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FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor app received 142 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor? Can you share your negative thoughts about faceapp: perfect face editor?

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FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor for Negative User Reviews

OverratedI’m actually really confused on why this has good reviews 😂 I downloaded it thinking it would be amazing but it was really weird. I downloaded this app because I wanted to see what I looked like when I was older and it was literally a picture of me with ‘crinkled’ skin- not accurate at all, I know you can’t come up with a completely accurate photo but I was expecting a lot more. The makeup photo was something 😂😂 it had really pink lips and cheeks, no one would ever wear that lol. If you want this app for a laugh with your friends, I definitely recommend but if you want something ‘professional’ this isn’t the best app..Version: 3.6.9

THIS IS NOT A SAFE APPThe app was on the news and it talked about how Russian spy’s are using this app to track everyone’s face.Version: 4.1.1

Crashes in the middle of progressI love most things about this app. BUT lately when I am in the MIDDLE of editing my background which takes major time and precision to have an accurate and realistic looking background it will just crash and erase ALL my progress. It’s really disappointing to spend such $$$$ on an app that doesn’t even save your progress when it decides to crash. The last two days I have spent up to 3 hours trying to do one picture because every time I’m basically finished it crashes and deletes everything. Super disappointing. If I bought something at the store and it didn’t work I’d get a refund but there’s only one buy option here which I’m paying for the ENTIRE editing options yet am limited to only basic editing because the app crashes. Idk. Thinking about deleting this app and searching for a new one. Which is extremely disappointing..Version: 11.3.2

Plz do not getSearch up on YouTube do not use face app here’s why.Version: 3.4.10

Developers, help please!!I use the Pro version for a while, but recently I have a big problem. I try to improve my picture in the library thru “edit” bottom in the gallery (not from the FaceApp, but exactly from the IPhone photo library) In past it worked, but recently I have two problems: First - I could open the FaceApp thru this bottom “edit” in IPhone gallery but when I try to use “impression” it asks me to buy pro version (that I already have). And it offer me to go to the app, I follow that. But in this way it then tells me “you already have PRO”, and it offers me to pick a picture. If I pick the picture then from the app I ONLY CAN SAVE IT LIKE I NEW PICTURE. And obviously it downloads to the end of all my photos in the gallery. That is crazy inconvenient!! Because sometimes I want to improve my old pictures, let’s say a month old, and I don’t need them in the end of my gallery, I want them on those original place! Problem number two happened when I decided to reinstall the app in the hope it will help. It did not. Not when I open The FaceApp thru photo gallery of my phone by clicking “edit” bottom I still can get into FaceApp, but there are no any bottoms at all. Just the photo and bottom “done” Really looking forward for your help with that and I will definitely give 5 stars for this App!.Version: 11.1.2

LameYou get zero options unless you get the paid version..Version: 3.2.0

Throws away original image capture attributes!!GOOD: I like the app a lot for not only it’s ability to produce novel and interesting modifications to original photos but for it’s ability to fix some of the negative image results of the camera being merciless to otherwise good face photos when the lighting and shadows at time of capture show imperfections that are not even visible in the mirror and that even Apple’s amazing computational camera algorithms don’t provide for. BAD: The app produces a new image with pretty much every image capture information attribute stripped out (ie. original dates, times, locations, etc) and had an obtuse none intuitive user interface that creates uncertainty as to where and how the image will be saved in your Photos iCloud library. The current interface needs to be re-evaluated to make it more clear where and how the resulting modified image will be saved and what from the original image is being thrown away. I can’t imagine why the developers would want that the be the default. If the developers don’t fix the app’s predilection to striping out the original photo capture information I doubt I’ll renew the subscription..Version: 12.0.1

Amazing... until it stopped being amazingI spent hours upon hours of fun morphing faces together and ageing people. It’s such a addictive app and the quality of the final results were incredible.. until one day, the quality decided to disappear! One minute, the app was producing stunning, life-like faces, the next, it was blurring images, getting the shading all wrong and turning faces into things that didn’t match the standard I was used to. Yesterday, I morphed a picture of my girlfriend onto my face and I got a beautiful result, but today I tried again, with exactly the same two photos, and it didn’t look the same at all. In fact, it was quite disturbing 😂 Please fix this app and make it go back to normal..Version: 4.0.13

It’s okIt’s ok but I do think it is a bit of a scam, it’s funny using with friends but not for using as serious photo app you can actually post online. This app is okay I would recommend it as a laugh but if you wanted to get actual good photos maybe just download some other high recommended app, I have downloaded this app a few times but I always ended up deleting it cause using lots of storage and hardly ever use it..Version: 10.6.2

Didn’t ask for itI subscribed for a month, then I got charged for a year. Guess there’s something written in the fine print that allows you to get away with this. Unimpressed!!!.Version: 4.0.3

No More Face SwapIf face swap is your thing, don’t bother with this app. I stuck with it because I was hoping this feature would make a return given it was what made this app unique, but given review feedback that shows it “doesn’t line up with the developer concept,” it shows it won’t be coming back. In turn, neither will I, given I have now found other apps to do for less what this app charges for that are common features with this style app. FaceSwap made this app unique, even if it wasn’t planned. Now that this app has stepped back that unique feature, I’ll be stepping back and using other apps to do for free what this app charges for. If you’re looking for apps that do face filters, there’s a lot better and many do it for free if you’re willing to combine technologies across different apps. A little patience, you can work wonders. If you’re looking for FaceSwap: don’t bother!.Version: 11.7.9

Steals your pictures from your camera rollThis app was on the news tonight. Once you allow access to your camera roll they can use any picture they want for their stuff. Sad it was a really fun app.Version: 3.4.5

Good but limitedFaceApp is quite good I must say but the one problem is that you only get limited choices unless you pay. This might be ok for some people but for others you just have a restricted editing app. When you are using a celebrity picture or one from your photos, you have the limited version but if you use one of their people you don’t have to pay. I guess this is fair so you know what the pro things do before you pay but sometimes you see something on a different person then you pay and it doesn’t work as expected. All I’m saying is only pay if you really want to get the pro items. Thanks though 😃.Version: 10.3.2

Stop stealing peoples photosIt’s sick unnecessary, why do u need our camera rolls it’s creepy dear god🙄🙄.Version: 4.1.1

Amazing App but beware of secret limits on usage!I love this app…apparently too much according to FaceApp as they recently sent me the following message, “You've sent too many requests to our servers recently. We recommend reducing your editing activity a bit or checking if anyone else has access to your subscription account.” I didn’t use it for a couple days but checked today and it was unfrozen, so I edited 3 photos, and then got the message that my Pro subscription was frozen again! Webster’s Dictionary defines “subscription” in this context as, “a purchase by prepayment…for a certain period of access to or use of something (such as an online service).” When I paid my $39 I had no idea that my access would be frozen without warning for some unknown period for exceeding some unknown number of “requests” over some unknown period. This doesn’t seem fair or at all above board to me..Version: 11.1.1

Effects bug is annoyingI used to love this app and mainly used it for videos. However for the last couple of months the effects have disappeared. The icon is still there but there are no effects to select after that. This was one of my favourite features and I was going to purchase a lifetime subscription once it’s time to renew but without the effects feature I won’t be renewing my subscription. I was hoping it would be fixed by now but even after deleting and reinstalling the app it still doesn’t work..Version: 11.1.2

Took my moneyDownloaded this app today just to play around and have some fun with it, as soon as you open the app it offers you a 3 day free trial. I often do the free trails and then cancel them the day before billing. When I clicked on the 3 day free trial and I used my Apple ID it had actually charged me £30 for the whole year subscription instantly. The £30 has already been taken out of my account when initially I just wanted to try the free trail not spend that amount of money! Extremely disappointed as the advert specifically said 3 day free trial and not click here to pay for a years subscription! have definitely been scammed here and am annoyed. Have already gone to cancel my year subscription but it says I am still valid to use the pro version until next year. Definitely wasn’t worth the money after all and am trying to get a refund!.Version: 10.0.0

