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Fetch Rewards App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Fetch Rewards app received 20 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Fetch Rewards? Can you share your negative thoughts about fetch rewards?

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FIX THE APP!After this new update with the device verification, and despite my verifying the account so that the Fetch help center and "previous tickets" sections aren't grayed out, the app now will not display any prior tickets, just a black banner at the top of the screen that says "failed to get tickets." Then going into the Help center (as another reviewer just correctly said) leaves you unable to contact Fetch at all because sending your message results in "message not sent" with a red box/chat text bubble where your message just lays there and does nothing, despite multiple retries and multiple times just trying to resend a message. Then I noticed the webpage/browser where I opened my email to verify my fetch account that said "successful" somehow now says "Hmm even though you approved your device, we are still unable to connect to your fetch account" then gives you an email for you to contact customer service. Of note, I did not click the radio button on that webpage that says "go to fetch now" after I successfully registered the device because I was already in the app and had that open, and I know it still worked because the prior tickets and help center were no longer grayed out. Please fix this mess!.Version: 2.40.1

Picky about which receipts you useI recently had my account deactivated because they chose to decide which receipts were mine and which they said were not . but all of my receipts were from my household. My suspicion is is that I was close to getting a reward for the second time and they decided they didn’t want to have to live up to their terms of service so they decided to become very picky about which receipts are use. Sometimes I shop in other communities along my way. And I will use different locations of stores that I visit like Walmart. Apparently they’ve decided which stores I can go to and which stores I can’t and use this as an excuse to suspend my account right when I was about to get to the amount of points needed for a reward. So I highly recommend if you use this app be careful not to put a lot of effort into it as they are very chintzy and they do not like to reward you a second or third time they will become actively suspicious of where you go shopping and accuse you of using other peoples receipts as they have done me. But I do recommend Receipt Hog. you get your rewards when you’re supposed to it takes a little longer but they never accuse you of anything like this app does and they don’t cheat you like this app does..Version: 2.41.1

Quite Misleading in the descriptionUpon searching for apps to earn with i came across Fetch Rewards & thought " just what ive looked for!" i read the description & few older reviews & downloaded it! I was soon on my way to earning & i was so so happy that id Finally found an app that actually does what it says! UNTIL i brought out my 3 grocery receipts to scan & was alerted immediately by a pop up that read --> Youve reach the scan limit, you can only scan 14 receipts so come back in 14 more days!"😢 Seriously?? I shouldve known Fetch was too good to be true. You Really should CLEARLY state in the description that Theres A Catch!- not just "you can scan receipts up to 14 days old. Ive been saving up all my receipts to scan in at once but now half will be out of date when im eligible to scan again. Had i been aware of This, i wouldve only scanned in the more expensive receipts to get more points & tossed the smaller ones that id already scanned as well. Im not sure how someone who reviewed this app was able to reel in 40,000 points this way...ThiS is gonna be Way Slow going if i decide to keep it🤨 I know it was set up this way yo keep people from earning, but you couldve stated these things & I would've just kept going. not sure what to do now.Version: 2.28.2

Boring... 🥱First month it was somewhat fun, raking up lots of points 1,650., 2ed month 1,200., 3ed 940., it’s sort of just declining in rewards I haven’t scored past 25 points lately, everything they encourage to buy for extra points I have no interest in, and places I shop like whole foods don’t earn much points at all, so far I have scanned $23,000 worth of receipts and earned only 3,974 points so speaking in points earnings it’s boring and I’m ready to just let it go. The only positive thing about this app is that you can see your spending each month but there’s other apps just for that. Maybe if they would promote more plant-based foods or healthier snacks perhaps I could earn more points and have a little bit more fun. This app is not for me. Also I was referred by a friend and she never got her 4,000 points so I didn’t bother with referrals to earn points, another annoying thing is if it can’t read some info on the receipt receipt gets submitted for review and I still don’t know what ever happens with that. It’s still free money even if it’s painfully slow process and gains are very little I’m sure it adds up, but it’s to annoying for me to deal with. Also I don’t know how my information gets handled I didn’t research that and probably should 🤔.Version: 2.45.0

