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Best and provides more info and sleep , few things to improveHello , This is the first app that I’ve purchased once I bought the Apple Watch. Sleep tracking is very important for me. The app provides lot of information and also way to read and learn more about it. I try to keep up 7+ hours sleep and try to close all the rings now. Well done on the app and also along with heart watch I’m able to take care of my sedentary, workout and sleep heart rates. Sometimes I wish the sleep detection and awake be more accurate. All of the calibration that you provide isn’t matching my manual rememberance of when I slept. That’s something I can live with but you can improve. What I wanted to know and possibly you to fix is, there are two occasions my Apple Watch had a trouble and locked itself. In this case next day there is no data. I read through your articles on what to do in these cases and it seems the only thing I can do is remove them from averages. Even though I do that it causes me to have debit in sleep bank and I’m behind in my sleep requirement. Is there a way I can add a length of period I slept even though it’ll not have classification on type of sleep and heart rates but just the duration. This will help me. If I go to day/edit tab and try to highlight all the right balls I don’t get them set as the sleep period. Can you introduce an option to add the duration of length of sleep when the watch goes bizarre or let me know how to do in current update?.Version: 6.3.1

Best sleep app everI’ve been looking for a great sleep tracking app for a very long time and been disappointed time and again, until now. AutoSleep does exactly what it needs to, exactly the way it describes. It tracks sleep and gives details and stats that help you gauge where you sit with your sleeping habits. Paired with the Apple Watch makes the app even better with tracking of sleep, heart rate and detailed movement analysis. Top that off with a single one off payment instead of the subscription model that most developers are going for these days, you just can’t go past this app..Version: 6.0.1

Best sleep tracking app out there!Most comprehensive sleep data presentation you can get.Version: 6.5.2

Great AppThis is such a good app and just gives so much information so you can really see what is going on and in my case why I am feeling as tired as I do during the day. It is almost confronting, but in a good way so then you maybe able to do something about it as it helps you to understand it. It is like a lot of things in life whereby if you can track your faults someway, you can repair them..Version: 6.0.1

Best sleep app.Ironically I’ve been getting the best sleep since I download this app! The factual and highly technical look of it’s interface has challenged me to look closer and learn all about my current sleep habits And I’m dreaming at night again as well!!!! Thanks!.Version: 6.5.2

Best sleep app for many reasonsIt’s pretty customizable even down to how it tracks the sleep as it takes different metrics It’s not a subscription model for pricing (I think it’s the only one that isn’t subscription based) many apps that do subscriptions don’t need them and can be just one payment type I have to do basically nothing and it tracks my sleep then notifies me a little after I wake up I have extremely bad sleep every night and I have to see how bad (last night was 2 hours and 21 minutes of sleep) It’s well worth the price you pay as it’s the only price you pay, it ends up cheaper than the rest pretty quickly.Version: 6.5.2

Lots of detailI like the additional amount of detail this gives me, especially the sleep debt calculator. The best replacement I’ve found since moving to an Apple Watch from my Fitbit..Version: 6.0.1

Worth every pennyI’ve never actually reviewed a product but decided to do my first for this one. It is worth every single penny. I have a series 4 Apple watch and I was looking at all the different trackers, trying to find which one was the best. I looked at the popular ones like Sleep++ and Pillow, and I tried others ones too. But the experience was never the best and didn’t have some of the premium features of the other paid apps. Those ones, however, cost a fortune and I didn’t want to pay that much money. Instead, I bought this app for the low, onetime price of 3 dollars. It might seem like I’m being paid to say this, but the app works perfectly. It gives me all the premium features like sleep analysis, heart rate, readiness, bedtime, and it barely takes any percentage off my watch when I sleep. You get a ton of information from the online app and the UI is pretty good. I would recommend this because it’s so cheap compared to other premium plans, yet it offers the most out of all of them..Version: 6.2.0

New kind of sleep tracking for meI have used an alternative method of sleep tracking that was combined with my fitness tracker. Upgraded to an Apple Watch and realised on Day 1 that my new (expensive) Watch didn’t automatically track my sleep. All was not lost because I quickly read some reviews of this App on the Apple website & downloaded this app. What a joy! Only been using it for a couple of weeks now but it is far superior to my other sleep tracker! So much information at my finger tips. I love the way it shows my heart rate dip in relation to sleep quality. Fantastic and so pleased with the results..Version: 6.2.0

Long term data appMost Apple Watch data apps that I download fall into one of two categories. The first are apps that seem like a good idea but once the initial excitement has gone you stop logging and the data becomes useless. The second are apps that make great use of Apple Watch technology to log in the background. Much more useful. AutoSleep does its thing very, very well leaving me to do mine. 😴.Version: 6.3.1

Brilliant appAfter struggling with secondary insomnia for years where I sleep until 1 or 2 am and wake with chronic pain I have been using Sleep App to track my sleep and my sleep hygiene. I love how you can see your improvements and also track the bad nights and start to develop strategies to assist this. Really great App of the sleep apps I have it’s the best and most informative.Version: 6.5.3

Thorough, but not without its faultsThis is a great app for tracking sleep. I find it is accurate, convenient, with flawless Apple Watch integration. However a couple parts of the app feel naive. “Sleep debt” for example has been known for decades to not be a thing, you can’t make up for lost sleep by sleeping 14 hours one night but the app seems to insist you’re in a “sleep debt” with no way to disable the feature. I also question how critical things like “readiness” are, when the seemingly only way to measure and combat it is to give in to some app upwelling and buy the partner apps. Otherwise, this is excellent for sleep tracking if that is all you want to do - even if a tiny bit misguided..Version: 6.0.1

GreatOver the last 6 months I’ve managed to increase my nights sleep by almost 30 mins. Using Auto Sleep has been great..Version: 6.4.0

5 star review after just one nightI only downloaded the ap last night (at 3.30am!) and I’m hugely impressed already with the information from just one nights’ minimal sleep. Hopefully this will be the ap that scares me into sorting out my sleep hygiene. I have high hopes already. Great price too. Thank you!.Version: 6.3.1

Well informedMy daughter mentioned that she had been tracking her sleep patterns and how she can now understand why she is feeling tired and restless. I searched the App Store for a similar programme - she doesn’t have an apple phone so was using a different app. I read all of the reviews and decided to try this app. Although a little sceptical at first I now love the app. as I can now track my actual sleep and my deep sleep and when there is a dip in the results I can look back on the week to see where this is happening. It has been a journey of discovery and now I understand more about my internal body clock. My husband goes to bed at least an hour to 1.5 hours earlier than me, I did try doing this but I found it very difficult to maintain good quality sleep and would often wake around 1am and then have to get up and do something for st least and hour as my brain was too active😊 I now can go to bed early but then I read until around 10pm and my body sync has returned to normal with my internal body clock..Version: 6.4.0

WonderfulI am still tired in the morning when I wake up even though I sleep enough hours. I thought I might be sick or something but this app helped me understand my sleep patterns and that my sleep is very disrupted and don’t get much quality sleep. Now I am trying new things to find what works for me to get a better night sleep and this app helps me work out what is working or not. Now if there was just an app to stop hubby snoring my sleep would be perfect 😂.Version: 6.4.0

Solid sleep dataThis app collects a great range of data and presents it in an easy to understand format. It is very customisable and just an all round excellent investment..Version: 6.5.2

Better sleepingOut of most apps that I have tried I have found this one to be the best. Mind you this is mostly due to preference maybe as the ease of use is a big factor. You can use it with or without the watch but I use it with cause I like to think it’s more accurate. This app makes you more aware of how good or bad you are sleeping, then can can look into how much better you can get your sleep which is down to exercise and food consumption. As when you research looking how to get better sleep. Well worth every penny..Version: 6.1.0

Awesome appHonestly it took me a bit of time to learn this app, I recommend to anyone to read through help documents that explains all the features. This app has a lot of functions that takes time to get used to and remember their functions. I use the app on my Apple Watch and I must say the next day I have a wealth of information about my sleep. The developer support is excellent and replies to questions within 24 hours. This is a must app if you want to track your sleep without having to press any buttons and have an incredible amount of date to read about your sleep pattern. Highly recommend..Version: 5.0

All the data you’d ever need!Simple app with all the data you’d want. The price is right too. I like the way the info is presented, it keeps with the “rings” theme of the Apple Watch. Clever and presentable. Well done..Version: 6.5.2

Great Sleep Tracking (mostly)The Apple Health app sleep tracking is somewhat basic and having just got my first Apple Watch and being excited about it (love this Watch!!!) I wanted something that was more in-depth. This fits the bill nicely. Seems way more accurate for my rubbish sleeping patterns and has a lot of great features for a small one off payment. None of that curse of the App Store “subscription” model. Update: have discovered that like the Apple Health app, it does tend to claim I’ve slept from the start of the Bedtime alarm system, not the actual time I got in bed, which is annoying, but unlike the Health app, you can easily change it to when you did get in bed. For something called AutoSleep I shouldn’t have to do this, but at least I can adjust it accordingly. Also, tapping Lights Off on my Apple Watch strangely doesn’t seem to record when I look at the data in the morning, seeing as all the other data makes its way across. But again, can be adjusted in the app. Still better sleep tracking than Apple..Version: 6.4.0

Works well if you know how it worksThis app works flawlessly. You just need to make sure that you let the app run in the background before going to bed..Version: 5.1.1

Great appI’ve only been using this a week with my Apple Watch. It’s really helping me to understand my sleep patterns and improve my sleep hygiene. I’m much more inclined now to schedule in an afternoon nap if I’ve had less than 7-8 hours rather than pushing through. This can only be good!.Version: 6.5.2

Best Sleep App (still)You get a lot of data with this app. The breakdown from when your in deep sleep is enlightening as I didn’t know that it was so intermittent during the sleep period. The app also gives you the freedom to customize your sleep behavior patterns by observing when and how you sleep to improve your pattern. I find that I sleep better if I go to bed earlier and I feel more relaxed the next day. This app has been accurate and even for my afternoon naps. It shows that I even have deep sleep during a nap. That was a surprise as the TV is usually on and other noises are present. This app works as if it was native to iOS. It doesn’t have hiccups or dropouts. It works seamlessly. It is now the only app I use for sleep tracking! With the upcoming iOS 14 sleep monitoring, I will still be using this app for the tracking of my sleep because I think it gives accurate information..Version: 6.4.0

3mo and it has guided me to better sleep!To improve anything, feedback is important; having the Apple watch6 which can measure SatO2 as track your levels of sleep is really interesting. I am definitely sleeping better from experimenting w different sleep positions, diet elements, etc. And getting the feedback. My SatO2 is higher, my sleep quality is higher and I am ‘nudged’ to get to bed a little earlier to gain longer sleep benefit..Version: 6.5.2

Comprehensive Sleep AppThis is an amazing app with so much detail in the data. I’m still learning to use the various functions as there are so many ways of looking at the sleep data. The general information on achieving a healthy night’s sleep is also most helpful. As a long-standing insomniac, I find it comforting to know that even waking up at night does not necessarily mean a poor night sleep if the other elements, such as deep sleep, are okay..Version: 6.2.0

Complicated at first but now amazing!I never really paid for apps, but ever since I got myself an Apple Watch and decided to take my mental and overall health more seriously decided to find the best apps for a few different things I want to improve. I was coming off Fitbit and was quite satisfied with the sleep app within but disappointed in the sleep app that comes with the Apple Watch hence finding this gem after a few reviews online pointing me to this direction. At first felt a bit complicated and messy to navigate but just like the Apple health stats, just need to give it time to track sleep patterns and now I can’t get enough! Really helping me push for better quality sleep and I’ve found myself applying better sleeping habits. Must have app, Especially for Apple Watch users!! With a 1 off payment and no annoying adds or subscription requests it’s great value for money..Version: 6.4.0

Great app and well worth the costThis app has been great. At first I thought surly this can’t help me sleep better but it does. Even lets me know what time to go to bed based on my previous sleeping patterns to ensure I get the recommended 8-9 hours of sleep. Would fully recommend this app..Version: 6.4.0

Bonne appliApplication assez précise. Facile à utiliser..Version: 6.5.2

Mental healthLike most of us I suffer from irritability, restlessness and disconnection with the world. Not all the time although unless kept track of I can be a real pain in the a**. Through years of hard work I’ve found the most important medication a person can give themselves is sleep. I have three kids and work a high power/ high stress job. I’ve been able to use this app to literally keep myself in check. I check it everyday and use it as a tool to be a better worker, father and husband. I’ve had it for years and currently, with my newborn being crib trained, I use this app to keep me honest with how good of a job I’m doing. How well I’m getting back to sleep and managing my own life while trying to be the best father for her. My main point being this isn’t just something cool to look at. It’s a practical tool to help better your life and the lives of the people you interact with on an everyday basis. Get it, use it correctly and be better person. We’re a world lacking better people..Version: 6.2.0

