justify the subscription. But all of a sudden the resize and paint tools have turned into VIP features?! Super annoying because I want those ones back since I’m used to using them but not all the other VIP ones. I get the point of in app purchases but it’s cheeky to get us used to using them for a few years then pull them off literally within the last few hours. Maybe offer a second tier ‘economy plus’ type of subscription to access those ones again. I’d be okay/able to justify paying $2-4 a month for renewed access to those..Version: 2.0.3

DisappointedWhat a scam i used this app for years and all of a sudden it starts charging us for the most used tools - reshape and paint. i’m going to move on to a different app from now on..Version: 2.4.3

Don’t do thatI downloaded the app and signed up for a 3-day trial period. After using it for the first few hours, I found it complicated to use and deleted the application from my phone. I have now seen an annual fee from my account. I do not want to use the application and I left the application on the first day of my trial period. I did not understand why they were charged. When I want to mail, the application gives an error. what kind of vip service is this? Nobody download it, please..Version: 2.0.2

You need to pay for everythingThey made all of the key features of the app paid for. it used to be free and i used to use this app all the time and love it. i’m no longer using it as it is useless now unless you have a subscription.Version: 2.7

Dreadful serviceI downloaded the app, unaware that it wasn’t free (that should really be clear before anyone clicks on the app). I deleted it the second I realised, didn’t sign up for any subscription. Somehow this translated to me wanting a years subscription. I have never subscribed to any app in my life. I’m disabled and on benefits and do not have that kind of money. The app took £33 out of my bank account despite me never once stating that I wanted a monthly subscription, let alone a yearly one. I’m now stuck with an app I don’t want and less money than usual all because this app doesn’t make anything in the least bit clear. I won’t be using it. I definitely won’t be re-nesting the subscription and I will never recommend it to anyone.Version: 1.18

Not happyTakes 60 out of your account without permission.Version: 1.25.1

App freezing after new updateApp isn't working after new update, please fix. Have tried uninstalling.Version: 2.9.2

Used to be amazing, now a disappointment 😞When I originally downloaded this app it was absolutely fantastic! But ever since they’ve added constant updates they’ve removed a lot of the features I used or made them only available for those who pay. I was considering paying for the features I can no longer use but honestly a lot of these features have changed. Vignette is a great example - you used to be able to move the vignette around and have much more control over the intensity. You could also blur the background with vignette. I loved this feature! You could create really dramatic photos with it. But now they’ve changed the vignette feature completely. The paint tool and the reshape tool used to also be available for free but now are only for those who pay. If you’re just looking to make your selfies brighter or smooth your skin then this app is perfect! If you’re looking to make some dramatic changes...best look elsewhere. But if you do download this app be prepared to see them remove your favourite features in future updates as they did for me..Version: 2.4.3

Free trial is deceivingI signed up for the 7 day free trial for this app because I have the original Facetune and use it often. I didn’t find I used this during the free trial and went to delete prior to the end of the trial, on the last day in fact. However I found I had been charge the annual fee prior to my free trial ending. It was charged the morning on the 7th day and I went to delete the app only an hour later. That 1 hour cost me a lot of money and I now have an app that I will not use for a whole 12 months. I tried to contact the app provider, however I have not had a response. Disappointing. If you do sign up for the free trial it’s actually a 6 day trial FYI! When it tells you the date the trial ends, that is the morning you will be charged, you don’t have the whole day..Version: 1.19

Refund please.Can i please get a refund for 65 dollars, i put another card onto my phone and it immediately goes and takes 65 dollars out of that card which wasnt meant to happen since i thought the subscription was already done and finished because of the free trial..Version: 2.11.3

Good in some waysI loved face tune 2 until,they kept saying “Try this!” I thought it was normal that they say try this so u as a beginner u would get a small tutorial but..PREMIUM pops up when u finished ur art work ..really I had to screen shot all my art work it was sad I worked hours and then u can’t go on without getting premium if you want more people on ur game just make it most free if u need money make premium small like a couple of “extra” features,I hope my advice will help any forward promblems ,No hate to the app I still love it!!😂.Version: 2.4.2

What????Honestly do not understand the decision to remove reshape and paint as a free feature... obviously the team realised that they are the most used features and are now money hungry. When I realised I couldn’t use them “VIP” features anymore I decided to try and purchase it but... it’s a monthly/yearly subscription and the one time purchase is £30+!!! I don’t understand why they don’t just make it the same as their previous original FaceTune and just make it a one-time purchase as I would 100% buy it if that were the case but instead they want be to spend £30 for features that I will NEVER use just to use 2 of them. Bad decision..Version: 2.4

Very disappointingNow we have to pay for reshape. Nope *app deleted”.Version: 2.9.2

Don't waste money !!!!Why would we pay extra money to buy each filters when we have other amazing free apps which is much better than this.. absolute waste of money and time.Version: 1.0.2

It’s okI used to really like this app for some basic photo editing but they’ve added two features (paint and retouch) that were previously free to the subscription package. There are still features that I like but taking away these two features that were already free (esp since I really liked and used the paint feature to add more vibrancy to photos) was a bit of a turn off so I’m gonna look for a new editing app since I feel that the few free features that are left can be found others that have more to offer. Like I get it they need to make money but to be honest I only use the app for very basic photo editing so to me it’s not worth buying a subscription to. I honestly don’t really recommend this app unless you’re planning to buy the subscription. If you are they do have some cool features but if you’re not the only things you can do on here is put filters on your pics and smooth/conceal your skin. and like crop photos and mess around with photo exposure but you can already do that on your phone so yeah not rlly worth the storage space..Version: 2.10.4

Are u kidding meAfter years of this being my favourite app i am now expected to pay for the reshape and paint features?!?!?!? no way. bye..Version: 2.4.3


How?How do I upload a photo to edit? Edit: Ok I tapped on the second icon on the right but it only goes onto live editing ? I want to edit a photo from camera roll?.Version: 1.6.3

Afraid to do Free Trial Due to Poor ReviewsAfter reading all these horror reviews of people actually being charged even after they cancel the free subscription within the appropriate time, I’m a so hesitant to even try it. I read the reviews from the Most Recent not the Most Helpful. The reviews are horrible. Most not about the app itself but when it comes to being charged. If you don’t make it easy to cancel and if people are being billed when they’re not suppose to be and they are letting you know here but all you can give is a generic what seems automated response, then I would beware. Too many people are complaining about the same or similar things. You lost me before me even giving it a try. And I wanted to try. Trust me. But I don’t want to try at the expense of you tampering with my dollars and charging me. Then I have to deal with the frustration of “trying” to get my monies refunded? Maybe when I see better reviews, I’ll reconsider. Until then, I will pass..Version: 1.27

No.It’s unfair how you have to pay for it because I thought this app was actually good until I saw the VIP thing. It’s useless, because you need a lot more tools to actually make a photo look ‘good’ .There is no point in getting this app when you have to pay for it and waste your money and time. DON’T waste your money by getting this app because not everyone is a professional at photoshop and don’t waste your time by getting it and realising oh, it’s expensive to get the good features and then delete it. Not everyone knows how to use this app ‘properly’. Others may think differently about this but it’s most likely because they are rich. Facetune 2 has to realise not everyone has the money for buying these tools. I’m not saying this app is bad, I’m saying it’s not worth it. I wish I could give 0 stars.Version: 1.24.3

They’re now charging for tools that used to be free to use.Incredibly disappointed, I used to love using this app to edit my photos and do all my touch ups because this app has the best “paint” option, especially the “tone” tool. Never had trouble with the app before until I go to use the paint tools today and now they’re VIP only? They never used to be. Now I’d have to pay $99 just to occasionally touch up a photo on my own time/have access when I want it? Not impressed & hope they change that & the retouch feature, back to free..Version: 2.4.2

Only good features = $$$$$Have been using this app for years. A while ago they took away the extra smoothing feature from the list of free applications. Was really quite annoying but continued to use for the other good features. Now reshape and paint tool are no longer free meaning the only feature most people will use with the free app is just basic smoothing? And who wants a whole app just for that? Would not mind paying for the extra features if they were not RIDICULOUSLY over priced. $55 a year?!!! Such a rort and such an insensitive time to make this update during COVID 19. So disappointing after using for years, have lost a long time user..Version: 2.3.2

BadI used to love this app as it was actually better then the paid face tune app! But my favourite tools paint and reshape have been moved to ‘try’ and you now have to pay to use those tools whereas before you never had to pay what a rip off it’s cheaper to buy facetune 1 for $5.00.Version: 2.4.2

Removing everything!I understand that the features are in popular demand, but this used to be my favourite app as I have body image issues and have struggled with an ED in the past. I loved using this app as it made me feel more confident, bearing in mind I had been using it since 2018, but recently they’ve been removing all the free features. For example, none of the reshape options are available anymore and the same thing goes for the paint tool. Very disappointed, and I’m not willing to pay for the only feature I used..Version: 2.11.3

