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Grammarly - Keyboard & Editor App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Grammarly - Keyboard & Editor app received 134 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Grammarly - Keyboard & Editor? Can you share your negative thoughts about grammarly - keyboard & editor?

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Grammarly - Keyboard & Editor for Negative User Reviews

DO NOT DOWNLOADThis ruined my emojis my phone is brand new the one just before the 7 and I spent my whole night trying to fix it I deleted the app as soon as possible and it didn’t change anything 😭😭😭.Version: 1.0.20

No bluetooth why???!!!How? I do believe this nonsense of the feature no bluetooth keyboard I strongly believe that is stupid. There is no point of downloading if you cant use the keyboard. I am on a mobile device not a pc and I need my Bluetooth keyboard. Firstly It is hard to type fast if you can’t use your bluetooth keyboard maybe the apple auto correct is better because you are obviously not allowing us to use the Bluetooth keyboard please improve and add it in a update. Secondly I cant write an essay without the Bluetooth keyboard because I only have a week to do my homework and if I have to tap my fingers on the screen it as well take 2 weeks. Lastly like some people say “there is a bee in her bonnet” I am in the same situation no keyboard, big problem. In conclusion please improve this problem of mine and update to allow Bluetooth keyboards Sincerely Mr Illuminati.Version: 1.0.24

Unstable, slow, no predictive textThis review compares Grammarly vs the apple keyboard (UK English) - I'm a speed typist. I love Grammarly, they do what they say they do, but I find is there are some major flaws with this keyboard compared to the iOS keyboard. 1: quick replies via SMS do not recognise the keyboard 2: accidental mistyping errors (ones that apple finds) doesn't get corrected - Grammarly recognises them as unknown words rather than simply replacing likely words based on writing style (example: ehej (GK recognizes ”they” when the word was actually when... See what I mean?).Version: 2.2.0

Allowing full access to my cards details?I have allowed access for this app to check my writing but full access , you kidding me? This is how it goes.” If you enable Full Access, developers are permitted to access, collect and transmit the data you type. In addition, if the third-party application containing the keyboard has your permission to access location, photos or other personal data” that’s not all, crazy, Long story short it does not work unless you allow allowing to view the contents of your phone. Why did I need to know your card number details and similar privacy information. I think you’re reaching to far..Version: 1.9.4

Long time subscriber almost 3 years reviewHi, ok not done a review for this software, until now, I've got Grammarly installed on my iPad and it's good until you don't want to use the keyboard, once you put that in place on my iPad 2018 you can’t see the icon for Grammatical errors but it is improving and I’m glad it’s come to the ISO. I feel this could be improved more, I like suggestion of alternative words on my computer and it would be nice to be able to use it on my mail on the mac, will continue unless someone else creates a better one. Thank you for creating this software it's allowing us, stupid people, to write right..Version: 1.4.2

SO MANY ADS and why FULL ACCESS?I can’t go on a single app without getting ads for this. It’s really annoying. And when I did finally get this app, it asked for full access to everything on my device. Not happening, that’s disrespectful to people’s privacy..Version: 1.9.3

Do not install that, if you don't want to get scam!They are forcing us to have full access! Like their is no privacy, they gonna see ur address, password, numbers, credit card code EVERYTHING!! Do not install this, it scam!!!!.Version: 1.9.6

I Like Having PrivacyDon’t get this, by granting full access they can see your address and stuff, I granted it for like a few minutes but then I deleted it. I just felt unsafe.Version: 1.7.0

Need more PrivacyFull access. Why? Do you have any policy written somewhere which shows you will not save our credentitials. Sorry uninstalling..Version: 1.0.19

Glitches and dodgy feesI downloaded the app after Grammarly offered a half-price annual deal. On the first significant document, I needed to check; it kept glitching and wouldn’t allow me to change anything. I contacted support. They offered me a partial refund and put me on a higher monthly plan. So not only did they take my partial annual fee, they then put me on a higher-paying monthly plan...all for a program that doesn't work on larger documents. It’s a fantastic idea, but they must sort out what to do when the program doesn’t work..Version: 2.6.0

UnusableHow does anyone use this app? I’m on an iPhone XS Max, and the app slows down typing on all apps. It makes the keyboard way less responsive, and I found the predictive text and autocorrect worse than the stock Apple functions. The ads are literally everywhere so I thought I would give it a go. I do not recommend..Version: 1.7.5

Do not risk itUsed this app for month worked very well as did some friends but when you agree to the term it state that the app owns all words typed in to keyboard using the app which in every day term means they can choose to use this whenever or as little ever as they want including selling your typed message to ai algorithm or how ever it’s spelt people can hack in to the app and get the algorithm to revel all typed words which included card details and site password when the data breach happened I had nearly 3k taken from 3 different account my Facebook and email was also hacked always make sure you use a vpn server when entering card details/ password as this tricks the algorithm to hide all password/card details due to a failure in how the algorithm is programmed !.Version: 1.2.1

American Grammar is NOT Canadian/British/Austrailain GrammarAmerican grammar isn’t the only English grammar that exists in the English language. If you’re going to provide an app to aid people in improving their grammar skills, than remember to include Canada/England. An example of your American grammar is the word “favor”, which incorrect to us because we use the letter “u”. If you want more people, specifically Canadians, the United Kingdom, Australians and other countries that use British grammar, using your app, please include us. Thank you..Version: 1.7.3

I know it's long but please readThis app is okay, but it is annoying because you have to pay for the majority of the things that it can do when you think about it I'm 12 years old, and what 12 year is going to want to pay £124:99 a year for one app that corrects grammar And yes I know that some people will agree and think that this is a reasonable price but I can almost assure you that 75% of the people who download this app will not be willing to pay that amount of money On the other hand, there are some upsides to this app like the things that it does do are great and helpful but I just wish it did more, something to make it stand out from the crowd I mean most keyboards that people use, such as messages or WhatsApp can correct spelling and grammar on their own without having to download the Grammarly app, without having to give the app complete access to your phone I wouldn't recommend this app Thank you for reading I know this was a rather long review.Version: 1.9.7

FrustratingThe review is written using Grammarly keyboard and a premium version. I'm giving it three stars at the moment. I purchased the premium version only because English is my second language, and I have a hard time formulating the correct sentences, so I was hoping that this app will come handy. As I wrote a sentence earlier today where I used ‘be left behind’, the Grammarly told me to consider changing it from the passive voice to the active voice. I have no idea what are these? I expected the Grammarly to give me the options or change it for me, but it didn't give me any choice. So now I'm left wondering how good this premium version is? Also, as I keep typing the spacebar doesn't work properly, and some words are coming out without space, and I keep going back to make space. I find the premium version to be way too expensive for what it offers currently and I doubt I will renew my subscription after one month..Version: 1.9.8

Not impressed.Very disappointing to find after I’ve already upgraded to premium that we have to forfeit our privacy to be able to use the app. Why on earth would you need to see everything I’ve typed in the past including address and credit card data?? Wish I’d known this before I paid the very expensive premiums for what I assumed would be a premium service!.Version: 1.6.0

