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The game I can enjoyA game I could just sit back and enjoy and take my time.Version: 1.103.2

Heroes warsTrès divertissant et très addictif.Version: 1.103.2

Good gameDifferent hero’s/variations of teams make the game fun.Version: 1.103.2

Fun if you are patientI am enjoying playing this game, but you do have to be patient, unless you have A LOT OF MONEY! There are a lot of things to do and I like the variety, but you are constantly offered “deals” which typically say they are 75% or more off, even though these things don’t seem to be offered any other way. If you can ignore these, or use them judiciously, you can advance through the game for reasonable or no money. I do appreciate that the developers do put out a lot of free materials if you check their FB page. They also do a lot of fun special events. I have read a lot of chatter about how pricey these are to get everything. My opinion is, don’t try to get everything. Yes, that gives you stronger heroes, but so what? There is really no end to this game so going slow and patient is just as fun as racing ahead and spending a fortune. It is fun to play, so be patient and enjoy it where you are..Version: 1.47.0

Best team playI was looking for a new RPG and saw this as an advert on my previous RPG. The puzzle bait ad hooked me in, but to be honest I really enjoy the game even though it is nothing like the original ad. I like the variety of characters. The best way to play is the right mix of heros with the right abilities - be it tank, warrior, marksman, mage, healer, etc. At the stage I am at (lvl 50) so many people are using Astaroth who I find far too squishy as a tank, and relatively easy to knock out. It is worth thinking about mixing up your heros depending on who you are going up against. This is not a one team beats all kind of game. You can play solely on a campaign mode, or join a guild and have fun playing alongside your team mates making your way through a Dungron Trial with the addiotional help of a team of Titans, or battling against other Guilds..Version: 1.52.1

Best game to kill timeLongest time I have played a game on my phone. Recommend to anyone who just enjoys building a team and beating others. Very fun. The guilds make it easy to want to play and improve your team for sake of helping the group. Still playing after a year. Keeps getting more and more fun!! Highly recommend. They do add features and new characters. Keeps it fresh. Still playing after 18 months are so. Game just keeps getting better. As characters get stronger, new combos become available. Very fun to find the most powerful teams to compete with. Still at after two years. Still recommend! Still not quite stale. Would recommend to anyone looking to pass the time in a fun way! Highly recommended time killer! I guess this is getting close to 2.5 years now. I needed to switch guilds as happens to keep the game interesting as sometimes guild mates fall off. Only negative thing that comes to mind...otherwise, still a good game!! Still play nearly everyday but after a couple of years, would like to see a bit more variety. But it took a couple of years to feel that way so you’re probably safe!! :) Still at it. The guild wars and server wars make it more fun and make you want to try to improve. Still a recommend. :).Version: 1.44.5

Hero warsPretty good game, gets a little hard to keep up if you don’t buy gems.Version: 1.58.7

Hero WarsI really like this game, I find it challenging, sometimes frustrating, but always fun!.Version: 1.103.2

FunFun.Version: 1.103.2

Me not meIt’s good.Version: 1.103.2

Hero wars is amazingWow what a game... if you don’t want to take too long to get started just spend a few dollars and there’s so much fun to unlock!.Version: 1.76.1

Hero wars clan memberAwesome game, lots of battles to compete in,but, to move forward in the game you need to spend a lot of cash for little reward, when upgrading team members the gold disappears to quick for what you’ve paid for & for what you win when raiding or battling. The Black Douglas P.s. still waiting for all the benefits of V.I.P 13.Version: 1.106.11

A great game that’s become a daily routineI downloaded this game about a year ago - I have played it for at least half an hour every day since ! Sure it’s nice to be able to buy a few gems etc but it really isn’t necessary - just log in and enjoy. They do many offers and sales if you want to buy things. I joined a guild and made some cool friends ! If you want something easy to pick up and play - download it - you’ll eventually want a whole team of absolute star players :).Version: 1.100.3

Hero WarsNice and easy way to kill time, bonuses if you play every day and regularly check their Facebook feeds, and make new friends in a clan.Version: 1.97.1

Free to play but worth some cashStarted just F2P but a few bucks when things are on sale speed things up. Not stupid prices like some game. (I’m looking at you Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes).Version: 1.54.2

Not too badKeeping me busy for three years now.Version: 1.106.2

This is a great gameYou don’t receive any ads so you can play to the best of your ability without being stopped halfway, the battles are tough but very challenging in a good way and almost everything costs coins that you earn in the game and not by purchasing it and getting ripped off..Version: 1.106.11

Good game but...If you want to be the top dog, you’re going to have to put your hand in your pocket... a lot... They are quite generous with giveaways and whatnot, but resources very quickly get eaten up and you either have to dig in for the grind of your life - or get spending. Having said that, it’s quite a sociable and fun game. I would suggest watching some of the beginners guides before attempting any serious play, so as to avoid wasting time and money..Version: 1.47.0

AddictiveAddictive game with lots to do... no need to pay to progress quickly though the option is there... so impressed with finding a game that doesn’t feel like a money grab that I happily forked out cash to improve the experience!.Version: 1.44.5

Kept me occupied?I’ve been playing hero wars for a wee while now and I think it may be something to do with the Covid 19 lockdown but I’ve been playing the game a lot. It’s defo keeping me occupied? Not a bad game give it a go 👍 So I originally got the game in March but believe it or not played it every single day since then it doesn’t take up much time it’s now 3/4 of the way thru September. Now nearly December still playing this game. Now it’s nearly January still playing this game. So now a whole year at the game and I’m still playing it..Version: 1.106.11

Fun but not like the addThis game is very fun but is nothing like the add you have to go through levels and you don’t get to do the castle fight the add was showing unless you have to wait till a certain level then that makes more sense but I was hoping for a add like game turns out it’s nothing like the add.Version: 1.106.11

It’s OKIt’s a pretty good game I would just only say that you should get it and you can play if your friends well it’s not very likely but you can and it’s a really fun game I like it maybe I’m new to it but it’s really fun and I like it I play with my friends only like a few times but I’m saying is that you should definitely get the game and it’s OK and it’s good and it’s a pretty pretty fun I think that you should get it if you are reading this and all I’m saying is get us now or else you are evil to me and yeah so yeah that’s all and if you are still reading and thank you because this is the smallest review I’ve ever read it because I want to keep playing on this game because it’sSo fun so you should get this and this is not gonna be as long as usual becauseBecause I want to keep playing so it’s all fun and get a game now and thank you for reading this thank you thank you.Version: 1.97.4

Excellent strategy gameExtensive levels for upgrading and not a heavy compulsion / pressure to spend. A rare game with lots of playable elements where a hard grinding ftp (or low spender) can be competitive and enjoy..Version: 1.54.2

