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Speech to Text : Voice to Text app received 57 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about speech to text : voice to text?

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Speech to Text : Voice to Text for Positive User Reviews

Really handy appI don't know how I lived without this app earlier! It helps to keep up with my tough timetable and don't make me pay attention to little affairs. Due to high-quality voice recording, the whole text turns to be accurate and faithful..Version: 3.6

Easy to useThis app has a concise design, so it’s easy to understand how to use it even without instructions. You just speak and your speech is instantly converted into text. This is much faster than typing on the keyboard ⌨️. Better than I expected..Version: 5.14

Saves time.I think this app is great. Thank you for creating this app...and have recommended this app to others. Easy to use..Version: 5.18

USEFUL!This app is very useful and easy to work with. Transforming voice to the text became the everyday task for me in the university and now I am able to entrust it to this application. All of the text is transformed very fast and correct. I like this application and I am looking forward to new updates and new features..Version: 5.25

Speaking's betterWe all know that speaking is better and easier than writing. With the speech to text, it is very easy to convert all the spoken words into text, simple process and makes things easier..Version: 4.7

Don’t type - speakNowadays people don’t want to spend a lot of time typing messages or some text. And here’s the time for that app. Just speak and text will appear. Very simple..Version: 4.4

Eliminate confusionThe app even has search panel to eliminate confusion while finding the best note and pdfs recorded and share them..Version: 3.9

Works greatI am disabled and I've been looking for this exact technology for at least two years. I've probably done 60 hours of transcribing audio memos checks and with very few exceptions it was word to word perfect.Version: 5.6

Hack your way outWhen you are an article writer and you have a lot to write in just a week and you still have one article left out to work on, i just use speech to text to hack my way out. I'm just surprised to see there were no mistakes..Version: 4.7

Copy n pasteThis app is so cool, now i use it for all of my messages and mail, i just have to copy and paste it. I would definitely recommend this app to my friends..Version: 4.7

I'm glad by having itI decided to try this app and never regret of the downloading it. Now making essays and writing my blog became easier. It recognises speech rather good and I need only to read the text and to improve some things..Version: 3.4

Met my expectationsI am using this tool for an hour now and already did a good 1000 words. The voice recognition is almost perfect. Intuitive and fairly decisive tool.Version: 3.7.2

Very useful appVery convenient application, it is very easy to use because of simple interface, in my opinion most important options of this app is that I can share texts on social networks or sent it as sms or email that is very convinient especially when you drive.Version: 4.4

Cool App!This is very convenient app. I havent a lot of free time but always have need to write messagesand different texts. In this app very good speech recognition. So for me this is perfect while driving the car. And thanks to this app I have more free time for my family..Version: 5.25

Better than basic onesI need to write a lot of things down so an app like this is a must have for me. It says about up to one hour dictating but I’ve tried 40 minutes so far and it’s been really accurate. ⠀ It has a lot of languages but more exciting even emojis, commas and so on, that’s amazing!.Version: 5.25

SO COOL!The functionality & formats within the app is impeccable! It really looks to be an awesome application for creative writing projects, monologues, taking notes, etc. Sometimes the dialogues are a little a-skewed with at times some non-sensical key-in's, however with that said.. it adds another layer of creatively queued interactions to spark ideas & can give a spin to your writing process as a whole. Top-Notch guys! -Matt.Version: 7.85

WonderfulThis is amazing this has helped me a lot to avoid typing on phone. This saves my screen time and makes me more efficient..Version: 7.85

Nifty and wittySpeech is a very nifty app when it comes to turning speech into a text, it also excels in its accuracy of the recorded words..Version: 3.9

High qualityIn my view speech to text has very high-quality speech recognition which helps me to give the best of the text..Version: 4.0

The BestI think this application is the best among analogs. Earlier I've written the review where I asked developers to improve their app. So it is done and now the app works correct. I this you deserves 5 stars now..Version: 4.4

