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Webull: Investing & Trading App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Webull: Investing & Trading app received 104 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Webull: Investing & Trading? Can you share your negative thoughts about webull: investing & trading?

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Webull: Investing & Trading for Negative User Reviews

NO FREE STOCKI am not able to get my free stocks as I go to menu free stock is not there.Version: 6.5.1

IPad issueI am attempting to view the app as is in the photos in the App Store page and my iPad only displays in landscape, screen unlocked or locked, why is this?.Version: 6.0.16

5 star App but 3 rating... because Australia is not covered yet :(.Version: 6.5.7

USA ONLYWhy is this available to sign up and download in Canada if you have to be a US citizen to use this service? Waste of time..Version: 6.5.7

U.K. stocks removed!!!!!Gone downhill in recent months with the removal of markets. LSE was the final nail. Will be moving to another app....Version: 6.0.16

AUSTRALIA?!?Great app with great features however you can’t buy or sell shares in Australia. Would be amazing if this app worked!.Version: 6.5.4

Options trailing stop needed and option price alertsI enjoy trading on Webull but mobile app and desktop version need a trailing stop for options other brokers have it would also be great to have option price alerts instead of only on stocks Option chains are extremely slow to update at open I can’t count the money I have lost at open due to option chain lagging by the time it updates I have lost gains and a few times lost money on a trade can’t sell it if you can’t put a price on the sell Also mobile and desktop need a settings to permanently adjust fib retracement so the levels you use are automatically there every time you draw a retracement it takes valuable time to manually change them all every time also the lines should be able to be color coded to make it easier and faster to see which level of retracement you are at It would also be nice to have a parent account and sub accounts for challenges such as 100$-1000$ and 1k-10k 10k-25k the sub accounts could accept transferred funds from bank or faster through parent account they could be challenge accounts with separate P&L with all taxes still on parent account collecting gains and losses shown in the assets screen like a stock clickable to see individual assets owned by challenge account I hate that I can’t have 2 cash accounts under the same phone number I want to participate in challenges without having to empty my account and sell everything for accurate challenge P&L.Version: 8.1.0

Ticker no longer refreshMy stock ticker no longer refresh.Version: 4.13.1

Why make it available to download I’m CanadaWhen you clearly have no intentions of making it actually usable for Canadians..Version: 7.0.9

Poor service look at the name we BULLBy far this is the worse trading app it’s take so long to deposit money in your account for you to start trading until all the markets up already and they tell you you will receive between $8 and $1600 in free stocks when you open an account I knew it’s was sketchy and they tell you you will receive between $8 -$1600 when you deposit $100 I deposit $100 two days ago I still don’t see anything including my $100 nothing I messaged them I emailed them and I called I was on hold for 45 minutes then I gave up and hung up . Now this is just $100 imagine if you trade and make money and you want to exit . What headache and problems you are going to face before you cash out still no one responding thank go i have other apps I was able to buy doge and other stocks at low price I am waiting to see when they are going to respond good luck guys but my advice is find other apps . Stay away from this one The most terrible dead customer service It has the most terrible customer service in the e-commerce world! I have deposited and provided all required info, however the money was taken from my bank but did not show up in my wallet more than a week later. No response ti my daily follow up! I tried to escalate however no info could be found anywhere. I even can’t make a complaint!!!.Version: 6.5.9

Why force users to upgrade!?I was using an old version and very happy with it, fast and have all features I need. But today I can’t use it anymore, there is pop up upgrade window and can’t be closed. I am happy to give 5 stars to old version but might have to uninstall it now. Please think about what users really needs. Thanks!.Version: 8.0.6

Ruined the iPhone appSince the last update you can no longer see the pre-market or after hours stock prices when viewing an individual stock. It used to show the out of hours price under the main price, but this has been replaced with a % gain over past 1 year stat. The easy out of hours pricing was my only reason for even using WeBull. Please bring it back to how it was..Version: 6.5.9

No helpfulCouldn’t find the promotion center that was on the link from a YouTube video..Version: 5.9.4

IST NOT FAIROkay so I’m on minor and I’m interested in investing at a early age so I can build future wealth But I can’t do that since the age limit is 18 but I’m really interested in investing and I love the app so II hope you guys can come up with a solution or the least you guys can have a custodial account so parents can at least help their minors not to leave up to a paycheck to paycheck Lifestyle when they’re older I download the app And I had a lot of hope before I downloaded the app I educated myself about stock investing and trading I even worked just so I can have money to invest in the companies and and to buy stocks just when I was about to open my account I learned that the age limit is 18 and I was shocked it was really disappointing and I have to turn to other apps and they’re the same as this you have to be 18 it’s a big problem for me and for any other minors out there so Open the custodial account or come up with another solution..Version: 8.0.4

