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Google Family Link App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Google Family Link app received 172 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Google Family Link? Can you share your negative thoughts about google family link?

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Google Family Link for Negative User Reviews

Keeps crashingAfter telling me for more than an hour telling me the app was out of date. It finally let me start setting up a child account until I got to the set up password stage. Entered a password an it cashes on me. Numerous times I’m trying no hope. Took me less than 10 minutes to set up both iCloud and outlook family a counts here I am over an hour later at 4am struggling with google..Version: 1.68.17369

Ehhhh, it’s alright but it leaves a lot to be desired.It’s better than having no parental controls at all but there are very clear cut features which they need to improve. The one that jumps out at me is that parents should be able to set “blackout” times at several points throughout the day, instead of only being allowed to set one at a time. We should be able to say something like, lock the phone from 8am-11:59pm but unlock it from 12:00pm-4:59pm and then locked again from 5:00pm-8:00pm for dinner, family time, etc. Then say maybe unlocked again for an hour from like 8:00pm-9:00pm before bed, or something similar. Basically I’m just saying that we need more flexibility to select the schedule that works for us. Simply giving one unlock/lock time per day is not enough..Version: 1.71.17870

Stalled soooooo many timesI rebooted my phone, deleted app about 4 times and reloaded, stalled at payment page and I’ve pressed pay about 30 times and it still won’t work. Better not charge me for this!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.23.10853

Useful but slowA useful app to control how and when your child uses their device. Good features are time limits for apps and usage times for the whole device. Unfortunately, the app is sometimes 12 hrs out of sync so you can’t see what your child has done recently - it really needs to refresh more frequently to be really useful..Version: 1.72.17978

You TubeI allow my son to use YouTube, but he can't watch it on his Chromebook even though he is 13 years old. My parental authority should be able to override Google's recommendation..Version: 1.44.13931

Desperately needs an update!This app is ok... but if it worked and wasn’t glitchy, it would be great. The problem is, I have to open and close the family time app each time I need to adjust the limit for one of my kids apps. I can’t adjust more than one time limit at a time, as it selects the wrong app to allow! So if I want to allow 3 apps, I have to allow one, close the app, then reopen it and do the same for each one. It’s super annoying and time consuming and if there isn’t a fix soon, I need to find an entirely new system to monitor my kids tablet use. I am getting really tired of this..Version: 1.76.18719

Helpful but a big buggyStarted out great for limiting apps and play time for kids, but lately has been having errors on a regular basis when changing settings..Version: 1.76.18719

Improve please.Cannot remove old devices from the app even signed out on the account..Version: 1.72.17978

HopelessCan’t even use this app to set up. It just keeps freezing or coming up with a white screen. For something recommended by gmail..extremely poor quality..Version: 1.31.12521

Please fixThe app generally works well but I would really love to be able to message my children from my device directly to theirs.. I can’t seem to find a way to do this... Often they are on their device while at grandparents etc and I would appreciate the option of being able to send them a personalised notification etc..Version: 1.60.16001

Can’t even set up to get started.For an app made my google this is a shocker. Only trying to use it to sign up my son to use a chrome book. The app just does let me get past the accept screen for the credit card details. Have tried over and over. Massive let down for something so simple. How can the power of google not have this sorted..Version: 1.30.12089

FrustratingAfter trying to allow my son to share his location with his sister, I gave up and decided to stop supervision. Unfortunately the instruction given do not appear to work as no stop supervision option exists in my sons account info.. Frustrating…….Version: 1.90.21128

AwefullTerrible if you are on iOS. It is obvious that Google doesn’t want this to work well on Apple products..Version: 1.65.16787

Really buggy.I have found this app to be super annoying. The bedtime schedule resets multiple times every day so I’m having to set it up each time I find it has reset itself. Location settings keep resetting too so again I’m in a constant loop of turning it on only to find 30 minutes later it’s off again. Blocked apps reset so they’re unblocked etc. The list is endless. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled - that doesn’t work. What’s the point of this app?.Version: 1.89.20732

FrustratingSays on one device that device is logged in but on the other says it’s logged out. I have no controls over anything and parental lockout doesn’t work. Will not accept google logins..Version: 1.62.16274

Family link is one of many apps you have to install to manage family stuffIf your going to use google parental controls get ready to jump through some hoops. You have to manage your apps and payments in google play and just wait you can’t use gift cards for kids under 13 in google play so don’t buy those they are worthless. I wasted 4 hours trying to fix my kids accounts to be able to share apps - which didn’t work, make purchases with birthday gift cards - also didn’t work, and then tried to change their access and once they are designated under 13 you loose all kinds of flexibility. I still can’t share apps with them. Instead I’m expected to pay for each app with my own credit card. What a waste!!!.Version: 1.72.17978

Terribly disappointedGoogle what have you done? This app is so limited and the instructions you provide do not match the app at all. Add to that the fact that this process has made my child’s channel and associated videos completely disappear, I’m left extremely confused and disappointed..Version: 1.89.20732

So complicatedWant to find out how to let my daughter use YouTube And if you want to post a negative feedback it won’t let you.Version: 1.38.13196

Unable to deinstall without deleting child’s accountInunable to watch YouTube videos. Tried deinstall but forced to delete child’s account.Version: 1.58.15797

So extreme it would be easier not to give kids techStopped daughter from doing homework andaccessing online school work. Blocked stupid things and it became impossible to override, even putting minimum restrictions on her account. I was sent an email at rhe start if the yearas she was due to turn 13 saying Family Link would no longer control content she could see… Nearly 3 months later and it’s still causing problems!.Version: 1.92.21437

No callsOnce my kid uses his time, he cant call me if he needs to. You can go to emergency call which takes him to the call screen but as soon as he tries to call anyone including police it comes up phone locked..Version: 1.72.17978

Settings not workingChild account is set to allow sign in without requesting permissions. Constantly requires parent approval for child to sign in. Due to this issue, child is constantly late for online learning/classes. Also, demanding a nickname (all of which have been taken) in order to post this review. JUST LET ME OPERATE THE DEVICE IVE PURCHASED!!!.Version: 1.72.17978

Sending purchase requests.While family link has many good features to help limit screen time, and help control purchases, the place where you receive a purchase request is glitchy. As my son asked for me to get him an add-on for a game, I never got the approval request on my phone, I look in recent requests, nothing. I tried to look on my sons phone to find out if I can send another request for the purchase, “You already sent a pending purchase for this item.” There was a little button that said, “Complete pending purchase” I pressed it, and it just showed me the budget and history. It didn’t actually complete it, it just showed me the history. Nothing else, which has frustrated me and my son..Version: 1.92.21437

From a 10 year oldMy dad has this for me and i absolutely HATE it , it wont let you download stuff you want to, one time i really needed an app to do something and i COULDNT because i had the stupid app on my phone, parents if you’re reading this please don’t download it it will make your child hate you and you could just have a talk to them its an invasion of your childs privacy and just let them trust you and stop controlling them, i know you might want to because you care for them but id rather just have my dad check my phone than have this stupid app google made a huge mistake making this app, it should only be for 5-7 year olds honestly..Version: 1.92.21437

