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It’s a lifesaving toolFor all parents this feature is an amazing tool. It saves you from lots of concerns and headaches. It’s ten times better than Apple Screen Time. It provides better protection and more reliable monitoring..Version: 1.55.15206

Really useful in setting limitsGreat tool for setting boundaries and keeping kids safe online. Easy to change time allowed or restrictions when needed. Reassuring to be able to see your child’s location and know that they can’t access inappropriate material..Version: 1.48.14507

Best App everI have so much price of mind with this app. If it wasn’t for this app my 14yr old wouldn’t have a phone. I tell all her friends mums about it. I am so happy and comfortable knowing my daughter can be safe on her phone with this app. I recommend you get like yesterday..Version: 1.72.17978

ReliableProvides peace of mind!.Version: 1.50.14699

Amazing!!!!!!Amazing!!!! Such a great of protecting my child whilst teaching them how to responsibly use their phone that’s age and maturity appropriate thank you google!!!! Would be great if I could install apps from my phone to theirs.Version: 1.63.16436

Best app on my phoneI love this app, controlling my kids internet use from my phone is great, shout the kids no reply ! simply lock the phone and you see them in 30 seconds. Seriously though this app is fab I put in set times for internet use and can also see my child’s location (when device is on) I also have to authorise any downloads gives me peace of mind and works great.Version: 1.23.10853

Good investmentThis app has given me peace of mind knowing where my child is and what they are viewing not to mention being able to lock the phone if misused but all good so far!.Version: 1.44.13931

Good for the meantime but needs improvement for effectivenessFor one, my daughter is 14 and I still feel it necessary to filter and restrict however, google thinks after 12 it should be a free for all for kids. Create a gmail with a younger age for kids in this case. Also, there’s no way for me to log on and off the app. It’s logged in at all times. My child figured out that she could approve her own requests and unlock her own phone once it locks out by going on the app. There should be a way to put a password in, if we want, to confirm changes..Version: 1.31.12521

It is a great appI find this app exactly what I want, fill control of the device my daughter is using, many thanks to all the team of google.Version: 1.72.17978

Nightmare trying to deactivateI’ve had this app which I like for a considerable length of time. I no longer require it and have tried several times to deactivate it from my child’s phone as well as from mine. It has been a nightmare. Please can clear directions be given for me to successfully do this..Version: 1.65.16787

Great appMy son is on the autism spectrum and can easily obsess over things. He also attends a virtual school. I use this app mostly during school time to keep him from visiting other websites and going down the rabbit holes for whichever obsession he has at the current time. I also use the app to lock it at bedtime so that he doesn’t stay up all night going down those same rabbit holes. What I do wish this app had is a parent login, either with a PIN or FaceID. If my son gets a hold of my phone or iPad, the first thing he does is head over to this app and change the restrictions I have set up. I find myself changing the settings back at least a few times a week. Having a way to lock the app would be incredibly helpful..Version: 1.76.18719

Such a great idea!I monitor my little sisters tablet and live 2 hours away. It’s such a great idea for an app. Approval requests for anything downloaded come through to me. Let’s me know if it’s agree app or not. Think it’s a great idea.Version: 1.43.13811

Some flaws, but great app!I use this app to control phones for all my kids. It is really good at blocking payments in App Store, allowing me to block sites, setting a bedtime and very accurate location. Only two flaws I have found in this app and I hope they fix it. When my kids are away, I do not know how they do it but they find a way to disconnect themselves from the app. My son went away for a week and I could not keep track of his where abouts and his screen time. I’m not strict I just want my kids to stay on kid friendly sites and apps and I like to see where they are when they are away. The second flaw is the fact that they have it to where I have to approve all content in the App Store but my kids somehow manage to still be able to download apps without my permission. Other than these two. The app is perfectly fine..Version: 1.71.17870

Good for annoying your sisterIts fun to use if you’re trying to annoy someone.Version: 1.72.17978

Very impressedWe haven’t had long was a bit sceptical have tried other similar app that haven’t worked Be this on so works a charm everything it says it does has worked and would like to say Thankyou google you have done it again every parent needs this for the kids.Version: 1.22.10733

Does not allow student accountsThis app has been great for monitoring my children on cell phones and computers, however, we purchased chrome books for them to be able to do homework and it prevents them from doing so. This app has effectively blocked my son from accessing google classroom because it won’t allow us to sign him into his account. This shouldn’t be a big problem for google to resolve or whoever developed this app, yet when you read the reviews, it is a recurring complaint. PLEASE FIX IT!.Version: 1.55.15206

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Star appBought my son a phone for Xmas was worried about how I was going to monitor it but did not want it to take away from the fact of it being a gift. Was setting up the phone and long and behold I seen the question asking is this a adult or a child phone. I was thinking watch me try to get it and it turn in to some other stuff a waste of time etc. Down load was ok opened it up and been in love with it every since a definitely gotta if you are a parent even has a gps tracker and a shut down setting.Version: 1.16.9020

