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DownloadBest game ever download it.Version: 1.1.0

The bestThis is hands down one of the very best games available on iOS. Everything is on point, from the graphics and controls to story and dialogue. Very high production values. And unlike many developers of great games, these guys keep on top of the updates..Version: 1.1.5

A Stunning, Vibrant Original!Dandara clearly draws heavy inspiration from many of the core classics that have shaped the staple mechanics and ideas we have today! The side scrolling genre can get old quick lacking originality. But the way this game is constructed through exploration, and platforming it kind of takes away from the focus of beating “bosses” so to speak to progress. Though there are plenty of bosses that are beautifully crafted with difficulty. Speaking of difficult, the skill cap on this game is demanding but fair. I never felt like I couldn’t overcome The obstacles set before me. Mechanically speaking the feeling of jumping from wall to wall was ever so satisfying. It feels great. I feel like I’m shooting a rubber band across the room with this super jump. Makes me feel like a hero! The only complaint I have is the combat it’s self with the shooting mechanics. I just don’t like that I have to charge my shots. Though it does add a layer of difficulty that is cohesive with the game. Lastly the world building and overall vibe, BRILLIANT! The world is an aesthetically pleasing array of eye candy and eloquence. It draws clear inspiration from games like “The Legend of Zelda”, “Metroid”, and even alittle like “Mega Man”. All in all though it’s own piece of magical art! I ADORE this game. So fantastic. And I recommend it to mobile and console gamers alike..Version: 1.1.7

Fantastic movement system, great controls, amazing exploration and atmosphereI love the warping or jumping movement system. It’s really intuitive and controls super well, and is the perfect way to explore this interesting world. The combat is not the focus of the game, but provides challenging movement to avoid their attacks or run past the enemies and avoid them entirely. In short, the combat makes the movement more engaging and forces you to plan your jumps. The bosses are also visually stunning and a lot of fun, some of the highlights of the game. The main focus of the game is exploration. There is a lot of backtracking, but I really enjoyed as each time you go back you’re usually able to access a new area in this old place, making the map feel engaging and full of secrets and unexplored areas. The fast travel system later on in the game also removed a lot of the hassle from back tracking which is a welcome change. The art style is fairly typical pixel art, but it still looks gorgeous and combined with the lovely backgrounds, really gives a fantastic visual atmosphere. The music is also really well done and blend with visuals making for a nearly perfect atmosphere. The story is fairly bare bones and vague, but I’m not to heartbroken to be honest. It’s not the focus of the game, but it COULD have been another interesting part of it, but the exploration, boss battles, atmosphere and combat make up for it. And there’s a lot of content here. Average playtime is about 10 hours, though as really slow player I’ve already spent a lot more. You could spend easily 20 hours in this game, especially if you’re doing reruns of the game to get the secret ending or get full exploration points. To summarise, fantastic movement and controls, fabulous exploration, some nice combat, great boss battles, Lovely atmosphere and a forgettable story..Version: 1.2.0

This game doesn't deserve such a low rating.This game is by far one of the two best mobile games I have ever played, along with MO: Astray. It has smooth as butter controls, genius fast travel and an immensely various flavour of enemies. The bosses as well are incredibly well done, with clever designs and each one is truly unique. Every area feels fresh and presents a new challenge, and never gets repetitive. Unbelievably, this game even makes a "Dark Souls like" currency and death system actually NOT cause me to quit playing. I enjoy the challenge of reclaiming my glowing corpse and obtaining that precious salt. It just adds to the fun. Honestly, this is the hardest mobile game that isn't actually unfair. You will die. A lot. But it's really, really fun..Version: 1.2.0

I’m so happy there’s moreI played the original Dandara for 17 hours - beat the game and then hunted down every chest and unexplored area. And I immediately wanted more. The expansion is perfect, and it simply downloaded in the background, silently, for free..Version: 1.2.0

PhenomenalAmazing Jesus this game was well worth 15$ and it was so fun now the only thing I wish is that there would be more to do and more to explore the game was phenomenal though. I’m giving a 5/5 (People who are seeing this review if you are thinking of buying this game please do! This is such a well made game) -VSGJagger.Version: 1.1.5