Bring back paint for freeThe paint feature was free and now you have to pay for it..Version: 2.2.1

Constant updates with rubbish outcomesI’ve used this app for a couple years to to do small edits for my photography rather than using the long way of photoshop and since they updated the main tools like reshape and paint to premium , this app has been practically useless to me. If they simply put back their reshape and paint available for everyone, I’m sure customers would be more open to using this app again. It was the main reason why people came to download this app. Somewhat of a holy grail and simpler version of photoshop..Version: 2.8

Since when did you charge features that used to be free?Since when did we have to pay for more features? I would use the reshape feature, but now i have to pay for it?? Why?? Since when did this app get more greedy? Theres already more than half of the features on this app that needs to be paid and now youre charging some of the features that used to be free?? Why not just add more premium features?!.Version: 2.5.1

I used to love this app...now theyre taking away everythingIve used facetune2 for over 3 years!!! i used to LOVE it!! But today i opened the app to see the reshape and paint module arent free anymore!!! Now you have to PAY for them! The paint tool is easily the most USFUL one besides retouch!!! Its how i bring colour, draw attention to my features, contour, highlight, the list goes on. And now suddenly i have to pay for it. Thats like getting a ball for free but to play with it you have to pay money. It makes no sense. The paint tool is essential, instead just make people pay for the tools that arent essential ....like the filters, relight, and backdrops. Im deleting this app because i can no longer use it for my photos :/ wish my luck on finding another app good as this..Version: 2.7

DisappointedI used to love this app. I used this app for the reshaping and other little things and NOW I have to pay for!? I’m disappointed, I’ll have to find another app. Not worth it..Version: 2.7

DOWNLOADED APP 1st, READ REVIEWS 2nd, DELETED APP 3rdWell I learned from that. Next time I will read the recent reviews before I download any app from here on out. What’s crazy is I normally read reviews beforehand instead of who has the most users and the # of ⭐️ next to it. After reading both the recent reviews and the most helpful reviews, talking about the same issues that go back 1-2+ years ago, I decided to not even open the app. I know people will think 💭 “you should open the app and then decide what you want to do.” BUT if I had the reviews first, I would never have downloaded the app. So it’s a mute issue. Thanks to everyone that left a review. Not only did your reviews save me from spending money for no reason, especially during this pandemic. But you saved me from a headache, anxiety, aggravation, and my time which I can now use to search for apps that you all mentioned, along with the one I’ve used forever. DISAPPOINTED & DELETED!!.Version: 2.4

Horrible update $$The paint and reshape features should not be part of the vip subscription now. I refuse to pay an expensive amount for the same features we’ve been able to use for years. It’s wrong and unfair. Please remove this in your next update. I’m better off using any of the other hundreds of apps that offer the same basic features that are free. This app used to stand out with these great extra free editing features but now it’s the same bland app as the rest..Version: 2.8.1

Suddenly can’t use any featuresI used to love this app and thought the free to paid features ratio was very reasonable. But now my most used feature (paint) is suddenly paid as well as the reshape feature. honestly what is even the point of saying the app is free. to use smooth? any app will do that. so so useless and disappointing. and for $50/year... bit steep.. disappointing to say the least.Version: 2.5.1

Charged a yearly fee?Don’t get me wrong the editing features/filters on the app itself are cool however I didn’t sign up to a yearly subscription? I haven’t even had the app a week and £32 has been taken out of my bank account. I have since cancelled my subscription as I was under the impression I was on a free trial and would have then possibly purchased a months subscription certainly not a year. Now I am unable to get a refund and although I have deleted the app was notified I could still access it until July 2021. Would rather just my money back or even to be charged a months price instead.Version: 2.4.1

Revoked Premium FeaturesI previously purchased the full version of this app for a one-off cost of approximately £3-5. Recently, the developers decided to remove my additional features and request over £30 for an annual subscription to regain them. This is not on - don’t revoke the privileges of people who paid for premium features before you decided to increase the price. A retailer wouldn’t go out to its customers to request additional payments if they increased the price of a product, so why have you done so?.Version: 1.14

Far too expensiveYou have to buy the app which is vastly overpriced or you are stuck with a fairly worthless icon on your app screen. There doesn’t seem to be a way you can truly test it out to see if you wanted to pay. Like another reviewer said for this money you can pretty much buy photoshop which is far far superior in every way. Not for me but I’m sure some would justify the cost for what is no more than a bit of fun which there are numerous free apps that can do the same. Sorry guys but it’s just far too expensive for what it is. I would consider it at £7.99 as a one off payment but over £60, really?.Version: 1.11

They make u pay for reshapingMy tittle says it all the app is useless unless ur paying for it before the last update is was oKaY cause they did remove a lot of free features but now they removed reshape from the free features this app is now stupid and not worth installing.Version: 2.9.2

Features that were once free now need subscriptionUpdating an app only to make it more expensive is completely disappointing. The two most used features: Paint and Reshape were originally free with Facetune 2, which was what made the app so special, but now they require a subscription. This app was originally a really exciting idea that allowed for amazing features from Facetune to be accessed for free. It was very efficient and although not all the features were free, the ones that were still free offered amazing tools for photo editing. Recently, the app created an update that, although it released new features, changed the settings for some of the best and most used features on the app and they now require the VIP subscription. The Paint and Reshape tools being free are what made this app unique and better than other apps. This kind of action completely cheats the consumers of this app and ruins the once great reputation that Facetune 2 once had. For the Facetune 2 developers: Please reconsider changing the Paint and Reshape features back and available for all users. Thank you..Version: 2.8.1

It’s.. not really freeOkay, I downloaded this app for fun. But I also thought it would be fun to just mess around with photos and make photos of myself... well... BETTER... So if you are reading this review before downloading this, the app itself might be free but to get all the good stuff you have to pay. Okay, MOST of the stuff you have to pay for! I would NOT recommend this for someone who is not willing to pay money (like me) and I know, you are probably telling me that “not everything is going to be free” and I know! I’m just saying most of the stuff you have to pay for which leads to some people deleting it (like me). Also, I have tried some of the stuff you have to pay money for for free, and some of the stuff isn’t even good! It looks totally weird and photoshopped and looks unprofessional. Although some of the stuff works wonders and is really good. But I’m not sure if you are getting what you are paying for. Your paying for good quality! Not bad quality! So these are things I am saying. Someone might have totally different thoughts on this game. But I will give this a two star. I deleted this but I am willing to try it again if things gets fixed. ⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.16

Update is horribleWhy would you have an app and have features available for years then all of a sudden change the features to “VIP” and charge heaps? I understand you need to make money but for those who have been using this app for years i feel like this app just offers the basics like every other app to be honest. Would of been better if those who had already had the app prior to changes could have everything stay the same vs new people who downloaded it would have to pay for those features..Version: 2.5.1

Disappointed and annoyedI don’t understand why you have made a previous feature upgrades to VIP now. I have been using this app’s features for a long time and it has been great, super useful then all of a sudden I can’t even use a feature anymore. It was one of the very few free features that made the app good, now you have to pay for that feature which is just shocking..Version: 2.7

Good but way too expensiveThis is only if you want to purchase the full package. In the original Facetune it was a one purchase upgrade at a low price, however charging over £60 for an upgrade or paying another ridiculous price every month!? If that’s the price I’m expecting almost photoshop. However the app is still good and has great features, but I won’t be purchasing such a small upgrade for a massive price..Version: 1.9.2

Disappointed with the new feature$12 a month when you want to slightly touch up a photo is a joke, I understand if you drastically change your photo but the fact you can’t even screenshot anymore for a lower quality pic is even more annoying. Would happily purchase the app if it was a one off fee but not worth the ongoing cost. There are so many other free apps out there better than this one. Will be deleting.Version: 2.8.1

Woah just woahWho’s idea was it to make the face shaper and painter vip? I loved this app before that. and when I take it screen shot it says ‘good try, but become a vip’ seriously? I deleted the app and I’m never downloading it back until yall change it back. I’m pretty sure other people agree with me aswell. now that that’s vip what am I even supposed to do with the app? I don’t have money to spend on anything I want. at least allow screen shots smh🤦🏻‍♀️.Version: 2.7

DONT DOWNLOAD THISThey try to scam you out of your money by forcing you to choose a “free” trial which rolls over after 3 days and charges you. I feel sorry for all the people that haven’t realized it has charged them (the app is very deceiving about this).Version: 1.15.1

