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Don’t let the recent one star reviews scare youI have no clue if this review will be posted while this game is still on sale or not, but in cause anyone was holding off on buying this solely due to all the recent one star reviews saying the game requires a phone number to play (I almost didn’t buy it)-don’t. On the opening screen there is a box at the bottom with text in a foreign language that is automatically checked. I unchecked it, then hit the “tap to start” button and had no issues (I haven’t seen the box or the text on the opening screen since either). I also haven’t experienced any sound issues. I haven’t finished the game yet, so will update my review when I do, but I wanted to post this ASAP for anyone on the fence about buying. I have tested this on a current generation iPad Air running iOS 15 and an iPhone XR running iOS 12. I had no issues getting into the game on either device..Version: 3.7

The bestThis is the best story I have ever encountered in 40+ years of gaming, watching movies, etc. Hands down the best story of all time! Please Freebird games, put a Birds Story and Finding Paradise on IOS, I will buy both and anything you make in the future, no questions asked. Brilliant and emotional, nothing has stuck with me like To The Moon. I loved every moment! I doubt this masterpiece of storytelling will ever be topped! Thank you for making this and letting me experience it!.Version: 2.1

Excellent StoryGot to say, wonderfully crafted heartfelt story. Characters are all enjoyable well thought out. The humour is well done. Soundtrack is also excellently composed, a good pair of headphones are highly recommended for the best listening experience. Story had me right till the end. I only have a few nitpicks, first are the controls. I wish this had controller support as the virtual controls are not that great because sometimes if your finger slips or you need to reposition your grip, the game will sometimes registers that as a tap, causing your characters to move to where your finger is. The memory linking puzzle gets a little repetitive but it is fun enough, but they're short so they don't get too annoying. Last is a personal preference as the artwork is a little disjointed. Most of the art is done in a nice pseudo 16 bit art style, but some of the other art is done in high resolution. Just wish they would have picked one style or the other and stuck with it. Again, this is nitpicking. Otherwise, fantastic game! Eagerly awaiting a sequel!.Version: 1.9

So glad to have given this a chanceTruly an amazing game. I hope there is some kind of a sequel..Version: 2.4

Breath-takingA amazing game with an amazing story, I cannot recommend enough..Version: 1.9

Beautiful GameAbsolutely beautiful game. I loved he pc version when it was first released and I loved playing through this version. I found the game to be quite fast paced if you follow the story properly and appreciate it for the character development. Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. A hugely interesting take on relationships! Bravo!.Version: 1.7

Absolutely incredibleHonestly, don't listen to the 1 star reviews. This game is brilliant, designed in a way that recalled my Pokemon playing days on my Gameboy as a child, but with the emotional weight and storyline development of a real narrative winner. You have enough agency as the characters of Dr Watts and Dr Rosalene that you can manipulate the gameplay but not too much that you lose yourself for hours if you can't figure out how to unlock the next part. Well worth the money and time spent on it. Couldn't recommend more!! (Helps if you are a romantic and lover of stars like myself 🌟).Version: 1.7

A Fix/ReviewI don’t normally write reviews, but, I felt I had to. I first discovered TTM a few years ago(and I started playing piano just for Johnny’s solo piece “For River”), and fell in love with the story and music and characters. I eventually bought it for pc, and you can imagine how excited I was when I found out there was a mobile app. I’ve completed the game twice on mobile, and even have over 24 hours on pc. Some people don’t like it because it isn’t really a “game”, but more of an interactive storyline. Each to their own. But there is one thing I had a problem with. SPOILER WARNING! When we first hear of Anya, the last time I checked, the journal immediately reveals that she is the lighthouse. In the original version, this reveal is later on in the game, and the note about Anya originally is “Someone Johnny and River knew”, or something close to it. I highly suggest you fix this, since it takes away one of the key moments of the game! Anyhow, the music is fantastic and after two years, I can finally play Johnny’s version of “For River”, and it is my go to for any occasion. I recommend you give the game a chance, but if it isn’t for you, that’s okay. Perhaps you can even bring A Bird Story to mobile, and eventually Finding Paradise(which I am looking forward to greatly!). Thanks!.Version: 2.2

It’s awesomeIt’s awesome, that’s all I have to say..Version: 2.4

Great!Okay I cried like a frighten baby but it was fun and adventurous and heartbreaking. All that good stuff 👌🏽👏🏽.Version: 1.7

Great game almost maid me cryThis game is very immersive and the story is fantastic. If you have some spare time or you’re going an a long road or plan trip than you should definitely get this. Make sure you have headphones as well. Just one question for the creators, when will Finding Paradise be released on mobile?.Version: 2.2