Version 7: The End of WebullI honestly don’t know what they were thinking with this release. This was in beta for a while. Did anyone test it? Every task is more difficult to do. Portfolio viewing? You need to scroll back and forth. Chart times used to be able to be selected right away. Now it’s multiple clicks and that drop down menu is not aligned properly. Don’t get me started on the indicators overlaid on the charts, which makes the charts unreadable. Settings do not save. Spelling errors galore. Literally everything about version 7 is inferior to the previous version. I have no idea how this was released to the public. I never post reviews but I felt compelled to warn people before they updated. I’d reach out to their customer service about this but unfortunately they’re too busy to respond to anyone these days (they’re definitely not occupied with QAing their app). This is a HUGE red flag for a company that’s used for monetary transactions and if this isn’t fixed quickly, my account will be moved to a broker that’s got their stuff together. P.S. I can txt TD customer support and get a response in minutes. There’s zero reason why it takes you weeks to respond to an email. If you ever actually respond. UPDATE: As predicted I haven’t received a response for DAYS. Stay away from this fraud company..Version: 7.0.1

How do I buy stocks?I can only buy stocks with simulated money, I want to spend real money on stocks. How.Version: 8.0.2

NO CUSTOMER SUPPORTI like the app so far. A little hard to learn and intimidating for a new investor with little teaching methods. But gives lots of information once you start to pick things up on your own. However, if you ever need customer support, I hope you like bots. All you get is a “help center” with only automated responses. I should say plural, as I’ve only gotten one response. I had to google a phone number to call and once I went through the automated prompts as to why I’m calling, left on hold for hours with no one answering the call. My situation is that I have verified my email is correct and I get almost daily emails from Webull. But they say that weren’t able to email my purchase or sell confirmations or my monthly statements. So they are now printing them and mailing them to me, but they are charging me $2 for each confirmations and $5 for each statement. So far they have drained my account of $30-$40 and I have no recourse to stop it. If I don’t keep enough available money in the account for those fees they threaten to put my account in a “margin call freeze” and I will only be able to liquidate my portfolio. No more purchases would be allowed. I’ve sent countless unanswered emails as well. They have absolutely NO customer service..Version: 6.5.8

Ads? Really?!I’ll stop using the app if you don’t remove the adds in the next update. Thank you.Version: 6.6.6

Not available in the UKIt is a real shame that this app is not available in the UK, especially since the range of stock available on UK apps is laughable. This app would literally steamroll competition.Version: 6.6.5

Posts blatantly fake news articles and Flooded with botsDont trust anything they post.Version: 8.1.4

Earnings per stock is not showing correct figuresI’ve updated Webull app to the latest version. However, earnings per stock is still not showing correct figures. Instead, it displays share amount for each stock I hold. Please fix this technical issue ASAP. 我已将app更新到最新版本。然而,个股盈亏显示数据仍旧异常,变成了我持有股票的当前价值,而非盈亏金额。希望尽快修复此技术问题.Version: 6.1.3

So far…..MehDownloaded a version with no ability to open an account, nor place a trade of any sort. Would’ve been happy to move accounts over if I was able.Version: 8.2.2

WeBull as in we bull you around and around hoping you forget the problems.**UPDATED** - you’d be better off taking your money and grinding it in a garbage disposal than using this app. It glitches constantly and the customer service team will give you 5 different responses to how it’s your fault for the glitch or how you’re not operating correctly. Don’t even bother showing video of it not working they will tell you they aren’t responsible. My advice pay the 1.00 fee to TD or use RH. Just know you’ve been warned. Let me first say this app could be absolutely Amazing. It’s has the potential to be a hybrid between ThinkorSwim and RobinHood featuring the best of both apps in one. The app charts need work but they aren’t terrible. However, after using this for a couple months I can say the following YES, the app does glitch and YES, it does cost you money as a trader. Every platform has problems it happens. The bigger issue is the customer service response. Listen to people who say don’t use due to this. I’ve had multiple small problems most have been addressed rather quickly. This time I’ve had a large problem and after weeks I have no resolution. Sending 10+ email and app messages all to be told after weeks of waiting “Sorry it’s been too long for us to verify this.” Until the customer service is fixed this company will never be great everyone has app problems it’s how you handle them that matters..Version: 6.2.3

Stop showing in UK store !They don’t let people in the UK use the app..Version: 6.6.0

