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Toon Blast app received 103 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about toon blast?

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Okay....Fun at FirstThis game is fun at first, and, yes, very addictive. However, as you progress, you’re not going to get through any levels very quickly. It teases, and tries to get you to spend lots of money. I do not. I have however purchased one piggy bank. But, I’m not dropping hundreds of dollars on a mobile game, that’s insane. It will eventually be nice and let you through levels. And, the challenges are ridiculous. You’ll never get anywhere on them unless you spend lots of money, which defeats the purpose of the challenge. Folks that win the challenges either have to be spending lots of money, or using cheats (if those really exist), OR it’s the developer running the stars up hoping people will spend money to “try” to win. (On the individual challenge So) I don’t believe that anyone can get 90+ stars in a matter of minutes after a challenge starts. At least not honestly. Even spending real money, I don’t see it. Team challenges, however, are possible to complete, IF a lot of people on the team play and contribute. Most folks on the teams seem to no longer play, I e found. It’s okay to kill a little time though. Mindless playing to relax..Version: 2854

Stuck - too hard for kids & adultsWe have been stuck on level 1574 for a while, used 10+ lives trying to beat it. Pretty bad when a KID & ADULT can’t complete this level..Version: 6497

Current Disgruntled PlayerThis review is from a longtime and current player ..... with that being said, I feel like there are a few issues that should be fixed to accommodate players like myself who have a vested interest in continuing the game. There should be an option to remove players who have no activity after a period of time. In my teams situation the team leader doesn’t play. Now we all know that there could be a number of reasons why, but the fact stands that the rest of us suffer. There must be a better solution than disbanding the group we have because we can’t make changes to the team. As content creator you must take into consideration that those who have been active in these groups have been dealing with the same people for a couple of months/years. So essentially you all have created a game focusing on “Teamwork”, more recently with emphasis on The team tournaments and the team chest. Yet, you refuse to come up with a proper solution to the issue with inactive teammates. Something better than moving the team to different groups like adding moderators or other people in the group who can remove the inactive. I just want to see a solution rather than ignoring it..Version: 3878

Good game but...I downloaded the game for on and was like okay this is a good game got playing for a while and was enjoying it until they added an update. What the New update had done was that you could only play your current level which I think is quite awful. But other than that the game all in all is good you can join groups for first time join u get 500 coins. While in a group you can even help people by sending them lives and get 5 coins every time. But another bad thing about the game is my mum is getting charged money from google play from this game and keeps on mysteriously getting coins without her buying them that needs to be sorted. This is the reasons of why I gave 3 stars!Now max lives to obtain is 10 and the previous lives that you had example twenty you would have lost them.!!!! It's total BS.Version: 2175

Fun but riggedOkish sort of game. But very clearly rigged with fake players in the tournaments. You can be first until a matter of minutes and then suddenly minutes before the end people jump ahead of you from nowhere and you end up down the rankings with no reward when it comes to claiming - Happens every time. Plus it’s far too easy to hit play on and loose 100 coins. The button has been cleverly placed in exactly the same spot as the try again button. Devs need to be a bit more focussed on the players and have some integrity. No one likes games that are not on a fair playing field. Other than that is sort of fun if you have lots of time to waste..Version: 5001

Crooked outfitOn two occasions I purchased a package. I received the two packages but was charged for four packages. I was refused a refund on the over charges. Never again!.Version: 6631

Addictive and fun, but . . .This game is a lot of fun and very addictive. However it is also infuriating because progress through the levels depend on the colours that drop, and the availability of in-game boosters provided. The thing is, if you don't want to get yourself stuck on a particular level for the duration of fifty lives or more...and you only get five at a have to spend real money to buy the boosters you need. If like me you have no intention of spending real money on in-game boosters, you are doomed to keep replaying the same level over and over and over and over again until the game itself allows you to progress. The choice, as they say, is yours!.Version: 3990

OmgOk listen. I got this game so the adds would go away because there are so many adds about it and it’s very annoying but they didn’t go away. So I was about to delete it when I thought let’s try the game out. Before I tried it out I checked the reviews. I was disgusted about how bad they were. But still I decided to play. I ran out of lives and coins very quickly and was asked to pay with real money for more. When I got more lives back I than managed to go to around level 5. Where it was very hard and impossible to complete without wasting money on the game. I than checked out some more reviews and again most of them were bad. I relised that the game was always wanting for you to pay it money so I deleted it right away. I was interested by the reviews so I continued reading though. Everyone was asking for more coins and lives in the game. It was a major problem. So don’t get this game I warn you. Bye..Version: 4031

HelenThis game is great, but like everyone else states you have to keep spending money to advance and your prizes are not great considering the money you spend, so I highly recommend you change your strategy and stop paying big named stars to advertise your product!!! I will add to my review to state again that although this game is enjoyable, you're always having to purchase credits to progress. If I'm not mistaken it's not a pokies game!!!!!! I'm very unhappy that progress is not made without purchase, and it's all about spending, you should be able to enjoy something without it having to cost you a fortune !!!!!!!!!.Version: 3705

😞Not enough moves, you give us 44 moves, but you expect us to be able tp clear out 250 blocks, do the math y’all, that’s impossible to do with such a small amount of lives, gives a 100 moves if you expect such numbers to won..Version: 4701

Ok but notThis game is fun, but whenever I see the adds for it, it looks sooooo much easier then it actually is. All the lives are too expensive as well..Version: 2906

Good game but....Your expected to empty your wallet playing it.Version: 6551

Deliberate rip offThe game is set up so you have to spend money on coins and then they set up the prompts so that you accidentally spend coins when trying to start another level. They have had complaints and requests to fix this for years and refuse to do a simple fix because it makes them money. When you complain they ha e said the same thing for years. ‘Just be careful’. They know it’s an impossibility to not make a mistake when you’re playing. If you accidentally hit the button to spend the coins there’s no confirmation prompt or option to undo. A deliberate rip off. In addition to rip off levels where you cannot pass without a purchase - and that’s by design - because if you don’t cave and spend dollars and leave the game for a day or two then the very next time you do that level it’s surprisingly easy to win. Then you get a few good wins to draw you in- then another level that’s unwinnable without spending. But dumbarses will continue to spend money so the game wins..Version: 5427

Not badIt gets of my nerves when they make you have lives because you have to wait ages to get some more and also gets boring and every time I turn it on that stupid music comes on so make better songs please 😡😡😡.Version: 3372

Offensive CaricaturesStomp dance level image is very offensive. It would serve them well to remove this picture from their game..Version: 4485

Toon BlastIt’s a good game but You are definitely set up to fail on the higher levels ... blocks do not fall randomly. You get nothing matching up then magically out of no where on your last 2 turns something good pops up, but its to late to help at that point. It’s simply a money grab to try and get you to buy more coins or boost items which are very unreasonably priced!!!! Crazy price! Levels get difficult to pass (impossible at times) . There are players who reach extremely high levels which tells me a lot of cheats going on in here..Version: 4957