Amazing game!!!!!!!It is an amazing game I’ve replayed it multiple time just so that I know I’ve done everything. I was also wondering if there’d be any sequel like “finding paradise” or “the bird story” cause honestly I really want more. I can’t help but feel like I’ve done everything here. That’s how good this game is, honestly for any new come I suggest you play it all in one sitting it’s only at most an hour and thirty minute game. Personally, I really regret playing the first over a span of two months for only a few minutes at a time.Version: 2.6

Sooooo Beautiful!!!More of an interactive story with a few game elements, yet the story is so beautiful....doesn’t matter. And the music, so soothing...I’m not sure if it be as moving without it. I’m so glad I repurchased on my newer iPad because it wouldn’t work on my mini iPad 1! Was truly an experience!.Version: 2.4

AmazingThe only people who don't like this are the ones who didn't read the description! Don't listen to them. If you like description based games, one to relax but also get into, then this is it. I saw a youtuber play this on steam a few years ago and I'm so glad this has been moved to mobile, I loved it then and I love it now! Amazing game :).Version: 1.7

Very EmotionalBrilliant while it lasts, this. Make sure you have the sound up during play, too. Really enjoyable game, all told..Version: 1.9

To the moonSuch a warm and Beautiful game . Highly recommended 😍.Version: 3.7

EnjoyableI'm glad I gave this a second chance. During my first playthrough I ended up putting the game down after finding it a bit slow for the mood I was in at the moment, and I eventually deleted it to clear up space. I recently redownloaded and played it in two days with one break in between. This time I really enjoyed it. It's a bit slow at times, and to me it was kind of predictable to be honest, also the controls are a bit wonky (I believe it's an iOS port), but it's not a game breaker or anything. However, I don't get the people saying "I never cry playing video games, but this game got me", perhaps they don't play particularly emotional games... cause I HAVE cried during several games, but this one didn't have that affect on me at all. That being said, if you like visual novels with a bit of exploration in an 8 bit environment, with a great soundtrack, and a sorta cheesy albeit enjoyable storyline download the game. If you only like games with a ton of action, move along..Version: 2.2

I loved this story!Wow the storyline was really great. Beautiful! The graphics a decent 2d experience, just wish there was a option for hints/directional arrows or zoom in/out..Version: 2.2

So worth it!!I played again. I cried again. Worth every cent. Thanks :).Version: 1.7

BEST. GAME. EVER.😭😭😭I’ve been looking sooo long for an actual good story game to come out. I was browsing through the App Store and stumbled upon this.. this.. masterpiece of a game. It is truly, the best game I have ever played. It is definitely worth the money. I played it four about 5 hours straight because I couldn’t stop! It really is the best game ever. Thank you sooo much for making this. Nothing really happens in my life and I feel like now I need to go and do stuff regularly. This game has changed the way I think about life and how I need to savor every minute, because it matters in the end. Thank you again for the heartwarming story. I’m not usually the kind of person who can just play for that long at a time, but this game accomplished that. Again, thank you..Version: 2.4

The best game I have EVER playedIm not much of a gamer but this game had good reviews so I tried it and I'm so glad I did. This game is addictive and really captures you in it. I got teary a few times lol that's how involved you get into it. Is there other games in English by the same people who made this? I'm dying to play another! Thank you so much for such an amazing experience.Version: 1.7

Beautiful & heartfelt!I can’t find the words to express how much i enjoyed this, honestly. It has just the right amount of humour to balance out what would otherwise be an overwhelmingly sad and serious mood, and there’s so much depth behind each character and memory! The controls could be a little difficult sometimes but it wasn’t anything worth removing a rating for, I reckon..Version: 2.7

ÉblouissantUn jeu qui sort de l'ordinaire, intriguant, dramatique et humoristique. Juste pour les émotions qu'il vous fera vivre, il en vaut le coup. Je l'ai dévoré et je vais le recommander à mes proches! Espérons que freebird games publiera ses autres franchises sur l'app store..Version: 1.7

Best game ever!Hello. This game is very funny while being mysterious, the whole storyline is revealed to you backwards so that it unravels quite nicely. I’ve found myself listening to the soundtracks and playing the game over and over. The game keeps a quirky tempo but, can really set the mood when it wants too. During the story I : Cried, laughed, Got really scared and punched the phone. To the Moon is really the ultimate story game, if you love immersive story games then, please, play this! It’s a obvious five star game..Version: 2.4

So much soulThis is unlike any other video game story I’ve ever played. The characters, music and story don’t seem like they will come together to tug your heartstrings at first, but give it time. The tasks are sometimes difficult and tedious, but even that is part of the story, reminding you that this is tedious work for Eva and Neil. If you have lost a family member or loved one, this will give you such a wonderful experience, and encourage some deep introspection. I was caught off guard by how deeply this touched me, I couldn’t put it down. Find a few hours where you can turn down the lights and hear the rain on your window and engage in this story. You won’t be sorry..Version: 2.6