Love itI can see myself playing this game for a long time.Version: 1.52.1

Fun gameI’ve been playing for about 6 months now. It’s a fairly generous game for F2P but I would still recommend spending at least $2 to get unlimited raids, which are critical for long term enjoyment in this game. Finding the right guild is also critical. If you are comfortable with a little spend, Valkyries Favor is a cheap way to get a little bit more out of the game. Watching ads is voluntary in this game but, if you are F2P, spend the 10 minutes a day to watch all the available ads. It’s worth it. A note to the devs: You should provide honest discount statements on Treasure of Dominion. The exact same deal, offered twice, less than a week apart, for two different prices are not both “80% off” as the app claims. Nor is your valuation model of the components in a deal consistent across multiple offers. Saying all of the deals are 80% off is false advertising. Be honest with the people supporting you. UPDATE: I have had this in my last 3 reviews and nothing has changed. The 80% is a lie..Version: 1.97.1

Great GameDefinitely enjoying Hero Wars. Very creative, abundance of modes, and generous in free loot, energy, gold, etc. I regularly play some other popular free to play strategy games (Galaxy of Heroes and Marvel Strike Force) and this one provides a wealth of game play as they do. Visually, the animations are appealing. Large variety of game play modes for both single and team play. Have only two complaints that kept me form rating 5 stars. The first is the pay wall. Obviously free to play games make their money through micro transactions. Certain features are held back if you don’t make some purchases. It’s more my distaste for that model than a flaw in the game itself. Comparatively to other free to plays, they reward you significantly for even just making purchases, whereas others just give you what you pay for. And you earn VIP status with purchases so you earn features that make the game more fluid, like simmimg the battles to farm characters or gear. I am a lower VIP level, but it would appear it’s trending that if you buy enough VIP status, at a certain point you’ve purchased the equivalent of a full game (like you buying a console game in pieces). My other complaint is that the home screens are very busy and it’s not the most intuitive figuring out some of the features and items you receive and what they might be used for..Version: 1.95.10

Lubey47I like the complexity of how many game options there are. I think the game is a bit stingey with rewards as you progress. It just gets too hard to level up as you climb the levels..Version: 1.58.7

Très accrocheur comme jeuLe jeu ne perds pas son interêt avec le temps, mais il faut dépenser un peu d’argent de temps en temps.Version: 1.103.2

I like itWorks well for me, i like the game, it is tempting to spend money on it for extra stuff but still good without 😁.Version: 1.106.12

I love this gameI have played the game for years but lost my old Apple ID so had to start afresh. There are loads of things to do each day and whilst spending money does help you advance quicker ... you can reach a decent level and have a good time without spending a penny .. ... it’s all about strategy ... where to spend your resources etc ... ... still play every day and still really enjoy it ... the social factors make it The little gifts on the FB page really can help as well though..Version: 1.106.12

All around a pretty fun experienceGood game to burn time during work, generous with energy and there’s no grind for overpowered heroes, levelling takes time but what’s the point in playing a game with no goals to achieve all around pretty fun experience so far f2p option isn’t like a mile behind but if you want to spend money it isn’t a pay to win game overall one of the best apps I’ve played in a while.Version: 1.100.3

Enjoy the journeyIf you play this game as if there is a destination or end point you will go crazy...and possibly broke. ENJOY THE JOURNEY. The journey is the game. The game is the journey. The game kinda falls into two parts. There are daily tasks that will become exceedingly boring and button pushing and then there is the teams of heroes you need to invest in and assemble...and battle other player’s teams. The possibilities are endless. The designers keep periodically adding new characters or updating old ones which can get kind of frustrating as you have invested characters and now must adjust to take into account the new players, skills, updates and combinations If I could have one wish I would hope they could come up with more quick fun puzzles and collaboration. My suggestion runs something along the lines of grabbing three players and allowing them to build a grand arena team based upon their 5 weakest heroes. Then pit them against other player combos. I think this would be a boost for the developers because people would invest in a broader range of characters and it would be some fun interactive quick tournaments. Maybe you can enter the arena up to five times and win a bigger chest if you win, a lesser chance if you lose. Much like Outlands. It would also be nice if the “quest” continued on to some meaningful conclusion. Wishful thinking on my part See you in Dominion.Version: 1.98.1

Excellent dopamine releaserMultiple ways to level up your hero’s to fight in teams with other guild mates. Very addictive. Makes you spend your money better used for real life. I would make the comparison to smoking cigarettes. I’m still playing so must be worth it..Version: 1.103.2

False advertising, very expensive later onThe game has advertising everywhere with logic puzzles which is why I downloaded it, only to find out there are only two super easy puzzles in the very beginning. The game was entertaining however, so I stuck around. I started to progress fairly quickly, looking up guides and stuff to get better, only to hit the mid game where I'm finding I never have enough gold (the free currency), or energy to do any grinding for equipment or gold. If you want to play for more than 30 minutes a day you have to use gems (the pay to win currency) for more attempts at events. The pvp is horrible because it's not live and also EVERYONE has higher rarity cards than you from spending tons of money in previous events. This game gives you very few opportunities to earn free gems like most games unless you willingly sell your personal information to their advertisers in lengthy surveys and registration. And even if you do, the amount of gems you really need to have fun is so much higher than you can earn in an hour of that. I'm sorry I fell for this trap to begin with. Edit: They added more puzzles and made it easier to get resources for free. They are improving..Version: 1.100.3

Love this GameNot often I’ll review a game, but I must say this one has me playing daily. I really can’t not go a day without wanting to play it to keep my team growing in strength. Lots of cool tasks and missions for you to complete weekly. If your part of a Guild it’s even better. The only negative thing I would say is the in app purchases are expensive to the point where I don’t think you get enough for what you spend and they don’t really give you more if you become a VIP. That said I enjoy it enough and just limit my spending per month..Version: 1.95.10

Not a heroI’m new to the game but I love it. You can work your way through the levels, upgrade your heroes and there is always plenty to do. It gets progressively harder, which is great. You don’t have to purchase to level up which I love..Version: 1.106.11

Fun fun funHonestly this is an awesome game I never thought I would play a game like this but Its very addictive and fun, I would definitely recommend... the downfall is yes it is free to play but if you want to progress through the game relatively quick you will have to PAY with a lot of $$$$ needs more free stuff to get, don’t get me wrong you do get a few free resources but nothing compare to what you really need in the game to get somewhere... one thing they should make is an arena battle for the Titans just like they have for the hero’s.... keep up the good work and keep sun sales coming Hahaha.....Version: 1.106.11

Wow !!!Amazing game !!!.Version: 1.103.2

Enjoyable and funI constantly saw this game through ads on another game and thought I’d give it a go. I was hoping it would be predominantly the puzzled that you see in the ads, but it’s not. It is however enjoyable and it isn’t littered with ads, which is great. The concept is simple and the gameplay is fun. Everything can be earned with time/luck from what I can see at the moment but of course, cash will speed things up..Version: 1.52.1

EnergiesPowers and energies are less. I bought gems packages but overall not statisfied with power and energies.Version: 1.95.10

Not all about mini gamesThis role playing game will have you enthralled trying to find the best characters and level them up to take on the other players and many other battle environments..Version: 1.105.2