It’s a fun gameBut it’s just like every other game out there. Just different theme or main characters. Other than that you have a same objectives, same “power ups”, same board layout, same same same and same etc, etc, ETC!! But the main SAME is ya gotta PAY TO PLAY when you get to the higher lvls. Like any good drug dealer they let ya get the first taste of wining for free. Hell they, like all the other games out there, will even say you are better than the other people people that play, sounds like my ex-girlfriends when it came to the you know what, but all in all you get that feeling that you are on top of the world and when ya start to loose you still want that feeling of wining so ya think “huh couple of bucks won’t break me” and ya buy some extra what ever it is ya think ya gonna need to make that win. An then the next thing ya know ya shelling out mega bucks to keep that winning streak going. So that’s why I only gave it a 3 star. If it was original and I knew it wasn’t gonna start getting ridiculousness in playing, I’d give it a 5er but no, it’s the same ol, sameol just different name. Oh well. Still kinda fun.Version: 2418

Game has been ruinedI’ve being playing toon blast for a long time now. It is a good ad free game. However, the recent updates have ruined the game. You can only ask for 5 lives every 4 hours and you get a life automatically every 30 mins but they have made the game so hard to progress that your lives are used rapidly and then you have to wait for ages. I’m sure they have done it so it forces people to buy packs but the game is now boring as your stuck on levels for ages. I have only progressed 7 levels in the last 3 days and I play regularly. I complained to them and they fobbed me off with the excuse it was all down to the algorithm and they couldn’t do anything. Do they think we are stupid?? The coders control the algorithm, they can do something about it. I have spent money on this app which I now feel was a waste as it just isn’t fun anymore..Version: 4940

New Game Changes UnwelcomeThe game beforehand where an alliance could earn free coins for their hard work has been removed, something that’s massively helped myself and my alliance to pass levels. This change is extremely unwelcome as the game now just feels like pay to play, where my alliance has become a lot less interested in playing, where players are unmotivated to play at all. Before when we had the chance to work towards the alliance rewards we would be extremely motivated to work hard, to help each other, so we could all enjoy the reward. It doesn’t feel like that at all now. The game developers clearly want folk to spend more money, which is their prerogative, but in doing so players are a lot less interested in playing because we don’t want to feel forced into paying just to play..Version: 7106

You have to pay for another turn when your coins run outStupid that you have to pay money to try again when you lose a too many times.Version: 5327

I played it, I hated itFor toon blast, the first ad I saw, it was kinda cute. Three days later, I found out I watched the same ad about 33 times! Seriously, you need to take a break! And when I finally gave in to play this game, I was not satisfied. First, it was like a mind of a 6 year old! Second, after every time I play that game, an ad pops up! Third, it kind of creeps me out. Just the thought of a teddy bear smiling at you just gives me the chills. I’m not telling them to turn the game around to a horror show, I’m just saying that they need to make it kind of a 8 or 10 year old kind of game. Think about it, how many 6 year olds have a phone? Probably like only 5,000 after they all dropped their phones or had a temper tantrum! Other than that, I can say the game is pretty great! Also Apachekid777, if you are reading this, that’s the thing with free games. Every free game has some kind of scam to it. The developers have to make money somehow! It’s just all about how wise you are about spending it. For example, I limit myself to $3.00 every month for only one game to make sure I don’t waste all my money..Version: 3878

Over charge !!!!!!Don’t buy extra, several times When I purchased tokens it tripled charged my credit card, and who can you complain to!!!.Version: 6551

AnnoyingYou need more choices to gain lives. If you’re going to make the price to have extra love 100 then you need to make how much we win in tournaments doubled! Out of all the games i have (22) this is the more frustrating game. It’s so ANNOYING when i keep losing, i get so close and lose, it’s clearly rigid. How can i be waiting 3 hours for 5 lives that the game will eventually take away because it doesn’t want me to, I've been on the same level for 2 days. There’s times where i’ve been so frustrated by this game i wont play it for weeks. The only reason why i still have this game is because i’ve reached the highest level you can achieve (level 5500, and in the campions leagues i’m level 308). I don’t recommend this because half the time you’ll be annoyed and want to break your phone..Version: 7016

Great game! But needs a bit of a change!Game would be better if people can send lives or you can build them up as you can only play for 5 minutes and your lives are gone and it takes far to long to get lives back!! I have 300 lives on candy crush and enjoy playing that and I still spend money despite having plenty of lives. Please consider a change in how lives are given or how many we can save up 👍.Version: 3372

Addictive & cynicalEnjoyable & addictive, a totally cynical game that constantly offers the opportunity to make progress if you keep spending small amounts of money. The players who have really high scores must be spending a lot to stay at the top of team/country/ world leader boards. The chances are stacked against you as you near targets and you’ll be left one turn short of completing a level more times than you complete one. You’ll find yourself stuck on levels and denied the chances you need, all designed to tempt you into spending. The game draws you in and sets you team & personal targets. What the game allows you to achieve is geared to your pocket; you pay to get the extra turns or add-ons you need to complete levels in pursuit of your targets. Otherwise progress is so slow that you get bored & frustrated. I’ve removed it from my kids’ devices..Version: 3607

Needs improvementThis game is fun. You can get through the levels without spending money. However the way that teams are set up is ridiculous! When there is a team challenge Sometimes I do spend money, as I’ve always been a team player and I like to win. They promised 50,000 if you win, however, they paid each player (50 on a team) 1000 and the majority of our players have dropped the game so they’re getting what some of our players have worked very hard for. We can’t get rid of the players who quit playing. Only the team leader can do that and unfortunately he has quit playing as well the solution to this is to start a new team, but I like my team and as I have said I am a team player they should only give The players who actually played on the team challenge that. This would solve the problem or get rid of the team leader when they see they are not active this would make the game a lot more fun and I wouldn’t mind spending a little bit of money on a team challenge! I may quit playing soon myself but as for having to spend the morning I am around level 1500 and I am beating the levels! Just feeling a little cheated at this point!!.Version: 3284

Reduced bonuses over time!Longer you play the less help you get in Coins and lives..Version: 2175

Less funThe game itself is reasonably fun but they have changed the game mechanics so you can't go back and replay previous levels to improve your score or earn more stars. Disappointing..Version: 2175

Designed to make you spendFun to play no doubt about that but it is obviously designed to make you fail and force you to spend money. That’s not happening with me so it’s rare that I “win” any challenges. Also, it looks like there are a lot of people that don’t have jobs and play this game way too much..Version: 6551

MehI used to love this game... use to sneak and play it at work, send ppl to voicemail to keep playing... the game used to be really fun to play with the weekly tournaments winning up to $1000 in coins if on a team, awards after completing 10 levels or gaining 20 stars BUT after playing this game for some time now I realized those rewards are all you will ever get ... Whether your on level 1 or 3001 you will get the same rewards for beating 10 levels and achieving 20 stars and with the weekly tournaments the most you will win is $1000 coins. Recently the game added daily challenges where you can win $100 in coins for achieving a goal but the game makes it impossible to achieve the goal or beat a level sometimes to get these coins...even with the weekly tournaments you can be stuck on a level for days during the tournament time frame but as soon as the tournaments done you beat levels. The game needs some new rewards like unlimited lives for 24 hours or an atomic bomb that blows up the whole board OR to allow use of rockets and bombs that you earned during the game not only at the start of the game..Version: 4485

