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Monument Valley 2 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Monument Valley 2 app received 89 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Monument Valley 2? Can you share your negative thoughts about monument valley 2?

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Monument Valley 2 for Negative User Reviews

Too easyLoved the first one. Was excited for the second one. Disappointed at how easy it was. 4 stars for aesthetics, though..Version: 1.0.2

Beautiful however,The gameplay was WAY too easy compared to MV1. I felt like there was no challenge and it was a little bit repetitive. I loved the cherry blossom tree that was probably the most creative part of MV2. Would like to see more out of the box ideas in the next one with a longer gameplay, possibly challenge modes or other modes to complete after you finish so it doesn't just become a dust collector. Please make the next one extremely hard, make challenging it so it takes a week to finish instead of an hour..Version: 1.0.2

Fun but way to easy. First one was harder.For the price I expected it to last about 3 or 4 times longer. When I saw the credits come after a pretty easy level I was super sad. Levels are to short also..Version: 1.0

Too expensive, only 15 easy levelsThe entire game was too easy, it was almost obviously linear progression to the finish. Beautiful but I would not recommend buying..Version: 1.0.2

With great expectation...Lacking in substance. Way too easy. I'm not usually one to bemoan a game's lack of challenge, but this is beyond the pale. More than a few levels can be passed just by tapping the destination and watching the character walk there. The first installment made me feel smart when I found the solution to a puzzle, this one makes me feel dumb that I didn't try the most obvious path first because that's usually right one. It would be fine as eye candy if it heightened the ideas presented in MV1, but visually, it's a lot of the same arabesque spires against star fields you'd find in MV1, with a scant few new visual ideas. It was the visuals in concert with the startling mechanics that created the astonishing mystique of the first game; for this one to be so lacking on both fronts is disappointing. I am a fan of this series and I want it to succeed, but unless this purchase is filled out with significant expansions, it'll seem pretty threadbare in light of the promise of the original..Version: 1.0.2

Great but could have been so much betterFirst off before any negatives, the game is a must play. The soundtrack and art design is top notch and deserves an award. If this wasn't a sequel to my favorite iOS game I would have given it 5⭐️, but alas it had a lot to live up to. Usually on mobile games when you are presented with a new ability/technique, you are given roughly 3 easy chances to use said technique to understand the usage and possibilities. Then you are given several levels that get increasingly difficult to challenge you. In MV2 you are given a new technique and those few easy chances to use it but then that's it and it's on to a new thing already. It's beautiful for sure but overall this one felt more like a beautiful slideshow than an actually game. I just wish it was as challenging as the first one. Looking forward to the DLC though!.Version: 1.0.2

Beautiful but easyNothing lacking in looks, design, colour, music - the game is visually stunning. The levels are very easy, the path is almost always obvious first glance. I was only stumped about 3 times and then for 30 seconds or less. Some levels can be solved in one or two taps, I think the whole game was over faster than some levels of MV1! Disappointing when MV1 was so great. Hopefully additional levels will be added because these are the most beautifully designed games I've played..Version: 1.0.2

More expensive, but less surprise, would not recommend it.Maybe I have been waiting too long and expected too much for the price if it. I found it much easier to get through chapters than the original, and there's only 14 levels compared with more than 20 in total in MV1. The price is too high and doesn't have much surprise in term of difficulties. Some levels only take seconds to finish, say level 1. The only hope is it will have updates with more levels in the future. I would give 5 stars for the original but only 3 for this one. A bit disappointed..Version: 1.2.9

Very shortVisually impressive, but it took little more than an hour to complete the whole thing. It poses few challenges, with most "puzzles" having a simple - and obvious - solution (with little variation between them). Some "games" are actually more like interactive stories and if that was the case here I wouldn't mind, but the narrative (what little there is) is vague and unoriginal. Definitely not worth the $8 AUD it's being sold for..Version: 1.0.2

Beautiful but way too shortAfter beating this game fairly quickly, I remembered immediately what I didn't like about the first one: it's simply too short. I've paid the same amount for other games (or less, even) that have kept me entertained for months, even a year. But this is just a couple hours of gameplay, and it's not nearly as complex as the first. While the graphics are beautiful and the music is enchanting, it just doesn't save it from feeling like just a "world 2" section of a bigger game, at least not for its price point. Some of the levels in the game aren't even really levels, but more like cut scenes that are just dragged out to make it feel like a bigger game than it is. There aren't even puzzle elements present on those levels. It also doesn't offer much in the way of replayability. Once you beat the puzzles, playing them again just feels tiresome - you know how to solve them (which they weren't that hard to start with), but you just want them done. Games are supposed to be fun, and this just doesn't offer that after the initial finish. In short, if you want to play a beautiful game for a couple hours and have $5 burning a hole in your pocket, it's certainly fun and entertaining. But don't be surprised when it sits on your home screen, unopened, for months following your purchase..Version: 1.0.2

MehWay easier than the first one, I was bored and finished really quick.Version: 1.3.7

