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Please add ReplaysReplays on last wave ridden would be a sick addition, I keep thinking back to true skate and whenever I did something cool I could save it and watch it over and over. This will make going for tricks way more rewarding since the game does not often reward tricks with score and hence a replay of the trick for my own watching would be so sick. Please consider this it would make this game so much more enjoyable!.Version: 1.1.30

BoomI just want to say how much I appreciate this app!! I’m born and raised on Kauai, Hawaii and moved up to Montana a few months ago and I miss the ocean with all my heart. All I would do back home is surf surf surf. This app makes me feel at home just a little bit more. The graphics are the best for a surfing game yet and it’s very realistic. I like that it is still hard and there’s always ways to improve on the app as well. I love traveling around and surfing the different waves. It’s so sick that you can just place yourself wherever you want one the wave as well. When I wake up I’ll put the app on and listen to the ocean itself. Mahalo nui loa Also I recommend changing pipeline a little bit. The wave is nothing like that. Make the bugga more open on the lefts.Version: 1.0.10

One of the best video games I’ve ever playedCertainly the best surfing one for mobile, the other ones don’t even compare, in graphics alone it’s like comparing Oregon trail to Diablo, beautiful graphics, and when it says true it means it which makes learning the controls difficult at first but it should (at least the concept) be intuitive to surfers because just like surfing on a real wave in this game you use turns on wave to speed up or slow down., bottom turn will slow you down top turn will speed you up. Once you get the hang off the way you use controls to do this and a few dexcent boards it’s a blast but you have to stick it out past level 2. I knew surf spots were based on real spots and waves were shaped like those spots and there size relied on real forecasts but I suspected and now just confirmed that they also change the counter of the waves to match high and low tide..Version: 1.1.35

AWESOME APP, some suggestion that would improve it even further.To start off, I love this app. I love surfing, but as I do not live near the coast, I don’t get out on the water very often, so this game is like my oasis. BUT, I have noticed some things that may need tweaking. 1) Make Airs easier to pull off on smaller waves Ok, so on bigger waves, if you hit the lip while trying to do an air, it would make sense that you’d do the air without your board, but on smaller waves with much less inertia and weight behind them, if you hit the lip, you’re not gonna have your board disappear under your feet, so maybe make the smaller waves a little more forgiving. 2) PLEASE make an easier way to get income. I love contests, but I hate competition. If we could have some sort of way that we could do our own contests like against AI that is tuned to our difficulty, we’d have an easier time winning and getting income without having to compete against others or have a chance to not even make anything at all. Kinda like ai contests with individual rewards instead of a rewards pool. 3) Expansions/DLC So I know this is a mobile game, BUT having some expansion and/or dlc would be nice. Like maybe have a story mode, or have a Jobs dlc that provides you with passive income so you’re not constantly trying to level up or do contests..Version: 1.1.40

Best game everBest game ever..Version: 1.0.2

Best Surfing Game EverAnyone who surfs will agree that True Surf has to be the most realistic ever made. All games prior to this become predictable as even though the breaks are unique to themselves, the waves are always the same. True Surf however pumps out all kinds of waves within one break, within a session. I’ve been lucky enough to have spent real time in the water at several of the breaks it offers, and it could not be more realistic to how the waves actually surf. Well done Team!.Version: 1.1.08

Fun, but boards are way too expensiveGame is super fun and I’ve had it since it came out. The mechanics are great and the most realistic I’ve seen, creating a great experience. Only one problem. Everything in the shop is very expensive. It’s very hard to earn money in the game, with the only effective way to get money being from contests, which are dominated by players who have figured out how to almost cheat the system. Leveling up does no good, as the cheapest board I’ve seen on the shop is about 39,000 clams, and leveling up hardly gets you 3,000. I think that the game would be much more enjoyable if the boards were cheaper, because then players could have a larger quiver to test out in all the conditions, and wouldn’t get as bored as fast. However, the game is still a great one despite this flaw..Version: 1.1.19

More clams and xp!Cool game. But the scores are strange, some places like skeleton bay can surf the whole wave, long tubes etc and finish up with a 3 point ride. Would be good if you got xp for an 8.0 point ride plus for example. Also should get xp for finishing missions at certain spots. Hard to level up too, should get more clams each time you go up a level. Can be a bit tedious just grinding out for little xp.Version: 1.1.32

More shells more maneuversGreat game, Need new ways to find shells. Maybe challenges or more contest such as qs as well. Also maybe a lot more fun to learn grabs and unlock other airs and other turns such as ( rodeos, slobs, superman, double grabs, stale fish). Also a cool idea could be a career mode where you surf the qs and qualify for the world tour and surf against your favourite surfers. Maybe sign sponsorship deals and upgrade your character..Version: 1.1.14

Really well done,This is a really good game, I don’t enjoy many games much, am very picky when it comes to iPhone games. This had me going, nicely done, haven’t levelled up to much yet. Hoping you can do other tricks and big airs later on. But none the less so far great game. Would love to see more added. Don’t go out of my way much to make a review, glad you guys made this. Keep it up!.Version: 1.0.22

True Surf ReviewFirst of all I absolutely love the game as much as I like surfing... it’s a fun game to play in your spare time... however it does get a little boring after a while because your just catching the same wave over and over again... so I highly recommend to make this game more popular and less boring you should be able to go to surfing competitions and you should be able to connect with several different people and catch waves while connecting to other players nearby or people across the world... if you do this, it will be more exciting and less boring and more interesting especially when you will be able to connect with different players and go into surfing competitions! Over all “True Surf” is a good game to play but after a while it can get a little boring I will have to admit... 🌊 Thanks,.Version: 1.0.18

Best game must getI got this game yesterday and I love it. It’s the best game I have ever had on my phone. It is so realistic and I love how you can change the board and outfit, but I wish you could do some tricks with the board instead of just 360s. But this games is bomb so any one who wants a addictive game you must get true surf. I would love if they also added a creative mode with infinite surf and bigger waves also I would ad bigger waves and more maps and where you could try the boards out before you buy them so if you like it you can buy it but super addicting so I would love if the creators could add that please that would make the perfect game on the App Store..Version: 1.1.12

Good game but issuesI can play the game perfectly but I can’t buy new board and I can’t create a true surf account.Version: 1.0.10

