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Alto's Odyssey App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Alto's Odyssey app received 49 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Alto's Odyssey? Can you share your negative thoughts about alto's odyssey?

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Alto's Odyssey for Negative User Reviews

HmmmThis game is pretty peaceful but theres thing i don’t understand. What are lotus flowers, pots. Anyway i think i wasted my money but if you please tell me what those are i would play it again..Version: 1.0.7

Too dark at night!!!A beautiful game just like the first one...BUT! During night scene, it’s extremely difficult to see what’s in front of you, and the night scene is extremely long (>60% of the time). You can make the game as challenging as you like, I wouldn’t mind. But could you at least make it visible? My eyes ate so sore during the night and this makes it very difficult to enjoy the game. Please consider changing it to shorter time or make them brighter, then I will definitely change the score back to 5 star..Version: 1.0.1

Challenges...too luck basedThere was a sense in Adventure that you could structure the run and choose the rider to complete a challenge. Here the challenges seem to rely on a load of luck and hitting particular scenery sequences just right. The double back flip off a grind for example relies on the very few grinds before a decent drop. I counted three during 15k run or hitting a rock on landing and getting the flip add-on. So a bit lacking in actual / perceived skill. Rest is cool but challenges need refining..Version: 1.0.3

Missing the snow!!!I have been playing constantly since the release and have noticed the following. There can be an issue with the dark levels and shading, making it difficult to differentiate between plants and rocks etc. And the big thing is I miss the snow! I was hoping that you would move from sand levels to snow but it is all set in sand. Doesn’t quite give me the feeling of the first game*** *** update- sorry, but changing from the snow setting is such a big mistake that I have returned to the original. Yes it’s a good game but by far the biggest part of this game is the ambience and it is nowhere near as good in this aspect as the original. I originally gave this 5 stars and I have purposely left my original review above. This is now 3 stars for the gameplay etc. ***.Version: 1.0.4

Is great for the first few hoursI loved this game! I played it constantly after I got it and quickly grinded through 20 levels. I started having problems around level 20. Here and there I would jump over a rock so high and then land right in front of a rock that would be out of frame causing me to wreck. This has happened so many times I don’t know how frustrating it is to get so close to the end of a quest and then something happens you can’t control which brings me into my next problem. I got stuck on the get through all three biomes in one run quest. No problem right? Well after over a hundred try’s I find that some of the biomes don’t show up all the time. There was one run where I went through the same biome three times missing the temple biome. How am I supposed to beat a quest when it won’t even let me travel through them. Maybe I’m just not that good but these problems have actually made me stop playing the game. Sure I’ll get on when I’m really bored but even then I just get fustrated because both the problems just keep happening. I guess I would recommend this game but only if you are looking for a game to play when you’re bored..Version: 1.0.6

It’s good, but not without flawsAlto’s Odyssey is beautiful, is accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack, but much like Alto’s Adventures has elements of game design that just shouldn’t exist in a game. Procedurally generated environments make for great variation and near unlimited gameplay, but it comes with a downside. Achieving a goal or any particular accomplishment becomes considerably more difficult, frustratingly so if the roll of the dice doesn’t go your way. Unfortunately the developers have tied this metric to progression so what starts out as an annoyance becomes an artificial wall. Your skills as a player cannot help you, the developers have quite simply tied progression to luck. I do like this game and I want to love it but the glaring, frustration inducing gameplay issue described above has pushed me to a point where I no longer want to play. I’m being overly generous in giving the game 3/5 but also feel that I would be punishing those who put the best elements in the game far too severely by rating it any lower. Ultimately a disappointment. Edit 8/12 lowered rating to 2/5 due to game breaking crash at 35k meters. Edit to my 8/12 edit 8/5/19: the game breaking crash at 35k meters has been fixed but the 2/5 rating will stand. I’ve been stuck on the same level since I wrote my review due to the condition required to progress not having occurred in 6 months playing the game 2-3 times a week..Version: 1.0.6