How does it know?!It’s amazing what technology can do these days and I’m proud to say that AutoSleep is one of the most useful advancements. No need to set anything it just measures all by itself and I’ve got to be honest it’s pretty accurate not only measuring your hours of sleep, but the quality and your heart rate when sleeping. I can definitely tell if I’ve been sleeping well or if I need more and what’s best for perfecting sleep habits. ;).Version: 4.0.1

Everyone should have this appAccurate and helpful.Version: 6.1.0

Fabulous sleep tracking appI’ve been using Auto Sleep since over 4 years now and I’m very pleased with it. The amount of data it shows for your sleep is amazing and so useful. Even if you’re not an avid sleep tracker you’ll realise just by seeing the data that it’s so important for you to sleep well. The deep sleep, the quality sleep and the resting heart rate. All these parameters are so vividly shown. This app has given me a whole new perspective towards my health and how important sleep is to maintain that health. Highly recommended for anyone who considers health is wealth..Version: 6.3.1

Excellent app!Love this app, excellent accuracy and great sleep details! A++.Version: 6.5.2

AwesomeHave enjoyed this app I used to have fitbit and would monitor my sleep so I was disappointed that stop when I purchased my apple watch but found your app and Im happy with it so far thanks.Version: 5.9.0

Has improved my sleep indirectlyI bought the Apple Watch as I had a heart condition AF. I soon started using it to track my sleep and became aware that I was getting no deep sleep whatsoever. My mattress was worn out and dipped straining my back a little and this app encouraged me to replace it. I am now getting a good 2 hours plus deep sleep a night. The app is well designed to account for differing amounts of restlessness. It is very clear and informative and actually makes you try to get more sleep just by showing you you are not getting enough. A very well designed and useful app that has improved my health,.Version: 6.0.1

Appears to be working very wellAs a shift worker sleep becomes sacred. I’ve only been using the app for a short while but so far the details help establish how rested I really am. If anything changes for the worse regarding the app I’ll be sure to put my input in. But right now, very impressed..Version: 6.5.2

Great informationReally like the app although it has taken a while to understand where to go on it as there are so many screens which then lead with arrows to more information. I have realised that by not eating chocolate and sugary treats in the evening I definitely sleep better which is quite a result! I have dropped one star only because I would like the app to suggest ways to improve the different areas- it tries to explain how it gets the scores and gives a comparison for others and also allows you to change your goals but doesn't really say when you should change goals or what you can do to improve each area. I use an iphone and iwatch and it seems yo work well- I guess the heart rate can’t lie so this is a far better way to monitor sleep..Version: 6.4.0

Awesome Apple Watch companion.This app adds further insight into sleep patterns etc. It’s great to motivate one to get quality sleep by exercising, eating well and getting to bed in time. Love it..Version: 5.9.0

A great app, worth every pennyThis is a great app for tracking sleep and the recent update (with sleep credit tracking) is even better. I did have to adjust the colours used in settings to make it easier for my colour-blindness, but other than that have no complaints. This, along with the HeartWatch app, is part of my daily routine, and has helped be live a healthier life (the AutoWake app is sadly less useful)..Version: 6.0.1

Ex sleep apnea suffererAfter having sleep apnea for many years, and finally, because of a large weight loss (from dieting) I reached the stage where there was no sign of sleep apnea, so no more use of troublesome masks and having to carry machines around when I travel overseas. But i find it important to keep a close eye on my sleep patterns, and the sleep app is simple - no more sleep tests - all I need is my fit bit watch. Brought up in a non technical age, I find it so simple to follow and am quite amazed that all I need to do is to wear my watch all night. Very happy with it all and the first thing I check on when I get up in the morning!.Version: 5.9.0

Works greatJust what I have been hoping to find for my Apple Watch. Other sleep tracking app solutions require manual input - AutoSleep is completely "set and forget" and works brilliantly. The iPhone interface provides useful details about your sleep quality - not the most intuitive GUI but certainly gets the job done. Have been missing such a solution since switching from another branded fitness tracker to Apple Watch. WatchOS may introduce sleep tracking in the future, but for now AutoSleep is the best way to track sleep on Apple Watch. Highly recommended..Version: 4.0.1

Self-accountability for sleep habitsAutoSleep has made me take a long look in the mirror about my sleep habits. Because of family stress and school I have been chronically short on sleep for years. The patterns have become ingrained, and I’ve had a hard time changing them. I’ve partly been in denial about just how bad my sleep has been, but AutoSleep shows me in stark detail how I’m shorting myself night after night after night. It’s scary and sobering. On the positive side, I can clearly see how my best days are preceded by a good night’s sleep. It’s motivating me to really work on changing my sleep habits. This wouldn’t be possible if I couldn’t rely on the software to give me credible data. After the first few days of tweaking the readings (an easy process), I now get sleep records I trust, whether the sleep was good or bad. I’ve had an unexpected challenge using the app that has little to do with the app itself. Because of my daytime routine, it was easiest to charge my watch and phone while I slept. Going to bed wearing a sufficiently charged watch is sometimes challenging, and I find myself wanting to stay up too late so I can charge it to see how well I sleep. Silly of me. I wonder if the app could have an optional reminder of “time to charge your watch!” a couple hours before expected bedtime. AutoSleep has been a game-changer for me. I recommend it for anyone wanting to get a handle on their sleep habits and hygiene..Version: 6.2.0

It works!I have tried a couple of apps and so far this works perfectly. It’s automatically detecting your sleep and wake times, but you need to wear your apple watch which what I am doing anyway. I love that it could have a SIRI command if we meant to let the app know that we’re about to go to sleep, so it can count how many minutes each time to go to sleep. 5 stars and worth every penny!.Version: 6.1.0

Essential Health ToolAs humans our health is dependent upon many factors, but none more crucial than sleep. Deep sleep is the time your body uses to do deep repairs of cells it cannot do at other times. If you use this app with Apple Watch for a couple months you’ll see just how much sleep you’re really getting. Light, deep, restless or interrupted you can see it in data and take action. No data is ever 100% accurate, but more critical than accuracy for measurement is consistency. Autosleep has given me the data I needed to understand or confirm: a) I wasn’t going to bed early enough to ever get a solid 7 hours of sleep, b) cutting out afternoon/evening caffeine really DOES improve sleep, c) spending 15-30 minutes outdoors once or twice a day really DOES improve sleep & d) adjustment my split dose medication times to earlier in the day helps improve my sleep. Take care of you and monitor your sleep every night. If you actually look at the data, you’ll start begin learning the keys to your own body’s sleep needs. More importantly you will see, right there in YOUR data what helps YOU sleep better. After a couple years now, I could not be happier with Autosleep. Frequent improvements, prompt fixes & most importantly it works. I’ve learned a lot about managing caffeine and my activity levels to get better sleep thanks to this app. Why: Data, data, data. If you can measure it you can improve it!.Version: 6.3.1

Detailed and specificThis is a great sleep app for Apple Watch owners. It gives lots of detail and allows customisation of your sleep goals, and tailoring of your own heart rate trends..Version: 6.1.0

Enjoy waking up to review sleep!Unless you use the option to see how long it takes you to fall asleep, this app doesn't need any interaction to track sleep patterns, which is a really good feature in itself. If you don't think it's tracked the sleep accurately, you can either adjust the overall sensitivity or make a manual adjustment for any particular sleep. I've used Pillow before, but it annoyed me that I couldn't change any of the overnight readings, so this app is now my main sleep monitoring app. Use it with the partnering HeartWatch app and there's a wealth of information you can enjoy!.Version: 4.0.1

Give it time!So I go and download this app and use it for the first time, I have an Apple Watch (series 1) so was pretty excited to see how I slept when I woke the following day. When I did I checked the app out and was like what the hell do all the figures and fancy graphs mean??? I was SO confused I had no idea what it all meant as there is TONNES of info. I'll be honest, I nearly uninstalled the app straight away as it just looked far too much - information overload! HOWEVER.... In short, my honest opinion is to NOT expect instant insight into you sleeping patterns/habits!! You need to give this app TIME to do its thing. I've been using it now for 3 months and when I look back at trends it's actually quite interesting and I can now see the value in this app. My only gripe is that perhaps (even after all that above!) the App is still a tad over complicated for what it is... and also I find wearing my Apple Watch to bed is a little uncomfortable but that's nothing to do with the App lol. I know I can use this App without my watch but that would be stupid as I guess it's more accurate with it on! (I.e. detecting movement) So again - like I did, GIVE IT TIME and you will slowly start to see that this app is pretty cool, interesting albeit slightly hard to get your head around. Night night 😴👍🏼.Version: 4.0.1

AutoSleepI like all the information this app provides me about my sleep. Very pleased with this app.Version: 6.5.2

Helps Understand and Improve SleepThis app has helped me understand and improve my sleep routine and health. Using in conjunction with Apple Watch, I've gradually taken the app's suggestions to go to bed earlier and sleep longer. The only caveat is sometimes it shows I'm awake when I'm actually asleep which then gives an inaccurate sleep duration. Tracking my heart and pulse helps me understand why I wake feeling sluggish or energised. Unsure how to improve that except through regular exercise and getting more sheep. Is it worth purchasing? Absolutely!.Version: 6.4.0

Always Improving!!Before I received my CPAP, I would wake up as if I barely got any sleep...even after an 8hr night! AutoSleep always showed my sleep as being sporadic and crazy and I always thought it wasn’t working properly. I even contacted their customer service. They had me make some changes, but it still didn’t help. But, their customer service was constantly trying to help me. So they definitely have a top notch customer service!! After my sleep study, I found out I had a severe case of sleep apnea. After going on the CPAP, their program started showing favorable sleep patterns. So, it was working all along, it’s just my apnea was that severe that the app recorded as best it could. I was having an issue where it wouldn’t record short naps and it wasn’t recording when I truly got up in the morning, but they’ve got settings for that as well!! Now all my sleep is captured, even the quick 10-15 naps I have sometimes. This app is 100% worth the money. Don’t hesitate to give it a shot. And, if it’s as sporadic as mine was in the beginning, it’s possible you could have sleep apnea..Version: 5.1.1

Great with watch!Although it does take some planning to keep your watch battery charged, I have learned some tricks. When watching TV at night, I charge my watch so it’s capable of working overnight. It doesn’t consume a lot of power while I’m sleeping, so a quick recharge while I’m taking a shower in the morning more than amply keeps the watch going well into the evening. I don’t even think about starting/stopping the app when I go to bed. It does an amazing job of automatically capturing my sleep and wake cycles and I’m seeing some progress in altering my routine to support better sleep. I would just warn people not to get obsessed over some of the results. Look at general trends and get acquainted with good sleep habits to watch your progression. Truly, it’s a very helpful tool. Hats off to the developer!.Version: 6.3.1

Auto sleep is terrificI’ve been using Health watch and Auto sleep with my series 4 Apple Watch over the last month. I find both sets of data to be extremely helpful in tracking activities of various sorts and sleep patterns. The information is very visually clear and you can also get into greater depth to understand more specifically what is going on behind each set of daily information. Of course looking ones daily functioning provides some guidance on one’s behavior but more importantly are the beautiful displays that illustrate patterns of activity, vitals, and sleep patterns over time. Through HealthWatch you can send an email to secure answers. I received an immediate response on commonly asked questions and that was sufficient to address my need for improving my interactions with the health watch and also auto sleep I really value having HealthWatch and auto sleep to guide my behavior over time. Rusty.Version: 6.1.0

Still learning!I have been using AutoSleep for a couple of months now and I am constantly finding and understanding features. I found it a bit complex to begin with but I am glad I stuck with it. It has given me more insight into the quality of my sleep and helped me to correlate this with how I am feeling during the day. As I am 70 I don’t expect to sleep like I did as a young man but I have learnt through the use of this app that I quite often sleep better than I thought I did and this has been very reassuring. Thanks a lot you clever developers and Good Night!.Version: 6.5.1

Great app with lots of data. Detects sleepHave been using during convalescence from medical intervention and allows me to see progress in getting better sleep.Version: 6.5.2

Auto SleepThis app is really worth it. For the first time I am actually able to track my sleeping patterns. This has actually helped quite a lot giving exact times from when you fall asleep to deep sleep periods. Made me feel more refreshed and ready for the day. This has helped me a lot to improve my sleep and feel more energetic for the day a head..Version: 6.1.0

Great AppGreat app for the price..Version: 6.5.2

The best app sleep app by a big marginAbsolutely fantastic sleep app that integrates well with Apples default health app, effectively allowing you to prevent your vitals data from leaving your device. No subscriptions which is a massive benefit. Would be nice to have some kind of intel panel that’ll assist you with getting better sleep or showing how your sleep changes with different circumstances such as moon phase or if you marked as having alcohol or something.Version: 6.5.2