It is possible...It is possible to play through this game without spending a cent on it. This is what I have done and I have made it past stage 850 out of the 1100 total stages. This game is a way to cash out on all the pay to play games, but it isn’t that bad in my opinion. Have some patience and wait for your lives to regenerate then try again. However the stages aren’t really fun after a while. The gimmicks used in different stages are eventually recycled but have a different name and design to it, I.e. make matches next to hats to get carrots, by stage 800 or so they introduce birdhouses where you have to make matches next to them to get birds, same thing just different look to it. This game is fun at first, like they all are, after a while if you want something to do for 5 minutes you can try burning your lives on the same stage for days because there’s quite a bit of luck involved. You can also get on a roll and clear 10+ stages in one run. I have played this game for a few months and have cleared more than 75% of the stages without spending anything in this game, it’s not worth it to me. At this point it’s something to kill a bit of time..Version: 2729

Incredibly stupid developersThis was a great game. Play the levels and then go back and try and get three stars on each level. Since the last update you can now only play your current level and if you beat it with one star then tough on you. Even worse is that once you've completed the levels you actually can't play the game at all. I wrote the developers to complain and they said the new update was to 'enhance my playing enjoyment'. Say what ?? How is NOT being able to play enhancing my enjoyment ? All my friends have deleted this game now. They had a winner and completely blew it. ------------- Update. It just goes from worse to worse. Each update takes something away: first it was the map, then the chest went from 10 stars to 20, then the gold coins went from 5 to 1 and now you can only store 10 gifted lives instead of 20. I used to pay some money as I believe in rewarding developers but never again to anything this company makes. Part of me thinks it is a social experiment to see how badly they can treat their players until there is no-one left. I'm just stunned by the idiocy of this company..Version: 2222

Cultural disrespectI just made it to level 1651 and the game uses images of native livelyhood and native clothing within this level. This would not be a problem but the level is titled “Stomp Dance”. I’m not sure what I’m an supposed to think of these visuals as a player, but as an indigenous person I find this level extremely disrespectful and racist and I feel like my culture is being made fun of. I will be deleting this game and I hope other will consider this when choosing their next game to download.Version: 6202

Still frustratingI used to enjoy this game a lot until the powers that be took away gold coin rewards at the completion of each level. After level 1000 it is quite difficult to complete levels in the number of moves allotted. So saving up gold coins is crucial and it generally takes many hours of play to save even 100 up to buy 5 extra moves. But that isn’t the worst part. After you run out of moves a button appears that says Play On. If you mistakenly hit it it doesn’t ask for authorization or Are you sure? it just automatically takes your precious 100 coins. Even though I’ve played this game for a while I still press Play On by accident thinking I am hitting Play Again. It should with ask Are you sure? or have a split button saying Play On or End Game. It seems the makers of the game want you to hit it by accident to have you waste your coins so you feel inclined to purchase more with real money. Kind of a sucky way to treat your most dedicated players..Version: 3372

AgreeI agree with the last reviewer in that the game is set up for you to fail, lest you spend your resources to move forward. I add, it is fraught with glitches, which may actually be intentional attempts to frustrate you into purchasing. My most recent go at it on a level, suddenly ended with 17 moves left. I’ve had coins “disappear” without my spending as well. When addressed with customer service I received the ol’ deny, deny, deny response, further stating I had made purchases I know I had not. To the player I second the warning, beware as you play. They are not on your side and it was not just designed for your entertainment. The bottom line is as it always is, to make a profit. Know this as you play and read the reviews. The truth is there in print for you to see! Update: They’ve begun to make certain “cheaper” packages unavailable to further force your hand into purchasing more. Also be on the lookout for when your star chest doesn’t refill your lives, because that happens from time to time as well. Upon informing customer service they said “the update does not guarantee free lives” so they admit they punish a player instead of reward them. The app developer is a joke. Terrible system..Version: 3678

Really appreciatedI’m really appreciate to the guys whoever think about the patterns of dropping from above. I know nothing is random. It’s pre-carefully-calculated. These guys know what the player actually want and they trying to make a lot of barriers to not given what we want. Then we are getting angry and put it away the app for long time. Then later on play again like few weeks later, it’s reduce the difficulty. What a cool concept. But now I have big problems, every time how much ever I try, I am just closet episode with champion leagues. Never have been play the CL yet. Just need to reach CL a few levels like 10 to 20 levels then new episode comes out. Whew.. I give up guys. See you in next games. May be. Thanks for making me very difficult times, though I won that I never spend a penny for this games. It’s not coz of expensive, the quantities that you offer is very much lower than expected satisfaction level. If you could increase it like 5 to 10 times then I’ll consider back and spend some money. Have a long lives..Version: 4063

Wont allow a reset - rubbishIve played this game for months now. But recently had a problem with it and wanted to reset the levels back to no 1. However the devs have rigged it so that you cannot ever start the game from the beginning again. This is because the first 100 level are easy and ‘draw’ you in. After that it gets increasingly harder and you are tempted to spend money buying lives etc. it now becomes a money making scheme rather that good simple entertainment. Ive achieved level 884 and would like to restart. on their website they say this is to stop people accidentally losing their game. Rubbish. All you have to do is add in a ‘Are you sure you want to delete’ button within the game! Come devs! Don’t be so grasping..Version: 4628

HorribleWhen I saw the add I really wanted the game a so I got it then I Realised it was NOTHING like the add if you want people to get the game make sure the adds are Exactly like the game and not made up I was going to delete it but it wasn’t working so i NEVER played it AGAIN. You should also have more lives or infinity lives or you have to come back every 18 mins it’s very annoying you should also not just show all the good Comments cause there are probably more bad comments than good ones the game is HORRIBLE I’m eleven years old that’s what I think of this game (Im not telling the whole world my name).Version: 4339

RacistLevels 1651-1700 are an episode called stomp dance, featuring the characters wearing Native American headdresses. This is highly racist towards the First Nation people. Please change it..Version: 3878

Good GameI think this is a good game and all but the update is terrible.I was once looking through App Store and I found this game so I started playing for a while, then I started having to pay for coins I mean it's a kids game why pay for coins, so then I had been getting a little more addicted and started playing it on my spare time around the house, but then this update came along so I updated the game and it took me back to my previous level and everything was needing loads of updates and it was taking up far to much storage.I am not making it look like this is a terrible game but if you could fix it that will be great. Thank you.Version: 2686

Really want to rate 5 star....I’d really love to rate this game 5* because I genuinely love it. But the further on you get, the harder the levels are. This game would be so much more enjoyable with an unlimited lives feature.. say for instance if you win a star or team torment.. winning unlimited lives for an hour or so in your chest would enable us to have more game time. Because when yiur stuck on a hard level, even with 15 lives, playing time is low and less enjoyable. Or if there was an option to buy this at a small price with a few boosters for say £1.99p. because atm the In app purchases aren’t very appealing, too expensive and not enough in the bundle for your money.. the game is becoming more frustrating than enjoyable and it’s a shame because I’ve dedicated alot of time to it and I love my team..Version: 4940

