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Farming USA 2 app received 110 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about farming usa 2?

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AmazingIt's suchs a great game love it. Please please please add camping trailers and more atvs and toys.Version: 1.33

Hey cool game but please add theseAwesome game the best I have ever seen. There could be one wheeled tucks. Make it snow and a snow blower. Make campers and motor homes and a campground. Make traffic and a garage to fix cars and trucks make a tow truck to get the car there. Make a motorcycle and take away the desil engine sound in the Camaro. Make it to we're you can go in the house and see furniture and a bed to sleep through the night. Make a selection of mowers that don't break down without cause. Make it to we're you can sell fields. Add street lights I can hardly see at night it is so dark which is soooo . Also add new save slots so I can stream new gameplay from the beginning without starting over.Version: 1.68

Really good gameU really should add mixer wagon but on the back of a flatbed truck.Version: 1.68

JeffVery good game I have the first one and I loved it.Version: 1.0

ExcavatorFirst off I’d like to start off with I love the game and have no complaints about it. I will continue to play this game for a very long time. The one thing I would really love to see you guys come up with is a excavator. Maybe add a bucket, grapple, and fellerbuncher attachment to help with logging. That would be an excellent mod for you guys to come up with. Possibly if you do come out with an excavator give us some excavating tasks. I’m not asking you to make this a construction simulator just make the excavator useful for the farm and give it a purpose. If you could do that for us I’m sure everyone would be ecstatic. Hope you take the time to read this and take it into consideration... thank you.Version: 1.68

Brilliant gameThis game is by far the best game I have ever played on and also what I like about is the animation getting on and of the combine harvester.Version: 1.47

Awesome 😎 gameLove your game please add ✈️ that you can fly and some helicopters 🚁 and more trucks.Version: 1.68

HenryI really enjoy the game but if they could add dirt bikes and dig-able earth that would make me extremely happy 👍.Version: 1.68

Plz release new updateCan you plz add a 8r the 7r is good and all but just doesn’t quite have the power needed for bigger this game enyway.Version: 1.68

Reason for packsThey probably made packs cause they thought the game would not be that popular ok.Version: 1.68

Excellent game!!!! Super realisticComing from small town iowa where this is most of our life I’m fascinated to see such a well put together and fun game. It does start off a little slow to where you have to purchase packs to get the good stuff but it is well worth the few bucks for hours of entertainment!!!!! Bowen if there is anything on this game that I could change or add it would be just one thing, that is straps for all the flat bed and hay trailers. This last update is amazing with the snow added and the seasons to make the best game even better!!!! I can email you if you would like to speak a little more about it!!! Overall realistic, fun, adds hours of entertainment during the winter months when we can’t farm!!! I can’t give this game a positive enough review on how attentive to detail you guys are!!!! Thank you!!!.Version: 1.45

Please addCan you please add snow mobiles in the game.Version: 1.68

Cameras and darknessCan you’s fix the cameras and and angles as you can see enough as the vehicle is always in the road or the camera is at the ground and the paining of the camera it’s always moving also the night time is just to dark.Version: 1.68

Farming USA is one of the best games🐄I have a Farming USA for over a year and by far it is my most played game. I like how the game is set up and how it runs. Another thing I like is all the equipment, tractors and trucks in the game. But there is some things that can be worked on. One is when the noise that is made when rains or snows needs to have a setting switch that allows you to turn the noise off and on. When I play the game I listen to my music and with the rain or snow I can’t hear my music the last one is I logged the whole forest and there is no more trees so I was wondering if you could make it where they can regrow in a year or two These are the only thing that I found in the game so far that needs to be taken care of. will be very appreciated when you do. If you could add snowmobiles for the snow that would be cool and if you can add it where the pasture can support more cows with not having to feed that will be appreciated. I hope you take notice of my review and get back fast..Version: 1.68

Good but badI really like this game but I wish it had ski-doos and dirt bike and nothing would de locked to buy.Version: 1.68

❄️ snow and mudIt would make the game a lot better if you would add snow to the game and with it a gator and a snowblower that comes with it would be awesome! And a snowpack so it could earn you guys some more money and I would be willing to pay you if you did . This game is the best farming game ever invented! I hope you can read my message and make a snow season where you can get stuck with the gator and stuff and also you should add a thing where when it rains it gets really muddy and when your in the fields the tractor gets stuck that would be awesome 😃!! Also would like to see updates more often!😃 it been like 4 months since you’ve updated it your users will go down and you will loose money if you don’t update it soon!.Version: 1.33

JohnPlease add ski doos.Version: 1.68

Good but could be betterI would Iike to see vehicles not costing actual money and add some real brands in have more feilds and more crop types and the graphics are starting to get a bit old please fix them.Version: 1.68

Best game everPlease add that you can sell bales because when you are going to bale The field for straw I wish you could just get money for the straw that you bale other than that this game is awesome.Version: 1.68