Best sleep appI love this sleep app - it makes really accurate records of my sleep which is great because I have horrible insomnia so I can always know just how poorly I’ve slept. Also track what may help me to sleep better..Version: 5.1.1

Great AppHelps track everything you need for great sleeps..Version: 6.5.2

Works pretty wellHappy with how this works. A couple of times it's only recorded a couple of hours sleep but could have been due to low power on my watch..Version: 4.0.1

Very useful app! Gives you lots of information on your sleep patterns.Bought this app based on its good reviews here in the App Store. It's proved to be very helpful in identifying my sleep patterns and also pretty accurate. For example, yesterday morning I woke up feeling tired and pretty crappy even though I got my goal of 8 hours sleep. I dug deeper into the dashboard and it shows that I got virtually no deep sleep that night. I wake up multiple times a night, but on the night it does show me getting deep sleep, I remember waking up feeling particularly refreshed and not tired. So it's accurately verified sleep problems I knew I had. But the app won't fix it or tell me what's causing it, of course. For that I'm going to have to get the help of a sleep specialist. There's a lot of information on the dashboard if you know where to look and poke around a bit. It also coordinates with the developers heart app and Apple's health app..Version: 4.0.1

Like personal sleep researchI’ve been using this sleep app for a few years now, I just realised. The app provides so much information for every single night (& naps too) that it’s become integrated into my whole way of understanding my lifestyle and health. Let me explain. This app offers graphic descriptions in chart, wheel, statistical and graph forms. I naturally gravitate toward specific info everyday, but sooner or later I look at all of it. As I compare and contrast the nights of sleep, I naturally ponder what made the difference in quality of sleep. Experimenting with how late I ate before sleep, one example, I discover the latest time I can eat without negativity impacting my ability to fall to sleep effortlessly. Oh and speaking of falling to sleep effortlessly, that was an impossible feat when I first started using this app! Now I’ve come to know the joy of sufficient energy to get things accomplished in a day... because of a good night’s sleep. Wow. That, my friends, is like reclaiming my life. Long story short - use this app if you really want to get to the bottom of your sleep issues, like insomnia and interrupted sleep..Version: 6.4.0

Best sleep tracking app -love itI bought my Apple Watch specifically so I could use this app. AutoSleep is super easy to use. Despite my quirky sleep patterns due to illness, it needed virtually no customisation. If AutoSleep isn’t capturing exactly right, there is a super easy adjustment button to use to fix it. If you want, there are lots of other options -I sometimes forget to leave my iPhone turned on in the night. (The Apple Watch sends info on heart rate and movement to the phone all night to build a picture of your sleep-Eg deep sleep periods.) The edit tools make it very simple to fix this the next day. Sleep hours can be entered in, even if heart rate and movement weren’t captured while the phone was off. Finally, the support is awesome. There is great written info on most subjects. If something is super tricky, the email support is very fast, very helpful and the software developers are very responsive. They are constantly improving AutoSleep in line with feedback for users. I love that it is soooo easy to use and collects such a fabulous, detailed picture of my sleep so I can compare patterns over time. AutoSleep is amazing! Ps the data stays with the user. They don’t sell it. Yay!!!.Version: 5.1.1

Scary accurate and detailedIt's a very seamless app that is surprisingly accurate when you use the Apple Watch. I have used it several times during sleep studies over the last 18 months and the details correlate every time. After 18 months of use I have a really good idea of what the metrics need to be for me to feel my best. It's even made it easier to manage my physical and emotional stress during the days by being able to track my heart rate variability and see trends that develop after interventions I have made. I have very bad insomnia so I probably dive deeper into the science behind this app which is critical for me but probably not for most people but it's nice to have that data. If that's not you then their main view makes it pretty cave man simple to understand and learn from. The only complaint I have about it is that it doesn't show pulse oximetry yet so I have to bounce back and forth with the sleep app and the health app but I hope there's an update in the works for that..Version: 6.4.0

Works great when wearing watch.Can only recommend when wearing your apple watch. There is another mode, but you still need to trigger sensors in your phone the right way for that to work and it doesn't fit the way I use my phone (i.e. I'll put it on charge early in the evening and not pick it up again until the next day) so I'll regularly get a report that I slept 14 hours or something if I sleep without my watch. So depending on how you use your phone, ymmv. Four stars for missing one basic feature - it appears you can't edit sleep or delete data more than a week earlier. I went on a trip, still had the phone tracking turned on, barely wore my watch and now I have 5 days in the middle of May with bad data which is throwing off my averages. I can't find any way to deleted data from three weeks ago. I don't look at the app every day or even every week so being able to access and edit data from all dates would make this 5 stars for the watch tracking mode. (Again the phone tracking mode doesn't work for me, but I don't count that against the app.).Version: 4.0.1

Best sleep app I’ve usedSuper easy to use and really accurate, I’ve been using pillow for the last year or so and I just felt like it wasn’t giving me as much information, so I looked to see if anything new/better/updated was out there for the new watch iOS. Which is how I found auto sleep, and it is fantastic. I really like the function that you can tell it you’ve gone to bed and it will then be able to tell you, in the morning, how long you took to actually fall asleep. But I also like that it will still track your sleep automatically if you don’t do that. The actual stats it tracks are easy to understand, especially considering it tracks a lot. 10/10 would recommend 😁.Version: 6.4.0

In depth and accurateI have been using this app for sometime now. It is the only app I have found to work automatically in identifying when I’m asleep and awake. It is accurate and provides in-depth information about your sleep and sleeping habits. Won’t be going to another anytime soon. If you want more in-depth information about your heart, definitely grab the heart watch app by the same team! Great work guys, keep it up!!.Version: 5.1.1

Best Sleep and Wake Apps I’ve triedThe deep sleep tracking is incredibly valuable as are the integrations with HeartWatch and AutoWake. There are several pre-canned calibrations to get the sleep metrics more accurate for yourself; it’s really simple. I use the AutoWake function every night which can be set to wake you in light sleep just before your target awakening time. Reminders can be set to remind you to go to bed based on your target awake time and sleep goals. If you are focused on sleep hygiene and generally improving your sleep quality; these apps provide simple, straightforward metrics and recent trends that support your efforts to improve sleep. The dials are simple: total sleep, sleep quality, deep sleep. Deep sleep is what I’ve been watching closely and I find it tracks how focused and energetic I feel the next day. This is better than Sleep+ or Pillow. I’ve not found another app that compares..Version: 6.3.1

A great addition to my watchIt’s great tracking sleep each night and it makes you understand healthy sleep patterns.Version: 6.2.0

Not accurate if you wake up in the nightI used to use an app on the phone that sat next to the bed and listened to sound. I expected wearing a watch with sensors through the night would be more accurate, but for those of us that wake up in the night and take a while to get to sleep again it’s badly inaccurate, with no way of teaching it as the only option is to manually edit it (auto correct options don’t include the later parts of your sleep at all). I was thinking of getting the smart alarm app as the one built in can’t set different times for different days, but I will stick to Apples Alarm as I just don’t trust this. ——- Update: The developer has made some suggestions, and seems to be better. Will give it a few days..Version: 6.4.0

Great app!Great app with lots of features. I find it useful to monitor my sleep pattern. However, for ppl thinking it’s a miracle and it will instantly fix their sleep pattern, that’s the wrong way of thinking about this app. The app is great at telling you what your doing wrong and how to improve your sleep. But as I’ve found out having a crazy work schedule and many late nights at work it’s hard to fix my sleep pattern. However, I’ve managed to improve it! The point is it’s up to the user as to how much the app can help!.Version: 6.1.0

Another great input into Apple HealthGreat app! I’ve been using this ever since I heard Federico Viticci talking about this on the Connected podcast. I’m using this along with a Bluetooth blood pressure cuff (Omron 10 series) and a Bluetooth scale to get a detailed baseline of basic health indicators, and track it to see if there are any subtle changes I should take action on. (I also track everything I eat and drink using LoseIt!). AutoSleep, along with the Apple bedtime reminder is doing a lot to keep me on track to getting more regular sleep. (I also try to manually correlate the foods I eat and my overall hydration with better sleep. I tend to get heartburn that bothers me when I lie down. Watching what, when and how much I eat helps with this. ). The Workout app on my Apple Watch also motivates me to get more exercise which also helps me sleep better. I heard that people who regularly get less than 6 hours of sleep are at significantly greater risk of heart attacks. So I eat better and exercise more to sleep better and hopefully it will all synergistically help me enjoy watching my daughter grow up at least through middle age..Version: 5.1.1

Must have!I have tried most sleep apps and this one takes the gold (and only for a few bucks).Version: 4.0.1

Great sleep tracking — simple daily useThis is an app for people who want data on how well they sleep. Once you customize it the way you want it, it just works. It is accurate in capturing my awake periods in the middle of the night. I have used several sleep tracking devices and apps. This is by far the best. I’ve been using AutoSleep for two years. The history has been helpful when I talk with my pulmonologist. My biggest problem is remembering to put my watch back on from the charger before I go to sleep, and now they have a feature to remind me (except I can’t get it to work right). I only use the data on the Clock tab, which works really well for me. I know there is deeper data that I can customize and access, but it’s more than I need. I have an older Apple Watch and it works well. My only criticism is that the user interface is not designed for lay people. It is difficult to configure, but it does what I need by default. I can see there is more data that I could find to be useful, but I give up quickly because the interface is confusing. I followed the instructions to set the alarm to remind me to put my watch on, but it doesn’t work and I don’t know where to start troubleshooting. The app could use a consult from a usability/accessibility team. It is remarkably accurate capturing my sleep/awake times — better than any other sleep tracker I have used..Version: 6.4.0

How to benefit most by this appYou alone know how was your sleep the night before. I had this app on my phone and it worked perfectly until I updated my operating system then the readings were not correctly recorded. In my upset I had to read the text in the setting of the app and it directed me to how to adjust it. Now it works perfectly. This app is truly remarkable and I recommend it to everyone especially if you are over 60 and have tendencies to wake up often at night. Thanks.Version: 6.4.0

Awesome but complicatedIt takes a while to get used to all of the features of this app. When used with an Apple Watch it tracks sleep quite accurately after a while. There is a plus/minus on one of the screens that allows you to select the correct sleep as sometimes it gets the start and stop of your sleep wrong. I’m pretty sure after you have selected the more accurate sleep it learns and is more accurate because I rarely have to adjust it now and if I do it is only because I am having broken and weird sleep patterns occasionally. It is one of my main Watch apps and I keep it on my watch face all the time now to quickly access it..Version: 6.2.0

Effortless app with rich dataThis works really well with the new Apple Sleep settings which means I no longer need to do anything when I go to bed except make sure my watch is charged. No need to set an alarm or start an app to monitor sleep. It just works. I like that it will also detect any sleep that occurs during the day if I take a nap on the couch 😊.Version: 6.4.0

Fantastic Sleep TrackerThis app not only collects all your sleep data, using the Apple Watch if you have one, but working fine without one too. It's also fine if you don't want to wear your watch overnight, but I do and find I can charge it a couple of times quickly in the morning and evening without any problems. The thing I find particularly useful is not only that it manages all the sleep data, uploading it to the Health app, and therefore working with third party apps too, but it also has a great series of Siri shortcuts. I have one set up that uses the data from autosleep from the last few days to say when I should go to bed and pop it in my calendar..Version: 6.0.1

Sleep Tracker reviewThe sleep tracker is so easy to use and I find it surprisingly accurate. It may not be 100% accurate but I find it good enough for the average person and would highly recommend it..Version: 6.5.3

Information plusWhen I first got the app I was sceptical, but after a short time it became an intricate part of my life , I could work out when I was stressed my sleep was deeply affected, the sleep improved a great deal when I wasn’t, in saying that it has a lot of information , graphs ,sleep patterns, it’s all relevant about sleep and heart rates, cycles etc , it’s a great app it’s user friendly and a great interface, could not do without it now , highly recommended , thanks again for a great app 😀😀😀.Version: 6.3.1

Incredibly thoroughI’m not sure if this is helping my sleep but it certainly gives an incredibly detailed description of what’s going on and it has made me a lot more aware of my sleep and the importance of it. I find some of the graphs or information overly complicated (that just me) and would be great to have a section of ‘better sleep tips’. Other than a fantastic app. Thank you..Version: 6.4.0

Accurate and Integrates with Apple HealthI’ve had over a year of use before writing this review and note the app developer has continued to refine this product. I came across it because I purchased the developers autowake alarm watch. I found it accurate at detecting sleep to begin with and it’s nice to see it giving helpful advice reminding you of sleep state. I was impressed enough to purchase their heartwatch app as well..Version: 6.0.1