Used to love this app until nowI rarely leave reviews. However, to hopefully prevent my situation from happening to anyone else, I’m taking the time out to leave one. If I could give this app zero stars I would. Today I had 51,000 points I had been saving for some time. I went to redeem only $10 worth for papa johns and kept getting this error message. Finally I opened the app after force closing to find I only had 11,000 points left. I never confirmed redeeming my points. I immediately messaged customer service like the error message said to do to get a lady named Gabriel who I sent screenshots of the error message and I sent proof I don’t have a vpn downloaded so no way for one to be on. She told me sorry this can’t be reversed after arguing with me and trying to convince me it was my fault which no it was not. It was solely the responsibility and fault of the app. Gabriel didn’t respond after my last message showing proof of no VPN until I messaged support again. Then she responds to say she’s sorry this can’t be reversed and they forwarded this to the development team so it don’t happen to anyone else. That was 40,000 something points I just got ripped off for. Never did she try to make this right in any kind of way. So just a heads up be really Leary of this app because us people who utilize this app are not what matters to customer care. I’m done. I am not going to ever use this app again nor will anyone I know use it. Thanks a lot Gabrielle!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻smh.Version: 2.48.0

Update FailI have loved using Fetch Rewards for the last two years. I have been able to get rewards from my normal shopping activity. There are times when I am buying an item like soda and It isn’t brand specific, so I will choose one that offers bonuses (ex. buying Pepsi vs. coke). Getting gift cards on all my purchases has been great. However, the December 2021 app update added a feature that made me want to immediately delete the app forever. I am a private person and don’t share purchases or anything else personal with friends, family, and definitely not with strangers. The Social/Beta feature immediately showed what “friends “ my account was connected with from referrals. I could see all the activity these people had with Fetch. It also showed them everything I did, so that we could “compete”. One of these friends was a person I did not know at all (Wes). Now, my friends may have always been able to see my activity and I didn’t know it, but that is something I will never appreciate. After a long time researching I figured out how to disconnect friends from my account. This fixes future activity, but these people (remember Wes is a person I have never met), can still see previous activity. Also, if you invite others to join Fetch, they will be able to see your private information unless you manually disconnect them. Fetch, please remove this feature. I will not be sharing your app with friends as long as this feature is an automatic feature..Version: 2.58.1

BEWARE THIS COMPANY IS A SCAMBEWARE!!!!!!! This company is a scam they show you offers and when you actually use the app for what it is intended for they deactivate your account so you can not redeem the points. They will not even provide you any explanation just a vague reason and tell you their decision is final. ***RESPONSE TO THEIR REPLY*** They accuse people of violating their terms because they do not want to pay out the money due to you. They accused me of violating their terms but after multiple emails can not tell me what exactly I did or provide me any sort of evidence. I even sent them a breakdown of my points with my receipt pictures asking them where I did something wrong all they could tell me was their decision was final, they swindled me put over over $50. If you question what I am saying look them up on BBB they have an F rating and about 31 complaints similar to mine, where they deactivate accounts so they don’t have to pay them out. I now know how they earn their profit as a company, stealing from their app users. I have had to report them to the brands they show on their app as well as the BBB, FTC and a few other sites. I am just hoping that they will be held accountable for their scamming business practices and taking advantage of people to earn a profit..Version: 2.35.0

Quit breaking this app every time you try to fix it!There is nothing more frustrating than discovering that when an app is updated to supposedly fix it, it ends up not working as well as it was before because the developers are so worried about new features that the most important and existing ones seem to get neglected. and unfortunately, fetch is the latest example of such. For example, where is for the longest time you’re able to see your points total you’re the top left of the screen, I have no idea how many points I have anymore. I can’t find the total anywhere, not on the Discover page, not in my account page, nowhere. it’s great that they’re trying to allow more interaction with the social features, but the bottom line is this App is supposed to allow you to scan picture or email receipts, collect the points and use them towards the gift cards and other goodies they offer. And it seems that once again with the latest updates those features are suffering. Especially when as I mentioned in the last review those of us that use voiceover don’t have access to redeem the gift cards because it is not working properly with the final confirmation step. much as I have enjoyed using this app over the years, it’s getting annoying enough that if they don’t find a way to make it so the basic features work reliably all the time or at least most of the time, I’m going to find a way to cash my points and cancel my account. Please, please, please fix this once and for all!.Version: 2.57.2