Great gameThis game is a great game and I love it. It needs a few things added tho. 1. You need a larger map and other towns that u can go to and buy equipment, sell grain, or buy fields. 2. There should be other farmers that farm just like u and other people who drive on the roads. 3. When u go to the dealer ship you should be able to customize your equipment by pulling it in the shed. 4. When u start off u should start with two tractors not just one and u should also have a truck when u start. The truck shouldn’t be great but be at least a truck. Also u should start with a BETTER atv or utv and a old semi. 5. When u start the game u should start with $50,000 not $20,000. Also u should start on a small farm with small sheds not a big farm with a big shed. 6. On the game u should be able to purchase buildings and have a company (FROM ANOTHER TOWN) come and put the building up. Also u should be able to sleep at night. This game is a very good game and I gave it 5 stars. Ik I wrote a lot about what it needs but overall it’s a great game.Version: 1.68

Pls put squares balls trailerHello it’s a very very good game but pls put squares bals trailer.Version: 1.68

Amazing gameOk this game is awesome. Doesn’t lag first glitch everything works it’s amazing. Except, don’t get me wrong most of the machinery doesn’t cost money it’s just say u have small tractor and u need a much big more hp one than that big hp cost actually money so I think u guys need to change that but really that’s it. It’s amazing. There is one more thing though u do need to make more different cow breeds like shorthorns, speckle park and maybe Brahmans and also I think u should be able to cross breed so please do that but it is a really great game..Version: 1.68

Best gameBut you need to put a reset game or make oss possible to restart.Version: 1.33


Boats,plane,trains,and hunting.Can you please add trains that you can go pick up farming stuff and you can go get more vehicles and transport them on the train? Also will you please add airports and cargo planes for transportation that you can control yourself. Please add big barges and freight ships so you can transport oil, vehicles, and crops? Can you also add sheds that you can build? And can you add a Crain for lifting tractors, planes, and boats if you add them. Please add them I’ve have been playing farming USA 2 since it came out and farming USA. It is the best game ever!!! Please add. I just think you should add more vehicles. And construction vehicles. I really like your game and I really like the stuff in it. So please add. And also when is the next update coming out? Thank you 😊.Version: 1.68

Bad gameBad game because it has packs so get rid of it.Version: 1.68

Great game but needs more trailersI’m hoping that you guys add inclosed trailer and bumper hitch camper also please add a lake and boats also add skiddoos.Version: 1.68

Great GameIt is almost impossible to add everything anyone would ever want. If they did it would require a huge amount of memory and battery. This game is very realistic and can captivate for hours. One change I would recommend is the market tab. It doesn’t give prices just a chart. I hauled a load of beans and then a load of corn and got way more $ for the load of beans despite it being much lower on the chart. I know overall it is still realistic but it would be nice to maybe see a price for each crop that can be sold...and maybe a way to sell bales of straw or hay. Great great game and so much fun. Thank you!.Version: 1.68

There better be a way to do thisAdd bins u can haul and augers for them and add more maps and make it so you can save a game but have more games of that one level and add a lake and boats and a bigger town and u can buy houses and go in them and make the graphics better and so u can go in campers and u can go into a actual camp ground and u can buy camp sites and actually pay your fees and tax’s and have a family and add more equipment like snowmobiles and dirt bikes and more features and u can buy cabins and add more farm yard on each map and y have to buy them and make it so when someone joins they can become a member of your farm yards and you can share your accounts and have private games and have world wide games. Please get it done and have a upgrade because the game is starting to get booaring with the same features.Version: 1.68

Awesome game but...I love this game. I would take it over FS any day. There’s only a few problems with it. Whenever you have a hired hand, for example planting, there are always spots that are missed by them. Also they’re way too expensive. It’s also hard to control when going full speed. You slowly turn and all of a sudden your flipping the atv. There could be a few things added to it as well. Instead of gates only opening one way have it a two way gate. Other than that I haven’t found any other problems or have any other ideas yet. I hope that these ideas can possibly happen. Thanks!.Version: 1.68

Enjoy playing itMore tractors, like a challenger on tracks, Planter gets hung on road a lot. Also it would be neat to have weather situations arise like forecast of heavy wind so a decision Has to be made to either harvest your crop or gamble and leave it In the field to dry more and what happens happens. I think another cool dynamic would be break downs. Stuff that needs fixed on equipment if let go to long will break. And def a bigger map would be awesome. Overall the game is great. I love the seasons although harvest is a little short when it’s wet and corn can be harvested in snow in December. Great app look forward to more updates.Version: 1.68