Simply the best Sleep App I’ve usedI’ve used quite a few sleep apps over the last year or two and this is by far the best. You have two options - use it with an Apple Watch or without. If you don’t have a watch, the app correlates the data from when you plug your phone in vs unplugging it, but it also takes into effect when your phones screen is on and subtracts it from your total sleep hours! This is the first app I’ve ever seen do this! When you use it with your watch, if you turn it into “Theater Mode”, it gets really detailed information about your sleep and tells you when you were in different sleep levels, but with Theater mode all night it uses a whopping 2% battery. It still correlates phone screen time into sleep totals, and subtracts that from your sleep, so you get a much more accurate picture of how long and well you’ve slept. The only bad thing is you have to remember to charge the watch before you get to the point of being in bed. Probably my only gripe is I think metrics for heart correlation could maybe be broken down a bit more (average HR in REM, average in Deep Sleep, etc), but it does give graphs of where your HR attended out over time so that’s nice..Version: 4.0.1

The best sleep data trackerI use it in conjunction with Apple Health, Pillow, and RISE to manage my sleep..Version: 6.5.2

Great app for data lovers. Could use some broader featuresLove this app because I love data. Using the Apple watch gives me accurate info on my sleep habits and patterns. However I would like the addition of a sleep cycle alarm, because I'm having to use a separate app for that! There are many of them out there, so it can't be too hard of a feature to implement. Note! The same developers do have a smart alarm, but it's a separate paid app.. Love this app either way..Version: 6.0.1

Very Good but could be betterThere’s a whole like I love about this app and how it tracks my sleep. But, I hate the way it combines sleeps sessions and then gives you a poor readiness score if you go back to sleep within an hour or so of waking up. For example, I might have a green 4 star readiness score when I wake up at 7 am after 8 hours sleep but if I nap for another hour an hour or so afterwards, my readiness score falls to red 1 star. It should be characterized as a separate sleep session..Version: 6.0.1

The Best Sleep App Available!I’m one of those ‘go down the rabbit hole’ people who research everything. I spent a solid chunk of time researching sleep apps and settled on AutoSleep. BY FAR the best app right now! I’ve converted a number of people from Sleep Cycle and other various apps and they all love this one more. The ability to have it automatically determine when you’re sleeping is massive! It makes it VERY user friendly. The only thing I had to adjust to was charging my Apple Watch an hour before bed and then wearing it while I sleep, as I used to let it charge overnight. However, I’m super happy I made this small change because legitimately my sleep hygiene has improved along with my quality. The only hiccup I’ve ran into is to make sure my iPhone is NOT on the bed, as I have the setting turned on for it to think if I’m using the phone then I am awake. I thought this would mean actively using it (phone unlocked and screen on), but apparently it uses the sensors for movement as well. Not a big deal, though it’d be nice to have the option to turn that off (sometimes I fall asleep reading on my phone). 5/5 stars and highly recommend the app! This is coming from a random, unaffiliated user who never writes reviews!.Version: 6.4.0

Simple et efficace !Offre un ajout plus que détaillé pour l’analyse de sommeil. Utilisée avec l’Apple Watch, l’application suit de façon précise et détaillée les différents stades de sommeil. J’adore !.Version: 6.5.2

Better than the fitbitI’ve had a fitbit for YEARS! And finally switched over to the Apple Watch. For the past few months I have been debating just switching back to my fitbit because I am so heavily reliant on my sleep data. I downloaded a few other Apple Watch sleep apps and tried them out. I was so disappointed in the amount of data, ease of tracking, validity of the sleep data, and so much more. I really thought it was just the watch’s incapability. I mentioned this to a friend who recommended this app. It truly changed my mind completely about the Apple Watch. It seriously prevented me from giving up on the watch altogether. Auto sleep has the best, most detailed and accurate data (more and better than the fitbit). Well worth the extra 2 dollars out of my pocket. While I agree with another reviewer that this should already be on the watch itself to be a competitor with fitbit, for the extra $2 I don’t mind. The other Apple Watch sleep apps I tried were free with membership upgrades. I trialed the upgrades and was still so disappointed. Pay the few dollars to own this and you won’t be disappointed at all!!.Version: 6.4.0

Great appThis app is a MUST have app for anyone that wants to track their lifestyle, it’s so easy, you don’t even have to remember to turn it on before bed it just automatically does it’s thing. As a full time working mum with Graves’ disease I knew I was sleep poor, by this app has helped me understand just how sleep poor I was and I am now working towards a how’d of filling my sleep bank. Thanks for this app, it’s amazing and addictive.Version: 6.4.0

Not the most attractive but it’s the most accurateI first got this app via reviews with everyone raving about it. My first impression of this app over ‘pillow app’ was that it looked like the ugly brother. Anyway I have both of them a shot and AutoSleep gave me so much more insights and more accuracy than the latter. Plus it even picked up on my naps which ‘pillow app’ didn’t. Now I’m used to the design of the app and couldn’t imagine it any other way.....5 stars!.Version: 6.3.1

Great AppWorks great and provides lots of useful info. The one challenge is that you need to wear your watch at night which is a common time to charge it. This means you need to make a new habit of charging it once after you get up in the morning so it’ll last through the day and a second time in the evening so it doesn’t run out of charge while it’s doing its sleep monitoring thing. The other annoyance is that when I take my watch off to charge it loses sync with the app so I’ve found myself pretty regularly fiddling with my watch trying to get sync re-established right when I should be trying to go to sleep. The app says it needs something like 5% of a sleep cycle (24 minutes?) to establish itself in communication with the phone so that means you need to make sure you’re done charging your watch and put it back on your wrist at least 24 minutes prior to going to sleep. There have been times when it just won’t connect and I‘be given up. When it works it’s fantastic, when it’s finicky it’s frustrating..Version: 6.3.0

Great AppI have tried almost all the sleep apps on the App store. There are no other apps that compare. I purchased the bundle which includes AutoSleep, AutoWake and Heart Watch. All the data pulled from the three formulates scores in different sleep categories. which are goal oriented. I use an Apple watch and have learned to sleep with it on to get the most accurate results. The app is a little challenging at first because there are so many places that need user input at the beginning, this all goes once your up and running. Im a data person and there is endless amounts. The app connects to IOS health app and swaps information to come up with most accurate sleep data possible based on all your health apps.. I have emailed support within the app and they are very knowledgable and responsive. I actually recommend this app to friends and family on a daily basis. I highly recommend this app. Thank you.Version: 6.2.0

Best sleep tracker here isOut of all the sleep trackers, this is by far the most accurate. It truly knows when your asleep and when you wake up whereas other apps, especially those with subscriptions never tracked my sleep correctly and would even track sleep when I’m just watching tv or something. This is the only app that has a one off charge and correctly tracks sleep and it’s the only one I use and have used for some years now and will most likely always will..Version: 6.5.2

Wish the app itself could be a brighter colourI am judging starting to use this app, and realized that it can cover a lot of my sleep areas, which is the purpose that I chose it. However, the app icon itself is black and I need to look for it in order to see the details of the records. I wish the icon itself could be a brighter colour!.Version: 6.5.2

Love this app!This app changed my life and the way I think about sleep and how the decisions I made throughout my day affects the quality of my sleep. Everyone knows going to bed early and getting a good nights sleep is good for you, but how do you get there? This app and my Apple Watch helped me figure out the way. With this app I discovered that my minimum amount of sleep needed is 6.5hr, target is 7hrs and anything above this is a bonus. With this app I discovered that I really should not have any alcohol 3-4hrs before going to bed otherwise my body wastes more energy processing the alcohol through my system than helping my body recover while I sleep and I don’t wake up feeling rested. This app helped me discover that I have food allergies I was not aware of, by monitoring my heart rate after a late night snack I could see via HR charts which snacks helped or impeded my sleep cycle. Every morning I wake up and look at the total amount of sleep and deep sleep I just completed and if it’s not at my minimum amount than I continue to sleep a bit more if possible so I have a productive day. To the developer thank you and continue all the great work and please continue improving this app!.Version: 6.1.0

Accurate!Such a great, accurate app, after a few days of calibrating. Has awesome features also. Would be really good if there is a “lock to Timezone” switch as I travel around the world quite often and would prefer if the app itself could be locked to my home Timezone!.Version: 6.3.1

FantasticHave been using this for a few months now and can’t fault it, tried a couple of the free apps that were very average at best (one saying I was sleeping whilst at work, boss would be impressed 😂) Auto sleep is well worth the money and works with Apple Watch Infograph face, I paired it with HeartWatch also a brilliant app and again well worth the money, I have a medical condition and both these apps help me immensely.Version: 6.2.0

Rather outstandingI’ve had several activity trackers over the decade. They have had their strengths and weaknesses. Up until now, the Jawbone UP3 was the best for sleep tracking. My Garmin Vivoactive HR was great for activity, but terrible for monitoring sleep. I finally gave in to the Apple Watch series 4, and love it, but am still surprised that they don’t outright offer sleep tracking. I have a varied schedule and work nights, so knowing how behind or on track with sleep is very difficult. I skeptically bought the AutoSleep triad of apps and have been amazed at their accuracy. The auto sleep detect has been right on. And I am impressed with the ability to distinguish deep sleep. I can tell when that is accurate as well... I’ve felt tired after 7 hours of sleep and the app shows I got no deep sleep. Conversely, I’ll make up for it with 6 or 7 hours of sleep and have 3 hours of deep sleep and I feel great. So I know it’s accurate. The breakdown of my averages of sleep and heart rate are very useful as well. It’s not perfect. I’ve taken naps in the late afternoon that it has missed. But overall, the accuracy is stunning. This is money extremely well-spent. It adds so much value to my Apple Watch for me. I can’t believe Apple has ignored this aspect of its health applications. But AutoSleep is about as good as it gets..Version: 5.9.0

Has some problemsI’ve changed my opinion. First, I found out from one of the Doctors at the Dept. of Veteran’s Affaires Medical Clinics that the Apple Watch band that comes with it is horrible, and they do not recommend that you sleep with an Apple Watch. Once I stopped wearing the Apple Watch to bed I got back to getting at least getting six hours sleep again. I also put some time into calibrating the app and that helped a lot. To bad I can’t sleep with the watch. Apple needs to use a watch band that breaths, if the doctors at the VA say it’s bad then Apple has to know there are issues, fix them! I’ve had AutoSleep for a week now and so far it’s not even in the ballpark. Right now I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping. The last time slept this bad I was on active duty in the Marine Corps and people where trying to kill me. The other day I had a really bad nights sleep, I woke up the next morning and I was to tiered to drive, I haven’t slept that bad in decades. AutoSleep gave me a 97% sleep rating..Version: 6.4.0

Excellent AppI’ve had this app a week now and I’m massively impressed with the everything. Information, accuracy, data are all very detailed, interesting and reliable. Albeit I’m slightly concerned at my lack of sleep!! Even more so deep sleep!! ;-) If your keen to download a sleep app I would recommend this. I read reviews aplenty before downloading and I’m glad I chose this app. I also downloaded HeartWatch which is by the same developer. Also extremely good for the same reasons. Thank you to all involved for producing two great apps..Version: 6.3.1

BrilliantHave had 3 other apps for sleep and this is the best by fair. Highly recommend.Version: 6.5.3

If you are at all interested in understanding your sleep patternsThis app will give you all the feedback you need, with options to tune it to your sleep needs and sleep style. Using the info in this app I’ve gone from an info shortage and paying way too little to attention to the way I sleep, to setting up a sleep pattern that suits me so that I’m waking up feeling great. The graphic history gives positive reinforcement and the whole analysis is very interesting to browse through. The ‘Explore’ function has interesting, succinct info - well worth exploring..Version: 6.5.3

AppWorks good.Version: 6.5.2

HEART WATCH&AUTO SLEEP ROCK!!THIS SHOULD BE ON THE APPLE WATCH OUT OF THE BOX!!! Both apps are $5 bucks total. NOTHING when you consider the cheapest apple band is $50!! And this offers soooo much versatility for your watch. I literally would have sold this Apple Watch if it were not for these apps! They NEVER CRASH AND NEVER HAVE AN ISSUE!! also the heart watch can ALERT YOU WHEN YOUR HEART RATE IS TOO HIGH OR TOO LOW WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THE WATCH SHOULD DO!!! THE AUTO SLEEP TRACKING IS AS GOOD AND AS DETAILED AS FITBIT! For 2 bucks?!!? Come on that's a crazy deal, and the watch still has a full day battery even if you wear it to bed. I use it for voice to text alerts and emails all day at work and tracking a workout in morning with continuous heart rate tracking and still from putting it on at 10pm to track sleep , exercise at 6am, to work till 5 pm the watch still has about 20% left at 7-8pm. And if I charge it after waking from tracking sleep, for just 5 - 10 mins while I get ready in morning, brush and make coffee, it is back to 100%!! Again, Apple should be sooooo grateful that this company made these apps. I love that cardiogram is doing heart health studies with their apps and it's free, so we should all do it for the study, but THESE APPS, heart watch and auto sleep are waayy better cleaner and absolutely worth every cent. They are ESSENTIAL if you have an Apple Watch!.Version: 4.0.1