This app sucksI can’t even screenshot.Version: 11.12.0

Something weird about the quality with the newest update.I use the same picture as comparison every update to see if anything has changed with and this latest update the image looks different to previous ones when I use the same presets as before, so I guess they have changed something but not for the better. The newer interface is fine, but in general I would say the latest upgrade is a step in the wrong direction. For example why is long hair giving different results now? It used to make hair looks full a little straighter, now it seems to be blurry and fuzzy looking when editing the same pictures. Not sure what’s happened. Definitely doesn’t feel like it’s beautifying or improving images like before, some of the make ups look a little off too, the eyes seem darker. In general the quality has really taken a dip. If the app was working like it was before I’d say it was a solid 4.5, as currently is though it’s not quite there. This is a good example of don’t fix what isn’t broken..Version: 4.1.1

Don’t waste your timeDon’t bother to download. Even as a trial it only worked 1 time then refused to process the photo. Scam to get you to purchase no doubt..Version: 3.4.5

Stop charging money for everythingLoved this app until ALL features became paid features. seriously, why??.Version: 11.3.2

Loved the app, but not so much amymore.Giving the app 2 stars for subscription issues only. I have loved the app for a couple years now, and spent months & months editing my heart out. However, in the last 2-4 months, they have started stalling my access to using the app, sending an error message stating I have “sent to many requests to our server” & not allowing me access to the software that I pay for monthly. If there is going to be a limit to usage, a clear number of daily edits should be stated so I can avoid getting locked out for 2-7 days at a time, or they could put a one day restriction and I’d understand do that better than a random assortment of days that you can’t predict happening. There have been no clear answers given to me about how I can get the restricted access lifted in a shorter period of time, or at least a warning staying my edit quantity has been high and that I’m close to restricted access. I wish they would give me answers on how I can get around the restricted access or a way that I can reset my account ID so it would let me edit as much as I’d like like without it flagging me..Version: 11.4.2

Brutal way to scam people’s moneyDo not download this ap.Version: 3.2.3

Awful app! Done by: mrs perfect Kitty@1234+mydoor!I don’t like whoever created this app, Beacause...IT WILL NOT LET ME SAVE!!! I tried to save my face app picture...But it just said:” Would you like to save or exit?” And of course I pressed: EXIT! But a couple of days later...MY PICTURE still wasn’t there! P.S you are so dumb you face app creator!.Version: 3.5.1

Great features but limited even after payingI enjoy the features. Decided to pay for a prescription. Now, I can’t edit anymore, even though I’m still paying. They state I put in too many requests. Not my fault if their servers can’t handle. I’m the one paying. The problem is on there side. Nowhere does it state how many edits one can do within a timeframe. Also, it doesn’t say how long I cannot use an app I’m already paying for. Lowering my rating to one star because what’s the use of an app if you can’t use it? It’s useless! Why should a useless app receive more than one star? Update: apparently they have buried verbiage about limited use. Very sneaky. But the features are great… when they actually work. So for that I’ll bump it up to 2 stars - because I’m feeling generous. If they ever upgrade their servers to eliminate their limited use (even after paying 🙄 Come on; who does that? These guys!) AND if they ever offer a one lifetime purchase instead of a subscription only for their premium features, then I would up it to five stars..Version: 11.11.4

Video editing only available on random phonesGot this app as my friend uses the same and still has access to the video and live video version, on my phone it pops up randomly with the option to edit videos (only happened once long enough to select a video, when I came out my window to check on something else the feature had disappeared entirely again) I pay monthly, I do need access to the photo editor alone but for how much I pay I feel like I’ve been conned bc I’m missing out on half of the reason I downloaded the app.Version: 11.1.0

Zero starsDownloaded this and was told i have a 3 days trial and then it will charge me $35/year unless I cancel . Have spent ½ an hour trying to figure out how to cancel and still can’t find any way to do this..Version: 3.0.5

I Honestly Hate this app.Honestly wether or not I use this .. I still recommend not to get it for you users who are sensitive. We are basically supposed to be talking about why I didn’t give this app any stars and why I hate it. Honestly it’s taking a lot of work forcing my body through this paragraph for you users to not use it . You might be wondering .. why do I not like it. We’ll just a few days ago my friend dared me to put these two people together when they were (little) the game was pretty lazy and I freaked out it were cuts scrapes messy dirty hair grey skin it was horrible I almost passed out I was *crying* burning up* my heart was beating over 150 beats a second I’m not even exaggerating my watch really said it my ears were getting super hot and red I almost got sick. Even my friends were scared this game is really lazy and the least they can do instead of making it look like a demon is say not available and instead of telling people their future and scaring gods humans that he made you can be helping the internet delete these apps and this is all I hope you users see this… bye !.Version: 10.3.4

What?!Apparently Russians made this app to still your phone data?!.Version: 3.4.7

DeleteWon’t let me cancel. I never wanted this and some how didn’t realize I was getting charged for it. I want to cancel it.Version: 3.5.2

Meh.I would recommend this app bu only if you have lots of money to burn. The filters are pretty cool but you have to pay for about 80% of them ($8.99 a month , I think ?).Version: 5.9.2

DO NOT DOWNLOADIf you download this app be aware. Now I know that the reviews are good but they are bots. Also read the terms and conditions. Because if you accept them they have get access to your photos, camera and more. Also if you save your photo they have the rights to use your photo anywhere. Then the app sends it to Russia and the people in Russia can use it ANYWHERE. So be warned and #TakeDownFaceApp so people don’t get harmed. DO NOT DOWNLOAD..Version: 3.4.6

Good app.Could have a few more options to choose from. But for the price, not to bad of an app..Version: 2.0.21

Support team no helpI reached out 4 days ago trying to cancel a free trial I never got access to. I have replied to the support team (Liz) within hours of receiving the email and they are taking 2 days to respond to each email I send. Back story, I signed up for a free trial on my computer thinking I could access it on my computer. It had me sign up with my email and password and then after I paid, it told me to download the app on my phone. I downloaded the app but it never gave me the option to enter in the login I just created. So here I am, a free trial about to turn into a $50+ (whatever the exact cost is) something charge for something I never even used. I reached out to the support team thinking they could help me and they can’t do anything? I find that hard to believe. How many other people are getting scammed into paying for something they never used? I’ll be having my friends report this app if I end up getting scammed and charged for something I never used..Version: 11.2.1

THEY NOW HAVE THE RIGHTS TO YOUR PHOTOSIn their terms of use, they mention that they take the rights to use your photos and content however they please, as a result of accepting their user agreement. They should be sued for this. Blatant abuse of power on unsuspecting users!!!.Version: 3.4.6

Rubbish billing policyScam!! When it comes to Billing. Downloaded and 2 days later charged me for a years subscription. Never again!!.Version: 5.9.27

Cant find a way to delete subscriptionCant find a way to delete subscription,.Version: 12.0.1

Auto renewed my subscription even after cancelling.I took the 3 day trial of this app to see what all the Hype was about. I immediately cancelled the auto-renew subscription because personally I don't think it should automatically renew. I think when the trial period is up, it should tell you it's up and ask you if you want to renew. It's banking on people forgetting. Anyway, I didn't forget. I cancelled it immediately. That and because most of the photos I tried were not working fully or even at all. Anyway I get an email some days later saying I have been charged for the whole year! I am disgusted and would like my money back. I am sorry but this app isn't worth that amount of money I'm afraid. Why everything has to be on a subscription basis I don't know. Generally, the app worked okay. There was a lot of pictures it didn't edit fully or at all For example, the old filter. It didn't do the grey hair. Just the face. And it was wierd as it didn't do it all. Anyway, I would like my money back. If I can have this back I will rewrite my review based on the app and not the whole fact that despite cancelling the subscription, you still took the money. Disgraceful. If I get no joy here I will have to ask the bank for a chargeback. When you cancel something... It should not still be charged. Please tell me how I contact you to arrange this..Version: 3.4.8