Amazing!This game is a wonderful game! It makes me feel sad and happy at the same time! I love the music and characters. I rate this game 10/10! Again, best game I ever played!.Version: 2.4

Deepest thing on mobileIt’s so deep but the further you get into the story it becomes less deep one of the reasons I rated it 5 stars is cause of a joke at the end spoiler alert the scientist say the top and the bottom of the ship are the best bit but you can’t see the top and the bottom and they feel sorry for people who can’t see the top and bottom I liked the story though I sorta wish it was multiplayer so one person is Eva and the other Neil but it’s an excellent game I also love the bits with better graphics near the end of the game so that’s my review..Version: 2.5

Absolutely MagicalOverall an absolutely magical experience. So glad I finally got around to playing it. The story is as incredible as everyone says, so 5 stars for that aspect. The only reason I gave it down 4 stars was for the dialogue, which, though not egregious, seemed fairly childlike (bickering, puns/jokes during somber scenes, etc) for a game that would be even better without it. Overall, I don’t regret playing it at all; I’d say it’s a gem on the App Store!.Version: 2.4

I'm speechless......The game is AMAZING!!!!!!!! For all the people who say it crashed and that it sucks:shut up! It is 100% worth buying!! The story Is just amazing!!!!! I just finished the game and I'm still crying (yes it's kind of a sad story). I'm just speechless after the game!! Now please take my advice (btw, I have the best advice ever!!) and GET THE GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz get ( only thing is that it is not for 4 and up it has some bad words in it and I advise to not play this game until you are at least 14).Version: 2.2

Playing this game was an amazing experienceEvery part of this game was carefully thought out and wonderfully articulated! The story is immersing, and you develop a bond with the characters as it progresses..Version: 1.7

Great story tellingThis game is more of a visual novel than a ‘game’ per say, but don’t let that and the 16-bit graphics take away from the fact that the story is absolutely well-written and filled with a flow of emotions and twists. Read a game review if you will, but I won’t spoil the story. It’s really something to be experienced..Version: 3.7

Gorgeous story and playThis is quite a pleasant, relaxing, whimsical, low stress, nicely distracting yet curious and interesting game with a brilliant story..Version: 2.8

Dear people who find this "slow". This is beautiful and you did not get it.I just wished to make my compliments to the developers. I can see how much you cared about this. And you even took the time to reply to someone not getting the sense of the story. It's hard to see those critics when you are making art, not just a product. Please keep doing this and be kind imagineers. I read a lot of reviews saying this game is slow. I also read people saying that wong kar wai movies are awful and slow. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But we would be much worse without these stories..Version: 1.7

BeautifulI enjoyed this game a lot and felt sad when it ended. Hopefully there will be a sequel released in the future..Version: 1.7

One of the Best Games EverThis game was so inspiring and beautiful. It actually made me cry. It touches on very important themes and the storyline was so unique and wonderful. I bought the soundtrack because it was so beautiful. The gameplay was very interesting as well. You will not be disappointed with this game, it's worth every penny. I don't say that about many games. If you're contemplating about buying this game, stop and just buy it. It's absolutely wonderful..Version: 2.2

Made Me Nearly CryThis game was inspiring. It really had a deep, thought out plot, and the dialogues ranged from hilarious to heartwarming, to heartbreaking. The scenery was beautiful as well. It's mostly a point and click game with a few added puzzles u gotta piece together, but it's easy enough, not overly complicated. The only thing was that sometimes the controls were a bit awkward but it's understandable since this was a PC game originally, not a mobile game. I thought it was one of the most worth it games I've ever invested in though. That's got to count for something!.Version: 2.1

Never, ever, have I.... At first glance I thought -oh no, the graphics look a little out of date- but soon became immersed in the story and forgot about the little bit of pixelation. Wonderful story and beautiful haunting music that stays with you.. so much so, that I am now seeking the sheet music for the piano. Don't be deceived....There's more than meets the eye here, folks, and the story as well as the experience will stay with you. Never, ever, have I cried at the end of a game... and I've played hundreds of games. If there's one game that you NEED to play.. it's this one..Version: 2.1

“We can always regroup at the moon, silly!”An unforgettable and beautiful story..Version: 2.4

Incredible...Every once in a while there comes a game that’s just amazing in almost every aspect. This is definitely one of those games! The writers are to be commended for such a moving and emotional story and the music definitely sets the mood for each scene. Heck this has a better plot and music score than most movies in the box office... you guys did a phenomenal job!.Version: 2.4