Do not waste your timeThe instructions simply don’t work - this app is worse then useless..Version: 1.41.13643

TerribleReally struggling as cannot access you tube videos needed for school. Parent link says must download you tube kids but then says not allowed the app on chromebook. So go around in circles..Version: 1.62.16274

BuggyAdding a photo doesn’t work for child’s account.Version: 1.32.12848

Worst app o ever TRIED to use!!Iv spent over an hour on my device and my daughters device, trying to set up a family link so I can monitor her phone, finally as I thought I was getting somewhere it then says not for children under 13??? It doesn’t say this information on the description!! So Iv wasted my time setting up stupid gmail accounts going back and forth with passwords for nothing!! Not user friendly and just another way of getting peoples details off them!! USELESS !!!.Version: 1.81.19514

AwfulFaced similar issues after battling to create gmail accounts and having to input wrong ages to make them work?!?!? Tried to sign in with phone number it told me my phone number wasn’t linked to an account despite three steps earlier telling me I had two gmail accounts with that number. Due to creating one child’s email that automatically created a family group which now I’ve had to delete completely and google only allow you to switch once every 12 months. This means that as the new family account set me up as a member rather than a parent I cannot now use it for a year. It’s like it was designed by various committees who refused to talk to each other..Version: 1.38.13196

Inutilisable au CanadaImpossible de créer un compte enfant au Canada..Version: 1.62.16274

Doesn’t work in Canada...Please, learn from Microsoft Family Account and build a solution that works on ALL countries, not just USA..Version: 1.28.11891

Parental Control RuseWe originally used the “trust” method for our son regarding the internet. However, as most children do, he crossed the boundaries established. We therefore felt the need to implement parental controls until he was able to conduct himself appropriately online. We downloaded Family Link with the false notion that he would have some sort of protections online. Nope. He bypassed everything using Incognito Mode. And guess what you can’t disable using Family Link or any parental control settings through Google or Google Chrome? Moreover, you cannot prevent your child from deleting their histories, and Safe Search is a joke. While I understand you cannot protect a child from everything (and never have been able to do so), Google doesn’t even come close to the protections offered by Microsoft or even Apple. I am so disappointed that Google touts this app as providing any semblance of protection for children online. Perhaps this works significantly better on phones or a Chromebook, but it is laughable in any other context..Version: 1.63.16436

Can’t access google classroomCan’t access google classroom through my child’s family link accoun.Version: 1.62.16274

Terrible!I installed it on my son’s chrome book. There is a sign-in “error” that requires ME to have to log in to the laptop.(two times) So my son can never plan on using it anywhere away from me because it could randomly require ME to physically sign into the laptop. Side note: I have to sign in twice, and receive and enter a g-code TWO times EVERY-TIME this random thing happens. Of the five days it’s been installed. I have had to log him in three times. (Twice each time). It seems like it’s more of a “we have parental control too!” thing than something that even comes close to “screen time” from apple. I uninstalled it..Version: 1.71.17870

I can’t get my child’s account loaded on the mail app 😖Somehow having this family link thing has blocked me from creating an account on my Mac mail app for my child’s gmail..Version: 1.61.16100

InaccurateIt’s a great app to lock their phone at a certain time or to make sure each app download is sent to the parents phone for approval. But the limits to set for each app is pointless as the time spent on each app is very inaccurate. I’ve timed my child’s usage while comparing it to what the app says and it’s either off by a lot or it doesn’t register she was even on the app, though she was accessing it for an hour. I’ve contacted support and did what they suggested but the times are still off, even after several updates..Version: 1.52.14915

Giant sack of garbagePointless..Version: 1.64.16541

Very disappointingApp won’t even open on my phone, have deleted and redownloaded multiple times with same problem and no way to contact app development straight away to sort issue out.Version: 1.27.11681

Never synchronises with child’s deviceGood bones but wildly frustrating as it never seems to synchronise with child’s device. The daily time limit is always exceeded, morning is night and night is morning. When I try and lock the child’s device, usually nothing happens. Like I said, good in theory. All the fixes do not seem work..Version: 1.76.18719

HORRIBLE!!! DANGER!!!I set up Family Link with Google when I got my minor son a phone, and the phone was for safety purposes. There was some back door way for him to disable the Family Link and didn’t require my approval for app purchases anymore. It took my credit card company over 2 months to notice some “unusual” purchases. Now I’m stuck with thousands of dollars in charges that the credit card company won’t remove and when I tried to contact Google (ha ha) their automated system “decided” not to do anything about it. I need to speak to an actual person. These were UNAUTHORIZED purchases by a minor and the fact that he could disable the Family Link is terrifying. I cannot afford the charges and I don’t want my credit ruined. I don’t want my life ruined either. I’m sure that this has ruined many families’ lives..Version: 1.48.14507

Well....This app is terrible I do not recommend it ruined my daughters phone..Version: 1.61.16100

Sold in Canada ... but can't use it!!!!!Thanks for nothing, no really ! Oh and i even had time to see all the companys google shares all my info with.... lovely just effin lovely.Version: 1.55.15206

Child & Teen AppJust out of curiosity, how come the parent app is only available to download, but not the child and teen app? Makes no sense to me..Version: 1.59.15947

Frustrated parentMy husband and I just recently gave in to our son having a cell phone. He has started middle and with it, more responsibilities. While setting up his phone, a Samsung, this app was presented to us. It looked very promising. We were going to get an app to keep track of him anyways. Unfortunately, I have been very disappointed with this app. When I go to check on his activities or location, the app will not refresh with current info. This is not helpful if I need to know where my child is. Tonight, I needed to unlock his phone to check his alarm, which he uses to wake in the morning. The app would not grant me access, an error kept occurring. If this had been an emergency, it would have been useless. Needless to say, I will be looking into other options for my child and I..Version: 1.26.11363

Doesn’t work 100% of the timeMassive delays. History is very out of date. It’s stopping my children from getting the apps they need for school. If there is another way of doing this I’d choose it. Very unhappy with the product..Version: 1.57.15701

Uselessly EffectiveThis app works by keeping your child from accessing anything unless you give them permission, and sometimes it blocks access even if you gave permission. Kid wants to search on Google? You have to grant access to all of it. Kid wants to read an ebook? This app blocks Play Books and the Kindle App. I bought my child two books and had to get a refund because she had no way to read them without deleting the app altogether. If you search for help with the app, you’ll find lots of frustrated parents with the same problems on the Google community forums, and no responses or help from Google. A great idea but poorly executed..Version: 1.62.16274

Buggy and limitedHad to to through the process of creating accounts multiple time for it to work. Sometimes would it jam, loop or sometimes would say I am not allowed, for country or for age. They need to add screen time limits for Chromebook..Version: 1.24.11057

