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Watch Cam For Nest Cam Positive Reviews

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Watch Cam for Nest Cam App User Positive Comments 2022

Watch Cam for Nest Cam app received 45 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about watch cam for nest cam?

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Watch Cam for Nest Cam for Positive User Reviews

Fantastic app!Works great on my Series 4. Highly recommended to Apple Watch users..Version: 6.5

Doesn’t Work Properly After MigrationHi, when I migrated over to a Google account, your Watch Cam for Mac OS & Watch Cam for iOS both stopped displaying this, "Auto-Display Last Event Video Clip". I have logged out & back in, deleted & reinstalled & nothing will fix it. I have Nest Aware Plus and the clips still show perfectly on my Nest app. Please help because I seriously rely on that feature. I’ve emailed support numerous times, but nobody ever responded. Thank you. Thank you for responding. Changed rating to 5 Stars because other than this aspect, which is out of your control, the app is awesome! I’d make a suggestion that your app description also include what you’ll be losing if you migrate from Nest to Google. I might never have migrated had I known this. Thanks again!.Version: 8.2

Can’t live without this app!This app is a must have for any Nest owner. So much faster to view your cams quickly. Plus the developer is a really nice guy and is very helpful and friendly when contacted..Version: 8.1

Not steadyIt seems to be caught in a loop and will not stream live camera on Apple Watch. Refund was issued by the developer. Even though the app looks nice in needs a little work. Excellent service..Version: 7.3

Works greatI was forced to merge with google and it stopped working like they warned. I emailed the guy and he was amazing. Thanks again!.Version: 7.8.1

Great for quick viewingBeen using it for years and decided to write a little review. Don’t use the app itself much but I always install this on my devices to quickly view my 2 nest cams. Does what it’s supposed to do and don’t see anything else like it..Version: 8.5.1

Best app!Best app ever for cam work! App support is the best ever , thanks Marko for the quick fix . I amaze everyone with this app on my watch and it so easy to use.Version: 6.6

Perfect!Had to uninstall and reinstall to get the app on the watch but now it’s up and running I love it..Version: 7.3

SupportThe developer response to emails and will give his support as needed. I really like the fact that it's very easy to use and comes with excellent customer service..Version: 7.9

Love seeing my cameras on my Apple WatchApp allows me to see the live feed from my 3 Nest Cameras. I had an operation question and Marko answered my email super quick and helped me resolve the minor issue. Very happy with this App!.Version: 8.4

Broken now that I’ve migrated to Google login.Need to update this app so it works with new Google login..Version: 7.3

Great App with Responsible DeveloperIf you are a Nest customer and own an Apple no more and buy this!.Version: 7.0

GREAT watch appI’ve long wanted the ability to quickly check the Nest Cam from my wrist (for example, when I wake up, to see if the baby has woken up, or to check in when I’m working out at the gym). This app works much better than I thought would be possible; it is fast, responsive, and refreshes the watch every few seconds, even if connected to your phone via Bluetooth. There’s also zoom, either by tapping or using the Digital Crown. You can switch between last activity and live stream by force pressing on the Watch. Fantastic! One feature request: improve the features on the phone/tablet app when you have time; it’s more useful than you think. For example, any chance the iPad could get Picture-in-Picture, which the Nest app doesn’t have? Thank you!.Version: 4.6

Great appWorked great while using nest account. Had to switch to google account and can’t wait for the support to get this app going again. Update the developer is awesome and is putting in the work on his apps. I’m guessing google support will be out soon..Version: 7.7

Great app!After outstanding technical support got it up and running! Thank u!.Version: 5.2

Great AppDeveloper updates regularly with latest IOS features and customer requests. Well worth the price!.Version: 4.0

Can’t add to widget?Can someone please help? It won’t add to widgets? iPhone 12 Pro latest software updated..Version: 8.4