Must play seriesEver since I watched PewDiePie play this years ago, I’ve always wanted to try it myself! Beautiful, heartfelt story with great characters, fun gameplay and nostalgic design. I hope they release the second season of this game in the App Store!.Version: 2.6

One of the bestHaving played the crap out of this game on PC, it's safe to say this is worth getting. If not for the gameplay, get it for the music or the story. It's some of the most beautiful pieces I've heard from any game ever. The story is great. Without spoiling it, there's good jokes, loving characters, and heart moving plot lines. SPOILERS AHEAD! Small things I noticed and this is just for the support or development team: There's a note about 'Anya' that reveals plot earlier than intended. More specifically, in around chapter 2, when they hear 'Anya' for the first time and make a note of it, it reveals who/what he/she/it is before the intended reveal in chapter 3. At the carnival, while Johnny and River are talking, Johnny says 'besets' when it should be 'bestest'. Last one is at the beginning of chapter 6, or basically when he gets to NASA, if you go into the notes before anything else, there's a picture of Johnny and River in the rocket holding hands when it hasn't happened yet. I mean that last one is a big spoiler but it's obvious it'll happen anyway. Just wanted to point these out..Version: 1.9

Great ride!While it may be a stretch to call this a video game it is more of an interactive novel. But if you can get past that fact the story will surely keep you interested the whole way through. The dialogue is well written and the overall story is an amazing tale. Very much worth a few dollars to play through the game..Version: 2.2

MemorableIt’s unusual to find a game, or even a story, that skillfully involves several serious (borderline taboo) emotional subjects with a mix of cheeky irreverence and transcendent possibility..Version: 2.6

BeautifulThanks for bringing it to iPad..Version: 1.7

For gaming, top notch story and musicWhen it comes to story and music, I usually have less expectations on a game than a movie. However, this game delivers with an emotional story and music. There is minimal gameplay so it felt a lot like reading a book with polished super nintendo RPG visuals. While I enjoyed the story, it sometimes felt like the story dragged on at times with things that had none-little impact on the story. In other words, it took me about 4 hrs to beat but i was probably only interested in about 3 hrs of the game. I still gave 5 stars because holding my interest for the majority of the time is still better when compared to most other games. Story and music are areas I'd like to see future games improve on. I feel too many game developers these days focus on graphics and more content to make a game long, that it becomes difficult for them to put a lot of focus on each part of a long game. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule but maybe only 1 game out of 1000. You can see the focus in this great short game through it's story, music, and ability to make minimal graphics still look pretty..Version: 2.1

Amazingly good!More of a story based game if you didn't already know but still just enough interaction to be a good game. The storyline was INCREDIBLE and entertaining to piece all together in the end. Loved it and can't wait till the sequel comes out but crashed till unplayable on iPod 5 but worked smoothly on iPhone..Version: 1.7

Awesome gameAmazing, just play it for yourself.Version: 2.4

No wordsI love this game to bits and pieces, it's so creative and amazing..Version: 1.9

Brilliant game!This is a fantastic game with an incredibly moving storyline. The puzzles are just at the right stage of difficulty, although it would be good if there was a bit more help on hand if you were stuck. Beautiful characters that were really well developed. I'm hoping for a sequel, maybe with the same doctors but another client?.Version: 1.7

Too shortIf you are the type of person to play through a game and try and win, no. It’s not a winning game, I knew that, but I had played through it in 4 hours. Excellent gameplay, nothing bad to say about it, but maybe make a sequel?.Version: 2.2

Excellent story gameThank you for updating the game for the newer devices! Please add the minisodes and charge them for a couple of bucks if you have to (we got the music box DLC for free after all). In addition, it would be nice if iCloud was used to store our save files instead of the gimmicky QR system. Btw, please port Finding Paradise & To The Moon 3 (after it is released on other platforms) to mobile as well!.Version: 2.8

Very sweetReally enjoyed this. Not many games can make me cry, but this did - Laura Shigihara’s voice is so sweet and full of pathos!.Version: 3.7

Beautiful!This game is easily one of the most beautiful and heart wrenching games that I’ve ever played. It has its humorous moments to lighten the mood, as well as tear jerkers. It’s honestly a beautiful story with realistic and believable characters. Well worth the price. If you want to give this one a go, you’ll especially like it if you like a well fleshed out story and it’s characters. A pleasure, even if it ripped my heart out a few times! 🤣 Well done to the game devs! Very well done..Version: 2.4

Wonderful and deeply movingI feel some of these reviews were expecting something different and are being unfair. This is a narrative-driven game. It says so, right in the description, and the video shows you some of those moments. If you like those kinds of games, then what you have here is a very moving experience that stays with you long after the game has finished. The music is simply beautiful too. Thank you to the developer for porting this over to mobile..Version: 1.7