Needs tweakingI used this to control my 8 year olds phone. While I like that I can set limits and bedtimes, and turn off his phone on command, the website approvals need work. I have it set to where he can’t access the internet at all. He needs permission for each site. When I approve a site, I would like it to automatically approve all links related to the parent site. For example, a Disney game site. I have to approve the website. Then he’ll click a character, let’s say Mickey. So then I have to approve the “new” Mickey site. On that page, he can pick whether he wants to read, draw, color, or play. He wants to read, so now I have to approve that site as well. Oh but now he wants to color. Have to ask for permission again. It’s exhausting. Every single move he makes needs to be approved. This was when I first got the app. Now, I’m having trouble even approving a site all together. I have approved the same site 5x and every time I go to refresh it after the approval, I get promoted to ask for permission again!! I literally have his phone in one hand and mine In the other trying to approve websites to no avail. PLEASE FIX.Version: 1.44.13931

Too inflexibleMy son needs YouTube on his laptop for school, but there's *no* way to allow this until he turns 13. There's only two ways around this: 1. delete his account, which causes deletion of all his Gmail, Google docs, etc. (Not a viable option.) 2. Edit his date of birth to be the day before he turns 13 and wait 24 hours. After which all constraints are dropped. Not happy..Version: 1.48.14507

Bedtime lock too easy to bypassHmmmm seems that the screen lock is easily bypassed with an incoming call via phone or WhatsApp... Then breaking the lock and enabling messaging after bed time.. sigh. Oppo a73.Version: 1.44.13931

Not happyHave run into trouble where this site will not download requests from my daughter so will have to delete to enable her to upload important apps for her school. Makes the whole idea redundant.Version: 1.72.17978

Can’t find the ‘Children & Teens’I run a Pixel, but my daughter has an iPad, I cannot find the iOS app to be able to finish setting her device controls up. Our whole house runs with google, it would be really annoying to have 1 device not in the network & secured..Version: 1.65.16787

Developers wise up!Any savvy child can work out how to circumvent all those restrictions. Mine downloaded a “secure folder” app which didn’t need parental approval and stored copies of all the apps they wanted continued access to. This meant they could dodge the time limits set on phone use and have unrestricted time on phone. Flagged this to the developers and no improvement made yet. I’d shop around for a more solid parental control app. If your child is 6yo and below this app works for anyone above with good search/knowledge of internet they’ll figure out soon enough the loopholes!.Version: 1.79.19295

DeeI am a parent and I can’t get into my sons phone to supervise it. My husband has invited me to the family but this app defaults to an old email address of mine. There is no help desk and no support to assist with this. Terribly annoying.Version: 1.76.18719

No idea how I (the parent)Can sign in to my own gmail account on my son’s device..Version: 1.60.16001

DONT DOWLOAD and waste your time - kids iPhoneThe google family link child part of the app you don’t have the option to download onto a iPhone ! Doesn’t work on a IPHONE even if you download Chrome and remove Safari as a workaround they can just sign out. Have full access to the internet This has to be the worst app ever. No protection for your child. Can’t believe that can’t make it work for a iphone! DON’T download even though you can add the parent app!! Throw your iPhone in the bin! If you want to protect your child!.Version: 1.70.17708

Half ok, half uselessThis is free and does SOME of what I need it to do. Its biggest flaw is that just as you begin to need it, it becomes unavailable. Get this parents, It’s only for kids UNDER 13. Whaaaat? What’s the point? My kids really didn’t need restrictions much before then because #1, They were mostly only interested in using one or two specific things, and #2 they were on MY devices. By the time I want to hand a device over to them to begin developing some responsibility and independence, Google apparently thinks they suddenly become ready to completely parent THEMSELVES. 13? Yeah, useless. I was able to get around that for awhile by creating an account for my teen with a false birthdate. (Yeah well, ya do what ya gotta do to protect your kids) The other problem is that I can’t limit time for specific apps. The options are very general and vague. When my 12 y/old’s time is up, she cannot even text me or receive my texts. She can only call me using the emergency function. This is very inconvenient because a phone call during the day is often much less feasible than quick text. If they change these policies, they might have something great!.Version: 1.26.11363

Good until kids figure out how to bypass it!Works like a charm until clever 13 year old works out that by using Google Assistant they can bypass all restrictions even when it’s locked. And time used when it’s been bypassed doesn’t count to allocation. This needs to be fixed as it renders a great app as pretty much useless..Version: 1.43.13811

What a messAbsolute headf*** to remove children and the device being restricted. I’ve spent a good hour just removing the child’s account to then discover the entire device is still locked, can’t even do a factory reset because the family link blocks that option. Don’t get this app if you want to ever use your devices again.Version: 1.62.16274

Somewhat frustrating...This app is great when it’s working but malfunctions often on one of my children’s phones. I even kept her phone for a period of time to see if she had somehow managed to override it, but the app just drops out.. when I open the app on my phone it says that I need to connect the user’s device to my phone.. I must have gone through this process about 30 times now.. it works for a while and then the same thing happens. When it drops out she has no access to the play store, but I have no control over the apps she already has. Like I said great when it works, frustrating when it doesn’t..Version: 1.48.14507

Unable to update year of birth on the app or through Google supportAn email was created for my business and I entered the year it started and it won’t let me change the year since. As Google now thinks I’m under 13 with the year of birth being underaged, the account is now useless with functions like sharing calendar being restricted. I’ve reached out to Google support and even they couldn’t help. The app lets you change the year of birth, but you can’t save it..Version: 1.87.20510

Do not get this.As a parent I want to protect my child, and make sure my daughter isn’t on her phone all day, see messages, and have her location. I try to be flexible with her. For example, if she has a friend over and they want to play a game like roblox, I give her more time. So anyway, I was trying to give her an extra 30 minutes and it was not working. I tried for almost over an hour. And sometimes, her location would just go off. I assumed she found a way to turn it off. So I had her phone while she went to school one day trying to fix the many problems, and the location randomly just went off! So annoying. And when I would Lock her phone, she wasn’t able to text or call, even though I changed the settings to allow that. If you want app limits, please find another app or check devices settings. I know apple has a screen time setting. Not sure about apple though..Version: 1.102.23249

The guy who build this app don’t have children’sInstallation and managing is Hell!! Web site approval it’s just NOT WORKING!.Version: 1.60.16001

Locked outI’m locked out of account and tearing my hair out getting back in. I’m going round in circles without advice on what to do next.Version: 1.56.15608