Very accurate and essential.I used this app for years. Since the first Apple Watch came out. It is very accurate and I can really see how I slept and make adjust emend to my routines. I also can see why I feel tired during the day and what was going on (waking up a bit) even if I don’t remember. Sleeping is one of our superpowers. We need to look after ourselves and this is one of those apps that are essential. You don’t need to look elsewhere. Don’t go for other apps that ask you for monthly subscriptions. Apple doesn’t need to develop app. Should just acquire the company who made this app and keep on improving it..Version: 6.3.1

Live sleep trackingIf I’m honest, the main reason I purchased this app was because, compared to a rival app called Pillow, it offered live sleep tracking. The ability to just sleep (you can let it know manually as well that you are about to sleep) and it tracks you quite accurately is a pretty accurate feature over and above the rival app mentioned. However, the main criticism I have is that there is probably too much information displayed on the iPhone to analyse any sometimes I don’t know what it may imply. I like the effort to display the information with Apple Watch rings. However, I would have been just as content with how Pillows information was displayed. I think the info displayed on the Apple Watch is simpler to visualise so give them points for that. Find it cheeky that the developers are encouraging buying another app called Heartwatch stating that it gives even more heart and sleep details. Feels like being cheated a bit. Don’t know if I wasn’t to spend £6 for two apps. Overall it is a good quality built app and not surprised it’s in the top 10 in its category..Version: 5.0

Quite interestingAlways interested just how my sleep works out as I quite often feel groggy in a morning. This makes for quite good reading when I’m sitting eating my breakfast as to how I’ve slept. It certainly helps to fine tune it a bit after a few readings but it seems quite good. Obviously it’s not going to be 100% accurate but I think it’s a fair representation. My only frustration is having to tell it that it’s bedtime and when I’m up but I suppose it’s not a huge issue once you get used to it.Version: 6.4.0

App Works WellSimple app that works well. Useful info. I like that the app doesn’t attempt to track rem sleep since it requires more tech than the Apple Watch..Version: 6.5.2

Awesome sleep tracking appI switched from a Fitbit to an Apple Watch & struggled to find a sleep tracking app to match up to the Fitbit one. Until 3 months ago I found AutoSleep - this app captures everything the Fitbit app did and more. It gives you a ‘sleep score’ every day based on how long you slept, sleep quality, how much deep sleep you got, and heart rate. It’s very accurate and consistent and has a bunch of cool info and features e.g. it tracks ‘sleep debt’ & gives you a ‘readiness’ score each day as well as reminding you of your recommended latest bed time. You can also add emoji tags and notes to each day if you want to go back through your data and analyse it (although there is no way to say that you’re on your period via the emoji tags but you can say you had meds, exercised, drank alcohol etc.). You can also export your data if you want to analyse it. I’m sure there are loads of other cool features that I am yet to discover, but all in all so far I love this app!.Version: 6.3.1

Stopped WorkingLove this app, but completely stopped working with latest iOS update. Yes, all permissions were allowed..Version: 6.4.0

Lots of informationI’m enjoying using this app as I try to improve my sleep patterns. There is a lot of data that you can use..Version: 6.4.0

BrilliantI love the detail of information this app provides. Gives you a really good understanding of where you need to make changes. Keep up the great work 👍..Version: 6.0.1

More aware of getting better sleepI have never written a review on any app before. But this app has through its complexity (review from someone else) has taught me better sleep “hygiene” as it seems to be called. In conjunction with reading elsewhere I now understand the importance of deep sleep in helping both the brain and the body. I look at my sleep patterns and all the great back story stuff this developer gives and have changed my waking day to gain better sleep. Persevere and be prepared to learn and make changes to night time rituals!.Version: 6.3.1

Knowing what’s happening while you sleepThis app is easy to set up and the data you get is worth you money. The unique inside information gained, allows you to understand your sleep pattern and your actual needs to adjust your day and what to expect daily your body to do with the energy gain or loss during sleep. It’s a good metric measuring combination with your Apple I-watch adding previously unmeasured areas without obstruction during the night. I have sleep apnea for several years and never had the opportunity to measure data of me. Most apps only give data on the machinery used to sleep and how they are functioning. This app with the watch is getting data from my body directly. Furthermore, a year ago; I had a stroke. This app’s data allow me to have information to adjust my workout daily. The final result is maximizing and adjusting my workout to get better results faster and consistently..Version: 6.3.1

Absolutely the best tracker there is, especially if you use an Apple WatchI have serious sleep problems due to brain damage. So it’s important that I have an accurate tracker to show my trends, heart rates, deep sleeps vs wakefulness. I can tell when I’m about to have a brain episode based on several days of tracking information. I had a friend who was using a different tracker. She had issues with it kissing entire sections of time. She also has an Apple Watch, so it shouldn’t be losing chunks of data. Took me weeks to convince her to try this app. She tried the feee version for a week and the. Bought the paid version. Works perfectly. I like that you can fine tune every piece of data this app uses. People are all unique, and this app allows you to alter the way it translates data to fit your particular traits. Give the feee version a try, you will end up buying the paid version..Version: 6.3.1

Best sleep appI’ve tried many different sleep apps and this one is the best by far. Why? 1) seamless integration with Apple Watch, 2) very useful sleep metrics summarised in the app and on the Watch, 3) integration of other metrics such as heart rate variability (from the Watch!), 4) the developer is constantly updating the app and making it better!.Version: 6.5.2

Better sleep 😴I’m enjoying this clever App! I’ve struggled with sleep problems for years but this App has helped me understand my sleep patterns. Now my quality & quantity of sleep has improved tremendously. Thank you AutoSleep!.Version: 6.4.0

The best. By far.Carefully designed and well thought out to provide meaningful records and actionable data. A delight to use..Version: 6.1.0

Precise and hassle freeI love how this app works. It's very accurate, calibrated to your lifestyle and does not require any specific actions when going to bed. You just sleep whenever and however (naps and blackouts included) and it just keeps track of every minute :) All you need is an Apple Watch and then a couple of days calibrating the app for your lifestyle. I also love the HeartWatch app that these guys are doing..Version: 4.0.1

Great sleep trackerThis is my third try at sleep tracking apps. This one finally met my expectations. Love the way it uses heart rate declines, stillness, motion, and phone/watch activity to infer if sleeping and overall quality of sleep. Prior apps I tried were easily fooled as long as I was very still. One night I couldn’t sleep and I was sitting quietly reading on my phone and it assumed I had a great nights rest. This apps “deep sleep” measurement is the key indicator for how I feel the next day. And, based on other reading, I believe the heart rate dropping throughout the night is a good indication of cortisol levels decreasing. So I monitor my eating/drinking habits to correlate to when I see good drops overall on heart rate throughout the night. By the way, I saw a comment by a reviewer complaining that you could not manually edit a night’s sleep. It is a little confusing to find the screen but once there you can edit start and stop times for the night’s sleep. They recommend you use tuning factors so it learns and does a better job which I have done. But out of a half year, I have found two or three nights where it mistook when I woke up and I manually adjusted. Thanks for a great app..Version: 6.2.0

Very good. Insightful.I’m always dubious when it comes to ‘apps’, as most appear to be conceived by kiddies, ....well at least they appear to be. This ‘app’ is quite useful though. And not ‘updated’ like most half thought through attempts at programming, which is re-assuring. Someone actually tested it before marketing, which is seldom a practice seen today. It hasn’t crashed at all! Back to the point .... I don’t believe it has altered my sleep perception too much though, but its interesting to have a look at in the mornings. The rings of the U.I. are a little confusing when they start to overlap, but if you select the adjustments options, it has a serious attempt to streamline its input data, more to ones personal attributes. The ‘rings’ U.I. System made me be weary at first, much like the other offerings that take one as a child in a kindergarten ....the ones that almost give you a gold star for cleaning ones desk! It works perfectly with the ‘X’ and v3 watch perfectly. Recommend. YES. Very useful..Version: 5.1.1

What else do I still need to monitor my sleep ?A full analysis of my sleep wearing iWatch at a glance. Maybe next on my wish list is dreaming activities , and loudness as I snore..Version: 6.5.2

Great AppWhen I started to have difficulty sleeping, I was often of the impression that I was only getting 2-3 hrs of sleep consistently. Just knowing that made me feel atrocious. Using the sleep app has helped remarkably. I’m still not sleeping well, but at least I have a much more accurate idea of what sleep I’m getting. It’s much more usually 3-5 hrs rather than 2-3 hours and knowing that makes a difference..Version: 5.9.0

A must if you are over 65I am 69 and have been through a couple of sleep studies because I don’t seem to be able to stop waking up repeatedly during the night. This is pretty typical of people my age and I firmly believed that I wasn’t sleeping well because with all the wires attached to me during a sleep study I definitely did not. This app and my new Apple Watch have been very reassuring because it shows exactly how much deep sleep I have been getting and most importantly it makes me relax about since psychology is a Big factor in sleep this has contributed to better sleep for me now as well. I wake up less because I have more confidence in my ability to fall back asleep. David at Customer service is stellar in helping me fine-tune the chosen cycle I want to capture and though I’m sure I don’t use the app in every way possible since it dives deep into sleep particulars, I use it every night and highly recommend it for my friends.Version: 6.5.2

Best Sleep Tracking AppWhen I first purchased my Apple Watch I didn’t think I would care too much about my sleep pattern but this app soon became my favourite and most valuable app. I love being able to track the quality of my sleep including how long I’ve been in deep sleep!! It’s just so freaking cool and accurate. I am aware now if I don’t get a certain amount of quality sleep that it impacts my day greatly. The app works wonders with the watch but if you don’t wear your watch to bed it will use your phone to track your sleep instead. It tracks the number of hours you slept and within that it tracks the quality, hr (for watch users), deep sleep and how recharge you are. The analysis is very easy to read! Plus support on this app is so great, I asked a question about tracking naps and the developer got back to me super fast and with a very detailed response!.Version: 4.0.1

Superb app, without a subscription!This app is amazing. I’ve had an Apple Watch for about a year, but have only been wearing it to sleep for the last week, since getting this app. The insights it offers are great - and are presented in varying levels of detail across different screens so you can decide how much depth you want to go into. I’ve already learned a lot about my sleeping patterns and I’m expecting the app will help me make various changes to improve them. Lastly - the app doesn’t require a subscription fee. It’s well priced, and if brand new versions emerge in the future, I’ll be happy to pay for them. (So a note to the developers... please keep going against the flow and sticking with an up front payment rather than the subscription that other apps require! And... great work!).Version: 6.5.2

All-encompassing and accurate!I was skeptical that a third party app would work well, and skeptical about sleep tracking in general. I bought my first smart watch (Apple), and gave this a try based on the reviews. Even the negative reviews were about trivial things not related to how this product performs. The sleep and wake times in this app are pretty spot on, and it has many metrics with lots of data (restlessness, deep sleep, awake, heart rate). There are even different profiles for different types of users (like athletes/normal people/standard high heart rate). My only complaint is that I’d like to know how it calculates some of this to be able to make changes to my sleep pattern to get the most benefit. For example, are “restless” moments any time I move my wrist, or true tossing and turning? What constitutes “deep sleep”? I almost returned my Apple Watch when I found out it didn’t have built in sleep monitoring, but this inexpensive app has saved the day for the Apple Watch. I’m impressed..Version: 4.0.1

Working whilst I'm sleepingI love this app which works in conjunction with my Apple watch. I only use the free version for the moment but I'm seriously considering investing in the full version. The data and insights it provides helps me to get enough rest every night, optimal times to wake up and go to bed along with the quality of my sleep throughout the night. Keep up the good work - I've recommended this to family and friends alike, especially those who suffer from sleep issues like insomnia and have only heard good, positive things!.Version: 6.4.0

ImpressedWas using another sleep app recently which required a subscription even to view previous days data so wanted a suitable alternative. Found this and wish I’d downloaded sooner. It’s infinitely better, it’s the first time I’ve gotten a sleep reading that I feel is true, noticing when I’m awake in the night etc. Kudos to the developer as it’s a really nice piece of work. I even bought the Heart Watch app by the same developer as it’s just a beauty and they work together so well. Really, honestly impressed and reckon the price point could be even higher, even if it were £5 you’d be getting more than your money’s worth..Version: 6.2.0

