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MyFLO Period Tracker App User Positive Comments 2023

MyFLO Period Tracker app received 47 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about myflo period tracker?

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MyFLO Period Tracker for Positive User Reviews

Thanks for this great resource.Great app, great info, easy to use. One issue is that not all symptoms are available to track in each phase. For example headache can't be selected in ovulation phase..Version: 1.0

Amazing appSo much rich information. I have so much about myself through app. It’s been life changing for me. There have been technical difficulties up I get replies from the tech staff with seconds. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it is working pretty well..Version: 1.8

Great app yet often crashesI love the info provided and recommendations yet often have the problem of the app crashing on me. Happens very frequently.Version: 1.9

Where Has This Been All My Life?!As I was reading about some scary lady symptoms I’m experiencing, I came across a really comforting article written by the woman who created this app. Who knew someone could comfort me so fully just by helping me understand my body. I literally cried because I’ve never once experienced such a deep sense of care from any gyno/doctor in my entire life. And she did it in one article! I downloaded this app immediately, and I can't believe nobody has created this sooner. A lifetime of sucky periods, and terrible hormonal cycles, and I'm just now getting to learn how to fix it. I’m a huge believer in using food as medicine, so this is right up my alley. It feels so validating to have something that fully supports that method..Version: 1.9

FLO app is amazingI love this app!! It is sooo helpful and is truly teaching about my 4 phases. Every woman needs to have this!.Version: 1.9

Game changerThis app is a game changer! Loving it.Version: 1.9

No longer workingMy MyFLO app stopped working a few months ago. I deleted it and rebooted it, but when I type my password in, it would either close the app automatically and go to my home screen, or be forever pending ‘getting data’. There’s no customer support, I’ve tried emailing on the website. Disappointing because prior to this I was using the app every day..Version: 1.7

Almost perfectI love the idea of this app and I find the symptom tracker incredibly helpful, however there are a lot of bugs and glitches and I keep having to delete the app and reinstall. I would also recommend that you read Alisa’s book ‘In The Flo”. I find there’s not enough information given here to really help your cycle. What’s more, I wish you could log your temperature in the app and track that. I have to use an additional app to log my temperature. I don’t find there’s enough in-depth information about your bodies changes throughout your cycle. If this app could include both symptom advice and how to improve your cycle, plus logging all the technical information, this app would be amazing..Version: 1.9

Clean & Simple AppMost of the menstrual and ovulation tracking apps on the market today are the most ridiculous, comical things I have seen, but not this one. It is simply designed, simple to understand, and doesn’t overwhelm you with information. Most of the apps these days treat you like you are a teenager who needs bells, whistles, and emojis to understand anything. There really does need to be an industry intervention to stop this foolishness. I couldn’t take it. I am so glad I found MyFlo. It tells me only the essential information I need and doesn’t treat me like a 13 year old. It treats me like the 45 year old woman I am. Thank you! 🙏🏽.Version: 1.9

I have been waiting for thisI have needed something like this in my life for a long time. This is easy, simple, informative and helpful.Version: 1.9

Needs to be updated!I love this app but since i updated my IOS i am unable to add daily stats/symptoms unless it is during your period!.Version: 1.9

I love the app BUT...This is a great app but it freezes! Yesterday it said “checking for updates” the wheel started turning- and turning -24 hours later! I opened the app and yes I was still seeing the same pink page with “checking for updates”. So frustrating when you want to log your daily info before you forget how the day went for your hormones. Please do a fix for it..Version: 1.9

Clean and easy to use, please add BBT tracking!Still playing around with this app, but it Looks like a really interesting tracking app, the prompts are great. So far have found it clean and simple to track, but am disappointed I can’t track BBT! Would be great if this was added as a feature - unless there is the ability to do this and I haven’t found it yet?.Version: 1.9

Rosemarie CorlettThanks so much for this app. I feel really fortunate not only to have been able to access the tracker and recommendations, both of which are thoughtful and well designed, I've also loved being directed to your blog posts on your site, your Facebook live talks and your WomanCode book. This is a wealth of new and exciting information for me that is so informed and well balanced. In a matter of weeks I have become so committed to my health. I think I never connected to being super healthy to get fit or look young, somehow this wasn't enough to motivate me. But the framework within which you promote health and wellbeing is so meaningful, and so clearly tailored by women for women. Getting in touch with my wellbeing, pleasure and self care through the medium of understanding, listening to and respecting my cycle is empowering because it works from the inside out. Thanks for your very generous and well informed contribution. I has meant the world to me. X.Version: 1.1