Trying My PatienceThis app should be simple, but it has some major issues. The scanning program lacks "intelligence" and misinterprets words to the point I think I am reading a lost language. There is no way to verify accuracy BEFORE the scanned receipt is submitted creating the cumbersome task of addressing items "not accepted" days after the submission. There is nothing like saving a bunch of packaging with barcodes for days after the product has been used to be on the safe side of being able to adequately challenge Fetch Rewards "denials". Today, I had a receipt denied because I had reached the maximum of 7 receipts in 14 days without having any reason to know that is FR policy. Where is it written? Why??? Some people shop often because they cannot store a lot at one time. I would think the food manufacturers would love people shopping for their brands several days a week. There is no clear way to know which inventory within a given brand is acceptable before purchase. I have somehow managed to accumulate 3,000+ points pretty fast, but I spent a ridiculous amount of time to earn points equal to $3. I chalked up the low earnings vs time spent to improving my learning curve. Would someone please explain how point distribution is determined. Does it vary by brand, price, item or according to whether or not the planets are in proper alignment. I am trying to be patient because I WANT to like this app..Version: 1.9.0

Would be great if E receipts worked!During this pandemic and the age of car pick up at grocery stores this site boasts that it reads e- receipts. While that is true some of the time don’t count on it. Especially if you are expecting large points from promotions. Also, if the email read receipt fails they do not allow you to use any other process to enter the information. You cannot print out the receipt and enter it. You can not screen shot the receipt and load it. It either works or doesn’t. When complaint is raised they tell you to delete the app and re load it, which on my case didn’t work. I found it odd that this feature only failed to work for me when I had a receipt with 10,000 points because of a promotion on the app. It had worked every other time even read non grocery store receipts before and after this issue. If you are looking to slowly add points this site works. It is nice to use every physical receipt on a app. But do not rely on it for the big large point promotions they show and do not expect your e receipts to work. Even if you utilize a Grocery store chain they recommend. I will note they say that the e receipt system doesn’t always work. But what they don’t tell you is if it doesn’t there is no way to enter the missed receipts!.Version: 2.41.1

Unable to get Points for ReferralsI just recently started using this app as I thought it was a great concept! Then the other day they were running this awesome promotion “refer two friends & get 7,000 points” better yet! So, I had two friends sign up, but I never received my 7,000 referral points that were promised. I’ve tried all week to get in touch with someone from the company but it has literally been impossible. I also had a friend that I referred, sign up today & it shows her under my referrals but it doesn’t show towards my accumulated points, so why exactly am I referring people to sign up for all of these “points” when in reality I’m not actually getting any points in return for referrals? I promise I’m not usually a Debby-downer that leaves negative reviews on any pages to complain(this is actually my first negative review, EVER), but this seems to be the only way I can even reach out to possibly get an answer to any of my questions given the lack of points that I should be getting! I was super excited to get people to sign up so we could all start enjoying the app together & using our extra large bonus points starting out.....but nothing. :( Super Disappointed!!.Version: 2.40.1

App no longer works.December 26th E-receipts stopped working. It will not recognize any emailed receipts. In app help feature also does not work. If you contact them via email they will give you steps to try to fix the e-receipt problem. I have followed these steps numerous times to no avail. This is what customer service has to say: Please be aware that our eReceipt scanning feature depends on the email format being used by the store. These stores occasionally change their format, which requires our development team to make proper updates in order to get those eReceipts pulled in. This is also the only way we can accept eReceipts into our system. We are unable to accept manual submissions, forwarded emails, or pictures of such receipts. Unfortunately, we do not have an immediate fix for what you are experiencing. I've passed this example to the correct team who will look into resolving future instances such as this. We take this specific issue seriously and will continue to work hard to find a resolution. In the meantime, I'd recommend repeating the eReceipt troubleshooting steps any time you see an update for Fetch Rewards. Thank you for your understanding. They have no alternative to accept emailed receipts and basically tells you, you’re out of luck. Do not waste your time with this app. They don’t care..Version: 2.40.1