Beautiful art but shallow gameplaySnapped this up as soon as it became available. At worst, I was expecting more of the same, but, despite the addition of a second character, it seems to have taken a step back from the difficulty of the first game. The art, design and sound is as sublime as ever, but you would expect that, with a new character thrown into the mix, gameplay challenge would increase. But, if anything, the game is far easier than the first, without a single level or section leaving me scratching my head as to the solution; usually one or two turns of a particular wheel revealed the solution straight away. Playing through, I was waiting for the challenge to increase, but this doesn't happen; the final level is as easy as the first. There's no difficulty progression whatsoever. This, coupled with an oblique, bare story, makes the price tag hard to justify when there are many other games in the App Store with far more longevity and challenge for the same price or less. Would definitely recommend to fans of the first game, but would suggest a wait for the price to drop..Version: 1.0.2

Good, but like others say too easyBeautiful with some nice new touches, but doesn't match the original in terms of challenge and replayability..Version: 1.0.2

Absolute moneygrab 👎Way too easy with way less levels compared to MV1. This should cost 2 dollars instead of $7..Version: 1.3.6

Not worth itNothing new. Too easy..Version: 1.0.2

Poor value for moneyWhen paying $7.99 for a game I would expect it to last longer than the 45 minutes it took to complete the entire game. Very little replay appeal and I feel, very poor value for money..Version: 1.0

Visual stunning, but very poor game playGraphics: ***** Puzzles: * Gameplay: ** Storyline: * Like a lot of other people, I'm very disappointed in the gameplay of this follow up. The original was challenging, engaging, and made you think outside the box. In some cases it seriously warped your perception of reality. This version is way too short and puzzles are disappointing, you can do a most of it on autopilot. There are some levels where there literally are NO puzzles. On one level the characters walk down a whole load of steps and then stop at the bottom, you tap the boat and one character gets in and sails off. Literally that's it to complete the level. I actually played the whole thing twice to see if there were any hidden levels or branch points I'd missed the first time. They're aren't. I really hope the developers are going to release more levels, because at the moment is is way over priced..Version: 1.0.2

Beautiful game but not quite worth the money - and where are the developers?Monument Valley P1 had me enthralled from the second I saw the POTUS playing it on House of Cards. Having loved the first one very much, I was very excited to see a second one was coming. Sadly, while the delicacy and beauty of the first one is alive here, I have to agree with other reviewers - it’s far too short for the money asked for and nowhere near as challenging as the first. Coupled with the fact it constantly - and I mean constantly - crashes when I load it up on my iPhone XR, this has really tarnished my excitement - and my enjoyment - for the second instalment. I’ve tried to contact the developers about this but as yet I’m yet to receive a response. I appreciate a game like this doesn’t happen overnight, but for the £4.99 price tag I expect a game to a) not crash a dozen times on a new model iPhone before it’ll finally boot and b) a bit longer and more challenging akin to the first. It’s a stunning game, that can’t be taken away, and the mother-daughter storyline is beautiful. But it just feels like the developers are resting on their laurels of the first and that’s it. Such a shame..Version: 1.3.6

Slow Easy BoringSlow game play.. have to wait in between gameplay for a long time... very easy ... very boring.. definitely not worth the money... obviously was made with money in mind..... If you love boring easy expensive games then this is a definite must have..Version: 1.0.2

Absolutely stunning, but......quite short and way too easy. Finished under a couple of hours and that includes replaying some levels as the new endings are quite cute and fun to replay. Great to see the beautiful atmosphere from MV1 has been preserved and built on, but would have liked harder puzzles which take advantage of the two characters possibilities a bit more. Hopefully more levels to come in the future :-).Version: 1.0.2

Sad to say I'm disappointedI was really looking forward to this. After playing the first instalment I was left craving for more and was kept waiting...and waiting. Then, eventually, MV2 emerged and I snapped it up. I felt a fiver to be an *absolute* bargain for such a good game but I was left feeling less than enthused after finishing it in such a short space of time. I actually said out loud "Is that it?" when it, very abruptly, ended. The graphics and sound effects/music were absolutely beautiful but it certainly wasn't as tricky as the first so I didn't become so absorbed in it. I'm gutted to not be giving this game the 5 stars I thought I would but, to me, it didn't warrant such a high score. Saying that, I'm still looking forward to what may come next... Many thanks to UsTwo.Version: 1.0.2

... sigh ...Short, easy and worst of all : without the magic of the original. Absolutely forgetful. Stick to the original..Version: 1.0.2

Bad!I hoped this game would be worth the price but it was to easy and was a short game! NOT WORTH THE PRICE!!! DO NOT BUY!.Version: 1.2.9

Too Easy and Too ShortI appreciate the time it takes to make a game like this. The art work and the intelligence that must go into making this game is incredible and for that I'd give it more than five stars. But I have to agree with some of the other comments - very short and puzzles were not that challenging sadly. Don't mind the sameness of the first game but I'd like to see a little more difficulty and longer levels. Keep up the good work guys and certainly keep the game going - you're onto a winner here!!!.Version: 1.0