Long game but really funI really love this game. It’s a massive time sink but worth it. I’ve been playing for over a month and slowly getting through it as you start to build up your team to take on the campaign, other players, the tower or the dungeon. There is a limit to how much you can do each day and paying money will speed things up buts it’s definite achievable for free. Would recommend, pretty fun.Version: 1.98.1

Been playing for months now!This was meant to have been a time killer during lockdown. Now I’m here many months later, still enjoying the game and learning more about the game as time goes on. It goes to show the depth if you go looking for it. Each server has it’s own community too so that helps. The game just needs to improve its chat and it would be even more fun then..Version: 1.76.1

Wow c’est bonDe rien.Version: 1.103.2

Terrible supportI like the game, even though it is extremely expensive for pay to play. The support is shocking though. I recently upgraded to iOS 14 and my account has been reset back to the start of the game. I have tried multiple time to get help through technical support web page but no support ticket has been generated and not contact has been made back to me. My guild are trying to get help through in game advisors but these requests just go through to a chat bot. I have spend thousands of dollars on this game and now I have lost it all through a game upgrade that was obviously insufficiency tested. With no support. Terrible customer service is all I can say..Version: 1.95.10

Mostly a grinding gameThe game as a whole isn’t bad: level up characters and complete quests. The look of the game is cool, the battle mechanics are simple, and there is some decent variety to the different modes (tower, arena, Outland, campaign, and Titans after a certain level). The mechanics of leveling up characters is the grinding part... constantly having to battle to get certain gear drops so you can level. If you found this game from a “problem solving” ad in another game like I did (Injustice 2), keep in mind that this is not what the game actually is... there are a few of those kinds of things, but they aren’t really part of the gameplay at all... more like a way to draw you in. I haven’t paid any money yet, and am not likely to, but I’ve still managed to get a decent team together. Of course, as with most “free” games, there is certain to be a great advantage to paying something, but isn’t necessary... but it would make the grind less severe..Version: 1.101.1

Great game but expensiveVery cool game but if you want to be at the top I hope you have deep pockets.Version: 1.103.2

NiceGood game. Fast and auto fighting.Version: 1.18

Simple to play, fun gameMany of these types of game have convoluted mechanisms for levelling characters, or an excessive amount of combinations of gear or talent trees but Hero Wars seems to have gone down a simpler path. That makes the game accessible to the masses, not just hardcore gamers and it allows a few minutes of fun gaming every now and then rather than requiring hours and hours of gaming. Great game and plenty of progression at the free tier (not sure whether there’ll need to be purchased made at higher levels as I’m only level 40).Version: 1.44.4

Awesome GameThe game just keeps getting better and better. Favourite game to play. Don’t see myself stopping playing for a looooong long time.Version: 1.48.0

4/5Great game, but if you want to not spend, this is not the game for you..Version: 1.103.2

Fun, challenging and not complicatedI have enjoyed playing this game and started looking for free to play game. This game could be played without spending much but it would be a very hard to have enough gold end resources to be competitive. You would end up a very high level weak player. There are nice free daily bonuses for energy and great free rewards in the campaign if you check the Facebook page to find out where the bonus is located. I will keep playing and try to keep spending down. The skins are great for a bonus to hero but too expensive in my opinion and for a free player , 5000 skin stone cost for just one skin unlock is way too much! Thank you for the events and for making a great game! I just wanted to update my previous post and drop my review from 5 stars to 3 because I have been billed incorrect amounts for I game purchases 4 different times!!! I am considering dropping it to 1 star... I keep getting automated canned responses that just state the Terms of Service and that the company doesn’t issue refunds. I will take it with my card service provider and Apple to get refund but it’s sad that they don’t take care of their players better..Version: 1.97.1

Jeu super cool!!!Ça aide a passer le temps 😋 et les nouveautés sont intéressantes ... je n’avais pas de chance aux coffres parce que je n’arrivais jamais a trouver coupe chou peu importe combien j’en achetaient 🤷🏻‍♀️mais au dernier event j’ai eu la surprise de le trouver! 🥳 J’ai atteint le dernier chapitre... j’espère qu’il y aura une suite à l’aventure!.Version: 1.103.2

Gave it 5 stars until i saw the endI gave it five stars in the beggining as it looked nice and i spend loads of money on it. But then when i finished level 13 and i saw there was no more levels to do and u just have to repeat the levels it gets so boring. I regret i spend all this money in this game to only have 13 levels. Dont spent money guys because the campaign finishes quick and there is not much to do after that. In general is a good game i just think the devs are a bit lazy and i dont see a future in this game if it keeps like this..Version: 1.101.1

Question,I started playing this game few days ago though my iPhone just downloaded to see if I might like it or not. I decided to give this game a few hours , I did the “campaign training” and I continued playing till I got at lvl 12 and all my hero’s level 16. So so I wanted to play it though my PC instead of my phone. But through PC when I logged via Facebook play the game. It was all from the beginning. How can I put my phone account ID to my Facebook as? Kind Regards.Version: 1.98.2

DecentIt’s a decent game so far. 30 mins in. Not bad..Version: 1.103.2

Fun, well-balanced RPG...with some caveats.If you like the aesthetic and don’t mind pacing yourself, this game is great. However, it’s incredibly crafty with how it encourages you to spend money on it...but you rarely NEED to spend emeralds (the freemium currency) to enjoy the game, as long as your play sessions are between 15 and 60 minutes. You’ll constantly find yourself in situations like “I just need 30 more emeralds to unlock more points to level up the last hero on my team!” which can be frustrating, but if you can resist the urge for a few hours (or until the next daily server reset), your points will be restored and you can level up that hero without having to pay real-world money for it. There are also a plethora of options for earning emeralds by taking surveys, installing beta apps and giving feedback on them, and trying out subscriptions for new services — most of which won’t cost you a penny..Version: 1.68.5

Positive.Fun game, surprisingly intricate strategy. Surprisingly supportive and engaged community. Was good entertainment before I got locked in my home for months and extra fun during. It stayed fun after..Version: 1.107.1

Addictive RPGD&D on steroids. Great characters and lots of variety. The down side is menial tasks with minimal skill but very time consuming to get resources. Paying money would improve that to some degree - which is a clever good business model. But I don’t think it would save very much time so I haven’t paid much..Version: 1.98.1

Enjoy!I like the game, I'm having fun playing it. The people in my guild are friendly and active. At times the PvE is challenging but after I put some time and work into my characters' progress, I overcome instead of hitting an insurmountable wall. The PvP is more of a challenge because other players with more time/resources are constantly training and upgrading, so it stays competitive. The only negative thing I would say is a matter of opinion. Your team requires energy to enter battles; the energy replenishes at a decent rate but if you play a lot you'll hit some down time eventually. On the other hand, if you don't have a lot of free time you can always pop in and do something in 3 minutes or less..Version: 1.46.1

Overall good gameThere is a pay to win theme here and you get massive buffs for spending money, however there is enough game here to leave a positive review. Gameplay and stuff to do is jam packed and the game runs smoothly, my only criticism is the ridiculous offers that come up at the side I would never spend over £10 on any game so when I see a £40 offer for one character it makes me laugh!.Version: 1.31