Not happyWhen I start typing and Grammarly takes my words that I have put spaces between and turns the words into gibberish it is frustrating. This is an dxamlkemofbehatnutvdpoez. I was typing words and this is an example of what it does. I am not a fast typer so why this happens is a mystery. I use an iPad so I can see my finger touching the letters of the words and my the space bar so when gibberish shows in place of what I typed it upsets me that I have to constantly back track to correct the mess. What is going on Grammarly? Unhappy user. Another irritating thing it sometimes does is not allow the word I typed. It keeps changing it and requires so many attempts before it accepts what I am typing that it is a huge waste of time. The bugs are definitely not fixed. I have disabled it out of frustration. Initially when I first installed it over a year ago it was better than it is now. Too much AI influence trying to second guess me. Done with you!.Version: 2.0.4

Full accessIf you turn off full access after you set up gramarly, it continues to work as before. This suggests that Gramarly does not in any way need full access to run..Version: 1.9.6

It’s good..It’s good, it’s not the best but it’s good. I hate how they want full access, that’s a little suspicious and sometimes it corrects wrong things (like if you write a whole story, it’s more than likely Grammarly will be wrong on 30% of your “errors”) Grammarly on the iPad is really bad but it corrects your obvious errors and there are some glitches for me on the iPad Pro, like when I want to add something to the dictionary it does it but the next time I go on grammarly it’s like it resetted. And I kind of hate how when you check your field and it doesn’t teleport to the part of the field it’s talking about, like it just stays wherever you were at. You’re staring at your keyboard the whole time and not looking at your actual text kinda It’s a great app on the computer and I’d highly recommend it for typing that way but on all devices, you should always proofread after you check the field bc it doesn’t correct everything like how you’d like it to. It checks a word based on the previous and the following. *DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK FOR PRIVACY CONCERNS*.Version: 1.3.3

Urgh…This app is fine, so I would probably credit you more than 1 star, as they fix your issues. But sometimes when I have to write an essay it annoys me by pointing out premium issues that I need premium. (Which is dead expensive) It leaves a yellow underline and is annoying. Also, some of my friends got this app and also got premium, they finds they can’t really write without the checker. So only if you really need it, I don’t recommend it… I would call this stuff ‘cheating’. P.S. The language is U.S. English, so definitely not recommended for Australian English people, as they will keep correcting your mistakes… There’s really nothing about this free app, you need to get premium, and it’s not doing any good either :( :( :( WAIT! NOT FINISHED! When they tried to convince you to get premium, they send you ad emails of premium and your scores. It’s pretty annoying :( So, generally, this app is fine, but… there are some ‘cheat’ or ‘premium’ issues with this one. :).Version: 1.9.16

Very buggy - AvoidGrammarly itself is fine, but the iOS keyboard add on has many issues. 1. The dictation is not as good. The default apple dictation is far better. 2. The keyboard add on regular takes up large chunks of the screen, often blocking menu options in apps or websites. 3. There are lots pauses/delays while look ups happen. You kinda have to wait for it catch up..Version: 1.9.2

Bluetooth Keyboards Limited - Some punctuation typing is inefficientOverall, I like it although there are some issues that I find switching back to the built in Apple keyboard away from the Grammarly keyboard. First, I noticed that when using a Bluetooth keyboard the Grammarly functionality is not available. This is quite disappointing since I use my iPad to type quite a bit of material and by using my Bluetooth keyboard it negates the functionality of Grammarly and I can only use it if I’m typing it on the screen. Second, I have noticed that when typing and searching for punctuation marks it’s quite difficult to find the exclamation point which is only available after changing not one, not two, but three different screens. This is grossly inefficient when typing long documents as it slows the writer down quite a bit. Fix these things and I’d use it more frequently, I’ll reevaluate it over the next year and if not fixed I might discontinue my subscription. On plus side, I use it at work with Microsoft Office and it works great..Version: 1.4.2

Hoping the new upgrade is betterSpelling is an issue if you’re Canadian. Continually shows words like Behaviour and Colour as wrong. We’re Canadian not American so while we use the letter “Z” in words like Familiarize instead of Familiarise like the British we do spell other words differently than our cousins to the South. And before you ask, yes I did change the Region to Canada. Also be nice if you were Apple friendly instead of PC exclusive.Version: 1.4.2

Ok but a few issuesWhen I’m writing a email it doesn’t always pick up the mistakes which is very annoying because I have to get my son to help me who is a bit better at these sort of things please fix this.Version: 1.8.1

I HATE IT!!I HONESTLY EXPECTED BETTER FROM YOU GUYS. It “corrects” the wrong things and says inappropriate things and sometimes sends without me wanting too. NEVER AGAIN!!.Version: 1.8.2

Full access is a jokeI uninstalled as soon as I read “full access”. What a total joke! This app should be banned. Sets you up for identity theft and fraud. BAD!.Version: 1.9.8

Feedback to get a 5 star reviewHi. As a person on SSDI and with a part time job I would highly recommend having the ability and flexibility in your business to offer scholarships to those in need. People like me would love to get off government programs and get the job that good writing habits could help grant. I gave this 3 out of 5 stars because I believe in your business and your a ability to honor my requests to provide scholarships to those that would qualify for such help based off government assistance proof or the proof of being disabled or low income by showing any form whether it’s via Medicare/Medicaid card or EBT card or even information found on a state ID that indicates a mental health disability. Please please do this not just to look good but for the ethics of looking out for success of others who desperately could use the quality a full package offers. Thanks in advance and I trust you’ll make the disability community and other groups that are lesser known proud knowing you put the people first before profit and who knows maybe a tax write off could be in your future. I will surely give you 5 stars if you implement such an idea to help people like me and others who cannot afford the paid version but could desperately use this..Version: 2.0.1

UntrustworthyI used to use Grammarly on my laptop and at first it seemed great as it corrected the occasional misspelled word but then I would use it while writing an email to a friend which was quite long so when I finished I sent it but to my horror a big part of my email was missing after I have sent it and after this has happened on more occasions i got rid off Grammarly which had solved the problem as it never reoccurred again. Sadly person cannot write review without having an app so I had to download it just so I could write this and will be deleting this silly app immediately afterwards as I do no trust it at all !.Version: 1.8.3

Full Access?Well I was seeing a lot of adds about Grammarly so I thought ok let’s download it it looks like a amazing app, it downloads and tells me to put it on my keyboard, I do that and now it needs full access, that will lead to some personal information that they don’t need to know! I was surly this was a good app, please make the next update not needing FULL ACCESS pLeAsE!!!.Version: 1.8.2

Request for a refundI have requested you guys for a refund because this was bought by mistake no action has yet been taken its been a week ..Version: 2.2.0

Suggestions for GrammarlyCan the creator of Grammarly let the full access to be free because I am a student so I didn't get any money 💵.Version: 1.8.2

Good and badGrammarly is excellent, I have used it on and off for years and currently pay for the premium service, but this keyboard needs some work. Once you get used to the default iOS keyboard, you’ll make far too many typing errors when using Grammarly’s version. It’s a shame as the service is excellent, and I would highly recommend the browser extension for the desktop. I’ve found one workaround, I type using the default keyboard and then switch to Grammarly to check spellings and punctuation and switch back again after making corrections..Version: 2.0.2

Definitely not.Deleted the app as soon as it asked for “full access to everything”. First it gives warning this “includes credit cards, passwords”, then app developers say they won’t use it. Sorry, I lost all confidence with conflicting disclosure statements. Goodbye..Version: 1.9.9

Grammarly is actual useful although…Grammarly is really useful although it has way too many premiums. There are soo many out there who love Grammarly but already know the basics of punctuation. Most people need help with tougher English. Everyone knows to put capital letters and full stops. So I recommend the premiums should be cut down a lot more to allow everyone to write more confidently. I also suggest using premiums for people who would like to indeed upper their English..Version: 2.5.0