Great helperI really like this app because it saves so much time for me. It understands almost all my words without any mistakes. Also it’s easy to get used to it. The design is really nice..Version: 4.4

Useful and convenientIt`s a very convenient app for me because i don`t need to spend much time typing the text anymore. It also supports many languages so I can record and send something to my foreign friends. The design of this app is simple and good as well..Version: 3.4

I use it oftenActually firstly when I found this app I didn’t think it can be useful for me. But then I realized that it helps me out. For example, when you’re typing a big message it’s easier to say it aloud!.Version: 3.6

Languages and accentsIt has got quite a few different languages, whenever I had to deal with a foreigner i just recommend them to use speech to text..Version: 3.9

Legal cheatingWhen ever i am assigned to do imposition or any big essay works, i just open speech to text and record everything into text, i don't think it is cheating or is it?;-).Version: 4.7

Better then voice recorderAwesome thing to use in go. My voice can easily be converted to text. It always helps me with my work when I don't have enough time to type. Love it..Version: 3.6

ConvinientIt's good that I decided to buy this app. It comes in handy because it can easily convert my speech into text. I can send my text to different social networks, in an email, text message and to other apps. It's very useful and easy. I recommend this app..Version: 3.6

Very Helpful appTime saving by transcribing, voice messages/ documentation and it gives you the option of saving, it to your notes, file, or email for later, retrieval.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😊😊😊.Version: 3.9

Nomore writing!This application is very useful and helps me to have the information from lectures in the written form without writing anything at all. I am very lucky with this program and use it every day at the university. It is a very easy and clear tool..Version: 5.6

Excellent app. Easy to edit mis-transcribed wordsAccurate transcription when it's just me dictating. More mis-transcriptions when more people are talking. Super easy to edit text. Developer responded and said the way to do this is to tap and hold over text I want to change, then tap on pencil icon. We got this app when it was brand new. LOVE IT..Version: 6.64

Convenient and easyThis is an awesome app very convenient and easy to turn my speech into text instantly, very helpful easier way to write stuff down..Version: 3.9

Best price/quality ratioI’m glad to find this app. It’s save my time and I don’t need to type my messages, because this app makes it in thy stead. Also the big advantage of this app is wide variety of languages. There are 29 languages! Best price/quality ratio. Thanks!.Version: 4.4

This is amazingI use this app when I really don’t have time to write anything down. At first I thought it wouldn’t work, but then I became convinced that it actually converted speech to text with no mistakes. After all, speaking is faster and easier than writing..Version: 5.6

Works greatIt recognizes both my natural voice and various recordings, and even phone calls. This is very important to me and helps me not to miss any key information. Very useful..Version: 5.25

Excellent helperThis app is a great helper if you need to quickly put down some information. After all, speaking is faster than writing. I am happy with this app, it’s pretty accurate. So I can definitely recommend it to anyone who values his or her time..Version: 5.14

Convenient in use appI have never tried such tool before. But as it’s turned out this sort of speech to text organizers is convenient way to transform long talk to messages or documents. I find it really useful and will use it..Version: 3.6

Great and useful speech converterThis application is really great! It's simple to use and really important in some situations. It had helped me several times, when i had no time to type the text, I needed. Also, it's amazing, that application supports such a big amout of languages, it makes easier to communicate with foreign friends..Version: 3.6

Speak and noteFor a busy person like me, I have no time to take a pen and take down notes, with a speech to text all I have do is just speak out the words to note things down quicker..Version: 3.9

Speak and note at the same timeI think that this app is awesome, it converts all the speech to texts, while you're speaking simultaneously the app record all of it in texts, simple as that..Version: 4.7

Easy to useThe app works well and fast, recognizes not only English. My friend and I tried to speak German and the app recognized it without any problems. App is comfortably to use and does not cause any trouble with using it. Goes to my favorites..Version: 5.6