Enjoyable but has issuesEnjoy this game, a lot. The graphics are great. And, the play is both easy and challenging. So, it is one of my go-to games. There are a few things that plague me. One: if I want to play a particular episode, I have to scroll back to it, each time. A play again button would be great. Once you get a character leveled up, and need high-end items, they take many parts, and the receive ratio seems very low. It may not change from the low-end items, but once in the higher end, it takes many thousands of energy, and many, many battles. Lastly, the cost of in-game items is exorbitant. Since there are no “real products,” there is no additional cost after the developer sets them up. Even when a thing is “on sale,” the price is high. I do not mind “pay to play,” because developers make games to make money. I get that, but if prices were more reasonable, more people would pay..Version: 1.100.3

Fun gameEasy fun game good to pass the time.Version: 1.103.2

Addictive funThere are so many activities you can spend a couple of hours trying to complete them each day. Well worth a try.Version: 1.106.12

A real gemGood game. Lots of different ways to play keeps it interesting.Version: 1.103.3

Hero Wars after 13 campaignsThe game is pretty cool. It’s not at all what I had in mind. I thought I was downloading a puzzle app. The type of game where you have to pull the pins in a specific order in order to set the hero free... kinda like the way the game is advertised. Much to my disappointment there was only one puzzle stage at first, and now I’ve discovered maybe two more. I continued playing the game in hopes of unlocking more puzzle stages. The game started to row on me. I then became determined to complete all of the campaigns. This leads me to my ultimate disappointment with this game. After completing the final campaign, there was absolutely nothing. No messages, no congratulations, nothing! There’s just simply no more campaigns left to play. What a bummer. Now I’m left to compete in the arenas and battles in the dungeon. Wish there were more. Or maybe I’m missing something...🤔🤔 Overall though, I’ll say I enjoy it..Version: 1.68.5

Great game to pass time and addictiveDecided to download this game when I got my new phone and turns out I loved the game. I’ve had it for about two weeks and the way things are set up I can’t complain. You regain energy for the campaign quickly including several ways to regain energy. With character level ups, gear/upgrades, artifact pieces for each character. Several ways to unlock new characters but the ones you start out with take you a long way. There’s arena/pvp which I enjoy. They have what they call the tower which is basically fighting your way to the top with sweet rewards and buffs as you progress. That’s just a few of many side features that I’ve mentioned. Stop by and check it out. (: be sure to join a guild once you’re high enough level, great perks and titans!!.Version: 1.68.5

VictoryI little girl walking around she sees a stone she wants to touch it but it starts to glow but she touches it and gets knocked out by a guy behind she wakes up in a cabin The guy told her you should not touch the stone now you have the strongest powers in the world you now have the powers to take victory over the villains she had blonde hair and gold and blue metal close she had Blue eyes she was beautiful and as a crown she had a blue diamond in the metal golden blue crown she had all different coloured powers she had Alfie is but her powerful list powers were purple and two years later she had victory she was crowned the queen of victory. THE END.Version: 1.45.0

ReviewI really like the game. It is as complex or as simple as each person wishes it to be. You can get into the weeds, run a spreadsheet, and test myriads of battle options, or you can play with your favorite heroes anytime. Guilds offer expanded play battling against guilds on other servers while battling other guilds on your home server. I find this side-scrolling PVE (player versus environment) game interesting, but the real fun is in PVP (player versus player) arena and grand arena battles. Expanding on the PVP concept, guilds offer team PVP with fortifications to capture and is based on a point system to win. Ties are possible, and that is why it is addicting because good strategy pays off..Version: 1.45.0

AwesomeGreat game except I found wait times are way to long to recharge energy I just want to keep playing.Version: 1.48.0

Hero warsIt’s a pretty good game!.Version: 1.103.2

How to be 5 starThis is a very enjoyable and easy came to get into. As time goes on you realise there’s more tactics needed to improve which gives it another dimension. Getting into a good guild is key for longevity as you can interact with your team mates, ironically this is where the game lets itself down a tad. There needs to be a better communication platform to help grow this area as it’s limited, also when building a guild there’s no vetting process so harder to recruit from the larger community or merge guilds or poach other players, this would then get a 5 star rating.. keep it up guys and bring us that update soon..Version: 1.49.0

Fun but progress slows quick if no payGood concept, but feels a little too much like pay to win. Wish they didn’t force you to pay to access certain things, I don’t mind pay to increase speed, as long as everything is achievable by either time spent playing or money spent skipping. But gated content or perks to pay only is frustrating at times..Version: 1.58.7

Excellent game and not greedyAwesome and fun game. Plenty of different things to do, not (overly) Grindy, very generous with resources so you can go a long way before even thinking of paying anything - although you should, as one purchase gives you unlimited auto raid tickets. Rarely do I ever make IAP, but happy to on this game - mainly because it’s not greedy..Version: 1.45.0

ClownbsOk.Version: 1.103.2

Hero of warsGreat game, well worth playing. You totally lose track of time when playing. Characters, attacks and clothes are unique. No need to spend real money but you can if you want. I really love this game, I love all the challenges and the quests and events they are quite unique. I play on mobile version... hardly any lag like next to none.. Decently worth playing 😉.Version: 1.52.0

Quite good reallyVery addictive game but takes a while to get your energy back.Version: 1.76.1

Fantastic game!I do enjoy playing this game! I love collecting the heroes and the many different ways you can level them up! Sometimes the battle system seems a bit unbalanced, especially in the tower battles! They should get progressively harder as you advance up the floors of the tower, but instead they’re just completely random! I might battle a full team of level 50, purple rank heroes on floor 1, and then a team of level 47, blue rank heroes on floor 2! Seems a little backwards! I also think that instead of skipping “floors” based on the number of wins you have, you should be able to skip “battles” based on the number of wins you have! For example... winning 2 battles in the tower should get me to floor 5; skipping the battles on floors 1 and 3, and claiming the prizes on floors 2 and 4! Instead of winning 2 battles only getting me to floor 3! I’ve also noticed that some of the battles in the special events have been severely unbalanced as well! But besides all of that! This is a very enjoyable game! I’ve always enjoyed these grindy kind of games! It makes the leveling up worth the work! 😄.Version: 1.52.1

Love the variety of challengesNever a dull moment worth a play if you like rpg games.Version: 1.106.12

Hero WarsReally fun game. Great dynamics, art and layout. Could be improvements l. But overall enjoyable. Also It is a game that I haven’t deleted off my phone yet which is really saying something. Only quarrel is in game purchases are kind of expensive..Version: 1.103.2

Strangely addictive...Great game, get into a Guild quick as you can... they give great advice to new players! nice!👍👍👍👍.Version: 1.107.1

Hero WarsI am really enjoying this game. There are different ways that you can earn experience and rewards and I like that you can progress at your own rate but within each of the different ‘areas’ ie outlands, arena and dungeon..Version: 1.105.2

Hero’s guilds arena and moreGreat time leveling hero’s and playing with guild mates in the wars, brings u back each day good way to pass a few mins here and there.Version: 1.95.2