Cute little gameOverall the playthrough was enjoyable. Story was interesting enough and had a decent buildup. I liked the character dialogue. The puzzles weren’t anything special and seemed to be there just for the player to do something else besides move around. Music was nice, although a little repetitive at times. A couple things seemed unexplained but nothing critical. The ending did get a little tedious.Version: 2.6

Amazing 🚀🌌🌙This game is amazing, emotional, beautiful, and overall incredible. The soundtrack is amazing and the game gets you through the story very smoothly. As you go back into the memories of Johnny, you learn more about him and his life and it’s incredible on how he game does it. In the first act, some people say, is slow, but I guarantee you will love this game!.Version: 2.4

Most beautiful gameThis game was by far a piece of art from story to graphics to music every moment I played I loved it thank you for making it developers.Version: 1.9

So goodI play tons of RPGs. It was nice to not have battle and just focus on a great story. Couldn't put it down..Version: 1.9

A true masterpiece of storytellingI had first heard about this game in a video about games with great stories. The concept sounded so intriguing so I felt I had to play it. And I’ll tell you now this game exceeded my expectations by so much. The characters are all layered and fleshed out, The art style is truly beautiful to look at in its early final fantasy look, and the story is very well told and very well structured as well. If you’re a sucker for stories in games (such as myself) then I highly recommend..Version: 2.4

Beautiful StoryA heartbreakingly lovely, engaging story about love and death. You play as a team of scientists out to fulfill a man’s final wish by altering his memories. I found the characters to be compelling and frustratingly human throughout. The designers did a good job of weaving musical a visual elements throughout. Definitely planning on playing the sequel in the future..Version: 2.8

This Game is Great! 12 out of 5Minor Spoiler Bellow I loved this game. The way the story is revealed backwards is amazing and the comic relief is perfect. Although I personally did not like the way the game ended, it was a beautiful blend between mystery and adventure leaving the player hanging on till the very end. There were a few spots where leaps in logic were taken such as when Anya’s identity was revealed, but they were small enough to not interrupt the flow of the story. Other than a few minor flaws that don’t ruin the gaming experience, this game is absolutely amazing. If I could I would give this any rating I wanted I would give it a 12 out of 5.Version: 2.4

Best Game Available On iOSCombine witty and clever humour, a heart wrenching and heart warming story with interesting characters gives you To The Moon. A must play..Version: 2.4

PerfectFor someone who has played many games before, there are very few I would consider perfect. This is easily on my top 10 best games of all time. And it doesn’t even involve anything fast paced, challenging, or troublesome to complete. Just a slow, methodical journey to reach the desired end..Version: 2.8

BeautifulTo be honest, I’m an extremely unemotional person, part of the reason I downloaded it is because I what to see how touching the story is (lol). My eye was watery in the very end, with that beautiful main theme music. Well done!! I hope this can be made into a movie in the future.Version: 3.1

Beautiful and Heartwarming GameThis game left tears on my eyes. The story is utterly beautiful, heartwarming, sad but calming. There’s no wrong choices, so you could play without anything to worry about. The soundtrack is absolutely wonderful. I love this game..Version: 2.6

PerfectionTurns out I own this game on iOS. I just beat it today w/o taking more than a single bathroom break. Simply put, the best story I’ve ever experience in a video game in my almost 40 years of gaming. It is less a “game” and more of an experience. To The Moon’s beautiful story will most certainly capture your heart and leave a lasting impression on you!.Version: 3.7

Must playYes, the gameplay is a little clunky. Yes, it's a little slow in places. But this is more of an interactive movie than a game, and one of the best stories ever told, that will drive you to tears on several occasions. Get four hours spare, sit down, and enjoy the ride (and for the love of god avoid spoilers)..Version: 1.9

Best game everHave played the pc version, cried a lot, bought the mobile version to cry again because, well, who wouldn’t cry for this beautiful story For those who wonder, there is the sequel, Finding Paradise, just released last December but currently only for PC.Version: 2.4

Incredible, worth the moneyThis game is amazing. When I bought this I had a few concerns. The first one was, is it worth the money? And YES it definitely is! My second concern was, is it to short because I get through games very quick. No, it is not to short, you should be able to play this for quite awhile. The graphics are great and the music is AMAZING. This game is worth every cent of what I paid. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!.Version: 1.7

I laughed, I criedI never review games, but for a phone game this was an OUTSTANDING experience. All of the twists and turns in the game keeps you interested in how the story unfolds, and the hilarious dialogue between the doctors is a nice bonus. Truly would recommend to anyone willing to put in a few hours to play this beautifully made game..Version: 2.3