Full access?I can’t rate the functionality of this app because I won’t give it full access to my info. Sorry. Maybe if you get yourself in check and not require access to my private info i will give it a shot.Version: 1.4.3

Do you guys have logic?Why would people need an app with a correcting keyboard if we would have an auto-corrected keyboard already on our devices?? It’s just stupid how we already have a keyboard that can correct us, but there is a useless app?? I DO NOT RECOMMEND.Version: 1.8.2

Not worth itI’ve been a paying customer for awhile but I think it’s time to switch to something different. There are too many bugs with this plugin. It works differently when I use google docs on safari than it does with google chrome, or of a word doc. It’s also just not consistent and you have to check your text in multiple places to make sure the grammar check isn’t being buggy. For example, I may be typing in word but I’ll also copy and past in google doc bc sometimes I’ll find that when I do that, it picks up corrections that didn’t appear and I would’ve missed in the word doc. Anyway, all to say, do research and see if there are better grammar checkers out there before committing to this one. The safari extension is really horrific, it makes me constantly login every single time, and it still doesn’t show up, you have to quit safari and open it again for the extension to work. Every. Single. Time..Version: 2.0.1

Do not download!Phone warns you this app has the potential to view your credit number. Do not download! Do not trust! Scam!.Version: 1.8.2

No PrivacyIt doesn’t function unless you give access to your keyboard— which you are then warned will enable full access to all of your data. I twice asked for an explanation but received no response. I deleted the app..Version: 1.8.2

GirlygirliciousI'm a premium Grammarly user, and I wish there were swipe typing. That's the only feature missing from this keyboard. Other than that it is a great keyboard and very helpful..Version: 1.9.8

PRIVACY PLSMe to full access: Hell nooo.Version: 1.0.19

Privacy IssuesI had heard many great things about this app and I was starting to think about downloading this app. I’ve seen others use it and I am surly amazed about what it can do and I can use it to write many great pieces. As I was going on Settings to turn on the keyboard it said, ‘Allow Full Access’ and it came up with a bit of text. It said some stuff about the keyboard but at the very bottom it read, ‘It can access private information.’ I really love the idea of the keyboard and it’s purpose but I don’t want people accessing my stuff. I would highly suggest to make the keyboard more private with the owner’s information. From, a random year 6 student..Version: 1.5.2

Keeps messing upIf I spell something wrong then fix it Grammarly will try and correct it so say I spell “Alreaxy” then change it to “Already” before Grammarly catches it, it will correct to “Alreadydy”.Version: 1.9.10

Not as smart as the apple English keyboardNot good typing experience. Uninstalled after trying to reply my email. I would prefer use the system input..Version: 1.1.3

Full access?These days there is a lot to be worried about. No room for my credentials and confidential. Sorry I do uninstall.Version: 1.9.8

Such a fantastic product but useless for me!!I have just purchased Apple iPad Pro with Smart Cover. Common Grammarly, please work on it. I used to have a paid version of Grammarly and I absolutely enjoyed it on my Windows computer. However, I have now moved to Apple because of better quality of its hardware. I never thought I will have to compromise so much by switching to Apple!! I hope Grammarly will focus on improving its app so it can work with the Smart Cover as well!!.Version: 1.1.3

Great App But It's Needs to have a lock functionPeople from all walks of life use this app. Others can see the personal information written as the app does not have a lock function directly from the app itself. If privacy is the primary concern here for the app to be helpful for all people, including people with a disability, and they may use this for their day-to-day personal information and to communicate with others professionally, they should have the right to privacy in this circumstance. Many can access phones if they are a support person or family member. But it's the right of the holder of the app to permit access to this personal information. It's all about accommodating all and not being discriminated against. No matter the user, it's essential for privacy and an option for users to opt-out of specific reporting as it may be sensitive information. And could comprise the user unknowingly. I hope apple and Grammarly take this seriously..Version: 2.7.0

No student deal/discountI would like if you guys have a student discount on Grammarly that would do a fantastic job, I think too expensive for students to pay months of £24. if the student had to pay £10 that will survive for students to keep up will Grammarly, but for me, I was trying to give it a try for the first months but my not continue used Grammarly because it's too expensive for me. Still, I can't pay another payment it's too costly there no student discount which so sad for me I can't afford to pay this much monthly payments. Please make a change on cost for a student like me struggle it's too expensive. Make a change I look forward to seeing the difference I hope it makes different and more student will use this app for helping us. please make a change Thank you.Version: 1.9.6

This app is a lieIt looked really influential in the ads but when it said the “full access” had access to my bank account, I deleted it IMMEDIATELY Can’t believe it sponsored Nas Daily Bad app, Do not get I’m very paranoid on my privacy so this is a big nono.Version: 1.9.7

Very buggy & lack features that will enhance user experienceIt takes a while for the keyboard to pop up when I need to type or switching keyboards. It will also freeze for a second and I noticed the shape of the keys will change with rounder corners. These happen quite often. It will be great if the keyboard can switch back once you’ve typed a punctuation, to swipe down on a key to type numbers or punctuation for quick action, these are common features of the original iPhone keyboard. The most annoying thing for me is when I type a word that isn’t in their dictionary then they’ll autocorrect, I delete it and type my word twice, 3 times or even 4 until the keyboard stop correcting it. Compared to the original, it learns the word after my second attempt. I like the Emoji Search function and the idea behind the app. I use the desktop version of Grammarly and it helps with my writing but this keyboard needs a lot more work..Version: 1.8.2

Full access?Full access? Like if I trust you. I’d rather jump off a bridge then give you my info and probably rob me and leak my adress..Version: 1.9.9

Very good except no swipe typing!When are you going to add a swipe typing function??.Version: 1.9.15

One little problemGrammarly is great if you're always trying to improve the way you write. Long gone are the days when texts read ”wot u doin b4 dat?” (that was difficult to write because Grammarly kept correcting it). There's one issue that is seriously bugging me though, and it means this potential 5-star review goes down to 3. Grammarly never corrects the word ”ill” to ”I’ll”, while a normal iPhone keyboard will. Not surprisingly ”I’ll” is used a lot and it's a nuisance to go back and correct it manually each time. Grammarly will correct all sorts of words and phrases based not just on spelling and grammar but also context, but it can't manage with ”I’ll”. I hope someone will sort this out in an update soon. Please..Version: 1.5.6

Wants too much infoWhy are other keyboard apps able to do the exact same job as this one but don’t need us to give “full access”? No thanks. No one in their right mind is going to use an app that can read everything they type, including passwords and credit card numbers. Especially when you give no info on how this data is stored or protected. Big no for me..Version: 1.8.3

Overrated & under deliversHonestly, not to knock grammarly, but for the price of their services you would think the keyboard functionality would be more efficient. Just for starters I'm finger swiping through this review w/ GBoard and typing faster than I can think of what I'm typing. The fact grammarly doesn't have a swift style typing function when every other free keyboard does is ridiculous. I mean if the base keyboard doesn't have any of the features every other keyboard offers, its automatically a second tier keyboard so you would think as a base offering they would include swipe to type, themes, etc. As for the premium features, that's where all the appeal is. The unfortunate part though is that their premium subscription model is really absurd for the value you're actually receiving for that premium. As is with most apps that are pay to play these days, I don't mind paying a monthly premium for something that actually makes my life easier on a day to day basis. But unless you're a journalist or some profession where writing is the primary task being performed, paying $12 /month for your keyboard to tell you how bad you are writing isn't really worth it. Lol if it was only a few bucks then sure but honestly this app is the epitome of an unnecessary expense. They could do much more for what they're asking for their service. But that's just my opinion try it for yourself.Version: 1.9.19

