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Video Delay Instant Replay Pro Positive Reviews

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Video Delay Instant Replay Pro App User Positive Comments 2024

Video Delay Instant Replay Pro app received 12 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about video delay instant replay pro?

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Video Delay Instant Replay Pro for Positive User Reviews

Perfect for coaching divingI coach a dive team, and this app has been awesome for providing the divers and me with quick feedback. With buffered mode I'm able to save the dive after they perform it, and the delay continues which is unique among the delayed video apps I've tried. For my use case (short delay of 15 seconds or so, with ability to save for later analysis), it does the job very well. The development team has also been very helpful with questions and feature requests!.Version: 1.1.1

Great for Diving!I use this app daily and send the delayed video feed to an Apple TV for my divers to watch what they did. Works great! It does get a little choppy at times but nothing to worry about. I’ve recommended the app and my setup to the area diving coaches..Version: 2.1.10

Apple Watch record crashApp crashes frequently when trying to record replays using Apple Watch. A simple save button available on the watch would be perfect so we can save replays the full length of the buffer time by pressing one button rather than having to trigger on and off record and then the app crashing. Love the app but if you guys add this save feature from the Watch instead of a trigger record on and off feature, or have both work every time, it will be next level!.Version: 2.3.5

Excellent product. Use with external camera??Love the product thus far. Use it with our swimmers and divers. I would really like to use it with an external camera so that I can place the camera underwater. Is this possible???.Version: 2.1.10

Almost perfect for what I need.Works great for instant feedback for the athletes. We have it mirrored through an Apple TV to a wall mounted TV. The only thing I’d like to see added would be the ability to tap the screen save the buffered video to the phone at that point..Version: 1.2.9

Works for watching pool trick shotsMy 13 year old wanted a video camera set up so he could watch his pool (billiards) shots. I did some research and came across this app. It works really well for us, we like that we can pick the delay. 15 seconds works great for us most of the time. We originally put his phone on a tripod but the tripod was in the way a lot so we ended up buying a SkyMount on Amazon so his phone hangs from the ceiling. He connects to our TV via AirPlay and if he has a really great shot, he can take advantage of the delay time to screen record the shot. We haven’t had any issues with the app and are happy with it!.Version: 3.0

Overlay lines on live delayI want to measure my swing plane for golf. Would it be possible to have a line overlay on live buffering view?.Version: 3.0

Great training toolThis delay video has truly helped me get my form correct. Best investment I’ve made in an app..Version: 1.2.9

Really goodThis is really good, i use it for bowling and when I turnaround I can see what went well or poorly. I wish the replay was a little longer because by the time I get to the phone my replay window has passed. Response to developer question: My use case - I’m a bowler and when I use this app I’m using it alone. I generally have a 10 second buffer on which allows me to bowl, turnaround, and watch what I did. However, by the time I watch what I did and decide I want to replay my video I’ve gone past the buffer time and can’t replay the video. It seems that in order to replay the video I have to have that immediately decided, which I don’t know until I see it the first time..Version: 3.0

Can you add…Can you add another preference setting for optionally auto saving every slo-mo video to Photos.Version: 3.0

Stops working once mirroring to TVI work with professional athletes and this app has been amazing fir my development strategies. Latest update has disallowed controls to function the moment I start mirroring to a TV. If unfixed, will render the app useless for my purposes..Version: 1.53

GymnasticsI work as a gymnastics coach and the gym I work for has some tv’s around the facility and this app is great for playing back video and letting the athletes watch themselves.Version: 1.51

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