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Amazon Chime App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Amazon Chime app received 63 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Amazon Chime? Can you share your negative thoughts about amazon chime?

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Amazon Chime for Negative User Reviews

Clunky lots of work to doGreat potential, good features, but far from slick. Lots of improvement to be made on this app.Version: 4.13.6157

No notifications at allFrom past 2-3 weeks not receiving any notifications at all. It’s really irritating sometimes. Please fix this ASAP..Version: 4.30.8221

Some major bugs are very much visibleFirst, the app is not using the speakerphone - so the maximum volume of the audio is quite low. Also the app causes some serious issues with the phone - once in the meeting, the phone screen often goes black and it is hard to reactivate it. Rotating the device helps..Version: 4.36.8566

New update broke everything...againNew update broke notifications. It keeps disconnecting when I switch apps and when I switch back over it reconnects and I see all the missed notifications. Quick reply still doesn’t work. Just remove the option to use quick reply if you’re not going to fix it and yes I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times..Version: 4.20.6750

BuggyOn first join to a meeting, I couldn’t speak, hear or tap any of the associated buttons to change settings. After leaving and rejoining, the buttons were available. The meeting went well. Oddly, you can’t see who’s speaking when you’re watching the screen tab. This is in contrast to other meeting apps where the picture-in-picture pop-up is showing in one of the corners so you can see the presenter’s face while they direct you around the screen share. At the end of the meeting, I managed to say goodbye and then the app immediately crashed. So, yes, buggy and some uncommon layout decisions but I’m sure this will be improved in the future..Version: 4.36.8566

HangsHangs when I click rooms or contacts on my iPad.Version: 4.31.8320

Audio is badWorst video and audio. Never works! If you don’t have to use this app don’t. Wait at least 3-4 years before using this app. It might be better then..Version: 4.28.8168

Functionality meets basic, UI is from 10 years agoCan’t Amazon get some good designer to redesign the UI? Look at WebEx or Skype 4b, learn what is modern design..Version: 4.15.6239

TerribleThis app is terrible. It signs me out without my knowledge. And does not allow me sign back it. It says my password is incorrect so I go to change it and then I go to sign in again and still says my password is wrong. So then I go to trouble shoot the problem and it does absolutely nothing. One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. I give it NO STARS AT ALL. Thanks a lot..Version: 4.30.8241

Amazon voice breakingI recently updated the app to its latest version where it stated it will improve Amazon voice focus. However after updating the app, the audio from the other caller kept repeatedly breaking. Furthermore the audio volume would keep going up and down...Can you fix this please thank you?!.Version: 4.36.8566

One star *Unfortunately the functionality of Chime is severely lacking behind its competition, both in interface design and integration with calendars among a whole list of other items..Version: 4.39.8740

Great service, app needs an overhaulJust as the title said. The audio, video and screen sharing works flawlessly. The user interface is just ok, it works. I got this bundled for free with my Vonage VOIP service. Summary: great service, clean call quality, Amazon needs to spend a bit of money and push this one over the finish line please!! Cons: no option to sync my my address book, can not enter numbers manually (so I only see phone numbers in the info pane which is hard to identify). The temporary conference line functionality is undocumented and murky, not sure how it works or doesn't. One meeting disappeared after the first time, another I have been using for a recurring call without issue..Version: 4.23.6849

Poor serviceSad that Amazon have such a poor customer service.Version: 4.33.8456

Apple WatchWhy isn’t it available on Apple Watch in the UK?.Version: 4.34.8477

Not optimal and buggyChime has long way to go compared to offerings from Zoom, Skype, or even WhatsApp. In the past voice quality was below par, now that it is better the video side of things are below par. From features side, seeing multiple people sharing video is difficult on the phone app. When multiple people are switching videos, the app annoys by bringing up a popup “share video, or skip” every time someone else starts sharing video. If I’m on video tab and the popup cannot come, the app crashes kicking me out of conversation and I have to dial in. Then there is lack of breakout rooms in a meeting, or asking questions to presenter by raising hand. If bandwidth is low, the platform cannot adapt resulting in lags in both video and audio instead of adjusting to lower resolutions. Overall, chime is not optimal.Version: 4.30.8241

Dial-in from app feature doesn’t workBug in recent update will not facilitate dial-in from app. This is needed to tie-together attendee audio from phone and video from PC. Now tethered to my PC and can’t switch seamlessly to dial-in if I need to leave my desk while remaining on the call. Two weeks and waiting for this bug fix..Version: 4.39.8751

IPad version needs to come on par with DesktopApp is functionally well and doesn’t have any major bugs. however given the iPad is now used extensively for business work, it would be great to have features similar to desktop like the ability to attach files which is very important differentiator for chime.Version: 4.39.8712