Best surf game ever playedInsane is all I have to say.. loved true skate and true surf is awesome, I’ve never seen a game that could make the waves almost feel real - been playing it non stop.Version: 1.0.1

Fun game... too long to gain shellsThis game is so fun and my friends and I spend probably more time on it than we should but it’s still impossible to gain shells. If there were challenges or alternative ways to gain shells this would progress the game so much..Version: 1.1.08

Fail to travelAfter the new update I can’t travel to other places!!.Version: 1.1.01

Best surfing app ever. But worst updatesThis app is the best mobile surfing game on the planet. It’s so realistic and fun. As a game I give it 5 stars. But I have no idea what they are thinking with the update. The recent one just fixed stuff that from a user perspective wasn’t broken. Now the “moves” are shown across the top and it stops you seeing the next wave you want to catch. The new drop in semi circle is really awkward and to small and covers the wave. The old bar was perfect. As a user here are some update that could add value: Better surf spots. Half the spots never break, like the Keramas, Huntington, Rincon etc. and even if they do get waves they are so bad. The game would encourage you to travel more if other spots were better. Add two player or some actual purpose to having friends on the app. Make the surfboards slightly more affordable. I get the game is to make money, but the clam prices to what you can actually earn are a touch off. Provide a daily notification or surf alert if a spot is about to turn Epic. Overall - it’s a killer game. In fact it’s the only game I actually play and I’ve got lots of my friends onto it. Probably why this is the first review I’ve written on a game. Keep making this game epic..Version: 1.0.19

Good stuffFor an iOS app the graphics are really good and the functionality is pretty smooth. To be honest I like this game better than that surf World Series that came out for the consoles. I downloaded it last weekend and honestly the graphics in this app was better than the console lol. I would strongly suggest to maybe brain storm with the dev team and consider on how you guys could turn this into a Console game. The thing I would like to see is if we could actually have the ability to free paddle kind of like how Transworld surf was and we could manually paddle into the wave, paddle over, duck dive under a wave and wait for a good set. Like I said you guys did a great job with this app!.Version: 1.0.10

Nazare and JawsI love this game I can’t lie but what bugs me is the size of the waves at Jaws and Nazare. Even if I use a perfect storm I’m getting 20ft waves no bigger make the waves 60ft 80ft hell even 100ft. All I’m saying is make those waves more accurate. Also could you add Thurso East, it’s a amazing spot to surf. I personally live there it’s amazing and the waves aren’t small or too big. On a good day they are about 15ft. Please take this into consideration Finn.Version: 1.1.19

Best way to surf out of waterPlayed all the surfing games over the years and most lacked in some way or another at really satisfying that itch. With True Surfs real time wave model, where players have to consider where, when and which wave to surf, it really adds an element of real surfing that works exceptionally well & providing something I never knew i wanted in a surfing game. With more customization options, locations added, and polishing in mechanics & board physics, along with mifi support, this game could really establish itself the pinnacle of all surfing games to this date. And one I’d play on any platform, beyond just mobile, that it’s offered on..Version: 1.0.10

Love the game would like some help thoughI love the game. Even have a group set up dedicated to sharing videos, longest barrels highest airs etc. it’s awesome. We have our own world titles. However all of us have spoken and agreed on a couple things which we would like to ask some questions about. One main thing for us is point scoring. Some times it seems really inaccurate. For example getting a 30 second barrel and then coming out and doing a 360. And only getting a 5.0 we have come to terms with barrels not being very high scoring and that’s cool coz it’s easy but the point system just seems off. There is a couple other things that I probably don’t want to post in the review because the fact is the game is amazing. If the developer could shoot me a message via email or something that would be great. Thanks for making such a dope app. You guys killed it.Version: 1.0.6

Really good game!!This game is so much fun! I can play it all day and still not get bored!!! I love all of the different spots but maybe a few more places would be good.Version: 1.0.9

Awesome game but missing a few thingsI love this game a lot, the controls are great in my opinion. Best surfing app out there for sure! It would be nice if you could replay your waves and get higher scores for tubes and backhand snaps. It would be really cool if they could add the ct to the game, I feel it’s lacking some sort of career mode. If they could add a few extra things the game would be perfect. Otherwise an awesome game!.Version: 1.0.1

LitThis thing is sooooooo lit fam 10/10 I wish that the ratings went higher.Version: 1.0.2

Most epic and realistic surfing game! Is like a dreamYou guys are obviously surfers and geniuses all together! It’s got to be the most realistic and accurate rendering of surfing in any game out there! I lost my wife of 10 years to cancer last year in March and this game has saved my life and sanity and has brought me back to my favorite sport (besides skating and snowboarding) it has given me hope to live on and get back in the water! Enjoying what I loved when growing up in the South Bay of Los Angeles! Besides my personal reasons, I’m sure all who play this can agree with me with the stoke you get playing this on flat days, or just visualizing the tricks you can try and also to relax!!! You all are amazing and awesome game programmers! Please keep it up! Thank you for creating this amazing game!.Version: 1.1.22

Bag tearerEpic game. Those complaining about the controls, remember when you first started surfing? Same concept, once you suss it you can rip. The game experience as far as choosing your spot and the dynamic waves is another level. Great stuff!.Version: 1.0.2

Good but some really annoying featuresI love this game and how it gives a wide variety of surf spots, but there are a few things that need fixing. For example when you put on a perfect storm somewhere, the timer keeps going be between waves, which does not affect you in lower scoring waves, but when you ( as I do) are catching 80 second plus barrels, and earn 2000 shakas on a wave, you can only catch 2-3 waves per perfect storm. One time I waited one and a half minutes for my shakas to all save to my level bar. A way to fix this is to either automatically save shakas in a less or time consuming way, or just pause the perfect storm timer between waves..Version: 1.1.14

Best surf game ever createdAwesome game! The physics of the wave especially and the movement of the character are the best I’ve seen even compared to console surf games. The wave dynamics are spot on! I like how you studied the break extensively adding realistic sections exactly like the wave is. Also love how the waves change at each break. The simplicity of manipulating the character on the wave is also great, though would be great for the judges to recognise cutbacks and not just 90degree cuts and spins which are a little more unrealistic and some airs are heading into Tony Hawke territory. Keep it simple! Competitions would be awesome especially if we could connect to other players. As a bodyboarder I’d love to play this style of game on a lid, so please consider making a bodyboard version! All in all I highly recommend a play when you’re frothing for a wave and can’t get one!.Version: 1.0.18