Can’t sleep properly - need help to see how I sleepI started not to sleep too well during lockdown and also I’m a shift worker which means I can work almost any type of shift over the day. So especially after night I was finding it an issue to get my body clock back to normal. I’m finding that I can monitor any significant trends with my sleep pattern and try to correct it if things get too out of control. This app is great as you actually don’t need to activate anything if you don’t won’t too because wearing an Apple Watch it picks up when you drop off and when your doing things. Really happy with it..Version: 6.5.2

Interesting DataI do not review apps normally, but thought I might give a little of my time back to the people who have developed this app. I have been using this with my watch for about two years, I have found the information that has been given in a way that is easy to understand and evaluate, very useful. I have tracked my sleep and believe I have improved t he quality of my sleep based on the feed back given and am interested in the way health eating, drinking, exercise has an impact on sleep and how a good sleep pattern can have a positive influence on my health and well-being, The app is continuously being developed and has improved and extended the amount and way data is presented. Well done thanks for this! Martin.Version: 6.3.1

Loving this app! But could do with a few subtle changes.This app at first seemed to complicated to understand, especially coming from the Sleep++ App, but I gave it a chance and some time and now I have to admit it’s the best sleep app I’ve ever used, so detailed so accurate. The only thing I don’t like and it’s purely cosmetic, I’d love a real dark mode for iPhone X so it’s all pure black, which would also then look great with the Apple Watch OLED display. I’d also love new colours for the charts and dials As I feel it looks very lacklustre and not at all premium. Apart from that I love this app and 100% recommend this to everyone..Version: 5.0

Best Sleep Tracking App Out ThereI have tried them all, and this app is the best *by far*. The best part about it is you only need to remember to wear your Apple Watch. A quick 15-20 minute recharge once or twice a day keeps me going all night. The app does the rest. No more hiding my phone under a pillow or forgetting to turn on the sleep tracking app (only for them to crash). This app doesn't run all night long. Instead it uses the brilliant approach of analyzing the data already collected on the iPhone and Apple Watch. It takes that data and draws logical conclusions about when you were asleep. I don't write reviews very often, and I don't write them unless I've been using the app for a while. I have been suing this one for about 10 months now, and it does a great job at determining my sleep time. To make matters even better, the deveeloper is constantly updating the app to make it better. I think there were two full version updates in 2016, and now there is another full version update with a cleaner interface. Super nice. If you want to track your sleep, this is the app for the job..Version: 4.0.1

Very goodThis is genius and going to change/save my life. This App was not really great for me in the past, but now that it’s a lot better and has the AutoSleep app I have totally feel different I got AirPod pros right before and what I do is put them in, play the appropriate setting in Endel app and then set my alarm. I have a back up just in case it fails to arouse me, haven’t needed it yet though. This app is changing my life already. I have type 1 bipolar, severe anxiety, ADD, and depression is a cloud or blanket I’ve lived with holding me down and ruining me since I turned age 9 two decades ago... I am also now “obese” but it just seems like I have a beer belly haha. It’s not really bad, but since I got on certain meds it totally made my body head that way. I have always had advice from different professionals that I need to change my diet, replace bad habits with good habits, and most of all get a good night sleep. Sleep has a tremendous affect on health. My stress level has been too high lately - I feel better the past few days than I have in months. All thanks to my new Apple Watch and AutoSleep and AutoWakez I can do that now and I already feel my mind is more focused, I don’t feel groggy, my anxiety lessened, I am in a much better mood, I am able to cut my procrastination down and it’s not a struggle to get out of bed, start my day. This literally has changed my most important part of the day so that I start on a much better mood and attitude. Thank you!.Version: 6.4.0

High technology真不戳!!!.Version: 6.5.2

Great AppThis app just keeps getting better better. Has excellent statistics and tracking of your sleep patterns. Works great with Apple Watch.Version: 5.1.1

Good sleep monitoringI was very pleased to find this app as I used to monitor my sleep on the Fitbit. Overall it works well. If you wake up however but stay fairly still in your bed it won’t notice. It’s a minor gripe however. Overall it’s very easy to use and I like the interface. Good price too..Version: 5.1.1

Very easy to use and accurateI have just converted from a Fitbit to an Apple Watch so I was very keen to get a good app to bridge the sleep monitoring gap. I downloaded another app first and quickly realised it wasn’t very good. I then did some reading a found this app. It’s fantastic. Very comprehensive and easy to use. I would definitely recommend it. I purchased all three in the value pack and it is definitely the way to go because they all feed into each other and the Apple Watch fitness app - providing a 360 perspective about your health and fitness. Thanks for creating this app. I love it and I am in complete Apple Watch heaven now. ;).Version: 5.1.1

Very usefulThe app does terrific job tracking my sleep behaviour, and has helped me adjust my evening routines to improve the quality of sleep. Well worth getting..Version: 6.5.2

Excellent App, easy to use and very helpful. Invaluable for anyone.Easy to use and informative App. Highly recommend..Version: 6.4.0

Best Apple Watch sleep tracking app on the marketI’ve been looking for a great Apple Watch sleep tracking app for some time. All others seem to have the same problem: they don’t sync to the Apple health app unless you open the sleep tracking app each day. AutoSleep manages to sync this data without any hassle from the user. Additionally, it provides you with so much outstanding data and statistics about your sleep. Mine seems to be incredibly accurate too, which I am thrilled about. If you’re worried about spending a bit of money when there are many free alternatives, don’t. AutoSleep trumps all others by a long shot..Version: 6.2.0

Good app with some issuesI have been using this for approx a year and like the way it gives the phases of sleep (light, still and deep) and a useful number of extra features such as heart rate dip and noise levels. One issue is that regularly it gets the amount of sleep wrong & this cannot be corrected using its adjustment feature. It only offers limited options not full ability to specify sleep duration. It should also be noted that the sleep categories do not necessarily correspond with sleep stages since it is mainly based on measuring heart rate and motion, so you could be still and not moving but awake..Version: 6.3.1

Sleep awarenessI love this app! I noticed a friend uses it to good effect and thought I’d try it. It has given me the awareness that I need to get to bed earlier and sleep longer to achieve enough deep sleep and therefore increase my readiness to face the next day. Very interesting!!.Version: 6.2.0

ExcellentThis is far better than a previous sleep tracking app I’ve used; the information reflects how I feel in the morning & (as far as I can tell given that I’m asleep!) ties-in with what I know of my night. It’s super easy to use, the information is clearly laid-out, and it’s enabling me to alter my habits & behaviour in order to promote a good sleep. Proof that eating before bed, drinking alcohol, or not taking time out to wind-down before bedtime, have a radical negative effect on a restful night’s sleep!.Version: 5.0

Great AppThis is the one I find most useful. Obviously, your phone snd watch need to be charged overnight (my own experience of data failure)..Version: 6.5.3

I ❤️ AutoSleepI love this. And it’s sister app HeartWatch. The data a find both highly accurate and insightful. I check both apps every morning. I’m now more aware of my need to “recharge” with a catch up sleep. I truly love checking my waking and sleeping heart rate and judging that against my mood / health / activities / sleep quality of the day(s) prior. The data helps me take actions to adjust a few little daily behaviors and get a better night’s sleep - then voilà - a better, calmer, healthier and more productive ensues. Likewise if you stay up late, go out partying and drinking cocktails all night - well, you can have fun predicting how high your waking heart rate will be, how high or low your quality or depth of sleep was. How does it do it so accurately? One reason is that you can tell it what type of sleeper you are. Whether you sleep like an immovable log, or you naturally toss and turn a whole lot. Or somewhere in between..Version: 5.0

No regrets with this app!I used other sleep trackers like Pillow, but the need to manually start and stop tracking my sleep made me stop using them. I also used the Withings sleep mat but it wasn’t accurate enough. This was going to be my last attempt until Apple brought our a native sleep tracker. I’m really glad I did download it. No messing about, just leave your watch on (and you don’t even HAVE to do that apparently) and it tracks your sleep patterns. I wish they’d have included the Taptic alarm with this app, I don’t like spending money on apps, it this was well worth it, so perhaps I’ll look at that too..Version: 6.3.1

Excellent AppBeen following my sleep patterns for a few weeks now and it is very interesting to see days I haven’t had enough how it effects my thinking and concentration. Great App and shows me I need to be more aware of how important sleep is and try and get my 8 hours.Version: 6.4.0

LOVE THIS APP!This gives me everything I need to know and offers a lot more too which is really nice. I have it sent to automatically calculate when I was asleep instead of me letting it know everytime I’m falling asleep and waking up. But one thing I don’t like is how sometimes if the time I was asleep are wrong, I can’t just edit the time fallen asleep or time I woke up. I‘ve been staying home and studying so much/not moving that it thought I was asleep for like 28 hours at one point but when I went in to change it, it was kind of confusing and not intuitive. I understand the whole point is so it can learn how to detect your sleep better but sometimes I wish I could just simply edit the time fallen asleep and time woke up and from the home page rather then double clicking the rings and trying to find out where to even change it. Other then that this app is perfect and super helpful and typically very accurate! :).Version: 6.4.0

I check it every day!There are few apps that I use every single day, but this is definitely one of them. Sleep is so important to the body and I really like seeing how I’m doing in that area. Checking my deep sleep, my total sleep, my heart rate and all of the other valuable information in this app is some thing I do each morning after I get up. On a few occasions I have gone to bed without my watch I really miss getting that level of detail about my sleep session. There is one thing I would love to see added to the app and that is a cat nap or a power nap feature. Maybe that would be added to auto awake and not auto sleep ... I’m not sure. I used to use a Jawbone before I got my Apple Watch and I loved that I had a power nap feature where I could push a button saying that I was going to lay down and go to sleep and then it would know when I fell asleep and wake me up 20 minutes later or 30 minutes later or whatever was in my settings. I miss being able to have some thing to track how long I’ve been asleep and then wake me up in a certain amount of time. If one of these two apps could do that would be the perfect addition!.Version: 6.5.1

Great Sleep AppThis sleep app provides impressive data, once calibrated, nothing compares. Enjoy. PS I have used pillow for last couple of months, this beats it hands down!!!.Version: 6.0.1

Fantastic AppI’ve used this app continuously the last ten months with an Apple Series 3 watch and and have been very impressed by how well it works. It’s quite accurate in tracking sleep. Oftentimes it will even catch an afternoon nap. The charts are stellar too and provide a nice way to review the previous night’s sleep, and the calendar history is well laid out and allows one to quickly review sleep history over the previous month(s). Occasionally the app will think I’ve fallen asleep late at night if I’m watching TV and barely moving, but the editing capabilities for the previous night’s sleep is first rate and you can quickly make adjustments. It also has a sensitivity setting that you can adjust to take into account how much you naturally move at night so it will track sleep more accurately. Finally the watch and phone work in tandem and so, for example, if you move your phone, it can automatically register that as being awake. Overall, I think this app has been my favorite health app I’ve purchased for my watch and phone..Version: 5.9.0

Good but not perfectI like this app quite a bit as it gives more info and seems a little more accurate than some others I’ve tried. But is not as automatic as it says. I find I frequently have to use the “adjust “ feature the next day to choose a more accurate picture of my sleep (it will often identify evening tv watching as sleep), but it is still good that it provides this adjustment capability, and the related “edit” function. I find the best accuracy is provided when I trigger the “lights out” feature on my watch, but that is hardly automatic. Also if I forget to charge my watch before bedtime and just put it on to charge overnight when I go to sleep, it will record me as awake all night despite, I’m pretty sure, I read somewhere in the “help “ that putting on charge at bedtime was another way to record sleep (although understandably without other details like heart rate, deep sleep, etc). Anyway small quibbles with a useful app..Version: 6.5.2

Combined with Apple watch improved my sleepThis app has the depth to help me understand my sleeping patterns and manage my habits. I was able to consistently get seven hours in two phases, which I learned was all I needed..Version: 6.5.2

The best in class!This is without doubt the best sleep app available on the App Store. The amount of detailed information about your sleep and heart patterns is brilliant! Once you have mastered the ‘rings’ the data is so informative. Using dark mode really enhances the UI and visuals. It uses the brilliance of the Apple Watch technology to bring a clear and helpful insight into how you sleep (or don’t sleep). I am a sleep apnoea suffer and the info this app supplies will be so helpful when I visit my consultant. Get this app and see what’s really going on while you are asleep..Version: 6.3.1

Great appI find this app super useful not just in daily life but especially when I am flying from one side of the world to the other and use sleep meds etc. Knowing how much deep sleep you got helps to judge your preparedness better and track and adjust your sleep aid program..Version: 6.2.0

No muss no fussAmazing! Maybe a little bit of tuning when you first install it, to get the detection right for you. After the, it just gives you high quality sleep data without having to think about it. The biggest problem is that it’s far more accurate if you wear your Watch while you sleep, which means that you need to find another time to charge it; but that’s hardly the fault of the app..Version: 5.9.0

