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Description of Fetch Rewards

The quickest and easiest way to save when you grocery shop or dine out.

Fetch Rewards turns all your retail and restaurant receipts into savings. Simply scan any grocery, retail or restaurant receipt after you shop, and save on thousands of popular products throughout the store. Earn points on every receipt or eReceipt you scan. Turn receipts into gift cards for online retailers, e.g. Amazon, Target, and others. With our receipt scanner, there’s no more clipping coupons, chasing down expiring deals, or missing out on savings. Just shop, scan, and save. It’s that easy.

The Fetch Rewards app brings everyday savings to your life with a quick and easy mobile app that rewards you for the purchases you already make. With Fetch Rewards, just snap a quick photo of ANY grocery, hardware, drugstore, or restaurant receipt, and in seconds we’ll deliver points to your account on thousands of popular products. You’ll earn points on every receipt or eReceipt you scan.

Unlike cash back and rebate apps that require you to unlock coupons before you go grocery shopping or dine out, causing you to miss out on savings, Fetch Rewards gives you savings EVERY TIME you purchase a participating product or eat at a participating restaurant. Just scan your grocery or restaurant receipt after you shop or dine and redeem points in seconds. You don’t have to chase grocery coupons to save on your bill, because Fetch Rewards delivers those savings every day with a quick and easy scan of your receipt. The more you scan, the more you save.

** Sign up for Huggies Rewards + in the app, and unlock surprise rewards when you buy Huggies diapers and wipes - on top of all the Fetch points you’ll earn! **

To save money and earn rewards, simply scan your receipt from grocery stores, restaurants, hardware stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, big box stores or anywhere in between, and submit. Within seconds you’ll have points in your account that can be redeemed for hundreds of rewards and gift cards to online retailers like Amazon or Hulu. Use your points however you want. With one scan, turn your grocery or restaurant receipt into a free cup of Starbucks coffee, a taxi ride with Uber, a night at the movies, a relaxing day at the spa, or a birthday present for your child.

You can submit any grocery, restaurant or retail receipts, from grocery stores and restaurants to hardware and liquor stores, up to 14 days AFTER the purchase date on the receipt, and you’ll still get all your points. Other gift card and grocery reward apps require choosing coupons before or after or after you shop in order to save, but sometimes you forget, spontaneously eat out, or make an impulse purchase. That shouldn’t keep you from turning your receipts to gift cards or earning rewards. With Fetch Rewards, you can just shop and let the savings come to you.

In addition to offering quick and easy savings with a scan, Fetch Rewards also features helpful tools to plan your shopping trip, find inspiration for your next recipe, and track your grocery budget. You can view your personalized shopping history to see where you shop, whether it’s Target or Walmart, and how much you spend and save.

Fetch Rewards makes it easy and rewarding to save on groceries. Simply shop, scan, and save.

Fetch Rewards App User Reviews

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Fetch Rewards Pros

Easy App - No Prior Shopping CrazinessI love this app for its easy snap a picture and automatically adds 25 points for any receipt. If there are items on it that are more points you get more points. No jumping through hoops to prove it. Simple. There are many times I forget to look at all the savings or coupons I’d have to get before shopping. I am forgetful during these “crazy Covid-19 times” I am trying to get in and out of stores carefully. Mask ✅ gloves ✅ sanitizer ✅ debit card ✅ glasses ✅ I don’t want to really go in at times but have to. It would be great to add a little bonus right now for “in-store” purchases as a little incentive maybe. Times are hard. Yes, we can all order online now but some of us hate it for everything. It’s ok to be human and shop. So not doing so much work here is nice, thank you! I also love that it tracks my spending at what’s stores and totals everything up. That’s a great bonus!! I never knew how much I spent where until I used this app. Five Stars 🌟 I use to use other apps and they required a lot of pre planning..JodieJGVersion: 2.36.1

Super Super Easy!!! No gimmicks!I love this app!!! Seriously I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t use this app. They accept all grocery & convenient stores receipts! All you do is literally scan your receipts! You don’t have to go through to choose your products or specify which store, like Ibotta (which drives me nuts!), it does it all for you! Even if you have no products that redeem points, you still get at 25 point bonus, but that rarely happens because this app has products you actually buy!! They have joined with tons of ‘household name’ companies, not off the wall random companies & products that you’ve never heard of. I’m about to redeem my points for a $25 gift card! We all have to buy groceries, so why not earn money on things you already bought!? They even accept e-receipts if you order your groceries online. Only once have I had an item on a receipt not give me points when it should of, but they allow you to easily correct it and will give you your points instantly. (And To be fair the receipt labeled the item weird so it was understandable.) This is BY FAR the best grocery app out there, and I’ve tried quite a few. I’ve been telling everyone about it! Try it, you won’t be disappointed!!!.JaqueezieVersion: 2.23.0

Fetch Rewards Cons

E-Receipts stopped working and I can’t contact them for helpMy e-receipts stopped processing through Fetch the week that I made a bunch of online shopping orders. That’s missed point opportunities. I tried restarting my phone, deleting the app and re-adding and signing out and signing back in. My e-receipts still didn’t process. I even disconnected my email from Fetch that’s connect to my online shopp orders and reconnecting. That didn’t work either. I tried contacting them so many times but it says “message failed to send. Tap to retry”. Even re-trying doesnt work. I thought maybe I’m contacting them during no-business hours but I’ve tried contacting them at all hours of the day to see if my message would go through but still, no. I’ve been doing a lot more online shopping than in-store shopping so I have more digital receipts that I can’t get points for and now time is going by and I’m missing out on the points I could have collects if my e-receipts went through. No point in this app anymore. I’m going to keep it a little longer just in case it ends up working but I don’t think I’ll last any longer with this app. Scanning regular paper receipts still work though so in-store shoppers should be fine..•E3•Version: 2.40.1

Weird .It was all fine at first, i downloaded it after being told about it from a friend and i had a lot of receipts around the house so i thought it would be a great way to make money back from spending money. So i scanned my receipts and everything and i referred friends and i already had racked up about 7,000 points . I go to redeem them to put money on my apple card, and then it says i have to have the app for 24 hours until i can redeem , so i wait 24 hours . I come back more than 24 hours later and try again and it says due to a random security audit i have to wait 48 hours . I wait more than 48 hours again... and i try again and it says the same thing about the audit and 48 hours. So i just use the time to scan some more receipts , and today i open it to scan a receipt and it comes to show that the app has logged me out. I tried to sign back in using my google, facebook, and regular email and password and it says “error” and for the email and password it says the password is wrong which i know for a fact it’s not. So i press the forgot your password , confirm my email, and they “sent it”. I never got a email from them. After multiple tries. Fix your app..LexiiidajittVersion: 2.32.1

Is Fetch Rewards legit?

Yes. Fetch Rewards is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,643,120 Fetch Rewards user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for Fetch Rewards is 95.1/100.

Is Fetch Rewards safe?

Yes. Fetch Rewards is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 1,643,120 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5. AppSupports Safety Score for Fetch Rewards is 95.6/100.

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Fetch Rewards
Fetch Rewards
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Fetch Rewards 2.57.0 Update Note
✱ Version History

Grab the latest version of Fetch for an even snappier rewards experience, including more stable eReceipt submissions and performance improvements throughout the app..