Put it backDessus que vous ayez enlevé l’option de réglage ou un pouvait modifier lavant ou larrriere d’une photo portrait! Le cadrage se faisait tout seul dans les ajustements! Dans votre nouvel version cette fonctionnalité n’existe plus 🥲🥲🥲.Version: 12.0.0

ReviewThis app is soo bad. Look at the terms and conditions. The legit take your phone identification. So the know everything about your phone. They even store websites , photos, and much more. It’s says everything in the terms. Don’t get this app it’s a virus. It steals your private information and legal can sell it. DONT GET THIS APP..Version: 3.4.5

Existential DreadDon’t do it. You’ll see yourself as an old person and immediately become depressed..Version: 3.4.5

Cool but features dissapearedIt was a cool app to mess with occasionally however recently they seem to have removed the collages feature where you got a preview of each of the features, which was neat to trial stuff on different images in small size and resolution. Perhaps there could be some sort of system to get pro features via watching ads (e.g 1/2 per pro effect then a couple when saving like remini would do) perhaps there could be some non subscription options for pro too.Version: 10.9.0

Not free - wants $$$$$ ready upfrontSad. I was looking forward to playing with this app after seeing one of my friend’s photos. However when I downloaded it, it took me straight to my phone payment settings and demanded I put in credit card details or add credit to my account before it would let me have a free trial!!!!!! Why could I not play with it for free for 3 days and then the app locks if I don’t pay? Much more preferable than this scary stand over “make sure you’ve got money because we’re relying on you to forget to cancel” tactics. Predatory!!!.Version: 10.3.4

Developers discriminate towards men that don’t have straight hair.After noticing the straight hair filter had been removed, I figured this was nothing more than a bug, but upon contacting support, I was told the app was working correctly, and apparently, the filter was never meant to be a feature, but was rather a “bug” that went unnoticed for practically years to the point where it could have been considered a feature, but somehow, the developers only JUST realized this, yet still fail to realize that all men don’t have straight hair, just like women, which ironically the filter is still available for? Also, the filter was “never intended” for the male gender, so us men without straight were always going to get the short straw? That’s not fair??? Since removing the “bug”, the developers have neglected to properly tell me why the feature was removed and won’t be re-added, which leads me to believe the developers have a grudge against men who do not have straight hair, and of course I wouldn’t be directly told this, they’re trying to hide it. It’s 2023, you can’t do this kind of stuff anymore! With all the recent negative reviews on this app regarding other issues, the developers’ vision for the app doesn’t align with the customers’ expectations, and that’s ground for some fast and big change. Please listen to your customers and DON’T DISCRIMINATE THEM!.Version: 11.9.4

UghIt’s cool to edit and morph but i find it awfully racist because every time I morph myself with someone it hardly looks like the other person and me it is a random Asian boy or Asian girl not like anything is wrong with that but I’m not Asian nor do I have any Asian blood soooo who ever that made this app you have some explaining to do😒.Version: 5.5.0

Plz don’t downloadI. Got this game a month and I never sooo i thought I would make a video about it bc I was bored as soon as I pressed the app weird things started happening my light turned of and all my photos turned into the app picture I got verry scared but I ignored it in till 3:11am I got a text that my game said I paid 20 dollars for the thing I didn’t pay for it soo I was confused but I had to go get dog food for my dog soo I went. 11:7am my phone started ringing from the company that’s when I got confused and thought it was sus I answered when I answered I heard a weird voice laughing it sounded like somone listen to the funniest joke in the world that’s when I had a funny feeling sooo I deleted the app and everything was back to normal soo plz soo not download I don’t have anything against the company I am just saying ITS CREEPY.Version: 5.7.0

Do not download this appThe only thing I’ve done differently on my phone in the past week is download this app and edit one photo. Since then, I have received 19 phone calls from various random numbers all over the world (Barbados, Zambia, Sudan, Morocco, etc.). They leave me 5 minute long voicemails with no noise, and one time when I picked up and said my name, the guy in the other end of the phone said it must have been a wrong number. Then stop harassing me! Beyond the issue that your information is obviously not private, the app is pretty useless unless you pay, which would be a grand waste of money..Version: 3.4.7

Still not listening to your audience!I submitted a one star rating and review last week expressing my disappointment with the removal of the video editing features. After reading through all the other angry and disappointed customer reviews, it looks as if you have opened the video editing feature back up, however features are extremely limited and of very low quality (compared to prior). I did feel it was worth adding one more star since you did half bring it back. You guys are not listening to your audience though! There are sooooo many photo editing apps out there to compete with but your technology for the video editing was like no other. Your photo editing is fantastic but based off the reviews, it doesn’t sound like your customer demographic is Vogue or Comsopolitan (looking to use top of the line photo editing for their magazine)- it’s everyday social media users who want to be able to create unique videos for their pages and use a nice photo filter now and then. Id imagine the majority of users expectations for editing photos aren’t as high as you may think they are. So why would you remove a feature that defined you from the sea of photo editing apps?? Sad to see a company that stood out with a feature from all the rest going the wrong direction. Makes no sense! I paid for the Forever subscription so in the event you restore it, I look forward to using it again. I wish you all the best of luck and hope to see you guys find your niche whatever that may end up being..Version: 11.11.4

ScammerYou guys subscribed me to a yearly plan when i did a free trial and cancelled the trial the same day and it charged my $80.Version: 4.1.1

Some features are missingWhat happened to the face swap and face merge features? You used to be able to merge one face with another face and for example, look like a cross between yourself and Lady Gaga or someone. Also, I noticed the weight adjustment features are gone like weight gain which was fun to play around with, but the main issue I am concerned about is that the face merging/swapping features are now gone. The face merging/swapping feature is one of the main reasons why I downloaded this app to begin with and I would really appreciate it if you would fix this issue if it’s a bug, or re-add the feature to the app if it was removed. Or if I have completely missed it and it’s still in the app, please let me know where the feature is. By the way, these features I mentioned were also free and I didn’t have to subscribe or pay to use them regularly. Thanks, and I hope you will help with this please! I really enjoyed those features and hope to be able to use them again..Version: 12.0.0

Merging disappeared??I used to use this app a whole lot like almost weekly primarily because of the merge tool. I accidentally deleted the app and when i re-downloaded it i scrolled along to the bit where it would usually be and it had disappeared. I was so so confused because in the app description it literally says you can merge faces so i didn’t think that they removed it completely i don’t know if i had an old version of the app or something but like where did it go??.Version: 11.12.0

Why are my other unused photos suddenly blurry?Hi, I just recently downloaded the app and I was surprised how well it performed but when you select photos, it says that they will become encrypted. Not having too much thought, sure why not, but then, after checking the photos again, all of them suddenly lost pixel quality. Photos I knew that were in 4k are suddenly lower quality.. please tell me how I can restore these.Version: 6.2.3

Limited useThe app has limited use including the pro subscription, the limit how many edits you can do and it won’t allow you to do anymore, not happy with this app, not recommended. Please give me a refund..Version: 11.9.1

What happened to face morph?It was a really good app at first but after i downloaded it on a new device the face morph feature was gone witch was the only reason i used the apps i tried downloading it on other devices too but it’s still not there?.Version: 11.6.0

⚠️WARNING DO NOT GET⚠️Russians will take all your information and will track you down so DO NOT GET.Version: 3.4.6

FaceAppIt won’t let me morph!!!.Version: 4.1.7

Great app normally but keeps crashing!Normally works well but won’t stop crashing even after update.Version: 11.4.5