Unique and FantasticFirst off it’s fantastic to have more games like these finally coming to the mobile platform - it shows that developers, especially indies, are acknowledging the small but active niche market of hardcore gamers on mobile, and are providing them with polished, well-ported games like Dandara that you should definitely support if you consider yourself a member of this niche - Dandara is expensive for an app at $22, but well worth it, especially if you can get it on sale! Secondly, positives of the game itself - I played with a gamepad, however the game also feels right at home with touch controls, arguably handling even better than with a controller, and the game is great fun, the graphics and soundtrack are gorgeous, the exploration is intriguing, and solving problems and beating bosses provided me with some intensely satisfying moments, with somewhere around 10 hours of gameplay (depending on how good you are) not including exploring to find all the chests/hidden areas Lastly then, some negatives - the game isn’t easy. It’s not Cuphead levels of rage inducing, but does require precise movements and a good deal of concentration especially in the latter stages and boss fights, also, sometimes exploration can be confined to one correct path out of several available options, resulting in a large amount of backtracking, compounded by the sparsity of checkpoint camps, although this is somewhat mitigated by the joy of navigating the environment using Dandara’s unique gravity mechanic Overall, it’s not cheap, but when compared to its price on other platforms and the amount of work that’s obviously gone into making and porting it, Dandara is a unique and fantastic experience well worth the money - well done Raw Fury!.Version: 1.1.0

Gorgeous. Fun. Amazing.Incredible visuals with intuitive controls. Amazing soundtrack and just a blast to play, was surprised at how well the gameplay works on mobile. Definitely recommend..Version: 1.1.0

Love the game just one issue...I’ve just downloaded the game and I am very excited to play I only have one issue, the sound doesn’t seem to be working I don’t know if there is music or sound in this point of the development but I definitely want to hear something to add to this experience if there is anything you all could do to get back to me I’d greatly appreciate it..Version: 1.1.7

Will happily change if...I want to start by saying that this is the kind of phone game I’ve been waiting for, this is a good polished game. But today when I loaded it up it gets stuck at the screen saying Dandara’s actions will not b forgotten and no matter where I tap nothing happens, obviously this makes the game unplayable since I can’t access the game, I will happily change this review if this glitch is patched ASAP ! ***** True to my word they fixed the issue, so I fixed my review.Version: 1.1.0

Just Feels RightLet me start by saying that this is an example of good game development - an interesting take on its genre in a beautiful and fluid environment. The controls are excellent and the feeling of flying around, even just to the limited spaces available, feels freeing and just.... right. This game is worth playing. I see some low scores given because the game is challenging. Personally I enjoy the challenge and am happy with the level of difficulty. It’s not meant to be stupid easy and that’s OK. My own personal wish is that the game included some system of indicating where we are intended to go next, at least in broad strokes... or possibly some overarching quest system we could rely on. Frankly I’m just wandering without much purpose at this point in the game, finding things along the way. Maybe I’m just missing some key mechanic? Either way... an instant classic..Version: 1.1.0

An excellent game, worth the money!The sprite art is excellent, the soundtrack is good; the touch controls are unique in a good, refreshing way that gives the game a fresh feeling from start to end. The backtracking is handled very well and the map is extremely useful for navigation (of a bit vague on detail). My only complaints are that 1) There are almost no invincibility frames after damage and 2) It’s a bit short (I beat it in roughly 6 hours). Otherwise, it’s a brilliant game that deserves a purchase. Oh, and don’t worry about the touch screen controls, they work well and I was never damaged or killed by them..Version: 1.1.0

Best iOS gameDandara is an unique experience and probably one of the best games out this year. Besides the beatiful visuals and immersive soundtrack, the game delivers an amazing story with a inovative gameplay. Runs perfect on iPhone 8 here. Must download for any metroidvania fans out there..Version: 1.1.0

Dandara is a stellar platformerDandara packs a ton of fun. The game is easy to pick up and offers a challenging variety of enemies and obstacles. Timing is important, so it’s encouraging that the controls are tight and responsive. I found switching the leap and shoot button most effective. If you’re looking for a platformer that’s both fun and challenging, I highly recommend Dandara..Version: 1.2.0

Fantastic!Great game, we don’t see nearly enough of this type good premium stuff on iOS anymore. Had to switch to MFI controller at the end as I couldn’t jump fast enough with touch but otherwise as good as could be hoped for..Version: 1.1.7

Simply fantasticIn the midst of an App Store overrun with a deluge of free-to-play, formulaic games, Dandara is a highly refreshing addition. Dandara feels fresh, with unique traversal mechanics (rather than your regular platforming, you slingshot from platform to platform in a way that feels very intuitive), interesting characters, and an interesting world. I enjoyed every moment of the experience. Hats off to Tall Hats ;).Version: 1.1.0