I liked the app at first but now not happyWhen I started using the app, it worked well. I was able to scan receipts with little trouble. Since the e-receipt was added, my app started crashing after I took pictures of the regular receipts. It got frustrating so I stopped using it for a while. Last week I went on and all of my points had disappeared. I reached out to customer service and was told that I did not use my points in the specified amount of time and that they had sent me an email, so all of my hard work, and earnings had expired. They send so many emails, that it’s hard to keep up. It was only a couple of days since the expiration date, which I was not aware of, but now I am, and they would not instate them. I complained a second time and they reinstated the points. Now two days later the points are missing again. And I’m having trouble scanning receipts. It was their fault that the app was not working properly and crashing. Still crashing. Most receipts only have 25 points. It is difficult to make it to the volume of points they are requiring for payouts. Except if you wan’t to enter the contest, which I’m guessing chances are slim of winning. I will continue a while longer, but if the problem still continue, then it is not worth it..Version: 2.19.0

Reasons why this app is not worth downloadingWhen I first got the app I thought it was amazing. Plus it gives you simple instructions on what you have to do. All you had to do was scan recipes and get points from it. Once I finished scanning my receipts I went on the app the next day. When I tried logging in it said my account was deactivated. I don’t know what happened so I emailed them about the situation. They wrote back to me a few days later saying my account was going to stay deactivated. Supposedly I had scanned invalid receipts. I don’t know why they told me that when all the receipts I scanned were real. Because of this I tried making another account but it said I already had one with the device I was using. This was so frustrating and I feel like that feature shouldn’t be included. I haven’t redeemed a reward yet because I didn’t have the app for more than one day. So I don’t know if that feature on the app actually works. So far my experience hasn’t been so pleasant as you have read. I hope they figure out what went wrong because I am extremely sure I didn’t scan fake receipts. Some one could have hacked my account or they could have done it through my phone but I am positively sure I didn’t do it..Version: 2.43.0

The best receipt scanning app just 1 thing wrong……I think this is absolutely the best receipt scanning app the 1 problem I had with it (and it’s a pretty BIG problem because I had lost a LOT) is you can only be “not active “ on the app for 90 days before they yank ALL your points away from you!!!!!! So my iPhone broke and I could not afford a new 1 at the time. (Server during the pandemic & it LITERALLY took over 6 months before I got my unemployment!) and as soon as I could get a new phone I did, set up and pulled up my old account and ALL my points “POOF!” Totally gone! I even wrote a email and they said “sorry no go don’t care!” And I’m not talking a little amount I was almost to 50 bucks on gift card At Least!!!!!!! & it just hurt cause it was a tun of work and I could have really used the help at the time but I’m still sticking with it, started all over and trying again because I do believe it’s the easiest, best so far (other then 1 other receipt scanning app that did not take all my points!) that are ligit and actually give you your gift card right away no funny stuff so other then that problem I had I would suggest anyone to try it I got my Father totally hooked on this app!!!!.Version: 2.63.0

Scan Limit......pleaseI’m not trying to be bitter or a Karen. I recently downloaded this app a couple days ago and loved it! I thought this app was way better then all the other apps out there for “money back” by scanning your receipts. All the popular apps did nothing for me, THEY were scams. Download bates. When I came across this one I really enjoyed it, until it said I hit a scan limit. Really? The reason I enjoyed it was because you scan all your receipts and you earn points no matter what. You can earn points to earn prizes. As an everyday consumer I thought this was perfect. Until it said I couldn’t scan anymore receipts. Keep in mind, some of us have big families, some of us are forgetful and need to rush to the store to feed there families. Some of us can’t always keep track with every household product they have and don’t have. Some of us are laid off of work and want to get out and go somewhere once in awhile. What’s there to do? Well, America says we should eat out more, spend money, shop at all our available grocery markets and don’t forget to tip, tip, tip!!!!!!! Times like this, being an American is rough. If Fetch Rewards could take this in consideration that would be lovely. It’s not my fault I’m a disabled veteran, who’s forgetful and just trying to protect and take care of my family. I’m just doing my job. I’m not a criminal always reaching there “Scam limit” I mean “SCAN LIMIT” Thank you and have a nice day. 😃.Version: 2.37.0