A masterpieceI originally played the PC version over a year ago. Amazing story, characters, and soundtrack. Very worth the purchase for a remastered replay. One of my favorite games!.Version: 1.7

One of the bestI sat there and played the whole thing in four hours straight and cried through the entire experience. I’ve never been so invested in a game so fully, from the soundtrack to the credits, this is a game I will truly never forget. In fact, I had finished it four years ago, but it had come up in memory again and I was overcome with emotion all over again..Version: 2.8

It's awesomeIt's a little confusing at times but it's great.Version: 1.9

Wow. Just wow.Ok, so I don’t write reviews. Well, sometimes if they give me coins or something in return. But this game deserves a real review. I’d like to start by saying GET THIS GAME RIGHT NOW, LIKE RIGHT NOW!! To the moon is everything I’d ever want in a game. The story is great (I’m not gonna lie, my eyes got a little watery) the characters are awesome, music is amazing, and it balances the darkness of the plot and the comic relief perfectly. Just get it, it’s worth the money. Im no critic who nit picks everything, I’m just an average joe. To the moon is one of the best games I’ve ever played. You won’t be disappointed. But there is one thing that bugs me, and this is to the developers because unless you have read the books that they referenced, u ain’t gonna understand. HIS MAIN MORPH IS A LION, NOT A COBRA!!!!! MY THIRD GRADE SELF IS VERY DISAPPOINTED IN U!!!! But other than that it’s ducking awesome..Version: 2.4

What a Great Experience!This game is everything it says it is, but this does not adequately communicate the totality of the gaming experience. It truly is a relaxing game: the music creates a marvelous backdrop for an easygoing play experience. Your characters cannot die and you are not playing against a clock. There are puzzles, but these aren’t the frustrating sort. Character movement could be a bit smoother, but this is my one criticism. It is not a reason to avoid this game. The beauty of this game is progressing in order to build Johnny’s life story. It’s a compelling one. In addition to his true life story, however, you are also building an alternate memory set to ease his mind as he nears death. This is the part of the game plot that has some surprising turns. I highly recommend this game. If you finish it, be sure to watch all the way through the credits..Version: 2.4

EngagingNot just an average game, has a great story that keeps you wondering what’s next. Newly added iPhone X support is awesome as well. Loving it.Version: 2.2

A Gem in the App StoreOne of the few games that will move you and the story will stay with you for a long time. The music is great too..Version: 3.1

A superb game!Deep. Engaging. Thought-provoking. Phenomenal representation of Asperger's and autism. Brilliant graphics and music. The occasional errors in the text are more than forgivable with everything in consideration. For how much it is, I certainly did not expect it to be this good! Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a detailed, complex, emotional and consistent storyline with a few humourous moments to lighten the mood. Well done!.Version: 2.1

Literally the best game everI've been following this game for the past 6 months and I've been extremely excited! I played the original and cried, and I can't wait to experience this game again! Great job!.Version: 1.7

Great music, neat idea, good priceImagine an interactive story set in classic final fantasy-style graphics. I don’t usually pay attention to background music, but this was good. Really good. So good I’m actually considering buying the soundtrack (seriously). The overall plot was a neat idea. The scenes were creative. The dialogue was witty enough to keep me going. There are some plot twists, but they’re fairly predictable. The story did leave a few questions unanswered. I still don’t understand the significance of some items and events. But overall a great story that I couldn’t put down. And well worth a couple bucks..Version: 2.4

This game changed my lifeIt’s been 6 years since I first experienced this game, and it still stands as my favorite story of all time from ANY medium. It is close to narrative perfection and empowered with a beautiful and nostalgic original soundtrack. It’s a beautiful game through and through that will stick with me for the rest of my life. The experience than Kan Gao has crafted in this game is truly timeless and I believe that everyone should give this game a chance..Version: 2.6

Love You to the Moon and BackWow, words can’t describe what I felt when playing this game. It’s been about a year since I’ve played it, but it’s been one of the most memorable iOS game I’ve had the pleasure to experience. The story starts simple: you’re a doctor visiting his dying patient with your aide, but then you learn that the character you’re playing can alter memories. Alter their history so that your patient’s dreams can come true! So after delving into your patient’s memory, so his wish can come true and he can pass in peace, you experience life through his eyes. There’s joy, sorrow and every emotion in between. When I finished the game, I didn’t even realize how much time had passed. That’s how immersive this game is/was. It’s up to you if you want to play, but you won’t regret it if you do..Version: 2.6

Heartbreaking storyI only recently became aware of this game, and as has been said by another reviewer, it’s not really a game as such and more of an interactive story which I don’t mind as I found out about it when searching for story rich games. It’s a heart-rending story with some very tearful moments, there’s only been a couple of games in the past that have caused me to well up like this, which is testament to the quality of the writing and the character design in this game. For me, it was money well spent as I got more than I was expecting from it, finally, if I was to describe the concept of this game, I’d say it’s like a cross between inception and the story of river song..Version: 3.1