Ridiculous price for something that was previously free.I got this app a couple years back and I really enjoyed and loved using it. It was the only app that allowed me to use reshape but kept its original resolution and even location of where I took the photos when saved back to my camera roll. I never bothered to update because the app had no real problems or errors with it. However, UNFORTUNATELY, a couple hours ago I was having trouble saving some pictures to my camera roll, so I decided to update it to see if that’d fix the issue. To my dismay, I came back onto the app to find out that the ONLY tool I used on this ONLY editing app that I use is now $70 AND NO LONGER FREE. That is a RIDICULOUS price to pay for something that was free before and I feel robbed of my experience with this app. It was my favorite editing app and the only one that I used, but now I can’t use it at all. Make it free again and it’ll be 5 stars again..Version: 2.4.3

Bad appIt says it’s free and it is but only to download and I edited a pic then I was gonna rate it 5 stars but for most things u have to pay and it’s nothing like the ad I am very disappointed I will not be recommending this app instead I would warn people not to download it please reply to this and all the other reviews were good so I downloaded it but it turns out that this app is very good and it also every 2 seconds tells u to buy the vip one so I’m deleting this app I’m so annoyed with this app u could do better 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤👎🏻.Version: 2.1.2

Locking and unlocking features is SUPER ANNOYINGI swear facetune just cannot choose whether they wanna give us certain things for free or not. one minute the reshape tool and paint tool is free to use, next minute it’s locked and you gotta pay for it, next minute it unlocked again, then locked back again. it’s very ANNOYING. just make up your mind, it’s either you give it to us for free or not. at this point i will delete the app for good. y’all can’t be so selfish. you can barely do anything good for free already, they’re literally taking everything good away from the app unless you pay for it. it’s an actual shame, unless facetune unlocks the features again, i will soon be deleting. if you’re looking for an alternative, picsart has in app features, but their reshape tool as well as paint tool is free! and there isn’t any back and forth locking and unlocking. i don't recommend this app unless you have loads of money to waste!.Version: 2.16

Paying in one goGreat app however I selected monthly prescription thinking I would only pay a small amount each month however it took 60$ out of my account not happy about this as it did not warn you anywhere!!!.Version: 1.16

HelpI bought the premium feature thinking “$4.66 a month for 12 months” meant just that but no. It took 60$ out of my account. I’m not impressed. I had the understanding by the details on the pop up that I would pay $4.66 a month. NOT THE WHOLE YEARS WORTH IN ONE GO. apps great but not happy about the advertisements for premium being less informative..Version: 1.9.3

Used to be amazing ... not so much nowThis has been my go to app for all my pics I need to edit quickly and simply. Up until recent... there is such a lag when I select any editing options. Especially if I’m just using the single tap to see and compare the original image to the one that I’m working on with. It used to toggle quickly between the two with just a tap which saved me a ton of time. This lag time is when working on the pic.... you could actually count to 3 while waiting for the selection to make the change. This app also won’t let you “patch” completely. It’s always transparent but I’m trying to get rid of an unwanted object in the photo, I literally can’t because you can still see the object through the transparent patched area. Lastly and very importantly... please fix this thing that makes it so I can’t edit any the bottom portion of my photo .... because the edited tools are in the way... the tools can’t be moved or minimized so in order for me to edit my photo at the bottom I have to turn my photo upside down just to reach the bottom part. Please fix these things! I used to LOVE this app but as of late I’ve been looking for another one that doesn’t have all these time consuming and frustrating issues. I should also add that I’ve been a paid member for several years..Version: 2.12

SuggestionAfter the 3 day trial just have a pop up screen asking the user if they want to opt into a subscription and have a big button that says free use only option. Though practical for customers, I know this not profit friendly for business. Nevertheless if the product is worth it those that want to pay will pay. This has been suggested before I’m sure. I look forward to the developers response but I doubt it will come..Version: 1.18

Prepare for a harsh decrease in users lolLoved the free version of this app, used it literally all the time for all my pictures, but they’ve made the option to reshape or resize parts of your pic a pro only thing since they’ve updated. I’m broke bro so thanks I won’t be using this app anymore. 🤷🏽‍♀️.Version: 2.4

Misleading and dishonest pricingYou get 3 days free to try this, then will try to take $60 for a years subscription even though you want just a month Deceptive pricing, dishonest developers Deleted immediately.Version: 1.16

Used to be freeFeatures like reshape used to be free until they updated the app. Won’t be using again..Version: 2.7

I use to love this appI started with the original, later paid for the second one and was quite happy with it even though periodically I had to relearn a feature because of an update or add on. Slowly the add ons became useless for me and the features I paid one time for weretaken away and replaced by an outrageous subscription to add back the useful features that took me some time to perfect along with all these newer items that were sub par and looked fake anyway. The best features were either taken away and now being charged again at a higher monthly rate or they were moved, modified or made less effective/ quality/ professional/believable/etc or buried in so many other layers of stuff that I quit using it. I try every now and then to see if they offer an alternative (closer to the facetune2 from a year ago at a reasonable price I would pay for using and be happy with). But its still leaning towards the canned presets and filters that so many others do. They used to-be so unique and semi-expert modifications could be made with precision that the professional apps could do with a lot less complicated processes. But I think they lost a lot of fans. Oh well maybe they will come out with a third one..Version: 1.13

Every good feature is in the paid version onlyHate the fact reshape tool is now VIP. There’s no point of owning this app there’s not a single feature in the free version worth it..Version: 2.5.1

WAS goodTo anyone if you magically can read this.. the app is completely useless now since they make you pay for the best feature which use to be free,, highly disappointed and with much love I hope this app gets cancelled 😘.Version: 2.7

Delete!!This used to be my favourite, go to, editing app! Now they made certain things that were free, not free anymore?? I used the painting more than anything else. This app is useless to me now...Version: 2.8.2

Reshape and Paint tool ain't free anymoreReshape and Paint tool ain't free anymore.Version: 2.7

Why???I’ve used this app for so many years and it was amazing because of all the free features. Why is it that there are so many tools that were free before but now need to be upgraded to VIP to use? How is that fair to consumers? If one day every tool we used to always use has to be paid for, then everyone who downloads this app hoping to use tools to enhance their photos, will delete it right after seeing that it needs to be paid for. This was honestly such a good app before it decided to change, although there are available packages, it’s really not worth it just to enhance photos unless you’re an influencer and even then, they’re most likely to use photoshop on the computer rather than the app. This update is understandable because of a company’s need to earn money but is horrible for consumers because it is severely overpriced, I don’t even take enough photos to edit, let alone pay $5 per month just to edit 1 photo. Like i said, this was a super good app but I think it’s time to change to another..Version: 2.4.3

Previously free features now you have to pay for?Literally the only reason I had the app was to use the features that you now have to pay for. will be uninstalling and finding a different app..Version: 2.7

DisappointedUse to love Facetune but they changed some key things that used to be free, and now are not. Will definitely be getting a different app for editing..Version: 2.7

Can do pretty much nothing for free.It is pretty terrible. The app works and all but in order to do anything you have to buy a membership like OMG WHAT!?! I tried to edit one photo but every time I tried to save the photo it it pulled up the join membership page. This app said u could use it and it would be for free but you really can’t. I just wanted to play around with some photos but I can’t. I tried to take screenshots of the photos but because of lines they added around your face I can’t have a good looking photo. Honestly the app is dumb. I would understand having to some money for things you want to use but not have a membership I was going to use this app what twice every three months? But now I am deleting the app. It is useless to me. At least if u r going to have the membership thing show what u have to have a membership to use. Also what about the people that already bought everything? Now they can’t use it unless they also buy the membership. There are plenty of free app editors that I can use instead. I would try out the original Face-tune but it already costs money and I have no clue wether I need a membership there too. This app was a waste of my time. I had to put it at least a one star but honestly this is a zero star from me..Version: 2.10.4

Upsetting updateI used to LOVE this app, but with the recent update they have decided to take away the most widely used tools and have them be only available for premium customers. I was even considering purchasing a subscription because I loved the app that much, however a yearly subscription is extremely pricey at almost $40 which is not ideal for most people. I’m now looking for a different app to use for my editing, but I’m really sad to leave this app behind. I’m hoping the app designers are willing to fix this update and give back the reshape and paint tools as I know many people are giving up the app due to this update. I would even be willing to watch ads in return for the tools. Just really disappointed that this app is trying to get more money out of people who really enjoyed the app by taking away popular tools..Version: 2.7

Made basic features subscription onlyExcellent app but basic features have since been made part of subscription only deeming the lite version void. Would benefit from reducing the mail price or adding more benefit to paying for a subscription as other apps offer similar for less..Version: 2.11.3

Update?!I have used faced tune so frequently and loved being able to have access to free things such as reshape and paint but with the new update you now have to pay for VIP to use these things and I am honestly heartbroken and so disappointed I don’t understand why the developers would do this?!.Version: 2.5.1

Trash after the update.I’ve used this app for a couple months, never had any issues. but after the recent update, you have to PAY for retouch. which you never had to before. retouch was all i ever used the app for, so it’s useless to me now..Version: 2.4.3

