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How to deleteSupercell, the thing is awesome but how do I delete it?.Version: 1.0

LOLI like it! But i think you should also add a crying emoji to it too. Thanks! Btw the critical reviews are the dumbest reviews I have ever heard of. If you are one of them, GOOGLE IT! It's not supercell's fault that you can't find them. It's placed in an area in iMessages by Apple themselves. And you can delete it from there too. You click the arrow while iMessaging and click the App Store logo. Then find Clash - A - Rama from there. Hold it to delete it. Otherwise, tap it and there's all your emojis. Man people are so stupid!.Version: 1.0

Cute!Simple to install and just begin using them! Done!.Version: 1.0

Iphone 7 iOS 10.3.1 not workingPressed a button scrolled , checked all apps/games but not there. Can't add it though messages and or delete.Version: 1.0

How to find emojisLadies and Gentlemen that can't find it. I had the same problem but just found it. Go to iMessage and click on the pencils that look like an A. It will then show you the emoji option. Just click on it and they are there. Haven't looked at all but some are cool cause they are animated ..Version: 1.0

Amazing but, the HOG IS MISSING!!One of my favorite characters is the hog rider and his hog. They have a goofy voice and are a wacky duo in the clash a Rama series, if this sticker app gets updated, add the hog and hog rider!.Version: 1.0

I figured how to use it!To use the stickers, you have to press the app store icon while you are texting and scroll to the right.Version: 1.0

Never mindNever mind.Version: 1.0

Needs moreI like the stickers but there’s not that many.Version: 1.0

Fantastic for a COC fan!Great stickers! But where is my favorite hog riders!😂 looking forward to more!.Version: 1.0

Great App!!!For those that don't know how to find the app after installing it apparently you're not ready to use a smart phone. Dummies!.Version: 1.0

Some of you guys are complete idiotsNOT the developers. (I personally think that this is a great sticker app, no joke) The reviewers. They think they can’t delete it, but all you have to do is go to the thing with the three dots, (go to the place where you would text someone the stickers) and click them. Slide the “Clash a Rama” to the left, and press delete. Ya know, some people can be such idiots....Version: 1.0

A flying pigI once ate a flying pig and it was really weird and good just like this app so keep keeping up one the stickers that will fill my mind with glue and stuf.Version: 1.0

Found them!I can help anyone who can't: first, u go to imessage and tap to text someone. Then u click the little App Store icon next to the drawing button. Finally, tap store and then tap manage. They should be there, switch the switch next to them on and ur done. Hope I helped 😀😀😀.Version: 1.0

Love itThis app is creative and fun y'all should add more.Version: 1.0

Awesome!!!I love it the stickers they are great!! Plz add more characters like Valkyrie and baby dragon and more! It would be cool! Amazing work! On all of your games :D.Version: 1.0

WORKS ILL HELP YOUGuys it won’t come up as a app because its stickers but if you go on IMessage near the bottom where you type you will see the picture of the banner and click that and there you go There’s my help for you.Version: 1.0

LOLC trop drôle et en plus ce né que la béta.Version: 1.0

Best Sticker app I triedThis is certainly the best sticker app I have ever tried it's both stickers and Clash-A-Rama can't wait for next episode.Version: 1.0

This is how you use them...For everyone having trouble finding them once installed, when you're in typing mode for an iMessage, touch the little arrow next to the text input field, it will slide out and you'll see the camera, heart with fingers, and the App Store "A" icon. Touch that, and you will see the stickers pop up..Version: 1.0

Dear supercell ( pls do not ignore this)I love clash Royale and clash of clans I also used to play boom beach ( let’s not talk about that) and the stickers are cool. Currently I really enjoy your games and play them daily. BUT can you please make a app or something to organize all the clash o Rama’s becuase I would definitely use it.Version: 1.0

Just a thing I noticedFor the second image showing off the stickers through a conversation with barbarian if you look at the convo it never says "maybe a new hairstyle?" But in the convo he never said it..Version: 1.0

AwesomeLove it.Version: 1.0

More stickersI really think they should add more stickers there's only 6 and if you cant find how to do it click on the A pencils and click the 4 bubbles in the bottom left and if you installed it will show up.Version: 1.0

Not compatibleNot working for iOS 10.3.1 Please update.Version: 1.0

Great but…JUST DO THE OBVIOUS AND ADD THE KING GOING “HEE HEE HEE HAW” . Also do the original emote and don’t animate something different. Also could you add sound???.Version: 1.0

The bestCOC Cor is the best even tho don’t,have people to talk to and call I want to talk to Barbarian.Version: 1.0

SupersellSorry we will ad A update on Christmas morning at 8:45 it will include more emojis and a walk through don't worry you don't have to send any thing it will just show you where to go also hay day and boom beach emojis as well pleas down load these apps available soon to most electronic aplianes.Version: 1.0

This is a gift from godThe stickers are just awesome. I love them so so much. If you guys get the app you will be like this app is the best sticker app ever!.Version: 1.0