Cool butIt’s cool but the thing is that you can’t really see what you would look like with a different hairstyle it’s just mainly a bunch of filters that you mostly have to pay for.Version: 12.0.0

Limited options without premiumI just tried this app. There are very limited options in all areas of the photo applications unless you upgrade to Pro!!.Version: 11.6.3

Not as good as expected 😒It’s okay but it takes a while to process the photos and when I press on one of my photos from my gallery to add a filter to it, it comes up with this like, purplish cat thing and down the bottom it says “ the photo failed to download from iCloud. Please check your connection and try again” and it’s sooo annoying!! It also takes a while for it to load the filters too. Like, I’ll tap a filter and it takes SOOOO long to load!! I don’t know if any other people have that failing to download problem but for those people who are considering to get this app then just don’t bother. I mean, it’s a waste of time too... and hey this is just my opinion this is a review page not a criticism page okay? So you know, just don’t get offended. Okay that’s all I really have to say. Bye 👋.Version: 4.4.2

Update was destroyed itWithout the face swap feature, there’s no reason for having the app anymore.Version: 12.0.0

PrivacyIf you, like myself, are cautious concerning your data, please listen. To start off, when I have searched for any privacy policy inside this app my search came up fruitless. I then had to go online and look for the policy. I then found this piece of information embedded inside the long, lengthy text. “[We may] provide PERSONALIZED content and information to you and others, which could include online ads or other forms of marketing.” This means that FaceApp collects your data and shows you ads tailored to your personality. FaceApp also collects, “Device identifiers and LOCATION data.” FaceApp is a prime example of “free” apps. Sadly, this is not true as FaceApp collects your personal data which means they MILK you for cash. Although they DON’T sell it to 3rd parties they still have access to your personal information. Personal information about yourself is priceless and no one deserves to have access to it except YOU. The only reason that I gave it a 2 star review is because it is a fun and entertaining app for everyone. However no person or company deserves your PRIVATE DATA. - An angry and informed reviewer.Version: 3.4.6

False advertisingPurchased pro to remove watermarks. Yeah, it doesn’t 🤦‍♀️.Version: 3.6.6

I enjoy but it needs improvementsI really enjoy this app its honestly the best photo editing app out there but so much of it isn’t free anymore, to the point the stuff that people actually use you have to pay for. I know that you want profit, but it’s to the point I don’t use the app anymore and not everyone has the money. I think it may be better if some filters you DID pay for, and others you can watch ads to unlock them. It’s a shame the app has came to this.Version: 10.1.2

Just gets worseThe quality of the filters becomes worse with every update. The Hollywood and Wave filters have become extremely low quality, actually making photos look worse and giving them the “uncanny valley” look. When I first downloaded the app in late 2017, those filters made people look remarkably better in photos. It stayed that way until about 6 months ago, when it began to go downhill. It actually seems as though they’re trying to deter people from using the app..Version: 3.4.7

Could be betterI understand this is FaceApp, and is made for humans. However, I downloaded it to use on my cat, and ball-jointed dolls. Won’t load *any* photos of my cat, and only some of my dolls. Also, one of my dolls has wings he occasionally wears. When I apply a background, it removes the wings. Again, I understand it’s because humans don’t have wings. Plus, it seems like every ten seconds the, “rate this app,” notification pops up. Even more annoying/obnoxious than what I previously listed. I downloaded this app barely 24hrs ago, and I’m already planning to uninstall it. Why would I pay a yearly fee for something that is already limited in what I’d like to do with this app? Again, I understand it was made with humans in mind... but I’d like to use it for my cat, and two dolls. Plus, the notification for rating this app. Aggravating. I typically don’t write bad reviews - c’est la vie, type deal. Regardless, FaceApp could be so much better. I appreciate you taking the time to read my short rant, but, until I can actually use this app on what I’d like to, I’m uninstalling it, because it’s simply taking up space on my phone. With that being said... I’m giving it one star, only because it’s making me rate it. Otherwise, FaceApp wouldn’t receive any stars from me..Version: 4.4.2

Works butWhy is it the face changes I love the most, ie. the ones that change your gender are only part of the collage?!? I paid the 28$ which seems absolutely ridiculous thinking they would be unlocked or something, but they aren't. And what you do unlock is pretty unexciting. Disappointed. $28????? Seriously. AND it cropped my photo. I want the whole photo thank you..Version: 2.0.5

Awesome until video feature wentI loved this so much and had been a longtime subscriber. Recently I had a new phone so reinstalled the app over and ever since the video feature is gone? I have sadly cancelled and will look for something similar I guess. Apparently they’ve discontinued that feature now? It’s such a shame because if it wasn’t for that fact I’d give it 5 stars and use it always. Apart from that, when it was fully functional it was an amazing app and so user friendly. I used to love it. If they ever bring the video edit feature back I would definitely subscribe again but I do more videos that photos so it’s not worth it for me for pictures alone..Version: 11.4.2

IT THINKS IM A MANI am a girl with short hair AND IT THINKS IM A MAN you should have an opinion whether you are male or female etc 1 STAR THANKS A LOT.Version: 4.1.3

Terrible Privacy & Other IssuesFirst they give a link to terms but you can’t click on it to read them. They ask for access to all your photos to store on their cloud which I refused. Then it states even if you delete the app your photos will remain on their cloud. There is no GDPR acceptance. You had to sign up for free trial once 3 day trial ended you are charged unless you cancel, I couldn’t easily see where to cancel. Refused all permissions for privacy reasons and app continually closed. App deleted immediately. EDIT. You write a review and they have the audacity to say you’ve read terms wrong. I actually screenshot it and it does say they keep your photos even after you’ve deleted the app..Version: 10.5.3

DONT GET THIS APPIt stole my money and idk how, if you subscribe just to try out the free trial, you can’t unsubscribe and it makes you pay the most expensive one even if you never picked..Version: 4.1.1

Takes a full year subscription instead of a month after free trialUpdated response: it is a problem with the app itself in the sense that the app said I would be charged for a months subscription after the free trial ended and instead you charged me for a year. Also the app does not work very well. Couldn’t figure out how to cancel the automatic subscription post-free trial, nowhere to do so using the app. It said I had 3 days of free trial which I started on the 1st Feb and it said I had until the 3rd to cancel. It’s the 3rd today so surely I should still be able to cancel and I found where to do so on the App Store but find I have been charged £35 for a whole year of this app which really doesn’t do much and doesn’t do a great job of what it does do. The disclaimer before starting the free trial said I would be charged £7.99 per month after the trial ended so I feel I have been doubly conned..Version: 11.11.7

Not minority friendlyI bought this app not because I want to use it for posting on social media, but because I’m out of practice at doing my hair and makeup and I’ll be returning to the office soon and wanted to get back into it. I figured I could try seeing what I at least look like with different hair and makeup looks and then try to replicate them IRL. (Nothing crazy or on a maximum 5 level filter just seeing what I’d look like if I wore more eyeliner or curled my hair.) I’m of Southeast Asian descent. I have a flat nose and while I don’t think my eyes are particularly small and I do have an eyelid fold, they aren’t large. I don’t think that this tech incorporated enough faces across various ethnic backgrounds because modifying my hair shouldn’t change my nose or eye shape. I can understand that it’s probably trickier for makeup, but hair? That shouldn’t affect my nose and eyes. Anyway, it’s not useful for me at this stage so I canceled my subscription. On another note, I couldn’t figure out how to switch the sides of bangs? Is that possible? I know my hair wouldn’t part the way that it was generated on my head so if there’s a way to fix that and layer multiple makeup looks, I think that would help as well..Version: 6.0.2

Trash. AppDid away with the video aspect so it’s a waste of money now.Version: 11.11.1