Terrible appLots of glitches.Version: 7.4.4

Wanted to make an account but forget itI’m not comfortable with the questions. I was interested in investing and trying to get the two free stocks, but I am not comfortable with giving you my exact work address in addition to a photo my driver’s license. I understand needing to verify identity for SEC purposes, that’s why I was okay with the question for SSN, but all this is too much. Also, I don’t like my answers being herded; when asked how long I plan to invest, I said +7 years. I don’t plan on retiring within the next 40 yrs so it felt like the right answer. But when I said it is very important to me to have liquidity, the system refused my answer saying it doesn’t add up. Yes I plan to invest for decades to come, but I also know emergencies happen. In the past I’ve use my investments to pay for school, I’ve used them to repair my car when my savings weren’t enough. So while I would like to invest for as long as possible, it is still possible to consider liquidity very important. Anyways, I don’t think the two stocks are worth selling all my identity for to have a profile that doesn’t actually represent my investing needs, so I won’t be finishing the application, nor recommending this app to others. There are much better, less intrusive options out there..Version: 6.2.6

Doesn’t work in AustraliaThe app has got very rich sets of features and indicators. Make it work in Australia..Version: 6.5.0

Removed all stock marketsUsed to be really great now useless to non USA interest ! Why.Version: 6.1.2

AwfulAbsolutely awful. It’s not simple setting up your account at all. Can’t comment anymore as the only other thing I can say is when I click deposit the page doesn’t load. Congratulations in making it OVER Complicated..Version: 6.0.16

Horrible Customer ServiceUpdate1: I have now tried getting in contact with Customer Support for 6 days. Aside from an initial auto-generated response, I have not been reached out to. They market that they have 24/7 customer support available to their users but it is a flat out lie. All I want is for them to take back their free stock so I can close out my account because my banks are not supported by the app. That’s it! Someone from support please help me!!!! Original:I can’t really weigh in on the app itself since my bank isn’t supported, so I never got to fully experience it. However, while trying to close my account, I’ve tried to get in contact with support to give them back the free stock they gave me so I don’t have any association with the app/company when I close out my accounts. I have attempted to use the app, email, and call customer support for two days now and no one has responded. Through the app and email, I keep getting auto-generated responses with links to things they think will help my question, but they say if they don’t help to reply to the message and someone will help me. Well, I’ve replied and no one has reached out. I called and was on hold for like 45 min and no one answered. I eventually had to hang up for a meeting. Their website says 24/7 customer support. It’s been over 48 hours and I’ve received none..Version: 6.5.9

Latest Update (7.0 (?))It looks terrible, first and foremost. Almost looks like Robinhood, but with a few extra features. PLEASE restore the old look and functionality of Webull. I have to scroll to click on different timeframes, can't draw on the chart without going full screen, and everything looks bubbly and playful now. I liked the old, hardcore look the app had with the color additions, nothing more or less. Please, fix the layout. It's not user friendly and not professional. When I go to purchase shares of stock or crypto, the total amount it costs is hidden under that silly slide up bar which I have to push down on in order to view the balance. Even when looking at options charts, it's not user friendly. When I place my finger overtop the chart to view prices of certain points at certain dates, the time is for some reason tracked underneath the drag of my own finger, and the price is shown in a horizontal manner not vertical (?) Not sure who developed this one but not only do I, but we, want the old version back. Did you guys even test out the app before publishing?.Version: 7.0.5

Worst update everWow this update made this app literally unusable for me now. It’s so disgusting now. What the actual hell? The app forced your phone to view it in a rotated view without indicating you want it to? Can no longer view the price and also level1 bid/ask quote in the same screen… I would give this a 5 star review before this update. After this update, I no longer want to use the app anymore. It was so simple, now it’s just disgusting and forcing things I don’t want..Version: 8.0.5

VerificationI am in the Uk and can’t verify my account. Wth.Version: 6.5.9

ShameShame.Version: 6.5.7

Wish it was available in CanadaWill change the rating to 5 star when it’s available in Canada..Version: 6.5.7

Drains battery and unresponsiveI don’t understand why the option of being able to draw trend lines was even included. It’s basically impossible to move them around. If you don’t force close the app after using it, it will drain your battery like nothing else..Version: 8.0.1

WhyWhy is the tab filled with news not about the company. What useless scrolling to find any info on here.Version: 8.2.0

Bad updateI can’t search anymore without the app making me sign up.Version: 7.4.11

Open accounts for Canadians please!!!Open accounts for Canadians please!!!.Version: 7.0.8

Good to badDropped UK ftse on a short notice. Great app but this is bad service..Version: 6.0.16

“Bank of origin” problemI initially funded my account with Simple Banking. Then Simple transitioned to BBVA. I had already abandoned that account and replaced it with Varo in webull as well as successfully funded webull using Varo. So I just let that Simple account go via inaction by not starting the steps to transition to BBVA. Since funding through Varo worked I figured the replacement was successful and I figured all was well. But then many months later I attempt to withdraw my profit…. And all of a sudden I need to provide all info from the account aka “Bank Of Origin” I already replaced in order to withdraw to the current registered account. Why not have me provide that info when I change the bank account registered with webull in the first place? Why wait till I try to withdraw? I no longer have access to the info webull wants from my Simple account. I did however have access to that info when I switched accounts. This policy of wait-till-they-try-to-withdraw-money before asking for final verification is kinda scammy at best. Looks like they are trying to keep liquidity within the app for as long as possible. They have lost my trust as I don’t see how this issue could possibly be an oversight..Version: 7.4.4

