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Little Kitten -My Favorite Cat App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Little Kitten -My Favorite Cat app received 49 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Little Kitten -My Favorite Cat? Can you share your negative thoughts about little kitten -my favorite cat?

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Little Kitten -My Favorite Cat for Negative User Reviews

Glitch doesn't let me play the gameSo at the middle of the cutscene in the start of the game, I crash. When I skip it, it just shows Crumbs moving his head. If I click the stairs it works normally... but then if I click on anything, it shows Crumbs moving his head unless I click the mouse, but if I click anywhere else, it stops. Although when I click any other toy, it shows Crumbs moving his head! I find this super annoying, please try to fix this. 😢.Version: 4.0

RequestI didn't like the game sorry to disappoint you can get a refund if not I'll sue you.Version: 1.1

WORST GAME EVERYou can't do anything in it. It's like you just tap things and the kitten reacts to it. Definitely DO NOT buy this game. Also I would like a refund..Version: 1.1

Child got bored after 15 minutesI bought this because it was recommended by apple. My daughter got bored of this after 15 minutes as in essence there’s really not a lot to do, graphically very good, but that’s not going to keep a child entertained. Waste of £3.99, would like a refund..Version: 3.1

PaymentYou pay 3.99 then you need to pay more to actually play it.Version: 3.5

No sound!My daughter enjoys this game but where is the sound? I have checked my volume (works well with other apps & music), checked the app settings (it’s set to ‘on’), restarted my iPad and uninstalled and reinstalled this app twice and yet the sound from this app still does not work! Please help. I think my 2 year old would enjoy this more if she can hear they cat’s reaction..Version: 1.7

CrashesThis app still crashes part way through the opening sequence. Even the recent update hasn’t fixed it. Please fix it!.Version: 2.6

PLEASE READIn the app at the beginning when I didn’t know how do anything it was pretty fun! But after I knew how to play it you got really boring! And there is nothing to do and all of the games were really babyish and all the games started bugging out and it wouldn’t let me play certain games. I wouldn’t recommend it..Version: 2.3

Glitches , scaries, everywhereThere so much glitches when ever I clicked the plane thing then it showed the blue dinosaur looking left and right then blowing a kiss and plus when I clicked the tail in the animal switch bodies game then it showed the cats arm going out of the box and when I click on the ambulance toy it shows down stairs please respond and fix it what do I do.Version: 4.0

Don’t waste your moneyIt crashes all the time after about 5 min. It has an annoying movie at the beginning that you cannot skip. Instruction would have been nice. When you can get it to run and figure it out is is kind of fun..Version: 2.3

RagedWaste of money.....I'm soooo disappointed....give me a refund or I will sue this....Version: 1.1

Not too funI only like the drawing.Version: 2.74

Cute but boringA very nicely presented app with a beautifully rendered cat, but it all gets a little boring after a half hour..Version: 1.7

Problem on IpadGot this game for my daughter, she could play only 15min and now the game it restarts itself. I restarted the iPad thinking that could be a software issue but it continues the same. Can I get some help please? Thanks.Version: 2.3

ColourMe and my sister do drawing contest in this game that’s all I do at least.Version: 2.2

Boring!I'm only an eight year old but after 5 minutes I found this little kitty boring! You cannot even take him/her out for a walk!.Version: 1.7

CuteCute, but you can see black lines between the video and the background. Essentially a series of videos activated by touching different sections..Version: 1.7

Tine for a cat-napI haven't quite waited 4 weeks to download this app, but I have gone through 7/9 lives waiting. Mice must've eaten the network cabling at the server hosting this... because wow it's slow..Version: 1.7

Nice images, dull app18 month and 4 year old bored in minutes. Can I have my money back?.Version: 3.3

Got Unfairly ChargedI downloaded it while it was a Free App of The Week. Didn't even get an invoice but noticed it on my bank balance. I noticed this happening to other users. Not fair. :(.Version: 1.7

Cute but lots GlitchesLooks like a really cute app. My son loves the look of it but unable to play as the cat has glitches. There’s a square over cat and in a mini games his face image doubles. Once fixed will rate higher..Version: 1.8

GreatI mean, the graphics and stuff is amazing, but after a while it gets a bit boring. If you could let the kitten outside or play in different rooms that would be cool 😎.Version: 1.7

I've heard so much about this game but...A lot of my friends talk about this game.I'm sure it's a great game,but I can't play! When it installs it completely, it says: the app can't install right now,please retry later.I retry after an hour but it tells me the same thing over and over. I have no probs with my device and a lot of memory. Please fix this error as fast as possible...😰😥😪😢.Version: 1.0