Very DisappointedI have never ever written a review about any app before. But I will now in case any of you are looking to download this one. I DO NOT recommend this app anymore. This used to be my favorite app to edit photos because the free tools that they offered were amazing!!! Like the paint & reshaping option which were the ones I used the most. But all of a sudden they decide to update it and now start charging a ridiculous amount in order to use these tools that were once (for a very long time) FREE! And they also put a block on the app where you can’t screenshot the photo you have just edited. Honestly, it is not worth the money or the download just for those 2 tools that I really loved. I will be looking for other apps to use and will be deleting this one, I will not download it ever unless they offer those tools again and don’t charge a ridiculous amount. For that reason I give this rating ZERO STARS..Version: 2.8.1

The update ruined the appI’d like to start by saying I used to love this app. It worked wonderfully... then they changed which features cost money and which do not. I have no issues paying outright for an app or even a one time payment for tools I need/love. I have the original Facetune which costs money, but it offers so little in comparison to what this app, Facetune2, used to offer for free. They took basic photo editing tools that were free away for a monthly cost. So If you only edit 1 photo every few months this is a ridiculous cost to pay for basic tools that use to be free. It’s one thing if they made the app just cost money but to pay MONTHLY for a single feature you may need only once, is ridiculous. Then to make matters worse, I was looking through reviews to see if anyone else was equally frustrated (since this payment situation wasn’t even listed as part of the apps update) when I saw a response from the Facetune team claiming some of the tools, that you now need to pay for, are in fact still free... which is just simply not true. I don’t understand the point of listing features claiming they’re free when they aren’t as a response to a customers constructive feedback and concerns. This is counterproductive, dismissive and tone deaf. This app that used to be wonderful seems like a now grab for money..Version: 2.7

Used to be goodUsed to be a good app with unique features that made it stand out from other apps. now they’ve made those featured a premium option you have to pay a hefty amount for (for an editing app are you kidding?). don’t waste your time downloading this. airbrush and picsart are all you need. both free and much better to use. trust me..Version: 2.7

Scammer!Would not recommend I don’t even have the app and it automatically subscribed..Version: 2.3.2

STOP Changing the features!!!I love this app and I use it daily. BUT lately you changed the Patch feature (HATe it now) before I had more control on the level of intensity I wanted. Now I don’t have that! Ok I’m learning to live with it. Still hate it. And now you’ve changed the EYE feature!!!! WHYYYYYY!!????? STOP it! Nothing wrong with the EYE feature before!!! It’s terrible and I have again LESS control of what I want. I can’t wipe out the excess lense. I wear costumes and sometimes changing the color of my eye is crucial. This new change totally is NOT working!! Completely disappointed. Like completely!!! Can you please change it BACK!!??? Can’t do my work as well with these feature changes😞😞I may need to look for a different app to meet my needs. This one was top, then you change it and now it doesn’t feel as professional. Very disappointing..Version: 2.1.1

Bye bye FacetuneThis money hungry app made free features now premium. Deleting the app now 🤗 on to the next..Version: 2.4

Money suckers!I have been using this app for well over 2 years and it’s been the best editing app for my photos up until they decided to make u pay for the reshape and colour tool! Luckily enough I found a way to un-update the app and I’m back to the older and better version. So if I’m being honest I’ll give the app a 5 start review before that dumb update but after their new update it’ll be a solid 1 star because the app is useless without the reshape and colour tool..Version: 2.4.3

The makeup features and SubscriptionsFaceTune, I used the app to practice makeup, not to pay to draw makeup on a character/human. The tools also won’t help or won’t attach to the right place when it’s clear and solid so it should. You also have way to many payed items to the point where you can literally just make your character smile and have glowing hair and some people really wanna practice makeup, now FaceTune 1 may have the feature but I am looking forward for FaceTune 2. I hate how almost everything you have to pay for. No one will use your app because how everything you have to pay. I’m 100% sure it had way better reviews when the new features of the subscription’s or blah blah blah wasn’t out. I still really hate how I can’t even practice makeup on a human!? You really think I will buy subscription’s no way! I don’t care if it’s 3 dollars I’m still mad because some people want it’s free because they don’t have the money! Sorry if the review didn’t make since or if it was mean but no one is gonna use your app if you have your subscriptions like this any longer so I recommend you change the app. ~Thank you for reading.Version: 2.8.1

You would think this would be obvious?Not sure who decided it would be a good idea to not tell people when their photo doesn’t save. Frequently, I will “save” my photo on this app, only to then go and find that it, in fact, my work did not save - not to the device, nor to facetune. Facetune, if your app fails to save a photo, it should prompt an error message informing people that you failed to save their image. Not just carry on as if everything’s fine when it’s not. I’ve lost loads of work this way..Version: 2.3

Loved it until the new updateI used to use this app all the time just using the free parts. But now when i tried to use it, the new update had made so much of what used to be free, you now have to pay for!! like the reshape and paint tool, it was free and now you have to pay to use it. NOT HAPPY because it WAS such a good app!! please make the reshape and paint tools free again.Version: 2.5.1

The Developers answers to your rating. *IMPORTANT*Well this is all about the developer please read this. So people out there who have rated... you might see something called developer response. That’s what I’m talking about. The developer of this app might reply to your rate that says “glitches” or anything like that. For example he/she might say “Oh that doesn’t seem right maybe try again.”. But once you try again it does the same thing and what I’m saying is that the developer is probably lying trying to scam you back into purchasing the app (Weather it’s free or not).Version: 2.1.2

GreedyApp develops are being greedy making FREE features now behind a PAYWALL. Ridiculous, don’t waste your money and download another photo editing app. They did this change a couple months ago, removed it, and now again there are more things to be paid for. I’m disgusted..Version: 2.7

Why?It doesn’t let you take screen shots of your photos! If you want to save them you have to buy a overpriced vip!!! NEVER BUY THIS APP!!!!!.Version: 2.11.2

Got rid of the PAINT OPTION!!!!A few days i was using my favourite option on the app which is the paint option, which allows you to paint makeup on, tan, tone was amazing!!! and today i went on to edit and now the paint option is not free anymore!!!! SO SAD please bring that option back as well as the reshape option both of these i have used since last year & from today they are paid for 😭.Version: 2.4.3

Brilliant or badI would say a bit of both!!!This is because of some glitches and not at all detailed instructions but other than that I would say it is pretty good.I would recommend this game to adults and children because it is good way for adults to try new looks and for children to have fun!Whoever made this game may need to do some upgrades but other than that they’ve done well!!!.Version: 1.15.1

Can’t UnsubscribeSays you can unsubscribe anytime but there is no option to unsubscribe only options are to resubscibe. Help!.Version: 1.23.1

DeletingI would give it 0 if I could. I used to only use reshape and paint but now you have to pay for those!?!? Ridiculous. Deleting. Horrible app now and completely useless bye..Version: 2.7

Lost meI’ve been using Facetune for years and they slowly have been taking away features one by one. After patch went I’ve tried to manage, but now the new upgrade has made paint and shape VIP only as well?! I’m out. All of the people paying the exorbitant amount to use this app... just so you know it used to be free. No business can function on free products and I’d be happy to pay an amount, $109 isn’t it..Version: 2.4.3

Bait and Switch...They used to have free features, still do, BUT now a lot of what used to be FREE for the 2 years I’ve been using it, they changed to now have you buy their subscription or pay the outrageous one time price. It’s fine if you want to have paid features, but they shouldn’t change from being free to having to pay for them all of a sudden. It’s messed up. You use it for 2 years, get used to the things you like, learn how to use them, and then all of a sudden 2 years later you have to pay for what you used to get free. I understand having to pay for certain features, but if other features were free for so long, why now should I pay for them??? Honestly, at first I was like, well I’ll just pay. But then I looked at the prices. Subscription for this app is crazy...the one time fee is even more ridiculous. The features are no where near worth that. There’s apps that do what this does and more and do them better for that price. Unfortunately Facetune has gained such popularity they think it’s okay to do this. It’s not..Version: 2.7

Suddenly changed some free tools to “VIP purchase”?!!I’ve just noticed that some of the editing tools that came with the app - for example the Resize/reshape tool - has now been made unavailable unless you upgrade again and purchase it. This hardly seems fair!! By all means add on different tools but you shouldn’t take a tool that cake with the app and then try and charge for it. That’s just plain money gouging. Resize has been free for ages, why is it not anymore???.Version: 2.0.3

Nothing freeCan't use any part of the app for free. All features require payment..Version: 1.20

Slightly Confusing to WorkThe app is ok and is quite funny when it is late at night and I am bored, but, the app is quite confusing to navigate and a lot of the features require premium ( which I understand but they could be separated into a premium features section) and some of the features I most commonly use aren’t easy to find as they fit into multiple categories..Version: 1.23.2