Terrible service, terrible information, terrible wait times.I can to edit my previous review, only to find that it is longer here. So I’m here to write ANOTHER one. I signed up for a free account here and on Robinhood. I’ve been reading on RH and loving the experience. My account on Webull has still not been created after 11 days of waiting. I’m emailed and used the in-app help and I only received an automated reply directing me to the FAQ. I don’t have any crazy financial situations that would warrant any delay. My RH account was active instantly. Also, I’ve had 3 friends get Groupon stock as their “free stock”, worth a little over $2. Their disclaimer is that your free stock comes from a pool that USED to be worth a certain value. So don’t get any high expectations on any free bonuses, if that’s what you’re here for. I really wanted to use this app for the additional tools, but they’ve made it impossible. But don’t just take my word for it. Read the other reviews. You’ll see that these are common issues, especially in recent weeks. GO USE ANOTHER BROKERAGE APP. ***(And if you care about such things, the data portion of Webull collects your data using a firm based in China, not the US. I personally don’t mind, but some people may be concerned about international data collection.).Version: 6.1.1

Only available in the USIt would be nice if you expanded to other countries, eg Australia. This app is useless if you aren’t in the USA..Version: 6.0.7

So annoying!!!I’ve been using Webull for some years now, and it’s been great, nice platform, nice charts, good data. But after the most recent update, on every single chart and timeframe, if you’ve set indicators to be hidden it resets this every-time you change ticker, change timeframe etc.. such a simple thing yet so annoying without it saving your choice! Rating is due to this, makes it very annoying to cycle through tickers. I don’t know if someone’s just forgotten to turn this feature back on but it needs to be fixed!!.Version: 7.0.6

No CanadianCome to Canada I’m sure tons of people would use the platform..Version: 7.3.4

Remix not neededCome on. We don’t need logos on each ticker. We don’t need menu items becoming italics with blue capital letter. Sinplicity is the key to typography..Version: 7.0.6

FrozenStock prices freeze in this app really annoying Bitf has been say 3.87 for weeks now when it is in fact trading around 2.55 on the TSE.Version: 7.4.18

AdvertsReally? Adverts are now being displayed at the top of watchlists. Might be a good idea to start looking elsewhere!.Version: 7.0.6

Free stockWas super exited to get into trading but once I realised I don’t actually get a free stock it sort of put me off investing.Version: 5.9.5

Glitches since iPhone IOS upgrade to 14.5.1Prior to upgrade I was using this mobile platform without issue. Currently, Webull offers a free short membership which allows Level 2 stock data to be viewed. This allowed, among other things, the ability to see more detailed information during trades… very fast… but today at opening, and for about 20 minutes thereafter, the data shown was processing slow… as if the refresh rate was slowed to happen every 10+ seconds; contrast normal operations with a “refresh” of fractions of seconds under normal conditions. To add - while using the app, and in the comments section, the app froze, showing the webull refresh icon in the center. I waited for the condition to pass, and even after 20 minutes the app did not return to normal. I then went to the Apple app store to see if there was a Webull software update to be found… none was. At this point, with the app still frozen, I deleted and reinstalled the app, yet when I did it seemed to install an updated version?! Between these two situations, my confidence in the app performing under more critical trade situations where time and money are involved, is just not there. Finally - the company’s policy of holding deposits, even fractionally, is bothersome. As such I have to rate the service, as it stands, a solid average given what I’ve experienced in its use - but your mileage may vary..Version: 7.0.5

New update removed featuresThe Webull minute and hourly charts not working. Comment section was also removed..Version: 8.0.5

Best app but need more featuresI love Webull app the most out of all the apps that I’ve been using including Robinhood, m1, td, etrade,..I think I don’t need to point out how excellent Webull app is. however, I had to move to m1 finance when my portfolio was growing bigger and bigger. These are the 3 main reasons that’s I hope Webull can improve or update so I can move back to my favorite app (I’m still using Webull app for researching and analyzing stocks) 1. fractional share: this is I believe pretty important if you are a long time dividend investor. 2. Instant deposit: I’m pretty sure only Webull gives people headache in this matter. Pretty much all other apps will give instant money to buy. 3. Customer service: I believe quality is better than quantity. I usually don’t care if it takes a long time for a response. However when I receive a response I do care that you guys can solve the problem instead of giving many generic answers. In Webull customer service, you guys have neither quality or quantity. Hope I can comeb@ck to our Webull family soon..Version: 6.1.8