Would be a perfect game if it ran wellAlto’s Adventure is my favorite mobile game of all time, and basically a perfect game in my opinion. Alto’s Odyssey should be an even better game, as it’s essentially just an improved version of the last game. However, there’s a serious problem with this game that I noticed immediately, and it makes me not enjoy playing it at all. While Alto’s Adventure ran perfectly on my iPhone 6s, making it a wonderful, zen-like experience, Alto’s Odyssey does not run well on my phone at all. It hitches constantly, and can’t achieve anything close to a smooth framerate. There’s nothing satisfying about playing the game in this state, which is a shame since it should be just as satisfying as playing Alto’s Adventure is. Needless to say I’m very disappointed by this, and until the game is optimized better or has an optional lower-graphics setting that runs better, I’m probably not going to open the game again. I understand that the creators wanted to improve the graphics for this new game, and that my phone is not the newest model so maybe I shouldn’t expect it to run perfectly. But the game is advertised as being compatible for phones as far back as the iPhone 5s, and my model is just 2 years old, so I should have been able to safely assume that it would run well on my phone. I kind of feel like I wasted my money here, but I’m still rating it 3 stars for now because I’m pretty sure this will be a perfect game if (hopefully when) it is better optimized..Version: 1.0.1

UnpolishedWorks surprisingly poorly. In altos adventure, the detection for wing suit loops was fairly poor and they didn’t give you points half the time. I expected it to be fixed in odyssey, but it’s actually worse. Similarly, rocks are often invisible when silhouetted beside other background elements and I frequently die to them right after starting a large speed boost. It’s a great game, but it can be very frustrating.Version: 1.0.8

Let’s just do what we’re toldNot sure what the fuss is. Yes god graphics, yes calming music. But, that’s about it. Game play is repetitive and uninteresting. You have to start right from the beginning after every run which is frustrating. Just because App Store says to buy this doesn’t mean you should. Lesson learnt..Version: 1.0.1

Diverting but a bit bland and occasionally frustratingOkay. But oddly feels more repetitive and bland than (free) Alto’s adventure. Wall riding is incredibly frustrating..Version: 1.0.8

DisappointingAlto’s Adventure was easily my favourite mobile game. I’ve been looking forward to Odyssey for ages. At the start this game seems amazing, great and exciting new features, a new environment to take in and some brilliant music. However now that I’ve put a few hours into the game, I’ve started to notice how these new features aren’t actually done all that well. Alto’s Adventure was great because it was fun and relaxing, whereas Odyssey I find the opposite of relaxing. The wall riding feature needs a lot of work, especially when going over a canyon. Some of the scenarios are impossible to get past. The lemurs are so annoying in this game, they add nothing in my opinion, and again, sometime they are impossible to escape. If the flaws in this game can be fixed, and it can be turned from frustrating to fun and relaxing, this could well be the sequel Alto fans were hoping for. At the moment, I’m left disappointed..Version: 1.0.1

Can’t complete the gameFix the bugs in the tasks and wing suit please this is a paid game not a free game where you usually expect bugs come on.Version: 1.0.6

Changed to one starThe original was great however the developers have known for a long time that the imagery is waaaayyy too dark and have done nothing about it, literally trips you up every time and it’s impossible to play in the day time in natural light. I paid for this app and regretted it, it’s a shame cos everything else is great..Version: 1.0.4

DisappointingI regret paying for this app. I bought it after reading such great reviews on here and some websites, and particularly liked that it was supposed to be relaxing. First up there’s a defect with the tutorial where if you fail the first jump and restart the tutorial it doesn’t reset you after falling in the chasm. Took me way too long to get through the tutorial (which is crazy considering there’s only like 4/5 simple things to learn). Then I found the game totally one dimensional and repetitive. It’s such a simple game so the price seems really unreasonable. Wish I knew what everyone else sees in it..Version: 1.0.6

Good and badSome parts of this sequel are good. The familiar smooth sliding and jumping, etc.... but I really, really, can’t stand the stupid wall jumps. Not only do they require really precise timing as to when you start to engage with them, and if you’re in the middle of a jump there’s no hope... they also at times require you to have enough speed to traverse a gap and there was no way of knowing ahead of time that the gap was even coming where you’d need to do some jumps to speed up, then it mocks you by telling you that you are supposed to jump to get more speed. The wall jumping is horrible. It’s tricky to engage with, it’s too critical, it’s too easy to fail and completely trash your entire run, totally unforgiving bad addition for the sake of trying to add something new. Mixed feelings about this edition, loved the first one, can’t say I love this..Version: 1.0.6

