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Windy appNot as accurate without subscription..Version: 27.3.2

Overwhelming Options, Underwhelming PerformanceI really wanted to like this app. It offers so, so much in terms of data sources, displays, predictions, and potential usefulness. Unfortunately the app design does not provide adequate tools for users to choose and manage these options. Every data option is excessively detailed, simple choices, like F or C temp. display, cannot be saved even though the SAVE button is pressed. Display options for temp. gradients are inconsistent. Labels for features like the speed of radar animation are barely visible on an iPad and nearly invisible on iPhone. This app offers so much potential. It could have been great. Instead it comes across as a mess of sources that were combined with little thought about function and user experience..Version: 14.0901

AccuracyHi I often put to much faith in the apps accuracy which can at times be far from accurate, like when I go surfing over the coast (2hour drive) and I’m relying on the wind to go off shore and it shows on the App when the change will occur, but can be hours off!! Or not truly happen at all, so I always have to double check windys info Vs other weather reports. Cheers.Version: 35.3.1

Weather radar doesn’t workWhen tracking active rainfall with the weather radar, the storm disappears around the city I am currently in even though it is clear that active precipitation is rolling through (psychically raining outside)..Version: 26.0.5

PaywallStuck behind a paywall now.Version: 27.1.2

Removed my favorites.Trusted latest update. Removed all of my favourites, and no longer have my live Street view and Highway cameras. Very disappointing..Version: 29.2.4

No streaming arrowsAre used to have the streaming arrows for three months I paid for an upgrade and I still don’t have streaming arrows on my app which indicate direction and speed maybe you can help me help.Version: 27.3.2

Rating Windy appThis app “Windy “Weather is the most incorrect weather app on this planet. I need an actuate weather app as I watch and make decisions hourly. How could I read this app at 4 pm today- rain passed beautiful rainless night. Temperatures 20 deg- totally wrong wrong wrong AGAIN. I have 7 horses again due to this app Windy totally incorrectly diagnosed . Freezing and wet through. I can not go out and handle Horses at this time of the night. So they will freeze until the morning. This is not the first time. I shall sing from the highest building what a totally disaster - inaccurate app my rating “zero” You must rate yourselves because There is no way I or others would rate you higher than a zero. This app isn’t worth a download.Version: 27.1.2

A problem with the last updateYour last update doesn’t work properly! Can you fix it? Thank you.Version: 29.2.4

It’s got slick maps. As for weather data it is terribleThis app consistently reports the wrong current temperature. It has for months. Right now I click on the app and tap the Home button. According to the app it is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Nope. Not even close. It’s really 27. (I live in a major metro area in the US). If you can’t even display the current temperature accurately, does any other feature even matter? Also, zooming in and out on the temperature map changes the displayed temperature wildly. Zoom in on Dallas, it displays 34 degrees. Zoom out a bit to see the surrounding area, it changes to 30. Zoom out further to see the entire state, it goes back to 34. Totally unacceptable..Version: 28.0.3

No WidgetPlease add a widget..Version: 27.3.2

Missing localized humidity levels, UX is not intuitiveThere is so much data packed into this app. I really like the amount of data/detail and the radar/Doppler images are some of my favorite out there. And, I love seeing the multiple comparative forecasts from different sources. However, I’m kind of shocked that I’m not seeing humidity levels as one of the basic data points! Am I missing something? Dealing in agriculture, this is a major shortcoming. Also the UX is really annoying. Specifically I’m frustrated with the swipe up motion that seems to open webcam view when I’m trying to move the map or scroll the forecast data at the bottom of the screen. it’s just not intuitive at all. Also what is that pin thing on the map with some number attached to it? There’s no explanation as to what it is or what function it serves. It’s always messing with the map as I’m trying to zoom in and out. I wish I could turn it off. This app may be suffering from too much info on the screen, Or maybe I’m not the person this app is designed for? It’s so close to being my favorite weather app, but it’s just missing a few things and needs to be cleaned up a little..Version: 26.1.4

Widget BrokenHopefully you’re from Prague, because that’s the only location your widget forecast will show 👍. Brutal update..Version: 29.2.4

InaccurateThe short point about this app is that it is inexperience rarely accurate even in real time. I use the app for winging in Auckland but also other parts of The North Island. More often than not it’s just wrong in terms of wind speed. It overstates the strength of the wind. Even when you check what it says the wind speed is in real time it will say the wind is at that moment 12 knots and it will be 2-4 knots. It’s predictions for wind a day or two ahead tend to be about half the time. It gets the direction right. A better guide is to use the Coastguard app.Version: 29.2.7

Great App, please remove upgrade banner from premium accounts.Very good app, but I am a premium subscriber and am annoyed to see a large banner begging me to subscribe covering a lot if the opening map. 1. How do I remove this? 2. Where can I find the premium support the banner promises? Update - thank you for telling me to tap the screen to hide the banner. But, it comes back every time I open the app. On the phone, it takes up a lot of space. Also, tapping on the banner does bring up an article about support, but I do not understand this phrase “Our girls are ready to help you during office hours . . . “ I sort of get the creeps from that..Version: 27.1.2

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