Good but not GreatGreat app to learn about the different cycle phases and what they mean, especially if you’re keen to ‘cycle sync’ however the app has a tendency to just ‘stop working’ every so often and the only fix is to delete it and re-install..Version: 1.9

Great but...The app and Flo Living methodology have changed the game for women who want to embrace their period and live synchronously in tune with their bodies. BUT about once a month I have to delete and reinstall the app as it won’t let me add daily logs; pretty silly for a paid app..Version: 1.9

The content is greatHowever, there are some responsive issues on the app that don’t allow me to get access to the day. In consequence, I’ve had to eliminate it and reinstall it again and again several times. Also, I would love to be able to change the length of my periods as they are never the same amount of days long..Version: 1.9

Love it BUT...It was great before IOS14 update ... can’t input information in it now, and if I dis-install it I will lose all my data !! Please fix this ! Thx.Version: 1.9

Very usefulFantastic app & used to be very useful! However, there is no setting for when you’re pregnant, postpartum, etc. This has affected the app’s ability to predict my cycle now that I’ve returned to normal..Version: 1.9

This is the best period app everI have endometriosis and this app sorts me out! 110% would recommend 💕.Version: 1.9

Really good app that could be great with updates!I never write reviews but I love love love this app/idea enough to ask for some edits to make it even better. Only app of its kind I can really find. Would love to see it be updated in response to all the reviews. Some suggestions: -Right now any selection of the “Cramps” symptom under “I am experiencing” displays recommendations based on mid-cycle ovulation cramping, which is obviously a mistake. A bit annoying bc managing cramps is a major reason I use the app! -More options for tracking under “I am experiencing” for both negative symptoms and positive signs - at the very least, please add some buttons for mental health/energy like “Inattentive” “High Energy” “Anxious” “Focused” “Distracted” “Verbal” “Inward Focused” “Sociable” -This is a long shot but would really distinguish the app: Allow the tracking of more than one person’s cycle (like multiple calendars you could toggle between) - for family and friends of the user. I would love to track my partner’s cycle on the same app. -Please disclose your privacy practices. This is very sensitive to e info and we deserve to know what’s being done with it, and to opt in or opt out..Version: 1.9

Life changing appThis app has literally changed my life. I have a more connected and intuitive relationship with my cycle which means I am more connected to my body which means I am happier in all other areas of my Life. Like I said, life changing! Thank you so much for this..Version: 1.8

Amazing!This app is great, I feel empowered !.Version: 1.9

Great app but deleted all of my infoI love this app and all of the information and guidance it has to offer, however I went onto the app and noticed all of my information was gone and I had lost all of the months worth of tracking I had been doing. I am Unsure why this happened but I am alittle sad I have lost everything. Besides this, this is a great app and I would highly recommend!.Version: 1.9

Forward thinking for women that want realityThis app is great! Compared to others it provides responsive information, guidance and recommendations on what is best for you. Not the average woman, not a statistic. It is Defined by the information you enter regarding your cycle. Then what you get is support to live in sync with your flow, I look forward to updating it and have found it very empowering to understand what's best for me as a result of what my hormones are doing. This should be free for every person as soon as they start a cycle of bleeding....Version: 1.0

I love everything except the glitches!Definitely the superior cycle monitoring app in terms of relevance and the user friendly aspect but it often glitches and doesn’t allow me to add daily notes/symptoms. I find myself having to reinstall far too often..Version: 1.9

Supportive/EducationalI downloaded this app from a recommendation from a podcast I regularly listen to. It’s helped me understand how my body changes throughout each cycle and within each phase of that cycle. I love the information provided about each phase which includes tips to best support your body, mind and energy levels during that time. The app is user friendly and the notes section has become somewhat like a daily journal entry. Really enjoying learning more about my body and how best to support/honour being female..Version: 1.9