More of the sameGood fun, but completed in under an hour.....Version: 1.0

Too easy, a let down compared to MV1The path and steps required are almost always obvious. You’re just going through the motions wondering when the challenging part of the game is going to come. I think I only felt like I asked myself “what should I do now” twice while playing. Whereas with the first one, my husband and I would get so stuck we would ask each other where we were up to and what to do next. Love the first game and I’m disappointed compared with this one. Beautiful graphics and music but not really worth the expensive price..Version: 1.2.9

Too easyThe team is larger, but the game, although beautiful, is way to easy in comparison with the previous version. Not worth the money..Version: 1.0.2

Still nice thoughBeautiful game, nice graphics, just too short, probably just too me 20 minutes, which it could be longer..Version: 1.0.2

So simpleAfter much wait, I was truly disappointed by the second instalment. While the game had beauty, it was far too easy to complete. 30 minutes to complete? Way too easy. A lot of repetitive puzzles. I’d save your money.Version: 1.3.6

Not as good as the first onePros: beautiful visuals, easy gameplay Cons: not as challenging as the first one, too short for the price Verdict: buy if you are a fan and have finished the first one bur don't expect a challenging game.Version: 1.0.2

Hear me out.....Ok so I had some pretty high expectations going into MV2, and don’t get me wrong it was a genuinely decent game. However, this game came no where close to even telling the story or having the gameplay of the original MV, and I say that because I feel as though MV2 was severely lacking in the element of gameplay that the first game had. For example, the original MV was much more challenging than MV2, and I feel like the developers had to sacrifice that gameplay element of challenging puzzles in MV2 to either attract more people or have a wider audience for the game, and there’s nothing wrong with that if done correctly. However I feel they didn’t do the best job of that. Anyways if you’re reading this and haven’t played the first MV just play it instead because it is better, but I have to say MV2 is still the successor to MV and you’ll probably want to play it anyway after playing the first one, or at least that why I wanted to..Version: 1.2.9

Too short, too easy.Beautiful but short and not challenging..Version: 1.0

Pioneers in gamingEvery Thursday I always check the AppStore hoping for something new and was very excited to see MV2, although I left it for a while due to mixed reviews. First thing is though that MV1 & 2 look, sound and feel are groundbreaking, there's been a number of copy cat companies try to produce the same look for their games, but ustwo really are auteurs, and have created something that is incredibly beautiful to look at, from the attention to detail in the graphics and physics of the layout to the reverb when walking in large caves and dripping water. On then with MV2, and like a lot I'm left feeling as though while still beautiful it's way to simple. The docks, you run down some steps to a boat and sail off...level over in 20 seconds. Other levels aren't so brief but there's not much thought required really. Overall though still an enjoyable game, I'm glad to have bought it to support ustwo and sincerely hope for a MV3..Version: 1.0.2

Not a patch on the 1st one.I had it completed in under an hour and never really got stuck for more than 10 seconds. It's way easier than the 1st one. It feels like this one was phoned in as they know it'll sell off the back of the 1st one. 2 years wait, I was expecting something better and harder than the original. This, if anything, should have been a 99p add on to the original. I hope that the developers are reading these reviews and are suitably embarrassed enough to add a load more stuff to this game due to the massive disparity between the reviews of this and the original..Version: 1.0.2

Excellent but over too soon.I had a hard time trying to figure out what score to give this game. Ultimately I settled on 3 starts for one reason, it’s much too short for the price. What’s here is an excellent, visually striking, heartwarming puzzle game. The art style is astounding and the music is just present enough to tug at your emotions while sill making things feel quiet and lonely. The puzzles are interesting and unique. None are terribly challenging but they’re all enjoyable. Unfortunately as amazing as this game is it also commits my number 1 gaming sin. There is no replay value at all. The game is about an hour long and once you’ve played through you’re just done. There’s no reason to play it again and seek out extra goodies or collectibles because there aren’t any. $5 is just too much for a 1 hour experience with no replay value. If it were $1 or $2 then I’d say go for it but even though $5 isn’t much it’s a little steep for a game that shows you everything it has to offer in 1 hour..Version: 1.2.9

Too short. Too easy.Only 30 min of game play..Version: 1.0.2

Beautiful but disappointingLoved MV1, so bought this straight away. However as I was playing I was waiting for the levels to get more difficult. They never did. This was not challenging at all. I expect to get stuck sometimes and to be forced to come back at a later time with a clear head to solve it. Instead I found myself leaving the game for a day due to boredom, not due to a difficult challenge. Undeniably beautiful, but I started to get annoyed. I felt that after the success and praise of MV1 the developers forgot that at the heart of this beautiful app was a challenging puzzle game. They took out the heart for the sake of the appearance. Also a bit annoying was the whole star thing at the end of each level. Rather than sit and watch the beautiful stuff I just wanted to get on to the next level..Version: 1.0.2