Can’t play any audioWhenever I start up the game, any music or podcast playing automatically pauses. I made sure to disable the music and sounds in the game, but I still can’t play anything. 🙁.Version: 1.0.8

AwfulImpossible missions.Version: 1.3.0

Great game but...So I subscribed to Apple Arcade and while I was largely unimpressed with what was on offer, I fell in love with Alto's Odyssey. Which is why, when I unsubscribed from Arcade, I came over and BOUGHT the Appstore Version of Alto's Odyssey. It is a good game no doubt, but I don't understand why I'm paying this much for this game when they clearly don't care about it as much as the Arcade version of it? The Arcade version plays smoother, has controller support, and integrates into my ecosystem so beautifully. I can have my own music on, kick back a little and enjoy that version of the game. However, after having PAID for the app store version, I'm shocked the developers couldn't be bothered to include the same updates here. It's inane that your Arcade version of this game gets different treatment to this one when I have to pay for this version too. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK..Version: 1.0.8

Amazing gameThis game is great. It really is. The first game was also great! Unfortunately, it’s not much different from the first to the second game. So Iv paid for two games now, both almost identical. Like I said, this is a great game. But it’s not worth the price tag. Just get the first game. If you already have the first game, I highly recommend NOT paying £5 for this one. One more thing. Why have rocks and boulders in zen mode? Smashing into these things doesn’t make me feel very ‘zen’. Quiet the opposite.Version: 1.0.8

Second bestAltos adventure is the best game for mobiles imo and I expected a lot of the sequel. I feel a bit let down by Odyssey. The game looks beautiful but that’s where it ends. The music is awful, nowhere near as atmospheric as the original and actually gets annoying so I turned it off. The worst aspect is the night mode though, it’s so hard to distinguish the character you control from the scenery, especially rocks. Then the new scenes which look great, become a hinderance as you sometimes have to go through every landscape to complete a mission if you mess it up first time around. It’s good, it’s just not great..Version: 1.0.1

This game is amazing!!!!🥳🤩The graphics are amazing and the music is phenomenal. Well worth the money spent. I have also bought Alto’s Adventure and decided to try this one out. At first it started freezing and I had to figure out how to unfreeze it. I still have to do this every time or else I can’t play the game. That is why I’m giving it three stars until this is fixed by Snowman. Many other people seem to also have this issue. Also, I love having no ads as always and the new zen mode is amazing. I love not having to die every couple seconds. Like the description says this game is easy to learn but hard to master, but is fun no matter what! Also I love the new ability; wall boarding and I love the new sand and new biomes in odyssey! Wish I could rate this game higher than five stars!!!!🤩🤩🤩😇.Version: 1.0.7

Not For the Hearing ImpiredUpdate: Upgraded to 2 stars. After some troubleshooting I figured out the game will freeze if Bluetooth is enabled. I suffer from hearing loss in one ear and wear a hearing aid that link to my phone. The oversight of the game working with Bluetooth is pretty disappointing considering you also can’t use Bluetooth headphones. Definitely not happy I paid $7 for the game for this to be an issue. Free games figured it out, and the previous Alto game works fine with Bluetooth. Hopefully this gets fixed. That said, the game once it works is beautiful. It is harder to backflip. The rotation seems slower than the previous game and pulling off a double is near impossible at times. Hopefully the next update sixes these issues. Would definitely give it more stars if these issues are addressed. The game is completely unplayable. I’m lucky to get to the coins in the tutorial (roughly 6 seconds in). I’ve reset my phone, reinstalled and no luck. Disappointing and aggravating considering I paid for the game and it doesn’t work..Version: 1.0.4