Incredibly restrictive and frustratingAs a parent it has been an absolute nightmare using Family Link. Apple and Microsoft both got parental controls right. Google has not figured it out though. I could not install half the apps and extensions my kids needed to use because they aren't 13. I had to actually fake their birthdate and graduate them just so they could use the apps they need in their grade 1 class (they're 6). Additionally now that they are "teenagers" Family Link no longer works and supports adding Chromebooks so they are now using full Google Accounts. Because they are 6 and supervised this is fine but for more tech savvy kids between 6 and 12 this is a big problem. Come on Google you can (and should) do better. You can't make decisions on parents behalf on what is/isn't appropriate for kids to use. That's my job. Not yours. If an app or extension is approved by the entire school division and okay'd by me in my own home than who are you to say my kids can't use it?.Version: 1.68.17369

Difficult to navigateSo hard to use.Version: 1.55.15206

Still accessing phone when should be lockedApp is suppose to lock child out of device but is flawed, child can still access device when locked by going on contacts>messages>stickers>get more stickers>takes him to google play and from there can access his downloaded apps which are suppose to be locked.Version: 1.44.13931

Typical google poor qualityHonestly, apart from searching the web what other reliable software can google actually build (google for google graveyard for a sad list of their poor track record). This is a great example of their shockingly poor quality design. All we want to do is to manage our 6 year olds account. And indeed the family link app worked, we've linked the account.. Great? Sadly not, if we then go to the child's account we find its disabled because the age is under 13...yes that's why we want to make it. The only option is to say the date is wrong and they are over 18. Isn't the obvious thing to say if the age is too low, link to the family link app????? But no, there's nothing, no help, nothing So now we're totally stuck. Google account is locked and will be deleted in 29 days. Thanks google. Really really helpful..Version: 1.30.12089

Improvements please developersIt‘s a great app when you get the devices synced together! A couple of suggestions to improve though: - Could you add a pin lock before getting into parent app ; as children can easily access to unlock their phone ( like the one for Microsoft one drive) to keep devices secure. Also because of this, anyone can have access to google account once phone unlocked. - yes a break time function would be great too I know you’ll be brilliant at trying this out but our security is crucial too. Thanks Google!!!.Version: 1.70.17708

Not user friendly!This app is supposed to allow me to monitor and limit my child's screen time and content. Still, the process of activating the app and monitoring my child’s screen time using it is so convoluted that I can only imagine that it was designed by people wanting uninhibited access to my child’s content. First: my child’s account is the only account allowed on the device. Why can't I have an account? What if I have multiple children with access to the device? Second: once I have set it up, it doesn't alert me of much outside of my child’s log on, and purchase attempts. What if my child (or some outside source) attempts contact that I deem undesirable? Finally: The process of setting up the account took three videos, and several hours of attempts that I would imagine most people would just give up. The directions were so ridiculous such as: “factory reset the device,” among others, that I constantly expected the next step to be: sing Yankee doodle backward while standing on your head and drinking unicorn tears from a laughing stream! Huge disappointment..Version: 1.76.18719

Unnecessarily ComplicatedHard to understand. Every app I try to install for my child is filled with confusing roadblocks. Can’t install YouTube for some unknown reason. Kids reading app won’t work because of some family pay setting that’s wrong but no matter how I set it it still doesn’t work. I basically have a useless device for my child because of how complicated this app makes everything. Stick with apple next time....Version: 1.62.16274

Fix to improveIt's not high accuracy at all with this being a google app you would expect to see where the phone and user are located at any given time. It's weird to get multiple addresses for one place where a child isn't located or suppose to be. For other parents this could cause problems. I understand nothing is 100% so I tried changing the settings and refreshing them plenty of times. But it's just not accurate at all or close enough for some degree. But google maps will get me to where I'm going but I am unable to find the device or unknown where my child is. High accuracy gives a guess (smh) your child is near here somewhere out there in the world. So when it gives an address to where they may be they aren't even there. It bounces around unnecessarily. Heck, That's a very reliable source to go by..Version: 1.102.23249

Not family friendlyGmail forces parents to have their child login from a specific mobile device only (it restricts logins in family desktop computers). It assumes it’s best for kids to have their own device and won’t let them compose emails on a desktop promoting proper typing skills..Version: 1.47.14363

DisappointedI was hoping this would be useful as I set up my children’s new chrome books. Unfortunately, the process has been difficult and not user-friendly. I have used a number of other parental supervision applications and this one is the most cumbersome so far..Version: 1.67.17192

Terrible AppEasily hacked by kids. Over Zealous control and little flexibility. Takes away even the basic needs you have as a parent to contact your kids..Version: 1.45.14150

This is an awful appI’m very disappointed in this app, I never write reviews on apps but this app is so bad I felt the need to warn everyone that it’s a huge waste of time. I’m a parent and this is such a restricting app and it can bring trust issues into your child’s life. If you want to get this app then your child will probably rebel against you. Not only is this a huge waste of time but it ruins your child’s life because they can’t do anything they want. This is a really terrible app so if you want to be a good parent then you should give your child some freedom in life. I cannot stress how disgusting this app is. I hope you take my advice and don’t waste your time on this app..Version: 1.61.16100

Where is the ‘for kids app’I’d love to use this app, but can not find the ‘for children & teens’ app to download on their phones to sync! Any advice?.Version: 1.55.15206

Management is very difficultI love the idea but it is very tricky to allow features that as a parent I think my daughter is responsible enough for and so very frustrating. Like the App Store it would be great if a request was sent to me from my daughter and then I could approve or not as I see fit..Version: 1.26.11363

Not usable u less you give your kid a device.If I understand it right, the only way to follow the rules to get a a child under 13 a Gmail is to use google family. So it’s an app for mobile devices, but what about laptops and desktops? Seems the only way to have a child log on using desktop is I then have to enter my gmail password. Not really user friendly, especially when my kid visits her grandparents. She doesn’t have her own mobile device and won’t for several years. Seems like google left out a key demographic, those of us who don’t want to give their kids a mobile device of their own but who want their kid to have their own gmail..Version: 1.44.13931

PoorI’m a parent. This app has some useful features like setting time limits and location tracking but it sometimes doesn’t refresh for several hours, so monitoring how much gaming time your kid has had on the same day is virtually impossible. The tracker only works half the time too and you can’t specify times when different categories of apps can or cannot be used. I will be opting for one of the paid parental monitoring platforms like Norton or Qustudio..Version: 1.70.17708

Great app but does not work with dark modeI really like this app, it allows us to easily manage our kids time on their tablets. It’s been pretty much flawless, however there is a bug currently where if your phone is set to dark mode and you set an app limit you cannot see the times in the spin controls. The times are all white the same as the window background. Please fix this and it’s 5 stars!.Version: 1.61.16100

Do not installOnce you have installed Family Link on your phone and kids phones you cannot remove it without losing your email accounts! Do not install!.Version: 1.90.21128