Good for basic editingI have had the app for years and loved all of the extra features available. Now you can’t do most of these things without paying a very costly subscription fee and I since deleted the app which is disappointing. Hopefully one day they can restore the app back to its original ways to allow access to all of these features for free again..Version: 2.8

All basic features are now paidCompletely useless app now that basic features are paid only..Version: 2.7

Just no.Selfish app creators. How do you have a “free” option with limited stuff “which Is decent limited stuff” but only allow us to “preview” our edits??? Then when we go to save the photo we edited with your “so called free” limited edition or whatever you would call it, it does NOT allow you to save a picture you edited using their “free” option. It tries to make you pay for it. So what I use to do was screenshot the photo I edited with the FREE option. But since the app creators are selfish they seriously put a block on screenshots 😂😑 don’t ask me how the hell they did that but that obviously doesn’t stop us 🤷🏻‍♀️ they forget how advanced & updated IPhones are now a days. A screenshot block didn’t block me from still claiming my “so called free edits” ya know the one they offer to you for FREE but then try to get you once you’re done editing your hphoto😂😂 I’m just making this review to let people know that this app isn’t all that. And how it has false advertising & how the creator really thought they would be able to not allow me to keep the photo I just edited 😂😂 there’s other ways of saving what’s on your screen other then a screen shot. “It was worth a shot though” 😉 but seriously people the App Store has way better and FREE editing apps that have the same exact options as this one & more. You cam, inshot, filterra-(my fave one ) Also love image effect edit lab. 🤓😏😏😏😋.Version: 2.7

What do you get!?You have to pay for things and you’ve paid $7 for what you already have. $7 + $9 per month for extras.....no thanks.Version: 1.7.5

I wish I could give this app no stars!!!This app sucks!! I just wanted to post an Instagram pic but I’m not confident enough so I turned to facetune but to my surprise it costs money! I know I’m not the only girl with this problem. It is embarrassing that you are charging young girls money just to post something that will make them feel beautiful..Version: 2.8.3

Scammer app - they take your money and don’t replyFree trial turned into 1 year $60 subscription without my permission. Tried to contact support and no reply. Will change this feedback once I get refund!! Be wary of downloading!.Version: 1.20

Bad bad badI’m sorry to tell u that ur waisting ur time on this app it makes u pay soo much money and I think most of the five star reviews r fake not hatin just statin.Version: 1.19

This app is encouraging fake beauty and the Devs are selfishThis app is not good for kids, teens, adults, or anyone. It encourages people to hide their real beauty and mask it with lies. I only downloaded this app because I needed to write this review to warn any young people to not use this app as way to make you look pretty on pictures for your social medias. This app was created for people who aren’t confident in how they look, but they should be. ALSO this was created to make money off of people who cared enough to change how they actually look. Please do not waste money on this app because your giving the Devs what they want. *IMPORTANT INFO READ NOW* If you are still don’t believe me, you can scroll down to the information section of this app and click on “In-App Purchases” and you’ll be able to see all the in-app purchases inside the app, which should help you understand that this a horrible app created to grab your money to fake your appearance..Version: 2.9.2

SuggestionShould have individual options to buy, I don’t have the money to pay for the subscription to the app but I loved the things that are now vip only and can no longer gain use from the app! :( I would definitely pay for certain features of it that I’ll actually get use out of if it’s made an option! Hoping to hear from developers!.Version: 2.8.1

WtfSo annoying, now they’re taking away most of the free features and making you pay for the app to use them! Uninstalled! Not worth it..Version: 2.4.3

ScamYou now have to pay to use paint and reshape, useless app now.Version: 2.7

I’m a broke GalI just want to make myself look beautiful but I can’t do anything without paying I get that you got to get that bank 💰but can’t I just erase something for free that’s it like can u make us pay for they cool stuff instead of the basics. Pls explain if I sound stupid.Version: 2.7

Not worth the financial investmentI do like the app, especially for things like removing acne from an otherwise good picture… or people. However my skin has cleared and I’m in therapy to remove myself from people I don’t want in photos. The point is that I no longer need the app so I canceled my subscription and deleted the app a couple months ago. I thought my child had put it back on my phone when I saw the charge for $7.99 on my card.. but when I looked it appears that they’ve still been taking my money. I needed a little money for gas and the second I loaded my card, Facetune2 charged me $15 immediately. Again, I no longer use or subscribe to the app. Why are you charging me let alone taking double the monthly amount? I did try to dispute it so I guess we’ll see how that goes. Would I have recommended the app before this? 100% yes. Now? Probably not. Shady..Version: 2.14.1

How disappointingI’ve used FaceTime for about 2 years and it was honestly the best app to start editing portraits on mobile as I used the reshape and paint a lot, however since the most recent update most if not all of the features that made this app useful are now exclusive to the VIP membership deal and that’s outrageous I understand wanting to make money but this move is on par with something EA would do you cannot take features that were free for years then add a price tag and act like nothing happened. I’m sorry but I’m deleting this app and trying to find a replacement.Version: 2.7

Removed the unpaid option to reshapeThe update ruined the app. Uninstalling..Version: 2.6.2

Great app until the features were secretly made paid-onlyAs per this review subject, this app had made its arguably most used free feature - the reshaping - paid-only WITHOUT users being notified, even in the app update notes, very recently. Not willing to pay a one-off 109 AUD fee for any app, let alone this one, nor the ridiculously expensive monthly instalments. This app was a pleasure to use up until this change. You've just lost a user..Version: 2.0.3

Completely useless now. This is bait.This app was great. I get that the developers wanted to make something out of developing an app that fixes imperfections and gives people their dream body or face. But it got to a point where you can’t even use the most basic features anymore. What’s the point if it’s advertised as free on the App Store but when you access it, you have to pay an unreasonable amount of money? I’d rather watch ads to access features than having to pay for an app. The whole appeal of this app was because you got to make modifications without having to access photoshop, but now it’s just not worth it. Good job lightricks. You’re going to lose customers if you keep this up..Version: 2.8.1

Yall really are money hungryI enjoy using this app for my business. For brightening up product pictures. It’s handy and easy to use. I enjoyed using it because, every item I needed that was provided was free and that made me happy. There’s not a lot of apps that are great like Facetune or, they’re charging a ridiculous amounts to use...Well, look who’s decided to jump on the money making wagon. A good amount of this app was free and now you gotta pay for it? Thanks Facetune🙄.Version: 2.5.1

This app is degradingThe purpose of this app is to change (or fake) how you look. No one should ever have to change to approve others. This app is dangerous for mental health and is profiting off that low self esteem. This app shouldn’t even exist in the first place because what this app is telling the public and there buyers is that you are ugly. No one should have to change the way they look to gain more likes or approval from others. THIS APP SHOULD BE DELETED FROM THE APP STORE. Now I did download the app and had a look around before writing this and I have a friend who will not post a photo or even show me a photo without using this app and that is not healthy. Who ever designed this app is not helping at all..Version: 1.20.1

Revision: 40 dollar app robberySoooo I did what I said I’d do in my previous review. I just kept it since I have to have it for work & idk what the last update did but when you go to refine the size of something or completely fuzzes it out. You also messed with patching, say when needing to add a patch of hair somewhere else it is completely different from what it use to be it picks up the underneath of the part you are trying to cover and makes it look crazy. When patching it is also extremely frustrating to rotate an image or turn your selection because it changes the grain of the patch instead of what you are selecting. Again for your pompous 40 dollars your development delay is beyond lazy. I canceled this app four days ago after I noticed you were going to charge me 40 dollars for your stupid app. Not ever in my life would I pay that for an APP- once a year or not! You auto default people to that and even when they cancel it so it doesn’t go through you STILL PROCESS IT. Your app doesn’t even let you selectively touch up like your free one. You’re basically a super expensive Pixlr. Reversing the charge..Version: 1.15.1

Overpriced garbageOriginal Facetune was something like one off fee of $5 to use forever, tries to charge $109 one off fee for their second app you are literally hilarious to think you can rip off people like that!!! The fee for once month is still even more expensive than original app one off fee 🤣🤣 don’t care if you’ve upgraded the app and added a couple extra features I’m pretty sure you can actually go and buy a REAL photoshop tool for a cheaper price! Best to just use the original facetune app and pay for the one off fee if it is still cheap!!.Version: 1.15.1

Removed the only free feature usedTitle says it all, they removed the only 2 features I used so I had to delete it. Reshape and paint.....Version: 2.9.2

Not as good as beforeI used to really, really like using this app for its free options. The retouch options were (and still are) mostly available, as were the reshape, and the paint option was probably my favorite, because there was so much you could do with it, from changing lighting on the face, fixing skin discoloration, or touching up or adding makeup. It was a game changer, and I couldn’t find another app that matched it in that regard. I really relied on the retouch and paint features, the latter especially, and were the main reason I used and recommended the app to others. Now that it’s added new features and rendered some of those previously mentioned features - namely the paint option - only available through subscription, I’m enjoying it a lot less and looking into using other apps. I’m sure that the newer features would be useful to some people, but I kind of wish that I could have a choice to opt out of them + just retain use of the previous gestures without purchase. Idk. My rating went down a star because of these new added “perks” that are, in my opinion, a lot less useful..Version: 2.7