Screen problems on iPad Pro 10.5On iPad Pro 10.5, the magic is destroyed by faulty animation screen alignments. Little kitten now plays in little boxes that stand out from background scenes..Version: 1.8

Constantly crashingThis app keep crashing! Why? Waste of money unless you can fix it!.Version: 1.7

Last update bugThe app is getting out after few seconds... just before the end of the intro...could you fix that…I have the last version of ios.Version: 2.72

THE WAIT IS TO LONGIt takes like super long to download its been like over a month now probably. 😂.Version: 1.7

PleaseI can't get on to the app so please do something about that or tell us why it's not working.Version: 1.1

Beautiful game but flawedThe graphics and animation are really nice; the cat is cute and does act kitten-like; some of the activities are fun; two actually made me laugh out loud. Those are the good bits. The bad is that it crashes too often; and then you have to watch the (admittedly nice) long opening animation through again. Fix the crashing, have a save point, and add new rooms or animations, and you'd have a very good game..Version: 1.7

MmmmmmmDon't know about this game.Version: 1.7

WHY!Creators, I got a jackpot on the latest update on the box minigame! But a while later, Little Kitten reset. 😭😱🤬😾 I had 101 fish from the jackpot and now I have -13! I just recently found out that I can get a jackpot on Little Kitten, but I always lose my data on the app! Please fix this please please fix please fix this please please! The rating for this app was a 5, but because of the app crashing it decreased to a 1 because I had all the fish in the app on Little Kitten! Others, if you were reading this, read it and follow it! This is 100% TRUE, so please know how not to let Little Kitten waste your jackpot!!! 😼 I hope this review was helpful but I know it’s critical. This app crashed when I got a jackpot and it made me lose every single piece of my data. Remember: Gold fish are worth 5 fish, rainbow fish are worth 20-50 fish depending on skill. After all this, the app decided to pour all the fish on the kitten, and 1 minute later it decided to crash. This WAS helpful due to my extra writing, so creators, please let this not happen again to anyone. This app was super fun until it started doing stuff wrong..Version: 3.4

TrashHate it, I can't believe that this game would cost money!!!!!! And even when it's free I still feel ripped off. You need to pay ME to play this sorry excuse for "free app of the week".Version: 1.7

Still dose not work after latest updateI have the paid version. Since the update the app will not launch. I have the latest Christmas version. Please fix!.Version: 2.71

Cute but does cost moneyCute game but it will charge you so not free. Falsely advertised..Version: 1.7

Trash gameI hate it! If I could do zero star I would. Sure, it looks cute but really it sucks. Not worth money, REALLY unrealistic and not even enjoyable. Don’t waste your time on this garbage!.Version: 3.6

CrashEver since I bought and installed it on my daughters iPad, she has not played on it. The app does not open and it crash’s after starting screen. Not had a moment to sit without trying to fix this.Version: 2.3

⭐️Why do all the other ones cost money this one is barely even fun please make the ones that cost money for free.Version: 3.7

Good but...So this game is great but a little boring and for me it randomly asked for mic access anyway good game.Version: 4.0

Can't exactly play.Ever since I saw this app on free app of the week, I've been trying to download it. Every time I try it says "Cannot Download" and gives me the option to retry. Fix this. Probably would've been a good game if it actually downloads..Version: 1.7

TERRIBLEI just wasted $5 on this dum game, I thought it would be a look after a cat game but noooo. I want my money back!!.Version: 1.1

Good butIt's beautiful and charming but, there's some glitches. :( I hate to say it but sometimes a block of scenery and the kitten move around by themselves (not intended) after that is fixed it will be purrfect 😸 plz fix!.Version: 1.7

Little kitten has the quote s faceًًً.Version: 3.3

AnnieSays free app of the week but have been charged for it 😡😡.Version: 1.7

Its okAfter taking the kitten upstairs i couldnt get him to interact wit me cute game maybe a little flawed.Version: 1.7

Sound problemNo sound ??? Will Be more funny if sound work correctly.... desapoint.Version: 1.2

Игра вылетаетОчень жаль, вылетает все время на iPad. Версия iOS 11.4.Version: 2.3

I'm saltyThis is the free app of the week? Weak. They should have put something much better..Version: 1.7

GlitchesWhenever I go into the game it crashes.Version: 2.3

Don’t recommendLiterally 2 rubbish games to play on it!.Version: 3.4

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