Cannot use/link school accountThe app itself is fab, I can control what my child accesses... but you CANNOT ADD A SCHOOL ACCOUNT if family link is enabled on a device. If you are thinking of getting family link to monitor your child’s activity especially during home schooling or remote learning you CANNOT do it with family link. I’ve been chatting to app support today and have been told that school accounts using google classroom/ meets/hangouts etc cannot be used if a device is set up with a personal google account that has family link supervision. Either you need to delete family link and have no supervision or you delete your personal account and use the school account BUT you still CANT use family link as you are unable to supervise an account managed by someone else (I.e the school) so even if you’re prompted to add a School account as a user your request will not be completed. Basically you can’t add a school account if you have family link! I am really unhappy and the developers need to address this, create a working option to add a school account..Version: 1.72.17978

Restricts apps and it cannot be undoneI love apples family controls and so when I saw google had a family control app I thought I would give it a go. Big mistake. My daughter was fine with how it worked before, but now she cannot you regular YouTube, she cannot use google play music, or YouTube music, and she cannot sign into chrome. There are other restrictions as well but those are the most frustrating. I pay extra for a family YouTube premium plan just so my kids can listen to their own music without stopping mine, but after installing this ridiculous app my daughter cannot do anything with her own account. The worst part is that there is no way to undo the changes. She is stuck until she turns 13 (which luckily is only 6 months away). I talked to google and they said the only way to go back to the previous way is to delete her current account and sign up for a new one that is not linked. Unacceptable!.Version: 1.64.16541

Not safeThe app doesn’t do what it should. I downloaded on my sons phone after he was caught on inappropriate websites. Set it up to restrict Google searches and inappropriate content. It works for the Google search engine results but when the URL is type into the address bar it goes straight to the adults only website..Version: 1.79.19295

Locks and unlocks sporadicallyThis app is not reliable in setting time limits. You have the option to set individual app limits and daily limits and the individual app limits compound without the daily limit overwriting it. So when there are 5 apps that have a limit of 1 hr and your child has a 1 hr daily limit, your child will end up playing 5hrs because the app does not lock. I found that even when the daily limit was reached, my kids were able to access it as it just unlocks itself. Very frustrating and not reliable as I have to constantly check and I can’t trust this app to do what it says it would..Version: 1.98.22361

Garbage appSimilar to Chromebook experience, awful.Version: 1.57.15701

Good features, poor executionControls and location etc would be great features if they always work. Often can’t find device, sometimes settings just change or don’t work. My son came to me and said what’s wrong I’ve used my phone a lot more the limit and I checked settings and nothing had changed. Also google management stops at only 13, too young..Version: 1.57.15701

Not intuitiveReally not intuitive to use at all. It is terrible trying to set up a child to be able to listen to music on their own device in their own room..Version: 1.72.17978

No access to Google classroomCan not access Google classroom. Can not add another account ie; Google Classroom account made by school to partake in remote learning. Is an absolute nightmare for parent trying to get their child access to Googleclass..Version: 1.62.16274

Frustrating experienceIf the app worked correctly, seems like it could be a very helpful product. However, I almost was greeted with the message “trouble updating with this account” when I attempted to log in. My daughter went on a couple overnight field trips and I wanted to change the curfew or provide her with the ability to contact me and I was Never able to get into the account. We’ve had the app for approximately 6 months and I believe I’ve been able to successfully access the account 5-6 times. Today after several login attempts, I was finally able to gain access. I then quickly googled how to remove the app and then I subsequently lost access. I am unable to log back into the account. I’ve spent so much time..,hours of time,on this app and left feeling frustrated..Version: 1.23.10853

Location service is not goodI thought I finally found a great family app, the monitoring of the apps etc is great but I wanted it most for the location service. It keeps saying it cannot connect although I know the kids are using their phone. It says I have to update location service, I do this and it does not work. Sometimes it works but that is nor very often. It uses google maps and it just don’t makes sense that this works so badly?.Version: 1.85.20087

Will never provide so much private details on my childThe idea is brilliant, but why such a small children need to have a google account and provide all these personal details when they are less than 18? I am waiting for similar app from Apple where Apple ID or similar concept will be sufficient..Version: 1.44.13931

NOT HELPFUL!!!I download this app to limit my child's screen time. Tried to set up but then I had trouble on the payment. I can't edit the details on my card for the bill. Wasted time for nothing! Jeeez!!!.Version: 1.66.16910

StressfulTo difficult.Version: 1.69.17483

ConfusingWould you like to manage family access to Google services? Don’t expect to do so using this confusing mess of an application..Version: 1.62.16274

No clear instructions on useThere are no clear instructions on how to use this app or how it’s supposed to help me see my kids email...which I initially just wanted them to have full access to but google wouldn’t let that happen since she’s a baby. This is more complicated and difficult..Version: 1.37.13052

Keeps “losing” settingsWe’ve used this app for over a year and it worked fine until the recent updates. Now all the limits we set for my son’s tablet lasts only a day before it disappears and he has free reign on when and how long he wants to use it. If it persists, we will have to look for another solution..Version: 1.68.17369

STUPID.Forced to change GooglePlay music (family account) to YouTube music, that doesn’t transfer the child accounts!!! Now a pointless service! Will need to look at canceling our subscription to a service that works for our whole family..Version: 1.70.17708

Locked my daughters phoneLocked her phone and was unable to put in parent access as it wouldn’t allow me access to my account without her opening hers but hers had been blocked. No reply from google for help, hundreds of others in the same boat. Had to reboot her phone and lost all her data and photos. Disgusting that this is still up and running as there are obviously issues that google are not addressing. Don’t want to give a star but am forced to to be able to put this up.Version: 1.31.12521

Bug stops you before even startAs per other reviews, I got as far as the “parental consent” screen that requires your credit card. Details entered, but the "accept” button is completely unresponsive. Have had to abort and will look for a proper, child-specific email provider. Just annoying that Google now has sensitive information about my 7 year old, and it’s all for nothing. No conspiracy, just very shoddy coding from Google’s developers, and they seem to be testing it on the public rather than alpha testing properly in-house, first..Version: 1.42.13706

TerribleA half-baked product from Google. Give it a year til they sort it out..Version: 1.59.15947

Familylink is created to entice you to buy more stuffGoogle tied all their products to this useless app and the basic function of product such as google home can’t work for a family setting because this app make sure you must have google products for all family members before it allows google home to work for young kid..Version: 1.47.14363

TRUST YOUR DAM CHILDI feel like this is taking up so much privacy and trust in our bond with my child. if you are going to give your child a phone or a tablet you should trust them with it. If you get this app your child will feel like they are getting watched 24-7 well that’s if you allow your child to be on it for that long. Recommend not to get this app.Version: 1.66.16910

It's good but frustratingMy son has defeated it on his phone by stopping certain processes in start up (not 100% sure how). More probs for his chromebook I have to add parental pin and sign in every time he uses it. Can't stop this happening after trying all the options making use of laptop possible only when I am there and have to enter my complex password. Finally he's 12 and can watch some you tube but in chromebook it blocks all access as he's not 13 yet he can access on phone. Good thing is unlike other apps it does seem to work for timers and scheduling..Version: 1.76.18719