Great gameIt’s a great game but it’s not easy to understand.It’s one of my favourite game.Version: 1.0.12

Very good gameThis is my favorite gwme., But you should ad a hydrofoil bored.Version: 1.1.30

Great game - Long time for xpGreat game but so long to get xp and clams etc etc..Version: 1.0.10

Very realistic surfing gameThis is by far the best surfing game on iPhone! As a landlocked surfer, this game provides fun and relaxation. My only criticism is the shop is too expensive meaning you have to spend real money to get decent boards. Suggestion: users should be awarded a few free Perfect Storms every day. Anyway, it gets 5 stars for its playability and realism!.Version: 1.1.14

Good just to hard to level up and some surf boards are to expensive🏄‍♂️🏄‍♀️.Version: 1.1.19

Very good but....Good game, a lot of fun but needs a few more spots and possibly an option to design your own board. I understand controls are potentially limiting on an app but could you possibly improve fluidity of surfer? Also feel like the surfer to wave comparison isn’t very accurate. When it’s 5-6ft it looks and feels like maybe 3-4ft. Will be a 5 star game if a few tweaks are made. Prices are a little bit too expensive as well, especially for boards. Will there be an feature added to customize boards? When will more surf spots be made available?.Version: 1.1.19

LOVE IT!!!!!I adore this game! It is super addictive. Yeah, sure there are a few things that could use some work (judging by other reviews) but it is still really fun. please add the wedge. At Newport Beach CA. I also adore how this game has no ads. I would love to see a ton of new features added to the game like a practice area where the player gets to select a place, the wave height range, how it breaks, etc. I would also like to see servers where people around the world can come together and surf their favorite spots. I would also like to see a toggle feature to paddle out to the lineup along with adding duck diving and turtle rolling (depending on the board type). Sorry for giving so many things I want to see in the game lol..Version: 1.0.18

BenDon’t get some of the negative comments. This game is awesome! So addictive it’s untrue! Waves are very true to the real thing. Great app to pass the time whilst not being able to get in water for real..Version: 1.1.10

Great game, butTrue surf is easily the best surfing game on IOS but there is a few issues, I think it’s too hard to level up and earn shells, maybe make an alternate way to earn shells other then levelling up and buying (way too overpriced). I think a POV mode would be awesome aswell. Also I think u should make travelling free aswell as entering comps. All in all this is a great game but there are a few issues that would make the game alot better if fixed. Thanks.Version: 1.1.19

Impressive wave physics and surf spot virtualizationThis game is off to a great start. The wave physics are pretty great. The rider mechanics are decent. A couple of things ... The fish rides nothing like a fish. Anyone who has ever actually ridden a fish do not waste your clams. Their interpretation of a fish is somehow slower and less responsive than a thruster. The exact opposite of how a fish really surfs. I live on Oahu. In this game Pipe is usually better as a righthander. Enough said. They still don’t have the left coded correctly. The left in this game is usually a burger as opposed to the drainer it really is. I do like how you can see the rip running through the lineup. That’s an example of the impressive attention to detail with the wave mapping / bathymetry / whatever. Judging reminds me of surfing in NSSA comps as a kid. It’s all about length of ride and safety swoops. Just watch the replays of the winning rides for comps. Boring safety surfing over creativity. Shane Beschen, Bobby Martinez, and Noa Deane would not approve! Takes WAY too long to level up when you get to Level 18 and beyond. I can drop 8s consistently. Took over a week of consistent game play to get from 18 to 19. It is impossible to tell what judges are scoring at Skeleton Bay. Post sample clips of 10s for every wave..Version: 1.0.5

Best Game!I loved True skate but this time you’ve outdone yourselves! It’s so cool how you’ve put the real world waves and forecasts and how you’ve managed to really get the actual shape of the waves for each location! I feel like I’m there! I love the controls and the slightly hard learning curve makes it fun to practice and become good. Getting at full speed just at the right point and time of the wave to launch and land back is so satisfying! The biggest cons is the scoring system. Airs are too underated and you can see in the online comps everyone milking the same carves to get points. Also the competing against 14 thousand people for a first prize of less than a thousand shells is a bit deceiving. Smaller pools of people would be better! I would love the character to dig in even more in the carves when doing a lay-back and to do backflips with spins !.Version: 1.0.3

The best game ever!!!It is a really good game. The new replay cameras are sick. But the graphics could do with an update. I like how you can do comps with gurneys and the judging is ok in the comps but some I just think it was a stupid decision. I highly recommend this game to anyone that likes surfing or just wants to try a new game because you want regret it but don’t listen to people winging about how you keep on surfing the same wave just do different things on it go rip yeeeeew Thanks, yeew.Version: 1.1.35

ProgressCan u please change it so I can buy new boards, as whenever I get more clams I go to buy the board and they all disappear to what I had before? Please change this!?.Version: 1.0.2

Super fun but...Awesome game, but way to hard to get enough shells for new boards. Also turns need to be scored higher than they are currently..Version: 1.1.12

True surfI would recommend getting this game because it is very fun to play and you can unlock stuff in the game which makes it more interesting. However it does get a little boring over time. I think a way to change that could be- you can see other surfers at the same surf stop that you are surfing at and you can challenge other surfers that are your friends to a friendly competition. But yeah I would recommend getting the game but it can get boring over time. ,thanks.Version: 1.1.19

ProgressionSkeleton bay is now amazing but in tournaments you are by yourself and there is no real way to progress and when you do go up a level it doesn't do anything.Version: 1.1.14

AmazingGreat game with amazing controls and graphics but I would love to see a replay wave button or something of the sorts. I think that have a mallet slater wave pool where you can adjust the wave settings a bit would be an insanely great place as sometimes it gets annoying having to spend stuff to get to other beach’s..Version: 1.0.3

Good but more rewards pleaseReally good surfing game, the best you can get. But passing levels and gearing up is hard and limited. Please bring in a career mode too. Thanks.Version: 1.1.22