Picsart does the same things for ✨free✨Lol it’s been nice but i’m gonna go download picsart now❤️.Version: 2.7

Not good :(I downloaded the app once and didn’t even realise i signed up for a subscription, didn’t use the app for ages and randomly got charged $60 ! be careful about accidentally subscribing to this app.Version: 1.16

SammersI’ve used this app for a couple years now, and every time they update, more and more things become unavailable, i was so shocked to see the paint and reshape tools are also now a VIP tool, whereby you need to pay for a monthly subscription. They lure you in with all these features and a great app and then they take it away just as you’re used to it and force you to consider paying for these. Scam and a half. What’s the point of having a free version of your original if there’s barely any free tools to use.Version: 2.10.4

Misleading Family Sharing ...It says that it is family sharing compatible, but when you actually pay $109 for the year subscription ... it doesn’t share it. Both my daughter now fight over their phones because it only allows ONE account holder for VIP subscription. Total rip off. So if all my kids want to subscribe for a year .... they expect me to pay over $500. FAMILY SHARING WITH THIS APP IS MISLEADING. Free version, sure. Paid version No!.Version: 2.8.1

All the good features you now have to pay forI’ve been a long time user of this app like probably over three years and recently the tools i used the most and LOVED you now have to pay for. The reason why I had Facetune 2 instead of normal facetune is because I didn’t want to pay money for an editing app like this. Limiting the features unless you pay literally defeats the purpose of the whole “factune 2”cheaper app idea. if you’re willing to spend (wayyy too) money on an editing app like this, just get normal Factune. I’m deleting this app now because the only features it provides are features you can get on a million other apps. It’d be a different story if i didn’t have all the features before and had to pay for the good features from the start (i would have deleted the app right away if i had to pay for the good stuff anyway) but they were mostly free and then taken away which why I’m upset. It changed for no reason besides getting an extra buck. I’d like to hear a response for the purpose of having two apps that do the same thing for more money..Version: 2.5.1

Not happy!Have had this app for years now and always used it. Only when I went to use it today you’ve taken away a bunch of the free features and even made it so we can’t screenshot anymore. The screenshot thing was sneaky anyway so I’m not really mad about that but taking away features we could previously have for free? That’s dirty. Would have been happy to pay for it before if you’d just taken away the screenshot trick but because you’ve taken away a bunch of free features I’m deleting the app and won’t pay for it..Version: 2.8.3

I’m so disappointed.I NEVER write reviews but I’m so disappointed about the updated Facetune 2. This app was one of the best photo editing apps that I have ever seen. I usually use Adobe Photoshop (with my school acc) to edit my photography. However, the app for Adobe Photoshop is really confusing to me. Facetune 2 offered a free app that provided an easy-to-use Photoshop application to fix everyday pictures and make them look high quality. Then, they got greedy and decided to “make some things cost money” in order to provide new tools. The new tools are not relevant and nearly as usable as the ones that used to be free. Listen, the free version of Facetune 2 always had in-app purchases, which is totally understandable; Until they made the most crucial tools cost money. For example, the paint tool is a great way to brighten backgrounds subtly and enhance vibrant colors in pictures. It gave you free range to edit your hair color, eye color, shirt color, sky color, car color, etc. Then they decided to make it offered to members only. They did this with all the popular/needed tools and now the app is useless. I’ve switched back to Photoshop and FaceApp (which is free). I’m just so disappointed with the updates, maybe if they ever go back I’ll re-download. Until then it’s 0 stars from me..Version: 2.7

It used to be free and now it costs moneyI’ve been using this app for three years with no problems but now everything I would normally use costs $13 a month. I think is really unfair that they have done this as I don’t have the money like that just so I can’t edit a few photos to have photos I happy to post on social media. I would have normally rated this a 5 star but not anymore..Version: 2.1.3

Destroyed photo + need email all of a sudden for support?I went back to the app after editing a photo. I was maybe exited out of the app for 20 minutes and when I entered again and went to edit the same photo I thought it obviously saved. My changes to the photo had been permanently altered, and I had not completely exited out of the app or refreshed it. Instead of the regular photo it was supposed to save, it saved a weird screenshot including some of the editing tools inside the photo. I had the blue curve marks permanently around my face from when I was previously editing my same photo. I also had the rest of the options for tools and editing options taking up most of the top and bottom of the photo. My face was the only part of the photo that was visible and the original photo included my whole entire body. I tried contacting support but it told me that I needed to two add an email to my account. From the beginning I have logged in with my gmail account email and password to use the app, because of this requested email issue I have searched the settings and found there is no option to add an email; therefore I cannot contact support about this issue. I am currently paying for the monthly membership and to experience these issues is inconvenient. Hopefully someone will reach out to me about this issue. Thank you..Version: 2.11.3

Too many subscriptionsI have had this app for a very long time. It was my go-to app for touching up photos, changing filters, etc. but recently they updated the app and you are now forced to be a subscriber (meaning you have to pay) for certain options that originally, for a very long time, were free. I supposed that the creators of the app started catching on to the fact that some people were screenshotting their edited photos so as to not have to pay the ridiculous subscription fee (I don’t blame them for trying to screen shot anything. It’s ridiculous that you have to pay an outrageous price for something that was once free) and now you can’t even do that. If you try to screenshot it, a message pops up saying something along the lines of “nice try!” Or “it was worth a shot!” And telling you that you have to subscribe and pay a fee for that certain feature. Like I said before, I was a long time user of this app, I had it even before they switched it to “Facetune2”. But now with all these restrictions and fees, I have deleted the app and will no longer use it again unless they remove these recent restrictions and “features”. I hope this was helpful for anyone who plans on using it. It’s not a bad app if you’re willing to pay the outrageous amount they ask for small features..Version: 2.8.1

Used to be amazing, horrible nowI absolutely LOVED this app. It had so many free features and this was sometimes the only app I used to edit any photos I took. But now there are only a few basic features you can use without having to pay for the subscription service. Will be deleting this app and looking for another. It was good until it wasn’t..Version: 2.8.1

Why?Why is the note about VIP app is keep appearing when i try to press the ‘check’ ✔️after every move ? I cant save my work at all 😡😡.Version: 1.12

Just bought a subscription for whole year it Doesn’t WORKCan’t edit any photos from gallery. Please help ASAP. Thanks..Version: 2.4.3

Charged for nothing!!I downloaded this app and it immediately popped up with a subscription fee even tho it said ‘free’ on the App Store. I accidentally clicked 3 day free trial but gave no further verification and deleted the app right away. Later on I got an email saying thank you for your purchase. I first of all clicked free trail so shouldn’t have been charged and second of all I deleted the app but was still being charged! This app is very misleading, messy and overall money hungry! I would not advise you download this app!!.Version: 1.19.3

😾I used to use this app all the time, mainly for the reshape tool, but now i have to pay for it??? like all these years it was free why do i need to pay now? i’m so mad like bruh let me live!! now i have to find a new app :( and i really liked this app before.Version: 2.4.3

Worse with every update..I used to love this app to edit pictures, add a pop of colour, do little re-shapes, add filters and a lot more! It was very fun and easy to use. It’s now gone downhill... a lot. More and more of the features are now only available if you pay even though they were free before. There layout isn’t as clear and the quality of the edits is just not as good. I get that they need to make money, but making features (which were previously free) payable really puts most people off. It’s simply not worth purchasing the “pro” options and better off to find a free app that does the same..Version: 2.8.3

All the Best Features RemovedEverything I was using on this app has now been made premium only. Oh well, guess it’s time to uninstall and find a different editing app 🤷‍♀️.Version: 2.6.2

Now uselessI have been using facetune for years now and i am VERY DISAPPOINTED to see that the best features have been made premium only. paint, retouch and reshape. i am not pleased at all. this app is now useless unless you want to spend a large amount on the premium plans 😡.Version: 2.4.3

Used to be one of my favorite appsBefore this new development, I would have given this app a 5 star rating. It was my favorite app to use to edit pictures of people. It was great and you could really develop a knack for it if you practiced as much as I did. But then today, I went on there to edit a picture and I noticed that two VERY basic editing tools are now payed function only. They had always been free to use and you could pay for other things like backdrop and glitter and auto-fixes. Facetune 2 took away reshaping AND paint. Paint is very useful for making things more colorful or even changing the color of things and color correcting things you are editing out,, as well as many other uses. These two functions were the main ones I used along with smoothing and now facetune has taken them away for a stupid fee. I would go to facetune 1, but even that requires a payment to use. I will not be using facetune anymore and I do not recommend other people do unless they want to pay for the most basic editing tools..Version: 2.4