Not goodThis is frustrating and difficult to sort out.Version: 1.72.17978

PointlessCan’t link my app to my son’s device. Get to the “enter this code when prompted” page - never prompted. No help available at all. Any help link I click on takes me to the setup - which is already done. All I want to do is link the device to the Chromebook so I can use the app..Version: 1.82.19658

Access to YouTubeCreated account for my daughter as she wants to be a blogger. No access to YouTube. Filters are good. No access is strange.Version: 1.38.13196

AngerWorks only in usa.Version: 1.54.15134

Read parentsI hate this app so much. I get that this is to look what your child is doing but this is too much. First of all im not even under 13 yet my parents have this and control everything on my phone! I cannot leave the family link and I can’t even sign out of my phone!! I only have 30 minutes on apps and parents can see EVERYTHING you search.(you cannot delete history) Im not even trying to be dramatic when I say this but this has made me want to k1ll myself and I almost have because of the lack of freedom i have on my phone. I cant communicate with friends if I’m having a bad day and I can’t do things that make me happy on my phone. Do not get this for ‘children’ under 13 unless you want them to have trust issues with you and be severely depressed. All im asking is less restrictions for people over 13 because this is unfair. All i want is more Freedom on my phone I’m tired of this. I can’t do anything without being watched and it paranoids me. One day Im going to snap and end it all..Version: 1.94.21755

Cant linkCant even link to my kids device from iphone.Version: 1.58.15797

Locked us out of a brand new deviceThis was working for one but we added another are now completely locked out of a brand new device..Version: 1.69.17483

Is not workingMy brother start this app few month ago. Nowadays it is not working properly. If he use all the time, the phone do not lock my brothers phone. We do not know the problem. Please tell me.Version: 1.68.17369

Issues downloading the children&teenager versionI’m currently trying to download the kid version onto my child’s iPhone 7 and it doesn’t even show, it keeps saying it downloading to a Samsung phone which she has an iPhone!! Bet frustrating because I like this app very much. I used it for my son. Him and I both have galaxy’s though is this the reason? Is this app not compatible with iPhone yet?.Version: 1.47.14363

Dodgy App!I’m simply trying to make accounts for my kids and thought I’d give this a go. This app however, makes google look like some dodgy Russian website. Poor usability in iOS systems, screen blanking unless you rotate your device. And after many minutes entering data and credit card details, blanks and crashes. Great way to degrade your brand Google. Needs action!.Version: 1.26.11363

ConfusingComplex, not user friendly. Hard for parents to manage permissions.Version: 1.49.14591

Rubbish!I have been trying for 2 days to set up the app so my son can use his new Chrome book, I cant even start him using it as it wont let him log in until the app is set up. It keeps locking up and we are unable to complete it. Over the top total control where you cant even log on to a device without completing a faulty app..Version: 1.23.10853

PainfulCan’t enable app download on sons phone and I get no guidance on what to do..Version: 1.41.13643

Stop!!Too restrictive for my sons schoolwork. There are no instructions for deleting the app without deleting gmail accounts.Version: 1.67.17192

Not compatible in my country, but it supposed to...I love in Canada and I have installed this application to help configure my son's tablet and Google home. On the web site, it said that it is supported in Canada, but when I launch it, I have an error that it is not supported in my country... Very misleading!.Version: 1.24.11057

Family Link is a TrapI made a google account many years ago when I was at the age where I needed a guardian account to link with it. I didn’t actually use the account very much then, but now, many years later where I am way beyond the age where I need a supervised account I have it linked with other software accounts. Now family link doesn’t allow me to basically do anything and me and my mom have been trying for the past week to get this wretched curse off of our accounts. We have iPhones so Im not sure if it works better with androids. Google family link is unremovable if you are on iPhone. No tutorial, no link, no tech support can help you remove this binding. I can’t even log in to family link through my “child” account because the page refreshes every time. Can someone PLEASE tell me why this is happening and how to fix it?? DONT USE FAMILY LINK PLEASE!!! P.S. : It may seem pathetic that the review about a restriction app is coming from the person being restricted but the only reason my mom didn’t write this review is because she doesn’t want anything to do with it. We are both so unsatisfied and still can’t lift the lock on both of our accounts. She can’t remove family link because I’m above 13 yet I still have restrictions!!!! Why can’t I change my age? Awful app and software..Version: 1.98.22361

When workingGreat app when working. Was working fine but now the location won’t update, I find that it’s not the best with real time processing. Looking forward to an update soon… please.Version: 1.95.21911

FrustratingApp is frustrating to use - not intuitive. You need a IT degree to get around this.Version: 1.57.15701

Location and activity tracking no longer workThe app was great at first but I no longer can see my child’s app activity nor location (despite battery saver not on, the device is connected, gps is working). Seen this issue flagged here and on google support by many other people months ago. Need to find another location tracker app as she’s becoming more independent spending more time outside and I need to see where she is for my peace of mind..Version: 1.45.14150

Great, but needs options when phone locked!!I would give this app 5 stars. I changed my kids birth year, to accommodate my older kids. I still want to be able to see what my 14 year-old is doing. That’s my right and to keep them safe. That aside, everything works awesome! Love that when they should be studying I can take the distraction away. However, if they’ve gone over their screen time allowance and the phone is locked it’s now just a glorified paper weight. There is no option for them to contact me or family in case of an emergency or other reasons?!?! The app locks the phone but won’t allow contact to anyone I designate. Needs updated!!!.Version: 1.32.12848

Can’t even create a log inThese has frozen on the payment page. I just need to create a email for the chrome book! Help!!!!!!! This has also charged me $8 on my credit card! Someone needs to sort it out so we can get a refund and use our chromebook.Version: 1.38.13196

CrapWhat a piece of crap.Version: 1.62.16274

Made for people with nothing else to doAbsolutely terrible. I’d like to meet someone who successfully got through the setup process. I especially love the part where I enter my card details and nothing happens with no feedback at all. I always love a good mystery..Version: 1.29.11978

Parent please don’t buy thisPlease don’t buy this as a child myself this app will make your kids hate you if you are trying to use this app to bring your family together please stop your kid will distance themselves from you I don’t have experience with this app due to my mother not getting it but I already know what it’s like due to people telling their experience with it. You may not listen to me because like I said I am a child and don’t have any experience with the app but I sure do know that respecting your child’s boundaries is important to create a bond with them. I believe that is all I have to say so please reconsider getting this I wouldn’t want my child to hate me..Version: 1.76.18719

So confusingI want to decide if they get YouRube or not. It is not googles business. This is why I use Apple.Version: 1.58.15797