I absolutely love this gameHOWEVER; the previous game was perfect. I rewarded you for being skilled enough to combo tricks and flips together. This game seemingly punishes me over and over for being creative with my combos. I will land a huge combo and my scarf will be so long the it’s off the screen, and I will fall into a hole without any chance of saving myself. Literally I will approach a death hole and a balloon is supposed to rise up to bounce me over but it’s like 2 seconds. It’s just super upsetting and discouraging to die to a game mechanic that you can’t do anything about until later in the game. The balloons and tornados are super inconsistent. The lemurs are ridiculously unrealistic (somehow they run 40+ mph). I actually lose a lot of speed if I don’t flip while going DOWN a mountain. Most of all the power ups scattered around are impossible to pickup. Overall my biggest complaint is that there should be a game mechanic that boosts you over the death holes..Version: 1.0.6

Not as good as the originalI loved the original Alto game, this one rides on the success of the original, adds very little to the formula, possibly even takes things out (other characters?) The day/night cycle on the original was much faster and would skip part of the day when you messed up. In this version when you see it getting dark be prepared to play the next 10 minutes in pitch black, try telling the difference between that plant silhouette and that rock silhouette now! Or whether your silhouette is backflipping in front of that silhouetted wallride mountain! So many silhouettes it’s hard to see what your character is doing especially when the background has turned to a dark purple or blue. There should be a brightness option. Gameplay is identical to the original added a snowboard which has some alternative tricks but still plays very similar. I pre-ordered this as I was expecting more and have been left disappointed.Version: 1.0.1

Progression isn’t link to skill as opportunity to complete goals aren’t presentWhile this game looks beautiful it is beyond frustrating that I’ve been stuck at the same level for so long simply because the task required hasn’t presented in game. Wall to grind three times in a single run. Even with a helmet and smashing longest runs consistently at most that opportunity has presented twice in a really really long run. At least introduce a way to use coins to pay to get pass a goal. It is boring when there is no progression and honestly I’d request a refund if the time hadn’t lapsed..Version: 1.0.8

Perfect, until you brought back the worst mechanicI loved Alto's Adventure. It was my perfect game, except for the elder mechanic which honestly I found ruined the fun, somehow both chill and exciting vibe the game produced. So I was super excited when I'd played through to the Temples here and not a single elder. Then I encountered a lemur. It's the elder mechanic but worse, because going onto high ledges (the buntings in the first game, vines in this one) is no longer an escape. It's honestly a shame that devs with such creativity failed to remove the one aspect that dragged their game down..Version: 1.0.4

No EndAfter level 60, all of my level progression and stats reset. So much for finishing this game. Download and play something else that will get you to the end..Version: 1.0.7

WOLRD RECORDIt’s a great game! But i’m trying to beat my score each time but the bugs keeps stopping me. By example a black screen pops up and my distance decreases from 0m like if my player is being glitch with the map by making me restart from the beginning and it’s annoying! The water makes me lag sometimes too and i have the same issue with it. Please fix the game because dying by a bug it’s not cool..Version: 1.0.9

Objectives need workIn some ways it’s better than the first, but in others it’s deeply flawed. Some challenges, randomly, take weeks to achieve. ‘Grind three ruins in a single run?’ Sure, ok. But 15km later, and I’ve seen one. Ten runs later, and I’ve seen a cumulative total of three. ‘Backflip off a rope bridge’? Fine, but the only rope bridge I’ve seen in the last dozen runs didn’t let me do that. It goes on. After level 20, some of them are downright impossible, because of the procedurally generated nature of it. Also, some of the characters can’t build the speed necessary to clear certain gaps, making chasing certain objectives even more frustrating. I probably put a thousand runs into Adventure, but I’m bored of this..Version: 1.0.6

Hard to see what’s going on...This is a nice follow-up to Alto’s Adventure with solid improvements to the gameplay, but... half of the time the screen is so dark that you can’t see what’s going on, it’s literally impossible to play. Maybe the first game was the same, and my younger eyes just coped better, but this game I struggle with. The developers need to be more mindful of accessibility - there are other accessibility errors too, like black text on dark blue background - a high contrast mode would be a welcome improvement and make a huge difference to who can play this game and how..Version: 1.0.8