Good game!!This app is about to get deleted: making it harder doesn’t make me want to spend money. Makes me want to quit and stop playing.Version: 6551

Good way to pass the timeSorry if my review is long but there is a lot that needs to be said. This game is really fun to play, however the adverts are quite misleading. It only ever shows you matching two power ups and blowing up the whole board, meanwhile, that rarely happens. The levels are sometimes ridiculously hard and don’t give you enough moves, and if you want to participate in an event, you have to pass a level. They don’t make it very easy to acquire coins, so if you are really stuck on a level, your options are to pay, or to just leave it which can be frustrating. I am currently on level 94, and there have been countless times of when I am seriously stuck to the point where I end up not playing the game for months on end. I got this game because I saw an advert of the game and was otherwise disappointed upon discovering the reality. Please do something about this.Version: 3705

Inappropriate ImagesIt is a fun addictive game but I am deleting it due to the inappropriate depiction of Native Americans on the Stomp dance level. Fix this and I will reinstall the app..Version: 4031

Fun game...This game is super addictive and fun, but it’s the most annoying thing when i run out of lives because i can only play for a few minutes before it tells me i can’t for like half an hour - and by the time that half an hour’s up, i’ve forgotten about the game and don’t play for a few days. I’ll probably just delete the app when this gets too annoying unless it’s changed. I get that you want to make money, but this just pushes players away..Version: 4367

Life regenerationI love the game ! It’s so addictive but one thing that I just cannot deal with is the amount of time it takes for lives to regenerate I think it should be like 10-15 mins not 30 🤦🏽‍♀️.Version: 4278

Money drainThis game is absolute trash. I’m at Level 198. Every 10 levels the game repeats itself. E.g. lvl1-5 will be easy and you’ll feel you’re doing well, (when in all honesty it’s just the right drops at the right time in the right place). Level 6-10 will be deathly hard (the most unneeded and inconvenient drops) at the worst moments possible. This cycle repeats. 11-15 easy 16-20 hard 21-25 easy 26-39 hard Etc... this games a money bank. So a word of caution don’t give the game developers a cent for their trash game..Version: 3257

Love the game, but......I love playing this game! It is very addicting and also it really makes you think about the moves that you make. What I have an issue with is once you get up in the higher levels, you really either need to be a genius and can figure out the puzzle every time or you need to buy coins all of the time. I am not a genius and I am not someone who can spend money on coins all the time. I end up playing the same level over and over and over again until I magically clear the board. The other thing that I see as simply a ploy to get you to buy more coins is the first time you want five more turns it’s only 100 coins. But if you can’t clear the board in those five turns, to buy another five turns it goes up to 200 coins. Granted, they do give you some power ups, but it’s not that good of a bargain IMO. For those of us who can’t constantly buy coins, this game is very frustrating and I think they need to rethink their strategy a little for those who love the game and want to play it but have a very modest bank account..Version: 5707

Crap!Game that wants you to spend money but can’t enjoy for the fun of it. If you don’t spend, they drag you on!.Version: 4846

RiggedLike most games in here it’s rigged so that there’s NO WAY to pass higher levels unless you spend money. Deleted..Version: 4782

The game seems to be controlled and temp you into buying more coins when it is not even worth it.Its not worth wasting your time playing this game as once you reach a certain level its all about paying for coins to move any further. So highly not recommended !.Version: 3138

Fun for a while, but wants you’re moneyFun game, but if you’re looking for a game with endless casual playability look else where. As far as I can tell the game is influenced by whether or not you spend money or in game currency. You can spend days with bad luck over bad luck and then suddenly clear a level without any skill. Even more when you buy a pack with micro transactions, you’d think you had the luck of the gods on your side for a while as the game suddenly seams to deal you perfect combos. Yet when it’s been a while since you fished out your pocket books the game turns into a frustrating mess of unmatchable coloured squares that make you question your sanity in wanting to play a casual mobile game. TLDR: fun for a while, but get your finance in order if you fancy playing long term with this seemingly money centric game..Version: 4339

Unfair tournaments and unsupported supportAt first the game was quite fun to play, especially the group tournaments where fierce fun battles happen to get top spot. Then for some reason the teams are placed in groups with much much much lower scoring teams making it impossible for higher scoring teams to win. This is totally against what is stated in game support and writing to support does nothing. On the coin issues, it took a lot to open a star chest and most of the time only receive 10 coins? How cheap and low can you get? We used to be able to regularly get 30-50 coins. You are turning into money grubbing. Why can we not have more than ten lives in bank? If our teammates are able to help with lives it should be unlimited. Lastly, on the issue of team leaders, due to your greedy ways a lot of players leave including leaders. Why can’t you enable for the team members to nominate a new leader instead of randomly select one?.Version: 3284

You’ve just made this game tediousI had been enjoying this game until the most recent update. Previously you would automatically get extra moves after you’d unsuccessfully played a level 5 times. This was great as some of the harder levels have to be played many times in order to succeed. Now there’s no extra moves no matter how many times you play that level. This makes the game tiresome and frustrating. Would be interested if anyone else feels the same..Version: 4031

Parents concernMy kids love this game but unfortunately I feel we may have to stop them playing it. After having the game for only a short time they have had over 12 people join their team - they obviously think this is fun and boosted their score but it doesn’t feel right to me. In joining my kids team these people, who are total strangers, have the ability to chat to them online which I find really worrying. I’m not sure why the “chat” function is necessary in this game and it definitely raises alarm bells as a parent that total strangers have access to my kids online. It’s a shame as they love playing it. A note from my child - please take off the chatting part so they can join are team but not chat to you because as a leader I had to kick them out of my team because you don’t know who they are. Please fix this then me and my family would feel safe and happy..Version: 3138

Waste of timeWas a lovely game until I got to level 2000. After that it just takes forever to pass a level (2-3 days). Looks like the way game is created is to either push users long enough until they agree to purchase extra lives of its obvious they’re not gonna budge. In a week I completed 3 levels. The rest is just pathetic. Yes it’s understandable levels should get harder as it goes. But there’s a difference between harder and impossible to complete. And then once you complained in the group chat you magically pass a level and then fly through 5-6 of them until you’re stuck again. Also, you have most chances in passing a level at the 2 try. Or if you only have 1 life left. Just a rigged rubbish. Should make it easier or at least give unlimited lives given we are all stuck at home bored..Version: 5015

Not worth downloadingI downloaded this game not long ago. Was very “addictive” but I’m over it. All those boosts that you need to help you win, or coins are so hard to get. Every 10 levels you get like 15 coins and 2 boosts, it’s easy at first but to GET to that later on... not easy you end up using all your boosts and stuck on a level. They need more “watch an ad and gain boosts” or at least do it like candy crush, where you can get 3 boosts at a time so you enjoy playing it. Only good thing is you can get lives from your team. I would say over all, candy crush is a better game because of the boosts that help u win and keep u interested..Version: 4437