Great game!Honestly I see adds on games that say they have the pin pulling and a good game but when you download them they are just tower building games. I was wondering about this game, so I downloaded it. It is the only game that is what the adds say it is! 100% must buy.Version: 1.105.2

Complexe et amusantBcp de plaisir sans être chronophage J’en découvre de nouveaux aspects à toutes les semaines Toujours aussi distrayant Les nouveaux héros sont intriguants Bcp plaisir avec la fonction de Guilde Having fun Mes héros se défoncent Enfin mes titans sont au max! On se noie dans le plaisir.Version: 1.103.2

Great but need some improvementsI have spent more than 1 weeks to play and feel really addicted. The content is great. However, I suggest that the resources in game like energy, gold and emeralds could change a bit to increase players’ interactions. For instance, we could have some relics that can boost the time that refill the energy ( eg from 6 mins to 3 mins depending on the level of the relics) which can be upgraded by arena coins or whatever coins. Also, it could have other relic that generates the emerald slowly like 1 emerald every 6 or 8 hours. And the gold, of course, please increase the amount of gold for each campaign. It’s like nothing compare to the amount players spend on heroes and other stuff. You should balance from earning money for company and game’s interactions. Don’t force people to use emerald on too many stuffs. There are many games that don’t force users to pay much in games and still succeed such as Summoners War etc. Cheers. Hope to see some updates soon..Version: 1.54.2

Well worth the timeI could happily play this game forever.Version: 1.100.3

PerfectReally nice game. You should definitely consider !.Version: 1.105.2

Solid gameA fun game, easy to get the hang of, good community battles; would have been nice to have a section for the puzzles they promote in the ads, you actually only get like 2 which doesn’t form part of the game. It’s a grind above level 50 if you don’t want to pay, but the deals are reasonable compared to games like Last Shelter and if you’re patient enough you can do it with the in-game daily allowances over time..Version: 1.47.0

Emerald rework and story update.This game is the best one I’ve played in a while. BUT I have an idea for a new system for emeralds by using coins, energy, or watching videos to receive various amounts of emeralds. The range is up to the devs. It’s just a thought I wanted to mention. Also, I have an idea for the games campaign. You see, once you beat it, there really is nothing else to do. So I have an idea for there to be an option reset the campaign but NOT your hero’s and to expand the campaign for a bit more content, and to add some features from the desktop and laptop versions. If you can do it, please do! P.S update broke a few things: the Outland bosses appear HUGE and the shop won’t automatically refresh its stock. I have to physically close the game and reopen in to show the items AND I had this issue since the summer sale: I’m not able to buy ANY of the special offers. So please devs, if you’re reading this, please take this into account..Version: 1.101.1

Very good game, I’ve been playing almost a yearCan run out of things to do at times tho. Would be better if players could remain engaged for longer. Maybe add more things to do or more game modes. Play time is very limited and I often get bored :( Also, it’s costs way too much money if players want to be competitive. I’ve seen a lot of players quit the game because it is too expensive to keep playing :( And there should be an option to remove glyph, skin, and artifact resources from your heroes like with the sparks. For example, I dumped a TON of resources into my rufus to defend against twins teams and other mages and it worked good. Now his new skin came out and I got it up to just level 20 and now his shield doesn’t go up in time and my whole team gets wiped out. >:( so I now have a heavily invested in character and he’s now useless to me. I am very disappointed! This needs to be fixed!!!!.Version: 1.103.2

Hero warsIt’s a fun game. Entertaining and satisfying. Hero wars is addictive.Version: 1.103.2

Amazing game .......butAm I enjoying this game yes seriously I am. The Battles are awesome and leveling up to fight increased threat is fun as well. What I don’t like is the cost associated with assisting to level up I feel as if it’s a little too high. It’s like yes you’re putting discounts on the items but you've jacked up the original price to the point that even the discounted price is high. I don’t believe your prices should be so expensive for the items. Also thanks for the items that you give away in the special missions though I feel the quantity of the gifts given for completing them could be higher. Thank you for hearing me out. Didn’t want this to seem like a lot of complaining but I wanted to ensure you understood my frustration about the financial aspect of playing your game. I still continue to play and love this game..Version: 1.68.5

Diverse interactive experienceI’ve been playing this game for a little over a 4 months and it has been pretty fun. I’m surprised with this game in many ways. There are a lot of outlets for you to interact and enjoy how to battle with varying characters. I like the tactics, the multitudes of ways to enhance characters, and the theme of the game. I think this game would benefit from a little more story line weaving of the characters and a way to play that out and have it explained. This could be a later adaptation to create more interest. I think as it stands the mountain of trying to build your characters has been my goal. It does feel like you have to grind away at getting resources, but from my experience things that are given lightly don’t seem to be as fun to play. Overall I’ve really enjoyed this game..Version: 1.72.3

A little hard to play without micro transactionsGood way to waste time but does get repetitive and you need far more gold than is found in the game unless you want to level up very slowly..Version: 1.106.11

Great Game!Lovely way to spend time!😁 Easy to level up, minimal glitches and loads of easy yet great prizes to win! And although spending money gets you further faster, it isn’t necessary to play and enjoy..Version: 1.46.0

Teb2690Great game!.Version: 1.103.2

Early daysFor immediate enjoyment I must admit I am having fun, the puzzles was the draw point for me and I would happily pay for a full game just on those types of things to solve. As for the RMT, I will update the review when I get to a point where the title forces that or slows down so much it makes it not worth the attention..Version: 1.95.10

Loving the gameAddictive, I could play all day. Quality, fun game play, and also a social aspect make this one of the best mobile games I’ve played yet. Very few glitches or ads, unlike other games. You choose if you want to watch an ad for a reward. Well done team..Version: 1.105.2

Lots of funSuper fun game. Very easy to play and understand..Version: 1.103.2

Really fun and entertainingHonestly I found this game to be much more engaging that I expected. Having seen it previously advertised on other platforms and games I was skeptical that it would be as fun as it appeared. But I was very wrong! Have only been playing for a few weeks but it has rapidly become one of my favourite games, especially as a break from studying! If I could provide one bit of feedback, it’s that it’s too quick to go through energy, especially with the number of items you need to gather to create new weapons etc. I try not to spend gems but it’s really tedious. Other than that great game! Would recommend!.Version: 1.106.11

I love itI love this game There’s not much to it I just play this pretty much every day, it is it’s just one of the best mobile battle games that I could possibly come across it’s so good I don’t think there’s another game they could match this it’s just 5 out of 5 star rating I definitely think you should download this game I would like to know how long it took the creators of the game that long it took them to make it because it was a bit a lot of time it is one of the best games ever.Version: 1.106.2

