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Amaaaaazing game!!!I love this game there’re are a bunch of heroes and characters who’s story’s really add to the drama and fun if anything in my opinion the only bad thing about this is there’s not a whole lot of game modes or maps seriously you only have one map and just a different design for if you want a load of people (not that you don’t already) you should add where the map can change every so games I also think to keep the game fresh and new you will need more heroes and game modes the only games seen as good as this was vain glory until their update but the way you have almost made vain glory move aside so you could shine in the spotlight as well only more thing you need neeeeeeed to add is where you can defeat a jungle monster and it can go on the middle lane and help the teammates you would have the best game in existence and you would be number one in the whole App Store there’s only one 5v5 game better than in a show I watched a few years ago but forgot the plus it was not on mobile just pc so I have to say I think this game has a lot of possibility’s of becoming the best 5v5 srry I wrote such a long review have a nice day good luck 🍀🥳🥳🤣😁😆😉🤪🤑👍.Version:

Mobile Legends Hack ?So about the beginning of January my brothers game took a complete dump , and we haven’t been able to figure out what’s been wrong .. Until about a few hours ago he shows me his app information (he’s got a Samsung) and in the mobile legends app information a background app of some sort called “UnityKillsMe” is there as well and I go and google it and it’s a bunch of hacks more or less ... my concern here is how can my brother get his account back ...? He has messaged Moonton , and the Google Play store numerous amounts of times and they say the same thing “Login to your account” But he can’t ..? So is this a hack from a fake 3rd party app ??? My brother is the one who brought me onto this game and I’ve been hooked since ... Moral of the story is there any one that help ??? Cause I really love this game but it’s kinda messed up Moonton isn’t helping us a much as they could or should .. and to be honest if something doesn’t happen I might consider uninstalling in general .. but would love to hear something back from anyone that knows anything of this user error , bug , virus , and or hack .. thank you ...Version:

Unfair banning systemDon’t get me wrong I love this game by the fact that you can buy heroes from different categories that fit you better and that you can build strategies with teammates by attacking in certain areas by the reinforcement option which is super useful! The playability of this game is amazing but the banning system is horrible and totally unfair. I was on a classical mode game and I was writing something in the chat to my teammates and suddenly I get points off from the game for being AFK when I was just trying to write a message. I was also playing in random classic and there was a lot of long range attack people who were camping all the time in their crystals and just attacked us from distance, I was playing with Zilong a warrior type hero so I didn’t have much range so all I could do was try to drag them out but I kept dying so when we were voting for surrender a guy on the chat says “everyone in here is trash” in that moment we lose but I need to leave because I had to eat the next thing I know is I got 1 ban for feeding and I know exactly just who was the one that did that. In that moment it was too late I couldn’t ban him for being a negative player instead I got banned because of something that I couldn’t stop from happening, Now I can’t even play classificatory even if I’d want to thanks to the unfair banning system..Version:

GreatAnyone complaining about over powered heroes needs to get better at the game, plain and simple.. I’ve been playing for 2 years and yes there are heroes who require less skill to play (Lesley, karrie and so on) but try playing as one of the “better” heroes against a team that knows how to play and see what happens, your over powered hero turns into a feeding bag for the enemy team because your aren’t as skilled.. the only things that need improving are the matchmaking and punishments (afk players have almost no backlash and can play in a short amount of time after offending and I’ve been mythic rank for a long time now and the amount of casual legends who only want to play an assassin or marksman and won’t budge for anyone, even if it leaves the team tankless) sort these minor but serious problems out and this game would be 10/10..Version:

Please helpI give a 5 star to mlbb but please can you help me because i deleted my mlbb and then the game restarted when i reached level 8 i tried to retrieve my account but it said about something called game data i hope you can help me..Version:

AWSOME GAME but...loading screen is stuck helpThis is one of the best games I’ve ever played and is my favourite but recently I haven’t been able to play because whenever I go on the app it wouldn’t load all it would say is ”unpacking resources please wait” So wait for many minutes and the bottom bar doesn’t fill up. I also wanna talk about how whenever I have low skills then someone would always call me a nub and say I’m new and they tell everyone to report me. It barely happens anymore but it happened when I was new, I want new players to play without getting any hate and also could make them not want to play anymore. So I really hope you can fix this problem that I have been struggling with, Please respond but this is still my favourite game. Thank you.Version:

To Developer.I’m playing mobile legends since 2016 or 17 I love this game in fact more than any other mobile games however there’s always been a problem not to mention as many players have already said it all enough but the problem I’m facing freaks me out. Like In the middle of the battle the game completely goes back directly to my phone home screen and when I enter again it stars with the whole process and sometimes when I finally enter the battlefield the game will be end or almost end and I get reported or AFK behaviour punishment moreover my rank decreases and it’s absolutely ridiculous. Nothing on this earth makes me furious dn this MLBB problem. Begging the developer to fix this asap. I’m tired of installing and uninstalling this app. If it continues it’s high time for me to jump onto next game app! Good day 🌸 Love, Layla player 🌸.Version:

Fun game but improvements can be madeI really enjoy this game, i love league of legends but my pc is out of action atm so this is a great stand in! There are clearly some characters that are very much better than others so some nerfs/buffs can be made and also there needs to be a performance system, i keep getting matched with people who are significantly worse than me, this isnt a problem low level since the enemy is just as bad but i feel like when I increase in level the carry isnt going to be less impactful as i will be playing against better enemies, all i can do is hope my team have a brain. All in all its a great game, especially for being on mobile and i might continue to play it even when i get my pc up and running again as its great for break and lunch at work/school.Version:

I love this game but there are several things that makes me frustratedI enjoy playing this game and I have been playing for years now but, first of all I have been not doing great in rank, classic, etc lately because Moonton nerfed both of my main hero's Chang’e and Wanwan. I get that they are very powerful in the battleground but they're hp is very low, they can easily be killed by assassins, and they need a tank beside them. Second of all, these crashes are starting to get into my nerves. I have IOS and every time I play a game it at least crashes once or twice. Once I get back to the game, we are losing instead of winning. This really affects the stars that I have been working on for a while and my teammates starts to get toxic because I left. Third of all The unfair players in the battle field, Right now I am a Grandmaster I in rank and whenever I get into Epic and get in the battlefield, 4 enemy players always go to our buff early game and kill the ones that are trying to get the buff. This always annoy me because it ruins our lineup and it makes things difficult for my team. Fourth of all when I get to Epic and unlock Banning, sometimes whenever I try to choose a hero it does not let me. I try to pick on different hero's but it does not work so, I get stuck with Lesley, yes I have played her the most but, I no longer play her. Please fix these mistakes so I and other players can enjoy this game..Version:

Payed to verse hackersSo of course, on a daily, I’m committed to the game so I spend money. But the makers don’t really seem to have an idea that there are gamers who hack this game and make it very unfair for those who play and even spend money on this game. Trying to be as nice as possible.. This game needs improvement.. and frankly, you makers are way too busy bringing new things to bring back the old gamers.. and here I thought, I’d give the game another go, but sadly,, you makers have only changed the reporting system making real gamers believe you’ll do something.. question is, have you really? Plenty of BS comes round when makers become desperate for the income. Don’t just change your “concerns” on the reporting system. Investigate people who are cheating..Version:

Proper banning, paying, etc systemsMOONTON, your game is good and precisely entertaining to be compared by other moba games here. But heres my complaint about the paying system, banning system, other systems. Don’t focus too much on your heroes, focus about your systems since its stressing us, the victims of the system. Hire people that can analyze this please, specially the banning system. Remember children can easily be fooled and influenced by this, so ban those who predate children! I had a teammate harrassed by a dude on classic because of their profile pictures. I had myself bullied because of cancerous teammates that had no teamwork, i payed starlight back then but its benefits had no whatsoever change in my play. Please have mercy on us that supports you, have more starlight benefits that we actually deserve for paying countless of dollars in such nonsense such as trial cards and useless fragments.. Investigate before agreeing to ban a player, have better playing system for children. Actually give us starlight players good skins, please improve or enhance your systems moontoon stop focusing on useless bugs for now and focus on us that supports u or just gets banned for an unfair reason. Im sorry for the bad english i hope that you guys actually read reviews and do something about us..Version:

PingPlease make Canadian players have a better, more reliable ping, I’m on the east coast and it’s hard to have a stable game.Version:

Mobile legendLove this game!! Never take anytime to put in a review in a game, but this one rocks!!.Version:

I don’t know what half these reviews are talking about, this game is great!I’ve been playing this game for a bit over a year now and I can safely say that I’m going to be playing for way longer as well. This game is the closest alternative to Lol but with more simple mechanics and ‘noob’ friendly. It makes me ashame of the community when I come on to the reviews of this game to see ‘paid to play’ or ‘broken system’. For one this game is not paid 2 play as I am a free to play player and have reached the highest league in ranked known as mythic. The only thing you can pay with real money would be skins which have no benefit in ranked mode. Second the matchmaking system distributes the players based on skill level so having a ‘noob’ on your team means that the other team will more then likely have one too. I’ve honestly got no suggestions for the game the story line has been amazing. Keep up the good work :).Version:

Great but a few issuesI have been playing this game for quite a while now, i love how all the different heroes are unique and that they all have a different story! the gameplay can be fun although the community can sometimes be extremely toxic. Although, and i know many will agree with me that the connection stability needs to improve! Whenever i join into a match then i see the reconnecting symbol and i was waiting there for ages until my game was fine again! i sometimes even have to leave, turn my connection off then back on and come back! it takes ages and the worst part is that my bar was still full the whole time?? I had this experience many times and it really annoys me that i come back after a long time and my team is already weak and doomed to loose. Another con i would like to mention is that many experienced players are being dragged down by their less-experienced team mates which resulting in a loss. This is extremely annoying as we need good teamwork to be able to have victory and not just carrying a team by themselves? This has happened to be countless times and my win rate has fallen drastically. Please could you guys take in my review and improve on those areas! thank you!.Version:

AMAZING GAMEA fantastic competitive multiplayer full of exciting new features to always look forward to. It’s like one of those games that gets better the more you play. Although (message to devs) the feeding system is slightly unfair for people who’ve just started or don’t understand the game and it’s a bit unfair as to the amount of creds deducted..Version:

Great but a few issues...I’ve been playing this game for a long time but I’ve encountered this bug today as clint using his “Badminton Champion” skin. I’ve his 1 day trial card and I was sure I clicked Use trial skin, then I disconnected and I loaded back in queuing in a game and when I got in, the badminton champion skin wasn’t there... next match, I didn’t disconnect but I got the same result, no badminton champion skin and I clicked on that skin but and it showed it’s animation and it did it again. Please fix this Mobile legends. To me personally, i think this is a visual bug but I haven’t asked any of my friends what skin is this (that I’ve equipped) so please do patch this up. Also, the effects were normal (basic Clint skill effects) Thank you very much for reading Mlbb team..Version:

Cool! Just a little change, please!Let’s get down to business. This is a GREAT game. Maybe the charac are a little expensive, but still. Great rewards, daily login, heroes... the list goes on. Still, though. Once, I went to get my water bottle. I was offline for 15 seconds, 15 SECONDS... and it said something along the lines of, “you’ve been offline for too long! As punishment..” whatever after that. maybe when you’ve been offline for like, 5 seconds they should put a 30 second timer on your screen? And what if you want to leave in the middle of the game? You CAN’T! I think this is very annoying. Please fix this, developers! Other than that, one of the best games i’ve ever played on mobile..Version:

Freaking lagCan you please fix it my internet connection is at full but it still lagging. 😡.Version:

One of the best competitive games on the phoneI have been playing mobile legends for close to 3 years, the game is constantly developing by adding new characters, reworking old ones, adding items, changing items it’s really great to see. Has many ways to acquire skins in which you don’t have to pay, paid options are available but personally apart from the starlight membership I never purchased any and I have around 50 skins. The gameplay is solid as is most of the community. If you put the time in to learn it there are many ways which the game rewards you..Version:

“Report” :)Honestly i love this game and i play it almost every single day ! Just one thing that gets on my nerves and annoys me is that i face the same issue every time i play with childish people.. for example im playing rank mode and during the game i farm drop in team fights and so on.. in some cases the other team is ahead so what i try to do is when my time is in a fight i try to push in any other lane to take advantage which is a good thing got us as a team to drop a tower or two ! When the game is done and either we win or not sometimes they report me just because im not with them a several fights !!! And my rating is higher than theres ! This is very annoying honestly ! And how dumb the reporting is done is that even though they report me as AFK and im in the game and my rating is either 8 and above or even MVP i get banned !! Just because people reported me doesnt mean that im supposed to get banned ! Plus the report isnt proper or fair or even right ! I lost many credit points because of this issue and im continuing to loose them!! Im guessing im not the first person bringing up this issue and im a 100% sure no one will take any action towards it.. :) Solve this issue because it isnt fair !!!!!!.Version:

My opinionI have currently played this for over 1 year and same with my cousins since I introduced it to them and since then we have been playing it every time we meet up. This game is very fun and when you are a good player (same with my cousins)up aginst the same skilled people it can be very fun, but it can end up like 2 tired boxers punching eachother, here is what happened to me so me and my cousins we lost a match but the kills were 25-14 to us and I was made MVP on my team we held the other team off for 28 minutes and in those last 10 minutes it was exiting and scary. This game is awesome it is one of my games that makes my day😁.Version:

Pls add more skins in the lucky shopThis is one of the best game I ever played. I like the graphics and the other features but I kinda want you guys to add more skin in the lucky shop because I already bought odette and sun’s skin and I have a lot of lucky crystal/gem but other than that I like this game.Version:

Great gameThe game is awesome... pretty well balanced as far as MOBA games go and the gameplay is fantastic for a mobile game. Unlike most mobile games this isn’t pay to win, everything you need to be able to challenge the best is free to earn. Being used to League of legends and Diablo on pc, the transaction to mobile was daunting, however the gameplay is quality and relatively easy to get used to. Nothing is obviously going to beat kb/m control for the genre but this works so well. As always the gameplay is the main draw, but the graphics are great are also very easy on the eye which is always a bonus. 5*.Version:

Loving it but....Great game, very addictive but there is some lag and the updates really mess with playing the game for the first few hours It’s very strange especially when I’m trying to join a match with the lads and it closes or just doesn’t join a game. Other then that I think it’s in the top 5 games on iPhone.Version:

It’s Mobile league of legendsThis game is pretty much mobile league of legends because the real one has yet to come out. All in all this game is really fun in my opinion, and for a mobile game definitely one of my favorites. The game can lag while even on good internet, but if experiencing lots of lag with good internet I’d recommend getting a better device, it’s most likely that your device can’t really handle the game. Overall this game is very good and I would recommend it to all..Version:

Mobile legends pliz get rid of cheatersI think this game is awesome as well. Its just many people uses cheat in this game just because they want to win so BAD. But when you look in the other team’s side it is so unfair. They also want to badly win the game but they cant because they get blinded by the black shadows. So when someone is killing them, they cant see and so they resurrect. You know, its not BAD to badly want to win the game but it is bad to cheat because thats the norm. Even on School they dont allow cheaters. I am just fifteen years old and I get lose many times because when someone is killing me, all I saw is black shadows on my screen and I dont see the enemies killing me. I dont know if that happens also to my teams but all im saying is I wish you all could just get rid of the cheaters because when I grow up I am gonna report mobile legends as a game of cheaters and im gonna get rid of the game i am telling ya. My dad got lots of $ in our bank account..Version:

Annoying warningHey so I played this game ever since I was 8-9. But while I was playing this game today and I was during a match. I was moving around, (I wasn’t afk bc I was walking and stuff) but then I got a warning out of no where saying I was afk and ruined people’s experience? Please fix that bc it was very annoying and I wasn’t even afk!.Version:

Account switchThe game is awesome and good you should totally download it. However I hate the fact that you cant't use a new account for mobile legends, because you need to have that other switch account already bound to another one! I also hate that you can't make another account in the same device like last time. The rest are good..Version:

Great game but needs to balance some heroesAs a player it’s annoying to get destroyed by heroes that are very unbalanced. Simply like Kagura her umbrella targets everyone in the range, and does so much damage. And then she can move it which is op. Like seriously if seen times and times Kagura 1v4 and win Also Alice is overpowered to she can stun for a very long time, and her walk thing, is op and can targets things around it. If you think she can just stun you inside her walk circle..Version:

AwesomeN’est game.Version:

Could be best 5v5 mobile game IF...!I’ve played mobile legend for over 6 years now. And I got to say that this is one of the best mobile game I’ve played in my entire life, it’s fun, thrilling, and has amazing quality. Beside toxic players in the game telling each other to “delete the game” it’s still very addicting. And I’ve even recommend this game to others. The problem though is the huge lag in the game. Of course all multiplayer games lag but in this one it’s very common. In majority of the match I’m always lagging and if I’m really lucky I won’t lag so bad to point where the screen freezes. Now the lag is not the baddest part of the game because the CRASH actually takes the cake. In my recent match I’ve crashed about 5 times! I know that it could be low GB but I’ve tried with higher GB in another device and I still crash. I would appreciate it if the developers find a way to end the crashes and prevent high lag in the game so all their supporters and players could enjoy a better and toxic game full of name calling. I’ll continue playing MBL cause I believe that probably in the future of 2020 that this issue would be improve. Keep up the outstanding work developers you have my support! 👌.Version:

Favourite game, but I have a big issueI agree with all the other previous reviews so I won’t praise the game (as much as I should probably since I play it everyday) because right now I am quite frustrated and have no other way of contacting/sending a report to the ‘game’, there is no option in the application. I have a serious problem with other players reporting me for example feeding - just because they abandon me so the other team kills me 4vs1 - and then they call me names and tell me to die and im a noob etc, then report me for feeding?!?! I get instantly banned for awhile, it’s happened maybe 3 times to me in a couple of months but the point is someone should first look at the video of the game and not just punish gamers right away... it’s not cool that when i report rude and mean people who insult me I get no feedback, but theirs sometimes does (again, instantly so nobody has certainly checked who is telling the truth). I have been threatened, insulted, (not to mention when they see that I am a girl then the real fun begins with rude and inappropriate comments) etc. during games, even after the game is finished they find my private chat and continue, I can block them but not report them. Not cool. It is making me thinking of quiting because I hate injustice. I had to say it..Version:

...Really laggy and game turns off everytime for me and takes ages to go back on even if I’m in a match I loved this game until this started happening and if you think that it’s my device it can’t be I’m using an iPhone X ......Version:

Unfair systemI’ve been playing this game for a while now, this game is very addictive and I love all the unique hero’s and learning their skills and mastering them. I highly recommend getting and playing this game, this game will take all your free time (and my study time). But there are some problems that I’ve noticed about the game; -The reporting system I find the reporting system to be very unfair as any player is report another player (even if the claim is false or insignificant). Making new players feeling unsafe and scared of people reporting them for unfair reasons and they feel like they should not to play, creating a more toxic atmosphere. And the players who do violate the rules don’t get punished enough as they should. -matchmaking I also find the matchmaking unfair. Most of the time I queued up, I go up against people way above my league. I understand queue times would be long but I prefer a little longer queue to be with players with my skill level. -pay to win I don’t see this being much of a huge problem like other games I played, but paying will give players advantages, they recently revamped Freya and made her a lot stronger and now the only way to get her is to pay. I would suggest adding a way you could earn these diamonds for free..Version:

NoobsWay too may noobs which force you to carry a tram by looking after two lanes as a team mate leaves and others pretend that they only have one lane in the middle. Totally unfair as this makes us lose, there should be some kind of test as to where if you perform that awful then you can’t play. Also credit score should be a permanent thing as to say how many games you been AFK etc and only people with a low percentage can play together so it keeps the game fair and stops the computer from feeding the enemy. Apart from this, great game!.Version:

Bitsized LoL? Yeah. Gimme.So, if you like LoL but don’t have the time to commit to 35-60 minute matches on a regular basis, then a mobile game version you can play on the loo in 10-20 minutes is a pretty sweet deal. Now - cons: lotsa microtransactions that get PUSHED at you, and skins (which you almost always have to pay real money for) do confer a very minor bonus in-game (usually +8 attack/magic damage depending on hero - for reference the basic damage item in the game gives you about +15, so it’s a super minor advantage that only really makes a difference in the very early game or hypothetically if you have a 1v1 with the same hero and the same build which you complete at the same rate). Still, tonsa fun..Version:

Too many toxic playersMost of the players was so toxic. But this game is 10 out of 10 for me, u should gave the toxic players like penalty or something, one time i have a girl in my team, my team knows that she is a girl but suddenly they trash talk her like come on y’all don’t need to do that, they keep harassing her like they will find the girls place and u know what i mean. U should fix this problem to many pervert players playing this game..Version:

A must playI have seen a lot of bad reviews, and I understand them. But the reviews are very over exaggerated. If you keep losing or people are talking bad things about you, it’s most likely because you’re noob or another player is noob. I’m not trying to blame anyone or say anyone’s a noob but you gotta stop blaming this game when it’s your fault or other players fault. My only issue would be having noob teammates. Sometimes when I’m playing rank, my teammates’ rank are a lot lower than mines( in epic), and I would have to carry them. I don’t really want that, what want is equal rank and level. Another issue is that I bought the starlight member for another month but I didn’t get to be one. I bought it on January and wanted it for February but didn’t get it. Of course it might be because I’m dumb or something but why can’t I get my gems back? (ಥ_ಥ)People also say this game is a rip-off from league of legends, but that’s not what I think. I really enjoy the different skins and hero’s. Keep the good work up mobile legends but please fix the problems I listed. o(^▽^)o.Version:

Crashing problemHi ML developer we all know that ml is the best moba ever but i have a feedback about ml the ml on my ipad is always crashing...please ml developer fix this crashing thing because its so annoying sometime...but I will rate it 5 star because its so cool.Version:

Report hacksThe game itself is nice but you can go through 10-20 games with mvp and good stats and have 1 single bad game and you get reported and get hammered by thier faulty useless reporting system. You get smashed for 10+ negative points and lose battle point cap. On top of this the system is entirely rigged so if a group of 2/3 friends play with you on your solo classic and rank your at thier mercy. Do what they say or they report you at first chance. Since the system sees more then one person collectively it’s automatic nothing can be done. They tryed a appeal system which only saw it once before they booted it. Again useless because the system is being abused everyday by people who are salty because they lose one game. I wouldn’t recommend this game at all since the reporting system will make you want to quit after so many good games you get brought back to the point that you gotta do 10-20 games again just to get perfect credit score of 110 only to be hammered again on 19th game and have to start all over. ***Move onto other titles if you do your research and check other games with less headaches***.Version:

Information overloadReally great game, a shame about all of the annoying pop ups of information about events and new tournaments or items. I would personally like to see a ‘minimal’ version that just emphasizes on playing quick matches with no nonsense all over the main page ..Version:

The best MOBA out thereThe game is awesome, very little lag, system is very precise and the whole overall feel for the game is great. Heros are awesome and all have amazing powers that all work well together, unlike some moba games where animation takes over in MLBB that’s not the case animation is there and it’s beautiful but also effective and controlled. Seriously if you are after a real MOBA on your phone this is the deal, don’t waste time on others I tried them all this is it..Version:

Lol to the commentersIt’s game you win some and you lose some. Some other players are such hard losers can’t accept defeat. That’s not how you live life. These guys made a pretty good game. Just enjoy the game babies..Version:

It's a ripoff of league of legendsBut mind you it's a fun ripoff, there's "heroes" in this game that have similar characteristics of those of mobas , the map is similar to league , overall it's a good game to play when you don't have a computer to play league of legends , GL grinding scrubs lol.Version:

How to improve experience for other playersThe game is really good, and quite addictive, quite frankly the best moba game I've played, but unfortunately sometimes the game is not fair because of skills or movement delays, this makes the gameplay experience less fun and makes alot of people I know decided to stop playing the game, for all players who live in countries in Africa, the ping is very high and affects the gameplay because there is no server in Africa, therefore, the ping is always yellow or in some cases red because we play on European or Asian servers. Because of that most people don't really play the game as much as they use to. To make the game more fun and fair for all of the players, I suggest moonton makes an African server and give all the players the experience they deserve by making the game more balanced..Version:

Pls resell Gwen’s lotus skinI love ML bB and im hoping that you please resell Gwen’s lotus skin or something girly and pink like that.. pls... and also pls give pharsa a new skin, hope for phrsa’s queen asian version and I will purchase it pls... and like what other people complained here, pls also be strict and review the profanity complaints because I do complain about rude players. I even received sexually abusive comments from an enemy player and I reported it but I don’t think it was punished at all. And i also notice that the matching in classic is not fair, many times teamed with elite and warriors then the enemies are mythic and legends. It’s unfair for the new ones.. they should also enjoy the game. Thanks.Version:

I delete your gameI play this game for 5 years. When you are start release. But now every daily daily I disappoint your rank system. I am solo player. I reach mythic with many problem. Nob player . Afk. Many other stupid player. Finally i reach mythic 3 . Today i play rank match at this night 1:20am . I am mythic 3 yeah mythic 3 . You join me faking epic couple myanmar and faing legend 3 . Why? Why they are in mythic rank? Finally i know , you are ranking system is so poor . Poor management make u r game to failure. Dont worry . In next two year. You have to biggest fail.i swaer.I bought manay skin from you. I like you r game . But not now. Please kindly all mobile player , plz see my review and think you should download or not? This game is so stupid because of our myanmar people. I am myanmar too. But i am the solo player who reach mythic with no one. I am good player. I try to reach glory with solo. But don’t hope. Never you get that glory without squad. This game ranking system is so poor . So , i would like to tell Don’t download this game you will be disappointed when you so enjoy this game. Plz dont download.Version:

The problems about the gameThis game is my favourite, but it has many problems; pretty much anyone can be an assassin, the lag is one of the biggest problems especially the matchmaking Grandmasters feed and trashtalk all because they don’t know how to play. And I have a my own problems I crash after 5 minutes of battling which is not too much of a problem if you just remove the freaking loading screen when players log back in and come to the everyone loading to 100% it takes too long, like you can jump into a team fight and crash before you land a skill it’s even worse if you’re the carry please fix all these problems because I enjoy playing this.Version:

Can’t openI update my mobile legends after finish to update I can’t open my mobile legends what can I do?again same problem.Version:

Really detailed mobile game based off of League of LegendsPeople say it is a copy of league of legends, it is, but it is still a very detailed and fun game. One of the best games I have played before. “Lag”, your WiFi is bad, don’t blame it on the game..Version:

It’s alright.I’ve been playing the game for 6 years and I like it. It’s like league of legends without the toxic community and ridiculously long matches- it’s far more enjoyable and less stressful. Nothing too significant has been an issue except for the balance of power in the characters. I’ve always seen people who main Layla race through the ranks and different characters gain and lose their power. Many new characters seem to have insane stats and tend to make the game very very imbalanced, which is something I dislike quite a lot, and after a while they get nerfed- it’s a bit annoying and inconsistent. I’d personally prefer if the characters all were just released with more realistic and fair stats..Version:

UpsetPurchased some diamonds last night an still haven’t received them. Tried getting support on how I can get them an can’t find that. Someone help..... But really like the game am enjoying it except for that so far cheers..Version:

Love the game but a quick question...I have played this game on and off for a while and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the unique characters and such but as of recent a single characters design and play style has made me re-download the game again to enjoy for another long while. The character I am talking about is Dyrroth. The only real issue I’m encountering was when everything was completely downloaded, including all the characters and skins, Dyrroth is not on there for some reason...? I’m not sure if this is happening to anyone else but I just found it a bit strange because I’ve seen gameplay of him before and I don’t understand why he wouldn’t be available to me for purchase. I tried googling it to see if anyone else was experiencing this but it seems that no one else is. It’s like he was never a character added to this version of the game which had me quite confused because I know that’s not true. I’m just hoping I can get a little bit of help maybe because I would really like to try playing him. But besides that I really do enjoy this game and will keep enjoying it for a long while. Thanks again!.Version:

Problem downloading on iOS 9.3.5It's says that mobile legends is compatible to iOS 9.0 and later I'm at 9.3.5 and it crashes how please help me fix this problem zzz.Version:

Mobile legends needs to upgrade customer serviceWhats the point of customer service there are no responses..Version:

Simple, easy, not p2w but confusing hero systemAs a competitive MOBA player I would rate Mobile legends Bang Bang 4 stars because of how simple and great it is. The tutorial is slightly annoying but gets the point across. The game is very simple and the updates are often. There are two things I hate and find unnecessary. First there are these fragments, diamonds, coins, tokens and dust. These are very confusing and will take a while to get your head around. How about you stick to 2 different in game currencies/tokens. The game is not pay to win and there are good players that don’t have to pay for anything. The game does try to force you to buy something by cluttering the screen but there are no ads and that is a plus. Overall it is a good game, the occasional glitch but otherwise perfect. Simple, and best MOBA on mobile..Version:

This is a good game but.....I love this game but I hate the fact u get teamed with people that are less skilled(noobs)I’m sorry is u are less skilled but pleas is u are just play classic I get kissed when I have crappy feeding team and it makes me want to stop playing this game so pleas make a system where less skill people play withe rather other medium skilled people play with others medium skill people and pros play with other pros I know this is like a impossible task I’m asking but I hope some how u can pull it off thank u also defo download this game really funny when there are no noobs on ur team feeding :) One last thing when it comes to draft pick in ranked I think they should kind of copy league of legends where u can pick ur position before the game so like if u want to play top Laine u pick it in the lobby that way there aren’t people fighting for position or having 2 jungler in one team..Version:

Your right everyone is wrongWhether your game is full of micro transactions that I myself have bought into hahaha anyways let’s get to the good part yes the game can be very punishing at times but when you really start seeing your progress get better and international friend groups and a satisfying realisation of what it is to actually win or be humbled and learn from your mistakes and get back on that horse and keep going I once was upset with this game cause I was a poor loser who blamed the game but now I see the light that mobile legends bang bang is truely an awesome experience just tough it out see what I mean.. of for the trolls don’t even pay attention to them they just losers in real life..Version:

Great game but the credits....I love this game honestly i have been addicted to for days now but there are some matches where i didn’t do anything wrong yet i get penalty like feeding i wasn’t going in there to die i generally went there to keep them away but they were to strong so i got two shotted. Which made it looked like i was feeding i think the person who got reported should at least be able to send back a confirmation or something because its not far when you’re knew and you get reported for not knowing what to do. Like my friend was also reported for feeding when she was knew to the game and not sure what to do. So please at least let us send back something then at least it can be justified. Over all its a great game and i’m gonna go back and try to get my credits back.....all eight of them 😭..Version:

Great game, but some flawsFirst thing first, it’s a fun addictive game. We get it. Lately with the lagging in servers and afk players, it has been ruining the fun. I can’t stress how much it’s annoying when players who have poor internet lags the whole game including other online players. Another flaw in the reporting system is it doesn’t matter if you play fair or unfair, the way it works is if you have enough reports from other players, then you’re automatically found guilty without precise “investigation” from the MLBB’s team. For example, if a genuine new player to the game has started playing with experienced players. That new player will get reported for being inexperienced regardless if he was afk or purposely playing unfair. Which is what I’m getting at. Another example is match making. A complete stranger didn’t ready up in my team (wasn’t in my personal team) and I got 6 points deducted from my credit score in less than 1 minute WITHOUT EVEN PLAYING. Makes no sense. Those are my complaints. I’ve been a long member and you guys continue to impress and keep me entertained so nonetheless thank you for the work. I love MLBB and only giving feedback to further improve the game. By the way, what’s up with the grammar errors? Noticed a lot of incorrect verbs and spelling..Version:

Entertaining and fun...It’s a fun game and very competitive however I do find it annoying at times when playing rank that the match up isn’t really fair sometimes (as in there’s legends playing with a full mythic team) and when playing classic affects your win rate even if your just trying a new hero and your bad but you can’t help that, I think they shouldn’t affect overall win rate but have a separate one instead. Furthermore, new hero’s seem to be op and is difficult when playing against hero’s your trying to learn other than that it’s a fun game to play with others to test your skills and I find it very entertaining..Version:

AwesomeBeen playing the game for a while and loving it.Version:

Please fixI’ve been playing this game since season 2 and it works really good back then and now I noticed a huge bugs on my iPhone 6 after I updated the latest version of the software update, my internet works very fine but it gets laggy unexpectedly anytime in game. yeah I know that my phone has only 1gb of ram on it but I know you can do something to optimize it. Please do fix it ASAP because many iPhone 6 users plays ML with the same problem like me.. Thank you.. x.Version:

Facebook bound cant be switch,I enjoy the game,but since I took the new update for Aldous release,it goes to beginning again to tutorial and facebook switch account cant recover my previous account. please help me with this. the system keep saying “protocol error (-2), contact the customer service”..Version:

I won a rank didn’t get my starI won a ranked game didn’t get my star, can’t even start a match and feels like I’ve been banned cause I can’t see my friends or my ranked match I just had..Version:

Addicting for me! :)I have been addicted to this game for a while because it is like a mobile version of League Of Legends which I really like! I love the character designs and their creative, powerful skills! And to me, no, I don’t think that this game is a rip-off of League Of Legends. It’s more like a mobile version of a game. It’s like Sims 4. It’s supposed to be played on a computer but there is actually a mobile version of that game! To the developers of this game, you have done a good job with just some minor bugs to fix but this game is a well done from me! Keep updating it so it will be more fun for people to play! - Me.Version:

Getting disappointedI’ve been playing mobile legends for over a year. and is frustrating to get your points taken away just because other players says so. i want to play my way not how someone tells me to play. i can’t do this i can’t do that. i’ve got lots of opinions about some players but i don’t just report them! you’ve got moments where you can have MVP and after that you can be the worst. it’s all depends on a team play! you should look into it more before taking players points away. i reckon there is lots of people with anger problems and they can’t lose but reporting someone for trying their best is wrong! reports should be on players who leaves the match nothing els. i feel like not to play this game no more because off people who’s got problems losing! no offence to mobile legends but it’s just the rules should be changed little bit. i love this game i would love to enjoy playing it..Version:

Cool but BulliesDuring the time I was new it was quite cool and I have only played the game for 3 days so far and there are a lot of people harassing us in both the other and same team because I don't understand most of how the game works I hope you can solve this problem.Version:

MVPOn one match I did all the work, clean up a lane with the minions and destroy their core with the minions yet all my teammates did was attack enemy team and attack a turret but once they started to attack it they stop as if they only want to attack the enemy and not the turret. When I destroyed the core (solo with the minions) I thought I deserved to be MVP but instead I was put SECOND PLACE BECAUSE SOMEONE DIED LESS OFTEN and that usually means that they didn’t try that hard, they even have a low score and still that player got the MVP because I died more than him! Please fix this cause I really deserve that MVP, and it’s not fair that the game judges who is MVP on the death counter. Another reason why I Deserve MVP is because everyone in my team was doing the surrender thing but I kept on denying it and fight, because of this we won but I still didn’t get MVP so please fix this since it’s not fair..Version:

Almost PerfectI have been playing this game since it came out in 2016. Its had some issues along the way but I have and still do enjoy it very much. This game is almost perfect. Its fun and unlike any other game - i have tried other mobas but they do not feel the same or are anywhere near as much fun. The only issue i have with this game is matchmaking. It is so incredibly bad that even being in the highest rank, i get put with the lowest rank with people learning how to play. Ranked has a slightly better matchmaking system but it should be based on statistics and your overall performance..Version:

The game is good, but with so many problemsMatchmaking is very dodgey. It needs to be more fair, and when playing ranked, I always end up with the AFK people, and I lose stars a lot, even when I’m MVP Loss. You need to add trial cards for heroes for every single one, because I’m tired of getting the exact same trial cards. The spinners in the shop are super rigged, I spent plenty of diamonds on the magic wheel, but every time, I only get emblem fragments. The game is extremely glitchy, causing lags throughout game. I have a good device and internet, but the game keeps crashing, having game penalties. I try resuming back to game asap, but sometimes I get credit score deduction. Also my friends have tons of BP, and she really want to buy me a hero since I don’t have enough cash, but when gifting, you have to spend diamonds. I really want to gift and receive trial cards and heroes..Version:

Keep changing my review!I feel like since Arena of Valor picked up players and popularity, its been a wake up call to ML. The champs have balanced out really nicely and yet again the game requires skill once more, not just who has the better team. They focus more on the champion detail now as well, which shows they are less lazy. I just hope it really was a wake up call and the game won’t go back to how it was a month or two ago where every champ was broken and took 0 skill. Players will play a game that is fun, fair and not overpriced. Keep it up ML and all your players will return. Just don’t make the same mistake again. Arena of Valor will lose them soon enough, they’ve gone completely greedy..Version:

What happen developers? An honest reviewI’ve been a fan of ML since the beginning. And i love every bits of it. But since the past updates, the game doesn’t run smoothly and i always experience bugs and lags. I have a good internet connection but whenever i pair up with my friends, my connection or “ping” started to turn up higher. Like if i’m at the homepage of the game, my internet signal is green as the grass but when i join my friends it started to go higher and turning into red (from 23 then going to 284 or 290 suddenly). This has always been my problem for the last 6mos and i thought it will be fixed by upcoming updates, but i guess not. I have uninstalled the game before and didn’t play it for a month because i got sick and tired on how the game runs. I just recently started playing it again, but again this latest update makes it worst. These problems have been affecting the quality of ML and the experience. It also leads to being reported and losing stars/rank. I hope my review will reach the developers. Try to listen more to your players and improve the game more. Read our reviews. I hope this could help. And for the meantime, i’m going to uninstall the game again..Version:

Great game! But some players...I’ve been a fan of this game for a while, it’s a really great game and in app purchases aren’t super expensive which i think is awesome. However I think there should be more monitoring on chats or just an option to hide the chat in general because there are so many rude players who can really negatively effect your enjoyment of the game. When I first started playing I wasn’t very good, obviously, and I had a LOT of people calling me names and just being plain mean. And there’s no way to avoid it. Sure you can report them afterwards but it doesn’t do much while you’re playing and having to see them all say that. It would probably be hard to monitor EVERY game so i think adding a feature where you can hide the chat would be helpful so you can avoid getting mean messages while playing. I’m still giving this game 5 stars though because It’s the people playings fault this is a problem, not so much the game itself..Version:

Amazing GameAn amazing fun game that comes pack with loads of fun. Variety of heroes which is definitely its own original ideas for heroes, unlike other games. In a way it feels familiar to a game I have played, but I just can’t lay my finger on it, anyway. I wish this the game the best and will pray that it will make it up there someday. Totally original and loads of fun, chow..Version:

Great game but...Ok so it is a great game but what is it with characters who can literally stop u from do anything for like 5 secs. Yes that do’s this sound like much but when you also have characters that can drop u from max to death in a single move it gets really annoying. Another thing that happens is when using certain characters my special moves randomly throw me away from my opponent when in the case of Freya her leaping attach will sometimes (Evan when the target is in range) it will glitch or something and leap me to bottom right of my range circle what is up with that. Also I will be fighting like a 4v4 and my whole team leaves every time to die to a triple stun attach or some other stupid reason and I get like 15 deaths and I get reported for feeding and then talked crap about. Why is it that you guys are so lazy with checking why people get banned. I have been perma banned twice now because my team gets all there friends to report me for everything in the book and boom next day perma ban. I do love this game except it’s just there are to many glitches that happen so often with certain characters and the player base is worse devs no offense stop being lazy maybe you are trying to fix this stuff now but how long has this been a problem exactly? I am know expert but it shouldn’t take this long.Version:

Been playing for 3 years! Love the game (1 problem)I would give it a 4 1/2 star if I could, the game is a lot like League, Hots, Dota etc. With its own unique twist of course! There’s honestly not much to say about the game itself other than it’s mobile version of those. I’m highly impressed and updates are frequent. They do often bring out new heroes to keep you hooked. It’s a really well looked after game (Not p2w) for once they’ve recently just released a whole new interface that looks super clean. If your reading this give it a Go! It’s free there’s nothing to loose! I’m pretty sure you get put against bots against your early levels which help you train and get used to the characters abilities. The only reason I’m not going to give this game a full 5 stars is everyone knows certain characters are Stronger than others, All new characters seem to be the new OP meta till it gets nerfed & the next one follows. I wish the game balanced all the heroes out and didn’t leave old characters to be left in the dust I miss playing with Lancelot, Yes he’s still good but he’s surpassed by many & it’s pointless to use him. Thankyou for reading 😄.Version:

Spectacular FailThe utter inability to actually play with people that listen and pay attention in ranked games is absolutely appalling, you guys need to take a serious look at your selves and think, yes I have made an incredible game, yes we’ve had 4 fantastic years and 18 phenomenal seasons. Yet you are still unable to understand that if you were an actual player today jumping into the game, it’s not the baby you once had thought you perfected. It is in fact a completely unbalanced game with some heroes being beyond OP. Yes I know those people who have been playing this game for years are saying “You just don’t know how to use them yet, ya nub” and that’s putting it nicely. But how are players gunna learn if you don’t have a player base that’s thriving and people communicating and cooperating like the game would suggest. Keeping it short, great game with potential but unable realise because of the impending competition that honest I have no doubt will smash this out of the water for those who actually want to pick up a new mobile game that’s strategic , communication based combat. Cheers for reading lads..Version:

Really funIt's a great way to play league without having to commit as much time into each game. Some of the English needs to be fixed but other than that the game is great!.Version:

WonderfulIf you download it you will get addicted lol beware but seriously it’s great graphics are amazing concept of the game is easy to wrap your head around yet extremely fun at the same time and it’s never the same there’s always new daily tasks and new characters and new things to unlock upgrade or new characters to save up for and there’s so many game modes that it’s basically impossible to get bored of also I really like the catchphrases of each character like engulfed in flames and I can hit your left eye a mile away it’s really great much recommended.Version:

Bad review 5 star. Read it. Or don’t. Idc.The problem is when i play I don’t expect to win every game but when my rating is low based not enough assist because I play support but I have more kills thats stupid. My team trolls and I have to pick up the slack by clearing the lanes but I get 4.0 for no team participation?? We like lose faster then. No one does lane control. Everyone is out for kills!!! Always have a team where everyone wants to be a marksman. How about 1 hero per role per game? 1 of each not just in ranked mythic. Would make people be more diverse and learn something new. Most of the people on this game are truly selfish and annoying really. Spamming I need help in 1v1?? Git Gud. Even if you die who cares keep them occupied until further notice. I was in A game we were up 60-17 and lost because all they wanted to do was kill in the middle lane. I’m not even sure how that happens. I’m sure the people reading this don’t care but it would make the game better for real gamers not just the people you pay or the stupid bots. I should be able to mute the spammers so add that in will ya. 5 star for a bad review..Version:

TOP GAME 2017Definitely the best game of the year & the only app I have played nonstop on multiple devices. However developers please consider introducing a clan mode or guild war update & more maps for classic and Ranked. Overall though, Very impressive!.Version:

Best Mobile gameFirst off let me say this game is great. I am a regular LoL and Smite player and would recommend this game over both of them. Why? All the gameplay and features of the other comparable games are boiled down and make for a understandable and enjoyable mobile gameplay. Familiar characters and roles make it easy to get into but just as hard to master. I run it on an iPhone 6 and have very little trouble with lag. This game is the mobile game for 5v5 LoL style play. So unless you want to take your computer with you to work, lunch, bed, dinner, break, car rides, etc. so you can play league or smite, then download Mobile Legends. It's the best at what it is. The biggest complaint I hear is unfair match making, but honestly that’s what MOBAs are and do, the match making is quick, usually fair, but you are gonna get paired with people who lag or are busy changing diapers or maybe just bad at the game. And occasionally you will get paired with a mythical legend or a squad and the other team will accuse you of hacking. It’s all about teamwork and skill. Lastly if you are new to the game, but not to this type of game the first, idk, 30 matches are gonna be easy until you start ranking up and building your emblem sets. So don’t give up cause it’s easy, it becomes much more challenging toward the top.Version:

Amazing for a mobile app!These bad reviews upset me... this is an incredible game for a mobile app!! From Snake and Frogger to games like this is impressive, game has voice chat, text chat, and yeah, it’s a total rip off of League Of Legends but that’s what I was looking for lol.Version:

Negative players please don’t match with me:(I am a big fan of Mobile Legends and I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys MOBA type games. The matches are engaging, fun, and balanced which is great! The only downside to this game however, is the negative backlash and players you often come into contact with. In almost every rank game I play the teams are often criticising a player for not being as skilled. I get how this is important in higher ranks such as epic and onwards but in lower ranks I don’t see this as a particularly big issue. Also, the nerfs and buffs that certain heroes get in updates are slightly unbalanced; but this isn’t a very big issue as they can always rebuff or nerf a hero in future updates. Overall, great game, great gameplay and a more or less great community!.Version:

No titleI’m a recently new player to the game, I’ve only found out about this via friends. The free weekly heroes are greatly appreciated, as a casual gamer i had quite a bit of fun playing new toons; the free skin packs and trial cards of toons i’ve never played before is also nice. One of two things I’m a bit upset about is, during matchmaking in battles while in a lobby with friends, if someone doesn’t enter the battle during #’s, the lobby would immediately dissolve and I’d either face my friends on the enemy side or... just not join because i’m petty like that (sorry). The second thing is- false reports. Before banning me from so or so, just check if the report is true or not? Please? Thank you. Other than that, greatgreatgreat. The occasional smurfs sneak into classics or ranks but I don’t mind that..Version:

Really fun and everything I would want but...Been playing this game for a few days now and boy is it fun. It’s ad free and they don’t throw micro transactions at you it’s just an optional thing for those who choose to buy them. But about 20 mins ago I was queuing for a rank match and then realised I wasn’t ready so I pressed “end ranked and return to lobby” or whatever it says. It threw me into the start up menu and it froze so I just closed it and re-opened but after that whenever I re-open it it just gets stuck on the loading screen and I cant fix it. Please let me know what I could do to fix this. Much love keep going developers your nailing it 🥰.Version:

Mobile Legends- a game everyone needs.I’ve been playing ML for years now and I love it. It’s one of my favourite games ever. But what I really don’t like is how- now, I know ur not gonna like this- the people without diamonds know that they have absolutely no chance of getting an epic skin. I know it gives u money when people buy but at least put an epic skin on lucky draw every once in a while. Even then it can be really hard to get. But please give us a hope that we might get one. Also, I think give out more trial cards. Try not to give out heroes like Miya and Tigreal, cos I’ve gotten a lot of those lately. Overall, ML is a great game. You’ve done well!.Version:

Almost amazing!I absolutely love this game. It’s definitely one of my favorites (which I’m sure other people have mentioned), and I would definitely recommend playing it! But I have a problem with this game. I don’t mind being jumped on cause my teammates went afk or whatever happened to them, but I really find it infuriating if you ban a player for ‘bad performance’. It’s hard enough to keep the credit score up to play rank matched, and even more annoying when you take points away for things that you can not control. Such as what I mentioned. It is not my fault if it is my teammates first time playing that character, they’re a beginner player, ect. (Which I’m not shaming them). So banning characters for poor performance, ESPECIALLY when they are the ones doing a decent job, just a weaker character so they can be easily jumped, is as I said, infuriating. I also hate the afk banning. I can understand that the teammates need extra help, but you all have to realize their lives can be busy. So I can understand a punishment for them going afk, but can you please consider lessening the punishment for it? But other than that, it’s an amazing game, great graphics, etc. Thank you, and have a good day..Version:

Good game, just need balanceI love this game, and its the top choice of 5v5 live players. Everything about is thought out and planned well, with fun global events and diverse game modes. The only negative i find is the unbalanced characters, as the match is pretty much pre-determined if u go up against 2 ‘metas’ (as they dubbed) or more in 1 team. An example is Laylas damage and range combined, making it instakill in 2 basic hits, which really gets most players annoyed, or the OP lifesteal of Miya to beat fighter class in 1v1 at min hp. Other than those few rebalancing issues that are sure to be fixed this game is an amazing choice for anyone who enjoys live action..Version:

Best competitive mobile game | Confusing UIThis game is very fun. I decided to play this game once I first started playing League of Legends. I thought it would help me understand the game but I was slightly wrong. They’re almost identical with the map style and even have some heroes that use similar abilities. I like how they have integrated ping system as well as a voice channel that players can decide to connect to other players in game. The only problem I had was learning all the currencies and the confusing challenges that come with every other new update. After a couple of weeks you get to understand how the devs work and their strategies of luring players into spending currency they don’t necessarily know they’re spending. I like the system they’re going for but the UI is very intense and is overwhelming when you’re trying to learn the basics. Overall if you really want a competitive mobile game i’d give this a go. There’s a big online community posting videos about updates and new heroes quite often. Try it out. One tip: don’t be afraid to add players that you have good synergy with. I’ve made many friends on this game and we have a blast..Version:

My opinionMobile Legends is fun. People call it a rip off version of League of Legends but I think it’s different in its own way even thought it does have a lot of similarities. The game is fun and I love the way Moonton buff/nerf the characters so they’re either less OP or more useful. I got two issues with the game though: one, I sometimes play with a friend and we tend to have perfect ping in Classic but when we play Rank, then our pings drop significantly to the red bar. Secondly, the matchmaking in Rank. I’m currently an Epic IV player, I’ve been on Mythic for a while but I’m struggling to leave Epic. While carrying my team is fun and all, it’s stupid how I’m playing with people who get over-aggressive and then just feed the enemy team. I think Moonton need to review matches and base people by their performance and then put them at a rank suitable for them. And until they perform at a certain level which allows them to move on to the next rank, they should either remain in the same rank or drop a rank. This will be more fair for players who are actually good at the game separate from those who are still learning..Version:

Unbalanced charactersI really like this game and it has great potential and I find myself in periods of enjoyment to only be crushed when I come up against unbalanced characters in this game. It’s unfair to be able to determine a loss before a match has started because of the knowledge that the enemy team is full of characters in need of being nurfed. For example: Sun needs to loose a clone or at least have there healths very much decreased, it’s unfair that sometimes it can really feel like going up against a team of 7, with his clones recovering his health. Another example of an unbalanced character is Pharsa and her ultimate, it’s cool-down needs to be longer because having her around confirms your side winning team fights as not only does it attack everything in range but it attacks minions too and even attacks u when u hide in a bush; and with her first ability she’s exits battle before u can get rid of her. There are many more changes that need to be made to other op characters. It’s not surprising to me that the over powered characters are also the more expensive characters..Version:

Changed for the better?I don’t ever wright reviews but I like this game as much as it frustrates me and I’ll explain my opinions on this game. I started playing this game when it was new only a handful of characters that being said it has come a long way many more characters and abilities which is great the game is doing good and offering more but now the main thing that gripes me is with development of new characters means new abilities and they have been very focused on assassins/fighter type characters being heavy in damage and ultimate abilities focusing on being immune to damage which is very upsetting when you play against someone who goes 15-0 if you don’t use or have a “broken” character on your team to counter them or carry your team. they leave a lot of older characters unchanged and unable to keep up with new ones. Same goes for tanks if your a person who loves tank hero’s it’s tough in this game even when you have a fully decked tank it’s still no match for heavy dps characters. And there are a lot of people who are toxic. People going afk and losing a match because of it. I’d definitely recommend playing this game or at least give it a try best part is it’s free no harm if you don’t like it ..Version:

Mobile LegendsThank you for creating this game! I’m absolutely in love with Mobile Legends! I love the characters some are the same to League of Legends but different! Ever since I have downloaded this game I haven’t played League of Legends in so long! Thank you so much. Much love to you!xx.Version:

👀👌🏻This is an amazing game with little lag and even though it’s the first online game I ever played, the app is really great and extremely fun. However, I wish that there would be a chat feature in brawl where you can tell or ask the other players something before the beginning of the match, but other than that, this game has been a wonderful experience with the arcade games and the excitement of completing a heroes story is really fun and rouses curiosity!.Version:

Great game but it has its flawsI have enjoyed this game for about a year and a half now. I would like to say that it is perfect, but it has its flaws. One of the BIGGEST thing is that not everyone is good at the game. You may be wondering why this is a problem.. It’s because it will always put me with a bunch of people that feed (constantly die), while the other team is always full of pros, that dominate the noobs on my team. Another issue is that it will tag out a lot of words, heck it even tags out some of its own her names. I will be trying to explain to someone something, but it’s half in asterisks. On the topic of the chat, it will mute you for 2 hours if you trash talk a lot. It sometimes muted me for no reason. I don’t cuss, or talk bad most of the time, so it’s no reason for me to be muted. Being muted is really annoying because someone might have a pice of equipment that they should upgrade or delete. I can’t tell them however, as I am muted. One of the last problems is the community. This kinda goes with everyone being horrible, but people just talk trash a lot. I do like that there is a mute feature (makes it so you can’t see said persons chats), but it can be annoying to use because they might say something helpful..Version:

Paying for everythingI like mlbb and all but you have to pay for everything. I mean like, I accidentally change my region and It won’t let me change back until another 59 days! And it offered to buy a region change pass. I also wanted to donate a hero to my friend but it costs diamonds. Why can’t it just cost battle points. All these little things need to be changed.Version:

Good game but one problem...😫😫😫Mobile legends is the best game in the whole entire world!!!but there is one problem...it’s not the characters or the maps or anything else...it’s just because of one problem...when I leave the match a box comes up and mail saying that I was afk/disconnected and 5 of my points were taken away but how is that a violation?!!!! You can’t just take away points from people who were AFK or disconnected because they might had something else to do and had to leave the match! So please fix this problem and correct these things cause when I want to get in a mode I want to play it ASAP! So please fix this if you can. Thank you and good luck mobile legends.Version:

AmazingYou have to download this game it’s phenomenal.Version:

Matching problemFirst of all, i quitle like the game, i like prefer playing 5vs5 than those shooting games. And i can play this game overnight without any coffee. But one of the things that make me feel so uncomfortable and sometimes i also shout out loud, it makes my roommate shocked, that is the matching system. As original, the normal match mode allow us to find a team to play with if we dont have a team, the problem is why the system mix new players with those who already played this game before, it is not equal and fair because sometimes, the enemy got all of those trained players and for my team, just me being teammate with all of those newbie players. Sometimes it makes me feel very annoying in that situation. I hope the matching system will improve about this field. Surely there're thousand of other players are concerning about this problem. As you said creating a fair game, but this is not fair, this is annoying Thanks, Kaitf1995.Version:

Very fun and competitive game!When Moonton launched this game back in 2016, I was really confused about the details and the mechanics on how to play this game. My bestfriend introduced me to this game in 2017, I hesitated at first because I am not a “gamer-girl.” I mean, I do not like to play mobile games. Until all of my friends installed this app and they forced me to download this app on my phone. I read the details of this game and I was frustrated at first. But when my friend taught me how to play this it was really enjoyable. I always play whenever I have free time and it seems fun though. This game really increased my sportsmanship and competitiveness. I also get to play with my friends through 5v5. Heroes also have their own unique powers and skills that makes us easier to destroy turrets and defeat enemies. I really am moved by this game. Great! But the problem is, ML can use a lot of battery percentage causing the phone to have a bit left. As said, ML uses 20% usage. And also, it is always lagging whenever we are in a battle. It uses so much internet that causes us to lag and lose in a battle. In buying diamonds, you should decrease the cost of gems so many players could buy more skins of certain heroes. That’s all. Thank you for this wonderful game, upgrading is a must..Version:

Next Project need this updateMobile legends is an awesome game. Countless people play this game. I have been playing it for two years and no doubt it's one of my favorite games. Recently it has released a new version "League of Legends: Wild Rift". The graphics, hero, maps, 2D hero image, hero background image ,sound effects of this game is really praiseworthy. If I had to say something about its gameplay, I would say "League of Legends" has developed a perfect MOBA type game. My request is, on the next project "Mobile Legends" should be developed into a perfect MOBA game and also the graphics, 2D heroes image, sound effects , hero background image , maps should be developed in a way that attracts more people into playing this game. If you don't develop these things well, I think "Mobile legends" will lose many players after two years. I don't want this unique game to lose its players and reputation..Version:

ReviewGameplay was very fun when there was a smaller amount of champions, eventually they added in a multitude of characters in a short space, some champions are not balanced and need nerfs or buffs, but otherwise the balance problems is it relatively good. But the game is P2W in a way, with skins giving buffs and requiring items to make your characters stronger, meaning newer players have less HP and damage, whereas others have a much more benefits, although small, they can make a difference. Getting new champions is very tedious and painful since it can take weeks to get 32,000 coins to get one of the normal characters. Other than everything I stated, the game is fun at times, yet can be frustrating at others. Thanks..Version:

Broken systemBelieve me when i say that this is a great game and should be tried out if haven’t yet but there are a few things that needs to be adjusted. First off, this is a pay to play game, you can tell because skins for a hero gives them a slight boost in-game and puts free-to-play players at a disadvantage and i do know that there are events where even free-to-play players can obtain a skin but they’d end up with a skin for a hero that they don’t even own, which would make that player feel disappointed and feel as if they have wasted there time to even partaken in that event. How this could be fix is that the game could give you a slightly higher chance for a skin of a hero you play most often with. Secondly, the match making system....oh boy the match making system....can’t trust no body at all, even if there’s a mythic on your team don’t get your hopes up on being carried and put less efforts in the game, cause you know why? It’s likely that they are cheating and abusing the matching system using 2-2-1 (search it up) it’s so annoying for players who tries to solo queue and climb the ranks trying to deal with toxic players like this (i go on major losing streaks and i even cry at times...) I really don’t know how fix this but one suggestion could be ‘mythics only versus mythics’ anyways...add me ‘Rxsh’.Version:

Amazing!!I think this game is amazing, the controls are good, it’s not hard to play and it’s basically a fast gameplay mobile league of legends. I can’t put the game down i think it’s a 11/10 game I love it..Version:

This game is amazing! But it’s horrible and I don’t wanna continue...I love this game it’s like the only game I’ve been playing for over a year now. But as time went on this game got worse. The match ups are broken when I get in a lobby with all my friends we get try hard mythical glories on enemy team. When I solo que I always get feeders on my team. It’s impossible to keep my wr above 50% Bc I can’t do anything abt the match up system. And if you win two games in a row which you need to get ur we up you face enemies you don’t stand a chance against. I love this game so so so much but idk if I can deal with this anymore. I’ve been playing other games but nothing is as good as mlbb. I love mlbb sooo much I try custom but it’s boring cuz I destroy my friends. I don’t like any other game mode that much. It’s just impossible you know? I got mvp with fricken Eudora 8 games in a row, all loss because mlbb doesn’t know how to match make. But the old mlbb is a 5 star now it’s a 3 star. I’m just rating it 5 star Bc it won’t get read if I don’t. Don’t download don’t get sucked into it. The community is toxic and racist as well..Version:

I love this game, but about favoritism...I love this game I’ve been playing it for a really long time and really the only character I use is cyclops, a character that’s been in the game for as long as I known. You don’t know how excited I get when I find out they’re releasing a new skin for him, cuz he literally only has like 4 skins as of this review. Then I see a character like Miya (the main cover of the game) and she has all these cool skins they added for her, and then I see Layla which is a character that’s used a lot and she has a lot of skins too, and then there’s new characters that get added to the game and they get a lot of attention and end up getting a lot of skins as well. I kinda get bummed out cuz I feel like they should focus on hyping up every character so people can spread out and maybe find interests in playing other characters, because the characters who get a lot of skins are pretty much the ones being over used every game, like you mostly see a lot of Layla’s and Miyas and stuff. I know cyclops isn’t the only character that’s been thrown in the alley, theres absolutely more people who would like to see their main get some good skins..Version:

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