Needs more attention to UII have been a Webull user for 2+ years now. I originally got it for my phone device and it has been a really great platform to use. I have never encountered a problem with the mobile device version. However, I got an iPad for my business and I downloaded Webull here to enhance my trading experience. I figured since it is an iPad then the quality of my trading experience would be better. However, it did not turn out like that. I have been experiencing so many glitches and bugs with the iPad Webull Version UI it is really discouraging. I could make a list as to all the problems that could be fixed with the UI. It seems like the iPad version is really lacking attention. I wish for these problems to be fixed as I can not properly trade or make proper calculations with these glitches constantly happening. This is really frustrating and I am positive that others are experiencing the same issues. Please Fix..Version: 8.0.4

Rigged and manipulatedWhy not suspend shorting when the stocks go down because of all the shorting. Investors lose money in that too but wait you care about institutions and not retail investors. Puppets..Version: 6.5.7

Please support CanadaPlease let us use your platform in Canada.Version: 7.1.4

Couldn’t deposit funds!The whole interface of the app appears to have changed and doesn’t resemble any of the screen shots advertised above! All the guides online on how to use the app are now useless! As a novice hoping to use your app to start investing you have now lost my business and all I wanted to do was give you my money!.Version: 6.0.6

Absolutely amazingAbsolutely love this app and it’s my go to app usually for information and checking charts etc, only problem is I’m in South Africa and can’t open an account here with you guys! Otherwise from what I’ve experienced without it, if you can get an account with WeBull then I’d 100% recommend it, otherwise use it for the information, it really is brilliant I just wish they’d let us South Africans sign up for it….Version: 6.6.0

Please come to canadaDam first will change the ratings to 5 star when u guys come to canada..Version: 6.5.4

I wish I could trade whit this app in Canada.Please make it available for people that we live in Canada 🥲.Version: 7.2.2

CanadaWhy can’t I use this app in Canada..Version: 7.0.6

Worst customer service ever (if they have one)If you come across any issues, you are on your own. When I messaged the customer service, a bot replied saying I will be contacted soon; but it closes the ticket automatically within 48 hours with no reply at all. Now, who can we contact about with their buggy platform issues? Be careful. They’re platform goes down every now and then (especially at the market opening). I wanted to close an option one morning, but I couldn’t due to their system malfunction. I ended up losing money. I am looking for a more professional platform for better performance. Also, they charge you hidden fees. They some how messed up my email address after three months and started charging me paper statement fees for sending paper statements and order confirmations via mail. Also, they finally made it possible to close individual legs of multi-leg option positions. However, if you close the short position you are not allowed to open another short position even if you still own the long position. I highly recommend a professional platform if you are serious in trading. Consider Etrade, TD-Ameritrade, or Tastyworks. Before, subjecting yourself to this bull. Good luck!.Version: 7.3.2

Pointless outside of USWhy this app is available on the UK App Store when you can’t open an account with them, I’ll never know. Signed up with my UK number and only until I logged in on my computer, I realised you have to be a US resident. Don’t waste your time. WeBull, thanks for wasting mine..Version: 7.3.4

LSE quotes unavailable?All of a sudden UK LSE quotes have stopped updating on the app. Disappointed. Will be uninstalling just like many investors I know. Shame..Version: 6.0.16

New update is annoyingWhere are my posts?? I have to find where I’ve posted last to find my following/followers and posts. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, like duh.Version: 7.0.6

UK stocks no longer available😧Gutted that UK stocks are no longer available on this app. I had 5 watchlists set up and found the app very user friendly. I now have to find another provider which is as good which is proving difficult..Version: 6.0.16

Come to CanadaCôme to Canada.Version: 7.0.5

Is it good for Canada?I’m new is it good in Canada.Version: 7.4.15

Not available in U.K.I would like to use this but unfortunately not in U.K..Version: 6.5.1

Won’t give me the option to start tradingLike the title says, I’ve set up an account but there’s been no movement. Won’t let me deposit or do anything other than view the stock market at a 15 min delay..Version: 6.5.7

Canadian stock view is brokenIt is not updating Canadian stock values with the latest update.Version: 6.5.6

Can’t add funds or purchaseWill not give me the option to add funds. I’ve tried deleting and re downloading it many times. Not sure what’s up. Seems impossible to figure out.Version: 7.2.9

Chinese OwnedSo if you don’t mine the CCP having access to your account and personal information then use the app.Version: 6.1.8