A disappointing sequelIf you enjoyed Monument Valley with its unique geometric puzzles and are looking for more mind-bending adventures to solve, you won’t find it in this sequel. Many of the chapters required only moving a single piece to solve, and some not any; simply tapping the character in the right direction. The secondary player contributed very little as it only follows the first player around the map. It wasn’t until the final chapter that this character was able to independently move around. I finished the whole game in one hour while hungover and sleep deprived on a long-haul flight with my brain operating at minimal capacity..Version: 2.0.4

Really is that it?I was dying to play this after loving the first one, I got it 2 hours ago and I have already finished it, it took me weeks to finish the first one. You expect more but you don't get it, hopefully they make another chapter like they did in the first one but it might be a waste of money. Please if you loved monument valley do not play this for a while wait until it says there is more! Kind of a waste of money and I'm not happy, but incredibly beautiful and there is an amazing soundtrack Thank you for reading! :-).Version: 1.0.2

Easy PearyThe game is nice looking but waaaay too easy . It only gives about 1/2 an hour of play for the whole thing . I get the impression after this sequel that these people will be chasing number one for a long time with little result..Version: 1.3.6

Where is my levelsI play this game is really fun game I completed it literally the whole entire thing in two days because it so easy it was so easy because it does not that much levels and I want to update for more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more level so I can see see other things because I love this game so much I just want more levelled like never ending levels because that will be fine just don’t mind about the spelling mistakes I made in this text just please make an update with more effort levels even now just create more levels please because I love this game so much I’ll write it one star if you don’t make it this game with of course more levels or else/⭐️/.Version: 1.2.15

The visuals remain exceptional, but the challenge has diminishedI’m a big fan of the concept: the visual, mind-bending (and moving/actually bending) environments; the complimentary, otherworldly, atmospheric music; the (mostly implied) compelling storyline; and the hours of fun/challenge that can be had solving the geometric, illusion based puzzles that make up each setting/screen along the way. That said, when comparing this version to those previous, much of the challenge—and thus much of the time spent/ needed to solve puzzles and enjoy playing—has been removed. If you’ve played previous iterations, you’ll find most of the solutions repetitively simplistic. Worse yet, some screens/ levels involve no solving whatsoever—it’s simply point, click, and next screen. The result is that much of the enjoyment and value has been stripped away and, although you’re left with many beautiful moments, those moments are ultimately too short lived and relatively unsatisfying..Version: 1.2.15

Very disappointedI was a big fan of the original, a cool new idea with a great art style. MV2 is an uninspired, boring sequel to an otherwise great game. The game this time is much more story focused which affects the gameplay heavily, definitely for the worse. For a few levels your stuck with this annoying daughter mechanic that made me want to blow my brains out after two levels. They do eventually get rid of this mechanic but the levels are so uninspired and visually bland that it's hard to be interested by. There's very little challenge this time, most of the challenge is in singular level spikes with no real up from it. There is a lot of content here, but the gameplay is so poor that it's a grind to go through. I am very disappointed in this game from a creative standpoint, would only recommend to hardcore fans of MV1..Version: 1.0.2

Where is has the ingenuity gone?I love monument valley, I really do. But what has happened to the cleverness, the difficulty, the head scratching puzzles that made the first game what it was? The first game had a main story, forgotten shores, and idas dream. There were some hard puzzles in the main story, harder puzzles in shores, and the hardest puzzles in idas dream. Each section of the game built off the last in terms of difficulty, in the way platforms would move, in the way the world would visually bend to your finger. Monument 2 is completely devoid of any challenge whatsoever. Some levels of the game have proactively no puzzle whatsoever, and you’re limited not by your ability to think in the MC Escher world, but by the walking speed of the character. The recent “expansion” (I use this term very loosely) for the game got me excited. Wow, 4 new levels since the game was released! They’ve had all this time to think of clever puzzles and unique ways the world can hide a solution. Imagine my disappointment when it wasn’t 4 levels, but rather one level with 4 transitions, and that it has the same difficulty as the third level of monument 2. The difficulty of the puzzles was never something anyone complained about in 1, so it makes no sense to me why it was removed. I know monument valley 3 is in the works- I sincerely hope that it won’t become the boated brain-dead mess that 2 is..Version: 2.0.0

Good, but not challengingI absolutely loved the first game and the expansion. When I saw this one in the App Store I bought it without hesitation. Unfortunately I completed the entire game in under an hour and half. I felt like the game was taking its time and slowly introducing game mechanics and then it just ended. I really miss the complex and changing puzzles that where in the other games. I feel like this iteration may have been toned down for wider market appeal. I'll personally be weary about purchasing future expansions and versions. This was a fun game, amazing soundtrack, (I didn't really follow the storyline because I was just trying to get past the gameplay introduction and into the complex puzzles, but then it ended) I wish there had been a lot more of the great complex puzzles from the previous games, but I guess you can't please everyone..Version: 1.0.2