Great game but could use updatesLove the game and it is really fun. I like almost every thing about, though was a little hard to figure every thing out at first. Some people want snow but I think it would be a bad idea because then you wouldn't be able to plant whenever you want. Some equipment I think that could be added is a forage harvester that is much bigger than the pull behind one. A huge air seeder that would be equivalent to about seventy feet wide. Also, I think a swather would be good to do because it would be quicker and easier to make hay. Another peace of equipment you could add is a big track layer John Deere or challenger. I also think you should make the hired workers get the entire field when they harvest and plant. Because it is really annoying getting the crop they missed. I also think you should add two more sections to the game, one section that has a real steep and big field. In the other section I think you should put a big flat field that is really big. And in one of them you should put a huge cattle pasture. I think you should put the new things to the right of the milk plant and logging woods since there is already a road going to there. I think you should also be able to put more pigs in the gooseneck. But for the most part I love the game and it is a great game..Version: 1.37

What I wantI think that farming USA two should have swing away augers and should have grapple fork loaders for tractors..Version: 1.68

Farming USA 2You should make the holiday trailer accessible.Version: 1.68

ShopPlz can you guys add a shop so you can customize your vehicle and lift it and put off-road bumpers and tires..Version: 1.68

Love the gameAwesome work ! Love it in every aspect , I noticed the ammonia tank doesn’t trail along and has bugs when you try to hook it to tool bar , can we fix this ? Also would love to see a huge ginormous field or a few , that would be intense would also love to have more cows in feed lot , also can you make a bar in settings to invert buckets and Such ? Can we also make it so you can have combines unload on the go as well as stack them up in a field ? Maybe double grain trailers ?!? Over all I love the game ! Keep up the good work ! Oh and maybe make a thing where we could go inspect the fields and see how the crops are coming along , how many days till harvest ?.Version: 1.65

Best farming game yet but could use a few more thingsAbsolutely love the game but would like to see a D8K dozer with everything to make new fields. Also would want cotton and a cotton stripper. Also would be good to have another machine shed and a 4 car garage by the house. And would like to be able to change duals and front end loaders between different tractors. Also would like to be able to go in the house and sleep at night. Last thing would like to a camper and camp grounds to go stay at. So it be awesome to see all of these things but even though it doesn't have all of these things I will still rate it a 5 star can't wait for yalls next game. Thanks.Version: 1.33

Great gameHi can you please add in B doubles and road trains and more trucks thanks.Version: 1.66

SeasonsCan you please make a on and off switch for seasons..Version: 1.68

Plz add plzPlz add more toys and add a dirt bike and more utvs like a rzr 1000 and be-able to make a new camping toy Huller.Version: 1.68

Worth the money Great game! Great update!Have to edit this comment because a lot of great things happened to this game that I’m excited about. One thing, was I suppose to get a self propelled mower and forage harvester because in this latest update (1.47) I got the wheel loader, new forage box, and the manure sprayer. Thanks for updating this game because I gladly payed for all the purchases you have up except add-money’s. Another thing, I would like to see some more older styles of tractors, I know the Deere 4440 is considered old but I’m talking like antiques that you’d take to a tractor show, such as Oliver 77, Massey Harris 44, and an international 1468 would be cool 68 series is one of my favorites. Thanks for putting in your time to make this game, many hours of yours and my time on this game..Version: 1.47

Add?Really need too add disc mowers and bale wrapping and bale soft hands !.Version: 1.68

Good gameGood game just wish there were more fields and multiplayer.Version: 1.29

More Updates Please!!!!I enjoy playing this game a lot!!! If you could add some more vehicles, and also some more paint choices for the trucks,Thanks🙂.Version: 1.68

Great game, Please read!!!!This a very good game but has a few things that need to be fixed in my opinion. First the controls, it’s kinda inconvenient to look around and it will freeze up sometimes, and better vehicle handling. Another suggestion would be putting the map on part of the screen so you could see where you are going instead of having to stop and pause every few minutes. That is all the problems but I have a few suggestions that I think would brighten the game, I think making customizable vehicles, and having a gun store for hunting so you could get better equipment, more ATVs, and also adding a part to the map so you can tap where you want to go and it acts as a gps. This game has great potential and I’d love to see it get better and better, my main concern is he controls though..Version: 1.45

Make wehicle packs freeAwsome game but make multiplayer and wehicle pals and hunting free.Version: 1.68

HiI want to see you put the small Square Baylor in the third again.Version: 1.68

GoodI can’t drill my field.Version: 1.68

Things in generalYou should make it so you can load something in the back of the camper or add winches and more customize to the vehicles and lower the price is a bit and maybe add some Ford trucks.Version: 1.68

Another equipment packI say there needs to be another update asap. Like everyone else is saying there needs to be snow with a plow that you can hook up to the truck. Make it to where you can go inside the pig barn. Make the bales easier to load. But other wise great game way better than the first. Also would be cool to have traffic and motor homes with campground. Would be great to see. Hope the update comes really soon. Also I think it would be neat if you could go inside the pig barn and there was an actual auction to buy animals. Would be cool to see a county fair where you could take animals to as well. Great game though. Would be cool to see these things in future updates..Version: 1.33