It’s my favourite game but only with day graphics.Honestly if you’re over 25 (I’m 36) and anything like me, you’ll only enjoy the game when the graphics are daytime. The rest of the time it’s a tiny black silhouette on a dark coloured background and you’ll get a headache trying to see what you’re doing. If there was a ‘day mode’ in settings, so I could always see properly, that would be great but what a shame to miss out on the beautiful night graphics... add a coloured-character mode? Aaarg so frustrating.Version: 1.0.8

😍+😡I loved this game so much until the game was opened by land and sea because after that the game would not load and it’s super duper clear that this game it not supported, so I want my real game back! please fix this. 😢.Version: 1.0.9

Not good at allThis is without doubt the laziest sequel to a game I’ve played. The game mechanics are identical to the first, with the small exceptions of the few things they’ve made worse. If you have the original - just play that. The visuals and gameplay are the same. Your £5 clearly goes to their marketing team, rather than design and development. So well done. You rinsed a fiver out of me in the expectation that I might get a decent update. You won’t get me to spend any more money on your products again though, ad spend or not..Version: 1.0.1

Odd I SayI love this game but I have noticed that sometimes when I have completed a challenge, it does not register that I have completed the task and strike it through at the end of level (when I die). This means I have to complete same challenge several times per level. i.e I out ran 2 lemurs 8 times before it registered me successful. Hopeful this is a new game teething issue and it will be sorted out soon!.Version: 1.0.1

Beautiful looking but ultimately vacuous gameVery repetitive and with very little to keep you drawn in after a while. Jump, grind, backflip <repeat>. There is the wingsuit but that offers very little. I really wanted to like this game but in the end, whilst beautiful to look at, it seems hard to justify the price tag from a playability perspective. Perhaps they could add some more skills or a divergent path. Just needs a little something more. Also, as noted elsewhere, the night time seems to last longer than the day. This can be irritating as it makes rocks harder to spot..Version: 1.0.1

One obvious BUG on Apple TV versionYou won't see the scarf grow longer in the TV version, but a flashing scarf image during game play... it's annoying, please fix....Version: 1.0.8

Bug?Since I updated, the wingsuit automatically turns on and off, making me crash. When I am back flipping it will come on unexpectedly, or if I turn it on, it will turn itself off. Is anyone else having this problem?.Version: 1.0.7

Gorgeous, but jitteryI love this game; it's beautiful to look at and it's easy to lose time playing. Unfortunately, the game becomes very jittery when the battery drops below about 40%, which makes landing jumps quite difficult. As others have said, it's also very dark; you need to play this game with the brightness on full and ref shift off (so, drain the battery faster…)..Version: 1.0.3

Great but...Generally it’s a great game. Plays smoothly, controls work nicely and whatnot scenery is great. It would be nice if I could select if I want time to change. Sometimes I just want to play in day time. I’ve been playing off and on for a few weeks and I’ve got a few gripes. First and most annoying is the lemur. It’s seems that unless I’m doing a crazy amount of stunts he attacks. I’ve even been attacked in a backflip. I also purchased the full signal thingy. The barrels almost always drop at a time where they get missed. They literally always land behind the character. Then my only other grip is with how the challenges work. I think it would be nicer if you got new challenges as you completed each and not have to complete the triad before progress. I’ve been stuck on the darn double backflip bird of paradise for a week now. I’ve never gotten two birds together so I’m baffled as to how to complete that quest..Version: 1.0.4

FreezesI love this game i beat the snowboard one, but now the sand one always freezes on me in the first 10 seconds everytime its real frustrating.Version: 1.0.7

Beautiful but generic...I really think the graphics are beautiful but the game itself is boring, I only played it for 2 minutes and felt disappointed. It's been done a thousand times and I think it has really let down the craftsmanship that has been put into this game. Why couldn't it have been an unusual adventure into this world? I like the idea of limited words and just focusing on imagery and sound... I think you could have thought of something more innovative than this..Version: 1.0.1

