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Compass∞ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Compass∞ app received 41 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Compass∞? Can you share your negative thoughts about compass∞?

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Compass∞ for Negative User Reviews

Great but not on WatchThe app on the phone is great, but the Watch version doesn’t work any more, just stays on the spinning/loading icon :(.Version: 3.4

Great but!It’s a great app, but I found myself soon deleting it. I could put up with the ads, but what was super annoying was every time I opened the app, a large pop-up window appears asking me to upgrade, I’d have to answer “no” every time I used it before I could continue. I’ve no probs buying in-app purchases, but annoying me right at the start to take my money every time was a bit much..Version: 3.4

Not FREE!You don’t see a cost attached until you download. It is $13.99! This feels very dishonest!!!.Version: 3.4

Fails in landscape modeLooks great, but if you start with the iPad in landscape mode, then the readings are 90 degrees out. Needs fixing!.Version: 2.6

Sneaky ******!Well sneaky. Get app, some feature popped up , accidentally tapped it ... As thumb recognition took payment of £9.99.... how do I get a refund ????.Version: 3.3

Fair tool but could be much betterIt would be nice if I were able to double tap the screen to set a walking azimuth. Also, the ability to see grid coordinates on the screen in MGRS or lat long would be another nice option. If I was able to have a walking azimuth to others that had the app would be a great tool to use if I were at a park and trying to find someone. Just my two cents..Version: 3.4

CompassI’ve just deleted compass app as it was totally wrong direction. Downloaded a new compass app and this is also totally wrong direction. What is the issue with this compass app to be so out of correct direction?.Version: 3.4

HorribleIt’s so bad it does not even point at the right direction.Version: 3.4

Doesn’t work on Apple WatchI purchased got the app and upgrades to pro straightaway as wanted to use on the Apple Watch. The performance of the compass on the Apple Watch is terrible, so bad it is not worth having. It should not be sold as a Apple Watch app..Version: 3.1

Waste of TimeThis app is useless when paired with the Apple Watch. Needs much more work to make this a functional and relatively reliable compass..Version: 3.2

Does it works on series 4 watchIt got installed but keeps searching on watch.Version: 3.4

Unreliable at startupGot this for my iPad 7th Gen, as Apple version not available. When first opened, indication is way off and pointer display is “sticky”. Took a few minutes before things smoothed out and looked trustworthy, but won't stake my life on it. Presumably it needs to connect to internet to download temperature data, etc, hence the delay. (My iPad is wi-fi only). Not tested with no internet connection. I'm guessing it displays magnetic North, so different to true North, and another error to consider..Version: 3.4

Just about ok on my iphone BUTDoes not work on Apple watch...too much lag! If you want a compass the option is to buy a series 5 I guess..Version: 3.2

Decent appThis app has its downsides and upsides. One thing I noticed was that either the compass is complete bullstuff, or it’s just the earth spinning round and the compass is correct. This is because I decided to do a test and put the compass facing north, swipe away the app for 15 seconds. The moment I come back it shows that it’s 42 degrees east. Please fix this issue because I’m not sure whether it’s correct. Have a wonderful day and stay safe :^).Version: 3.4

The worst app everNorth changed constantly and was 40° different on 5 different devices. Would NOT recommend. If I could I would rate it in negative number 😡.Version: 3.4

Not working on series 3 with recent updafeDoes not work on series 3 following the 7.5 update..Version: 3.4

Three stars. Works but rather inconvenient.I originally gave one star because the app would work. The developer responded and suggested I remove my iPad from its case because the hasp has a magnet. I removed the cover and the compass and other feature now work. It is, however, inconvenient to remove the cover each time..Version: 3.4

When will the watch app be readyWhen I download the app it does not show in Complications. When will the watch app be ready..Version: 3.4

Points the wrong way every time.Faced south ish. It said it was north. Now every time open the app, north is a different direction..Version: 3.4

Just won’t work on my iPadHave tried for 20-25 minutes,....just cannot get this app to work. Calibration won’t finish before disappearing....directions swing around,....mostly nearly opposite from what I know to be directionally approximately correct....don’t see any option to force deleted as useless..Version: 3.4