More irritating than usefulGrammarly didn’t last long on my phone. After a couple weeks of use, my irritation for the keyboard only grew as it became obvious that, at least on the free version, add to dictionary was functionally the same as ignore. It didn’t want to learn stylistic writing or preferences, it just wanted to throw a ton of judgmental critiques of my more conversational style of writing. Words of emphasis were no bueno, as were modifications of existing words to change their form. The autocorrect for some things worked unobtrusively but other things it was just obnoxious and non-obvious that it was going to or had already happened. It was unpredictable and intermittently insistent, while not always catching obvious, common typos like ‘sgoud’ Also not having swype nor voice input is incredibly limiting for a keyboard that costs as much as a streaming service. Take a less prescriptive approach and hire some machine learning programmers to sort through your data so the user experience is more tailored and then MAYBE your app would be worth what you’re charging.Version: 2.5.0

Password reset doesn’t work, paid but no access to premiumI’ve logged in with my Facebook account and when I tried to log in with my email, it didn’t work, so I requested a password reset and the reset doesn’t work. My account now is blocked and I can’t neither log in with my Facebook and nor with my email address. On top of that, I upgraded to the premium access in July via my phone and when I try to log in to my account in my laptop, it doesn’t work , and now that my account has been blocked, I am left with no option. What a bad account settings. :(.Version: 1.9.3

Great app, but…When I first downloaded this app, I would rate it five stars for sure, but for now, it's a three-star app. It’s been about nine months since I’ve been using this app, and one super frustrating thing is that the app corrects the correct words. It changes words spelled right to something completely different, not relevant to that word at all. If it were some synonym, then maybe I’d understand, but it’s completely different. To use this app, I would have to formulate my sentences like I always do and then switch keyboards and have Grammarly check spell and grammar. I feel like it shouldn’t be like this. Suggestions are a bit off too. However, with time, I think this app will improve, and I’ll be sure to update this. I still think it’s well worth it, and it just needs a little work, like anything in the world..Version: 2.6.0

Full access to everything on my phone? Really??This apps use all the informations your iPhone can hold, including passwords, pictures, usernames, etc. This is unbelievable! It's a big no for me..Version: 1.4.5

Great scam by these clownsIf you have a subscription, you can't delete your account in the way it presents, and when you click, it sends you through all the stages and then doesn't delete the account and doesn't give you any notification about this failing. I got charges £30 extra due to ten scams that they have set up with their weekly website. Also, the app is a piece of crap with it getting in the way and treating you like a child with its lousy layout. The app is useless, and if you get it justice on your laptop, it also uses a lot of charges..Version: 1.9.11

Not happyNot happy that to use it. It has to be in full access mode and it can see Credit card info sorry uninstalling.Version: 1.0.21

Beneficial App Yet Minor IssuesI am a 30-year-old woman who has dyslexia. I have dealt with this learning disability my whole life. This app has been beneficial for me, especially for work emails. I find it hard sometimes to communicate clearly what I need to get accomplished in a way that is descriptive, concise, and in a welcoming tone, not a demanding one. This app has been able to greatly enhance my grammar skills on a day to day basis. Yet, the issues I find with this app is that Grammerly doesn’t always allow me finish a complete sentence without notifying me with an “editing suggestion”. I find it difficult to get even be able to write my initial thoughts/ or thought process out, before the app wants to correct every single mistake; or the app is totally off base with where my words/point were going all together. And this can cause confusion and wasted time on an email or a text that wasn’t necessarily needed. I paid for a annual subscription for the premium service. Now, this is why Grammerly is rated only 3 star from me. But, besides that- this app is great, hopefully the developers will work out these bugs..Version: 2.6.0

Don’t botherFoolishly purchased a yearly premium subscription and due to a continuing glitch in the log in page was unable to access. Had to resort to sending messages to Grammarly on Facebook just to get some answers for the issues. Their solution was not to actually read the complaint just to cancel my subscription (no refund or given) but they did let me use the service (that I couldn’t access) how generous of them till the expiry date. A Fat lot of Good that did. Don’t expect any assistance from these clowns..Version: 1.9.18

Only half worksChanges don’t always take. Please show more context in the ‘check my text’ mode. It will show me a word to replace or something to change and I have no idea what the context is.Version: 1.9.9

Deleted everythingSo I had a presentation coming up. Me being eager for it to be perfect decided to download this app so that it could hopefully help but instead it glitched and deleted by whole script so now I’m sitting down having to re-write my script..Version: 2.2.0

Full access? I don’t think soUninstalling this app because it requires “Full Keyboard Access” which basically means this app will receive a copy of everything that you type or have ever typed. Even if the creators of the app have the best of intentions, it only takes one hack of their security and suddenly every person who has given access will have their personal information stolen. Passwords, pin numbers, credit card numbers anything and everything you’ve ever typed out on your phone. Yikes. No thanks. Remove this feature..Version: 1.0.21

Why Grammarly give some privacyNot giving you access to all the things because y’all going to steal.Version: 1.6.6

Can access passwords & credit card detailsAs much as I enjoy the Grammarly online version, I don’t feel comfortable using this app on my devices at all. Download and use of this app requires full keyboard access. This means ALL data typed on your device is sent to Grammarly developers, including bank account details, passwords, credit card information and even searches online. I’m not using this app as it’s not in the best interests of the user and could pose a potential security risk. Not happy, please make the online version available and bug free on iPad..Version: 1.5.6

Why full accessRemove Full access. What are you guys trying to do hack me or something?😡😡😡😡.Version: 1.9.6

Change the “full access” requirement PlsI love Grammarly, but I won’t install this app on my phone. What possible justification can it possibly have to require “full access”? I don’t even let Google Maps use my current location! Please make this app more respectful of users’ privacy. I promise you’d get a tonne more users!.Version: 1.7.1

A bit more work need to be doneIn some cases is becoming very messy and even might cause unwanted changes. Also, the editing process might be affected in a very annoying way. Appearing loops in the process of correcting, substituting a number of times the suggested changes with the original and at some point just leave one or another one. A bit confusing bugs. Also happening to have conflicts about spelling with the Apple dictionary and google too..Version: 1.9.1

Full Assess worryI came across a grey area part of Information in your ‘Allow Full Access’. You say “Full Access allows the keyboard to connect to the internet in order to check your text and provide suggestions” I wanted to learn more. So I go ahead and click the little grey button which says. “What’s Full Access?”. Inside this little section are what I found to be FAQ OR Frequently asked questions. One of these questions was. “Can Grammarly see my passwords or credit card numbers?”. To which the apps response is “No. We designed Grammarly so it cannot access passwords, credit card, search, URL or email address fields. Apple displays the same warning message for all third-party keyboards, whether they have taken these” and cuts of there. When going to allow this ‘Full Access’ on my iPhone. I get met with this message “Allow Full Access for “Grammarly” Keyboards Full access allows the developer of this keyboard to transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with this keyboard. This could include sensitive information such as your credit card number or street address” What I want to ask is do you store our “previously” and current data “transmitted” data such as our credit card information and street address which you can not deny every iPhone user has to type just to set up the phone and if so, then how safe is our data ?..Version: 1.9.14