Money hungryThe game is rigged to make you need to spend money quickly. I spend money on apps but not when they’re this desperate. Fun game though..Version: 2629

Enjoyable game but needs more advancementsThis game is very addictive and enjoyable, but there are too few powers, and I feel like the game kind of forces use you to spend money to advance further. They need to have more powers. The free lives thing from the team thing is good, but the waiting time period is really difficult. This game should think about maybe incorporating free ads or other free options to get coins, lives or powers. And for just 5 extra moves, you have to spend 100 coins which in itself are so hard to get. So in conclusion, this game is enjoyable and has plenty of potential but it needs to be expanded further to make it easier to play without spending money..Version: 4628

Not so good anymoreI used to love this game until the recent updates when it’s become virtually impossible to pass levels easily. Before you would get stuck on one level, complete that and the next few would be easy to do first time, but now I barely get through 10. I also used to finish in the top half of the star tournament now I’m lucky to get out the bottom ten. I’m not willing to spend money on it to complete levels because frankly I don’t have that spare cash lying around so it’s quickly becoming frustrating and I am considering deleting. This is one of the few games I’ve found that I’ve actually not got bored of in 10 minutes but something changed..Version: 4278

Good game but...I’ve been playing this game for a while, and have reached level 1651! However, this set of levels is playing into the stereotype of Indigenous culture. It’s 2021, culture appropriation should not be tolerated..Version: 6551

FrustratingI mean as much as i like this game (because of no ads) there are some completely impossible levels and you can only pass those levels by using your coins.I went from about 1000 coins to 0 coins because of stupid level 184. I have used about 40 lives from that level trying to beat it and i have used up all my level boosters and its annoying because when i need one more bubble to pop it says im out of goes so what i do is i waste 100 coins just to get that one go because obviously they give u five when u pay 100 coins BUT i only need one more go. Also in the situation of 1 thing left to pop or burst, it takes more than five goes to get the right colour blocks next to eachother to pop the bubble so i waste coins. Please fix this by putting 1 more life or go in the game option and make someone pay like 10 coins for one more go or two more goes cause I END UP WAISTING MY COINS!!!!!!.Version: 3443

A Great Game RUINEDI’m a team captain and our chat section, which is where we communicate and help each other with lives, is INUNDATED WITH SPAM. Amd I am not even allowed to ‘report and delete’ to get rid of it, as I keep ‘ reaching my limit’. This makes it impossible for the team to communicate. The spam is always the same. It is an invitation to join a toon58 or similar website, watch loads of ads, sign up to various accounts, and then get 8000 free coins and unlimited lives. Either this is organised by those that run the game, or otherwise those organisers have miserably failed to protect the players, and the game, from what is effectively a disgraceful nuisance. Several of our team have reached maximum level, and I am above level 3000. It is possible,despite all the moaners. But this spam is an utter disgrace. Peak, whoever you are, you should be very very ashamed to have let this happen after such an investment in creating the game in the first place. A public apology, and a permanent ‘ fix ‘ is way overdue..Version: 5484

You've lost a starI was gonna give this 5 stars, but as with the last update, you've discontinued the map, which is frustrating as I liked seeing where my friends were on the map, as well as going back to redo previous levels to improve our efforts. You need to rethink this through as you're gonna get complaints and lower ratings. My suggestion is, keep the map, but don't award stars for redoing levels, then everybody's a winner. Update: I'm literally on the verge of deleting this game as with the latest update (11 Sep) there doesn't seem to be no more than 45 moves on each level (I'm on level 494) making them near impossible to complete. Is this a crafty way to purchase your price packages? Face facts Peak, unless you're a millionaire, NO-ONE is going to buy them! And bring back the frigging map or this game is gone!!!! 😡.Version: 2175

RIP OFFThis game gets harder the further you progress, to the extent that you can be stuck on levels for 2 or 3 days or more. You can join a team, but can only ask for lives every 4hrs. In addition to this the reward for effort ratio is heavily favoured towards the developers. Example, an extra 5 moves cost 100 coins, if you need a further 5 moves on the same level it costs double the amount of coins & so forth. 3 boxing gloves cost 400 coins. For each life you give to a fellow team member you get 1 coin. When you complete 10 levels you open a box & on average get 10 coins. Get 20 stars you get on average 15 coins. So when you consider the reward ratio you can see it’s wholly designed to get you to spend and we’re not talking a £1 or two. The basic package costs £6.99 where you get 200 coins and 1 of each the other boost ups, like 1 boxing glove, 1 anvil etc. Every Monday to Wednesday they have a team chest where you have to get on average 3000 stars. If you’re lucky & succeed you get 250 coins. However if you have less than 50 team members you don’t get the extra coins. If you fail one week they then increase the number of stars needed. If you get hooked on this game you’d best have deep pockets! RIP OFF.Version: 4547

Great gameCan be addicting.Version: 2175

Corrupt and out to make moneyHave been playing this game for a few years now but it is solely directed to make the player spend money on its in app purchases to complete levels! If you don’t spend money you are stuck on the same level for days and then suddenly you open a 50 coin daily box to be able to move on! The amount of times I have got down to the last square and to complete you need to buy coins! This is not a random skill game, it is very much computer fixed! You can combine loads of bombs and rockets throughout the early part of the game and then suddenly when the board is nearly complete there are no coloured squares together!! Play the game but be careful they direct you and manipulate you into buying coins out of pure frustration!!! Rant over....Version: 6096

It’s fun in the beginningIt’s fun in the beginning but then it gets ridiculously hard. Hard is ok but when it gets too hard no longer fun. Also, you can’t reset. It you could reset, then it would be fun again. I use games to relax and have fun not get frustrated. I won’t download again..Version: 4929

More Lives & Coins!!!!!Look this game is awesome and so addictive but this life & coin thing is ridiculous. You run out of lives very quick in this game and you have to wait for a long time just to even get one and why can’t you make it that we can have more then 5 lives. Also do something where we can earn or get a 30mins, 1 hour, 2 hour infinity play like some other games. And now to talk about the coin issue. What ever happen to getting 50 coins every time you finish a stage? Also I think you need to jack up on the coin earnings instead of this random 10, 15, 20 & 25 for opening a chest or completing every 10 levels. Why not every 5 levels at least. And also every time you unlock a new episode we should get a bonus of coins and power up as that is a great achievement to get to this point. Think about it! Make it happen! I’ve been playing this game for a while now, spent a lot of money and time in this game but you are loosing me and others too. You want people to keep playing your game as much as possible not come back every few hours or days or weeks or delete it. Make some better changes with more lives & coins please. This is my favourite puzzle game on my phone but I’ve been getting so annoyed with this game for a few weeks now I’m giving you at least 2 stars. Would of been 10 stars (if possible) if these changes were to happen or was like this in the first place..Version: 3246

Reels you inInitially love this game, couldn’t understand why everyone says about it being a cash cow, was going through the levels fairly well and the tournaments are good ways to earn prizes and coins, however- since around level 800, as it seems to be mirroring what others say, suddenly every level takes 40-50 lives to pass, this has resulted in not being able to complete tournaments or team events as no one can get passed the levels. Always ends with just one of 2 needing, arrows pointing the wrong ways. Considering how quickly this changed it is too different to the first 800 levels to be a coincidence. Was a great game but now being deleted as it can no longer be played without spending money.Version: 3607