Oddly Life-ChangingI first downloaded "To The Moon" when I was going to college. My laptop could not play anything with good graphics, and I was broke...but this game solved both of those issues. To see it pop up on the AppStore made me instantly nostalgic...looking back to the one game ever that completely blindsided my expectations and left me an emotional wreck for an entire weekend. "To The Moon" is an interactive experience that changed how I look at every relationship I've ever had. It truly touched me. Just give it a shot and let yourself get immersed in the story. Don't expect anything too complex out of the gameplay. Just really focus on the characters. You won't be disappointed..Version: 2.1

Amazing gameAmazing, touching story and a wonderful soundtrack. Definitely play..Version: 2.4

This was excellent!The experience was like watching a movie while also playing a part in the movie yet not knowing what the next scene would be. This is much more than a game it’s a story with mystery, loss and love at its core. It’s like nothing that I’ve ever experienced and the soundtrack is superb! The story line along with the music help create an emotional investment on the part of the gamer. I would love to see this made into a movie!.Version: 2.2

Please upload Finding Paradise!Please upload Finding Paradise and A Bird Story here too!! I loved To the Moon so much! It really requires deep understanding and thought to truly appreciate the game. I was waiting for the sequel in the App Store but..... Please please please upload the sequels here. Impostor Factory is coming out this year as well..Version: 3.1

Amazing!!One of the best games I have every played. I can’t wait for the sequel.Version: 2.4

10/10Dont hesitate, get this game immediately, the story is well written and absolutely touching, the music is also soo goood, damnn this game should be more popular, really nice job.Version: 2.4

Played it a year ago. Still makes me think about itIt’s a powerful beautiful story. There is definitely room for improvement in the actual game mechanics but the narrative power of this game is the best I have played in this genre so far. A year later I still look back and marvel at how beautifully the story was told throughout the game..Version: 2.4

Wonderful Story!When I originally got this game, I admit I almost didn’t keep playing. Now that I’ve finished it, I can say this is by far one of the best games of its type that I have ever played. The story was captivating, and I had chills by the ending, on the verge of crying both happy and sad tears! I need a sequel!.Version: 2.8

Beautiful story and music gameWhat a beautiful game. It’s simple but it actually touch my heart. Highly recommend it..Version: 2.6

In Love!Omg I'm in love with this game. It looks stunning, the story hooked me in and is moving. It was just such a fun experience! This is one of my favorite iphone games ever! I hope you make more similar games, maybe even a sequel to this with other people's stories!.Version: 1.9

My new fav gameThis game is breathtakingly good. The music with headphones surrounds you so you feel like your in the game and the storyline is the best storyline I have ever seen and very well planed out. Except some parts are a bit confusing.Version: 2.4

BeautifulBittersweet storyline and comical banter between the two doctors. Hits you right in the feels. Highly recommend to people who love a narrative structure !.Version: 2.1

“To The Moon” is Best story I have ever experiencedI downloaded this app to give something new a try, and I am so grateful I did. This game displays an astounding story that is simply beautiful. Yet the player receives a hands-on experience possessing the ability to control one of two doctors. The story has brought to me great entertainment, and pleasure in my long sit-downs to enjoy “To The Moon”. I highly recommend it to anyone who may be considering to buy the application. I can assure you it is certainly worth the price that is required to download..Version: 2.4

Beautiful ❤️This game was by far one of the best I've played. The storyline in itself is so gorgeous yet heart-wrenching and it's so addictive. I would 10/10 recommend this game. Also the soundtrack just came out on Apple Music and it is so so good. This game I have to say is the best I have ever played..Version: 2.1

Impeccable...If you could throw aside the concept of a video game from just pure enjoyment and instead focus on immersing yourself into a deep, riveting story that warms your soul, than you’ve found it in To The Moon. There’s hardly any gameplay, and that’s the way this game should be, since the story is so moving that any gameplay would feel like a distraction to turning the page on what happens next. You’ll find your heart strings stirred, you’ll feel for the characters and you’ll breathe the music in a way that gameplay focused video games can’t do. This game is well worth playing it straight through, in fact it’s really hard to put down. But what really sticks is that you won’t be able to forget the 4 hours you spent with it. By the end of if it, you’ll feel like your life has changed a little bit for the better..Version: 2.2

Short but sweetA highly engaging story that really draws you in, I wish there was more games like it as I found it was far too enjoyable a story to be so short and the price was quite high for a game that takes less than 4/5 hours to complete. Nonetheless, a well made story with twists that continuously engage you more and more. Wish there was more like it!.Version: 1.9