Great grammar checker at a costI have used the free version of Grammarly and found it very useful, great features at no cost. I recently paid for the full version, and I’m amazed at the results in my writing. The full version is almost like having a grammar tutor at your side; you will notice your writing skills improve rapidly. However, this all comes at the cost of your privacy. I’m still baffled as to why the app logs all information typed when using its keyboard, an invasion of privacy at its finest but very worrying as your date could end up in the wrong hands. I’m not sure if selling my soul(data) for impeccable grammar is worth it. This issue requires urgent addressing as it will only create detractors for Grammarly (myself included)..Version: 1.4.0

SCAM ARTISTS!!Don’t get this app unless you want to keep paying for something you no longer use. Even if you use all links to unsubscribe and opt out of auto renewal, they still find a way to continue charging you!!.Version: 1.9.11

Where’s my privacy🙈Nobody: not even james charles: grammarly: CaN i HaVe FuLl AccESs? me: *uninstalls*.Version: 1.9.2

My personal opinion (a writer)This app is relatively useful, as I often make a lot of spelling mistakes in my writing. But that being said, I feel like the app gave us 1-2 tools without premium and advertises so much more for premium. It is quite unfortunate because I am only 17 and I do not have the money to pay for something like this. I'd also love for the app to have a feature where you could change the keyboard’s detection settings to be able to set a goal tone to your general writing. For example, someone who is looking to write an email can use the keyboard for that, but then someone like me can change the keyboard to accommodate for novel writing. This review may be explained pretty badly, sorry about that..Version: 1.9.5

Great but has one major issueI personally like grammarly. It helps me with my schoolwork and corrects the writing that I do in my free time. I think it is safe to say that grammarly is a pretty good app. HOWEVER I do have one problem, and that has something to do with the premium. Now reading the ratings and reviews other people have had the same problem as me. The premium is dead expensive. I mean 220 dollars a year! That’s crazy! especially if your a primary school kid like me who’s parents won’t let them afford the premium. So I think you should make the premium a bit cheaper or include more things without the premium. I like this app and want to keep on using it until I’m an adult but in that time I hope that you fix this big problem. Thank you.Version: 2.0.2

It didn’t even let me make a accountThis app is the worst app ever.Version: 1.9.3

GrammarlyGrammarly is a bit of a scam. You have to pay to get advice. Also auto correct works much better, I think..Version: 1.9.16

Doesn’t support external keyboardsI purchased this specifically to use with my external keyboard on my iPad Pro. It wasn’t until I tried to connect the app that it informed me that external keyboards aren’t supported. This REALLY needs to be in the upfront info. I’m also concerned about security now. When attaching to my iPhone, Apple gives a warning that using the app will allow the company access to everything I type, including passwords, credit card numbers, etc. Something to think about, and since I’m not tech savvy enough to understand the backend security on this stuff, I won’t be taking the risk and using the app..Version: 1.7.5

Great in theory, expensive in reality.Purchased a quarterly subscription. I work in education (tertiary level), so I thought it would be appropriate to double-check my written communications with Grammarly. It fails to integrate well with mobile and is clunky on desktop. By the way, I have checked this review with it, so it should read well, lol Pros - When it gets it right, it can polish an email, text etc., nicely. - Easy to use Cons - Clunky. I predominantly use mobile (iOS) to communicate (after all, it's 2022 etc.) and Grammatically is not integrating well. Even on a Windows platform, it seems ‘distant’. Constantly having to log in again but already logged etc. - Below average spell check. Native iPhone does a better job - Spendy for what level of integration it is at. At a $20 annual subscription, it would be ok. But at the current ‘monthly’, quarterly etc., pricing, I will not be renewing..Version: 2.6.0

Misses basic stuff, and is way over-priced for personal useI love the idea of this, and in some ways it works quite well. There are, however, some rather important drawbacks for my use. First and foremost, I tried this app on an iPad Pro with the external keyboard provided by Apple. Whenever this app was on, ALL Smart Keyboard functions were off. As in, no capitalization of the first word in a sentence or the word "I". Text shortcuts didn't work. Even two spaces for a period didn't work. In other words, I was lot more likely to make a ton of mistakes. Secondly, it then missed a lot of basic things. For example, the first letter of the first word in a sentence is supposed to be capitalized. This app didn't catch that. So all those sentences that didn't start with caps because the app was running were not caught as errors. There were several other blatant issues, but this one is laughable because, well, it's their fault in the first place! And lastly, the price. Thirty dollars a month? Really? Oh, sure, there's an annual rate. But even that's more than double what I pay for HBO. I'm retired, and would use this for Twitter posts, app reviews, eMails, and text messages. This pricing seems to assume only professional people who'll get reimbursed will be interested in using it..Version: 2.0.4

PoopThis is poop.Version: 1.8.2

Just do the jobI thought the app version of grammarly will be a simple tool to check grammar for texts without my pc involved, but no. I’ve been told to accept the Grammarly’s keyboard, which I don’t need in the first place. Also, I have to grant all access to this keyboard, with a variety of privacy risks being informed (thank you Apple). Sorry this is too much for me. I’m OK if an app shows ads, asks for email/phone registration, only gives free-trails, sends notifications all the time, or other regular schemes which I don’t even bother to give any feedback. In contrast, Grammarly is at the next level of making a simple problem-solving tool into an overly ambitious and overly annoying product, which directly affects its user experience..Version: 1.9.7

Horrible AppGrammerly itself is an excellent tool, but the app is just horrendous. Autocorrect is super buggy and inaccurate, the keyboard doesn’t support the iOS 13 feature to “swipe type”, and the actual correction tips aren’t very useful. The most disappointing thing, however, is that for the app to even work, Grammerly demands “full access permission.” Meaning, they insist on knowing your credit card numbers, passwords, and any other sensitive information you type with the keyboard. I honestly cannot believe that they haven’t addressed these complaints yet, because the app has the potential to be an essential part of every writer’s toolkit..Version: 1.7.1

Lots of little bugsLots of little bugs in programme that needs fixing, have sent feedback on them through the app, this applies to both mac and iphone use, same issues on each, would get 5 stars otherwise. Especially for using the paid service, which isn't cheap.Version: 2.0.5

Garbage! 🚮Requesting full access in this day and age just to correct spellings. Ridiculous..Version: 1.9.9

I’d give it a six out of five if it weren’t for these problemsHi! I just love your Desktop application, it is so useful and it works pretty well, except for the fact I can't make it work on Google. However, your app for mobile is very disappointing. It doesn't let me automatically look things up, the little green button on the corner of my screen only checks my spelling errors, which I don't make many of those anyway, and it doesn't check any of my grammatical errors. I made some very obvious ones to test it out but it didn't do a thing, and grammar is my biggest problem and the reason I downloaded it. I might have just used autocorrect with a normal keyboard. Also, I thought this would be a tiny feature I could put on my customized keyboard, but instead it gives me a whole new keyboard. This honestly is not a big deal, but there is a feature most third-party keyboards have called ”swipe input” that I highly recommend. All in all, make it more like the desktop application but include the swipe input. Sincerely, Unsatisfied P.S. Wrote this with your keyboard ^~^.Version: 1.1.10