It's a miracle appThe MyFlo app has totally changed my life. I used to have violently painful periods ( think vomiting in the streets if I didn't get my hands on the strongest ibuprofen) and within three months of following the types of food most beneficial to my cycle phases I stopped using ibuprofen altogether!The app also helps me distribute my weekly/monthly tasks according to what I am most inclined to do best in the cycle phase: brainstorming, analysing, pitching, planning.... I cannot recommend it enough. I have been a wreak for so long, It feels so good to start seeing the light, be highly efficient and in harmony with my self and others. Thank you MyFlo..Version: 1.1

Women need this app!It is so amazing to see that Alisa has created an app which actually helps women to properly understand their cycle! This is so important for every woman to know and I love that she has outlined the 4 phases of your cycle so clearly! She’s a Wonder Woman..Version: 1.9

Great app, but it has a glitchUnfortunately this app only works correctly for a short time, for me it was 3 weeks, before it stops letting you input your symptoms for the day. I find keeping track of symptoms was super helpful for me to pinpoint ovulation and see improvement over the month. I was using it everyday and was really loving the app when suddenly it stoped working. I reported the issue but got no response and it hasn’t been fixed. Until it’s fixed the app is less helpful than one of the free versions like Clue, which I use instead now..Version: 1.9

Good, BUTSo far, I really like using the app to track my cycle. I’ve read the book, and so this was the only cycle tracking app I could find that tracked all stages of my cycle, not just the menstrual. It is occasionally glitchy, but quitting and restarting the app seems to help, and I remain hopeful that a future update will fix this bug. My main point of contention however, is that in the book, Alisa specifically states that while our common societal acceptance is for the menstrual phase to be week 1, this is not in fact the case, and it is instead week 4. And yet, in the “My cycle phases” section of the app - while it does list the phases in their Alisa-ordained order - when you click each one for more information, the purple section under the heading says “phase one” for menstrual, “phase two” for follicular, and so on - completely contrary to what Alisa teaches us. (?!?!) Why on Earth her own app undermines her writing with this oversight is beyond me - the logic is good, it is based in nature, and the app should reflect her point of view from the book. Otherwise- what is the incentive for choosing this app over another with more bells and whistles or a more modern aesthetic? The selling point is Alisa’s viewpoint, so logic would dictate that the app should follow that to the letter..Version: 1.9

Great Before UpdateThis is my go-to app as it’s the only one that truly tracks reproductive disorders and potential concerns. I love it. But, after the update I’m not able to input any data and I’m not getting updated recommendations. Please fix this bug as this is a very useful tool, but not if we cannot input data..Version: 1.9

AppIts ok, i have to delete it and download it again every few weeks because it doesn't let me put my data in so I end up losing track of my symptoms. Its not a bit deal but still not ideal.Version: 1.9

Please fix bugs!!!I really love this app, and find everything it has to offer so insightful. However I find it crashes every few months and I’m having to delete and re-enter my data, meaning I lose all of my tracking! So frustrating :(.Version: 1.9

Great idea with room for improvementI have listened to many podcasts and have read her book. I’ve got to say, it’s quite a revolutionary concept in terms of taking control of our bodies and health. However my main complaint with app is how many times I’ve had to re-download it because it freezes when you try to log symptoms. I don’t mind because I like the app but I would highly recommend that the developers figure out another update soon, which I’m sure they’ve looked into already. I’ll give it five stars when I don’t have to download it every month 😊.Version: 1.9

Nice, but missing some featuresLove how the app lets you track symptoms, gives you recommendations, tells you what that symptom means, let’s you change the start and end date of present and past periods. Overall, I like it. DO NOT use the app to prevent pregnancy, did not accurately tell me when I was ovulating. Missing features to include tracking pregnancy on chart and end of pregnancy (termination or miscarriage). Found out I was 6 weeks pregnant end of May, the pregnancy ended a couple weeks later. I am on my 4th cycle after that and my period calculator still says my cycle comes every 40+ days when it has been a regular 28 day cycle. I like the app, but wish they would include new pregnancy/end of pregnancy buttons, symptoms, etc just like like the menstrual cycle info. And use this info to update the menstrual cycle algorithm. Again, DO NOT use the app to prevent pregnancy. I think I ovulate much earlier in my cycle than what I thought (and what is traditionally taught in school ~14 days)..Version: 1.9