No more writingThis is a very useful app for me, I record lectures in the university and get the writing textbooks from the record using this application. It is very needed for me to have all lectures in a written form and with the help of this application, it is very easy for me not to waste time on writing but to have my book using a couple of clicks..Version: 5.25

Speaking is easierWe all know that speaking is way easier than writing this app I have to say does a great job of turning the speech into texts easily..Version: 3.9

PendeI have been using this app for a few months now and have found it a good substitute for Siri, especially the fact that it still works when Siri is completely blocked/restricted. I have also been impressed by the excellent customer service that I have received when making a suggestion to improve the app..Version: 5.15

Incredibly useful app!This app is just what I’ve been looking for! It’s so simple to use and it is just irreplaceable. Sometimes I just don’t have any time to write, so I just read it to my phone and the app automatically writes it down. Definitely recommend it!.Version: 3.9

I am just surprisedI am just surprised that there are practically no mistakes, and those that are, appear more likely through my fault, because I don’t know how to pronounce some foreign words or names when there is such a need. In any case, it’s faster to record your speech and correct minor mistakes than type. I think this is just a great app for those who don’t have time to type or just too lazy to do it..Version: 5.2

It’s just awesomeI never thought it would be possible. Everything, literally, everything that I say is converted into text, even songs..Version: 4.4

GreatThe app is working fine and it really helps cause it has many languages and it just simplifies the process of my work. Also it can even recognize my whisper so I give 5 stars to this amazing application.Version: 3.6

AmazingIt’s very cool and helpful application. I like it very much. It can save a lot of time because it is so uncomfortable and long to write some big notes. But with this app it will not take a long time. I also liked that this application recognized speech very well. Out of 100 words there was no mistakes. Thank you for relief my life!.Version: 3.6

Finally a good appI’m dyslexic. It’s very difficult for me to type on a virtual keyboard. Therefore, I really wanted to find good app that translates my speech into text. So far I have stayed on this app. The most important thing for me is speech recognition accuracy. This application defines my speech very accurately..Version: 4.4

Really helpfulI'm so glad that I found app like this. It solves lots of my problems just in 1 sec. Once I've met a foreigner and obviously I couldn't understand him. He asked me something and I recorded his voice into text, so that it was easier to translate him. Really glad about this app!.Version: 3.4

So convenient!I'm so happy I found this amazing app, as I have no time texting. Now I can just record my messages and posts in social media and the app would write it all for me. Besides there is a big choice of languages to use what's really convenient as I speak to my friends and relatives in 3 different languages..Version: 5.2

Does the job and does it wellAfter a decade long saga with Dragon, this particular version of dictation tech does everything I want it to do both quickly and with few mistakes. Too bad I had to scroll this far down the App Store to find it again, essentially making this a hidden gem..Version: 5.28

So handyI find this application very helpful. I’m so busy to type so it’s the best way for me to reply on messages and mails. Interface is simple and there is a wide range of languages in which you can record the text..Version: 5.2

Good timesaverIt’s very convenient app and recognizes speech really well practically without mistakes. I save much time while speaking not typing documents. Also I can save them directly in PDF and it’s very helpful. It’s worth its price..Version: 4.4

Extremely helpful application!It actually works really good! Speech recognition is really fast and accurate. It’s pretty easy to use this app, so it’s simplifies my life, saving me from typing tons of text! It’s definitely worth it, great and helpful tool!.Version: 4.4

Easy to use, good recognitionNeeded some good voice to text app, tried a couple of them and I like this one the best. I need to write texts in different language also and this app properly understands my accent, so there's almost no mistakes..Version: 5.2

Easy to use and very convenientThe app is very convenient and useful. When I drive I just can't text my messsages so for me it's very practical (and much more safe) to record voice. Then the app just converts it to text and that's it. No problems. Quite a lot of languages so I can talk to my friends in France and China as well. Great!.Version: 3.6

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