Beautiful but too simple and too shortThe bar was set very high for the sequel, but unfortunately the first one was better. The first one was memorable, and this one is quickly forgotten. I find myself not interested in the storyline in this sequel. Sure, there's a mother and child, but it's too predictable and cliche. Also, the levels are too short and too simple. The first one made me scratch my head at times and got the difficulty just right. I could overlook the lack of depth on the first one because it was a small team. Now, you have a much larger development team and a lot more money. This game should be deeper and more intriguing than it is. I hope ustwo keeps making games, but maybe branch out in a new direction for the next game, because the novelty is wearing off fast. I instantly purchased this game based on your brand, but if you make Monument Valley 3, I will most likely not buy it until I've read reviews..Version: 1.0.2

Better than the first, but......I thought the first was pretty awful, so.... I’m glad this was an improvement over the first so the bundle deal wasn’t completely infuriating, but there still just isn’t much here. The improvement is that one or two levels do actually have some puzzle elements towards the end instead of being an interactive animation straight through. Unfortunately, those are few and far between. Once again, if the “game” had just been categorized differently, it would not have been so disappointing. As it is, you have a great idea and mechanics that don’t have enough actual puzzles involved to fairly classify it as a puzzle game. Lovely, but just okay, not great, though a definite improvement over the first. I still can’t recommend it unless you understand that it’s largely an interactive animation without puzzles until almost the very end and extremely short. If you’re okay with that, give it a try, but I do not recommend the bundle and beg you to skip the first game..Version: 1.2.9

Wish it had been more challenging.I absolutely love the Monument Valley world and applaud the developers for maintaining the look and feel of the original, so I feel mean about being critical because any extension is better than nothing. However this version doesn't come close in terms of the variety of challenges. In M.V.1 there was a hydraulic engineering problem, deep, deep levels that took ages and puzzles that required a twisted Escher type logic. There are nods to this but basically there were really only a couple of puzzle types repeated. I was hoping for an evolution, perhaps more hydraulics or maybe compressors pumping air, coloured liquids needing to be used in sequence, helium balloons, electric circuits, I don't know but something that stretched the problem solving. I have no complaints about the price we need to support app. developers but guys please create more immersive puzzles..Version: 1.0.2

Waited almost three years!Too easy compared with the first one, only took me less than 30 minutes to finish the whole game. I expect much more than this, feel not worth the price!.Version: 1.0.2

Wonderful game but should be free given the amount of contentI finished the entire game in under 2 hours. Yes it is beautiful, yes it is engaging, and as far as the graphics and sounds go I think I like it even more than the original, but I don’t see how they can justify charging $6.99 for a complete game that feels like a first chapter. Another excellent puzzle game The Room has much more to do with even more detail and it’s $0.99. It’s even simpler than its predecessor which is $3.99, and isn’t challenging at all the way games should be. I wasn’t stuck even once I felt like I was just walking through the app. If it was marketed as a meditation program it would be more justifiable, but even so an app this one note with nothing left to do just two hours into it should be at most $1.99 or at least have more chapters coming soon or available for purchase..Version: 1.3.6

Way too expensive for what you getShort levels, much easier than original, kept waiting for the non beginner levels and then it ended. Maybe an hour to play the whole game. Very disappointed compared to original..Version: 1.3.7

Much of the same again..I was a huge fan of the first installment of Monument Valley. The look and feel of the game was strangely comforting, but I must admit I was hoping for something much much more challenging with the second. If you've played the first then solving the second can almost be done with your eyes closed. It's like being in a maze with no wrong turns. You start, you finish. It's also ridiculously short. At £5 that's a premium price for an app. I actually wouldn't mind paying that if the game was good and it is if you've never played before, but I would be very dubious to invest in a third installment..Version: 1.0.2

Sequel Falls Short of ExpectationsAs a huge fan of the first game and forgotten shores, this second installment did nothing to raise the standard set by the first. The art and music were on point, but the levels themselves were shorter, simpler, and far less intriguing than those in the first. The difficulty/complexity of the first game made it rewarding to play and also increased the playtime such that retrospectively I’d have happily paid twice the asking price to download the first... on the other hand I’d tell anyone who hasn’t played these to only buy the first and forgotten shores and skip MV2 (or play it first). MV2 also seemed to have a smaller set of puzzle mechanics. Typically in this game you are limited to rotating platforms and sliding platforms. In MV1 you had these, but you also manipulated the entire map relative to camera angle, redirected water flows, channeled bird people to/from switches etc. The only new mechanic in this game was having two characters that you could direct which ultimately functioned as an easier version of the NPC birds or smaller version of the block friend you work with. In short, the first game had puzzles, clever mechanics, presented a challenge and had a compelling storyline. MV2 felt like a reader rabbit game; a children’s interactive storybook with simple references to the original. The first game involved multiple sessions of play, this one I finished in under an hour..Version: 1.2.15