Great app but...Used chime for a year with no problem. Now the app is usable but audio is terrible. Video call just freeze. Have to try 3-4 times before you can actually use the app. Before I can actually multi task with this app. Now when you open another app, this will just quit on you. Please fix the issue..Version: 4.36.8566

TerribleNotifications are slow / delayed, messages often fail to load, UI is poorly designed. unbelievably bad and poorly supported. are they even trying?.Version: 4.23.6849

Needs major improvementThe app is missing lots of features that are available on the desktop app. The app is missing stability that other messaging apps like zoom or teams..Version: 4.39.8712

The room and chat button constantly crashThe chat and room button in the bottom also freeze the app. After some investigations, I think because I don’t have any chat room under my account. Come on, please fix this, it makes the app really bad and seriously affect the first user experience. It is very bad the app is freeze up without obvious reason..Version: 4.30.8241

The desktop version works betterI often don’t get notifications, doesn’t update or refresh chimes and have problems sending images, just sits there “sending….” The desktop version works a lot better..Version: 4.39.8712

Needs a status optionPlease have a option to change availability status and mute option for when you are not at work on weekends.Version: 4.16.6443

Stopped supporting over phone network for some reasonSeems like it’s only working when connected to wifi for some reason..Version: 4.39.8712

TerribleAudio doesn’t work properly. Can only have a Max of 7-8 people. Any more than that it doesn’t work. Constantly booted off. Freezes constantly. Wouldn’t have downloaded if I didn’t need it for work. Absolutely rubbish app. Better to use something like zoom or even Skype..Version: 4.36.8566

Very confusing to useIt kept on dropping me, I continued to click the link with the same result and not sure if I was supposed to use my audio or some other audio. Also my head was huge holding my phone, could not fit my business profile in the video unless you put it a distance from where you are sitting. I would use Zoom or the Microsoft app. Click the link and I am in the meeting. If you want to make a great first impression stay away from this app.Version: 4.32.8397

Audio and notification issuesWhen you’re in meetings the audio is very loud so it’s hard to hear, it also cuts off at random points during the call. The notifications either pop up all oat once or they don’t pop up at all..Version: 4.38.8621

Takes forever to send photosIt takes forever to send photos in a chat through the mobile app. It should either compress them or show a progress bar so you at least know the photo is uploading..Version: 4.39.8712

Not user friendly enough- No ability to edit or revoke messages - Meeting call continues to ring on phone after it has been accepted on the computer - status update is buggy - not able to message yourself - no easy way to search and locate a room/conversation - not able to pin a message inside a room - not able to show multiple conversations at the same time - not able to limit the search scope to a particular room or conversation - markdown feature is hard to use and no preview is available - nice to have: ability to mute notifications during certain hours.Version: 4.32.8397

Unable to share contentCan’t share screen or any content.Version: 4.34.8477

Great way to ensure you work outside normal hoursReady to be on call 24/7? Install this app and enjoy the joy of never ending work..Version: 4.31.8320

Does not workTried to use the attend a meeting function. doesn’t do anything just indicates it is connecting but nothing progresses even if i leave it for minutes. did not even get to the point where it asks for a meeting id..Version: 4.39.8751

Auto-mute message during presentationPlease auto-mute messages when screen is being shared during presentation. You don’t want your conversation with one party is seen by all audience. The UX is so horribly thought. You need to hire better people for making this product..Version: 4.17.6593

Won’t let iPhone delete it is just like a VIRUS on your phoneThe app is not good and it works like a VIRUS on your iPhone it will let you delete from main screen but not from the phone itself.Version: 4.39.8712

Desperately needs OOTOPlease add out of the office (OOTO) and do not disturb (DND). I could simply sign out to prevent notifications, but (to me) the purpose and importance of OOTO/DND is to notify people when you aren’t available via a message and/or auto reply. The lack of this feature is the main driver for the one star..Version: 4.20.6718

Ability to delete messages please!Literally the one complaint I have with this app is that you can't ever delete what you've sent. And I mean deleting said messages on MY end, not the recipient's..Version: 4.17.6576

Has a lot of scope for improvementPros- -simple and easy to use -Video audio calls work really well -Like the fact we can record a meeting Cons- -Big one, cannot set my status as Out of Office, people keep pinging unknowingly. -Every time i restart my Mac, it faces connectivity problem -Need automatic replies as well -Cannot edit messages -My phone app sometimes does not notify when a message is received, when i open it, it downloads all messages at one or need to keep killing the app to check messages.Version: 4.30.8221

Steer ClearThis is a poor application, between lag, poor call quality, and a lack of features in a messaging program, I pity anyone who uses this by choice..Version: 4.31.8377

Glitchy and slowFreezes,crashes and glitches way too much. Can’t get much use out of this. Better off using web version.Version: 4.34.8477