Love the gameWe need a log skidded in the game.Version: 1.56

Comments & SuggestionsFirst of all, I was very hesitant to buy this game since all the other ones I’ve played besides farming simulator 14, 16, and 18 have been a joke and these three are very limited and not very detailed with only day and night but no seasons. But once I started playing I quickly realized I’ve found the best one that there is out there to play in this one. Well worth the money and do buy all packs at once for those who are hesitant, its well worth it. Suggestions I have is that you make it to were you can go into the house and maybe even to a bed to skip time(pay the cost if you have livestock to feed and skip anyways), or a 10x speed up option. Then I would like to see a bank added to where you can take out a loan with monthly payments, and where you can start another farm or start over from the beginning. Otherwise only options you have is to play your single game with no restarts, or play multiplayer. Having the option to start over or start a completely new one while keeping the old one would be very nice. Specially in cases where you start to do something just to have an idea to take the farm in another direction but can’t for the lack of money you just spent going in another direction. Then give more info on the equipment and what you need it for. Thanks for making such a great game and keep the updates coming. Thanks!!!.Version: 1.68

Add pleaseAdd a zero turn lawn mower and a lawn trailer and loading ramps for the bed of the pickup truck and a in closed car trailer add light switch and light bar and traffic and stop signs and traffic lights 🚦 please and windshield wipers and blinkers and trailer lights and add a store that you can go to add a engine start stop button and add a button when you get out of a vehicle to leave it running add a button to where you can open the hood the tailgate the tool box add a window switch so you can roll up the windows and close them and add a garbage truck you can go pick up garbage and bulky stuff please thanks 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀👍..Version: 1.68

SuggestionsThe game is awesome already but I think there needs to be a wider variety of customizing for the trucks. I would like to see more atv and maybe a 6 seater utv. I have been wanting to see more like muddy trails and maybe some motorcycles. Some heavy haul semi trailers would be nice too. It would also be cool if we could walk in the house and maybe have a working garage that we can put stuff in, I would like to have a cabin that there was a trail to get to in the woods that is on high ground so I could see some of the town. I would like to be able to customize the atvs and utv too. I also want a rzr or some sort of sport side by side like that to play around with, I would love to have like a toy hauler camper trailer so that I don’t have to make 2 trips if I’m going to camp or something. I would also like to be able to buy bales of hay if we don’t want to go through the procedure of making hay.i also want to add like a giant mud truck and little bit longer car trailer, I can’t fit the cars on the bumper pull trailer. That would make it the greatest game ever to me. Overall great game.👍👍👍.Version: 1.65

Logging and aiPls add a log loader and a buncher and moving cars to make for alive pls.Version: 1.68

Love the game it’s awesomeHi so first off I’m a huge fan of the game it’s EPIC I have A few request please.(can you add it to where we can pick up dirt from anywhere,add something to hold the dirt(a truck or a trailer)can you add some more garages maybe one for the small trailer and some trucks,to be able to go inside the house,a feature where u can take the loader arms on/off,where you can turn the lights on/off on all vehicles,where you can plow any ground and farm on it,where you can log any trees anywhere and a covered trailer Well that’s all I want thanks for reading this if you do keep up the good work!.Version: 1.33

Add skiidoosYou should add skiidoos in the next update.Version: 1.68

Great game!!I love the game but I have a few suggestions that I would like on the game, one is adding an enclosed trailer to haul cars and small tractors. The next is I think you should add a Yukon xl or a suburban or a new truck that isn’t a dully. Also it would be great if you could make it so that the mirrors on the trucks would work and so you could see how your trailer is doing. I love the camper that you just added and I think it would be great if you added more stuff to go along with the camping theme. And if you could make the trucks squat when you hook up a trailer onto it that would be awesome!!! Thanks for taking the time to read this..Version: 1.52

Love itI love the game but it’s not realistic enough you should take out all the real money cars and stuff and make them game money also a exit and enter button with construction vehicles.Version: 1.68

Farming USA 2I think it should have old truck in it and more motorbikes the tractors are good but the sound of all of them are the same... It would be good if there was more sound effects of the vehicles..Version: 1.68

Download now it’s worth itI absolutely love this game. It’s the best farming simulator out there for phones by a long shot. The physics controls and graphics are awesome. I would absolutely love more buildings like the machine shed all around the map so I can leave equipment near other fields. It would be awesome to have a new Holland self loading bale wagon and it would be really cool to do our own crop dusting. Just throwing ideas out there this game is awesome and has much more potential. In all Bowen Games did a spectacular job with this game and I encourage anyone looking for a great game to download it now. The equipment packs are worth the money. Also the money is reasonable easy to earn..Version: 1.68

Good game but one thingYou should add a case magnum and make the map bigger and make hill climbing and like some new animals like goats sheep lamias and some more equipment to make the game better and make sure to add a hydra bed next the glitch is the games problem and then add some sports make a concert basketball court and make it where we can go in the house and look at are deer mounts and add some more hunting animals like a moose boar and all the others and I would love to see where you can set were you want your deer stand or blind to be and add brands like massy Ferguson and international harvester and Thant’s all I think thank you please please please please please please.Version: 1.68