Trouble free appI was so thrilled to find this application. Who would’ve ever thought that I got to see all of my nest cameras right on my watch. The cameras instantly show up when you tap the widget on your watch. The app that is installed on your phone also allows you to see all of your cameras on the first page when you open up the app. The bottom line is quick, accessible and works 100% of the time. Thank you for a while engineered product..Version: 8.5.1

Finally works with Google Account LoginI’ve used Watch Cam for years and have loved its simplicity, yet powerful capabilities that allow me to monitor my Nest Cams on my Watch. Last Fall, when Google acquired Nest and changed the way the login for the Nest Cams worked, crazy me didn’t read the disclaimer thoroughly, and didn’t realize that once I changed the login option for Nest to use my Google Login instead, I wouldn’t be able to use my old Nest Login on other apps, even if they were not set up to use Google as a login option. But once I had tried to log into this app, I found I could no longer use it because Google hadn’t provided the API capabilities to others to incorporate into their apps. BUT...! Today, I found that Watch Cam now has the Google Account Login Option and I immediately tried it and guess what? IT WORKS!! and it doesn’t just work, it runs faster, and streams faster than ever before! To the Developers at Watch Cam, GREAT JOB!!.Version: 8.0

Fantastic appEasy and quick install to view my Nest Cams at home and at our London home. Thank you!.Version: 7.2

ExcellentVery nice on the Apple Watch used Siri!.Version: 6.0

Best Nest Cam AppThis app is amazing, and the customer service can’t be beat. I had a problem with my cams streaming and he worked with me for three days to get the issue fixed. He will not stop till you’re happy!!! Get the app you won’t be disappointed!!!.Version: 7.7

Google sign in finally is hereThank you for making it available as soon as you can. I forced to switch over after installed an Echo Show and wanted to use it for viewing my cameras when at home. It was a difficult decision after having this app for years and at that point meant losing one of my best widgets. This is the quickest way to view your cameras than using Nest app..Version: 8.0

Awesome app and developerCan't suggest this app enough. I've emailed the dev on a few occasions with bugs and feature requests and has promptly emailed me back and implemented my suggestions. Great app! Keep up the good work..Version: 4.0

OutstandingI can see all cameras without having to check my iPhone. Works great, configures itself. Most useful app on my watch!.Version: 8.3

Extremely Helpful DeveloperThe app works just as I had hoped it would. I am able to see a live stream on my Apple Watch and the last event. When I purchased the the app the last event option would not display on my phone or watch. I contacted the developer and he worked with me for multiple days trying to get to the root cause. He never gave up and even offered me a refund. I declined his offer to refund because I knew his app worked due to a friend who has the app. He contacted Nest for me and I sent him some information that Nest asked for. The next day there’s a software update for my Nest app. And Nest had fixed the problem on there end. I do not leave many reviews but I really wanted to somehow thank the developer for being so diligent on getting this to work for me. I wish all developers were like the gentleman who created this app. I would not hesitate to purchase an app from this developer!.Version: 4.0

Excellent appI spent quite a long time trying around five other web cam streaming / baby camera apps in order to monitor an elderly relative who has dementia. I needed an app that would work on both iOS on my iPhone and which would also work on my Apple Watch 3 LTE so I can check on my relative easily when I don’t have immediate access to my phone. This is the most consistent, stable app I have found for streaming live video (around 1 frame per second or 1 frame per two seconds) to the Apple Watch and I’m pleased to say it works for my purposes perfectly - it’s exactly what I had been looking for. I found setting up the Watch Cam app quick and easy. The app needs a Nest Cam to work and this was also easy for me to set up. In my opinion the investment in both camera and app is well worth it. I had a couple of questions to ask Marko regarding the app’s functionality before and after setting up which I emailed to him - he got back to me straight away and is extremely helpful. Excellent app - very cool. Thanks Marko!.Version: 4.6

Fantastic app for Nest camerasThis is the Nest camera app I was hoping existed and I love it. I find that I check the cameras on my Apple Watch Series 4 more than on my phone just because of the convenience. I highly recommend getting Thermo Watch too from the same author if you have a Nest thermostat..Version: 6.0