New unread message not specifying which group it belongs fromAfter new update new message shows app notification on icon but as soon as we open app and see it doesn’t tell which group it belongs from..Version: 4.37.8601

Amazon ChimePretty stripped-down app, which can be good, except I can't get chime to read my phonebook or contact list, so I can't use the product. There is no help indicated anywhere or anyway to obtain help that I can see. And no information about how to make the app see my contact list or phonebook. So now I have an app that doesn't do anything. Any suggestions please?.Version: 1.0

Hybrid App = SLOWThe latest update has made Chime significantly slower. Loading every single thread takes longer than it did before. How did you guys not compare this side-by-side to your previous app version and see how terrible of a regression this is?.Version: 4.17.6576

Worst meeting experience everThe audio quality is like an 1960 telephone..Version: 4.24.6865

Sorry, but it's still an epic failWhy not fix the biggest issue with Biba in this new product release? How can you release a voip product that gets knocked out by an incoming telephone call? Astonishing really..Version: 4.0.5576

Only works on WiFiWill only update messages/chat rooms when using WiFi (won’t on mobile data)..Version: 4.39.8740

IPad pro screen shareDisappointingly, I’ve been unable to share my screen from my iPad Pro. Despite having all of the current versions of the app, screen share does not seem possible. Is this a bug? will this be fixed?.Version: 4.32.8397

BasicIn terms of messenging apps this as basic as it gets. No interesting features what so ever..Version: 4.30.8221

Can’t clear notifications on latest releaseEver since the new version dropped two days ago I have had notifications that are stuck resulting in the red number displaying even though there are no notifications to acknowledge within the app. The only way for me to get rid of it is to completely hide the red number defeating the entire purpose of notifications..Version: 4.24.6863

UselessWas told to get this app for next stage of my amazon job interview. Scheduled dozens of meetings only for no recognition or approval and after following all instructions given on emails, still no use. Terrible app.Version: 4.30.8241

Terrible sound qualityIt’s year 2020 now. Upgrade your audio codec to improve the sound quality. The sound is thin and dry compared to FaceTime/Skype/the list goes on..Version: 4.32.8397

Not receiving any message notificationAny one send message to me, I am unable open message. I have uninstalled and try to install again but I am unable to login again.Version: 4.31.8377

UpdateThink it’s stupid how the new update locks us out of chime on our phones. Our building recently caught FIRE and AMs were chiming us to come in and help out and unfortunately we couldn’t do to the fact that chime locks us out OF THE MOBILE CHIME APP!!!!.Version: 4.39.8678

Notification problemThe notification doesn’t appear on the lock screen or anything, just the red badge sometimes.Version: 4.31.8377

Doesn’t work on my phone!Doesn’t work on IPhone XS (12.3.1). It’s just a blank white screen..Version: 4.22.6811

What does this trash do here?I thought that Apple Store was primarily for lay people, and the TestFlight was the venue for the apps that are being still developed or have issues. I’ve been “using” (more like hopping by trying time to time) the app since its launch, and it hasn’t improved by a bit..Version: 4.39.8751

Does not work on vpnLol!.Version: 4.39.8678

Not bad but not goodOverall, I use this app while at work. Like the title says, it’s not a horrible app. But there are things that need to be addressed. Quick reply does not work on my iPhone X nor does it work on my Apple Watch series 4. Refreshing the messages in the app takes awhile..Version: 4.21.6789

Contacts and Search need major improvementThe desktop app allows Contacts and Favorites and Search. Why can’t the mobile app do this? Every time I have to write a message to someone who I haven’t written to in a while (who is already in my Chime contacts), I have to start a new thread because I can’t just search for their name or topic of conversation. When starting a new thread, I can’t simply type their first name and have their name show up as a suggestion (pulled from my contact list first)… the app makes me go through the entire rigamarole of typing their full name or email address. These issues have existed for years now!!.Version: 4.39.8712

MehIt works okay enough but it makes me have to verify on my computer at least once a week. It also doesn’t show all the messages and there is no way to search for them..Version: 4.39.8740

Doesn workThis app doesn’t work properly on ipad.Version: 4.36.8566

Kinda buggy and hard to use. Needs workLots of buttons, but it’s not clear what they do. Makes me unsure if I’m about to hang up the call or switch on my speaker. When I switched out of the app to check a message, the video stopped working completely. You can make calls..Version: 4.24.6865

New client is unreliable for callsI am constantly seeing my mic turn red or receiving a poor internet connections message. This started a few weeks back after the new client rolled out. Desktop version is not exhibit the same behavior. Mobile version should be as or more resilient..Version: 4.17.6593

Completely brokenThis app appears to still be totally broken on iOS. It won’t even start up half the time and remains frozen on a blank page with only “cancel” and “send logs” links..Version: 4.23.6849

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