Love this gameBeen playing this for several years now. It’s the only game on my phone! Just discovered the VS challenge you can do with another player which I’m excited to use but it doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. We can both create a challenge for the other person, but the opponents wave doesn’t seem to save. Some more feedback - whilst Tube riding is awesome and fun to do, completing tricks are way more fun and should be rated so when it comes to judges scoring on waves. I would assume this would detract from people even wanting to learn how to do tricks if they give such low scores. I’m enjoying the new additions that you have created as well to give people tickets, points and shakas etc daily just for logging in. Wish it didn’t take as long to get more clams though as I’ve completely run out and can’t travel anywhere at the moment 😂.Version: 1.1.39

Earning ClamsI love the game have played it for ages and spent hours getting better. But it becomes literally impossible to progress. Playing almost daily it took me more than a month and a half to pass lvl 19. The boards are very expensive and the revenue you can earn is very low unless you have reached a very high level. As i recently discovered...because after spending the entry fees and coming first in legend series pipe i was given none of the rewards except my amatuer ride. At least warn players they will not earn from competing in series above their level before they blow 4k... Personally i am done with true surf i enjoyed it but not being able to earn high rewards despite me having the skill to do so has been the final straw..Version: 1.0.10

Fun but could be way better!!A fun game with sweet graphics, something that I’m pretty sure people have been waiting since Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer but the problem is that it gets boring after a while. It could add lots of features and game options to make it amazing and addictive. Here’re some of my thoughts and ideas: - Instead of XP, create small missions to advance levels and/or unlock spots (ex: ride a 6 seconds barrels, score higher than 7, complete a full rotation air, etc). - Championship against CPU. - Cheaper and customizable clothing and boards (ex: stickers, design, maybe you could spend money to buy new fins and improve your board’s performance, etc) - Character customization (ex: name, nationality, features, etc) - Something similar to Become a Legend in FIFA would be amazing too (could even start as a QS surfer, trying to sign contracts with sponsors, etc). - Photo and film gallery. Could even partner with some musicians to create soundtrack for auto-generated short videos of your best waves. This would be an amazing thing for people to share. - The Ranch could be included as a training facility where you could learn new tricks, free surf, test and customize surfboards, etc. Well, I guess these are the ideas I thought so far. I usually don’t write reviews but I really would like to see this game skyrocketing cause I really enjoy it and feel like it has room for it and audience as well... Good luck and keep pushing it. Cheers from Brazil!.Version: 1.0.10

Zoom Function PleaseLoving the game. Hard at first and seems to take ages to level up... but actually that stops me from getting bored of it too quickly. Would love a function to zoom in and shift the view up and down... as its almost impossible to see the waves at the back when its really big like 20ft plus. Fix sum of the scoring issues and relate that to the judging scores, if you get a perfect ten you should get mega xp..Version: 1.0.10

Blown awayAbsolutely blown away with how good this game is, played far too often since getting it. If you live surfing or have ever wanted to surf, then this is a game for you. There are some bugs but nothing that ruins playability too much, they just break the realism spell..Version: 1.0.16

BRING TO CONSOLE!!!This game is truely amazing. Please bring this game to console or PC as it has so much potential to be an even greater game!! It would be great to take part in the championship tour as your own customisable player and compete against some of the greatest surfers. Being able to jump in online and compete against other players in tournaments is also another great feature and can be expanded on as well. Overall great game and has loads of potential to be even greater if brought out on PC or console!!.Version: 1.0.18

Very important glitchI have found a very irritating glitch, twice I saved up the 2,700 clams to buy the mollusc short board and each time it’ll say that I don’t have enough clams to buy it [which isn’t true] and it’ll take away the clams without giving me the board!!!! So that’s 5,400 clans that have gone to waste all because of a stupid glitch. If my true account is needed I can provide because I would appreciate a refund or the board. If you work to resolve this issue it would be greatly appreciated..Version: 1.0.4

Great gameI love this game it’s really fun I just can’t see the forecasts sometimes and I also sometimes can’t close ads..Version: 1.1.03

Brandbat1234’s comment is opinionatedI for one love this game and it’s simple controls, I make huge snaps, airs, and I’ve done a 3min5s barrel. Sorry but truth is, things just take time to get used to, and that goes for everything, not just apps and games, but for life.. I mean how long did it take you to start walking *ba dum, pist* besides the point this game is amazing it just depends where you are on the wave and how you ride it. Bottom to top, side to side, just have fun with it! My only problem with the game are the cost of shells and that there needs to be some quests or contest options to win clams, sorry true surf! I might donate for some clams in the future but I can’t afford the prices!.Version: 1.0.10

Great Realistic Surf GameTrue Surf is the best realistic surf game on the App Store. The ultra-realistic water and wave graphics makes the game feel and handle really well. I’ve had no crashes or unexpected bugs (so far playing on iPhone 6!). The controls are easy to get used to and are very simple and fun. The board handles like a good surf board should (unlike other games). But the one problem I have with the True sport series is that leveling up is extremely slow and earning in-game currency is painfully slow. Apart from that, this game deserves to be one of True Axis’s great games. 🤙.Version: 1.0.10

A bit of nostalgia made possible by True SurfI spent my teens into my mid 20’s surfing Maui South shore (Shaws, boat ramp, dumps, la perouse, shark pit, Lahaina harbor etc) and all over Oahu and Kauai, and have since moved to Wyoming to work as a locomotive engineer. So ya, not surfing so much these days lol. After surfing pipe this evening on true surf I got a weird taste of what I had been missing for so long. Obviously nothing beats the real thing, however, the game’s changing conditions, tonight’s color scheme of the sky and water, trade wind rippled wave faces, racing barrel sections, draining shelf’s, and excitement that came with making impossible barrels, completely took me away and back to some of the fondest memories of my life. I actually hooted out loud alone in my hotel room when I got shot out of one lol. I’m not one to write reviews but had to give a nod to this game and its makers for the bit of nostalgia True Surf brought me this evening. Mahalo and Aloha 🤙🤙🤙.Version: 1.1.19

Covid-19 support :)Awesome game! How about unlimited Perfect Storms during the lockdown period!?.Version: 1.1.10

Everything too exepnsiveThe game is overall really enjoyable and I like being able to play when the surf in real life isn’t that good. However, I really dislike how expensive everything is in the game. I’ve had this game for quite a while (a few months) and am still trying to save up for an actually decent board. I have kept the starting board this entire time, but it is nearly impossible to get enough shells to buy new actually good boards. Because I have not been able to experience anything new for a while, it makes the game pretty boring. Please make everything cheaper and just let us fly to places for free and immediately. I mean I understand why in real life you have to pay to go places by this is a game. Having to pay for flights takes away or freedom to surf spots we want and clams we could be spending on already way too expensive boards..Version: 1.1.17