CrapappThis is a terribly misleading app. I bought the pro and I’m immensely disappointed. Why are some filters in collage version? There’s not much to this app, and I can’t believe I wasted money purchasing it. For it to be worth even £1, they need to increase the filter options and to allow for full sized images for those that give your the collage option only. Really wanted to like it, that’s the worse thing. Not to mention, it wouldnt allow me to rate it 1 star. Soon as I change it to 2, boom, it works. Please can I have my money back from this sham service.Version: 2.0.16

Brings ads back!I love the app and I loved it when you could watch ads to unblock filters and edits. Now everything useful is blocked, and you must pay to unblock. I get that they need to profit from it, but it’s better to profit from ads than asking people to pay because most of us don’t have the luxury to spend money for an editing app. I don’t even work yet since I’m a student so there’s no way I’d be able to pay. Please don’t bother answering if you’re gonna say that I must remember that the showcase tab has free filters and that there are plenty unblocked filters - the showcase tab only purpose is to see how the filters would lock, not to actually edit the photo, and the only free filters are the age ones or the gendered ones, and you know most people aren’t interested in those ones..Version: 6.0.3

Face swap option?Face swap isn’t showing up on the app….Version: 12.0.1

RefundHi I purchased this app as i was trialling it first, it didnt give me an option for payment plans but instead took out a yearly subscription fee which im unhappy about..Version: 11.4.0

Novelty wore offMost features were free now they are not. I never had the free trial of the Pro version and found what no fee features were enough to be entertaining. I’m unable to use any features without paying. Very disappointed the developer has chosen to force full payment for all features except a small number 10 out of 23 approx. I can understand AI algorithms on there server require time and money to process however the remaining background and filters are of lik little use. And honestly speaking the de-aging filter is completely wrong and doesn’t show a younger you when compared to actual pics at the age. So should be considered more fun than accurate. App deleted..Version: 10.6.1

Soon No one will use this appThey are slowly removing or altering more and more features that people love to convince them to subscribe. Trust me that tactic won’t work. more and more people will deinstall this app if the developers remain to be so difficult. I would’ve been more inclined to spend my money if the free features i wanted were still available to be honest. I really loved this app but now it’s useless to me. I only used one filter and i don’t want to pay 50$ a year for a singular filter. I see the developer has responded to other recent reviews assuring that the Showcase tab has a couple free options, well you just took that away so now what do you suggest. Honestly i wish u could just purchase what you wanted to use. I’d pay like 3AUD for a year long access to my favourite filter. just a suggestion to keep customers if they are so hungry for $$$. A week ago i would’ve said 5Stars but this new update is awful.Version: 11.0.1

Bring back face swap!!!!!!!!!So when I first got the app, I thought it was so great and I loved the how you could change features like gender, hair, makeup and all that. But my favourite was the face swap! I loved being able to see peoples children and especially the MORPHING. But, when I had to re download the app, it was gone? So look, the face swap was the most popular feature on the app for a lot of people, but then you got rid of it???? it was also very useful and there was like no other app you could do it on. BRING BACK FACE SWAP!!!!!!!.Version: 11.11.4

What happened to pretty smile?Update- they msged here saying the option is still there for pictures that already have an open mouth smile.. and the picture I was trying to edit did have that so I’m not sure why it wasn’t giving that option as it was a large smile with teeth showing clearly ……………………………………. There was an option under the smile category called pretty teeth or a pretty smile and it is gone all of a sudden? I have purchased the yearly subscription and was using it for quite a while, and when I open the app yesterday it was gone… Was it removed for some reason? That was the best feature in the smile category 🙁 Also could there be an option for a bigger head that makes the whole head actually bigger and not just fatter? Like a more masculine head that is larger rather than making them look fat… also why do you turn into a black person eventually the fatter the filter becomes?? I don’t like that at all and the the thinner you use the small face filter you look more Asian.. seems fishy.Version: 11.4.7

Just bring back the face swapI know I already left a review, and I know I’m just gonna get the exact same automated response as everyone else talking about this, but for the love of God, just listen. I’ve read several of the most recent reviews, and most have one thing in common: wanting the face swap feature back. I understand it “doesn’t really line up with your application’s development concept” or whatever, but it was probably the most fun feature of the app. Seriously, if people are complaining about it this much, I’d just add it back. Or just make a separate app specifically for face swapping and face morphing. I’m no business professional, so there’s probably a good reason (that isn’t “it don’t line up with how we wanted our app, hurr durr”) for this. But if one day y’all just decided, “eh, this feature doesn’t exactly match up with what I wanted”, and just got rid of it, then I can’t exactly respect the decision. For the love of Jesus, just bring back the face swap and face morphing feature..Version: 11.11.4

Silly appWhen you click on old it does a pretty good job aging you, but when you click on young, they put your hair on a young man’s face (boy) try it, it’s just too funny.Version: 3.6.7

Charged $50 for nothing want a refundI want a refund I got a free trial for pro and when I tried to cancel it before I would be charged $50 for the bare minimum of photo editing I looked everywhere on the app and there was no where to select “cancel subscription” I was then charged $50 2 days later after not even using it and when I reported the fact you can’t even cancel a subscription but haven’t gotten a refund or any help. Please give me a refund to end my subscription..Version: 11.11.4

I cannot get the latest updatePlease fix this, it never was an issue up until today. I have used FaceApp on my iPhone 5S for over 2 years now, without any issues, until I recently (and by recent, I mean literally today) got this message every time I selected a photo: “You are running an old version of FaceApp. Please install the latest update.” The latest update is not available on my phone. Please fix this issue or I will no longer continue to use this app..Version: 6.2.1

Why can’t you apply?C’mon dude. Like really? You have to pay to make it your own. Honestly if I ever made an editing app I would at least let the people that don’t have the money for it have fun. CapCut and PhotoRoom I would recommend cause their free, you have to pay for premium but that’s only if you want extra stuff. Thanks for reading and I hope you make it better!.Version: 12.0.0

Let downI have been using FaceApp for quiet some time in the begging I loved it and I had no issues with it I lost the app and then I recently downloaded it back on my phone because I loved the app so much but now there are issues with it the fact that I have to pay for everything and majority of things comes up as pro which there’s a charge for before it was different you could just watch an ad and it will give it to you yes I do understand some things you did have to pay for but now it’s like everything is pro so everything you are being charged for The app has changed I like the old set up I’m very disappointed in the app now as to before I have no issues with the app I even rated a five star and right now I gave you two stars and now the options are limited as well they used to give me like four or five options now they giving you two options which is not good please help make this app better and like it used to be thank you.Version: 11.1.0

Removed video optionThe developers removed the video option and also you can’t use it on Live Photos anymore as when you save it disable it. There is no other app for men like this and being still photo only wit’s now now worth the money at all. Why no video? It worked well a year ago and now that I needed to use it again urgently you can’t save photo as a Live Photo, and no video option either now. Why? Developers please respond. Are you trying to sell another video version, if so what is it and does it also have the one clicks hollywoods for men?.Version: 11.7.6

Used to be #1Original Review: For pictures this is still my favorite editor but they have seriously fallen behind in the video category with no wait to edit and export 4k video. 8k video is not too far in the future, time to play catch up FaceApp. New Review: They have removed ALL video editing and will make a separate app just for video. Why they couldn’t have maintained the current version of the video editor while waiting for the new one to launch? I don’t know. But I paid for a year subscription that originally included video. Now it does not. Will I receive a discount? Probably not. Also, this provides a way for the company to sell you on VIP subscriptions for two separate apps. Seems like a marketing ploy. There are a ton of beautification apps that have both video and photo editing and upscaling. PrettyUp has become my new main and I only use Face App when I’m feeling lazy and need a set it and forget it option. Once my sub is up I will not be renewing..Version: 11.11.4

Immediately angrySigned up for 3 day trial and got charged $41 FOR A YEAR.Version: 4.1.1