Fun gameLots of fun.Version: 1.103.2

Awesome gameBest I’ve played In Years.Version: 1.103.2

Would give it 5 star if these were fixed.Great game overall. Just a few minor things that I wish to be fixed. Definitely the tower needs to be fixed because I’ve been playing a solid 6 months, pretty close to everyday and never have I made it to the top of the tower, I honestly don’t even know how many floors of the tower there are, just should start the level one floor with an easy win instead of an 80,000 team power... Also I like being able to have a bunch of heroes that are upgraded and pretty decked out (only way you can even attempt to make it far into the tower) but it’s really hard to do once you get into the violet ranks and like level 60+ because it’s so expensive, it cost like 300k gold to get one piece to equip on your hero and you have to get all 6 before you can promote your hero and each mission gives you only like 1000 gold. So to try and keep up with even 5 heroes (full team) is extremely long. It would be better if it didn’t take as much energy to do one mission and it gave out more gold per mission. Or maybe a gold rush event type deal? Still play it pretty loyally just a few things that I think should be fixed..Version: 1.89.18

Love it.A really fun game that can get addictive in a good way. Great graphics! Fun characters. Challenging. The struggle to acquire gold and emeralds and artifacts can be frustrating at times, especially at the beginning, but the towers and dungeons and guild battles are fun. Arena battles are fun too but they usually pit you against stronger opponents so it’s challenging to win. The team play with the Guilds are also great and a nice way to play with others around the world and even develop a guild family of friends all over the globe. Made some awesome connections with my guild mates and learned a lot about strategy and teamwork. They also create a lot of great game events each month which can be interesting and fun. There’s lots to spend money on if that’s your thing, but there’s lots to play for free as well. The game is constantly changing and upgrading. If you’re interested they also have a variation of the game on Facebook which has different features. I love playing with folks from around the globe and there’s a terrific online community. I’ve made some real life new friends. Competition in the guild wars can be intense as you try to win for your team. It’s a great way to pass time in quarantine..Version: 1.103.2

Very easy to play and simple screen interactionGood game and need more sound.Version: 1.48.0

Hero warsBeen a gamer all my life, 63 and still playing it’s a cool game cool graphics.need better gifts.Version: 1.103.2

Fun game to pass timeGood concept and easy to break into short stints with many areas to keep game interesting. If you are not patient you would need to invest in gems to keep progressing and upgrading quickly over lever 55. Daily rewards really help if you are happy to log in each day and video for rewards and tickets are great to keep building without paying. It is good that there are so many skill trees for hero’s that you can easily change gameplay by swapping hero’s and really try matching best skills. Arenas and towers are fun and short to play adding to the quick format or you can do everything and kill hours..Version: 1.45.0

Long term daily dip in gameSo like others (Raid shadow legends) this game is a hero collector and development game. Cuter graphics, not quite so much numbers oriented depth as others, but more accessible and fun. However, prepare for the long haul... you will take months to feel like your teams are making real progress towards the higher levels. But remember it’s the journey that’s important, and this journey is more fun and less demanding of your time than some of the others..Version: 1.106.11

Fun game as usual upgrade upgrade money moneyGot to spend a lot money to play otherwise game play you.Version: 1.100.1

ALots of fun !.Version: 1.103.2

Great gameReally enjoying this game loads to do and lots of fun Especially the interactive parts on social media’s for extra prizes.Version: 1.52.0

GuildStill learning about it but seems ok , the game in general is fun the play..Version: 1.58.7

Hero warsGreat game, endlessly addictive. If you want to get on in the game though you’ll need to be prepared to spend some money... you can do it without spending but it’ll take a lot longer to achieve champion status. Even more enjoyable with the addition of Server wars, where you can battle cross servers with teams from across the globe..... make sure you get into a guild and develop your very own teams👍.Version: 1.106.12

Great game!Downloaded the game about a month ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. Unlike other games where you can only do so much before you have to wait for things to recharge or purchase more etc, this game has so much to do it can keep you entertained for ages without the need to wait. It’s not very often I post a review of a game but had to for this..Version: 1.48.0

Addictive game, need to spend a little to make it playable.Very engaging. Early levels have straightforward “leveling up”. Later levels require patience or money - or complete tasks (ads) to earn “emeralds”. Beware - many tasks are quite scammy. You could be a strictly “free” player, but having to replay the same level over and over is tiresome. A $2 buy will take care of that. It really is quite playable after doing that single $2 spend. Of course, they will try to persuade you to spend more. Beware - throwing money into this will not guarantee winning. It WILL make it easier - but it wont make up for bad strategy and tactics. 15 months in - still playing it - but some tasks are beginning to become a bit too repetitive. The devs need to work at making the game engaging for “end game” players who have completed most of the quests. I find that there are a number of daily tasks (outland, tower, and highwayman for example) that must be completed in order to receive rewards, but are completely mechanical for end-game players and have no challenge any longer - this part is BORING. At least virtual goods don’t clutter up your house!.Version: 1.103.2

OkOk.Version: 1.103.2

Nice distractionFun distraction.Version: 1.103.2

Great gameHowever rich 🤑 folk will pay to win! Lots to do each day - if you are patient then can do without purchasing emeralds! UPDATE: there’s been some significant changes by the developers including changing the game engine. It works no issues on my iPhone 11. Developers also seem to respond well to new issues and are regularly updating the game. It’s still fun to play even 1 year plus....Version: 1.107.1

Simply put better than most.The game is easy to get into and addictive. Micro transactions are fairly priced and not required to play the game to its fullest extent. With bonuses posted on the Facebook page daily you can take your time to build your teams and the guild system works well and even includes cross server competitions that provide more challenges for both player and guild. As stated in the title this game is far better than most games of same type and well worth the time and investment if you decide to play..Version: 1.54.2

Good funThis game is pretty good because there are quite a few different things to do so you are not just stuck doing only the campaign. I find myself able to spend an hour or two each day playing without getting bored. There are lots of different characters to make your own unique team..Version: 1.106.11

A blast to play!Real fun game. Bit of a time sink if you want to go F2P, but loads of fun..Version: 1.105.2

DifferentDifferent from the ad so that’s disappointing but still fun and looks.Version: 1.43

Great gameHours of entertainment. Look forward to see how the campaign can be expanded in the future. New expansion is cool. Keep it up..Version: 1.107.1

It’s a marathon not a sprintInteresting and addictive with individual and team challenges. If you want to make reasonable progress though you’ll have to spend some money and hope that you get some good luck. If you’re happy plodding along at your own pace there is no need to spend and you can get by with the free offerings but being in a team guild will make you more competitive. Overall a good strategical game..Version: 1.103.2

GoodGood.Version: 1.103.2

Great game!Nice game, it is def a pay to win game since everyone is doing it or just the day 1 players have gotten too strong to reach but aside from that it is a pretty cool game love the overall game play it offers to keep the user looking for things to do also the strategic approach needed to win guild wars but I gotta say the most important thing about this game is “team work” inactive guild members (freeloader) and not meeting daily targets to achieve better rewards meaning if no progress your def choosing the slowest way up. Find a good guild that suits you, build some good chem with the players and help out with the daily tasks to become number #1 Thanks for the free skin! Lol :P.Version: 1.76.1

Hero War ReviewGame is pretty cool. Need more puzzles as only come across 2 so far and that was a big attraction to play. Please don’t forget the little guy with not a lot of disposable cash for upgrades so we can still compete! 🙂.Version: 1.64.7