Always improvingGreat must own app if you have Nest! Dev is always updating and adding features. Despite the name, the app is worth it even if you don’t have an Apple Watch as it brings Nest cams to your widgets screen!.Version: 6.0

Great way to view Nest cams!This app is fantastic & the developer is quick to respond with any questions or issues!.Version: 8.2

Easily worth the costI rarely pay for apps or write reviews. This app deserves both. It is exactly what I was looking for. It does what it says it will, and the developer is extraordinarily helpful with any questions. Great app!.Version: 8.2

♥️♥️♥️IT ACTUALLY DOES WHAT IT SAYS! Dropcam/Nest camera viewing on my (series two) Apple Watch. The camera widget for the phone is just a bonus - I’ve kept waiting for Nest to add camera support for the watch, and was thrilled to find a third party app filling that void. (And doing so well.).Version: 6.1

Works Great & Zoom is AwesomeAt first I couldn’t see my camera stream, but Marko was extremely gracious with his time helping me. Turns out I just didn’t see the app in my Watch settings. Once I found it everything was fine. The app works great! I can stream anytime to see what’s going on. The zoom feature on my watch is far better than I expected. I have the smaller watch and was concerned about really being able to see anything, but it is clear and definitely zooms in enough to see everything. Very happy. Highly recommend. The functionality and customer service has been great. Thank you!!.Version: 4.6

Excellent AppApp works great. It is nice to be able to see cameras on the Apple Watch. I also had a technical question one recent evening and I got an unbelievably fast response. So thumbs up for the app and related support..Version: 8.2

Almost thereI’ve been a fan of this app since I found it. It’s the only app that allows my Nest Cams to be seen on brilliant widgets, and the only app that lets me view my Nest Cameras live on my watch. So, I’m working with the developer to iron out bugs and it’s almost there. The upcoming version for those that migrated to google login is coming. I’m running it and it works! Hats off to this developer for caring about his app..Version: 7.8.1

Hidden GemAs per the title, this app is vital if you have lots of Nest Cams. Best part is actually being able to use it as a widget when you slide right from your Home Screen. Previews are almost instant. Absolute game changer for me :).Version: 8.5.1

The bestI buy neat cameras for this software that is wonderful, now it doesn't mention waiting for the nest update, congratulations.Version: 7.9.5

Log in.Need to be able to log in using google account. One star until that gets fixed. Revised review! Developer sent me a beta version that allows google log in. So far app is working great. Able to view cameras on my watch now. Great support from developer. Will continue to evaluate but currently it’s looking good..Version: 7.7

Finally PerfectThe last update got the app where it needed to be. Perfect.Version: 6.5

Exactly what NEST was missingThis app is amazing. It adds the functionality that the NEST app is missing. The widget and voice control are fantastic. Highly recommended..Version: 6.6

Responsive Developer, Great AppRecently purchased the iWatch 6 and was eager to view my front door cam while working remote. I had issues getting the app to authenticate and contacted the developer. He responded promptly with a resolution and I was on my way. Very happy with the customer service and the app - takes advantage of the new real estate on the 44mm face, the API to Nest is responsive. and the interface is simple to use..Version: 8.4

Excellent !!!Don't really leave reviews, but this one deserves five stars. I've reached out twice for support which was immediate and just couldn't have been better. Great app, as is the thermo app..Version: 4.6

Great, convenient apps and great supportI’ve been using Thermo Watch and Watch Cam to manage my Nest thermostats and security cameras for a while now and even through the rocky transition with Google acquiring Nest, the developer has provided tremendous support and rapid responses to any issues I’ve encountered. I love that Mac OS versions still work and are free. They are so convenient and unobtrusive and very well laid out and designed..Version: 8.2

Impressive- delivers as promisedEasy set up. From download to streaming on a series three in under 2 minutes. Very pleased. Highly recommend given no nest app for watch. Thx!.Version: 8.2

Excellent AppIt does exactly what it says! The developer was very prompt and precise when I had to reach out to him for question! I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this app!.Version: 6.4

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