Dang good game!This game seemed expensive when I first saw it, but I decided to splurge on it and it ended up being worth every penny. Games on the iPhone always seem to fall into one of two categories: they are either super casual, great for play of ten minutes or so in a burst, but with little content beyond that, or they are ports and the play gets to be super awkward for it. Dandara is a complete game, already with more than fifteen hours of game play from me, that seems to be designed for a smart phone from the ground up. I was skeptical of the movement mechanic in the beginning, but it ended up being very intuitive, and taught in a very logical manner. The difficulty curve was also expertly designed, quickly ramping up to remain challenging without ever seeming forced. The art is beautiful, whose 16bit style reminds me of old Gameboy advanced games. I highly recommend this game..Version: 1.1.0

Original and Awesome GameplayLove the story, music and style of gameplay - a mix of metroidvania with completely original elements and style. Easy to play and switch back and forth from iphone to apple tv..Version: 1.1.4

A true gem.Seldom does a game come along that so far exceeds my expectation. Dandara is a magical game; a delicate balance between platformer, puzzler, and storyline. I felt like I was playing a beautiful mix between Metroid and HoPiKo—two of my favorite classics. And, oh! A black, female hero! What a timely and respectable embrace of diversity! Other game designers, take notes. Gamers: Dandara is worth every penny, and more..Version: 1.1.0

Fantastic gameplay!Fascinated by the graphics and gameplay. Best game on my phone right now, hands down!.Version: 1.1.0

THEE best game I’ve EVER played on my ipadGreat platformer, very fun, a long adventure with tons of discovery. I was really amazed and a rarely buy phone games (with everything thats free out there) but this game was worth 3x the price to me at least. Absolutely worth playing..Version: 1.2.0

Teeth Clenching LevelsThe graphics and the storyline are amazing in this game, one of the best pixel graphics I’ve seen. The controls are great although sometimes when I try to use alternate power it does normal. Don’t get me started on the gameplay, annoying yet satisfying after each completion. Overall great game!.Version: 1.1.0

My fave game of this genre!I love love love this game. I bought it during the school year and realized it would be addictive. So, I didn’t play for awhile. Now that it’s summer, I’m hooked. I have to force myself to stop playing and do things like eat and sleep. The graphics are beautiful and the skill level required is challenging. I love that after I beat a boss I’m super excited to check out my map and see what locations I might be able to open next. I don’t recall what I paid for this game, but I can honestly say I’d buy it again. If only my nieces, nephew, or great nieces were game4s this would be their next present..Version: 1.1.8

Best platformer on mobileWow, where do i even start? after playing this amazing game for a little over an hour im hooked on the story, the fluid controls for mobile which is tough to pull off, the game design and mechanics also fluid and the characters and enemies are pretty original, just one quirk i have if you could fix, the screen doesnt rotate with my phone when i rotate it, no real biggie but would be nice, keep up the great work, you developers made an amazing game, well worth the money, thank you.Version: 1.0.0

Excellent controls, beautiful, fun gameThe controls are unique and well executed and easy to use with touch screen. The pixel art is top notch. The gameplay is fun and unique. I highly recommend checking this game out. Dandara is very impressive.Version: 1.2.0

Fair and funI’m always worried when buying a platformer that it will be punishingly difficult, where one missed jump means losing progress. No so with this one. Several hours in, it’s not easy but it’s fair, and jumping around the world without gravity feels satisfying. Amazing aesthetics as well. My only complaint is that there should be fast travel and better marking of points of interest on the map. As is, I have to waste time backtracking trying to find where to go next..Version: 1.1.8

Really goodI don’t usually write reviews , negative if I felt cheated and wasted my money , but here I’m writing a positive review even though this game doesn’t ask you to -unlike all other games and apps. amazing work, easy to control, gets you think, very entertaining, the best 15 dollars I’ve spent. Thank you!!.Version: 1.1.0

Best Mobile Game I’ve Played Thus FarDandara is a game that was released on several platforms, there’s a version for Steam and the Switch. But from what I’ve heard and what I can infer from playing the game, its clear that this game is best suited for a mobile environment. I play this thing on an iPhone and I can still see where everything is, this would only get better with a bigger screen like an iPad. The soundtrack isn’t phenomenal, but it set a very relaxing tone to explore with. There’s not much plot to get attached to, but if you look closely at what at first may just seem like some game mechanics you may see something that surprises you. The games often been called a Metroid-Vania, this means that the map is open but you have to find certain items or go through the right set of rooms to advance. Your given very little tutorial and that’s fine, you only have a two buttons, how you use those are up to you. In conclusion the price may be hefty but you’ll get a game that actually works for mobile. It’s designed to be able to pick up and play while also encouraging long runs if you feel like it. You’ll get several hours of play and a nice environment to explore and unlock..Version: 1.1.4