HiHi i am Traacè. I am a gamer on FaceApp. I like FaceApp but the only problem is that I can’t have as much fun without not spending money. This makes me sad because I love this app and makes me laugh but I can not use all the good hair colours, hairstyles, beard shapes and more. This game lets me see what myself and other people look like when I’m older, younger and with other things on your face. I do enjoy this game and I understand you have to pay for the “ pro” thing to get better things because you do need to make a profit, but to make this more popular I may suggest dropping the price. I have discussed this with many people about many other games as well. So thank you for making this, but hope you read this review. My name is Traacè again and thank you very much..Version: 3.5.5

Good App, but latest update needs some work.Latest update isn’t the best, seem to have beefed up the size of the image which is good but the quality and face capture is horrendous. They also got rid of Female HD (But kept Male and Young HD???) in lieu of Gender Swap “Feminine” filter which does the whole photo but always turns out worse than its predecessor. I went through a couple of photos I had done previous to the update and redid them with this new feature and the older version is always superior. So sorry guys! Don’t fix what isn’t broken- Hopefully they include all the original HD’s in the mix in the next update!.Version: 4.0.11

Subscription chargeDon't recommend i had only downloaded the app and was charged for the subscription even though i hadn't subscribed. don't recommend downloading this app.Version: 11.4.2

Not goodWish I never bought this.Version: 3.6.7

TerribleNeed to disclose payment methods and withdrawals before they take it out of your account. Very unhappy and waste of time and money.Version: 11.4.2

No eye colour change featureNo eye colour change feature.Version: 11.6.3

Poor privacyI have removed this app due to privacy concerns and the fact I apparently gave access to my whole camera roll. I hereby remove this right and do not want to find any of my photos anywhere they shouldn’t be..Version: 3.4.5

Hmm maybe although some negatives and positivesSo I get it you’ve got to pay which is one of my problems because I’m not that interested in paying for a online game which I don’t know if it’s even good. Now there are a few options you actually HAVE to PAY, although if you do chose to you will have the option of making your picture better. Now many people think that because you have to pay your not going to DOWNLOAD but actually you can still play and there are NO WERE NEAR AS MANY ADS AS YOU THINK. Without further due I think this game should be in your options because this game is interesting and very fun. This game may need some time for you to get use to to make your pictures great. Although this game is still WELL. GOOD JOB to the creators of this game you have done well but a TIP for you guys is maybe not making us pay because that will make many people think although wise about getting your app.Version: 10.5.1

Think twiceThink twice before you fire up the popular FaceApp. You are agreeing to give up your data to a Russian company that could have ties to the Russian government. FaceApp, the viral phone app can generate photos to make you look younger or older with Al technology, What you should know about the Russian-owned app before you use it. FaceApp stores and process your photos in a cloud service. Once you agreed to FaceApp's user agreement, the company will have a "perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive, royalty—free" and "worldwide" license to use the content you created. This means one day you might be able to see your edited selfie on your TV, social media platform or even a billboard. FaceApp could even harvest your entire smartphone camera roll. The company told Washington Post that the Russian government won't have access to your data unless you already live in the county. On the other hand, deleting the app won't remove your data from FaceApp's cloud, in order to protect your data privacy, you'll need to go through a complicated bug-report process..Version: 3.4.6

White People Only, right ?!I tried it for the "old" feature cause it was kinda cool, and it was fun to (knowing it’s false) see myself as an old man. Anyhow, couldn’t help but notice that your "wide" range of features even for the pro version looked only to be for white people. You ever seen a black guy rocking bangs ?!?! I mean Jesus Christ ! The only people of "color" I see with that kind of hair are dark skinned Asians. But since that’s not me, I have to say : I am offended ! If this was a trial, should’ve kept trying. Don’t get me wrong, your app is good, I just felt left out in something that CLAIMED to be for the world. Anyways, hope your other users enjoy it. Just so you know, I am deleting this and will only come back if I hear the new cuts are i don’t know braids for our lovely queens and the dudes who rock them, dreads and so on... Anyways, congrats on you having very good reviews. But I hope you really take this as it is : a constructive criticism. I trust you will do better in the future and/or your next updates. Thank you. Dadhet Junior..Version: 3.4.6

Didn’t work wellSeveral issues with this. It only works when your portraits are square on, has difficulty identifying gender correctly and NO INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION BEFORE THE FREE 3 DAY TRIAL ENDS & YOU’RE BEING CHARGED $32USD/YR... but it’s easy enough to cancel once you google how to. IOS Go settings, iTunes & App Store, Tao your Apple ID, select view Apple I’d, scroll down to manage subscriptions and cancel it from there..Version: 3.1.2

Not impressed.I tried this app for a bit of fun and yes it was fun. I had no intention to continue after the trial and this was clear within an hour after downloading it. There is no obvious way to get out the ‘trial period’. I sent a question to find out how to end the trial, got no response and a couple of days pass and now i am charged for an app I do not want! Refund my money. I’d suggest to anyone to avoid this app as its turned out to be quite an elaborate scam to take my money. This cannot be legal to ignore questions to help and charge people anyway..Version: 11.8.1

More changeWould like to be able to chose more than one choice per change. For instance, long hair with side swept....Version: 3.4.7

I do like the app but it’s really not minority friendlyThe app really doesn’t like my nose. I can’t even put makeup on without it making my nose narrower. I like my nose. I understand some people really want to filter away certain things like their nose shape or size but I am just too lazy to put makeup on. I’m not sure if the algorithm just can’t do makeup on African American women’s noses without making it at least 1 size narrower or if this just wasn’t made for someone who still wants to look like themselves. I can’t use the impressions at all which is disappointing because they are gorgeous but I am completely unrecognizable whatsoever. I don’t know if that is the point but I want to look like me. I don’t want my skin lightened by 3 shades and everything narrowed extremely. I don’t know if I’m missing the point of the app. Their are some pictures where I guess my angles were perfect and I can use impressions and makeup and still look like me. But the vast majority I have tried of existing photos I can’t retain anything that makes me me. Not even the shape of my eye. It’s really great when it works but really frustrating when no matter what you try you know no one would believe the photo was you because it looks absolutely nothing like you (and not in a good way.).Version: 5.9.17

Don’t download.I downloaded this app a few months ago just to see what it was about. I only used it that once, not intending to is it ever again. I never gave it my card information and proceeded to go with free trial. Today I payed my subscription to Disney plus and noticed I had $55 missing from my acc !!!! I checked everything I was subscribed to and the prices and it was this app !!!!!!! They stole my money that could’ve gone towards my kids 💔.Version: 11.5.1

Don’t get sucked inDeleting this lame app within the free trial period doesn’t cancel your subscription. So then you end up paying for a full years subscription before realising you have to go into settings to cancel your subscription. Save yourself the hassle and don’t do it.Version: 3.2.1

Ripped off!Sent me the bill for renew subscription, but the fact is only 2 weeks I subscribed the app and advertise for 1 month subscription. If there’s a zero star I will give this app. Don’t bother to subscribe guys..Version: 4.6.0

Love it! But It Needs to Be More Inclusive ✋🏾✋🏽🤎I absolutely love using the Face App! It's amazing to see how I can enhance my photos to make them look more professional and polished. However, as a medium-toned black woman🤦🏽‍♀️ 🤎, I've noticed that the app is not very inclusive when it comes to recognizing different skin tones. One of the biggest issues I have with the app is the shading feature. While it can be helpful to add some dimension to my photos, I've noticed that the app tends to lighten my skin tone to be very fair and white🤦🏼‍♀️. This can be frustrating, as I want to enhance my natural beauty, not change it entirely. I understand that creating a software that recognizes all skin tones can be a challenge, but I hope that the developers of the Face App can work on innovating more inclusivity in this area👽. It would be amazing to see more options for different skin tones and shades, so that users like me can feel confident in using the app without sacrificing our natural beauty. Overall, I think the Face App is incredible for what it can do, but I hope that the developers can take steps towards making it more inclusive for all users. 🫶🏽.Version: 11.6.0