Please more bug fixesI just keep getting sun+cloud an sun and fog.Version: 1.47

Please add:Sprayer planes, more sell points, and the ability to open the shop from your farm.Version: 1.33

New stuffYou need new stuff and I is kid and I would like some new stuff please and bidding on like contracts and farm equemant and more land and like real stuff like a part gets broken and you could fix it and you can have other farms in the area and you can go inside the house and have chickens and goats and be able to have dogs and be able to have an ax. Or a two man saw and better trucks /idea selection and have older tractors and more implements and have salt spreaders and be able to put your truck/fin go by the road and sell it like that and snow chains and have service trucks and more trailers and a lot more equipment and be able to have horses and have more stores and and be able to have more guns and stuff to hunt and more semis and trailers and be able to buy stuff in like a magazine and have to plant when you want and you can suffer the consequence and planes that you can fly and and helicopters and be able to be killed and have stuff on you and haze animals like destroying your crops and might kill you and have more cars and maybe add Bigfoot and a real radio and a big bud tractor So if you could do that I would appreciate that and The kid.Version: 1.68

Could be betterIt would be better if you could tow more than 1 semi trailer and have an auto bale pickup. Please add fencing so you can have animals in your paddocks.pls add sheep. and add bigger manure spreaders. also a spray plane would be awesome. 1 Thing that would make it much better is Large scale seeding, much larger paddocks and field bins. And a must is multiplayer!!!!!.Version: 1.33

Great game but a few fixesSo the game is great i have bought all of your games. You should add lawn mowers and bigger selection of tractors. The workers need to get the whole field when the turn around they a big spot at the end. A seasonal process would be cool and the soil you would have to plant different crops not the same back to back. When you bale the hay it should be easier to pick it and load it. Also you should be able to dig in the dirt and create drainage ditches. When you try to dig then the tractor gets lifted in the air. When fields get flooded you need to have drainage ditches to get the water out. Other than that I love this game..Version: 1.37

More semi modsI wish that you guys would make the game players get out side there semis and actually hook the airlines and the lights. And make it so that you can in your house and get a little more tractors and have a mod where you can put a sprayer in the back of a pickup bed and make it so the jacked up trucks can hook up to the logging trailer and the horse trailer without putting a log or on higher up ground and exspand the map a little bit further and make the semis go little bit faster and make the trailers longer and wider so you can fit more stuff and add a terra gator band sprayer and make the pickups blow black smoke and add horses and fair grounds and put traffic lights and cars that drive around and make the corners little bit wider and add a snow machine for quick get around in the snow and add tire chains and more grain bins around the farm and a pup for the grain trailer for more hauling your crop and make snow plows for the four wheelers and add sheep make the dairy farm a little bit bigger and add stuff like pallets for the pallet forks so you can them off and on the trailers and put the brand name on the tractors and add chains and straps for the flat bed trailers and make different models of semis like a peterbilt 379 make the silage tower bigger make the trucks have more pulling power that is all thank you.Version: 1.68

Moto_flCan you make the people more realistic and add more to the map please !!! Other then that it is the best farming game on mobile👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 1.68

FantasticBest farming game for mobile by far. Cant wait for farming USA 3. A few notes though, it would be nice to have a smaller grain truck, something between gravity wagons and a semi. Would also be nice to be able to put a snow plow on it. The snow seems too heavy, it’s difficult to plow it even with the tractors. Also it would be nice to be able to take the loaders off the tractors without selling them. Also the outside camera is kind of frustrating. Other than that this game is perfect, much better than the giants games. Also your customer service is fantastic. About a year ago I had a problem with an in app purchases, reached out to the developer over Facebook and had it sorted out in a matter of minutes..Version: 1.68

PleaseLalls.Version: 1.27

Can u please addHey can you please add excavators and the ability to dig up the ground Thanks.Version: 1.29

Driving silage harvester, silage trucks, bale trailer straps, front and rear duals and snowIt would be nice to have driving silage choppers, it would be easier to load bales on the bale trailer, bale trailer straps for bale trailers so that the bales will stay on the trailer, please add snow on the next update it would be really cool if you could plow the snow with trucks loaders four wheelers and gators and please add silage trucks if you add driving silage harvesters and front and rear duals for tractors and please fix it so that the 32 row planter doesn't drag on the ground when folded up otherwise it is a awesome game please add these things in the next update to it. When is the next update please can I know..Version: 1.33

Old heavy tractorsIt would be cool to add the older heavy 4wd tractors like the 555 versatile rather then just having newer options for the big tractors.Version: 1.68

New updates pleaseI love this game but I would like if you could customize your equipment after you buy them so you don’t have to buy three tractors. Also it would be nice if you could add stock trucks that are single rear wheel. More toys and tractors would be nice to. Also being able to pass time or sleep would be helpful too This is my favourite game Regards William.Version: 1.68