They forgot everything importantYes it's beautiful. I think the developers spent so much time on beautiful graphics and cut scenes that they forgot about gameplay. It's too short. Way too short. Each level is anywhere from one fifth to one twentieth (yes really) the length of in the first game. It's too easy. I only once was stuck and only for a few seconds. The path is always obvious. Beautiful, but obvious. Everything that was wonderful and important about the first game has been sacrificed for cut scenes. It's no longer emotionally gripping. The mother-daughter story is ... phoned in. We're never sad or scared or worried. Our hearts never break. Think about how we felt in the first game when our blocks friend shattered, and how amazing it was to rebuild them. This game is just empty. At no point did I really care about any character (except maybe our blocks friend but here they are just a tool and not even a character at all.) I actually regret buying this. It's not enough to be a beautiful game - it also actually has to be good to play, and it isn't..Version: 1.0.2

Amazing but disappointing.Loved MV1. Continued to make a visually and auditory genius in mv2. Price tag however too high for the short length of the game. Puzzle design also lacked that next step and progression I was hoping for. Great work overall and I hope some of the reviews saying similar things to mine are taken on board for a MV3? £5 is fine just challenge me a little more and add some length to the game. The Room series has done this spectacularly well. With the success they have had they grew the game raised the price and kept there amazing style! It left me feeling like they invested the money they made back into the product. Whilst probably not true mv2 left me feeling like there was just a way to make more money and not as much thought into the overall content or growing the franchise from its first iteration. Anyways peace and love xx.Version: 1.2.9

Could have been 5 StarI absolutely loved the first game and gleefully bought the second but whilst was enthralled and amazed by the graphics and sound the absolute ease of the game let it down. There was no challenge to the game as there was in the first. Those brain aching moments and the subsequent delight when you solve a puzzle in the first game are simply not in the second. I was really disappointed how easy the developer has made this. I don’t know why they have dumbed it down but it’s definitely suffered a style over substance makeover.Version: 1.2.9

Not a good as the first instalmentAlthough still a beautiful game it was disappointing to play. Far too easy compared to the first game. I was hoping for more levels and increasing difficulty but alas, it seems to be dumbed down. Pay and play the first game but skip this one. Not worth the money..Version: 1.0.2

Lovely but too much filler.I loved the first game but I dont remember it being this boring. You get a fairly simple puzzle (at least as far as i am along) and then a bit of story and animation before the next one. So far so good, except the puzzle takes ten seconds, twenty on the harder bits (there arent many things you can do wrong.) The animation/arty bit takes twice this and then theres a title screen for the next chapter/puzzle and then.... you get my drift. Some people have complained it is short as it took two hours but actual playing time? Not long enough, far too much to watch and very little to do. Go buy a book..Version: 1.2.15

Too easyI was disappointed by how seemingly short and easy it was to complete the game. I am not sure if thats because I learned so much from the first game, that the second time around I was like a master or something. I am kind of disappointed for spending the money on it. On a good note, it is a visually beautiful game..Version: 1.3.7

About the gameIt is very very sad and easy so a terrible game.Version: 1.3.7

All tutorial, no game.So I started playing, figured I must be on the tutorial levels because it’s just click the end and the character walks to the end, next level. After a few levels of this I thought “wow, this is quite a long tutorial, I’m ready for the puzzles!” Then the game ended. At this point I realised that this isn’t a puzzle game... it’s a walking simulator. 2 stars because of the nice colour palettes..Version: 1.3.7

Nice Quality, Zero QuantityI love the Monument Valley games, but I will be first to admit I am very angry to have paid another $7 for a pretty mediocre 30 minutes of gameplay. Seriously need to reevaluate, there's a lot of upset customers with this one..Version: 1.0.2

Too shortThe first game was challenging, beautiful and long enough to justify the price. This second edition was significantly shorter. It took me half the time to complete, perhaps one third. Not only that but it was a lot easier. There were a couple innovations in the puzzling aspects but nothing challenging. Very disappointing. This felt like a lazy effort..Version: 1.3.7

Bit disappointed!Was soooo excited 2 see this had a part 2, (even though I was a bit peeved that part 1 hadn't got any new levels!), and after paying another $8, I've finished it in a few days! Sorry guys was expecting a LOT more! I know this one is a different story and all and it's so beautiful to play and just look at, but compared to the first one it's way 2 easy and 2 short as well😖.Version: 1.0.2

Beautiful but lacking substanceI cannot fault this game on graphics and story telling. It's an utter masterpiece to look at and, from that perspective, the sequel to Monument Valley hasn't disappointed. I can see what the developers were trying to do here, but it really isn't a hard game at all. I've just competed it and don't really feel like I've been challenged. The price of the game has mostly gone towards the graphics and animation I think, as the puzzles are severely lacking. Five stars for the graphics and animation, but two for puzzles and challenges. Overall a three. I hope the developers introduce more puzzles and give me something to get my teeth into, because so far it hasn't. A beautifully presented and stunning UI does not necessarily make an amazing game, and this definitely applies here. Until the developers give me more levels (and much more to do!), the app stays off my phone for now..Version: 1.0.2

