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Adobe Premiere Rush for Video app received 89 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about adobe premiere rush for video?

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The bestThank you so much, this helped me a lot😍😍😍.Version: 1.0.1

Jesus ChristDude this little app is the bomb! I’m just a teenage guy who likes to edit small videos and have a laugh and this app is the perfect tool for such. I recommend using but hey, everyone has their tastes.Version: 1.5.20

Easy to use, good featuresReal simple to use and great editing features especially with audio and text layers. Awesome that it also syncs up with CC desktop app.Version: 1.0

真心好用谢谢.Version: 1.5.8

FantasticI love editing video on the iPad Pro and rush is the first app I’ve used that combines ease of use with some powerful and very useful features. Looking forward to future releases well done Adobe double thumbs up..Version: 1.1.0

Green screenI started use this app for my ytb video and i also remarks that you can’t put green screen effect can you put this in more but anyway nice app.Version: 1.5.50

Powerful mobile video editorFor a mobile app it has enough tools to get a quick edit done and uploaded.Version: 1.0.2

Can’t adjust speedAwesome app. Love using it. Only thing I really wish they had was being able to speed up or slow down video clips. If it had that it would be the best app I’ve used. Otherwise I have to use a different app to be able to do speed corrections.Version: 1.0.1

Hey You! Come read now!!I’ve been looking for a decent app to make my slideshows on, the rest had a ridicules subscription that cost my whole bank or they weren’t having certain things I was looking for. I tried this app and I WAS SO HAPPY!! (I think you have to pay, but I think I got out of it using a special trick 😊) but for all you young people it will not let you use the app until your 18 or over so you may have to stretch the truth. So far it has no bugs, but I’m still looking for those hidden prices that may pop-up. For de creators if I was suppose to pay, I’M SORRY 😭I didn’t hack but I did something and it didn’t ask for a subscription so......yeah.....but I hoped this review helped make up your mind. (I’m a gachatuber so this really helped) 10/10 would recommend to anyone 😁😁.Version: 1.0.3

Awesome!Super easy to use and makes videos look like they’re professional done !.Version: 1.5.52

More transitionsWould be great to have more default transitions as standard..Version: 1.5.12

Best editing app I have so farThis app is pretty good but one bug I’m getting is it won’t let me open some of my project. It will say “unable to open project” which really makes me upset because I spend a lot of time editing something only to have to restart if I close the app. Please fix this (Edit) Whenever I upload a video that’s around 20 or 30 minutes long and then close the app, I try to open it again it says “unable to open project” meaning I can’t edit it anymore and all of my editing in the video is lost. Another bug I see is it saying that my phone doesn’t have enough storage to upload a video even though the video is like 10 minutes long and my phone had about 20 GB left of storage..Version: 1.5.25

Best Mobile Video Editing AppPremiere allows quite a bit if freedom in editing videos on mobile devices. You can add multiple layers of video, audio, and titles. There are many tools— the most convenient for me is the option choose portrait, landscape, or square and to transform the frames to fit the chosen sizing. Limitations: 1) You must memorize the order of the clips you initially pull from your camera, or you will run the risk of dragging/dropping each clip to the correct timeframe, or losing your the file if you exit the app to review a clip. Once the initial media is added, however, you can easily add more clips. 2) app shutdown during rendering, and I found it was because it couldn’t handle rendering certain clips that had been transformed. Hopefully this is a bug that can be fixed..Version: 1.5.10

Lightroom for videoGreat application, UI is nicely laid out for touch interface, it provides those features that are the next stage up from iMovie without going all out to premiere like features which just aren’t needed for phone videos. Wish there was a different limitation for the free version, i.e. it could link in with your existing premiere subscription like lightroom mobile does with an existing photography plan. Not sure how much I will use this considering being limited to 3 exports without paying an additional £8.99 a month ontop of the £30-40 I already pay for the professional services I use day in day out on desktop for the past 5 years.Version: 1.0.1

Fun, fast and effectiveReally enjoyable experience to edit a short video. Great for on the go content. Don’t edit anything over 3 or 4 minutes using this app otherwise it might get tedious. Great features and additional content to use..Version: 1.5.50

Very close to idealClean, intuitive, essential editing on iPad Pro, but right now it’s a little too essential. 1) Desperately needs the ability to do basic animation of transformations: pan, zoom rotate. 2) Needs the ability to duplicate a project (not just a timeline inside a project) to make versions, templates, etc. Fingers crossed these features will be added soon. Update: After further experimentation, another vital feature feels lacking: Drag and drop media from other apps/photos (using iPad Pro btw). Just anything to reduce the number of taps it takes to get a piece of media into my project/timeline. Im working with stills, often edited/created in other apps. What if I could just drag a sketch from Adobe Sketch straight to the timeline? Or drag a still or video from Photos straight in? Right now the media management has a lot of the clunkiness of a desktop experience..Version: 1.1.0