It is great but does need workThe map should be better and there should be road trains and more Australian stuff.Version: 1.68

Please addPlease add a 1979 White 2-155. This is my favourite farming game and it would be even better if you could please add a ‘79 2-155. Thanks.Version: 1.68

Farmer boy 2003It's awesome but it's hard to laid hay on trailer it would be cool if you could put a hay rapper to make sillage hay and some hay grabbers it also needs a garage place where you can costomize your trucks like jack them up or put brush Gards on them bigger tires and stuff like that and it also needs MULTIPLAYER and it also needs bigger hay equipment like self propelled hay mower and bigger rakes and Tedders and straps for your hay trailer as y'all also need chicken houses and dry stacks for the chicken litter and u need to be able to sell the litter and real spreader trucks and y’all need more breeds of cows and could u make it where if u breed like a black cow with a herferd u get a baldy calf and it would be awesome if u could make Corelle where u can work and separate cows Please and thank u for hearing what we have to say.Version: 1.56

Twisted a bitGame changer, best game ever, you name it, but make an 8310R JOHN DEERE with rear and front dual wheels and to where you can customize the equipment after you buy it go in the house and make the pickup trucks roll coal and some older articulated JOHN DEERE tractors like an 8970 or 9400, that kind of thing plz looooooooooooooooooove the game and make some new updates it has been almost a year since the last update and I am getting a little disappointed about that, also please try to make more attachments for the garden tractor like farming simulator 19 and a small wagon for the lawnmower and four wheeler and I am having this unstoppable glitch that glitches me out of the game and I have to completely restart the game and reload the game only to get three seconds of playing in please fix.Version: 1.68

Great gameWhat would make this game better is to work on the logging a bit. A wood chipper and a lot more logging equipment. Another good thing is earth moving equipment like a scraper and dozer to make fans and fields like you would on a real farm.Version: 1.62

This game is great but it need a little work.This game is great and very realistic to an American farm, but there are some things that need work such as if you start with the John Deere option the tractor has a realistic cab entrance that even the real farming simulator does not have but that is the only tractor that has that same thing with the first combine. Also the largest implements get hung a lot and the are only two engine sounds. There is also almost no limits on the tractors, for example the starting tractor can pull the 32 row planter easily. Another thing is that the gravity wagons are weightless and fly around in a long turn or the gulp at 90 degrees. Now what I would like to see in this game is cotton, some higher horsepower tractors such as an JD 8R or Case magnum or new holland T8. But this is the best IOS farming game ever..Version: 1.33

Read this and the game will be better!!!The game is so amazing, but it needs some new things and fixes. Like when you have cut hay and you ted it and ur about to bale and it wont let u bale in the rain. Some new things like cotton and a cotton picker. Some tobacco plants would be nice. Some new tractors like IH and Kubota would be nice. Utility tractors and utility balers would be nice like a square baler and throw wagon(s) and round balers such as Nh 450, Vermeer 4520 and 5520 Rebels, and John Deere 459 balers. Disc mowers and more mower conditioners. Kuhn wheel rakes would be nice too. Make it to where u can mow any grass and can be made into hay or forage. Bale monitors would be nice. Wrapping machines would be nice too. Side Delivery rakes could be a nice feature to the game too..Version: 1.56

Farmin suggestionsYou should add dump trucks and plows for em then you could will with salt and plow and salt the roads and be prepared for snow and also and excavators and make it where you could bid jobs and where you could bid like a high way contract for mowing or plowing where ya get paid if you complete a yearly or monthly contract for mowing or plowing and just make it with more real features add a knuckle boom for lodging and dump trucks would be amazing for not just plowing but for grain for farming plants thanks a dozer for pushing the stalls mud in to a big pile and a excavator to load it also a bronco and a track loader would be awesome a back hoe and old house and barns where oh could bid to tear down and a landfeild to hall off to and where you could have a shale pit or something where you could hall shale to to job site where there need for grade work and where you could load the shale a motor grader would be cool to I under stand this is a lot but a dump truck would be my fav for next update a pump truck where you go around and pump those tanks but you half to take a mini exavtor to dig to the tank lid would be awesome and we could spread the spetic for fertilizer oh and a long side boom mower one you can move around and extend on the tractor also where is equipment pack 9 and 10 you can read where it goes 8 to 10 and please add a low boy trailer for bigger equipment.Version: 1.47

Pls fixIt’s a relly good game but there is so many problems on line pls fix.Version: 1.68

Good butI want to get my money back but I can’t figure out how.Version: 1.68

Please consider addingI love the game and have spent quite a bit of money on it but one thing that I think it needs is the ability to attach a winch to the back of the gravity wagons.Version: 1.68