Wow!I am only about an hour in.. so this is more of a first impression. So far this game is so original, the art and music are both so beautiful. I’m so very impressed by this titles genius touchscreen control scheme. I have over 100 games on my phone and have seen developers try and implement them in all kinds of ways but I think this might be the best so far. It is so natural, no virtual buttons... I dare say that it probably controls a lot better for touch screen than with a proper game pad. If you are a fan of the side scrolling Metroid type games but you are often put off by mobile controls... check this one out..Version: 1.1.0

Finally, Nintendo will be scaredI've never really written a review but here it goes. No matter how often I play iPhone games they're always lacking the feel of a portable handheld game made by Nintendo for their new 3DS or even their older handheld consoles. That finally changed with this game. The feeling I get when playing Dandara is a cross between symphony of the night (castlevania) and super metroid. The movement is unique to the game as Dandara flies from jump pad to jump pad, otherwise the weapons, music, graphics and overall feel to the game does not feel like an IOS touchscreen game. I truly think this feature could make Nintendo worth. Because, if games like this continue to be released there will be no point for a 3DS anymore. Amazing job guys. My only thing I would like to see is the ability to switch the movement joystick and the gun joystick as I feel like for left / right handed people this could make a difference. I won't rate you down a star for this as the game was just released. If I could do more than two thumbs up I would. Again great job and thank you.Version: 1.1.0

Great with a few suggestionsThis game is awesome. I am the dreamer map and that part is hard as crap but I love it. This is like dark souls with side scrolling. If you hate hard games then stay away but if you love incredibly fun, hard games that rely on skill to beat then this is the game for you. For the developers I’d say please, please, please include a time attack boss mode to add replay-ability. If you add the option for a timer for all those speed runners the. That would be great. Or a harder mode like new game+. You keep updates but the enemies are harder, more numerous, and more advanced. That would be amazing..Version: 1.1.0

Flawless!I can not recommend this game enough. It’s an absolutely flawless iOS gaming experience. Easy to learn and tough to master like the best of the classic games we grew up with. If you’re looking for a long and engaging single-player game to sink your teeth into, this is it..Version: 1.2.0

Game is really good but it keeps quitting and I lost my dataThis game is really fun, I love it very much. The music, the story, and the gameplay are all top-notch. But I’m writing this view just for a question. But recently I haven’t been playing this game as much as before and last 3 weeks ago I wanted to play it again, and when I launched it, the bar was around 50% and the game just quits and brings me back to my iPad Home Screen. I did this multiple times then decided to delete the app. I reinstalled it, but when I hit the Open button, it does the same things to me. Then when I go to my settings, I couldn’t find the game, like, it literally didn’t exist as an app anymore and I couldn’t even offload the game. I wrote a request to RawFurry support but I’m not getting any responses. Three weeks after (which is now), I couldn’t wait any longer and decided to delete the game, sign out of my Apple ID, and then reinstall the game. I just reinstalled my game; when I open it, it loaded without crashing! But then when I click “start game”, no files could be found and I had to restart everything, so I click “start game” on an empty file, then the app crashed. Could you please fix this? I love playing the game and I definitely wouldn’t give you a 1 star just because of an error, and definitely wouldn’t ask for a refund, but I’m waiting too long ;(.Version: 1.2.0

Love It... With a small issue.When I played this game, I fell in love!! The story is interesting, the gameplay is “Metroid-vania” with a pinch of Dark Souls. In my own opinion, i’d prefer the Nintendo Switch Version, but my only issue on IOS is at the moment is the frame rate. At big areas the game starts to stutter a bit. Maybe you could look into it? If you want no frame rate issues, Get the NS Version. 9.5/10.Version: 1.1.0

Everything you could want in a metriodvania gameI just competed my second play through. I just had to do it all over again; Dandara’s movement style is so compelling and fun that I couldn’t let go of it after one go. The controls are superb and extremely well suited to touch, so much so that a physical game controller would probably be inferior to the absolute finesse of the current two-thumb touchscreen approach. Please make more games like this!.Version: 1.1.5