Awesome but a few things...I love this app so far don’t get me wrong it’s a lot more intuitive then premier pro on my computer and I don’t have to worry about my computer crashing all the time! Some features that would really help more are: transition option of the fade with the black, white, and no opacity some slide or other kinds of transition would be nice just for personality A color balance tool would be nice just to set the white and black color. The preprogrammed theme color aren’t bad neither is the option to tweak things like vibrancy and what not. My most important wish is that there was a captioning program in the app or a separate app to do so. So I can upload my transcript there without needing to do so on my computer Obviously these are very picky suggestions and this has come along way from the original video editing apps and adobe clip. Also the app freezes and or shuts down but this only happens when I have other apps in the background so this may have nothing to do with the app but the processing power of the phone. Btw I’m using the iPhone 11 Pro plus hopefully I can get an iPad to do more and better work without squinting. I was able to do an almost 20 min video with all the works. I am very impressed to say the least..Version: 1.2.19

Very goodIt would be even better if they could make a blur option so you could blur out things in the video but still very good.Version: 1.0.1

The best tool ever!Although is limited, has everything you need to edit your videos on the go!.Version: 1.5.50

Very nice, would recommendThis app is very useful for aspiring YouTubers you can do gaming content or vlogging content or even makeup or cooking. This app is very good, for any type of content. Love it..Version: 1.5.29

New Pan & Zoom Update IssueI’ve been using Adobe almost on the daily for all my video editing work and the app itself is FANTASTIC! However, I do have one concern with the new pan & zoom update. While it is a positive to be able to manually set the start and end points of a pan, you can no longer pan an image properly that DOESN’T cover the screen size. As an example, if you are trying to zoom on an image that is smaller and is 500 X 500, you can ONLY zoom the photo within itself and doesn’t actually shrink or grow in size. The only way you can zoom now is by only inserting images that match the Adobe editing size which is growing to be a pain. I now need to go through over 300+ photos and add a blank background so they all match the Adobe screen size..Version: 1.5.40

Amazing On-the-Go Content CreationI rely on this app heavily. It’s so easy to slap video files together, and edit with essential graphics + effects when you’re short on time. Super easy to make use of the footage you shot on your phone (on the fly) when access to your computer isn’t possible (or you just don’t feel like making a big production of your content). Love it — big time!.Version: 1.5.58

Heaps better than iMovie.I’ve had my ups and downs with this app in the last two days but we seemed to have come to a agreement. Render and I will love you Rush. Has plenty of the good basics of PR and you can definitely get some colour and picture correction so it’s miles ahead of any other apps. You need Adobe CC to directly import into PR. Get it it’s dope!.Version: 1.0.1

Great debut release — just an update or two from 5 starsThe reviews with complaints about paying for this need to understand that Adobe builds tools for professionals. We hold them to the highest standards of performance, stability and functionality because many of our careers literally depend on Adobe software. Premiere Rush is one of the stronger v1 products Adobe has launched in recent years. I need to invest more time with this app before I give it five stars, but it fills the void for projects that are too minor for After Effects and not worth the hassle of Premiere. (Adobe Spark Video remains the more frustrating app of the useful Spark trio). My hope is that Adobe keeps new products like this focused and bloat-free: Photoshop (the crown jewel of CC) is diminished by the kitchen-sink additions like 3D. Keep it fast, stable and within a memory footprint that doesn’t lag when multi-app switching.Version: 1.0.1

AmazingIm using this to edit my music to make a good OST on YT. I recommend this app to anyone trying to make music to upload on any type of media, exporting does take a while though but its still a good app.Version: 1.5.25

Rush unable to render successfullyI have been having this problem for almost 2 months now. Please fix this bug. Refund my subscription..Version: 1.5.45

Incredible for color correcting & lighting tweaks!If you are familiar with the ACR work flow, this app is very user friendly. I am a media consultant for a nursery and we shoot a lot of videos outdoors. We constantly fight with exposure changes and saturation issues so having this app is essential. I love how easy it is to color correct the lighting as well as bring blown out highlights back to a normal level. They just added the slow motion & fast motion options which are fantastic. Truly a one of a kind app that has all of the features I would want in a workflow I am familiar with. Lastly, this app saves UNCOMPRESSED videos - I dont know how many apps I have tried that just destroy my video quality ( Im shooting on an iphone x with a DJI Osmos 2 steady-cam). 10/10 recommend if you do ANYTHING on social media, professional or personal!.Version: 1.2.0

❤️ the app, hate the fee.Great app. I’ve never had any problems with it and I don’t think I will in the future. This has helped me in particular (an aspiring filmmaker) with filming on iPhone as I don’t have the money for a camera. So before I said it was great and whatnot but I just found out it’s not entirely free so that was a waste. So if you are willing to pay I would recommend filmic pro instead but if not use this and just not upload it onto any other platform. A cheat you can do is screenrecord the video you made then upload it. SSHH, don’t tell anyone..Version: 1.5.16