Have I been charged for nothing?I opened the app for the first time and pressed “reject offer” or whatever the button said under the “free trial & monthly payment “ option and that screen went away revealing the app, no payment info was shown on screen or any authentication but then whilst scrolling through the filters I had a “thank you for your purchase” message pop up on screen and it says “purchased” if I go on the pro section, I never selected to pay anything or had any payment confirmation show up like it usually does & I pressed reject on the monthly charge button. Extremely concerned I’ve just been scammed into a rolling charge that I have no idea the amount of or where to cancel..Version: 3.4.5

I hate the new app upgradeI use the natural and beach glam edits for my pictures. The natural edit helped touch up my makeup a little bit. Just tried to use the app now and only impressions are left and they literally change your whole face and make you look completely different. You should have left the old edits. They were perfect. I don’t know what it is with developers and shipping out updates that are absolutely unnecessary. I’m very disappointed.Version: 11.3.1

The “Cloud” Bothers MeSo, like me, you might be looking for that cool “old person” filter to see how you’ll look (maybe) when you’re older. However, maybe also like me, you value your privacy. At first, I didn’t think that clicking the agree button would be an issue. After all, most of the photo editors (especially free ones) use a cloud server to do the actual work. Your photo is uploaded to their cloud, for better or worse. (The only photos they would have are the photos you choose to edit and, ideally, only the edited image.) However, what I noticed which worried me is that, when I gave access to my photos, the app seemed to filter through them. While this might be a basic function of the app, not the cloud, it made me worried that ALL photos went to the cloud, giving the company possible access to any of the photos in my phone at the time. There is no clarification of this anywhere, or what they as the company are allowed to do with the photos, within the app..Version: 3.4.6

All Good Features are Pro NowFaceapp has made all features that previously were free, paid under their Pro feature. Age, gender, hair, makeup, everything. The lesser used features are free still, however the popular free features are now Pro and you need to pay for them. Not only that, but the price for Pro is very costly. All the free features people originally wanted the app for now need you to buy Pro. What a scam. Don’t bother downloading, it honestly isn’t worth it anymore. Extremely disappointed that it used to be a good app..Version: 10.8.0

Works when it lets you.Was able to use it for a day. Apparently too many requests were made and it locks you out for over 48 hours then will let you do one more. Contacted support they said yea that’s normal, that they have to limit users. They could not give me any more details on how long I have to wait and how many photos until you’ve reached a limit. I have the PRO app so I am paying to not be able to use the app the majority of the time. They should invest some profit on making the product better for users by getting more servers of bandwidth is an issue. Like I say it works… if it will let you is the problem. I certainly feel ripped off..Version: 11.7.5

Doesn’t do what it says it willEvery time I try change hairstyle a car appears and says oops something went wrong. Different photos too. Still won’t work..Version: 11.6.0

Clearly just a tactic to get pictures of your young childrenI downloaded this app, like everyone to age and de-age myself. Which tbh you can’t fault it. But if like me you have pictures of young children on your phone as soon as you give access to this app (which you have to) to photos that you wish to edit. It instantly uploads all the pictures off of your phone without your permission. I’ve contacted them but the message bounced back as undeliverable........ (strange) I never gave permission of photos of my two year old daughter to be uploaded and I still don’t! If the makers are reading this. I DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION TO YOU, TOO USE PHOTOS OF MY TWO YEAR OLDS IMAGE TO BE LOOKED/USED/EDITED BY YOU.Version: 3.4.6

برنامم کار نمیکنهورژن پرو خریدم دگ کار نمیکنه.Version: 11.4.2

SubscriptionTried to trial the subscription which had a free period this didn’t work, still couldn’t access the pro versions. When I tried to re trial the subscription, my card was charged instead of at the end of the trial period. Still didn’t work and I still don’t have access to the pro version. So just wasted money. Not impressed..Version: 3.4.8

Thanks for preventing a paid user from using the appThis app is a joke. If they decide you have been using the app too much they block you from using it. How much is too much? Who knows? They don’t tell you. I’m a paid user who paid for a year to use it and after a couple of weeks they started to block me from doing anything. Would not let me do any work on it for 2 days. Finally get access back, use it for an hour one night and the next morning I get blocked for 4 days. Open one picture to check if it’s working, I see it is then load a second, guess what, blocks me again. 60 seconds later. So opening 1 photo in a photo editor and doing nothing to it is using the app too much. How long am I going to have to wait now? A week? Remember, I’m paying to use this. Message support and they tell me if I’m doing something to spread what I’m doing out over a week to avoid getting blocked. Wow, thanks for the help and taking my money for an app that is now useless..Version: 11.3.0

The app downloads all ur photosVery unhappy. i noticed ALL my photos were downloaded on this cloud based app without my approval..Version: 4.1.2

Subscription Keeps ExpiringI paid for an annual subscription and it expired within a month. Very difficult to get a refund. Still haven’t been able to. Beware.Version: 10.4.4

Stupid.Stop encouraging young people to feel insecure about themselves. This type of ‘change your look’ bs enables low self-esteem in people. Incredibly stupid app..Version: 11.4.1

DO NOT DOWNLOAD! PLS READWhatever you do do not download this app. i was charged $4.99 on the FIRST DAY for the “3 day trial” they will lie and tell you that it’s free but it’s really not! & they will not help you. I was mad because they lied but got over it quick only because it was $5 but 2 days later on then 2ND DAY of the trial $45 was taken out of my account. MIND YOU I SAID 2ND DAY, ITS SUPPOSE TO BE A 3 DAY TRIAL BUT MONEY WAS DEDUCTED ON THE 2ND DAY. i didn’t even have time to unsubscribe from this subscription because i didn’t know they would steal from me on the 2nd day. I contacted them about it and they said they couldn’t do anything and to contact apple. I contacted apple a week ago and still no response. I’m frustrated! It shows i was refunded on the app store but i never got my money back and i've seen people complaining about the same thing. It doesn’t show i was refunded in my transactions either. I currently don’t have a job right now so losing $50 over an APP, (something i didn’t even want in the first place) is a big deal to me. My birthday is in 4 days and this whole thing just ruined it for me. Please just save your time & money & don’t download this app, if you do just don’t do the free trial. Thank you for reading.Version: 10.6.2

TheftThe only reason I got this app and paid for the premium was to use the video feature, and now that feature has been removed. The developers have essentially taken my money. Apple will not issue a refund, and the premium subscription is now at a significantly lower price to new users. But what is being done about the users who paid for the premium at a much higher rate and then had the features they paid for removed? It is obviously within the developers' rights to change features, but what I think has happened is they developed an app, charged a much higher premium subscription, cashed in on that, and then decided that the costs of upholding the video feature are not worth it. So, they are taking the money of all the people who have paid but not offering the service that people have bought, which is misrepresentation and not fair to customers who’ve paid. The elevated premium price for the video should be reimbursed for the difference of the new lower premium rate because they are not getting what they paid for..Version: 11.11.3

Not the bestI have had this app for a while now. I don’t think there is enough free stuff as there is like one free thing in each category, so you end up creating the same style of people over and over, and over again. I would also like there to be accessories so you can beautify people with accessories. I also want more demos so you can experiment things with different people each time instead of it being the same people over and over. To be honest, this app is not the best and, there is a lot of bugs in the game. They also can take your photos and invade your privacy..Version: 6.0.1