App crashingReally excited to play this game but the app keeps crashing seconds after launching. Any tips to fix this issue?.Version: 1.3.6

Beautiful but...It doesn't disappoint in the visual department, but I would say that it doesn't live up to the original. Few new gameplay elements, and the levels lack the intricacy and beauty that were so outstanding in Monument Valley 1. The storyline doesn't add much to the gameplay. Finally, $7.99 is a bit too much to pay for something that can be finished so quickly..Version: 1.0.2

Hard to say.Visually stunning, gameplay is immersive and fun. But it needs more. For the hefty £5 (which I spent without consideration), the 14 levels do not last long enough or provide enough challenge for me to consider myself justifying the purchase if I could remake the choice. The game is fun, and has it's moments in which I am confused, but the game is quite simple in comparison to its predecessor. Although this game has some very nice new challenges and new objects to work your head around, it's not worth £5. I did enjoy regardless, but I recommend anyone else to wait around for a sale..Version: 1.0.2

Beautiful graphics, but not very challengingThe concept and graphics is amazing! However the first one was much more challenging, kept me going for days.. this version not challenging, I think could have made this version much more advance.. overall would pay to encourage Norse designers to think a like.Version: 1.0.2

Beautiful but unsatisfyingThe design and art have stepped up a notch from the original game but sadly the puzzle design has taken a definite step back. All but one of the puzzles were decidedly linear and not nearly enough was made of using both Ro and her daughter together to solve puzzles (only one level!) The game felt short and there was no real sense of satisfaction are competing the puzzles. The first game was worth the cost but this one is probably about four times what it is worth. Lots of style but little substance..Version: 1.2.9

OuchTwo characters... one epic adventure... that took me 3 hours to complete. Nice.Version: 1.0

🤨🤨It’s kind of boring.Version: 1.3.7

Beautiful, Short, So, So EasyI wanted to truly love this game, I really did. But just like the original, it ends so quickly without offering any truly difficult puzzles. You can solve most of them instantly just by walking around to the obvious button. The few puzzles that weren't completely obvious took at most 5 minutes to solve. There are some incredible mechanics but instead of using them to create a difficult puzzle, it's all purely eye candy with no substance. The game really is beautiful, but there simply wasn't any challenge to it which leads to it being over all too quickly without being all that satisfying. At the end I was like "really? That's it? I wanted to have some actual puzzles to challenge me." Oh well, it was a disappointment, I guess I'll go try the expansions to the first game instead..Version: 1.0.2

Too shortGame is way to short. About half hour. If the DLC is not free, it's even a bigger waste of money then I thought..Version: 1.0.2

Just like the first one. Nothing new. First one was the bestThe game is amazing. Spectacular, creative, unique and addictive. However releasing a sequel with identical features/ strategy and double the price was just not enough. The game is easier than the first one and almost NOTHING new in this. There is a daughter but I that's all. I liked playing it. Although I think it's a not worth the money, they should have just added some levels on the previous one than making a same game and charging us double. I gave 5 star to the first one cause I was amazed by it but second one is disappointing only because there is nothing new here..Version: 1.0.2

Very beautiful but much too easy compared to 1stThe game design is top notch and very beautiful. However the puzzles are much too easy this time round compared to the the original version. Finished it very quickly without really thinking hard at all, and I'm not trying to be boastful. The game is indeed very easy. My kids would like it though, but I was hoping for more at this price..Version: 1.0.2

Great graphics and music, howeverAs other reviews have stated the graphics and atmospheric music are stunning. Having played previous version I'd bought this version expecting same mind bending puzzles and hours of enjoyable frustration. Reality was had finished the game within an hour and felt for the price versus game play it was not as good as original in terms of puzzle solving. Trust the developers will bring out further levels/updates to this game. Hence only 3 stars..Version: 1.0.2

Lovely game, overpricedI found that this game was nicely designed, it included gorgeous music and it was challenging as well as fun to play. Although price doesn’t matter most of the time, I found this game to be overpriced. This is because it only took me around 2 hours in total to complete and i completed it within one day. I would have loved it to have more puzzles and content and there should be different ‘modes’ after you’ve finished it. Also, there was no ‘help’ button so if you got stuck you would just have to go off the app for a while before you go back on it and you’re brain will be ready again. It was fun to play and it had a good vibe to it. However, I am very disappointed with the amount of my pocket money that I spent on a game that didn’t last long at all. Wouldn’t recommend this if you want a game to last you a while..Version: 1.2.9

Beautiful once again but too simpleI loved the first MV game and this one has the same feel and magical quality but it is far too easy and the difficulty level never really changes up. I completed it in a couple of hours. If you enjoyed the first game you'll love returning to this world again but it will only be a brief return. I thought having a second character would add a level of difficulty but mostly it doesn't. Much though I love this world and am always happy to return to it I'm afraid overall I feel a bit let-down that the challenges weren't harder and that I've completed it in just a few days and a couple of hours gameplay..Version: 1.0.2