Great game great updatesA premium game, without in app purchases. The best part is developers keep adding content and always updating. Worth twice the price easily, everyone should buy and support quality games.Version: 1.1.9

Better than CastlevaniaI’ll still give Metroid the top slot for this genre, but Dandara is super cool. Unique character movement, creative world building that doesn’t feel same-y, and serious difficulty that forces you to get better without causing you to throw your phone across the room..Version: 1.2.0

This game is amazing!!!!!I’ve been playing this game on my iPad Pro 11’ and it isn’t full screen but it is great and enjoyable. I switch from my iPad to my phone and data is already saved to the club. Awesome Job!! Want to get into building apps as amazing as this one..Version: 1.1.5

Amazing!!!This game is, simply put, amazing! It does not hold your hand at all and actually encourages exploration, it almost made me feel like I was playing Castlevania with a twist. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay keeps you on your toes, especially towards the later parts of the game. Hats off to Long Hat House, no pun intended, eagerly waiting for a second part!👏🏽.Version: 1.2.0

Hands down. One of the best.Absolutely, one of the best games on iOS. I won’t blather on since other reviewers have already said it all, but this game is just about as close to perfect as you can get on an iOS device. Controls - amazing..Version: 1.1.0

Fantastic gameI love this game and was amazed at how well the controls work with a touch screen. It is a nice length playable in small gaps or for long periods. The Apple TV compatibility is a nice touch allowing for playing on the go and then sitting back and doing long sessions on your TV. Although a Mfi controller isn’t required, you will probably find a couple of places very challenging without it. Still one of the best games available on iOS!.Version: 1.1.5

Absolutely worth the priceJust bought the game and started playing...a couple minutes into the game and what can I say, the game and gameplay is fun, absolutely fun. Graphics are awesome, sound and music are awesome, and controls are awesome. I was kind of hesitating to buy because of the price but I’m already playing the game and not regretting it at all. Thank You for Dandara!.Version: 1.1.4

Best app since inside!So I played a game called inside and I thought that game was amazing so a few weeks later I found Dandara and I think it is amazing, better than inside, I still like inside too though but this game is so confusing and difficult?, but that’s the best part! I love how there’s so many paths you can take it is just such a great game..Version: 1.1.0

Great controls for iPhoneWas very skeptical at first because didn’t think it would play/control well on a phone from the pictures in the App Store. But I was very wrong it is works for the iPhone great. You move around very easily along with all other actions. Kinda of a metrodvania game.Version: 1.1.8

One of the best app games.I rarely write reviews but this is one of the best app games! I know a lot of you are looking at the price but it is worth every dollar. This game has story, adventure, and a little bit of figuring out how to get to places. It's fun and it can be challenging as well. Dandara needs a sequel! Let's hope!.Version: 1.1.5

Absolutely IncredibleAfter looking through a countless number of games to spend my few dollars I had leftover on, I came upon this little gem which seemed cool at first, so I kept it in the back of my mind. After looking and comparing reviews and trailers across many different games and systems, I figured that this was one whose controls would fit perfectly on mobile devices without any adjustments needing to be made. After purchasing it, I can say this is hands down the best mobile game and one of the best metroidvanias I’ve played to this day. Silky smooth sound effects, presentation, and (as I had assumed) controls which are incredibly intuitive. It’s content is extremely unique with almost no other games like it that I can think of due to the simple mechanic of traversal. Combat feels just as good as well. And for the cherry on top, there’s even a new game plus for an extra challenge. I can’t wait to see what else these devs masterfully create next. 😁.Version: 1.1.8

Inventive MetroidvaniaDandara is such a spectacular game. I was skeptical at first with the controls, but after I adjusted, I realized that this was a fantastic gem of a game. The graphics are gorgeous, the music is some of the best I’ve heard in a game and the gameplay is unlike any other. The boss fights are some of the coolest I have ever seen. Pick this one up. It works with a controller but also touch too..Version: 1.2.0

Great game! Would love iCloud supportThis game is a true delight. Loving every minute of it. Awesome atmosphere, awesome challenging platforming, and designed perfectly for touch. That said: I’d love to see iCloud save support so I can continue my progress across my iPhone and iPad..Version: 1.1.0

Try itCool game! You must have patience at the beginning to learn the game well. I like playing games in bed with easy controls that can be time consuming and make you think. No ads. Easy controls. Lots of options. I ended up using cheats but it’s hard enough of a game as it is. Sometimes too hard but you might like that. Good stuff thanks for creativity in the app world finally. 👍🏿.Version: 1.2.0

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