Good but has its flawsGraphics are incredible and controls are decent however it takes a lot of time to level up and the scoring isn’t very good - mainly rewards for riding in barrel not doing cutbacks and stuff - would recommend though..Version: 1.0.10

Great but could be improvedGreat graphics and fairly realistic waves and controls. Could use a few more things to keep it interesting like events or career mode. Lots of glitches in this game, sometimes cuts out after using the perfect storm so you lose the rest of your time etc Scoring system definitely needs to be improved..Version: 1.1.10

Amazing game! A lot of bugsSo I’ve been playing true surf since it first came out. Love the game no doubt. They have made a ton of awesome updates that make it really fun. I have noticed though in the last few updates a lot more bugs happening. Mainly a bug that randomly will teleport me to a new surf spot without me even setting to travel there. It’s a little frustrating waiting for an entire day to travel to a new spot just to open the game and you are at a random spot you didn’t even set it to go to. Hope you guys can look into that and try to fix the issues. Other than that great game! I’ll still be playing it a ton!.Version: 1.1.23

Great game, but hoping for moreI’ve played this game a lot when I’m bored on the bus / waiting for stuff. It’s fun to pick up for a few mins and addictive enough to play for longer. However, I wish there was more depth to a game with really nice visuals and promise. The levelling up other people have mentioned becomes painfully slow and tedious. Would be fun to have little challenges of some kind. Maybe something like trying to gain a certain score on different waves for grades of medal? The scoring system does seem better than at the beginning and you can now get a good score for carving up the wave rather than only barrelling. Thanks to the developers for a great game though - please keep updating!.Version: 1.0.14

Most addictive game I’ve ever playedHonestly, don’t change a thing! The realism of this game is unparalleled. You actually have to use the wave properly to launch aerials. You can jam your tail and lock into amazing barrels and float across closeout sections into fresh open faces. Even the scoring system seems to alter depending on the wave you are riding and what the judges want to see. I feel like anyone that has given this game a bad review or asked for easier controls either doesn’t understand surfing or has spent 5 mins playing and then given their review. Once you get a handle on the game you won’t be able to put it down. Only things I can find - I get a bit disappointed when I launch a massive air and go for the second rotation but the surfer always seems to bail instead of trying to stick it haha. ( Even if that meant I had to land it on the flat and snap my board.) Also in some breaks the scoring seems really tough, but no doubt I just haven’t figured out what the “judges” are looking for. I’d give it 6 stars if I could!.Version: 1.0.5

Amazing work!This is the best representation I've seen of surfing on any platform! Plays really well and its great that each spot feels so different, even varying between waves/sets. Needs more particle effect spray from the pit and off the back of the wave, slighter darker shadows and depth cues, more booming audio from the lip hitting and hooting after a great wave, otherwise it's already pretty incredible and very hard to put down! Congrats to the team!.Version: 1.0.3

Great game but disappointedMade it to level 14 and then the app refreshed on me for some reason and brought me back to level 1.......Version: 1.0.18

Love the gameLove the game, sick waves and awesome graphics. Just wish there were more board options and that there was a world tour. What I mean is a full tour that doesn’t put you up against every other person that plays it, but you can choose to be Wilson, or Medina or yourself and verse the computer in heats, quarters, semis and finals earning scores to try become world champ at the end. I don’t know, maybe that’s really hard to do, it’s do-able though..Version: 1.0.3

RefreshingDrawn in immediately by the visuals... this is top drawer stuff (as you’d expect from True Axis). The UI is clean and feels fresh, the water is way better than any others have achieved on mobile, and the different locations all look so inviting. Touching a wave to jump straight into gameplay is really engaging (gives you that “just one more go” feeling). Only 4/5 currently as I agree the controls are a bit temperamental, and the onboarding (no pun intended) could be significantly better. I’m not a real surfer so could use more help in getting into the gameplay and understanding techniques. So far, so good. Will definitely keep an eye on updates!.Version: 1.0.1

Thebeeeeeeeeeesssssssstttttttttttt surfing game get this one however do not get surf or dieI juuuuuust loooooooovvvvvvve it read the title (the whole thing click on it). This game has all the good stuff however do not get surf or die bad graphics,bad way of playing just get WSL oh and please update it I am a good surfer and I just don’t think the barrels are good enough but apart from that this game is the best game for surfing in the world! WSL WSLWSLWSLWSLWSLWSLWSLWSLWSLWSLWSLWSLWSLWSLWSLWSLWSLWSLWSL SURF IN REAL LIFE TOO PEOPLE OTHER WISE YOULL BE A LIFE WASTER.Version: 1.1.08

Stoked!I am hooked on this one! So much fun to play with very realistic physics and beautiful graphics. On my iPhone, I’d swear they have videoed the waves and somehow put them into the game. The developers have gone to great lengths to make the shape of the breaks look and behave just like in real life when the breaks are at their best. This is the next best thing to being there! You eyeball the peaks to check their form, choose your spot and you are surfing within seconds. Don’t like the section are on? All you have to do is move down the break to somewhere that looks even better. I received excellent customer service too! There was a small problem with my account which I emailed customer service about and I am pleased to say that I had a resolution within hours . 5 STARS from me 🙂.Version: 1.0.3

Played for too long...First game ever I’ve played without rest on my phone... This game could change the whole world of phone gaming! Amazing job guys!.Version: 1.0.1

Great game but needs a few adjustmentsI love the game and the controls in general, however there are a few problems that I have run in to whilst playing. The first and most annoying thing is the extremely expensive items such as boards that I am unable to buy with shells unless I spend high amounts of money on. The level ups take a long time to complete and when it happens you are rewarded with barely any shells/tickets/perfect storms, which makes the game very frustrating as you cannot explore new waves or different boards. Another problem is that the surf spots in general are hardly ever big enough to a standard that is surfable which is extremely annoying when you want to play but have to use a perfect storm to do so. This links back to the before problem where you are awarded very little perfect storms and shells for levelling up. Those are my two concerns and I hope this helps with the development of the game in the future. I love the mechanics of the surfing and the variety of spots and I hope that you take my information into consideration..Version: 1.1.17