2S2ENot worthy of the first MV. Not worth the $6.99 paid. 2S2E (Too Short Too Easy). Beautiful, though I miss the crows..Version: 1.0.2

Stunning graphics, but way too short... :/Hi developers! I just want to say that this game has whimsical graphics and relaxing music! However, it’s not worth it for me to pay $8 (AUD) for this just to get 14 very short and bland levels (2 of them aren’t even levels though, just scenes to tap twice...). I’m sorry, but it’s true. I played the first game and really enjoyed the challenges with the crows and the totem friend, but this one? Very bland. The mother and daughter bond isn’t captivating. The totem in this second game is not really a character but just a tool (yes, really). I’m sorry but I hate to say this... I regret wasting money on this game. I would highly recommend to anyone (who hasn’t bought this yet) to get MV1 instead of MV2. Thank you for reading. - Emily 🤙.Version: 1.3.7

Beautiful.....but easySuch a beautiful game, but way too easy..Version: 1.0

The settings set me back...As a huge fan of he original MV, there seemed to be a distinct difference in the effort put into the original and the sequel; MV2’s settings, for example, were a bit too simple for my taste. The settings in MV seemed to do a better job of creating a clear vision of what the fictional setting of “Monument Valley” looked like with its tower complexes, waterfalls, meadows, cliffs, and ancient catacombs (one of my favorite parts of the original). The detail of those settings really involves the player more in the story about restoring the Sacred Geometry to restore the valley. MV2, however, consists of overly-simple settings, most of which are literally just a floating block in the middle of a plain background (comparable to the levels in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker), where’s in MV you’re scaling actual mountainsides, climbing actual towers, and exploring actual cave complexes. MV2 could have at least given us a waterfall or something in the background to look at and remind us that “Monument Valley” even exists as a setting (the level Botanical Gardens especially did not at all give off any “garden” vibes when it definitely could have). Not to be completely negative, I did love the level where you’re inside Totem; that was pretty awesome. P.S. This is all without mentioning that it literally took me, like, an hour to beat the game, and most puzzles can be solve by simple trial-and-error methods (with a couple of exceptions, to be fair).Version: 1.2.9

Good but too easyThis is a great game but too easy. It does not challenge enough. I feel the people who made this may have been a bit too lax in making the game challenging, and why? For money? If so, not good and not a good way to progress. Sorry but I hope you make the next one hard like first one was. Make it worth our money thank you. Beautiful is not enough..Version: 1.3.7

Nice enough but far too shortI enjoyed the original Monument Valley and this continues in a similar vein. I don’t know whether it is because I had completed the first MV or not but this version seemed to be very easy and over very quickly. I reckon most would complete the whole thing in a couple of hours. Provided you understand that then it’s fine. I would have preferred more levels and also more difference between the levels. The original seemed to have many more types of problems in particular more where you keep walking on different sides of the objects. This game really plays up the ‘beautiful story’ side of things. Unfortunately I play with the sound off so I don’t know if that would help. I wish they had spent more time on levels than trying to turn it into a piece of art..Version: 1.2.4

Too easyWay too easy and short. Didn’t have any frustrating factor or the “I can’t so I’m going to look it up on YouTube”. Only stars for aestheticism..Version: 1.3.7

Difficulty level ZEROIt’s just as beautiful as the first one. But the game play is very different. This one feels like the team lost the key people that devised the game mechanics and just couldn’t do it again. MV2 is way too easy. I wouldn’t even call the levels puzzles. There’s nothing puzzling about it. The path is clear always and there’s just one option, so the game play is just tapping and watching with zero thinking. I had to go back and play the original again to confirm. And yes, that one is still awesome. This one is boring..Version: 1.0.2

Short Click to move story, no challengeCompleted in about thirty minutes, MVII is way shorter than the original and each level has obvious solutions. Thought that the puzzles with mother and daughter would add a new dimension but only featured any extra gameplay for a level or two. Maybe this is like those filler seasons of The Walking Dead and something will happen next year. The last version had some clever levels and nice art, this one only has nice art. £4.99 is too much for this (or two cups of coffee) and I don't really think the reviewer (Radman) who compared this game to going to a dentist really got the point. You do want games to last longer. That's what everyone is complaining about. You pay a dentist to do a good job quick. We don't pay for games and hope they are over soon..Version: 1.0.2

Would have been willing to pay double if it was as good as MV1Absolutely beautifully crafted visuals and soundscape. Sadly enough, it did not make me feel clever playing it like MV1 and all its added extra content did. MV1 was not necessarily difficult, but it was loads of fun. This one just feels like I'm walking through an art gallery where there are signs leading me to the exit. Some new elements which were beautifully designed, but overall, would not buy it again. Which is a shame, because if it was like MV1, or if Ustwo had found a way to go beyond MV1, I would have been willing to pay double..Version: 1.0.2

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