Yes but no when it works and adds correctlyIt’s a good app easy to use but this one thing is what I don’t like now through end of the month offering extra points on restaurants well it doesn’t always register or correctly add the points I’ve submitted several restaurant receipts and it’s up to the generator whether or not it counts it. When restaurants are clearly in the name of the place it should be adding but nope I’ve been scammed on so many points this way I can submit 2 similar receipts sometimes it adds the points correctly sometimes it doesn’t kinda bummed other than that it a good app easy to use variety of options for rewards only other thing I have to say is it’s very picky what e receipts it accepts I’ve had several in my email and again it picks and chooses what it selects or uses. I’ve tried leaving them in my inbox vs deleting doesn’t matter again up to the system generator or whatever it is. Also shouldn’t limit receipts but that’s just personal preference because some days I don’t put them in right away I’ll do it all at once or sometimes I add them right away. But I always get the limit reached and sometimes you get close to a date for the receipt to expire and you can’t always scan in time I do wish that even if a receipt is expired it should still scan it because I love this app for saving my receipts..Version: 2.55.0

They deactivate you account for no reason and ignore emailsThey wait till you save up points than deactivate your account with no notice and no reason. When you email them they say what ever random crap they want(in my case they said I submitted receipts that weren’t mine) and tell you they won’t reactivate your account. When I was able to submit the e-receipts for EVERY SINGLE RECEIPT linked to my ONE Publix account and photos of every item in my possession they stopped responding to me. When I was given a different email to write to on my last review the story I’m being given has now changed and all of a sudden the receipts that all printed off at the stores are suddenly counterfeit and I don’t know how they are excusing the fact that there are e-receipts and I OWN the stupid products. They are just choosing to ignore the evidence and keep the $50 in rewards that I earned doing exactly what they asked me to do - but the products and scan the receipts. This app is a scam. The only way to contact them is email and they respond once to tell you that you are SOL that they aren’t going to do anything to help you. And stop responding after that. They only want people that get nickels and dimes not people that actually spent money to earn real rewards- those people they deactivate their accounts right quick..Version: 2.28.0

Email receipt issuesI will keep this short and simple! I wanted other users who experience this problem to know they are not alone. I have had this app for a while now. I actually do love the app, however, the inability for this app to pick up email receipts is ridiculous! The first time this happened I reached out to customer service and didn’t receive any real assistance. The solution was turn your phone off and back on and try again….Then when that didn’t work I was told to delete the app and redownload it. That also did not work! I was then told log out of fetch, delete it again, and turn off my phone…. This again did not work! I decided to let it go, but continue using the app and trying to use the feature anyway and maybe it would pick up and maybe not. Eventually it did begin picking up my receipts again, magically and with no explanation. Then it stopped again. I tried the steps I had previously been given, this time it did work! My issue is that this continues to be an issue. Here I sit again with fetch logged out and deleted, phone restarted, about to download it YET AGAIN. This is a good app, you can build points, but this feature never working…. The one feature that actually sold me on fetch because of the pandemic and the online shopping…. This is gonna lose me in the end. Please fix it!.Version: 2.62.0

DONT DOWNLOADFetch was very easy in the beginning but it’s becoming a pain in the but. It took me about a whole whopping 2 months to save receipts. When I scanned some of them it said “You have reached your scan limit try again next week.” Like seriously? So I waited my time til the next week. Each receipt only gave me 5 points!! All my time was basically wasted. BUT I still gave Fetch another try. I had referred this app to 2 of my friends so they could try the app out and I could get my 2,000 points. FETCH DIDNT GIVE ME THE POINTS! This was very frustrating at this point because they obviously are stingy and just want people to download the app. Anyways, after a couple weeks I had FINALLY reached 5,000 points (because I wanted to get a $5 gift card for ITunes). I was very happy until I clicked “Get my $5 dollar reward” and it said “For the security of your account we are reviewing your Reward redemption which may take up to 48 hours. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.” I thought that was pretty neat that they wanna protect my account and that’s understandable. Until I waited 48 hours and I DIDNT GET A SINGLE EMAIL OR TEXT. Like now looking back you don’t to review my reward nobody should be able to get into your account because you sign up using via Phone Number. This has been a COMPLETE waste of 2 months and 48 hours. Do not download this app..Version: 2.41.1

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