Not for meI trade on robinhood and love it despite what anyone says but I thought I’d give Webull a try. Pretty much the only things I liked about it are the promotions, comment sections, and the free stocks. Webull takes ridiculously long to deposit money and you won’t have instant deposits right away. Once you buy a stock with instant deposits you can’t sell for at least three days so forget day trading with instant deposits. You can forget trading options with instant deposits too and the options quotes page is awful to look at and the Greeks are different than other brokers. It takes forever for money to settle after I sell a stock and the costumer service takes forever to respond to anything. I also don’t like how the piece won’t update after the market closes so I can’t see after hours trading. The only thing they have against robinhood is the charts but other than that it’s an ugly hard to use interface. If you are a beginner Webull will be extremely complicated for you to use. I’ve been used to smooth and easy trading on rh and I was extremely disappointed when I tried Webull. If you are on rh and are thinking about trying Webull don’t do it cause you will be disappointed. I really don’t understand how some people love Webull so much. I will probably close my account after it takes 10 days for my money to settle and withdraw but I will keep the app for charts and comment section..Version: 6.6.5

Not working in AU^.Version: 6.4.3

DO NOT USE THIS APPI have been trying to get my money back without any success! I never actually made any trades and decided to get my money out and close this account. Now I know why others made the same accusation. First, when I entered my password incorrectly, they sent my some security questions that I know I did not set up! I would have never chose the questions they gave me. When I couldn’t provide that information, you would think no problem. I could rest it! Nopers! That hasn’t happened because I have sent my bank statements on twice along With my ID. They have sent the messages in my regular Email regarding my account access so I have been waiting for the final response. It’s been over a week and I checked the app and sure enough there was a message in my inbox, asking for my ID again. They said I had to respond within 40 hours which was last week after I already sent them my ID TWICE! This is unacceptable! They are just keeping my money ! This is what I heard after I opened my app! Very frustrating! Please do not support this app!.Version: 7.2.3

Please fix the bugsFirstly when international we are asked to use the app to create an account yet there is no option to do that. The messaging doesn’t work. The help doesn’t work. How do we get support?.Version: 7.1.6

Stopped workingApp has stopped working. Stocks have just froze. Contacted the support centre and they haven’t helped. Tried to redownload the app but no fix. Hopefully they update the app to fix this..Version: 6.1.0

TrashThis app is garbage.the set up is trash can’t even find where to deposit money help centre don’t even exist don’t waist your time.Version: 7.0.9

Chinese Company abusing PFOF.Webull Financial LLC is a Chinese-owned stockbroker headquartered in New York that abuses PFOF under the illusion of “free trading”. This company is no different than robinhood and should not be trusted. Do not trust the CCP..Version: 8.0.6

Used to be great, please bring back European marketsThis was my go to stock app, clean interface, alerts, wide range of data. Then markets started disappearing, France, Germany, UK... as a European investor it’s now pretty useless. I don’t mind a delay in data,15-20 mins seems normal, I mean you can get price data with this delay almost anywhere, but U.K. data not updated since April 2020, now it’s useless. If you just want US stocks it’s OK, if you want more, forget it. Would change rating to 5* if they brought back all markets (even with a delay)..Version: 6.1.3

PromotionsI downloaded this app cuz I had been using Robinhood but a friend said that Webull had a better setup and there was a free stock giveaway when you open an account. Naturally I download it through his referral link and claim the two free stocks for signing up, but I was really excited to claim 10 stocks by making my first deposit. I deposit $40 to kick start my account and have enough to play around in smaller stocks. I then spent TWO AND A HALF WEEKS waiting for that 40 to deposit despite it getting pulled out of my bank less than a week after the purchase. Then when it FINALLY clears and I get the notification that I can claim my stocks for making a deposit, I open the app to a message saying that the offer ended 3 hours before it cleared my transaction meaning I don’t get the stocks. I would love to love this app but I have such a sour taste in my mouth ab the fact that some dev somewhere is just tricking people into depositing money with no plans of ever rewarding them. Other than that the app itself is quite well made I just don’t know if I want to work with a company like this considering I plan on having them be responsible for thousands of my dollars one day. Probably gonna just stick with Robinhood.Version: 8.2.9

Dividends not showingAll of a sudden the dividends of my stocks are no longer showed. What it makes me more strange is that, some of my stocks still shows the one from the year 2020 and 2021. Only some of them are showing my dividends. Because of this, it doesn’t really shows the real time holdings of mu portfolio..Version: 8.0.3

Stock lending programI noticed on one of the Webull sections the app keeps track of. Interest and dividends and than other fees or something now with margin account I assume I have all the cash to purchase what I’m invested in and it’s difficult to diferentiate what I purchase on margin and another thing I can’t tell how much I’m purchasing on margin when I didn’t want credit so I think or believe I may be paying more in interest than I can earn! And there is no record of it that I can tell otherwise the app is awesome and I still enjoy it it’s always updating and bug fixes are quick and efficient # to in testing the cash account the subsequent testing of the margin I do prefer the cash accounts day trading and would like to be able to revert to a cash account! There isn’t a whole lot of available reading material on options trading I missed reading material available on the sjbject and unable to find it again.. please advise us up update to change account back to margin when it becomes available thanks again Account is restricted from trading because I want to switch to cash account!! Not cool to restrict and freeze my account!!.Version: 6.1.7