Longtime User but this is App Extortion!I have been using Facetune for YEARS, and a while back paid for a full feature upgrade for a reasonable sum (it was ages ago so I’m thinking between $15-30?) This was more than I’d paid for any other app, but felt it was worth it as it really did elevate photos from my iPhone 6. I didn’t need the app as much when I upgraded to an iPhoneX with a better camera, but Facetune was still my go-to app for specialized editing. I’ve had to “restore purchases” more than once because the app ‘forgets’ I’ve paid for the upgrade. Today I went in and even after restoring purchases, I can’t access features that I’ve had for YEARS without paying monthly fees. Auto-retouching and healing are GONE and I’m being forced to pay for them monthly. That is like app extortion, ridiculous!! I’m done here. Will just use photoshop from now on. Bummer Facetune, I really enjoyed your app..Version: 1.23.5

It’s okIt was really good to use and I’ve been using it for two years or so, until they recently just updated it and now half of the things you normally did have for free isn’t free and now you have to buy it which is such a disappointment, now I’m considering deleting the app since there’s not much to use thats free..Version: 2.7

:-(Downloaded this app back in 2017 maybe, and use it frequently but now they've changed some of their most popular features into vip only?? this is obviously upsetting as they've never had a problem with people using it before but all of a sudden they're just going to forget some of their original supporters and make the new AND old supporters pay. not sure if i'll be using it very much anymore :-(.Version: 2.1.2

Selfish DevelopersSelfish developers removing features every month so you’re forced to pay a subscription. This app is going to take a nose dive with nobody using it anymore, I mean what’s the point? There’s literally no good features..Version: 2.0.3

No reshape freeReshape was free before not now ... worst.Version: 2.7

Careful of the free trial- signs you up for a yearI’m sure this app is great, and probably worth the money. However I clicked the free trial for 3 days and then realised it had signed me up for a yearly subscription. I was able to cancel in time, however I found the way they weren’t clear enough about how that all worked..Version: 1.23.5

Bad changesSome features like the reshape button which have been free for years are paid features now!.Version: 2.1

GoodbyeI literally only used the reshape and painting tools and now they’re not even free anymore. What a waste..Version: 2.7

Waste of timeThe app is now no different from your phone’s built-in editing tools. After the update, the reshape tool and paint are only for VIP. Very disappointed..Version: 2.4.3

Better off getting the old versionSome of the basic things you use it the most for (smoother, sharpen, structure, reshape, patch, paint/tones) are no longer free. You already pay just to download the app....it was definitely a slap in the face to make the most common tools a VIP thing you gotta subscribe and pay for monthly. They’re all free in the original Facetune, just most of the tools in the original aren’t as advanced/upgraded and you gotta take your time to not mess up or make it look super fake. FaceTune2 tools just had some slight improvement so the tools are easier to use with more natural finish but taking your time you can still achieve the same things with the original. I would of rather they added new and unique features that were premium rather than taking core tools and making them premium. I would of rather they placed ads (but nothing too crazy) for revenue than charging for basic tools..Version: 2.9.4

???I cancelled and deleted the app within the 3day free trial period and this app still wanted to charge me the full $60 for the whole year lucky I got an email about it declining because I otherwise may not have noticed $60 being deducted until I checked my account. Not very impressed!.Version: 1.18

DisapointedI’ve used this app since I was in middle school, and it was always perfect and exactly what I needed. The VIP features that were given at the time were things that I didn’t need and didn’t use, and all was well. Recently, the new update took away the ONLY two tools I ever used and only made them available to VIP members. The ability to screenshot a photo after I “tried them out” was also taken away so there’s no way around it. I don’t understand the function of taking the only useful thing out of this app only for the purpose of pawning a dollar off your customers. I’m disappointed and annoyed, and personally think the app is 100 percent useless and doesn’t offer anything to help your photos after taking away tools. I would’ve highly recommended a couple months ago, now it’s not even worth the 30 seconds it takes to download. Don’t waste your time..Version: 2.7

Rip offI wanted a free trial and it charges me $60 I didn’t agree to this and it won’t allow refunds! Really annoyed.Version: 1.15.1

Rip offI want a refund. I was told I could have a 3 day free trial and was never asked if I wanted to purchase the premium and it’s said you pay monthly not all in one go..Version: 1.15.1

Way too pricyI’m really disappointed that facetune decided to go with a subscription model. I probably wouldn’t even mind it too much if it wasn’t this expensive! I’m so tempted to buy this app but honestly every time I just have to remind myself it’s not worth it. At the price of $70 I might as well get photoshop on my computer. And what bothers me the most was that at one point the app was available for one time payment of $30 and when I checked back later they had bumped it up to $70 ?? I was so SHOOK that they bumped the price up so much and it discouraged me from buying this app. A subscription model for an app like this in my opinion isn’t worth it. And the only perk old face tune users get is a one month free trial! No discount on the full version, nothing. 🙏🏼 If only I still had the opportunity to purchase this app for $30 (NOT YEARLY) I’d gladly throw my money at facetune but I don’t and I’m not spending $70 so I guess :S I’ll just continue to be upset over it and hopefully some day another app that’s just as good will come out that’s reasonable priced..Version: 1.10

DO NOT DOWNLOADIf I could give minus 5 stars I would. This app may offer a free trial period but it’s a trap! I found out the hard way the trial period is a trick to get you to download the app, then they automatically charge you! Its not a subscription so you can’t cancel it, it automatically deducts your money! $110 for a trial period and app that I have no interest in. BTW Apple reject your request for a refund because it’s a one off payment and not a subscription so they ASSUME you were aware of the purchase, although you’re NOT because the app download process blatantly lied about a free trial period before purchase with no way of cancelling it!.Version: 2.7

Total RIP-OFF!Plz read my review, If you see this you must be reading my review sooo first of all this is a rip-off!!! If you don’t know what a rip-off is it is something lame that is misleading and lies just like this app! I went on to it thinking this will be a good app I should have listened to the other reviews because it is awful you have to pay to do anything 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 The developers are very greedy to expect you to pay just for some basic effect! I am extremely annoyed so take my advice and get a better photo editor! Developers I hope you read this and make your app better! From Sarah.Version: 2.11.3

GoodI've been using this app for a while now and I was happy with all the features I could use for free but every now and then when the app updates, it takes away all the good free features I was mainly using to edit. The reshape, paint were things I used a lot that was free and now apparently I have to pay for them which is disappointing. On the face edit when it updated, new features like editing the size of the face, lips, nose, eyes or eyebrows were added to use for free and now it's not. The paid features that were before free make me use it less as it was the main thing I was using it for. I would still give it 3 stars for the work it gave before the update and for the couple of things that I still slightly use that are free. It is a good app just disappointed with the updates..Version: 2.9.1

So...Overall, it's fine. There's nothing wrong with the effects if they're used correctly. My biggest problem comes from the subscription fees. I use mobile photoshop constantly with peoples faces and it feels almost insulting to see that the only things available for non-payers to use are the things that are already available in photoshop, while the only things that bring anything remotely new to the table requires paying for a fee that is either: completely insane for a mobile app or one that seems small, but when you eventually forget it exists it piles up and slowly drains your bank account. At least the first Facetune one was a one-and-done $3.99 deal. I'll admit, some tools are very well done and are much easier to use for people with less experience in the whole "face editing field". But those things fall short when you realize you have to sell your soul for these minor conveniences. I'm willing to put in a little extra effort in order to get just as desirable results..Version: 1.15.1

2 starsI put 2 ⭐️ because to be honest I’m sure it would be alright If you wanted to pay because it says it’s free when it’s NOT only one of the things is free and even the ones that you do have to pay for are AWFUL if they even put this review on it, DO NOT GET THE APP it’s bad and a waste of app storage and you can get apps like this that work. By the way no one needs app to male themselves beautiful because you already are. YOU DON’T NEED A APP TO BE GORGEOUS!!!!!!! #love yourself #don’t need to be pretty #DON’T GET THE APP!!!.Version: 1.26

They took away some very useful free features. Don’t update!They took away some very useful free features (e.g. shaping). Don’t update!.Version: 2.2.1

Facetune 1 is way betterI have had facetune ever since james Charles recommended it and i truly loved it. It was only like $5 and it came with everything i needed. Facetune 2 ruins it for me. You have to pay $6 a month or $70 for a one time payment! Now all of a sudden the original facetune isn't letting me update it because of changes that were made or something. I honestly wish facetune 2 was similar to the original facetune. Your not even getting that much out of facetune 2, there are several apps i can do the same thing for free. I would much rather have facetune 2 be like the original facetune, where you pay for the app and everything is included. For now i will be sticking to the original facetune. This one is super overpriced which in my opinion makes it worse. You guys should've have jumped into monthly and yearly payments and continued to have us pay for the app outright. It's going downhill :( . I was super happy at first seeing it was free and thinking i would only have to pay like $5 in the app but wow i was wrong..Version: 1.25