FlawedInitially I loved this game, simple, no ads. But upon playing it for a while I started to see flaws in the game play. Sadly yet again it’s a cash cow. How many times have I got to the last block only for the right piece to finish suddenly appear. But alas no coins to finish. But I can buy some. How many hours have I wasted on the same level for the blocks never to fall right for me. How many rockets never fall in the right direction. Seriously I know how this works it’s how developers pay their workers but make it affordable. One day a developer will go I’ll sell more if it’s cheaper ..6.99 for one of everything and 500 coins. RIPoff. It’s not even a game of skill. If the blocks don’t fall right you never finish. How many times have a plodded away hitting pairs of blocks no where near the area I need them to be. Do I sound miffed you bet, am I angry at Ryan Reynolds for sucking me into this game u bet.. just sort it so fairer.Version: 3309

Should be 5 stars but...... at some point, an update changed things. There is a Star Chest, that when you get 20 stars it’s available to unlock. At first, whenever you unlocked it, one of the prizes was always filling your hearts (life). So you could save opening that chest until you were out of turns, then open it to get 5 more. Guess they decided to change that, so now it never gives you lives and only provides some power-ups. The lives thing was a nice bonus, a shame they nixed it. Also, when starting levels with power-ups (from beating previous levels) they have changed the location of those power-ups to purposely be as far apart as possible.. it seemed more random before and occasionally they would line up next to one another. Small complaints, but they are obviously put in there to make things harder and hope people will buy lives. Hopefully no one spends any additional money in-game! The game is fun and challenging enough without these crappy tweaks..Version: 3635

An eventual effort in futility.Would I recommend it? For a little while. There’s a number of the usual problems, such as it hitting a point where it’s unplayable without spending coins or boosters. Which it’s pretty generous of in the early stages of the game, but they petter off just as the difficulty hits the “you wanted to have fun? Too bad!” Stage. Which is a shame because the game is aesthetically appealing and well put together. However for people who DONT want to spend money on it it does become impossible. For a time the difficult as heck levels are followed by relatively easy ones and it’s a nice cycle. For a time. Then that stops or more harder levels follow each other and it becomes an unfun mess. It’s a shame that games like these aren’t better balanced for players who don’t want to spend money but then again that’s kinda the whole point. Making people spend money. As a final point of contention the lives take around 30 minutes to recharge, which is an UBSURD length of time. TLDR: fun for the first couple of chapters, then becomes impossible to beat levels without spending money. Lives take too long to recharge. Maybe if you’re bored or have exhausted all other games like it..Version: 4593

Good but...Liked this game a lot at first but after you get well into the 300 levels it starts to get really frustrating. The rewards given are very little. Seems like they calibrate them so well that challenging turns into frustrating and for me when a game is a lot of frustration time to delete it. 100 coins to play 5 more moves and if you pay for the coins that’s about a dollar. Don't get it after all it will cost you 200 coins to go for another 5. Install if you want to but if you are looking to play a game without paying much real money this is probably not for you or be prepared to play the same level over and over. The is no ad watch instead of in game currency and you can get extra guys free but only 5 every 4 hours IF you are in a group that has several active players. My group hasn’t been bad but out of 50 people only 5-10 play and that means you have to wait for those people to select help to give you a life after you request them..Version: 2418

HorribleI absolutely hate this game for many reasons. The first one is the “lives”. I hate the system where you only get 5 and have to wait another hour or so to fully get the rest of them. Another piece of the problem is that it all comes down to paying money. I am not willing to pay anything for another game so I’m left with a measly and horrible amount of only 5 games. Another problem is the setup. The game itself is addicting because you want to beat levels and have the satisfaction of beating another level. The game though controls you moves so you don’t win unless the game decides so. On occasion you can get through 1 or 2 levels without wasting a life but in the end I always get stuck and have to wait hours until I can finish it. Another problem is coins. I like the idea that you can use coins to get more stuff but I hate the fact that you get about 15 or 25 coins when just getting an extra 5 moves is 100 coins. I hate it. The entire setup of this game is addicting and stupid and you should really avoid getting the game..Version: 5015

Your Doing Something wrongOkay, so I’m here to talk about your ads. Listen your ads make me not want to get the game. All that happens in them is a finger clicks some blocks and then a sphere and everything goes boom. This makes me not want to get the game as it makes it seem way to easy and boring. Incorporate more fireworks and bombs into them as well and then it wouldn’t be to bad to see the mega sphere thing. Also I saw in one of your ads you showed a stage hazard thing. LEAVES. That’s actually cool and I was thinking about actually downloading the game until you used the mega sphere and instantly killed the leaves showing it to be much to easy. Now I assume you game actually isn’t all to easy so it needs to be like that in your ads. This game just came off as easy and boring and normally with that comes a lot of in app purchases you practically need to make to win so that’s what I saw by your ads. Change them and I might actually consider playing more than just the first 3 levels of your game instead of practically just downloading it to write a review about how bad you ads are..Version: 3529

AddictiveThis game is addictive , a good time waster ! I haven’t bought and thing yet and I’m not about to ! The programmers want you to spend your hard earned cash buying power ups but I’ve just perspired with it I’m up to level 338 I’ve said to myself many times give in and delete it . Unless you have the help of your team mates for lives I would of quit long ago .. you can be lucky and pass levels easy of it may take 20 lives !! It’s a real mind game try and pick the right color squares to remove overall game is ok.Version: 4701

BewareI have been in a great team and really enjoying this game for a couple of years, but please beware. Every now and again the developers make big changes to the way it operates and they come up with what seem to be more ways to encourage you to spend the coins and resources you earn and make them more difficult to earn and all of this adds up to pressurising you to be spending money I get that games need to be refreshed to keep them interesting and to appeal to new players, but the latest changes, made a few days ago has resulted in people who have loved and promoted the game threatening to leave it. If I had known two years ago, what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have bothered inventing so much time in it. A lot of players in our team feel pretty let down.Version: 7102

Come onI played Toon Blast a few years ago and stopped around level 450 because it was too difficult. The levels cheat you and want you to spend money for more attempts to beat an impossible level. They even took advantage of the Deadpool 2 hype and gave Ryan Reynolds an undisclosed amount of money to promote their game. They officially went even lower by using the same click bait advertising technique that’s now being used by multiple games (Homescapes, Gardenscapes, Matchington Mansion, Townships, Fishdom, Lily’s Garden and Klondike). The Apple and GP stores need to start doing something in regards to these scammy advisements. Because Apple claims that they can’t do anything about how apps advertises their apps when actually can seeing how more and more games are using the same advertising. Also there’s a review stating that people should sue Ryan Reynolds for Toon Blasts advertising. Ryan has nothing to do with how Peak is running, developing and advertising their games. He was just paid to make awful ads and promote the game. It’s funny cause there’s an ad where he’s clearly bored out of his mind and wants it to be over with. Like I mentioned earlier it was Peak taking advantage of the Deadpool 2 hype..Version: 4063