RubbishDoes not give anything else just compass I have to buy Better like pay for extras.Version: 3.4

Question pls answerI can’t open the app or delete it what’s wrong.Version: 3.4

Doesn’t work don’t getThis compass is just completely wrong, I compared to my iPhone 8’s built in app and it just showed the complete opposite. My phone was pointing the correct way north whilst my iPad was saying I was facing south! This is a dangerous app especially when you need to find you’re way home without internet. I suggest you just to buy a real compass or find a better app..Version: 3.4

Compass doesn’t workI have an iPhone 8 and the compass is static and doesn’t move at all. I tried several different things and basically gave up.Version: 3.4

OkayThis is a great utility for iPhone! Good functionality, and great compass. However, iPhone has a built in compass , weather, and flashlight. This app has ads at the bottom, which makes the app a little buggy at times, freezing and crashing. Also, the compass is very inaccurate at times when using on iPad. However, since this is free, you might as well give this app a try. It is a great utility for iPhone, to have 3 different functions in one place! Just needs improved compatibility and bug fixes..Version: 1.4

Your app is so dumb :(You have to pay to get everything and it shows ads I mean how stupid is that all I wanted was a compass and I get your BS.Version: 3.4

I like this appThe only reason why I’m leaving a 3 star review is because every time I open this app, it tells me if I want to unlock premium. And every time I have to say “Not Now” and it gets very annoying. O there than that I really like this app. If you could please fix that I will change this review to 5 stars.Version: 3.4

Doesn’t Work!!This app isn’t Greta because I know for sure where north is from my house and it’s saying that north is south west. I even let them know location and it’s still wrong!! So bad....Version: 3.4

HHHMMMM, some compass, ...While the compass works as it should, it could be better if it had a counter wheel inside of the compass so that one could use it like a protractor, finding out how many degrees one needs to move to get to a location, ... kinda like a map readers tool, ... which could be used for a lot of items such as setting up a saw, or other tools like maybe a drill, ... line of sight is ok, but being able to put a spot directly onto the mark, is even better, ... ya know what I mean?.Version: 3.4

A little problematic but its still free.It doesn’t always work for me but it is still a ok app and its free. I cant complain..Version: 2.8

Garbage .Not even remotely accurate..Version: 3.4

KindaI like the app but I hate it cramming the premium thing down my throat every time I use it.Version: 3.4

One thingThis is a great app however when I first opened it and it had the compass the compass would not change direction and it froze But all in all it's a great app/tool.Version: 3.2

A pain.There’s no Watch application for this. Could be great if you could press the complication on the watch face..Version: 3.1

Doesn’t workPretty much says that south is exactly north!.Version: 3.4

Does not work on series 3 Apple WatchDownloaded this for my Apple Watch series 3 after reading a review stating it worked and was the best. Not so much. App never worked at all..Version: 3.4

Last0neI have down load it to use on the watch, and install on it, but can make it work just to try to see if it works and how it works. I use TestFlight for other developers to see and give input on their apps and I was wondering if you have a try out the compass on my watch 4? Can’t give you a good review do to I wanted to use mainly on the watch. I put 3 stars for the UI, but since I can’t make it start on the watch I don’t have enough to go further. Regards.Version: 3.4

Why did I even download this???This app can be helpful but the the tab window that asks you to buy premium when you was so annoying I uninstalled it.Version: 3.4

You lost meIt seems good. I downloaded it intending to spend time with the free version to make sure it worked as it should, but every time I open it I get hit with a screen asking if I want to upgrade to the premium version, and I have to say Not Now just to get it out of my face. So now, not only will I not pay the $10 for the premium, I’ll just delete the app altogether. Don’t annoy your customers like that and you’ll be more successful..Version: 3.4

BadJust won’t work on the series 3.Version: 3.4

Absolute junkDo not waste your time with this junk app. Unless of course you don’t mind your compass giving readings that can be 90deg off. I’ve been looking for a compass app for my iWatch and this one ain’t it.Version: 3.4

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