People need to readNot sure why people don't know how to use iMessage stickers before downloading a sticker pack. Then they give the pack one star reviews? C'mon. As for the stickers not looking like the game characters? This is because these are based off of Clash-A-Rama... the animated show. Please don't give the pack low reviews because of ignorance. This pack is solid :) now just add more stickers :).Version: 1.0

Love it but idkIt's great but I don't really understand how to put stickers.Version: 1.0

Love itLove these, I will say I did have a hard time finding it. My resolution: click on the arrow over, click on the "A", click on the four boxes on the bottom left, click on the plus sign for the Store, go to the manage tab, and turn on auto add to app screen. This adds it to the "A" option when you're writing a message so you don't have to go searching for it each time! Hope this helps someone else.Version: 1.0

AWESOMEFinally supercell you're getting better at things but sadly you had to get rid of farming like a year ago R.I.P well keep up the great work Cheers, pekka king that's my COC name.Version: 1.0

I like the ideaWith the latest updates in Clash Royale, it would be really nice to see all of those emotes in game as emoji’s.Version: 1.0

Best sticker everLol.Version: 1.0

More stickers😁😂😁😷also add a COVID and school 🏫 emoji!🤡👿😴😱🤬😞🤩🥳😖🤬😴it would be cool if you added a funny one too🤣😁🤪😆😄🤭😹😄🥉😱🙏😄🧐😔😙👀🧑🏻‍🦱👤🤠🤧✅.Version: 1.0

Awesome!I'll use then when iMessaging friends that play Clash of Clans. It doesn't have many stickers, but there are enough to make good conversation. Please add more stickers! There are a lot of 1-Star reviews due to ignorance, which is rather funny. Don't download stuff you don't know how to use, silly people..Version: 1.0

…so stupidIt’s so stupid how people say that it doesn’t look like clash royale it is about clasharama and how can you not find it and you could write a review somehow? I love the stickers 🤩.Version: 1.0

Great stickers, here’s how to find them...IOS: Above the messages there should be an apps store logo. If above: scroll to the right to find the logo, tap the logo, and welcome stickers. If to side of message box: tap that (once) and then it should show a bar similar to the one in the steps for above. Then follow steps for if above. How to delete, go to storage in iOS settings and scroll until you find the app. (Note: Not an app, it’s a sticker pack) then select one of the 3 options: Back: if you have changed your mind and wished not to delete this app; Offload: to keep app, but ‘delete’ it (you can still use sticker pack). Delete: if you hate this app, (still not an app) then select to permanently remove from your iOS device. Note: this app doesn’t work for most other non-iOS messaging apps, mainly only ‘messages’. Another note: friend me on clash of clans! ⚔️CaptainRougue is my name, and I am founder of GG Goblin Gang “Lvl 3 clan” with 47 members. Town hall 7 required, along with 1000 trophies (silver league 3 requirement) active clan mates needed! See you in Clash Of Clans! -Shawn Cena.Version: 1.0

Very good stickers!These stickers are really good when I saw them I laughed..Version: 1.0

Stop writing bad review due to your incompetenceThe stickers should be usable, if not, that’s apple’s problem, not supercell’s..Version: 1.0

Absolutely love themWish there were more though !! 😍.Version: 1.0

How to useHow do you use this sticker I've tried everything to try to use this but it looks cool.Version: 1.0

THANK YOUThank you supercell for being so nice and making the stickers FREE and not making all your fans pay just to advertise. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!! Love ❤️ the stickers!.Version: 1.0

More stickers plsWould like a larger and newer range to choose from.Version: 1.0

Love Them!Just freaking awesome! Can't wait till more stickers come out..Version: 1.0

HahaFunny.Version: 1.0

FunnyPretty enjoyable and makes for a few laughs. Gave a 4 star until they come out with more options!.Version: 1.0

4/5Great app for people who play clash of clans. It’s funny and fun to use but i think it could use a lot more options for stickers.Version: 1.0

After reading the reviewsI'm convinced 95% of the users who downloaded this are mentally challenged. Learn to use your phone. Morons....Version: 1.0

Keep It Up!I Really Have To Thank The Clash Community For Their Really Fun Games And Amazing Content For Clash Of Clans AND Clash Royale. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅. Also, I Don't Know How To Use These Stickers ... Please Tell Me How To!🙏🏼 Keep Up All The Good Work Supercell, Because If You Don't, I Wouldn't Be The Person Who I Am Today. Looking Forward To The New Christmas Updates. Sincerely, Lord Milkman.Version: 1.0

I love it!I really love the stickers my only complaint would be that there isn’t enough of them!.Version: 1.0

ITS A GOOD APPIt's an ok app with cool stickers and great graphics, but I wish there was more then just the phew stickers they have. But besides that it's great!🤡.Version: 1.0

Please addPlease add Baby Dragon! I love this but it would be better if baby dragon.Version: 1.0

Pretty good BUTSupercell you’re clash a Rama stickers are good . But can you make new stickers because the original stickers are getting old .👴🏼.Version: 1.0

I love itI wish they added more stickers especially baby dragons.Version: 1.0

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