Great Game but lost its incentive with ChestThis game really is a great game. I’ve been playing it for ages and have beat all the levels, waiting for updates, several times. Even though, as is typical, we can tell the game is cheating us time and time again by sending 19/20 boosters in the wrong direction, I continued to play. It was that addictive. Cute graphics, challenging levels, the ability to periodically receive lives from teammates, team challenge events - all have turned this into my favorite game of all time. If I feel like a game I’d ONLY trying to get my money, I will not play. This one had the balance of difficulty and attainability perfected - enough to keep us coming back. However, with this last update, taking away the free lives in the Star Chest, it is having me question my loyalty. That Star Chest is gained after collecting 20 stars and ALWAYS contained the ability to restore to full lives (& 2 other rewards). We work really hard to get to 20 stars, knowing that reward will come, along with the ability to play a little more. How can you just suddenly take it away after all this time. Bring it back!!.Version: 3635

False advertisingI like the game the only bad thing is that the advertising says that you can get the boosters all the time but in the real life you can’t it’s not that easy it’s a very bad false advertisement I would say you should change it but the game is good all over wrong why do you like it is just some also having to have the other five health and heart out of time and when you lose you have to wait 30 minutes for it to refill your also forcing most people to spend money to get higher levels because they can’t complete the impossible levels. Think about that.Version: 4031

Game was awesome, not so nowThe recent updates have taken it from a fun game to one thats too hard to pass and where you have to keep paying to pass. Can’t afford this once fun and relaxing game.Version: 7102

It’s a good game but the developers are greedy and there are aspects that just DON’T WORK.I love this game but I do agree with some of the negatives. 1. I would rather watch an ad than give you my hard earned $$$. 2. What is with the champions league? Every time I get to it, I start at level 1 again. How the hell can I get to where the other players are??? It just seems unfair and pointless...then I stop playing. 3. How is it that I’ve clocked the highest level but only get 10-15 coins still??? Surely if your players are that dedicated you could increase it every 500 levels or so..Version: 4485

More stars for more livesThis game is a lot of fun... then suddenly you’re out of lives and have to literally go begging other players or wait up to 30mins for another one. And you can never have more than five lives in your bank. Speaking of banks - this piggy bank business is a scam! Players are constantly prompted to purchase a piggy bank for real life cash money (AUD$4.49) whilst being led to believe this will be of benefit in-game as yours is “full” and coins you're earning each level cannot be added to it. Thanks to some helpful reviews I’ve discovered that even if you buy a bank, it will be destroyed every so often and then you have to pay for another. For shame peak games!! And don’t even get me started on the price of bundles of coins and boosts. I’m sweating just thinking about it! You’d be getting 5 stars from me if you just made us sit through boring ads to earn more lives because other than that simple yet significant fact, the game itself is awesome..Version: 2594

No 3 Stars?This could be a brilliant game, but it has 2 major flaws: 1) As other reviews point out - If you don’t achieve the top ‘score’ of 3 stars on a level, there is no option to replay that level. 2) The piggy bank - at the end of every level you receive some coins, which can be used to purchase power-ups/extra lives etc. At first, this seems like a good idea, until you realise that the piggy bank only holds 600 coins (which doesn’t take too long to collect).... and then you realise you have to pay £2.99 every time for the 600 coins to be released. Once the piggy bank is full, at the end of every level you see the coins you have just ‘won’ bounce off the piggy bank and disappear - which leaves the player feeling disheartened and disappointed - not how I want to feel when chilling out and relaxing. As there are other ways to win coins, the piggy bank is clearly a blatant and manipulative marketing ploy - not a pleasant angle in a game that would obviously be enjoyed by children. The above could easily be remedy by 1) Either make all levels 1 star, or reinstate the option to replay a level, and 2) Remove the piggy bank from the end of each level once it is full, to within the menu, so the option to buy the coins is still available, should the player so wish..Version: 2629

This is a copy right of candy crushThis game doesn’t have a end like candy crush.Version: 6631

Have given upI have played this game for a long time, never spending any money on it. I am on Level 1445. I have noticed that each level is now designed to eat up any lives or coins you have before allowing you to complete it. You can tell that the way the blocks appear you ain't going to be completing the level for sometime. It ruins the enjoyment of the game. I now just run through ten tries without even looking, just tapping rapidly. Even then if I have coins or lives built up, I know I am going have to lose them before the game will give me a chance of winning. What happened to games without algorithms written for to attempt to force users to spend money. I used to buy games, but not anymore because of in -app algorithms designed to frig the game to try to get more money out of people. The creators will end up destroying the business. Imagine having to play a chess game knowing it was rigged to stop you winning!.Version: 4547

Umm..This game is rather enjoyable, but it feels like every aspect of the game has been specifically designed to get you to spend money. I read the reviews and thought people were just being picky, but you basically have to pay to play. I’m only at level 24 and I have already run out of lives twice. It feel as though the game has predetermined whether or not I will pass a level. As silly as it sounds, it really gives off the impression that you are wasting lives so you’ll buy more to continue playing. Perhaps the developers could add in a “hard level” warning so you aren’t surprised when you can’t pass level 4? Usually games like this give you the first 10 levels (or so) to get used to everything and figure out the gameplay before giving you combinations that don’t help you complete the level. I also think the chests may be spaced too many stars apart. At the moment it’s not a problem but I imagine that when I get to harder levels it will take a lot longer to get rewards. I hope at the very least the rewards get better as you go..Version: 3257

FixedThe game will either let you complete the level or it wont. It knows what power up you need, when you need it and very rarely gives it you. Sometimes you get a good run & sometimes you dont, oh and it will start giving you power-ups when your moves are low to entice you to spend 100 coins for a further 5 moves (5 lives cost 100 when your not playing a level) to complete the level, or if your insane actually pay for more lives. Ive also noticed when your stuck on a level and not played the game for a few days it will 80% of the time allow you to complete the level first time then the frustration starts again. I do remember being on the same level for about 3/4 weeks at one point. I do ‘enjoy’ the game from time to time but I find it mostly laborious . If you’ve got patience its the game for you, otherwise stay clear..Version: 5180

Beware developer has become greedyHad to happen they used cartoons to make the game cute but if you want to get high levels it’s going to cost and it costs a lot! And costs have gone up 5 x this year alone ( 2019) I’m at max level 2451 and support is so rude when you ask questions on game and why they have made it so difficult that every round needs $20 spent on it. Support I run a big group in game and trust me everyone is complaining about how you have changed the structure! And charging high amounts for items that don’t help Beware typical game that overcharging is happening. Don’t get sucked in.Version: 3878

Latest update will have many leavingDisappointing game play, levels are harder and rewards are ordinary. Fix it before you have many deleting..Version: 7106