Very disappointing waste of timeMultiple Problems - I have the latest version of the app but can’t complete the account creation process. The only thing I’ve succeeded in doing is giving Google my children’s birthdays and my credit card details. I cannot complete the credit card process. Buttons do not always respond and the app seems to crash in the middle of collecting personal credit card data - which is very worrying!! I have visited the help section but cannot find any way to contact tech support. The disclaimer says the account I am trying to create for my child will be exactly the same as an adult account - “not designed for children”. What’s the point? Cannot add an existing account. Why not? Looking at other reviews, Apparently it doesn’t work on Chromebooks. The app requires the child’s full birthdate details - why? Surely they just need year and month. Summary: I think the point of this app is for Google to collect more personalised information in order to target advertising to children. From a parent’s perspective, when compared to Apple’s brilliant Family features, this Google app is a poorly designed waste of time, developed by a legal and marketing team that has no idea what parents need. I wasted 45 minutes on this rubbish!.Version: 1.26.11363

Missing key featureCompare to Screen Time, It should be able to limit the time of use by group of applications, keeping the possibility to have unlimited time for phone or school apps and limit the time for YouTube and co. Hope to see that soon..Version: 1.52.14915

Family sharing sucksIt is garbage and won’t let me remove members.Version: 1.68.17369

Frustrated with photoI’m extremely frustrated. Spending more than an hour trying to display my child’s photo for classroom. How difficult could this be? It’s ridiculous..Version: 1.60.16001

To parentsThough this app may be useful for younger kids, I personally believe parents should refrain from using these apps for their teens. These kinds of apps feel extremely controlling and manipulative and may make your child feel paranoid. I can confirm this myself. Through tough times, when my parents weren’t there for me, many online friends were and blocking your child from communicating with their friends can really hurt and greatly impact a child’s health. So, instead of monitoring them 24/7 and limiting their phone use talk to your children !! If you really care for them give them their needed space and privacy but keep supporting them as parents. If you think something is wrong speak to them instead of taking away what may be benefiting them instead of, what you may think, is hurting them..Version: 1.72.17978

Not easy to useDoesn’t not give you any help to how to do anything. Once again, apple parental controls are better, easier to navigate, far more helpful..Version: 1.64.16541

So restrictive my child cannot use text nowCan’t stand this app. The whole point of my child having a phone was to text me in emergencies but they can’t even do that now...Version: 1.79.19295

Trying to set up second tablet with this app and it isn’t working at allI’m trying to see up second tablet and it the tablet keeps saying FamilyLink has stopped I am frustrated bigtime.Version: 1.31.12521

Won’t workI’ve updated the app 5 times in a row now and every time I open it I have to update it again for it to work, I still haven’t actually gotten in.Version: 1.90.21128

Not happyI was able to download the app to my phone but wasn’t able to find the family link for children’s app as suggested. The system keeps saying to head to google play but then no direction from there as it’s just an app to run movies from. I found this very frustrating to try set up on my daughters phone which is IOS 14 iPhone XS.Version: 1.72.17978

Great idea, but the app has too many bugsI installed this app to monitor my child's tablet activities and to ensure he doesn't go overboard on screen time. I find that when I am trying to set app time limits the majority of the app that I select to add the time limits is not the app that opens up. When I am finally able to select the correct app that I would like to change it gives me an error message saying “Could not set limit try again”. I like that I am able to approve or deny his app downloads from my phone and set an age level for content such as apps & games, music and internet searches. And the location info is nice to have in case you misplace the device. I spend most of my time dealing with errors on this app, not to mention you have to select each individual app to do so. I really wish they would give you the option to set limits on more than one app at a time to set limits and fix the bugs that causes the error messages and this app would be perfect..Version: 1.76.18719

Serious functionality issuesDays I have spent just trying to install. I open link and it indicates to enter a code when I open link on my childs device. The only option on my childs device is to create s family even though they are already on one. Useless. Settings should work from the chrome browser.Version: 1.65.16787

Good for confirmation, terrible for kids logging inThe good bit is that it is easy to confirm the kids requests. The bad thing is that it’s impossible for kids to save their progress in games. Google insists that children under 13 have a kids account but that account can’t be used to login to Google play games!!.Version: 1.89.20732

Parents, please read.When I found out this app existed I was just disappointed. I thought google was useful? NOPE! This app is a violation of children’s/teens privacy! and it’s not right. This app has to much power on your children/teens. Do you want to cause them stress? Anxiety? Depression? If the answer is no, then don’t download this app unless you want to have a bad relationship with your child/teen. I don’t get what some of you parents find in this app, do you really want to see your child suffer? If we children/teens don’t even have enough time to talk to our friends, it can also cause stress and anxiety and we will become distant to them. Do you not want your children/teen to have friends? If the answer is no then PLEASE! For you and your child’s/teens safety, do NOT download THIS APP!!!⚠️.Version: 1.76.18719

SucksIs completely Useless Doesn’t let you do anything and the “help” does Nothing Was led to before that I could Change the Messed up Wrong birth date that was entered. BUT, NO YOU CAN NOT DO THAT. Second option Delete gmail Account. NOPE, CAN’T DO THAT EITHER. So now we have this Useless account. Now either have to forget all about having an email account or Make Up a Name as we Can’t use the One that took ages to think of and love. So thanks YouTube for making this a Horrible Experience. Looking for a new email service Now.Version: 1.70.17708

Google Classrooms doesn’t work with this!I have used family link for the last year and have really liked it for the controls it gives me over my kids Samsung tablet BUT our kids school like many in the country at the moment are now using google classrooms for homeschooling and this does not work with Family Link - really frustrating (basically won’t let you log in despite having the option of adding a school account it just won’t work) - have 2 very good tablets that the kids cannot use for their school work! This really needs to be sorted asap with current lockdown and everyone homeschooling..Version: 1.72.17978

Worst app everI thought this would be a convenient way to basically just set time limits on her phone. That part of it worked like a charm and was able to change her limits on a daily basis. BUT she has 2 Gmail accounts and it wouldn’t let us add both accounts since they weren’t school accounts. So she wasn’t able to access one of her accounts at all. We decided just to delete it and have time limits ourselves. When we deleted it she couldn’t login to her chrome book without doing a factory reset on it which was not an option when all of her school stuff was on there. I tried contacting support which was a dead end. So we either have to have the app and not access her one gmail account she uses for her games, or delete it and not access her chrome book. Definitely the worst app! If that was resolved i might change it to 3 stars but since you can never contact support it is staying at 1 star! I definitely wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone!.Version: 1.81.19514

Great idea but with FlawsThe idea behind the app is great it allows me some control over my child’s phone such as, when he can turn it on when he has to turn it off and what he can access. It also so allows me to see his usage and location. Or it should! In reality, half the time I can’t see his usage or his location, and even when his phone is locked there is a loophole which allows him to go to emergency access his contacts, access his messages then follow a link on one of his messages into a game which then gives him full access to the phone. If these flaws were fixed the app would be 5 *..Version: 1.49.14591

Google sucksSetting these chrome books up for kids sucks. They are not straight forward. The schools don’t know what they are doing. Google thinks everyone can read their mind and knows what they are thinking but they done. Returning this chrome book and going back to apple. C ya google. At least your map works !.Version: 1.48.14507

