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Shoutrageous! for Positive User Reviews

FunVery fun to play.Version: 2.2.1

Looks great on iPhone x!Love this addicting game and now it looks even better on my iPhone x..Version: 2.2.0

Love this!Endless fun and laughter! Great for get togethers, family nights, girls nights, etc!.Version: 2.2.0

Fun butMad that only a few are free! but fun to play with groups.Version: 2.2.1

Fun but...Needs shorter commercials. And my husband should lose occasionally..Version: 2.2.0

Great gameBought this game after I saw the girls play it on the real. Lots of fun especially at this time of the year - great to play with family and friends..Version: 1.1.0

So fun!I played it for the first time with family for the holiday and it was a hit! Definitely a new favorite 😊.Version: 2.0.1

FuuuuunGreat road trip game and drinking game.Version: 2.2.0

Fun with friendsLove it. Wish it was longer though. There are only 2 rounds and then a "name the category" round (which is so hard at times!) But it's really fun.Version: 2.0.1

Family, Party Fun Game Nights!This game is ridiculously fun. Paid .99 Cents when it first came out. Can I get my .99 Cents back since the game is FREE now?!?.Version: 2.1.1

Played for hours!!Love this game!! I can't stop playing with friends and family.Version: 2.0.0

NiceThis is fun and nicely produced..Version: 2.0.1

Great Game but...The ads are too long.Version: 2.2.0

Love it!I really love this game. I got it a while ago during a special time when it was free :) It's so fun to play w/ family! I also like that they update some of the (free) topics.Version: 2.1.0

AMAZINGI love the game!!!!! I play it all the time with my friends and everything the only annoying part is the kid zone cost money. I see ten year olds and younger playing this game sometimes and I'm afraid they might learn something that they are too young to know.Version: 2.0.1

The Real!What did I ever do without this game in my life!!! Me and my boyfriend have been playing for hours cracking each other up and perfect timing for he Holidays! Love the format, the review audio (to keep everyone honest lol) and also SUPER fun to play as a family in teams!!! So glad I saw it on The Real! The topics are a little more modern than typical quiz games. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worth every penny of 99 cents and I bought all the other categories as well!.Version: 1.0

Need a kids/family edition ASAPThanks for the great game! I grew up on Outburst and this game brings back similar, good memories and creates new ones with the kids. It would be sweet if there was a kid friendly version. Even the seemingly tame categories in this edition contain some fairly inappropriate subjects..Version: 2.2.0

Lots of fun!I enjoyed this game and I recommend it!.Version: 2.0.1

$This is an extremely fun game, I've probably played multiple hours in all but... IT GOT BORING, you only get 4 categories. I'm just a little made because I already bought the app and now I have to pay on top of that..Version: 1.0

Best app everWen me and my friend hang out we play this game all the time and My team win all the time ❤️🤪😘😍.Version: 2.2.1

Such a great game!This game is tons of fun & appropriate for all ages. I play with my boys, ages 9 & 5. They enjoy it as much as I do. It's great to own a game that you can take on the go & you can't forget it at home!! Great to play out at the restaurant while waiting for your food..Version: 1.0.1

Love, Mother is obsessed with this gameSo far I haven't found any complications, I purchased this game when it was free like last weekend and brought the rest of the categories for $3.99, I believe because there was a sale so I guess I'm lucky to only pay that much 😂😌.Version: 2.0.1

Had the whole family in stitches!!What a fun game!! My family and I played over the holidays and we were cracking up. We loved trying to guess the answers and make each other laugh. I highly recommend this app!!.Version: 1.0

Fun Fun Fun!!I really like this game❣️.Version: 2.2.0

My Fiancé and I LOVE it!My fiancé and I play this game every time we are waiting for something somewhere (doctors office, restaurants, etc.) or even if we are just bored at home! We love this game, and it has such a wide variety of themes!.Version: 2.0.1

Fun family timeWe have laughed pretty hard at some of answers. Definitely a favorite family game!.Version: 1.0

AddictiveI havent played it with my friends yet, but I absolutely love it.! I play it with my daycare kids and we had a blast playing it for the first time.! I got it for free because it was free for a limited time and they had a sale to buy all the categories so i was in luck.! Been hoping and praying for it to be free and cheap & God answered my prayers 😂😂 love this game & i love the talk show.! Win win situation.!! 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾.Version: 2.0.1

This is so fun!!I get bored easily and now I always have something to do with my sister....yeah it's fun with just two people.Version: 2.2.0

Best game ever!! Fun for everyone!!It's so much fun to play! Worth every penny! The whole family played it over the thanksgiving holidays. How wonderful to see all your family from teens to seventy having so much fun talking, laughing and enjoy one another❤️ a rare sight these days If you don't have this app it's a must for Christmas!🎄🎅🏻.Version: 1.0.1

Family Fun!!!!Such a great way to have fun with the whole family! My 6 year old; my 13 year old and my 40 something ... LOVE IT!.Version: 1.0.1

Please Bring This Game To iMessageSome how some way please bring this to iMessage. I LOVE this game. So many of my friends have installed it now. It's definitely worth purchasing the full game.Version: 2.0.1

Great Drinking GameI don't think it was meant to play this way, but we play that after each round the team with the lowest score has to drink. It turns out Peppermint Schnapps makes people smarter, or at least funnier..Version: 1.2.0

Amaze ballsAmazing game. I love it ! But I think when teams tie there should be overtime or one last stage so that there is a winner. Just a suggestion 😁 love the game though ! 💛💛💛💛💛.Version: 2.0.1

ChristmasLoads of fun while waiting at restaurants and in lines this Christmas season..Version: 1.0

AwesomeGreat but can you add a feature so you can add your own topics and answers? That would make this app the best!.Version: 1.0.1

A Crowd Pleaser!Most categories are appropriate for young kids. Enjoy playing with my kids. Suggestion - One of the categories for under Pop Culture is "TV Shows with Kickass Female Characters" does not have Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. You might think about rectifying this oversight..Version: 2.1.0

Fun Game!!!I can't remember when I last bought a game app. I saw this game on The Real and it looked like so much fun. We had fun playing it with family on Thanksgiving..Version: 1.0

SO fun - makes you feel super smartThis game is awesome! Just the right amount of easy/challenging. We played it, like, 5 times this past weekend..Version: 1.1.1

Lots of fun!This game was a great purchase! I saw it on the Real, which I never watch. They played a round and I knew I had to try it! The only thing I wish is that there was a way to save the audio in case you capture something hilarious because trust me, you will!.Version: 1.0

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