I will not give you full access to any of my info!This app should be ashamed of themselves asking anyone for full access to your personal information such as your banking and addresses. I will not have any app on my phone that requests such things to do with my privacy and charges an overpriced amount for premium features that don’t use proper spelling for Canadian users. The desktop version works much better than this without being as invasive but still way overpriced for these features. I immediately deleted this app..Version: 1.4.5

Another scammy serviceGrammarly is another one of those services that will continue charging your credit card even after you cancelled your subscription. I didn’t even provide them with my new credit card information, but apparently they can request the bank to update it for them. It’s unbelievable. I’ve used this service before for work and it was okay, but I will absolutely advice everybody against it from now on..Version: 1.8.2

Decent grammar correction, but sometimes inconvenientAs someone who judges people for poor grammar, I judge myself even harder when I make stupid grammar mistakes. Grammarly keyboard goes a long way to preventing those so that my self-righteousness remains intact. For this, if rate the app 4-4.5 stars. However, there are some features missing that make using the keyboard inconvenient compared to iOS’s default keyboard. For example, I would like to set the default quote and apostrophe characters to be those found on a normal computer keyboard (" and '), rather than the stylized/slanted characters that you would use when writing something by hand (“, ”, ‘, and ’). Another missing feature is the prevent-autocorrect-from-occuring checkmark button in the predictive text buttons that iOS’s keyboard has. This requires you to press spacebar, allow the autocorrect to occur, and press backspace to undo it before going on. If you want to change the word rather than undoing the autocorrect, pressing backspace does not remove the space when the autocorrect is undone, so the cursor is not where you would expect it to be. The missing features’ added inconvenience isn't enough (yet) to dissuade me from using it, but it is frustrating, so I'm rating the app 3 stars. I've added both of the approve issues as feature requests, so it is possible (or likely) these inconveniences will disappear shortly..Version: 1.1.3

Is not hat like the ad saysGrammarly is good only with the premium version and will help you write better, but I believe that many children’s parent will not allow them to spend money on the app like mine parents. The ones without premium give you premium warning and has a yellow underline that on cannot be removed which makes it 10x harder to hand in my work to my teacher as a screenshot and also only checks your spelling. Therefore Grammerly should definitely make the not premium version more easier to use and have some effects that premium version has..Version: 1.9.8

Full access to private info and NO refunds!Grammarly needs full access to the keyboard. As per iOS : "Full access allows the transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with this keyboard...including your credit card number..." Does nice grammar worth of all private info, including passwords? And just be aware that as per terms: ”all Fees paid or accrued in connection with any Services are non-refundable”..Version: 1.6.4

Why ?Full access for whom or what ? C Mon Simple spell checker will do exactly the same without spilling the beans. Or any good dictionary without granting full access..Version: 1.0.21

It’s not what I thoughtI guess this isn’t the app’s fault, it’s my own for not getting background info, but I had to delete it straight away because it’s not for general writing - it is for emails and messages and things like that. I was hoping that Grammarly would help me with a story-writing app that I downloaded but of course it isn’t designed for that use. There is nothing wrong with the app itself but I don’t write many emails so it wasn’t very useful. I also didn’t want to give it full access to what I write (like personal details as said in settings) I’d I gave it full access but that would be the only way it would work for things, I think. When I did allow complete access to Grammarly, it made my phone a bit slow. I don’t want to pressure anyone to not download this app; I’m sure it is useful for everyone else and I’m just the minority but I wanted to say what happened to help people with their decision. I would also like to say that perhaps this app could be made for whenever you writing anything on an app. If this change was made I would definitely re-download and recommend Grammarly..Version: 1.6.4

Love Grammarly but not the mobile appYou cannot use it, unless you give them full access to everything you’ve ever typed on your phone. Example, credit card info & many more...Version: 1.6.5

Such a rip of, so stupid!!🤬There’s no point in having a free version if all it does is catch spelling errors, because that’s the whole point of a spellchecker which you don't need an app for anyway. Plus as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t work on anything like Microsoft word or notes, it only works inside the app so it’s pretty pointless to have. The premium version costs a whopping $18-$44!! As a student, I definitely cannot afford that!! Would rate this zero if i could. As soon as i finish writing this review (with no help from Grammarly) i am deleting this app. Do yourself a favour and don’t waste your time..Version: 1.9.0

Huge privacy issue, be carefulI downloaded this app as it looked impressive. I was shocked to learn during the setup the developer can access anything you type present and past including credit card numbers, passwords your address and more. Very disappointed so now I have deleted the app, privacy issues are becoming more and more invasive and putting us all at risk. I’m sure the developer is not a malicious person, but would you give an unknown company access to everything you type and send, not me! Deleting app now!!!.Version: 1.6.0

Random Screen TapsI was using the Grammarly keyboard consistently. I’ve used it so much that the total number of words checked is over 200,000. Everything was going well until a few weeks ago. My phone started randomly tapping on spots on the screen that I didn’t tap, even when my finger wasn’t near the screen. I tried everything I could to correct the issue, I even bought a brand new iPhone thinking it was something with my phone because I had the same phone for almost two years. The same issue occurred on the new phone. I still have my old phone and so I wanted to find out what might have had access to this and the only thing I could think of was Grammarly. After removing the app, everything is working perfectly. I did this on the new and old phone. It corrected the issue. I am not sure what happened with the last update, but until there is another update that corrects this then I won’t be using the Grammarly keyboard..Version: 2.0.4

Find a way around the full accessThis is silly, full access means you can ready all of my notes, passwords, payment info, contacts and other sensitive data. You guys should find a way around that you can’t ask users to grant you full access it’s not ethical..Version: 1.7.4

Phone does it betterMy general auto correct was better than Grammarly. Sorry but this app couldn’t even recognise an apostrophe when needed but the general auto correct did. Grammarly is helpful with info and correcting spelling but there are some normal sentences with a tiny error that even Grammarly couldn’t detect! And if someone got smart n said I have to pay for more error fixes... well I’m sorry but I am not paying that much a month for something I can double check on the internet! However, it can catch general grammar like commas or full stops - but there was a lot wrong with this app..Version: 1.1.0

Very bad experienceI downloaded this app to help with my uni papers - I subscribed to the premium version off this app. Once finishing uni, I had no use for the premium version so I unsubscribed however I have noticed that I have been charged for a full year of the premium membership without even using the app. I feel that I have ripped off and would not recommend this app. Very unsatisfied - feel like I have been scammed. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!.Version: 1.9.7

KeyboardThere isn’t even a keyboard 😒.Version: 1.9.0

Needs better accessibility supportI am a blind user, and for me, Grammarly is somewhat usable. I don't use the keyboard to type. When I'm done typing I just switch back to the Grammarly keyboard, tap the Grammarly button, and it allows me to correct my mistakes. One thing I like about the corrections is that it tells me if I accidentally capitalized something, or if I added too many punctuation marks, ETC. It makes things a little easier knowing that I can correct those mistakes easier to find and correct. But I wish that accessibility was better. On iPad, once you go into the Grammarly keyboard, a VoiceOver user can't switch back to the Apple keyboard. Frustrating, because I have to go into settings to disable that. However, it lets me switch back to the Apple keyboard on my iPhone, so I don't know why it doesn't work on iPad. Any, I like using Grammarly on my phone like I do any other device. Grammarly is totally unusable on a PC or Mac, I've got a Mac with a bootcamp of Windows, but it just doesn't work on desktop..Version: 1.7.2