Great gameBest game I’ve played so far.Version: 1.103.2

Hero WarsGreat game. Not exactly pay to win. But the option is there but definitely not necessary to enjoy or beat the game. I do recommend purchasing something that gives you unlimited raids because it saves so much time. I don’t usually play mobile games and definitely not of this genre but I’m hooked. Can be a little clunky and slow at sometimes but still worth the time..Version: 1.42

EntertainingGood game. Has a bit of everything. Might need to spend some money if you want to be in the top league, but you can also develop you hero’s at you own speed. Like the tasks you can do daily and the events. Great monthly events. Enjoy.Version: 1.105.2

GreatLots of fun.Version: 1.103.2

Matty nShould be a reward system based on your vip level. Think you should possibly loook to get extra missions. Should be looking at the option to be able to swap Titan potions for something. Think the option of selling unwanted artefacts for artefact coins should imply on them all. Events are very repetitive, can you do something more to them perhaps?? Try aim to players who’ve played longer I think for a bit as numbers in early rounds are dropping rapidly.Version: 1.106.12

AddictiveThis game is so addictive - highly recommend.Version: 1.106.12

Keeps sticking and crashing!!!I really enjoy this game. At first it’s seemed slow and didn’t like how it just played itself but as I started working on my teams strength and getting into the different battles, it’s a fun game! My only problem is the fact that it crashes all the time! Sometimes it’s after every battle, but some days I do manage to get about 3 or 4 battles played with no restarts. Please see if you can fix this!.Version: 1.44.5

It’s a nice game but I wonder how long before close it an disappear with all money 🤔Money maker game.Version: 1.103.2

Hero WarsImmersive game which ties together individual goals and ability be part of a greater collective in a guild. Totally addictive.Version: 1.106.12

Nice gameIt’s a nice game although it’s getting boring not to be able to lvl because you’re alway without cash and every thing is pushing you to buy diamonds, it should be about letting the players lvl and with diamonds buying characters or something but not stopping the normal players of levelling because they’re always out of money, that’s my opinion so far, thx.Version: 1.52.1

Fun and Semi-CasualI have been trying to find a fun game that doesn’t consume your time and money. The game does offer instant completion features, however you will have to purchase a pack to get unlimited raid tickets to do so or earn them each day in game. I have paid $1.99 to get these unlocked and that is all. Otherwise the progression is reasonable. The graphics are pretty and funny. The characters are very cartoonishly designed but still nice. I do recommend giving it a try to at least level 50 before you decide. I think the $1.99 was at least worth it to speed up grinding that would otherwise take several minutes. The basics are to gather heroes and later on titans to farm items and resources to level up further and summon more playable characters. Team synergy is very important especially in arena areas where it is on auto. I have 20+ heroes and while I do primarily use the base team I received when first starting the game, I also try to split resources to make well balanced alternates for further progression. One thing I do like about this game is the fact it shows you who needs something, where to get it, and takes you there with one click. Overall I think the worst thing I have found is the difficulty level increases abruptly, and it took me several days to get moving again due to the energy and gold limitations from trying to play as free as possible..Version: 1.46.1

WowSuch a good game would play.Version: 1.103.2

Hero warsLots of time and money spent on hero wars but slick graphics and lots to Do with daily rewards and tasks. Abit glitchy but good support from the developers..Version: 1.43.4

Fun game, will need to spendKind of a typical play for a bit a day and that’s that - unless you spend. There’s a few low-dollar options that are ok, but to get the level heroes way up in any expedient manner, it’s just about necessary to spend. There’s different ways to get almost all items that don’t require money - just patience. If you join a guild you can fight with titans, get different upgrades, and if you are active, get rewarded. Luckily there’s many aspects to keep you busy between expeditions (which you don’t actually play), arena(s), the tower, and the campaign. While the campaign is always open, other aspects are unlocked when you reach certain levels of power or experience. Overall fun, but wish some of the events didn’t make emerald spend levels so high, and I wish it gave better value if you spend money because pets be honest, this is nothing tangible. Not sure why something that not tangible would cost so much..Version: 1.44.6

Enjoy the gameStrategy and more just would be better with more freebies..Version: 1.103.2

Great GameOverall it’s a amazing game! From mechanics to play style it is just as expected. Some things that could be added to make it that much better is adding a program to make guilds have an in depth applications system so you can choose those you would like to let in your guild the way it would work would be to add a section where you can adjust certain hero/titan overall power that your guild is looking for instead of having people join just off your player level, also a messaging system so you can personally message only people within your guild. Lastly, a translation system since I’ve realized servers are multilingual, but there is no way to understand someone that speaks in a different language especially if they are asking a question on how to improve their hero's. If these were to b implemented rating for this game would go from 4 star to a defiant 5 star rating..Version: 1.50.1

AddictiveEnjoying it though.Version: 1.68.5

Cool game to role playingThere are variety characters to fight with monsters and arena. Good to kill time as well..Version: 1.68.5

Great game overall!There are many enjoyable aspects of this game, available to FTP players right from the start. A couple of features do open up once you lvl up a bit, which does not take to long in the beginning. The TOWER is a good source of gear fragments and gold, GUILDS expands the game with a few more modes of play and injects newness into the game, and the 2 ARENA modes are a good way to gage your champions. There are also a LOT of events that pop up, giving you the chance at free champions, shards to evolve them, helpful items & gold. The community (at least on server 143) isn’t filled with negativity and elitism, which is why a lot of people don’t like online games. You also don’t have to watch one add, if you chose NOT to, but there is a watch-ads-for-goods aspect to help you out a bit each day..Version: 1.100.3

Fun but not what i was expectingDownloaded this game as I kept seeing adverts for it and was curious. The advert was of a ‘hero’ stuck in some form of trap with gold, lava and monster and you had to figure out how to get the gold with out killing the hero. As someone who is interested in problem solving, I was keen to try it. The game is nothing like this. However, I am enjoying it even though it is clearly designed to get you hooked and spend money..Version: 1.43.4

NiceSimple but fun. Lvl grinding is possible without spending money..Version: 1.103.2

Stay away from this game at all cost... deleteThis game starts out by having false ads for what the game might be... then you think ‘heck why not ?’ - from there you will fine the game interesting because they’ve done a solid job on creating a game that has logic and development. The sad part is, just like every other game, they are about making millions and millions off of their players. It’s an addicting game that honestly should be sued for false advertising and manipulation of game odds to generate profit. I have seen dozens of times when you need that last ‘X’ and the only way to get it is to spend money. There is zero chance to be competitive unless you spend hundreds ... multiple hundreds of dollars to win. I also had the bad luck that I let my nephew play for a very short window and did not realize my giving him access to my phone would also allow him to spend money. I requested a refund for that very specific time frame ... after stop spending well over $1000 in other times and it was denied. Just run now....Version: 1.101.1