Feedback1. All backflips seem slower than on adventure. In particular maya is not as OP as in adventure. Also Izel seems a bit bland compared to adventure too. Tighter and faster flips would just make the game more fun. 2. Wall riding seems broken. More about luck than skill in terms of how you mount. Hitting it with a bit of bad luck can end a good run for no apparent reason. 3. Lemurs can be a bit broken too. Again can be about luck and not skill in terms of what you get in front of you in the path. I wish the chases were longer too - in general a weaker experience than in adventure elder chases. 4. Most goals are luck based and not skilled based. Point in case is l49 2x rock bounce to wall grind. But numerous if not countless other goals are mostly achieved by accident rather than skill. Not as immersive or rewarding as adventure. 5. Can be too dark in places. Do not like. 6. Needs expanding. More unlocks and new characters that are not in adventure maybe? Also would love a faster game mode where you literally just run by default at a faster speed. Or maybe a bird of paradise log book and you unlock birds by doing different things at different biomes. Not sure which of these changes are fixed by today’s update..Version: 1.0.2

What??This is what I got for 7 dollars? Ridiculous..Version: 1.0.1

Beautiful but boringI bought this game for my kids but none of them want to play it. I would have given it one star but the scenery is well done. Waste of money for me..Version: 1.3.0

Starts very well, but becomes deeply unsatisfying& the recommendation to use power ups that can’t be purchased nor appear in the game when they can have the required effect comes over as patronising after the 30th failure on an impossible obstacle..Version: 1.0.6

Excellent sequel let down by bugs...The additions to the gameplay and characters are great and is a worth sequel to the first game. However, there are a few bugs which aren’t present in the first game, e.g. character falling through ground, or the lemur walking through the air when flying, or tap to jump not working sometimes, which take the edge off an otherwise excellent game..Version: 1.0.8

BuggyI played a lot of Alto’s odyssey on my iPhone today. Twice it closed on me and once it got stuck in an endless loop switching between two messages after I crashed into a chasm wall. This is a lot more buggy than alto’s adventure but maybe I started playing that game after it had time to be debugged. I don’t know if the directions are exactly correct for the rock grinding because I touch the base of the rock and my character doesn’t move upward in the rock. I think the new feature is interesting but has a higher learning curve. I actually replayed the tutorial again and I’m playing the zen mode to get more practice. It’s actually kind of frustrating but I guess I’ll figure it out eventually. Took me forever to figure out the wingsuit. I like the compass idea so you can go to whatever biome you want (there’s only 3) but I didn’t know it would cost 1000 to use each time so I felt like that was misleading. I would have save my coins for the wingsuit if I had known. I also kind of wish that whatever level you’re at in alto’s adventure would transfer over but I guess it’s okay. It’s kinda annoying to have to work again for the same characters so I’m hoping they’re different. And where are the llamas or at least camels? There are birds of paradise...but they stress me out flying so close, I feel like they’re going to start pecking out my character’s eyes!.Version: 1.0.5

More of the sameBeing a sequel and considering the price, I would have thought there would much more in terms of content. More things to unlock, more play styles, different options etc. It's almost like the first game but with a few tweaks and a different backdrop and skin. Can't imagine much effort went to this. Quite a few infuriating moments too. Slow mo coming in at bad times, randomisation of the tracks can more often than not provide you with very unfortunate runs to an end or for annoying reasons that feel out of your control. You may be having a great run, then all of a sudden the track decides to flatten out for ages with no option to pick up speed, then the lemur catches up to you, finishing your game. I would suggest - a few extra bonus upgrades. A boost power up that can be used when you want, like the wingsuit. Rocks maybe a lighter colour as they can be hard to spot especially when the foreground and background all blend into one. This feels like Altos Adventure 1.5 more than a sequel. Developers- Up your game please. DELETED.Version: 1.0.4

Good but some issuesA decent game that’s good for passing the time, however I’ve lately had issues with a few things. For one if there’s a certain challenge that needs to be completed then you better hope the ability to do it shows up early or you’re in the right biome otherwise you have to wait a while to get there, also the wingsuit “box” you tap to activate it is way to big. I shouldn’t have to try and find a spot that won’t activate it on the right. I’ll be in the middle of a flip and it’ll just switch to it even though I did t ask for it. It should stay where it shows up and no where else. I can’t get pass a level because of this which brings me back to my first point. I’ve hit five wall rides in one combo and it still doesn’t update it. Hope the developers sees this and makes a patch.Version: 1.0.4

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