Attempting to request data deletionUnable to request data deletion on website. Only options given after logging in involves downloading app or subscribe to paid premium (no contact us form or any other click menu option) Download app in the hope to find a delete or contact us area but I’m put through copious amounts of screens I need to skip through only to be confronted with ‘download grammarly keyboard’. Have never used app. I want my email and any associated data deleted..Version: 2.7.0

Third Party Access to Credit Card/bank infoThird Party Keyboards provide an alternative way to input keyboard data. These keyboards can access all of the data you type, including bank account and credit card numbers, street addresses, as well as other personal and sensitive information. These keyboards may also access nearby text or data, which is useful for improving autocorrect functionality. If you enable Full Access, developers are permitted to access, collect and transmit the data you type. In addition, if the third party application containing the keyboard has your permission to access location, photos, or other personal data, the keyboard can also collect and transmit that information to the keyboard developer’s servers. If you disable Full Access for a third party keyboard, and then re-enable it, the keyboard’s developer may be able to access, collect and transmit what was typed while the network access was disabled..Version: 2.3.0

Keep deduct my moneyI just need one month subscription. I buy and without any notice to my email, the application deduct my money every month. I hate it. I just know when it goes 4 months. And no refund available. Please, if people choose to subscribe only one month, it is mean that ONLY ONE MONTH. Dont cheat us with other sentence. That money really matter for me as a student. I like Grammarly it helps me alot, but I super upset when I realised that my money is over now because of this subscription. Super upset.Version: 1.9.3

Doesn't help with punctuationI'm looking for an app that helps with my Grammar and punctuation. This app does the exact same thing as my autocorrect. Its only fixes misspelled words it doesn't help with punctuation all because they want you to buy premium what a waste of time..Version: 1.7.1

Do not use. Very suspicious app.I write using the Grammarly online web service, I pay a premium for this. That service includes storing your documents. Unfortunately, the mobile app is not compatible with their own website. Yep, you read that correctly, you can't read your own documents, on their website, with their app. Really, I had to double and triple check with their support team. So, then I started thinking about why they need a keyboard app that has full OS access at all, when they already have a fully functioning website with built in editor. And then I wondered, why would you design an app for writers that stops those writers from using a full size, physical keyboard? And seriously, I can't think of any good reasons for any of these decisions, though I can think of a lot of bad reasons. I seriously advise against using this app and Grammarly’s on-line services. I will be reporting this app as suspicious to the Apple store. Yes, the design decisions are that suspicious..Version: 1.1.9

Subscription scumBe advised, they keep charge your debit at credit card for subscription even if you cancel it!.Version: 1.9.9

Overpriced and needs more workIt's good and definitely a very productive app to use but it does not pick up all corrections The suggestions that comes up for correction come are way too slow then typing speed and lags alot Errors left behind as you keep typing are not addressed and auto picked More mistakes it has actually caused me to make more mistakes going back forth by auto correct with this is not consistent unless you type slow and then what the point apple keyboard can do same The price is too high for subscription unless you are writer blogger who just do type not worth it I have office work email and apps in my mobile which is where I want this app to work mainly, I anyway can't use it with office mail cause you have no tie ups with Google office suit used officially or outlook mail or teams app or any other so it's blocked in that network and apps ,So this limits the application and does not justify asking price.Version: 1.9.3

Good but far too much moneyI love this app. It has really helped me sound more professional and get my punctuation correct. As you can see from the line above the app isn’t perfect at all but it has helped me. The price is ridiculous though I would be happy to pay £10 a month, I can’t afford the total One-year subscription price even with the discount. Please make monthly payments cheaper. ———————-This is actually an update of the review I left: I have come across several problems in the app especially when on apps like Twitter. It often will not pick up mistakes even deliberate spelling mistakes it quite often will say my sentence sounds perfect but then when you read it back to yourself a word or two has been mixed up. As I said before if the monthly price was less than £10 I would definitely consider joining it. Asking people to pay for the year subscription in one go a lot of people just can’t afford it. If the app worked completely perfectly and picked up on all spelling mistakes and punctuation then the price would be reasonable but unfortunately it does still have certain problems S.Version: 2.0.5

UninstalledI uninstalled this since I don’t like how it remembers anything I write like credit cards or important passwords ect..Version: 1.8.2

Terrible on iOS devices 👎The Grammarly app is TERRIBLE on iOS like iPhone and iPad. On my iPad Pro 2, I have tried Grammarly with Safari, Firefox and Chrome. I have reinstalled the app 3 times over the past 3 months. Nothing helped. Symptoms Within the Grammarly keyboard, press the green ‘G’ button to initiate half-screen mode. Often, Grammarly does not pick up any issues, OR if it did pick up a problem and I tap on a correction, Grammarly would not carry out the change. If I copy the same text on to my desktop version of Grammarly on my Mac, it would pick up several issues and carry out corrections as expected (but only on dedicated Grammarly MacOS app. It does not have Microsoft Word integration on MacOS). Rant I suspect Grammarly commenced its life as a Win PC app and they are trying to port it over to MacOS (3 stars out of 5) and iOS (0 stars out of 5). It would have been more honest to declare that Grammarly does NOT work on iOS, instead of releasing a half-baked app. I have paid for a Premium subscription, but I will not be renewing. I will NOT recommend this app to any iOS users..Version: 1.1.8

MAC is good & I-Phone is not so goodI have Paid for the Year for Grammarly to use on my I-Phone and MAC Computer. On my MAC, there is an excellent program that does a lot and helps out with documents and saves them on Grammarly's web-sight and gives you a lot of choices when writing up a report. With the I-Phone app, Grammarly is missing the documents folder on Grammarly's website; that dose not allow access to my projects I am working on my computer. I have tried to log in using my I-Phone on Safari APP just like I have done on my computer. The difference is my I-Phone dose not allow access; instead, I am directed to download I-Phone Grammarly. I do have Grammarly already on my phone. The computer version and the I-Phone versions are not the same. Grammarly needs to allow multiple access of your saved work on different mac platforms like when using an I-Phone, MAC, or I-Pad that can access the same files. With my I-Phone there is not as strong of help as when I'm on my MAC computer. My I-Phome is missing Options Like: Set Goals, Overall Score, Correctness, Clarity, Engagement, Delivery, and Plagiarism..Version: 1.6.1

THE WORSTI rate this one star because I got it today and it was the worst. Believe me, trust me, because I am certainly not one of those people who just rate an app badly with some good reviews just for the sake of it. Anyway, when I got the app today, it was supposed to be for writing some of my work pieces. But when I started writing my first one, in two seconds, grammarly deleted my first two paragraphs. This was really annoying, since I put a lot of work into it. I really hope that in advance and future, grammarly fixes this and that other people don’t have to suffer. Sorry, if this does not sound pleasing. 😞.Version: 1.9.6

It doesn't work with apple keyboardI have two problems with this app the first one being that I wish it could work on more websites my second problem is that What I am writing this review with and what I usually write with is an Apple Smart Folio Keyboard and the automatic checking is disabled in hardware keyboard mode but still it isn't a very big problem because you can use check my text. Other than those two problems I think the App is brilliant and would recommend it to anyone who is reading this Review..Version: 1.9.7

Scam do not get.So to activate and get it to work you have to give full access. Full access means everything yes everything you type including credit card numbers they get to see. Oh gee don’t see anything wrong with that..Version: 1.0.19