Hero warsHi , guys love the game but the cross server wars are way out on the power matches , i have invested a fair amount of money in a short time in this game but in all the times I’ve spun that wheel for coins not once have I received a 100x reward and for a;; the spheres I’ve summoned and its a ton because i have been number 2 for titans in my server for nearly as long as I’ve been playing the game and i still have 2 super titans not evolved and don’t seem to be able to no matter the amount i spend . The vip system I don’t really see any benefits from Ive been maxed at lvl 15 for ages and don’t even know why its part of the game to be honest , my game is always playing up watching the videos for some reason and you guys give me 2 things to swap for energy meanwhile I miss out on soul stones and so on . Then there’s the hero’s themselves , i built a lars and krista team for 1 and other teams with 60 and 80k less power wipe them off the floor ☹️i mean seriously guys with that much power difference it should be a no brainer , so while I like the game and the team of people I’m in the game with I don’t really see much point of sinking more money into the game at the moment Regards Anthony.Version: 1.103.3

AwesomeStill loving the game and recommend giving this game a try, and awesome events and still my favourite game. And still enjoying it, a must, so give it a go.Version: 1.106.12

GameGame still awesome :) keep up the good work and maybe hit that 100 in the emerald exchange from time to time :).Version: 1.103.2

Excellent GrindReally fun game to play, that you just want to keep picking up again and again. Easy to get into and intuitive. It’s only real flaw is after an initial burst of progress the free in game rewards are very small in comparison to the amounts needed to level characters up. The grind is to heavily weighted towards in game purchases and the balance could do with being addressed. Other than that I love the game!.Version: 1.105.2

GameFun game enjoying it buys my time when I’m at work and at home.Version: 1.105.2

FunReally enjoy the game but wish there was easier ways to get character shards and easier ways to get coin and exp potions maybe introduce a gold mine or something like that.Version: 1.107.1

Fun and addictive- Great game to play a little everyday. - Need to make a small purchase to make the speed of levelling up hero’s bearable. - Lots of tasks to do, community and storyline so you can never get bored. I love playing the game aiming to develop the best hero team. To speed up your progress, I highly recommend purchasing something in-game. However if you have amazing patience, you can still make the same progress in the game while not paying a penny which is good. It would be even more awesome of a game if drop chances for items to level up hero’s was more frequent, especially for those above level 50/60. Also, getting soul stones for hero’s is a slow process unless you have lots of gems during a special event. I guess all these slow processes are good for making the game last a long time and/or persuading people to make in-game purchases, however without making things happen more frequently people can get frustrated with the lack of improvement and hence stop playing the game. Overall, the game provides fantastic, long-lasting entertainment. I would definitely recommend playing the game and seeing how far you can get without having to pay anything or commit yourself to the game. Oh and also, the mini-games they promote advertisements aren’t actually in the game at all, only on social media pages..Version: 1.48.0

Love it so farFor an old school mama, she is loving this game. So many different things to do in one game...looove it ❤️.Version: 1.106.11

Good gameHard to understand but getting there it’s not that hard after-all it’s very addictive and fun to play However the rewards could be a lot better and the drop rate could be improved The heroic chest could be kinder takes ages for something good Started a second account now it’s going good as can be under the circumstances Still going strong some new events keeping us entertained dungeon is a little tiring.Version: 1.107.1

If you like levelling up teams for challenges then this is for youEither spend money and level fast or play for free and take a bit longer both can get you the same enjoyment definitely worth a go. New hero’s added keeps you interested. And the events are regular to add some variation which keeps you interested. New hero’s being released also adds to the longevity of the game. 12 months on and still enjoying it. Recent changes have upset some of the player base because of the increasing pay to win element for the big guilds but we shall see if Nexters listens and changes things. Addendum: first round of changes from Nexters has helped a bit, let’s hope there are more to come.Version: 1.107.1

Grwat game but?This is a great game that I really enjoy playing and I play it every day. There are quite a few elements to the game which keeps it interesting. I would recommend you sign up to their Facebook page because they do give away freebies. However, don't expect to fly to the top unless you spend lots of money. You get bombarded by offers all the time and gems and all the other bits you need to play the game are very expensive. I feel sure that if the developers reduced the price of things they would make more money because folk would be more likely to buy them. Nevertheless, give it a go and make up your own mind I don't think you will be disappointed.Version: 1.44.6

EnjoyableI’m enjoying the game. Because I won’t spend $$ on it, it’s taking a very long time to build powerful characters. I recommend concentrating on 1 favourite at a time. You can’t begrudge the developers for offering special concessions to in app purchasers, but it would be nice if there was a “wild card” once in a while for tight people like myself. I’m still playing the game after many months. It’s still fun..Version: 1.100.3

Best team playI was looking for a new RPG and saw this as an advert on my previous RPG. The puzzle bait ad hooked me in, but to be honest I really enjoy the game even though it is nothing like the original ad. I like the variety of characters. The best way to play is the right mix of heros with the right abilities - be it tank, warrior, marksman, mage, healer, etc. At the stage I am at (lvl 50) so many people are using Astaroth who I find far too squishy as a tank, and relatively easy to knock out. It is worth thinking about mixing up your heros depending on who you are going up against. This is not a one team beats all kind of game. You can play solely on a campaign mode, or join a guild and have fun playing alongside your team mates making your way through a Dungron Trial with the addiotional help of a team of Titans, or battling against other Guilds..Version: 1.52.0

Great game!Spent a few hours on this so far and is a pretty good game...quite addictive not sure if that’s good haha.Version: 1.46.0

Really good gameI really like the game but I am surprised because there is no ads! Most of the games I have the have TONS OF ADS, but this game, there is none! The point is this game is true to its players and doesn’t trick you into you into watching ads and giving the creator money..Version: 1.106.11

So much fun to playI’m still at a lower level, so still learning. However occasionally screen goes blank when looking at the other games. I have to reset the iPad. Update. Been playing a few months now and this issue has been resolved..Version: 1.50.1

Great game no money neededI have been playing this game and enjoy it so far I have not needed to spend a cent. If you play all of the game the way it is meant to be then you are able to level up quite quickly. If you are a gemmer then you have that option and I assume that it’s quicker. I personally am happy with my progress and the speed of leveling up without spending money. Great game Thank you.Version: 1.106.11

Great gameGame starts off straight away, you have options to watch videos to gain energy and upgrade items, there’s a load to dl daily and lots of quests to complete. The reason I’m only giving this game 4* is because there is a massive option to pay to play such as using emeralds to upgrade and to buy energy and items, these emeralds are difficult to come by in game and are quite expensive in comparison to how many emeralds it costs to buy items and upgrades in the first place. All in all it is a great game if you’re willing to put a few quid into it and use a fair amount of patient grinding and not to get overly addicted with purchases as you’d definitely break the bank..Version: 1.44.3

A tactical masterpieceThis game hooks you right away with its slick graphics and easy to pick up play style. What really makes it stand out from the rest is as you delve deeper you begin to see the sheer depth of tactics required to get ahead of your rivals. With a huge roster of heroes there are countless team combinations, which leads to endless different tactics. All in all a great game - worth investing time into..Version: 1.72.3

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