Cool game!I’ll admit, controls seemed awkward & clunky at first, but I started getting used to them. Found the ads terribly annoying but they went away when I advanced to intermediate level, or when I signed up for an account. (They both happened at the same time so I’m not sure which did the trick.) I continued to struggle with controls until I purchased the long board and that slowed the turns down enough to really figure out the feel of the controls. Purchased the short board and now I’m on fire! The fun board you start off on is crap but I can control it with ease now. The physics of the game are pretty impressive to me, and I love that the waves aren’t static, the size and take off zone changes from set to set and with the wind/conditions. My only gripe is that the judges only seem to score turns. I can drop in under the lip, get super pitted, come flying out and boost a 10’ air reverse, land in the barrel, sneak out the doggie door, do a couple of foam climbs and score a 1.5 (tons of Shaka points but less than a 2 from the judges). If I drop in and just pack in as many turns as I can until the wave goes flat the judges will drop me a score in the excellent range... A nod to the terrible judging on the WCT perhaps?.Version: 1.0.2

So realisticNice work!!!.Version: 1.0.20

Good but hardThe game is really good but once you get to like level 14-15 it gets really hard to level up I’ve been stuck on level 15 for 2 months. I think you should add in a thing that you can sell your boards.Version: 1.0.15

Add New Zealand in the mapWe got one of the best surf in the world here in aotearoa..Version: 1.1.23

To hard to make moneySuch a good game with potential to be a great game but for some reason it costs ridiculous amounts to get new boards..Version: 1.0.9

Great game but slow progressIt’s great but I hate when the surf spot that I’m at goes flat. And I can’t go anywhere other than having to wait. I get the point of you having to travel but it takes too long. And also one more thing is that the only good way to grind xp is to get a really long barrel at skele or some place else. And when skeleton bay is flat. You have to use perfect storms. And you run out of them fast. Other than that it’s a great game and I love the additions of what stance you like and tweaks to make the wave move slower and stuff. Would recommend to someone but I could see how it gets boring quick..Version: 1.1.17

Awesome gameAwesome game I have experienced a few bugs but the developers are really helpful and help fix and problems I have had favourite game out.Version: 1.0.5

ACTUALLY A GOOD GAMEI have had an iPhone since the very beginning but I have never really played games on my phone. This is my first review of an app ever, but I feel like it’s only right since I actually play this game. This game is super addicting! It definitely helps when there are no waves to shred in real life or whenever you have some time to kill. I can only see this app improving with future updates and I believe it will do just that. ***I give this app a solid 4 stars. I would give 5 but the only downside of this app is that the surf cams are based on live conditions! It’s an iPhone app...I appreciate the realization of the game but give me big waves! Or at least make a made up beach with a constant big swells.***.Version: 1.0.2

Some Green-Room for improvementThe overall game play is great. I love the simplicity of the controls, however in time this does make the game a little limited. One of the best surf games I’ve played but the novelty is wearing off and is getting somewhat repetitive and boring. Hopefully some updates will add some variety to compete with manoeuvres seen in games like the journey etc...No major manoeuvres are recognised or that possible as it is simply about rotating. Barrel riding is great though It’s virtually impossible to get a 10 point ride. to gain levels up past level 11 takes forever. How anyone would get to level 30 is beyond me... but that’s not the point. I would love to see more locations, I would also love to see more boards without the ridiculous shell prices. Eventually you would be forced to pay which is not worth it at all... if this game would sell for a one off price, I would pay, but I would never in a million years consider any subscription to a game like this for any price. Which is such a shame as this has so much potential!.Version: 1.0.10

Great but flawedLove playing this game for 10min or so a day. But have been stuck on level 17 for as long as I can remember, probably around 8months. I spent an hour getting high 8 or 9 scores with 200 shakas per ride and the xp bar barely moved. Bit ridiculous..Version: 1.0.18

Awesome gameGet the game it’s so fun better then true skate next level people who think it’s bad nono there poopy GET IT!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.0.5

Why this game doesn’t deserve 5/5 stars.The only thing that is stopping me from giving this game five stars is that it is extremely difficult to level up when getting too high levels from about 15 to levels 20. this game is superb and I think it deserves five stars but is not quite there yet it needs more variety in spots and make the game easier to live a laughing but I think all in all this game is great. I suggest adding wave pools such as BSR surf ranch or Kelly Slater surf ranch this would attract more players. Also a variety of boards and as well as that make the Singlefin cheaper because it is extremely hard to gain that much money to Buy it..Version: 1.0.20

Best graphics so far for a surfing gameReally enjoy the game, it looks great and controls are ok i wish there more moves to do but it’s still very satisfying. Im currently level 16 and have 4 boards that were easier to afford but progression is painfully slow now and the 20k boards seem impossible to get, i have been stuck on level 16 for months now and still only halfway to leveling up. The experience system needs a serious overhaul but my only other gripe is the competitions and how only the top few receive fairly average rewards. It would be nice to see a mechanic like the league in plants vs zombies 2 so things feel more achievable, worthwhile and rewarding. Can you please make a bodyboarding game or add bodyboarding or team up with “you riding” to make a frankenbaby of awesomeness please..Version: 1.0.17

True surfAwesome game so far doesn’t make me bored but one thing is that when I try to go buy something in the shop it logs me out of the game straight away !!!! Which means I can’t buy anything.Version: 1.1.22

Not happyBought something in the shop and it didn’t show up.Version: 1.0.18

Absolutely love it .... butGreat game.... all I play at the moment but it takes so long to level up to get clams and I’ve been saving for the gun for 16 levels ... that’s many hours of playing and progression is super slow it took me an close to half an hour to get from one side of the letter E in the word level to the other, kinda frustrating that it takes so long to earn a the much needed 2500 clams... it would be nice to add in maybe a daily gift of clams or something along those lines because I seem to lose more money changing breaks then I earn. Overall I love the game but it just needs an easier way of making clams or levelling up. 🤙🏽.Version: 1.0.9

Epic potentialFirst of all THANK YOU! This game is amazing and I’ve been waiting half my life for something like this (since KSPS). However waves like Bells, Honolulu and a couple of other non barreling waves are almost impossible to make any progress on point scoring. Essentially barrels are the only way to move up. Because it costs points to fly across the globe, there is almost no incentive to go to these places so I find myself switching between Pipe and Skeleton Bay. I think the other comments have said everything else. This game is so epic and the controls are so realistic and simple, it really feels like a surfing experience. Good luck!.Version: 1.1.10