Wish it didn't lagI use grammarly online all the time and I love it. But the iPhone version is laggy. It doesn't pick up all of my keystrokes the way the stock keyboard or even other third party keyboards do. It often misses when I hit the space bar and some other random letters and it just overall feels sluggish trying to keep up with my typing. Another big problem that made me switch away from using it was its insistence on correcting the same word over and over and over and over and over again unless I typed exactly what I wanted and then selected the "quoted" version of it above. I'm used to the stock keyboard knowing that if I typed something a certain way and it corrects it, when I backspace and type it again the same way, it was intentional. Grammarly doesn't understand this and corrects it over and over unless you go out of your way to tell it that spelling was intentional. As someone who types fairly fast, I got irritated really quickly having the app correcting me in that way, especially when most of the time they weren't even spelling mistakes, but correctly spelled words that it assumed we're spelling errors due to it trying to predict the sentence. I preferred grammarly simply because I could type out a whole chunk of text and it would then give me suggestions on how to fix my mistakes at the end. For me, having to monitor the app's corrections as I type defeats the purpose. And the sluggish response kills it for me..Version: 1.9.7

Cancel my subscription to GrammarlyI am requesting cancellation to Grammarly. Please advise and thanks in advance.Version: 1.7.5

Can you improve Grammarly on mobileWhy I cannot access to my files easily on mobile app I don’t like Grammarly keyboard version.Version: 1.4.1

IPad app: Lagging, not working with hardware keyboardI got my iPad Pro as a replacement for my PC, but it is sad that grammarly hasn’t realised how many writers out there use an iPad for writing. It is DISAPPOINTING that grammarly doesn’t auto-check as I type unless I’m doing it on screen by touch. It freezes, doesn’t identify mistakes even if I press “check text”. I have to write directly on grammarly app, which takes a good few seconds to just load the page- regardless of it having any prior text or none. This makes the whole process a painful experience, especially when one is writing on the clock. Writing in itself is a strenuous process, this lagging and not correcting the text just makes it 10x worse. Frustration kicks in very easily, which makes the quality of writing fall significantly. THIS ISN’T A MINOR ISSUE. PLEASE ADDRESS IT. With the potential that Grammarly has, it is a serious disheartening matter that the developers are yet to address this issue and fix it..Version: 1.9.12

:-(I downloaded the app and then found out you have to allow grammarly full access to the phone including previous things typed. This means to use the app grammarly has access to all passwords and credit card details you type. Not worth it!.Version: 1.4.3

Pricing up front pleaseI hate all these ‘free’ apps with outrageous in-app pricing, so deceitful..Version: 1.9.16

Good app but still very very buggyThe app is fine, not great but just fine, but is so buggy that is driving me up to the edge to smash my iPhone into the ground at least one time per day... The free version for MacBook is also quite annoying and pretty buggy too. I understand that the idea is to push the users to pay for premium but how to pay for something that obviously needs a lot more of work until it reaches acceptable performing level because I don’t believe the people who created it doesn’t see the faults, very basic faults that the app is doing constantly and they are so annoying. And for me, this is a sign that the developers are not working directly on the issues with the simple operations in the app so it means it will remain a buggy app probably forever and then I don’t feel really motivated to subscribe for a basically low performing app..Version: 1.5.1

Great app on the desktop - not so great for mobile devicesI like Grammarly and use it on my Macbook Pro and Surface Pro. And the deep integration of Grammarly with Outlook and Word in Windows 10 allows me to use it within Outlook and Word. However, on the iPad it is a whole different story. They don’t support hardware keyboards and don’t allow you to access the website from an iOS device. And since I mainly use a hardware keyboard to write longer texts on my iPad, I have no option of using their service. And this one of the two reasons, why I won’t become a subscriber any time soon. Grammarly is simply an incomplete product that is not fit for the mobile office! Their lacking integration into Word and Outlook in MacOS being the other reason why the service is not worth it’s price, in my opinion..Version: 1.1.10

Why?It’s a good app but I don’t understand why the keyboard needs full access, especially to previously typed information such as passwords, bank details and online searches. Full access would feel a lot safer without the need for previously typed information..Version: 1.9.2

This Would Be Good But...... How Do I Use Grammarly? I downloaded Grammarly a few months ago but immediately deleted it. This was because there was no clear explanation as to how to use the app. I’d always thought I was reasonably competent at using apps but I don’t where or how to start with this app. I’ve searched online for clear instructions and those that I do find just leave me even more confused. I’m EXTREMELY disappointed because the idea of Grammarly is excellent but PLEASE could you give CLEAR and SIMPLE instructions on how to use it? Do NOT just assume that everyone is a computer/mobile phone/tablet genius. I genuinely WANT to be able to use this app. This is why I’ve only given it one star..Version: 1.9.11

Grinder.Slows down all machines. Dumping it..Version: 1.0.19

This is so annoying!I downloaded this app a while ago, because I love writing and want to write a book. It was really good at first, and I didn’t really care about premium. But it all started to fall downhill when the app started saying I needed premium to use it and it wouldn’t let me use it just to fix one mistake. I ended up deleting the app as a result because I just don’t understand why I should have to pay for a simple writing check. Thanks for taking time to look at this review though, and please make this a better app!.Version: 2.0.5

DelayThere is a 2 second delay When I hit the key and when it appears on the screen.Version: 1.6.1

Needs improvingGrammarly having a free app is fantastic especially with my grammar being so terrible. The app does require some improvements though. I find some of the auto correct suggestions to be really stupid and I wonder how they even got that suggestion, it doesn't pick up on ”u” and a few other little errors, I find the keyboard a little smaller than the Apple keyboard as well. If it wasn't for those minor issues the app would be #1.Version: 1.3.1

Can’t reset my password.The service won’t work at all. I’ve followed all of the instructions in the “commonly asked questions” and the app still will not work nor even show up on my keyboard on my IOS device. I’ve tried to reset my password because somehow it’s says my password (the one my phone has saved) doesn’t work so I click the reset password tab and Grammarly sends the reset instructions to my email. I click the link and it takes me the App Store where it tells my I’ve already downloaded the app so I click the app and it kinda of all just repeats from there. Getting pretty annoyed especially after the fact I paid 60 some bucks for the annual service. Now it says I’ve attempted my password to many times and I’m kinda just locked out until who knows when. You guys better get it together and I’ll rate you better or give me my money back in a timely fashion. So far the only thing Grammarly has managed to do is waste 45 min of my very limited time when it’s whole service is designed to save time..Version: 1.7.5

Grammarly is great but please make some developments •PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING•I'm my experience with Grammarly, I have been using it to type messages and sometimes when I type names, it changes it to a different one. My friends would get confused so I just wouldn't use Grammarly for texting. Another thing I have issues with in Grammarly is that it tries to put my separate words into ones together. I was typing my review and it put the words ”with and in” together. When I put commas in between my sentences sometimes it says I'm wrong and I'm not. It is not like my reading class which actually gives way more information than Grammarly. I'm sorry if you feel offended but I just think you need to make some improvements. Otherwise, of my issues, I give this app/keyboard a 👍🏽. It is a great app and I hope you make some developments to help me with my problems. I don't want you to get mad so please don't. I'm just telling you what you can make improvements on so you can make your app better. Please respond to this and thank you for making this great app..Version: 1.0.21

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