Great butI had Facetune on my Samsung and loved it - didn’t have to pay to try anything - amazing. Then I went to iPhone and had facetune2 - I had to pay for some features but they were stuff I never really used so I wasn’t mad about it. Then I recently go on to the app and the two features I use most, retouch and paint (I’m hopeless at doing my brows, it’s crooked city out here) are now a pay to use feature!! I can’t believe it and I’m really upset by it, I can only assume retouch will be the next thing they add their weird subscription to. I’m devastated because I’ve been a user of Facetune for about 3 years and this is the first time I’ve had an issue, and it’s a rather big one for me, it’s not like I have the money to pay monthly to use it - and why should I? They’ve taken the most used features and slapped a price on it so more people will pay and it’s just a cheap move on their behalf..Version: 2.7

Can you please put everything for freePlease put everything for free this is very in useful you have to spend your money on this just to make your photos better?!? Why are all apps like this the ads look more better but only there to bring us in when we download it turns out the stuff we wanted to try on couldn’t use because you know why it’s VIP you have to buy vip for everything , every single app if this keeps on going no one is gonna want the app so we really need to change this app , in thought apps were there to make people happy calling and entertainment but this is just no , Im not the one who is just begging for everything to be free everybody is it’s better then spending money to make photos to look so cool this app is good and everything but people can get upset , and snoozed because everything just has to be ‘not’ free some stuff are free but not good enough only using for tiny parts, it’s like treating everybody different because if money I’d be very happy and everybody else to if you change it, if your reading this thanks. For reading the whole entire thing -_-.Version: 2.1.3

Disappointing UpdateSo, I have been using Facetune 2 for a few years now and up until now I have absolutely loved it. I am the type of user who uses the free version more often than not but every so often I will pay for the VIP if I need to use certain tools that are available in the free version. Now it has been updated so that reshaping is considered a VIP tool which is super disappointing as it has always been free up until now. Also paint has been made unavailable in the free version which is very angering as well.I think I’ll have to look for a new app to start paying for every so often since they like to take features away from this one!!.Version: 2.7

Removed free featureThey suddenly removed the free feature in an update that wasn’t clear claiming that it is fixing bugs. It feels very bad to have the items you rely on the most monetized after being free for such a long time. I’ll be deleting the app since it’s practically useless now..Version: 2.9.2

Removed the one feature I usedI bought premium JUST to use “relight” and your latest update took it away? WHY????.Version: 2.1.1

BRING BACK VIGNETTEI have paid for the monthly subscription for this app for about a year and i am HAPPY to do so as it is my go to for editing. As a content creator, it is frustrating to have to use several apps to get the end result you desire. However, with this recent update to add sparkle, hair colors, and clothes, some of the old tried & true features have changed. I use the vignette option probably half the time i make edits... it has now moved to the “edit” tab and it is simply not the same. it is far less customizable & basically not useable for me anymore. I need this feature back to the way it was, PLEASE. also, rather than introducing childish edits like hair color & clothes, please consider adding the capability to watermark photos within this app. it would be life changing to have this feature..Version: 2.9.4

Absolutely rubbish app. Spend over $100 download thisAbsolutely rubbish. I have been charged over $100 once I download this app. I don’t even know I need to spend that much money to purchase this rubbish app..Version: 1.14

Waste of timeCan’t use anything anymore! you have to pay everything.Version: 2.7

Pay for everything.You literally have to pay for EVERYTHING now, that’s literally so annoying, stop doing that, you guys have enough money, I just wanna edit my photos 😩😩.Version: 2.7

Bro?!Literally EVERYTHING cost money to use like bro?.Version: 2.9.3

Please give us back reshape and paint as free toolsWe use to have reshape and paint for free , we understand you want to make money, I believe we are all ready to watch adds , so you can earn but please give us back our free reshape and paint tools. Thank you.Version: 2.9.2

SCAMI had never used a photo editing app before and wanted to try one, and saw there was an option for a free 3 day trial for this app, so I decided to try it. Before you sign up it says you can cancel the free trial anytime, so I though why not. I tried the app but I didn’t really use many of the features so I figured it wasn’t worth the money to keep, but when it came time to cancel the free trial, there was no option in sight. Not in the app setting or in my phone settings, nowhere was there an option to even look at my subscription or cancel it. I contacted the customer support at least a day before the free trial was supposed to end and I have still never gotten a response (it’s been almost a week now) and I was charged $35 for the app and it’s a recurring fee!!!! I disputed it with my credit card but this is a complete scam, do not download this and do not use the free trial, they will steal your money!!.Version: 1.19.2

Was great until they moved everything behind a paywallI’ve been using this app for ages to touch up photos here and there and have loved all the features they’ve added since facetune 1. However, suddenly and without reason, EVERYTHING that i want to use i suddenly have to pay for when i didn’t used to. i can’t use the paint tool anymore, the reshape tool, everything. it’s now just a glorified filters app unless you shell out money for it and it’s not cheap either. disappointed about this.Version: 2.8.1

Help to cancel appHow do I cancel this App please !.Version: 1.15.1

UndecidedI would absolutely love this app if you didn't have to pay so much... but unfortunately the best features cost so I am better off using PicsArt free of charge.Version: 1.6.2

They now charge u for paint and reshape!!So they updated the app to edit ur hair and clothing but removed the free feature of the reshaping and painting?! Those two are the only ones I use. Its ridiculous how they're trying to make money off of those features now. Its time to delete this app, useless.Version: 2.7

Horrible update 👎🏻I used the app for the paint tools to edit my pictures. Making it VIP in the latest update was a very bad option. So I wont be using this app at all. I think it was very money-greedy decision and quite ridiculous to get the two most used features of the app and make them VIP without any explanation. Why do I have to pay for something that was free? If i’m going to pay for an editing app I’d actually get a good program, I don’t think the features are worth the money. I’ll use it again when the tools are free again..Version: 2.1

Not goodThis was to be a free trial and they took $60 out of my account ! Totally dishonest..Version: 1.14

Don’t get itThe recent update made it so that you have to pay for all the features that’s you’d actually want to use. All the free ones you could use on Photoshop app for free and it would do a better job.Version: 2.2.1

TerribleThis subscription charged me $60 for 1 year. It’s false advertising and manipulative in it’s wording so beware. Apple should be refunding this money, but they haven’t which is appalling.Version: 1.19.3

Are you serious?I’ve been using this app for years and now suddenly I have to pay for most things that used to be free. The paint tools and liquify tool are no longer free, so what’s the point in even having this app anymore? So I can do things that my iPhone photo settings can do? Ridiculous.Version: 2.0.3

F uApp is dog shart don’t download it.Version: 1.14

Not goodI bought facetune one a while back you’d think you’d get upgraded for free, facetune told me I could upgrade for free, so I clicked ok. I downloaded facetune 2 then it tells me to subscribe so even though I paid for the first one I get nothing extra for paying for the original one. If the basic facetune 2 app is free, then it’s not a free upgrade this is very sneaky and misleading. You know what you are doing. It may be a free download but the point is I can’t use certain features which I can one facetune one, furthermore it says “free upgrade” which it most defiantly is not..Version: 2.3.2

Expensive for simple toolsVery disappointed on the changes. Used to be amazing. Only used it for the reshape and painting tool, both are now taken away unless u pay $45/yr or $100 one time purchase. Hope they change it back to the way it used to be. Not worth it..Version: 2.7

Quite DisappointedI purchased the subscription, because I liked the opportunity to edit some of my product photos, especially the backgrounds. But sadly the tools for adding/changing backgrounds do not work like the videos show. Supposedly you are supposed to be able to select a background and just paint it on the areas to change it and it would bump up sharply (as in crisp edges) against the objects in the foreground. It did not work for me that way. And I thought maybe it was because of the photo, so I tried it with a different photo to even worse problems. When I selected a background, it covered the entire picture and you can remove it from the center picture, but not crisply and is counter intuitive to the video instructions. It doesn’t work exactly as portrayed. I’m very disappointed and have cancelled y subscription because of it..Version: 2.11.3

Why should I report an issue with Facetune2 Editor by Lightricks?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Facetune2 Editor by Lightricks to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Facetune2 Editor by Lightricks customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Facetune2 Editor by Lightricks.

Is Facetune2 Editor by Lightricks not working?

Facetune2 Editor by Lightricks works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Facetune2 Editor by Lightricks.

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Your Stories should have style, just like you. From Lightricks - the makers of Facetune and Facetune2 - Seen will make s...

Facetune Video by Lightricks negative reviews, comments
Facetune Video by Lightricks Negative Reviews

Facetune Video is a video retouching app that transforms the look and style of your selfie videos. It’s ridiculously e...