Really great, use in conjunction with PillowI’ve been using Pillow for years, recently decided to give Autosleep another look. After a few days with Autosleep I’ve made it my main program. Whereas Pillow is very simple and easier to understand, Autosleep is more extensive and beautiful, though I’m starting to get familiar with all the new data it includes and how to read it. I much prefer the Autosleep graphics, though sometimes the “dumbed down” simplicity of Pillow is welcomed. Autosleep has HRV and attention on a number of other important data points that make me wish I’d purchased it years ago. A couple improvements would really help improve Autosleep. 1) an optional “dumbed down” view, like a dashboard that just gives me the highlights with bold and simple graphics. 2) NOTES CHECKLIST so I can track what went into the sleep- did I take sleeping pill, Ayervedic herbs, indica cannibus, caffeine later in the day, get a massage, consume alcohol (and how much), etc. And, compile them and present me with trends. For $8 bucks I’ve purchased the package and it was definitely money well spent..Version: 6.4.0

One of the most in-depth sleep apps...I’ve been using this app for around 3 weeks, and it is probably one of the most in-depth sleep trackers on the App Store today. Other sleep apps such as Pillow on the App Store offer similar services, but if you’re looking for something to track your sleep just by going to bed, you’re in the right place. Optionally you are able to press the button on your Apple Watch to tell the App you’re going to bed and it will tell you how long it takes to fall asleep at night. If you’re like me and don’t sleep very well (I’m disabled in a wheelchair) it is an interesting statistic to add to your Health data. Be advised though, if you are somewhat inactive during the day for example, sitting watching TV, playing a game on a laptop, or Xbox; the app may detect that through your inactivity “you are asleep” when you’re actually wide awake defeating a whole lot of baddies on that level you’ve been stuck on... but the app being as in depth as it is, allows you to go into your day and adjust accordingly, and instantly updates through your Health App on your next visit. I’ve found myself opening this app when I wake and comparing my sleep data to the previous days and being given some interesting information. Intuitive, in depth and a comprehensive app for your sleep data. Fantastic app for all kinds of sleepers..Version: 5.0

After health problemsI bought a Apple Watch, my hubby found app and we set it all up. This app out of all the sleep apps is the best by far and it really helps you see bad habits and the hints and tips are grate. We have both tried it and are really happy we bought it. If you have a strange sleep pattern or travel a lot to different time zones this let you track what you need for a healthy sleep. I’m still 8 hours behind on this weeks goal so I will head to bed earlier, all round grate app can take time to get used to all the parts but give it a week and you will have it all worked out..Version: 6.3.1

Good in the end.Started off with issues but good support emails helped. Apple update and restarts help. Stay with it and make fine tunings and it’s get more accurate. In the end a good App and great quick support. Had this app a few years ago and gave up. Summary: a good app..Version: 6.4.0

Quite franklyThe best sleep app out there especially considering the reasonable cost..Version: 6.5.2

Large number of easily understood measuresBeen using this app for many years. One of the most easy to understand sleep assessments while including such a large number of metrics for the users information. For those unusual measures, there is an explanation of what each mean, and all seem to have value with how I would sleep. No complaints. Also nice to have an easy and quick to use watch complication for alarm setting! Issue with the Apple Sleep app is that it requires you to set a bedtime routine which is not suitable for shift work. This just automatically records sleep and allows alarms with no complication..Version: 6.4.0

Loaded with useful sleep infoVery user friendly, and fun. It took a couple days to figure out a new charging plan for myself, but shower/prep time is almost always enough to keep it charged. Much more useful information than the standard sleep trackers..Version: 6.5.2

Great app! High accuracy & extremely thorough!Awesome app! In fact both app’s I’ve downloaded by this developer are of high quality (AutoSleep, & HeartWatch) and clearly designed to work excellently together! Layout’s super easy to understand & navigate... The use of colours also makes it much simpler visually to compare results. All in all, the app’s data is extremely thorough & user friendly! (Most importantly, results are highly accurate for me so far!).Version: 6.2.0

Definitely worth buying!I’ve hunted through all sorts of sleep apps to and so far this one is the best without a doubt. I was a little hesitant with all the free apps out there and how many I’ve hated even paying for the full version but those one has absolutely exceeded expectations. My favorite thing is the readiness score. I have a tendency to either sleep very little or a lot and have trouble finding a system that makes me feel prepared for the day. I’ll sometimes think I’ve slept a ton and still feel terrible or think I didn’t sleep at all and feel great but the app tracks the quality of my sleep in a way that actually gives me a accurate idea of how I’ll feel and how productive I’ll be through the day. I usually plan sleep around that score rather than just having the time to sleep. It counts naps towards my sleep debt which is AMAZING because sleeping 5 hrs and getting a nap works great for me most days. I’ve not explored a lot of the other features mostly because these two things are the important bits for me..Version: 6.5.2

A little addicting.If you are getting an app because you are one of those achievers who want to “close all your rings” everyday, this one definitely fills the bill. I am a bit obsessed with checking how much “deep sleep” I had every night and I will force myself to get to bed at a decent time because I want my total sleep ring to be green or blue. It definitely encourages good sleep habits because it tracks how close your actual bedtime and waking times are to your ideals. I use the “Breathe” app to gauge my waking pulse and heart rate variability but my “Readiness” rating is never very great. I also found using that app to indicate when I wake and “Lights Out” on this app to indicate when I am going to sleep, results in more accurate total sleep calculations. Before it seemed to count the time I was charging my phone as a nap. Lastly, because you likely don’t want to be running out of power during the night, I found if I put my phone in Theater mode the battery drains much less..Version: 6.3.1

Great appI love this app. I thought it was really a gimmick until I started to use it. I now sleep longer as I am aware of how few hours I was getting. I also became aware of how my heartbeat changes if I drink alcohol - like 2 glasses of beer or one of wine - in the evening before sleeping - usually heartbeat is up 6-10% and corresponding sleep not as good. I know that’s probably a reasonable expectation but having the evidence helps you to choose if that’s what you want to do to your body - the finer details of the app - level of sleep and restlessness is also really useful in understanding how your everyday life is impacting on your sleep/health..Version: 5.1.1

Excellent AppI tried a few sleep apps when I bought my Apple Watch. This is the only one I still use because I don’t have to do anything. It takes a week or two to tweak it to your sensitivity, but once you’ve done that it just works without user intervention. I have an accurate record of how I’ve been sleeping, (which is kind of depressing, but that’s not the app’s fault.) If I could suggest one feature I’d like (only if it doesn’t ruin the app’s core function and ease of use) - smart snoring detection. I’d like the app to record when I snore (not random loud noises) so I can map that to my sleep pattern. Other apps do this but aren’t as accurate or convenient for sleep tracking..Version: 4.0.1

Sleep tracking is now part of my lifeThis app is so comprehensive yet easy to use, I highly recommend it. It basically tracks my sleep automatically, and I use it in conjunction with their HeartWatch app. Wearing my Apple Watch to sleep is actually really comfortable. I just turn on cinema mode so the display doesn't turn on, and do not disturb so it doesn't vibrate. If I charge it before bed I wake up with still 100%, and that's after tracking pulse and sleep patterns all night. Excellent.Version: 4.0.1

Accuracy & DepthAt first I really hated this app because I could not for the life of me figure it out, and really, really missed my Fitbit. Over time, however, I have managed to decipher much of it, if not most, and can see how accurately it actually tracks my sleep. It gives you multiple ways of looking at the data - and to adjust the amount of sleep you’ve gotten if necessary in a way that actually trains the app. Just having a record of how long I’ve slept - and particularly what hours - is invaluable to me. I can’t rate the app 5 stars, however, because it is simply not very intuitive, plus it does not show standard sleep levels like REM, non-REM, and light sleep, which I really need to know. It also doesn’t show what’s normal for one’s age and how your own sleep stacks up against that the way the Fitbit app does, which I also found very valuable. The graphs for sleep quality are absolutely indecipherable and thus useless..Version: 6.2.0

Perfect!To be honest, I had fairly low hopes that this app would work well for me. I'm a night shift worker with horrendous sleep habits and I just didn't expect that it would keep up with me. I too often go 24 hours without sleep, sleep for 12 hours at a time, or lie in bed for hours trying to fall asleep. This app hasn't missed the mark once. I ran the setup wizard on day one and set the app to interpret phone motion as me being awake. I wear my watch to bed and leave my phone charging on my night stand. This combination hasn't messed up once. Every sleep, every nap, every hour lying awake, all counted correctly. The data is presented in various interesting and useful ways. I knew my sleep habits were horrible, but there is just something about seeing them displayed graphically that makes me more inspired to actually fix them. As if that wasn't enough, I contacted support for what I thought was a glitch, and I received an email the same day that solved the problem on the first try. I had accidentally excluded one day's data from the history, so there was no problem with the app in the first place. My only concern with wearing my watch to bed was battery life, since I also want to wear it while awake. This hasn't been an issue. It charges so quickly that it has been enough to simply charge it here and there when I'm in the shower, eating, etc. Fantastic app and fantastic support..Version: 4.0.1

Wondering if it's worth it?I did too. I have been using the apple watch side the series 1, only when I bought the series 6 did I buy and start using this app and its just amazing. The information it offers can sometimes be overwhelming at the stary. It trust me you will grow into it and everything will make sense. To start just follow the sleep dials. This almost changed the way I sleep and prepare for the day ahead and notice patterns whicb I otherwise would not. I pushed my reluctant friends to use this and now they find it indispensable..Version: 6.5.3

Awesome!!Absolutely loving this app!.Version: 6.5.2

Great appThis gives the most detailed breakdown of your sleep pattern and, unlike many apps I’ve used, does seem to tally with how much sleep I feel I’ve had on waking. It will sometimes show that I’ve been wide awake briefly when I can’t remember waking up, which I put down to turning over and almost waking. If you have a cat nap during the day (rare, but on those odd occasions) the app very helpfully recognises this and adds another session to your total sleep for the day. Very useful tracker and very accurate overall..Version: 6.2.0

Works well, is reasonably priced and has lots of featuresI’ve been using this app for a couple of years and I found it to be an excellent value. It works very well (I use it every night), it’s been updated quite a number of times since I purchased it and it is the best sleep app I tested (I originally tried some of the other top rated sleep apps). In other words, if you want a sleep app, buy this one..Version: 6.5.2

Couldn’t ask for moreThis app is absolutely a game changer. Back before I started using the app I would always wake up tired or get to work wishing I could just sleep for another hour even after thinking I got plenty of sleep and didn’t know why I was still so tired. I tried changing my diet and exercised more regularly but still wasn’t seeing any drastic results! I decided to finally buy the app after doing extensive research on different apps and it was the best thing I could have done. It’s super detailed and kinda coaches you on changing your sleep behaviors and within a week....A WEEK.....I was finally getting the results I was looking for. I feel more focused and ready to get to work to crush another day and my overall attitude gained some improvements as well! Ever since then I’ve been using the app and whenever I feel tired or something is changing I look over at the app and can see exactly what is going on and continue to help improve my sleeping habits. Love this app and recommend to anyone looking to step up their sleeping game!.Version: 6.3.1

Great help managing chronic illnessGetting a decent night of refreshing sleep is very important in managing my chronic illnesses. This app helps me immensely, by not only tracking sleep, but also apparent depth of sleep and heart rate correlation. It's also easily adjusted in case you know you were lying still rather than asleep (or vice versa). Syncing this and other daily data together gives me a great overview of my health and correlations in behaviours and treatments, both short and longer term..Version: 4.0.1

Insightful and bloody fascinating!The way your sleep data is visualised is so good, I’m now fascinated by something I knew very little about before now - my own sleep. The options to customise and personalise it are just right, the defaults were almost perfect for me anyway. It’s really accurate, well I think, but who knows because I am asleep when this stuff happens. It’s a clean, really well laid out app that is there when you want it, but doesn’t force you to change your sleeping habits or do anything. It just keeps a track of and beautifully visualises how well (or not) you sleep. For the advanced user, you can look at trends over time and see what impacts your sleep if you tag particular nights e.g. drank coffee that day..Version: 6.3.1

Excellent Sleep Tracking App!I’m not a good sleeper and and interested in tracking my sleep pattern to try and learn something about the reasons behind this. I’ve tried quite a few sleep tracking apps and AutoSleep is the most accurate and most fun to use so far. It took me a few days to calibrate it, but after that it’s been very accurate - and the results have been interesting - including sleep hygiene, deep sleep, heartbeat and movement during the night. The results have helped me make changes to my sleeping habits to increase my sleeping efficiency. The app is well worth the price, and worth a go if you are interested in improving the quality of sleep you get..Version: 6.1.0