The final straw lvl 5500I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated with the game the last few months as levels have become less enjoyable and more annoying. I now feel like the game has got to the point where unless you’re willing to pay for boosts you are no longer able to play in a way that’s enjoyable. Each level now taking days of frustration and then only able to complete with boosts. The final straw is lvl 5500 after a run of similar experiences. It’s not fun, it’s not clever, it is frustrating and annoying, the very opposite of why I play the game ie to have fun! This also comes after being mysteriously kicked from 2 separate teams both of which claim to have lost several valuable members without them having deliberately kicked people. I’m sorry to say the game has now been deleted from my phone..Version: 7106

STOP MAKING HIGHER LEVELS IMPOSSIBLE TO WINUpdate of my previous review: I still have the same concerns and am more frustrated than I was before. I’m also starting to play less because it’s getting dull!! I’m sure there are lots of more interesting games out there I should look into. Seriously what is wrong with the developers of this game? Stop making the higher levels so impossible. Takes a lot of fun out of it cuz let’s face it, we’re not playing this because it’s a high skilled game!! Now that I’m on the higher levels they seem impossible to beat. It takes a week to get through one level. This game is losing its appeal and getting boring!!.Version: 6745

Decent gameI got this game because of the adds with Ryan And it helped me thought the toughest parts of college classes I’ve had it for three years and was pretty far in the game. The memories were sweet and old Toon Blast and I had Fun. But today the gods of Toon conspired to end me. In the middle of a game after a hard day on the front line the game reset my level in an instant nearly 20 thousand levels with five stars where wiped. In this game the first time completing a level is the only time, no going back to try and improve, it’s a one and done. but it’s good because then your not caught up in the past trying to prefect every level. I’ll never be able to replace the Nothankyou’s The lovely group i created, a group to go to battle with, to gather stars with, to share Hearts with but most importantly to gain coin with. To those that are looking for a fun puzzle solving color matching game with lots of content and funny animals this is a great game. But be warned the Toon gods may Blast away all your data and start you over from scratch. Farewell Toon Blast Farewell Nothankyou’s may the ashes of my levels be as annoying as only having five hearts and a 20min cool down timer..Version: 5123

Just DeletedIf you want to be continuously frustrated by being one move away from advancing... This is the game for you. Just another “spend money” to win game. Complete garbage..Version: 4593

Greedy! The last upgrade made me to delete the gameWhen I started to play this game it was really fun, after a couple of upgrades it became annoying , the developers are so greedy,is not worth the time to play it anymore. Good luck to the greedy developers! If they will continue with this "upgrades" they will be out of business.Version: 2175

Good design although not creative and can cause bankruptcyI have liked this game so far, but there isn’t really much depth into it if you think about it. There is the same thing in different levels. Crates, blocks, bombs, disco balls, rockets, bigger versions of bombs, etc. Those were only some of the things I could describe that is mainly in the game. One thing, the animals or mainly the mascots for the game just don’t fit. Honestly, Toy Blast thought of a better mascot and their mascot is a rocket, since it’s a toy in “Toy” Blast. But bears, a wolf, etc. aren’t “toony” unless they’re in cartoons. Another thing, don’t waste money on Toon Blast or Toy Blast, since after using the things you bought with your money you’re gonna want to buy more to win and then finally find out hours later that you’re bankrupt. I haven’t experienced this yet since I am just a child who doesn’t have a job. Of course children mostly can’t have a job. But of course, that is a possible scenario and it can happen. It’s like realistic fiction, because it probably hasn’t happened yet but it can. Have a good day everybody, and I hope this information has helped at least one of you reading this review..Version: 3529

Unplayable over timeI want to start by saying that this is a good game. That said, this has some features that I cannot stand. First off, the life limit is stupid. I just have a fundamental objection with being limited to a number of lives, and having a timer to regain them. Which brings me to my next problem. I cannot stand pay to play features. If you want to make money, then sell the game for a couple bucks and make other things unlockable as you progress. And finally, as you progress in the game, I understand that it should become increasingly difficult. But in my experience, I’ve progressed to the point that each level is becoming almost impossible to pass unless the absolute series of miracles falls in the game to essentially clear the level. I’ve had this game a couple weeks and I am honestly experiencing burnout. It’s become difficult to the point that I don’t find it enjoyable let alone playable unless I start utilizing pay to play features. To that end, I am giving two stars. Well done game, unoriginal concept, and becomes unplayable much beyond level 150 unless you start shelling out money..Version: 2594

Why do we pay for coins we have earned??While the game is good, fast and fun, it seems a huge rip off to pay for coins we have earned in the ‘piggy bank’ and we can only earn 600 and if we haven’t bought them- we loose the coins we earn after that! If we want more coins, we buy more coins- feeling ripped off!!.Version: 2540

Well designed.....TO MAKE MONEY 😂Now let’s be fair to Toon Blast, it’s a very good game, awesome mechanics, easy to get into and once you start to work out combos, it becomes even more involving. There is no ads, and that’s great, the levels are designed and gamed in a way by them for you to lose quite a few times, so you spend lots of money on extras, BUT there’s no ads so I commend them for doing that. The ads they use (oh the irony!) on other games are completely misleading and also designed for them to get money and don’t forget to ‘really cute’ animals so more kids will play it so they can pester their parents to ‘pay money’ for all thise extras. So well done to the team for designing the perfect game model for making money, using no ads but every other tricks in the book to do it, at least you’re not as sneaky as Nintendo but only nearly as bad .... CEO give yourself a pat on the back .... except for one thing ... why are you not so high up on the charts?! Hmmmm 😜 money can’t buy a chart position - maybe you can pay for some chart lives! 😂.Version: 5001

Just another cash grabOriginally, I really liked the game. New challenges, nice pace of difficulty, nice items to help you out. But the further you go, the more the game just stops giving you any way to beat it, having to waste 5-10 turns tapping a pair of blocks in the corner of the screen which does absolutely nothing for you. Effectively, the game stops being fun and becomes another pay-to-win game. Really disappointing. But it’s fun enough to begin. I’m at level 1072, and probably won’t get much further before I stop playing so you can get some distance without throwing loads of money at it if you’re patient and keep trying but it does become more a chore than a game..Version: 5048

I have never spent money and enjoyedYou can easily play without paying anything. Don’t know why people pay?.Version: 4339

Unauthorized PurchasesI wanted to rate with zero stars, however it makes you check at least one in order to leave a review. Played in 2018... enjoyed playing the game to pass time and for the most part it’s a very fun game. Started seeing constant unauthorized charges from this app ONLY. Contacted apple, the refunded me a lot of money. Deleted the app, let some time pass and tried it again. Everything seemed fine until about December 2018. If I accidentally hit “continue “ the would cancel it, not finish the purchase it still charged me, a few times it charged me double! Then in January 2019 through yesterday I suddenly had approximately $40 in Toon Blast purchases! No one has access to my phone & I know I did not make these purchases! Apple refused any refunds to me claiming that the iPhone X is so secure it is impossible for someone to purchase or breech the phone. Nothing in this world is 100% safe nowadays. Also why did they refund before, I had the same phone all along. That all bring said, beware if you play and check for charges often! I have deleted and will not ever, never play again!.Version: 3757

Why should I report an issue with Toon Blast?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Toon Blast to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Toon Blast customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Toon Blast.

Is Toon Blast not working?

Toon Blast works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Toon Blast.

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