Brilliant app for parentsThis does exactly what I needed. I control apps, need my permission to download, parents can block social media apps including pre installed Facebook. GPS tracker tells me exactly where my son is, it text alerts activity if required. Really recommend it if you want your child to have a phone but want to protect from accessing social media etc.Version: 1.37.13052

A google userHello This has been useful but I have found a problem where as my sons phone was set up then broke,when he got a new phone it didn’t let me change the account setting.Version: 1.72.17978

Managing ChromebooksI have recently started using this application to manage my children’s Chromebooks. Once you get used to where settings are this is a great application for controlling activities. Like similar apps there is always room for improvement (eg it would be good to see web browsing history) and hope this will come quickly..Version: 1.65.16787

Great appLove that I can control what my child access, plays and watches and for how long. Especially love the bed time option so they Carnt sneak it in the night..Version: 1.30.12089

Family Link RatingFamily link is great. I can control lots of things from my phone, for my daughters new phone. I feel comfortable with her access and it conveniently keeps from worrying about what she's viewing or being exposed to. If you've ever had the experience where parental apps don't block out all the restricted content, just know you won't get that issue here..Version: 1.12.8261

Love itLove love love love love love love love love love love love love it it helps me heaps with my kid, younger siblings as well.Version: 1.29.11978

A very good system to control your children’s activityEarly times yet but looks good.Version: 1.38.13196

Great app to help control electronic useMy 9 & 11 yr old both have tablets that have this app on them. It’s great and lets me decide what content is approved. It notifies me when the download apps and I’ve got it set that they need my permission at this point. I’ll loosen that up as they get older. My only complaint is that I don’t like having to choose 15 min time segments for my kids. Electronic time is important in our house and there is a big difference between 5, 10, and 15 minutes. I can only set the allowed time in 15 min increments and that’s a problem when the kids earn 5 min segments sometimes..Version: 1.42.13706

Add a password so that my child won’t open the appWhen ever I forget my phone opened on the table my child goes to family link and change some settings Please add a password on the app so that I can open it myself.Version: 1.71.17870

So far so goodUsing this to add safety to my kids chrome books. Working in IT for two decades and Data security for the last few years, I can say that this lets me let my 2 10 year olds to have independence whilst we have peace of mind that there is added safety. Read a few bad reviews but as I run Google for 9 schools, I knew it would work. Good job (again) google 👍.Version: 1.48.14507

Good for routineI’ve been using this app across multiple devices for the last year and it has helped to set good routines. The only thing I would like to see extra is the ability to add more scheduled ‘off time’ in addition to the ‘bed time’..Version: 1.76.18719

Awesome surpriseI was setting up my sons phone and was worried I wouldn’t be able to monitor it as well as I would like but this awesome app was a sweet relief!! This is an amazing app that shows your child’s location helps you keep up with which apps they are downloading and choose if they can and can not download it!! You can lock the phone at anytime and set a bedtime so there’s no sneaking behind tour back it is an awesome app that I have recommend to every parent I know.Version: 1.16.9020

Working wellCould do with the ability to switch off during several day parts eg school hours and each app restricted to certain times too ..Version: 1.44.13931

One week in, I’m happy.I’ve been using FL for a week now. For my purposes, it works pretty well. I like the remote lock/unlock and bedtime features. I do wish there was a 2 to 5 minute warning on our respective phones preceding bedtime, but not a big deal. I did take issue with the accuracy of location services. My daughter left her phone at the library, 2.1 miles from where the phone was showing on the map. Again, not the worst thing. At least that told me what side of town her phone was on. But, still, it could be better. Overall, I’m pretty happy over all with the app. I’ll update this review in a couple months (if I remember. 90% sure I won’t)..Version: 1.49.14591

In the know about your childThis is an awesome app to know what your child is doing on their electronic media device. The app is simple to set up and you can be assured you can protect your child from potential risk by managing your child's activity the amount of time spent on the device and specific usage. In addition you can manage access and controls along with locating the device or where your child is..Version: 1.11.8042

Where is the app for teensI keep typing up Google family link app for children and teens but only the parent version came up on iOS pls fix this. ASAP. But overall it is very good..Version: 1.53.15023

I love it!I love this application! It allows you to create an account for your child and set the appropriate control from one place. You can set the app, tv and movies allowed age. Control (approve/reject) new app installation , set screen time & bedtime and even monitor how much time they spent in each app! Very easy to use and to setup.Version: 1.48.14507

Love itAn outstanding app to keep track and limits on kids devices and apps, Thank you Google!.Version: 1.61.16100

Amazing appCame across this app by accident when I was setting up my child’s first “adult” tablet, and it is the best app for parental controls I have ever used, and what’s better is it’s absolutely free to use and easy to set up. Hands down beats any built in parental controls on the numerous devices I have tried in the past. Only thing I’d like to see in the app is break can set a daily limit, but at weekends when my child has a longer limit an automatic break time would be ideal, rather than me having to lock the tablet from my phone. If that were to happen then it would be 5 stars..Version: 1.56.15608