So valuableI wear my watch to sleep so I can enjoy the benefits of this app. It’s so good and really helps me understand my sleep patterns. Though if my watch goes below 10% battery during the night it doesn’t send data to the app and I can’t see a way to tell the app that I actually was still asleep.Version: 6.4.0

Perfect for Apple WatchGives reliably more than enough info about the night. Works perfect with my Apple Watch. I can’t understand ppl who say the Apple Watch battery life doesn’t allow using this software all night. Fairy tales. Use it..Version: 6.3.1

Très completParfait avec une Apple Watch pour une bonne évaluation du sommeil..Version: 6.5.2

Apple or Fitbit?I had been used to the Fitbit app and analysis. Found the Apple Watch basic was wanting. This app is above and beyond my expectations..Version: 6.5.2

Has become invaluableI’d never thought about using an app like this and really started by accident when I began wearing my watch through the night. It’s become one of the apps I use most on a daily basis and has increased my awareness of the importance of sleep, the effect of wine on my sleep patterns, and most importantly has helped me to safeguard work etc by planning ahead. An app that truly makes the most of the technology in the iPhone and Apple Watch, perhaps even a lifesaver!.Version: 6.5.3

Fantastic app with oodles of dataThis really is a fantastic app. And it does have oodles of data. Consequently it can be a little overwhelming at first. But stick with it. Study all that in-depth data for the first 2 or 3 weeks, then you’ll begin to understand which parts of the app are relevant for you. For advanced users the app allows you to export that data. If you think this app is for you, then I would highly recommend you purchase the bundle which gives you Auto Sleep, Heart Watch app, and Autowake. Heart Watch is another great app..Version: 6.5.2

Best sleep out thereI’ve had this for just about a week and I think I have at last found the perfect sleep tracking application. I’ve tried all sorts of apps in the past, including Withings, Garmin, Huawei and Fitbit with the last one being the best of that bunch by quite a long way. However, even Fitbit was far from perfect, as it seemed somewhat pessimistic and rarely captured evening sofa naps. Autosleep, when used in conjunction with my Apple Watch, provides a wealth of information and, as far as I know, is the only one where you can edit the details of your night’s sleep to make them more accurate. It also captures those elusive sofa naps. If there is one small thing to criticise, it is that the sleep stats do not extend to REM sleep, merely deep and “quality” sleep. However, I seriously doubt if REM sleep can be tracked anyway, as the results for REM sleep with the other apps seem fairly random. The graphical interface with its clocks and circles is great, though can seem a little overwhelming at first. Last but not least at £2.99 as a one off fee, this is a fantastic bargain. I have no hesitation in recommending it..Version: 6.3.1

It’s so easyJust install the App and wear your watch. The App does everything else. You can use the ‘Lights Off’ function on the watch and it will track how long it takes you to fall asleep. The information provided is comprehensive and easily understood and useful for spotting trends and then making a few simple changes to improve the quality of your sleep. I am aware from comments on here that some people charge their watch overnight so can’t see how you could wear it all night. My watch takes about 45 minutes to fully charge so I charge it up when I am preparing and eating breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening. In summary, lots of very useful information and so easy to use..Version: 6.5.3

Really useful appI have been using this app for more than a year now. I find it very useful to inform me about my sleep patterns on a daily basis. I also use it to track my long term sleep cycles and my heart rate. I can recommend this app for its information and accuracy..Version: 6.3.1

Truly the best sleep tracker.I have used a couple different sleep trackers and this one is THE BEST ONE! I use this with my Apple Watch and it clocks my sleep and never misses tracking. No pressing a button or tell your phone/watch you’re going to sleep, it is truly automatic - Just fall asleep and track. The information it gives from your sleep is clear and it has explanations to all the categories it tracks. It is worth the cost!.Version: 6.5.2

Deep data - very usefulI saw the other reviews which said don't let the amount of data put you off, and got the app. I love checking my fitness, heart rate, sleep data etc and recently got an Apple Watch. I only need to charge the watch for 30 mins or so every day before I go to bed to keep the battery topped up so I wear it all night. And the app works really well with the watch. There is a lot of data. But you can use to it just to get the basic data and start to delve into the deep data and comparison stuff at your own pace. There's a great ability to adjust the sleep feedback and tell the app if you are a restless sleeper, average and a very still sleeper. This will adjust your feedback time asleep. I had a fitbit for a couple of years and there is way more data and adjustments you can make in this app than in fitbit. I feel like I'm still scratching the surface of what this app can do after installing a few months ago. The detail in this app is awesome. So much data. Yes it can be overwhelming at first but trust me - install it and go with it. And start to explore at your own rate. I wish more of the health and fitness apps gave me this much information and feedback on my fitness training etc.Version: 5.1.1

Best AppI love this app. It’s helping me track, learn and have confidence in my bodies rhythms and patterns. I’ve shown it to my friends we now exchange our sleep information each morning. Knowledge is power! Download this app, use it, have no regrets ❤️ enjoy the journey of becoming the best version of yourself possible.Version: 6.5.2

Brilliant sleep trackingI have tried a number of the sleep tracking apps with my iPhone and Apple Watch 4. Most of the sleep apps that I have tried have been unreliable to say the least because I move around a fair bit in my sleep. This app has proved to be brilliantly accurate at detecting when I am asleep helped by The many features it has altering the sensitivities of your sleep pattern. Finally I found an app that gives me a great log on my sleep pattern. Which I hope will help me improve and gain a better nights sleep. What’s even better is it is FREE.Version: 6.0.1

AutoSleepI’ve used a Garmin in previous years that worked really well, I was keen to get another sleep app when I bought my Apple Watch. I tend to wake up multiple times a night with a medical condition, so it helps to know how much sleep I’m missing. I looked around at comparison reviews of sleep apps first.. somehow I managed to buy another more expensive app that never recorded when I was awake and added an average 1.5 hours to my total sleep time per night (SleepMatic). I went by the App Store reviews when deciding to try a second app. AutoSleep has been really accurate, no need for me to be buy another app. Would absolutely recommend..Version: 5.1.1

The Most Comprehensive Sleep Tracker!I was frustrated that I had to buy a sleep tracker app compared to the native support in other devices by Garmin and FitBit, but this has turned out to be a fantastic app! Incredibly comprehensive and detailed, the “auto” feature of autosleep is exceptionally accurate and the information is quite deep and thorough along with providing tips to improve the quality of your sleep. Highly recommend..Version: 6.0.1

Loving all the dataThis app is great! I am really liking all the features. It barely uses battery, a quick charge at night and a quick charge in the morning and I’m all set. It has helped to explain days when I am dragging but woke up feeling fine, only to see that my sleep was crap, or not long enough. It helped me to make changes to my sleep schedule as now I have tangible quantitative reasons to see how it is affecting my productivity, my energy level and my ability to focus..Version: 6.5.2

Just excellentI was a little skeptical at first about this app, and I don’t like paying for apps so I was very resistant. My lack of sleep in a heatwave was worse than my empty wallet so I tried this app out. Absolutely amazed about the data it collected, from hours of sleep to heart rate, sleep quality, deep sleep data, everything! Thanks to the information this app has compiled, I have studied it and found my flaws in my sleeping habits, and have corrected them. I am now having better quality sleep for the right amount of time for my body. Very impressed with the functionality and ease of use of this app😄 I highly recommend you try it if you are thinking about it, but make sure you are ok with wearing the Apple Watch while you sleep, that’s where all the data comes from. NOTE: I use Apple Watch series 2, works fantastic😄.Version: 5.0

This should be Apple’s standard sleep appI used to use the Fitbit app and tracker and really liked it. To the point that I used to keep it charged just to wear at night. This app makes the Apple Watch competitive and even better than what I had with my basic Fitbit. The Apple app for sleep tracking is useless without this. A cool feature is the waking option with the watch. I like how you can set it to wake you up at the right time in your sleep. I find this does work. I used to use another app for that. Love that this combines that feature. This, to me is a strong almost 5 star app. Reason I don’t give it a 5, is because there are some measurements that are a little harder to understand, even after reading the helpful links they provide. I still don’t quite understand the heart rate dip measurements, wish that was more simplistic to understand. Another thing I wish it had was a feature for getting tips to improve areas where you struggle with optimal sleep, that would be awesome. Otherwise the app is great! Highly recommend for anyone trying to get insight into their sleep..Version: 6.5.2

Restored my faith in Sleep AppsI’ve had various sleep trackers since they first came out years ago, none amazing. And when I got my Apple Watch I struggled to find a decent one. I gave up for at least the last 12 months or so until I saw an article rating AutoSleep last week. Glad I saw it as this is the best and easiest Sleep App I’ve used and I highly recommend it!.Version: 6.4.0

InsomniacThis app is invaluable. The only thing it could do to make it better is to add in sleep meditations and referrals to sleep specialists!.Version: 6.2.0

Works reasonably wellOccasionally have to reduce the time slept as it will assume if I’m sitting quietly still that I am sleeping..Version: 6.5.2

Really helpfulGives me a better idea of how much sleep I actually had. Has given me the chance to go back to sleep in the morning if I have not had enough sleep. Seems to be quite accurate. I like the graph. It’s helpful to see the deep sleep, quality sleep, sleep debt etc. It even tells you how to clear your sleep debt, for example 7 nights of sleeping eight hours, and tells you what time to go to sleep. I have found this up to be really helpful, thanks..Version: 6.5.2

Happy with this app ....I’m happy to see my sleep session ,heart rate and helpfull tips side by side in app. to read the data .....overall it v interesting and Good one .......Version: 6.1.0

By far the best sleep appGreat accuracy and works really well with Apple watch to automatically track sleep patterns.Version: 6.0.1

Great Sleep AppWonderful App works very well and the data shows how one sleeps, heart rate, and quality of sleep I'm very happy with this purchase..Version: 5.0

Excellent sleep appReally great app. Better than when I had a Fitbit before the Apple Watch. Well worth it.Version: 5.0

GreatNow the Apple Watch 3 battery can last a bit longer (mine can keep going for 3 days on a single charge) I don’t need to remove it every single night, so as well as calories etc i can track sleep. With this app it’s easy as it runs in the background or you can manually notify it that you’ve switched the lights off and it will then tell you how long it took to drift off. It’s quite in depth, and a little complicated to understand all the dials and interface but I think worth getting used to as you’ll get more out of it long term. IMO worth the money and would recommend..Version: 5.1.1

Solid and affordableOnly reasonably priced app in the store with a full range of functionality for sleep tracking other than the Apple app itself. Far more detailed information. The interface can be quite daunting at first. Plenty of info and guidance to draw on though..Version: 6.5.2

Ideal for sleep disordersThis app is really helping me to understand what’s going on at night. With 2x kids under 5 and a sleep disorder, I can now visually see how disrupted my sleep is and over time can track if it’s improving. I wear my Apple Watch to bed and use the silent alarm to wake me up. Love this app, look at it every morning as soon as I wake up!.Version: 6.0.1

Excellent sleep analysisThis gives a good and clear sleep summary report on the watch itself, with a more detailed report available on the app on the iPhone. The instructions are good but don’t include everything you need to know. Before I had AutoSleep, I charged my iPhone at the bedside, which silenced notifications. With AutoSleep, you must wear the watch all night and this puts you at risk of waking if a text or email (or bizarrely even an Activity Ring closure on one occasion). I now put on the Do Not Disturb setting every night which solves the problem. This could usefully be included with the instructions..Version: 5.1.1

The best sleep app!I tried most of the apps in the store, and this was the one for me. I credit AutoSleep with improving my sleep habits and getting more and higher quality sleep. As an insomniac, that’s saying a lot. Biofeedback is good stuff, and they deliver it with top notch visuals, charts and graphs (honoring Apple’s circle ⭕️ model), and the level of data they provide is chock full of helpful information... and you can get as geeky as you want with it. The data has also encouraged me to get more exercise as I notice how the efficiency of my sleep is better when I do. And I love that the cost for the app is a flat fee and not some ridiculous subscription. That’s how it should be. It pairs beautifully with HeartWatch (another excellent app by Tantissa), which I hesitated to get at first until I realized how much I loved AutoSleep and wanted to have that same ability to drill down into my cardiac data. Lastly, their documentation is some of the best I’ve seen in the app store. Bravo all around! 👏🏼.Version: 6.3.1

Information overloadI love how much info this app tracks and translates for you. There is also options to dial in how you actually sleep. The graphs are a nice touch and i like being able to track trends and view history. I left a star off because i’m a terrible sleeper and having the stats of how bad i sleep made me worry about not sleeping. Is there a way to transfer data between phones? I can see you can extract the data but not sure if it can then be uploaded.Version: 6.5.2

Excellent app, very complete and intuitiveThis app is great, adds a lot of value to the Apple Watch, with multiple graphs and compared historical data ..Version: 6.5.2

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