Please readI really like this game is is so fun but I think you should add some things like in the fall leaves should fall off trees and you could put a trailer bagger on the little tractor that you can put the mower on so then you can pick up the leaves that fall. I also think you should add like a Tahoe or a suv of some kind that can pull trailers that use a hitch like the bumper trailer and you can add a upgrade to the suv buy buying a seed and gas holder in the trunk. Also I think you should add a little enclosed trailer that you can put the little tractor gator and atv in. My final idea for you is maybe adding in a front end snow blower for the gator atv and small tractor to clear out some of the snow. Other than they great game keep up your awesome work.Version: 1.68

Why I love this gameGreat game I love that you can load hay bales manually but would be nice to see a telehandler in the game also love the seasons I’d love to see a helicopter in game to check your feilds faster hired worker needs to be improved and that is why I love is game Also can you please bring out more updates for the game please.Version: 1.68

My thoughts on farming USA 2.I think the game is grate but I wish that you could make it were you can purchase buildings and fences also. It would also be neat to be able to detach duals and loader arms. Also why does hired workers stop, and everything unhook when you go out of the game. It would also be neat if more than two people could be in a multiplayer game. Also why do hired workers sometimes stop the tractor and then drive backwards in circles. It would also be nice to make the hired workers would drive in circles instead of back and forth so the ends aren’t so sloppy. In the end you made a great game but I would like to see some of these improvements..Version: 1.68

Jeep trailblazerHi I would like a Jeep trailblazer because it would make Off-roading in the trails more fun. it would make it easier get from field to field. I could take it camping out in the trails. And maybe an option in the dealership to add a toolbox on the back so just in case you run out of fuel you car refill your vehicles. So that’s why I would like Jeep trailblazers..Version: 1.68

PurchasingI absolutely love your game that you made I just think that you take the equipment pack off because all of the cool Machenery are in there and without them you can’t really make a big farm without them being able too be purchased without having the equipment pack there. But on the other hand l absolutely love playing your game because I play it all the time l can (because I live on a farm). I would absolutely call this the bestselling game there is and the best game I have bought..Version: 1.68

Suggestions for next updateCould you possibly add a 45-95 hp. tractor? Another shop would be nice too, and could you add the customization option to the wide front 4020? And a 3-point hay mower instead of the pull type would be awesome. Could you also add a newer, larger 2 wheel drive rowcrop tractor? I would also like to see more trucks. A service truck would be nice. Also, a excavator, dozer, or backhoe would be amazing. Could you also make it to where you can put the forks on the skid steer and actually pick up pallets of seed? I really love the game and I ask that you please come out with a new update and take these suggestions into consideration..Version: 1.68

Please add some more Ford, Chevy, and Dodge trucksI really really love this game, but maybe you should add in a few more Ford, Chevy, and dodge diesel trucks from the early 2000s. Like maybe a new, non-dually Ford F-350 pickup. Same thing with the Chevy. Non-dually Chevy 2500. Plus, a dodge 2500 or a 3500 pickup truck would be nice too. Also, can you make the tractors and trucks have different engine sounds? The Ford should have a Powerstroke sound with a turbo whistle, the Chevy should have a Duramax sound with a turbo whistle, and the Dodge should have a Cummins sound with a turbo whistle. They sound kind of weird having the same sound. And maybe more tractors to choose from and also more trucks to choose from. Also, can you add some more dually trucks to choose from, too? And can you add some more lawnmowers to choose from, too? Other than that, it’s a great game..Version: 1.66

Good gameIt’s is the best farming app on the market. The only thing that I would like to see more of when the new update comes out is more options with combines and newer combines and Draper headers. And make the map bigger and your able to go into other towns. But it is a great game. On the next update plz make it to where we can dump the solid manure anywhere from the feed lots cuz you can on dump it in there or in a manure trailer. It’s build up in my feedlot and now I can’t get it out. I know you are working on farming USA 3. But in 3. I would like to see less trees and more open area. And like make it look like an actual country. Make it have intersection. And have more than one town where you could drive to and buy feed and where you can farm in another town. And if you can make it to where you can get the hired worker to go round and round the fields. So I won’t have to go back through and finish thank you..Version: 1.68

Stuff to addNew bin setup where you can put augurs on top to augur the grain in. More realistic sounds bigger map or more towns. A house that you can go into and sleep at night. Older combine, front wheel assist on newer tractors for mud. And rear wheel assist on combines for mud. A single wheeled pickup truck with no lift kit. Also I would like to go into the hog barns and just walk through or run the feed augers. Also a bank to take out loans and maybe where you can hire a (computer) in single player to haul your manure. Maybe also add a dealership where you can buy used vehicles for a( cheaper price) Well that’s all I can think of so otherwise a very great great game the best farming game I have played so keep up the good work..Version: 1.68