FRUAD just like all trading app why can’t we. Short all stocksDoes everyone think apps like This are A massive FRAUD / CON as they never let you short most stocks even crypto things like ETH / LUNC but your welcome to buy the piles of worthless JUNK but you can’t short it o no way they only want you trapped in it on a long when it’s all clearly crashing & going down long term lol FRAUD APPS to the recuse like everyone leave them a bad review on the APPLE store / GOOGLE reviews let’s teach these companies to the fair let people buy & short that way you can’t be accused of manipulating the stocks any stock you buy should be able to short simple.Version: 8.2.4

Great if not in the UKThis app used to brew really great with functionality for stocks on all markets. Although the app is still great they removed the LSE listings recently which - as someone invested in the LSE renders this app almost useless now..Version: 6.3.2

Pretty uselessAll of the European stock markets have gone from the app. Good interface but really no point in having it unless trading in US..Version: 6.0.16

Dropping service bit by bitThis used to be a great app. They gave all the major global stock prices around the world. Then they started removing different stock exchanges one by one. First obscure ones, then Gradually they become more important omissions. France stock market gone, Germany stock market, gone! Now they announced they will be dropping the London Stock exchange, one of the most important in the world. That was a step too far and now this app is useless to me. Very sad I have to dump the app. I used to love it until now. It was my most important stocks app..Version: 6.0.15

DisappointedWas once a great app. Provided you with everything you need to invest while making it simple and convenient. However, removal of the London stock exchange was a step too far. They have been removing different stock exchange’s for a while but the London stock exchange is one of the largest in the world. Once this was removed it made the app worthless. Truly disappointed..Version: 6.0.16

Was excellent but lagging latelyWas very happy and like 4.5* before but now giving only 2 star. Was my go to app until few months ago. Customer service were very responsive when ex date/dividend/ split was not updated properly. You send them feedback and done either same day or next day. Since last few months, app is behind in updating lots of information and no response from the service team even after few messages. Hope someone read and try to fix the issue..Version: 7.3.8

Overseas accWhy am I allowed to download Webull in Australia but not opening an acc? Makes no sense.Version: 7.4.0

Stay away!I signed up a few months ago along with a few other similar platforms as I started investing after a while I noticed my profits getting eaten up by fees from a supposedly ’free’ platform, turns out they charge you a staggering $5 ‘paper statement fee’ that I never signed up for or wanted! Through out this time I kept getting spam emails, messages, notifications about every stupid thing from solicitation to refer more ‘victims’ to them to solicitation to play their paper trading game, but not a single mention they’re charging me this fee. I had to dig for a long time to even find those monthly fees in their user unfriendly complicated app, when I called in asking about this outrage they simply told me my email wasn’t connected so they sent by mail and their clearing house is charging the fee, as if I ever asked their clearing house to send me garbage mail and charge me for it. further more, I searched for a long time even before I saw the charges on my account and couldn’t find a way to turn off the paper statements on the app or the website. I saw what kind of people they are and promptly closed my positions, going to clean out my account, delete it and move over the funds to a different more trustworthy trading platform. These guys are not worthy of your business in my opinion..Version: 6.3.3

DisappointedI decided to give Webull a try so I downloaded the app. It looks great. I was making a switch to buy a stock that was not offered on Robinhood. In the app there was trade button when I checked the specific stock. I got too excited for the awesome looking interface and all of the extra data. I transferred $100 from my bank to the account to get a free stock. Then I got an offer to transfer an existing account for free. I decided to take advantage of it. Now I have an account that looks cool, but I cannot actually trade the stock I switched over for even though there is a trade button with the stock. I had to open a third investment account to get the stock I was seeking. The platform has less functionality. I am super disappointed that they don’t offer fractional trades or recurring investments. It also shows I have a negative cash balance, negative buying power, and negative unsettled cash even though I deposited $100 and spent ~ $20 on stock. In the app it says the cash balance is “the amount of cash in your account, including incoming funds.” I am very concerned..Version: 7.0.8

Dreadful!!Waiting for the account to set up but no notifications. No emails. Silence! Help section is blank. Avoid!!.Version: 7.0.6

LiarLied about opening account in the app..Version: 7.0.9

Help/support is incomparably worse than RobinhoodHelp/support is incomparably worse than Robinhood and that’s saying a lot because Robinhood already has such a bad reputation for that. People have a big portion of their savings in Webull so not having appropriate customer support can potentially be devastating to many. I’m hesitant to give this app a try after running into endless problems, without being able to find any useful resources online. I’ve heard about Webull so I downloaded the app. Despite mass spam/advertising by Webull that doge is now available to trade, for some reason I am not able to. If I can’t speak with a representative, that’s fine, but I’d expect that there’s at least some useful resources online other than constant advertising of doge. They should’ve spent half that money on a better support page. It’s like they spend all this money luring people in and once they’re customers, they don’t care to provide adequate support. I’ve only had this app for a few weeks but I can’t imagine what would happen if something really went wrong and I needed support urgently. They’d have 3 useless questions on faq, and that’d be it. I get that this is a commission free service but at the rate that I was running into issues and the lack of helpful resources, I’m nervous about using this app seriously..Version: 6.6.7

