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Moms On Call Scheduler App User Positive Comments 2023

Moms On Call Scheduler app received 12 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about moms on call scheduler?

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Moms On Call Scheduler for Positive User Reviews

Great if you don’t have book and want abridged versionSuper basic application that does send reminders and has the same information as you’ll find in the book. My friend had moms on call out but I did not - however I downloaded the app and I am applying the same principals and it’s working beautifully. I think this is a good choice for those that can’t necessarily afford the full program or just want a simple schedule to remind them of feeding times..Version: 2.1

Very helpfulThis app has worked really well for us! It gave me a goal to shoot for when my baby was young and helped me know when to progress and modify his schedule as he got older. Loved that early on the entire daytime schedule is geared towards preparing baby sleeping through the night. Also liked I can print and share schedules with others. Great feature!.Version: 2.4

GREAT FOR IT’S PURPOSEI download this app mainly because I read the Moms on Call book and like to do thing in their fullness so I wanted to see what it was about and how it could help. For having an easy to view schedule that gives you notifications and small details about each task, I think it does good job! As mentioned by others, being able to log what your child actually did that day (ie., time they went to sleep, where they slept [car seat, crib, etc.], when and what they ate, when they woke up, etc.) would be incredibly useful!! But for the app’s current intention, it works very well. I am so thankful for Moms on Call!.Version: 2.4

A tired momma's blessing!As a new mom and a frequently exhausted brain, the app was so helpful! The notifications kept me and my little one on schedule without having to chase down where I left my book last and find the correct schedule page! Thanks MOC, you've taken the guessing out of being a parent and made me feel so confident as a new mom!.Version: 2.6

LOVEMoms on call is everything!! I have a 7 week old and he’s slept through the night the last two nights! The Instagram page is so helpful, they have answered any questions I have had about the app. Definitely recommend!! If you don’t use moms on call you’re missing out!.Version: 2.6

Love Moms on Call scheduler!I absolutely love the Mom’s on Call scheduler. It spells out so easily how to help your babes have the best days. It gives moms peace of mind having “a plan” at the touch of an app. I used the app with my first babe and now that I have a second babe, it’s so cool to see their schedules next to each other. Every mom should utilize this app!.Version: 2.6

Helpful for those newborn days!I’m not sure why the app has such bad reviews. I’ve got both the books & app and I love having the app to access the baby’s schedule quickly. I’m sure it’ll be even more helpful with two babes to keep an eye on the schedule. I can quickly reference it and write down sleep, feed times for babysitters, daycare, etc. I do tend to memorize it quickly, but not in those early sleep deprivation days— thanks Moms on Call. So grateful to have a well-rested baby😊.Version: 2.6

LIFE SAVER APP!This app has helped me so much!! As a new mom, not really knowing what to do (or when to do it) this app and the mom on call book has been a life saver! With mom on call my stress has gone way down and my confidence has gone way up!.Version: 2.4

Minimally usefulThis is a very basic app. I agree with previous reviews- if you have the books you don’t need this app. The books provide significantly more useful info. The only reason why I use this app is because I have multiple children and it is nice to have their schedules side by side. I know I could just write the schedules down, but I don’t need more to physically keep track of. This app helps that..Version: 2.6

It Works and is Worth Every PennyAs a first time mom, I met the authors of the Moms on Call series at a baby expo in Alpharetta, GA. I purchased the book series and read the first book and have been hooked ever since! That being said a few things I would recommend: 1. Buy the books. All of them. 2. Only after you’ve read at a minimum the first MOC book for ages 0-6 months, I would use the app. This app while simple is a great way to stay on schedule but is not (and I don’t believe it was ever intended to be) a substitute for the book. It’s the perfect compliment. As your baby grows, the schedule adjusts and I swear by it. Less is always best..Version: 2.6

Basic but EasyI did not read the book but I bought it. I used this ap for my 2nd baby which was 4 years after having my first. While it isn’t a step by step how to it gave me the basics; When to do when and for how long. I also found this schedule to naturally work for my baby. I wasn’t waking her up when she was sleeping and It felt very natural. It just worked. It just was a reminder of what she needed when and why she was crying. I’ve recommended it to all my new moms out there. She has been an awesome 7-7 sleeper for a long time. Total victory.Version: 2.4

Incredibly Practical!When I was a new mother i purchased the Mom’s On Call book and it was a LIFE SAVER. Now the app is an even more personal way to keep track of schedules. I gift this app to every new mom who is looking for a way to get a little more sleep at night..Version: 2.4

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