ScamThey stole 25 dollars from me..Version: 3.4.10

Pro Version Locks You Out/Privacy IssuesUPDATE: IT HAS NOW BEEN OVER TWO WEEKS OF BEING LOCKED OUT. THE PROBLEM IS NOT SERVER LOAD BALANCING, BUT THE APP DEVELOPER. Also, the opt out link in the app description is a dead link. When you install the first time, it encourages to see all your photos instead using just the ones that are needed. When you can use the app, it works fine and does some things very well. The problem is that you can pay for the Pro version, abide by all the agreements, use it for personal use as described in the terms, but at their discretion, they can decide if you are using the app too much. It seems that terms for this type of lock out is not clearly stated in any agreement, so lock outs can potentially operate on whim, influx on server loads, business costs or whatever. I got the same notification that other Pro Subscribers are describing in reviews recently. And, just before my notification, the servers started responding very slowly. Locking Pro Subscribers out and making an app unusable are not good solutions. There’s no indication of how much usage you have left or when you can use the app again. In the software world, we call this “unusable with no workaround and no timetable to fix”. The software is dead. Normally, I wouldn’t care to leave a review with a description, but when software is unusable, it costs people money. This is not a plea for support, but a warning to others considering paying for a subscription..Version: 11.4.3

Great AI but v.annoying limitationsThe filters on this app are creepily good but having bought Pro, I’m super disappointed that you can’t edit multiple faces in a single photo. The work around other users have suggested (saving the photo to camera roll, then selecting the edited photo in the app and editing another face) don’t seem to work in iOS (only the original photo appears, not the exported edited version). I’m going to cancel my subscription until this is figured out. How hard can it be??.Version: 3.6.3

Give away your pictures without restriction for free"You grant FaceApp a perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, fully-paid, transferable sub-licensable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, publicly perform and display your User Content and any name, username or likeness provided in connection with your User Content in all media formats and channels now known or later developed, without compensation to you.".Version: 3.4.5

HmmmHey, I’m really confused because I just downloaded the app and I submitted a few photos of my self (pretty hilarious) but now it’s just saying not connected to the internet! I was just reading another review about how it was doing the same thing to them and the developer said they fixed it but obviously not. I don’t think you should download this app because it only works for like five minutes so choose your pictures wisely because it might be the only image it will let you submit!!!.Version: 5.9.6

Do NOT PurchaseThis app is very disappointing! It’s ridiculously expensive and I didn’t even realize I was paying such a high price until it was too late...I thought I was paying a small trial fee. I tried to request a refund but can’t. Can’t get ahold of the developer so BIG WASTE OF MONEY and it was expensive!!! The filters are minimal at best and are not useful at all - the hair style options is what I was interested in and the options are horrible. Don’t make the same mistake I did - DO NOT EVEN BOTHER DOWNLOADING THIS APP LET ALONE PURCHASING IT!!!!!!.Version: 3.3.8

DONT DOWNLOAD!!!This app gets access to all your photos and videos once you agree to the terms and conditions!! So unless you want people to steal all your photos and videos would not recommend downloading!!.Version: 4.1.1

This App Stole Money!So first of all i found this app a while back and it use to be free. Then last year i saw you had to pay for it. They only had one free filter available and honeslty i loved it so much but after a few weeks they took it away too. So i used my moms card to pay for it 5 dollars a month and well i could use all the filters, i was so happy i could use that one filter again it made wonders with my pictures. About a month ago my moms bank notifies her that someone was taking large amounts of money from her debit card, the bank came to a conclusion that it was this app so they had to cancel the card and get a new one so my whole apple ID got blocked i couldnt download anything anymore so i had to get help from apple to recover my apple ID. It is very disappointing that i had to go through all that trouble just because this app isnt free. Now i can't even trust it anymore. Lots of others cant afford it or dont even know how to purchase it, i suggest and it would be nice that the app could at least give you the option to make you choose one free filter to use..Version: 6.2.3

Used to be greatI got this app soon after it came out and absolutely loved it. On top of all the amazing effects I liked the layout and ease to find everything. I realized I hadn't updated recently (mine still had just the emojis) and it was glitching so I reinstalled it to find the new layout to be absolutely terrible. The organization is garbage and instead of just having the small emojis now there's big obstrusive pictures of people. I was also disappointed to find that when I used a filter it included the original picture to left with an obtrusive arrow at the bottom. Not to mention the filters look much worse now. The previous way where only the new photo is shown was better as you got to see a bigger photo and could see the original by simply tapping and holding the edited picture. The side by side is pointless as well because there's already an option to put multiple edits together. Furthermore, getting the pro version is even more in your face then before which is just plain annoying. Great app, but wrong direction in my opinion..Version: 3.1.0

Invasion of privacyI recently downloaded the app and played around making myself look older, as everyone else did. But unfortunately, post download, found out the app actually keeps your photos and can potentially sell them on to third party’s (GDPR issue?). I’m aware that users are meant to know about this through terms and conditions but only about 10% of people actually read them. It is my understanding that consent to hold or share information must be specifically granted in order to do so, and lack of consent should be assumed to be that they don’t wish for it to be kept, ie, not ‘downloading the app assumes you give consent’. I wasn’t happy in the slightest and immediately deleted the app in attempt to keep some of my privacy in tact, however I fear the damage is already done and they will forever have my photos of myself, and friends and family. It concerns me that the app is suitable for people aged 4 and above as if FaceApp is keeping people’s photos from such a young age, could this not be considered a massive breach of privacy as anyone below the age of 10 is probably completely unaware of what they are giving consent to. Does this also cross the line between legal and illegal activity concerning perhaps a parents photo of a child?.Version: 3.4.6

It has monthly subscription, do not installDo not install it. It is not free. They want you to pay a monthly subscription. That’s disgusting. So many apps here for free doing the same thing. Don’t be a fool for paying them a subscription. Just the concept of subscription is wrong here. It’s not news paper where you get new content every week. This thing doesn’t change but they want you to pay monthly indefinitely. There is beauty apps that absolutely do it all for free and also do better job. It’s not the best app. They paid apple to appear as #1 app... it’s called promotion. On some other apps you can even make videos that are airbrushed not here. Be smart and do not give them your money, it’s ordinary and it’s too much money if you total the expense over the months used..Version: 3.4.6

Watch your bank accountNever wanted this app and got billed even though I did not download it, no notification, nothing, not happy.Version: 11.4.7

Wow this got badTo be fair I can’t comment on the full scope of the app as I didn’t pay for the full access however if the free filters are any indicator then I made a wise choice. Putting aside the apps questionable ethics and sketchy desire to have access to all photos the app used to be impressive at how say the gender swap filter eerily made both my photo look like my sister and when she had done it looked like me. But now the change is so drastic the “younger” me looks nothing like me now or at any point when I was younger. Perhaps it’s too bloated or perhaps the end goal of data aggregation has over taken any desire to make a product that’s more than just to data mine it’s users phone. No idea but I originally deleted the app when i read about the location of the their server and it being so soon after the Facebook data breach and I’m not sure why I downloaded it again today but I can now see I made the right call fee years back and proved to myself nostalgia isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be..Version: 11.1.2

No way to cancelI have scoured for hours looking for a way to cancel my subscription or cancel auto renewal. I have followed the app instructions and for some reason under manage subscriptions, there is no option to cancel. How do I cancel????.Version: 3.4.12

HorribleWorst update ever I cannot do anything if I do not have pro.Version: 3.6.7

If you have short hair it will give you male only filtersI noticed when using one of my older photos that had longer hair that I was getting female middles and characters at the bottom of the screen. When I use one of my recent photos where the ONLY difference is the length of my hair it automatically changes to all male, the effects change to male hair styles and facial features. Just add an option to select what gender instead of using hair as a gauge..Version: 3.4.5

Hacking Your PrivacyThere is rumours and news going around that this app takes your photos used and saves it for their own use. I’m not sure that this is true or not, but thought I would share the message to everyone else..Version: 3.4.6

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