Crashes at startupCan’t get into the app.Version: 1.27.11681

Amazing appThis is an amazing app... We use it for on all the kids’ devices, from the toddler to my 10yr old & 14ry old. We have used this app since my daughter was 10, she is now 14 and we still use it. She has earned her right to download apps and has more freedom now that she older. Some times she will ask me to set off her phone because it is on silent and she can find it because the toddler hide it from her. Lol.Version: 1.70.17708

ReliefReally fab way to keep an eye on everything the kids are doing online. Easy to use which is good as the kids know more than me with regards to technology!.Version: 1.61.16100

So intuitive !Wow. I’m a complete Luddite in technology. This app is sooo easy to use. Prompts me about things I’d never even considered. I feel she is safe with the controls. Love the monitors and location on there..Version: 1.72.17978

I love it.Great app for timing.I wish I could have reports about the websites and searchings as well.Version: 1.72.17978

Love itI love this app and that I can control her settings from my phone. Set time limits, set usage times, view the apps their on the most etc. if she keep picking up her phone when it’s chore or homework time, guess what, I can lock the phone, so even if she does have the phone, it turns into a brick. Don’t like that app, restrict it. I like that it has a rolling pin for parent mode as well so if I lock it they would have to get into my phone in order to get on theirs. I will be installing this on their tablet as well!.Version: 1.23.10853

Brilliant app!This is a fantastic tool for parents as it enables you to be in control of your child phone. I am a iPhone user my son owns an Alcatel. The app works really well across the different platforms and it makes my life really easy in terms of accessing my son device and customise it to my liking. The most amazing thing is that it’s completely free of charge! Highly Recommended..Version: 1.58.15797

CoolExcellent for tracking activity and phone if ever the child goes missing or phone gets stolen.Version: 1.47.14363

Wonderful AppI love this app, it’s very quick to transfer information. The lock feature is great especially with the bedtime timer. The only complaint I would have is the location is sometimes off by about a 1/4 of a mile. I was holding both mine and my son’s phones and it said his phone was at an exact address about 1/4 of a mile down the road from us, it was quite strange. After refreshing twice it still said the same thing, today it was accurate as to his whereabouts. Aside from that it is an awesome app, definitely worth downloading and has incredible security features for monitoring maturity levels of shows, apps and games (my son is to young for internet searching without a parent). It also has great options for screen time limits, for the phone overall and for apps individually if you have kids like mine that spend way to much time on one thing! Will definitely recommend to friends and family!.Version: 1.76.18719

Very cool!!Helping managing kids activities on phones that doesn’t have a built in kidsmode. Even if it did, this app is fairly useful and offers some neat benefits over native kidsmode or guided access..Version: 1.63.16436

Amazing, the look my kid gives me...My kid gives me this look whenever I tell her about functions that I can control on her new Samsung tablet. The best so far has been the ability to control new app installations. I had her put all the ones she needed for at home school during this quarantine and approved each one...then she bombarded me with game install requests 😅. I dunno if I should tell her I can also unapprove apps after the fact..Version: 1.62.16274

Must be readAs a big brother I control my brothers tablet, but the only thing I have on is the bedtime thing and I’m making sure he doesn’t get to any sketchy websites. Thats all And for what is see from my parents and most parents that they want to control every move there son does and thats just not gonna make the kid more open to talk with his parents bc they will restrict every move or thing he will do. I feel bad for those 13 years old kids who there parents use this app with, I can only say to the parents who are reading this STOP USING THIS APP IF YOU ARE GOING TO MISS USE IT..Version: 1.76.18719

Family LinkVery useful for managing device time, monitoring app downloads and GPS tracking. Can lock the phone whenever needed, and can find the phone if it gets lost. Lots of great perks to using this when a child has use of a phone..Version: 1.55.15206

Urgent developerEffective immediately this app needs to go back to its original form without putting a age restriction on it I’m trying to create 5 individual google email accounts for all 5 of my kids age 12,14,16,17,19 in our state kids are not considered adults until age 21 I need to manage my kids online school with google my classroom but your app won’t allow me to make an account when it wasn’t like this b4 please fix it immediately school restarts in a few days after the holidays and I want everything hooked up immediately thank you please do not delay this.Version: 1.55.15206

Must getThis is so wonderful. Big credits to Google. I love this app and recommend it To all parents who have small children. The world we live in now, has a technology/Internet world there is way too difficult to keep up with. However, with this app we are able to manage and monitor our children with modern technology. I recommend this to our parents, it is a must to get!.Version: 1.44.13931

My daughter is finally her again.My profile pic is me when I was younger, so ok as a parent my daughter Snickie has been involved with multiple boys and I don’t want her to text them late at night as she always does. This app has let me control her life in a way. She isn’t allowed to get her phone till nine and if she wants to text her friends I have to supervise her then block the app using this handy dandy app. My daughter needs to live life more and stop being such a player. Tøøđles👋.Version: 1.43.13811

DrI and my child appreciate the need of approvals. The parent approval system is working very well to the satisfaction of everyone in my family. Thank you..Version: 1.45.14150

AmazingAwesome app, love how simple it is to use and has everything covered.Version: 1.38.13196

Very goodIt’s a very handy and great app. It’s good to have a piece of mind where your child is and what their doing.Version: 1.56.15608

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