When will you come to Canada?I am 15 trying to learn to invest so I use the paper trading feature and I love it and I now want to start using real money with the help of my parents and I want to be able to use this app because I am familiar with it..Version: 7.2.1

Pre IPO orderHi I am giving update about pre IPO ordered I am very disappointed whenever I ordered pre IPO mostly ordered filled but some ordered they did not filled like GCT they have been offering from 1 months and I ordered it then they just give me a 4 share and they said it’s GTC ordered we did not support that ordered my question is if it’s GTC ordered then why you offering pre IPO it’s mean something wrong or they don’t have any knowledge and they don’t even check it and 2ed time I just ordered today JZ I placed ordered for 1000$ but they just give me a one share and said other we could not fill your ordered due to high demand 😳but they filling some of my ordered in GTC which they support and I can’t even sell it for me I am very disappointed otherwise whoever handling ny account he’s stupid or they have inexperienced person from other country they could not solve my problems I will update later on with pic like they filling my ordered with GTC ordered which they don’t support to sell it..Version: 8.2.0

Unavailable in Australia, yet on Australian App Store..Review will change once they give us access to their platform..Version: 6.5.7

No UK stocks!!As others have said, this was a great app, which for no explained reason dropped all euro markets and has now dropped all UK stocks. No use to me anymore unless they can bring UK back online. Will be deleting..Version: 6.1.5

TerribleThe news articles in this app are all corporate propaganda lies. Push long people to believe their corporate narrative of the stock market. All LIES. They push CNBC, and Jim Cramer in Webull articles. It’s all garbage. This fool should be in prison for the lies he spreads on tv. Yet no one does anything about it. The “free” market is completely MANIPULATED.Version: 7.4.8

App vs web differentSince your last update on the 20th Jan, the chart markings differ between the app and the web. Whatever you changed stuffed up something. For example I can put a horizontal line in at $10 on the website (desktop) however when looking on my iPhone it doesn’t appear. Even after refreshing/ restarting. I’ve also found marked charts on the iPhone app that was from another ticker. Somehow they switched. ????? Please patch and fix.Version: 6.5.6

App is awful.Bewildering and buggy as hell. Repeatedly asks you to sign up and create a brokerage account, (or you can’t trade). But sends you down a rabbit hole loop when followings it’s instructions; EMAIL -> CREATE ACCOUNT -> HOME SCREEN -> NO ACCOUNT OPTIONS. Webull need to redesign the app UI to be much, much better. Had the app two days and still can’t figure out how to apply for a trading account. Utterly useless. Hamfisted. Poor excuse of an app..Version: 6.5.9

Classic Layout SuperiorI like Webull, but I don’t like the new interface you guys forced onto all of us. For those of us who have already grown adjusted to your older interface, not to mention your desktop interface as well, it makes thing rather annoying and frustrating to work with, as we have to learn and readjust again. I understand you guys probably aimed to have an easier to work with layout, for newer users, which is why I suggest you offer an option to switch between the older interface/layout for us experienced/older users, and the newer layout/interface for the newer users. You can label the older interface/layout as CLASSIC and the newer one as Default/Simple layout. That way newer users aren’t struggling, but the older users aren’t frustrated either. We veteran users just wanna trade, not adjust to every new layout you throw at us. I also ask that you please continue to support the classic layout (if it needs any) and not just let it sit there as time moves on and you guys continue to rollout newer updates. Please consider all, thank you in advance!.Version: 7.0.8

No Stars for app or their hidden margin Fraud aboundApp is not easy to use. Has technical data, but you have to tap around a lot to find what you’re looking for. I’ve found their help to not be accurate, ie it will tell me to look for a specific category or item to tap and then you won’t find it. Could be an issue in updating help. Slider bar keeps you spending into margin unless you have over 2K in account then the bar isn’t accurate and you will spend 400 % of your account and it will say 100%. No warning no pop up just fine print somewhere. Customer service told me to deposit more money instead of first trying to help me understand. Then I got real quick brief responses when I requested details. They think snapshots of transactions is explaining which is frustrating. Suffice it to say this company scammed me out of money, tried to get me to deposit more, and has terrible customer service. On several occasions the customer service agents have asked me for screenshots of something on the app because they don’t know what it is. Is a very sketchy company in a very sketchy app. I have filed complaint with the FCC in the Better Business Bureau..Version: 6.3.1

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