Love this AppSuch an awesome app to track your cycle. I use it every day!.Version: 1.2

Good, could use some improvementI recently downloaded this app and so far am generally pleased with the experience. I love that MyFlo gives you specific recommendations based on your symptoms and current phase in your cycle — this is very helpful and informative. However, I would like to see more in terms of emotional wellness. For example, I would really like to see specific symptoms (and corresponding recommendations) related to mood such as anxiety, irritability, happiness, sadness, apathy, calmness, depression, etc. I believe these are important aspects of/insights into our cycles and provide valuable information about our health and wellbeing. Having recommendations for various mood-related symptoms such as these would greatly help so many women/menstruating people. I also do not love the format/functionality of the app but it is user-friendly and overall would recommend. For these reasons I will continue to use my previous tracking app alongside this one, but hope to see this app grow in the future and overall would definitely recommend!.Version: 1.9

Great appThis app is excellent, allows you to know exactly when your next period is coming but also what phase of your cycle you’re in. It allows to track your symptoms and gives you insights on how to fix them! That being said, the last version is buggy and the tracking popup doesn’t open anymore (on iPhone X at least).Version: 1.9

Too early to rateI had the same issue as a reviewer before me (Sarahsiders *June 14th) and was very disappointed. I was not able to log in for days because the app said “searching for updates” although there were none. But, since I’ve only been using the app for a month, I decided to try to delete and reinstall the app. It warns you that all the app’s info will be deleted. After doing so and logging back in, I was glad to find out that all of my information was still there. I didn’t want to necessarily rate this app since I haven’t used it long enough, but I wanted to get this info out there..Version: 1.9

OMG could’ve spent 100x for all this good infoI just downloaded the app today and just... wow. I’m in awe of how informative and well designed it is. I love that I can look up what food is good for me in this stage of my cycle, then schedule that meal in my calendar with a click of a button. So many more cool functions I didn’t know I needed but I’m so glad they’re included. Best app ever..Version: 1.9

Just the best thing everDead on, liberating, refreshing, inspiring / I’m so grateful!.Version: 1.9

Good App but not LGBTQ FriendlyI RARELY write reviews especially ones with criticisms, but I feel this is something that needs to be said. I love this app and all of the tips it gives with symptoms. I could take or leave the pushes to sell their products but hey, I get it. Gotta pay the bills. I am a cis woman who is in a relationship with a woman. Something that irritates me about this app is it defaults to tips about my relationship with my partner as if it is a man. It’s 2021. Not every woman is in a relationship and not every woman is with a man. And cis women aren’t the only ones who bleed. This is a quality app with good tips, but please stop thinking that because I have a uterus I must be with a man. Thank you!!!! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈.Version: 1.9

Essential App for all womenBy far the best period tracking app I’ve ever used. An essential for all women who want to truly know how their bodies work. I recommend this app to all my health coaching clients. I hope one say all women will use this app and understand their bodies the way Alissa teaches..Version: 1.9

Excellent way to learn about my inner selfSo far, it looks so easy. I don’t have any major issues around my cycle, but I wanted to learn more about it, get my mind and body in synchrony, and listen to all the little cues that my body is trying to scream out. I love that this app allows me to learn about my inner self in an easy and not time-consuming way..Version: 1.9

Love the app - more personalised analysis please!I put a lot of data into this app, and continue to do so as I find it useful to read the advice for different stages of my cycle. However now that I’ve stated some new contraception and am experience mid-cycle spotting, I’d like to know what I might expect from the app in terms of helpful personalised analysis of my symptoms (even a quarterly or half yearly summary might be useful so I can see at a glance how regular my periods have been, any longer term changes etc).Version: 1.8

MyFLOI purchased MYFLO supplements that promise a better period after one month. I was skeptical at first bc it just didnt seem realistic. I’ve been suffering with long periods my whole life (I would bleed for 2 months most the time 😭) and was willing to try anything besides birth control. I finally purchased these supplements at 27 years old (after many years of dealing with this horrible period) and within one month I had normal period just like the website promised . I literally didn’t change a thing. I kept my diet the same and I don’t have a good diet (working on that next) I am so happy I made the decision to purchase the supplements and the app. It has change my life ! The app has helped me realize how on track I am..Version: 1.8

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