One Of My Favourite Games/Wasted PotentialDear True Surf, Honestly I do love this game, but it could be so much better. There are a lot of obvious pros but here are some viable improvements the game could make. - No stats. You don’t know what the biggest wave you've ridden is. Don’t know your longest barrel, highest score, biggest air, nothing. - When all conditions are totally flat the game is more or less broken as there is nothing to surf. They should keep the practice wave available from the beginning of the game so there’s at least something to surf when conditions are bad and you can’t pay for another perfect storm. - There are 0 community events so far in the off season which are the only form of competition in the game. - The Gun would be a lot more tempting if it wasn’t ~ $50 but I guess that’s up to them. - Customization is really lacking. - What about some challenges for shells ? It would add so much to the game. Do 10x 360 Airs get 50 shells. Maybe some more exp ? Overall, I really do love this game. Hopefully some of these changes get made some day. Thanks !.Version: 1.0.10

Awesome best surf game! true live surfAwesome surf game love the live conditions!! and freedom of beach and wave selection! Amazing detail on iPhone X! But Can you choose real surfers? Better game than slater /Garcia on my Xbox! Best surf game ever! Maybe can we have my local spot ? Brighton beach Uk the old west pier! It’s more a longboard left wave some clean swells though! My local spot! 🏄🏼‍♂️.Version: 1.0.1

Great game but please add a replay feature!I had played true skate for nearly 6 years so I was super stoked to see true surf come out. I love the game, super fun and replay able just like true skate. But there are two things they need to add/fix. One is a replay video option, I’ll get super sick lines that I want to screen record but there is no option to relay lines, so sometimes I will screen record for multiple minutes hoping to get a nice line. Also a second thing they could fix is the way you level up, once you hit like 14 or 15 the leveling up process gets way to slow and I never earn money to buy new boards anymore. But other than those two things this game is great! Highly recommend trying it out!! :))).Version: 1.0.12

Sofia rezkHello! Just to say, this game is amazing! I would highly recommend. Although there could be a fix with the glitches for when you catch a wave and you could add more features to the game because after a while it gets a little boring. You could make a feature where you could unlock new maps and go to surfing competitions! Great game!.Version: 1.1.35

Awesome game and other ideas for updatesThis game is awesome and there is some awesome features too. I get that the waves never get past like 50 ft because you have to paddle on but what if you could buy jet skis from the store if there’s massive waves so that if you don’t have a JetSki the waves will be really difficult to paddle onto. Also could you please add a reply feature with different camera angles so you can see everything you do. Amazing game..Version: 1.1.10

IncredibleThis game is a fantastic surf game. So much detail put into it and so realistic. Just amazing.Version: 1.0.1

PotentialSo I’ve been playing this game for a while now on my down time and enjoy it. the graphics are beautiful and the wave dynamics are great too. The game is a bit tricky at first but you can get the hang of it quickly. As fun as the game is I find the progression system to be a little slow the higher your rank and if you don’t have any of “clams” you can be stuck at a surf spot that could be flat. I’d like to see them add a daily system to where you can earn “clams” by doing specific task like tube ride for “x” amount of seconds, complete “x” amount of 90 or 180 degree snaps/cutbacks, and complete air forwards/reverses. Another thing I’d like to see is a competitive mode where you can go head to head against someone and earn even more clams or tickets. All in all the game is solid and would recommend adding more content to make it even better..Version: 1.0.12

I have a requestI love this game, but I feel like a cool feature would be a shark feature. I thought that you could be surfing then you get a red flash on your screen and you go into into first person mode and paddle back to shore in a certain amount of time. I thought if u don’t get there in time you could lose ten shells. It would be really cool please take it into consideration.Version: 1.1.17

I really love itHi my name is brayden I love the game although it would be nice to have more spots to surf I would what to recommend this game 5 stars for me tbh an I never rate anything so they did good.Version: 1.0.9

Opinion after a Few Hours of GameplayGameplay feels great, good graphics and waves are different for diff sets. They break well and let me get barrelled. Like honestly, one of the best surfing games However, there are some downsides but barely affect the game. The competitions are a good add however, to achieve a high score you have to spam the movement up and down a bit, and its all done at the same place, where there is only 1-2 ft waves. Would be good if Top Turns, bottom turns and all types of turns were seen as adding to your points, and big airs. Otherwise its just stupid. Think Boards should vary, should have more boards also but I imagine that will come with time. Would like to see the addition of Computer Controlled (AI) in the water alongside you surfing. Overall: good game. 4/5.Version: 1.0.1

Best surfing game everOk This game is so good thanks for the game But Once my iPad was reset and I lost all my games When I redownloaded this game My heart dropped All my boards my shells my tickets were gone So I spent another year playing it and getting all it back but it wasn’t the same Any way I sent a email to the developers But I didn’t get a response So all my progress was gone forever But that doesn’t matter now It’s even better now I had to delete the game due to storage but Will get it back asap Thanks for the game Thanks from me 😁 5 stars from me Thanks guys And if you read to this point Congrats you have won 10 years of official love Goes to the developers aswell Pls reply to this C yaa.Version: 1.1.35

NEED TO ADDHey, I have a good idea for an addition to the game for long boards, ok so my idea is that when you go faster in a wave, yo scroll your finger in the direction, right? So the cherictor could also move up on the board too instead of staying on the back of the board, so yah your game is cool tho I hope you see this and make it in the game yah. Also u should add backwash and more detail to the waves, like wedges and stuff like that, and also replayes would be cool, and more Shaka points for air 360 s Andrew stuff like that causeadd c those are hard to do, I know you are trying your best, but this would make it that much better, thanks so much. Another thing is u should add a customization feature where everyone gets to shape one fee board, and customize and paint it and sticker it up and stuff hope u see this.Version: 1.1.19

True reviewI love this game. I think that they did really well with making this game and it has a lot of cool features. Like the surfboard you use matters you can’t just use a 5’11 and go to nazare when it 20 ft. One thing I don’t like though is that the surf report is always accurate what I mean by that it could say 6-7 ft but it doesn’t feel like that, it feels smaller. But that could just be me but overall this is a good game and I love and it is super fun to play. I also think they should add in a first person camera and a campaign but even without that stuff it is a super awesome game..Version: 1.1.19