Best game ever!This game has the best story out of all the games I've played. Sad, Happy, and so hard to stop for a break. Also now my favourite iOS game ever..Version: 1.7

I cried when I was playing this gameFrom the music to the whole story line, everything was perfect. The story is simple but meaningful and I failed to control my tears. Just go and buy it and you will understand why I cry for it..Version: 2.4

Worth the money but it's not work with iPad mini1I hardly write a review but this is a very nice game. I bought this game during Christmas on iPhone6, it was on sales and worth the money ;) However, I re-download it on my iPad mini (2012 model). I can start the game but it quit a lot. This game might work well with newer devices..Version: 2.2

Please solve screen fit for iPad ProI bought this after finding my girl friend and this game is a real tear trigger. I was satisfied but when i played through it for the first time this was shown in full screen(without black place outside content) but after one or few updates you guys add huge blackout to this game. I fully understand that the screen of new iPad Pro is really weird but could you please replace it with original? I probably will never play this game again(unless with other people) but it’s so great to see it as a whole but not falling apart..Version: 2.8

Great Music and Great StoryThis game has some of the best music to listen to if you like violins, piano, and enjoyed the music from Plants vs Zombies. The narrative in this story is not just genuine, it feels nostalgic and heartwarming, leaving you feeling complete when the story finishes..Version: 2.2

AmazingWatched a lets-play of this game on YouTube a few years back but never got the chance to play. That is of course until it was ported to iOS and I couldn't be happier. One of the most emotional stories I have ever come across, a must play!.Version: 1.7

10 stars!Don't listen to anyone who thinks this game is slow or doesn't understand it. This game is a masterpiece and without giving too much away, this is one of the most moving games I have ever played with a well thought out story that really captures you inside. I first played this on steam and had to download cause this was one of the only games that really hits you in the feels. Don't miss this one! If I could rate it higher I would!.Version: 1.7

Masterfully told story!Both funny and EXTREMELY moving. I cried. A lot :).Version: 1.7

Love this game so much!Since the first time I watched PewDiePie play this game awhile back I have loved it recently I bought it to play on my own, and I made it pretty far into the game before I ran into trouble with the game unfortunately, for some reason when I got to nasa with Neil and Eva near the end of the game when you have to go to the 3rd floor and talk to Johnny in the bedroom to get a link the ghost and Johnny are not there and I’ve tried everything to trigger them to be there but there isn’t much I can do and I believe there is a glitch in the game making them not be there please fix this issue soon so I can get Johnny to the moon..Version: 2.6

I’m crying it’s so good!!!Okay, so I got this game thinking it was gonna be ok but I did the first level and I was attached it is so beautiful and the music is 🤯👍👍👌. Some levels are kind of tricky but you just need to tap things. Please get this game even tho it is expensive, it is so worth it I just finished it and I lovveee it and the game comes with stickers that you can use on texts and they are cuuute !!!! Plz get this game will knock ur socks off!!!!!.Version: 2.6

Good story, but not a gameGave it four stars because I don’t regret purchasing and it’s well done for what it is. What it is NOT is a game. It’s almost like someone thought of a good plot and thought adding some rudimentary game elements would be easier than releasing it in another medium. There is absolutely no challenge to this game other than tolerating the time it takes to walk from one step to the next..Version: 2.6

This game is beautifulThis is an amazing game, very nostalgic, i almost thought this was a movie, the end nearly made me cry, but with joy, to see that this old man get his wish and go in peace.Version: 2.7

Deeply touched by this gameFor some personal reason, I was deeply touched by this game. This game provides a different point of view from “normal” people on special ones who are ASD. It has changed the way I see things around me and has truly redeemed me from my heart. I am sincerely thankful to the developers who created such a masterpiece. Thank you very much..Version: 2.2

The most powerful love story ever. An absolute must play!This game is absolutely perfect from start to finish. The game design is gorgeous, the music is incredible - I tip my hat to Gao and Shigihara. My daughter River is named specifically after this game. You will laugh, you will cry your eyes out (especially during "Everything's Alright") To The Moon is a MUST PLAY! I can't wait for finding paradise! ❤️.Version: 1.7

FantasticOne of the best games I’ve ever played , gave me the same feeling as playing final fantasy for the first time as a kid.Version: 3.7

Great story. Not a button basherBeautiful story and soundtrack. I miss this style of graphics.Version: 2.2

BEST GAME EVEROh my goodness make a To the Moon 2 PLEASE! Unfortunately I finished it in a few hours as I couldn't put it down, but the game was put together very well indeed. Worth your money definitely. Well done to the creators..Version: 2.1

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