Cannot set time limits.When trying to make time limits for certain apps there is no toggle or option to make a time limit for that app and comes up with 0minutes time limit. Would be great if they fixed this fracture, especially since we are using the device to teach at home..Version: 1.62.16274

Can’tFinding it hard to finish putting it my daughters phone.Version: 1.71.17870

Limits don’t workTrying to set time limits for apps on my child’s tablet. When you open each app to set the time limit, nothing comes up..Version: 1.59.15947

GlitchCan’t enter credit card details as per previous comments. Using iPhone 6. Frustrated..Version: 1.31.12521

Won’t let me inSome how my child email account say it was deleted and now I can’t get in to fix it on my end or his at almost of what to do and help out there for this.Version: 1.47.14363

Time consuming and frustratingI have been trying to switch my account back from adult to child for days with no success. I eventually had to create another account and had to stop using my old account which had all of my data on it..Version: 1.89.20732


Totally worthlessSimply doesn’t work. Will not allow creation of accounts for kids and even worse, during the process it throws up a bizarre error message and leaves you with no option but to force shutdown the app. Unbelievably poor..Version: 1.62.16274

HorridI got this app as my sons had a Samsung and me an iPhone- I hated it from the off, I’m not a big Samsung fan and would rather have just had two iPhones so I could do the family account that way, however this app was meant to be just as easy. The whole process has been horrid, having to create a google account for my child just to set up the app was a hassle, then the app setup is a hassle too. The app wasn’t very helpful other than to stop my son playing till all hours in the morning, the layout and functionality is poor. I also found that adverts have been popping up on the Samsung phone since installing this app which eat at the data and are just annoying in general- not needed or wanted. I also found I couldn’t do anything on the Samsung in settings due to the app being the admin on the phone now- a password override should be in place. Uninstalling was a nightmare as you have to remove the account from both phones but if you don’t do it from the kids phone first it’s a nightmare. Not a great experience and would not recommend it or use it again.Version: 1.42.13706

HopelessHopeless app! Can’t even setup an account for my daughter to use her chrome book! Doesn’t let me get past the credit card details !.Version: 1.55.15206

ConfusedSoooo confusing.Version: 1.61.16100

App crashes - now working but chromebook not yet supportedCan’t rate it as I can’t get into it after downloading the app. A tad frustrating. Seems to download and open fine on Samsung phone but not iPhone 5S even though I have the latest software. Update: the above is now fixed so I can open it on my iPhone. Daughter has chromebook and Samsung phone. Installed app on her phone and tried to connect but as she is signed in on chromebook it won’t connect as chromebook not yet supported. How frustrating. Cannot connect her phone or chromebook. If I try on phone I have to set up a new account (email) but ensure her current gmail account is not attached to her phone. Grrr!.Version: 1.28.11891

Parents please read (seriously)Hello parents thank you for reading :) i am very upset that these kind of apps exist... we get it you want to protect your child. but when your kids find out they'll have this horrible feeling inside that you have no trust in them, and that you think we are not responsible. well possibly your child is not responsible. TALK TO US!!! instead of keeping control over our lives and everything we do. i honestly think it's an invasion of our privacy... in some apps YOU CAN SEE WHAT WE TEXT. now may not seem like it but that really would upset us. mom, since you have an app like this with no disrespect please delete it if you are reading this. i'd rather you go through my phone instead of you being able to see my screen time, messages etc. thanks for reading i hope this makes you think. (ps. this is leila) hehe.Version: 1.79.19295

Problem with setupReading older reviews, the problem appears to still not have been solved. Tried several times unsuccessfully to create an google account for my child. Got up to the credit card information page, then only arrive on blank page. Very basic interface and still not working, what the heck?.Version: 1.55.15206

HellThis app makes life like hell now, because I’m not able to leave my family group, and mom is now watching my activity about 24/7. I have become super grumpy because of this, and this app should have never been created. This app is like taking away a person’s privileges, so it’s like being a slave! I would expect that many kids who are like me, are also steamed because of this. This app is rated a 4.6, because most reviews are adults, who are like a king, who like to see people suffer from this. How would you like it if you were treated like this! People like me are being treated less like people, and more like computer, because they don’t think we have any feelings, but we all do!.Version: 1.71.17870

....Kids deserve privacy.Version: 1.81.19514

Don’t use it!!!I am so frustrated right now. This is the very opposite of parental control because this app doesn’t allow me, the parent, to choose what my daughter can or cannot have on her phone. Who are you to decide what is suitable for MY child???!! And as the cherry on the cake I now cannot remove the app from her phone without deleting her google account which I don’t want to do. I can’t tell you how annoyed I am that this has taken up some of our precious family time and I can’t even remove it. Very poor..Version: 1.44.13931

Parents readI swear if my dad puts this app on my phone I am going to head to google headquarters and delete this app myself we have no freedom wanna know why your children won’t talk to you it’s bc you put this on the phone I hope you realize this app is horrible for your childs mental health especially the bedtime thing and if after reading this and you still did not change it I hope you fall down your grandmas stairs and never recover bc this app is just wrong I just deleted this app from my phone last night and I have had so much freedom I can stay up and talk to my friends about homework and stuff but when I had a timer on my phone I could not do anything anyways so once your child turns a certain age and you did not delete this app hopefully you know why your child hates you and never talks to you and also stays inside theist room most of the time bc it was all your fault and don’t come crying to them begging for forgiveness for putting that app on their device bc they will not forgive you but instead tell you to go away Anyways I finished by besties.Version: 1.102.23018

Family payment methodI’m trying to set up a family payment method and it’s so difficult! I’m not getting anywhere. The instructions written online look simple but they’re impossible to follow because there are dead ends..Version: 1.68.17369

Frustration!!I have never been so frustrated with a google program in my life! The app keeps giving me an access code and when I enter it on the device to have control, it states that it is the wrong code! There is no where to chat or contact anyone. I am ready to throw my chromebook across the room. Thanks google 🙄🙄.Version: 1.48.14507

Why do I have to give card payment details?So, it was a pain not being able to use any email address but a google mail address, so anyway I set one up for me and one for my child. But then it wouldn’t let me go any further until I added my debit / credit card details. I wasn’t happy to do this so I deleted the app straight away. As it’s meant to be a free app, why on earth do they need card payment details? A big no no for me. Waste of time.Version: 1.43.13811

Great apart from….The location tracking doesn’t work. Please don’t rely on this app to safely track your loved ones - it will let you down. Apart from that, it’s really good. Full control over what the kids can (and can’t) do on their phones with lots of options to limit time. You will need a separate proper tracking app alongside it though..Version: 1.84.20042

Can’t actually change my kids settingsIt says you’ve changed the access but nothing really has changed.Version: 1.67.17192

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Google Family Link works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Google Family Link.

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