Pls pls pls! Add custom modesThis game is truely amazing though saving your storm tokens for a large wave can be quite risky if there is an even bigger on later. Even if points aren’t earned during custom, please add a custom game for the choice of wave size, time of day, location etc. I’m sure so many players would appreciate it. A place to test there skills for the big ones.Version: 1.1.12

Great Game: Give it a chanceThe reason this game doesn’t have higher reviews is due to the fact that you have to work at it. The user has to advance enough in the game to have the opportunity to buy a better board. All you need is a board that can carve, like a 4-star board(in the carving category) or better. I’ll admit that the starter surfboard they give you is subpar, but just get to level 8, save your free in-app currency, and buy a board you can shred the gnar with on those digitally-generated waves. The things I don’t understand are: (1)why do you have to restart ALL missions when you exit the app? (2) why does the 5-minute “perfect storm” feature cut off when the user exits the app(even if if you close the app for a couple seconds)? The perfect storm timer should just simply pause if you close the application so you can finish using it later, if you’re busy. Perhaps the application developers want the user to spend money (via the app-store) to regain anything that you lose when the application gets closed. Even if you establish an account in True Surf you do lose progress with missions already completed, not to be redundant, but it’s true. The surf forecast is a nice feature because it corresponds to real-time surf reports from actual locations around the world that are featured in True Surf..Version: 1.1.19

So much funI love playing this game as it is so much fun.Version: 1.1.19

Awesome gameSO FUN! The devs can eventually do so much with this game from competitions to adding special tricks to the game mechanics, but overall 0 issues and the graphics are amazing.Version: 1.0.20

Great game. ButVery fun. But there is not many styles of surfer to choose from.Version: 1.0.6

Over all decentPretty fun once you get the hang of it. Controls are a bit confusing though. Over all good game 🤙🏻.Version: 1.1.33

Most realistic surfing gameThe most realistic surfing game ever made for phone, the most fun too. It’s awesome that the game gives you real world locations and what the weather and waves are actually like right now at each location so you can experience it for yourself. I’m just so disappointed they made this pay to play. For the most part it’s safe and you can play the game without having to shell out any money but I wish they’d just made this a pay once and enjoy game. I would’ve happily paid a decent price for such a good surfing game ..Version: 1.0.2

Very good !!!Very good but sensivity is so high.Version: 1.0.1

As good as it gets!Surfer myself. Played for year on youriding on the web. This one is super realistic and conditions evolve. In app purchases are too $$$ and a replay option would be awesome..Version: 1.0.10

FantasticLooks amazing on the IPhone X. Controls do take quite a bit of getting used to. Also seems really hard to progress without pay to win?.Version: 1.0.1

EnjoyableFun game to play, the wave physics seem realistic, and so this game is graphically pleasing. On level 12 now, and have been playing the game for around a month, and still enjoying it. No annoying adverts which is a bonus..Version: 1.1.26

Too expensiveReally good game, just way too expensive to buy surfboards, if surfboards were cheaper, say around $12 for the most expensive board. Trueaxis you'd make more money if you lowered your prices..Version: 1.1.30

Potential suggestion?This game is by far one of the best I have played I really do like it the only thing is when you get far enough it starts to get hard making money I know there is completions but they seem to hard i was thinking maybe you could add missions or objectives for us to do to get more shells also the scoring system seems broken I do like 6 360 airs on a wave and get a .1 or a minute long barrel and get a 5 just doesent seem right but I hope you guys take this into consideration.Version: 1.0.6

Loving this, can’t stop playing.Awesome game so far, looking forward to seeing where it goes. Just a couple thoughts: Can the surf spots be laid out like a world map? You should copy the style from the original Endless Summer movie maps! Also more variation in light/sunshine tones and colours would be nice but otherwise I’m loving it. Cheers!.Version: 1.0.8

Sick game but improvements needed1. Maneuvers not recognized- would be good to have them show up. 2. Impossible to earn shells or level up which means buying shells is only option and costs a bomb so nah. 3. Would be sick to have the ability to compete with friends on a simple multiplayer platform- this May exist but I can’t work it out. Not really sure what the ability to add friends is useful for unless you can go head to head. 4. MAKE SHELLS EASIER TO EARN 5. Game gets pretty boring unless you have something to work towards Overall a good game for sure.Version: 1.0.18

Too often there are no waves to surfI understand yall are trying to make it realistic having ‘live’ conditions at each break, but too often there just aren’t waves (rincon hasn’t even been rideable since the game was launched, 0-2 feet every day). many spots will be ‘5-6 feet’ but that’s not big enough for them to break in any kind of quality fashion. obviously this works for the company because it forces the user to pay for ‘storms’. but come on. this is still a video game, there needs to always be a quality rideable wave to play. design a practice mode wave that is always there if nothing else is firing. or, if you don’t want to give it away for free, allow us to spend clamshells (the game’s currency) to unlock a wave that is always on. it’s really discouraging when you want to play the game but have no options in which to do so. the algorithm for scoring waves has got to be tweaked. i watch the leaders’ waves at each of the community competitions, and they are super weak. it appears that points are given mainly for ‘quantity of turns’. no airs, no critical snaps, no fluidity or artfulness in their rides- just rigid spazzing out trying to fit in as many as turns as possible and somehow it gets a high score. yall are trying to make it realistic, so make it realistic..Version: 1.0.5

Alright improve the controlsReally hard to control the character in the game so the controls need improving and showing what type of turns that you have done would be good if they got shown. But good to see another surfing game coming out.Version: 1.0.1

ScoringYou can still get huge scores even if you don’t come out of the barrel.Version: 1.0.10

Love this gameCould you please put in a first person view, and also some new spots, Mavericks and Malibu would be great!!.Version: 1.1.40

Blurry when surfingThis game is awesome! I used to play it all the time until my storage ran out so I had to delete it. I decided to re-download it today and when I went to get surfing the sea and sky was blurred but all the controls weren’t. I don’t know weather this is a bug or something but please get back to me ASAP because I really want to get playing this game! Thanks for your time reading this😀 Hope it’s fixed soon👍.Version: 1.1.12

True surf?Game is absolute fkg trash!.Version: 1.0.9

Update has broken gameOMG. How could the delvs completely ruin the game with this update. You can’t even turn anymore, horrific..Version: 1.1.14

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