ImprovementsI love the game but I have a few issues. I can put hay in pasture 3 feeder and it doesn’t fill. I don’t understand why there is a camper but you can’t do anything with it. I would like to see more mods for trucks and tractors like different beds, tires, and colors. I would also like to be able to take duals and loaders off of the tractors and be able to put duals on the front. I would like to be able to move fencing and divide bulls away from heifers. I want a snow blower for the front of the loader and tractors. That’s all I have for now and I look forward to see some changes and I also look forward to the new update. Thanks.Version: 1.56

I liked it but it needs improvingI liked the fact that you put the forestry work in and the tow rope but a lot of things cost too much, also the packs cost a lot of money considering the game costs $5 and multiplayer costs $1.50, can you please make the multiplayer free at least. Also hiring a crop duster was a good idea but can you consider getting ariel application that you can fly on your own and you can get more planes and get them faster and a lot of that stuff, also maybe a helicopter so you can check the fields faster, and I like the seasons and the snow. That’s why I gave it 4 stars because it’s a good game but it could do with some more and if you get helicopters can you please get a hook on them because the tow rope doesn’t always work..Version: 1.66

BEST GAME EVER!! except forIt is the best game ever. But there is some things I would like to be changed. First of all I would like to have a dump bed truck. Second of all I would like it if you added a log loader. Third of all I would really appreciate it if you could add a logging trailer and truck. Fourth it would really be cool if you could lower the prices on the pickups and tractors. And sell used pickups, tractors, trucks, and trailers from the dealership. It would be cool if your vehicles could break down and if you could get mud on your rigs and make mud holes. I would also like if you could add a caterpillar and skidder for logging. I would also like it if you would add a D6 farming cat. It also needs better graphics and more brands like Steiger, caterpillar, more John Deere’s, and more trucks and trailers. And single rear wheeled pickups. I think it would be cool you could really customize your pickups and tractors and turn lights on and off manually..Version: 1.68

When dose it snowHow long does it take to snow.Version: 1.46

Nouveau machinePouvez vous ajoutez des pelleteuse, bulldozer.Version: 1.68

OUTSTANDINGYou guys are probably the best maker for phone farming games but on the camper you should make us be able to go inside it and use the slide outs and let us go in the house.Version: 1.68

Suggestions for farming USA 3First would to have and silo or silage bunker or an ag bag at the feedlot or have them next to each other. And more breeds of animals like the dairy cows and beef cows. Also be able to feed silage to the animals in pasture. Maybe put a liquid manure pit or a tank at the dairy barn. Raising your own dairy cows to would make it more realistic like you can with the beef. More grain bins on the other side of the farm would be nice. Some more selling points would be nice so you can see who has the best price. Maybe have more sizes of tractors. Another thing would be when loading or unloading animals like the pigs you can select the amount you want instead of clicking so many times. An automatic loading wagon for the bailes would be nice. Another location to by seed and fertilizer would be nice on the other side of the map. Looking forward to play it when you get it finished..Version: 1.68

Good Game 🚜I agree with Alfie8🚜 it definitely needs a telehandler and more vehicles but don't make us pay for the vehicles we all ready paid for the app. Personally I think you shouldn't have to pay for the vehicle packs but hey ho. Thanks.Version: 1.33

Add a zero turn and a landscaping trailerIt needs a few more things like a skider for logging ng and a bulldozer for the logs please.Version: 1.68

PleaseI love this game but it doesn't have a large variety of vehicles and would like you to add a tele handler a forager a few more tractors and a bigger grain trailer to go on the back of a tractor Yours sincerely Alfie.Version: 1.33

Question please respond this ownerSo do I have to buy the sorta packs of cars and all of that to have the thing that I want?.Version: 1.68

Farming loveIt's good game I have a great time with It buy it it great.Version: 1.33

It needs work and more updatesBut it needs a lot of work to be done to it like more shades and mods that work and car, cars drive up and down the road and you got to name your farm and more flies to, more machines and their brains, can there be a drag way and mustered and f tracks to buy and a Jeeves and all trees can be cut down and you got to buy camshaft to it and on your farm there's a place that you can put on these and all Delors can be opened and closed and two wheels and fences to thank you.Version: 1.68

Great game but needs workI love the game but I think it needs work. I would love to be able to make fields and shift the buildings around and more sounds for the vehicles other than that I love playing this game..Version: 1.68

Wonderful game.I was wanting a farming game so when I went onto the App Store I typed in “Farming games” and Farming USA 2 showed up along with a bunch more. I looked at Farming USA 2, he pictures looked like the graphics were bad, I felt confused on if I wanted to buy it and chance wasting money on a garage game. But I bought it and once I got started on the game I couldn’t set it down. It is way better then Farming Simulator, in Farming USA 2 you get all sorts of equipment and all kinds of weather, you can even plow snow. I was glad that I bought it. The only recommendation is that you make the graphics a little better, I mean the graphics are okay but they could be better. Long story short, if you are feeling like your afraid of spending money on a garage game such as this, get this game, IT IS NOT TRASHY AT ALL. I 100% love it. There is not one flaw that I have..Version: 1.47

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