Easy and affordableI like the app. It gives many ways to keep the quality of your footage high and to make better choices for your editing. I recommend it..Version: 1.5.58

Does this app export in 4K?I can have customized the contrast, highlights, saturation , sharpness and feathering but having difficulty with export in 4K I think this was working before strangely Every little bit helps!.Version: 1.5.54

Amazing... but just some simple requestsOk. This app. Is. Amazing. Totally worth buying, this has never failed to edit a vid that i can show my friends. But my dad uses apple music so idk why i have it, but i do, and i rly rly wish that u could use songs from apple music, like i have an entire three hour playlist that would be great songs for my Among Us videos. If u did i’d be so happy it would absolutely make that day one of the best days for me. I also have one last thing, i feel like u should get a free trial for like a month or so, so u actually have time to do stuff. I tried the 3 days trial, and managed to post one among us video. Very disappointing. But the least u guys could do is have an option to save it to your camera roll when u click those three dots so i can at least show my friends. I’d love it if u guys made these features happen. It would just make one of the best days ever. Those are the only reasons why i gave a 4 star and not a 5 star. But this app is a amazing, totally worth it.Version: 1.5.38

Extra GoodWith patience and effort you soon learn the mechanics of this great app, and it becomes so easy to quickly produce your projects. I couldn’t live without it now..Version: 1.5.52

Great mobile app!This app is a great resource when you are limited to mobile or iPad, but it doesn’t come without its problems. Sound occasionally desyncs when uploading video (easy to fix), sometimes during editing when you cut a section of film it will falsely appear back and further cutting is actually removing different footage to what you are viewing (so if you cut something and the same footage still appears to be there, restart the app before continuing and this usually fixes this visual glitch), and finally even after you delete footage the app maintains and quickly builds up memory clogging your storage (delete and reinstall the app to fix this, only after transferring your videos you would like to keep). Overall a really useful app, certain limitations but one of the best for quick cuts, and the free materials such as title screens and transitions are great!.Version: 1.5.46

Brilliant (almost)I used to use Adobe Premiere on a high end desktop twenty years ago; it was the best available. Now I do just as well with Rush; it has all the most useful features that a home editor (and even some pros) could need (multiple tracks, titles, include photos as well as video, trimming, simple but effective transitions etc etc). The basic functionality is pretty intuitive, and similar to the old Premiere interface (which I remember was intuitive the first time I used it). My only gripe is that more advanced features can be really un-intuitive to find and use: adding titles is relatively easy, but it took me ages to figure out how to change the words on the title (despite extensive Googling), and it took me a while to find the button to change the way still images get framed (Rush does its own thing by default, so when its wrong its really wrong and I had to change it). Overall, its powerful, effective, and relatively simple to use. With some minor tweaks to the user interface it could be awesome (but it'll take a LOT of effort to find the RIGHT tweaks!)..Version: 1.5.50

New to rushMy fingers are just finding their way around and I love most the different aspect ratios you can export in for insta and facebook.Version: 1.5.8

Great, but may not be worth it if you’re buying it alonePremiere Rush is a much better video editing application for iOS than iMovie and other free video editing software l have tried. It has great features with much more customizable text, easy to use portably, and so on. However, I have already own the entire CC plan, so this is only a nice addition for me. I wouldn't recommend this if you were to spend the $10/month on Premiere Rush alone. The price is half the price of Premiere Pro ($21/month) and Premiere Pro is a much more powerful video editing tool. Honestly, just get Premiere Pro by itself or the whole CC plan. Getting Rush alone probably isn’t worth the money. But if you don’t have a computer for Premiere Pro and just want a simple upgrade from iOS iMovie, go ahead and buy it. For certain I’ll be using Rush whenever I need to edit videos on my phone and can’t use my computer..Version: 1.0

Excellent and solved all my problems!Excellent app! I spent hours looking for an app that would remove noise without a split second delay. This removed all noise perfectly! And I found other features on it that I hadn’t been looking for but that really enhanced the professionalism of my videos! Really impressed with this..Version: 1.5.4

Rewind would be goodReally love this app. So easy to use. Need to get more use to get value for the cost of the program. BUT like most people, a rewind function would be great great great..Version: 1.5.5

AmazingThe app it’s so similar to the desktop version, easy to use if your are familiar with premiere.Version: 1.0.3

Premiere experience on Mobile?I’m a Adobe suite user and I often make small films to put on Social media as a filmmaker. It almost looks exactly like the computer version but some of the screens are a learning curve to exit out of to continue editing. Once you muck around with the tutorial and figure it out for yourself, it’s a good little app. I have an issue with it not saving when I close the app and re-open the project, it doesn’t always open at the last point of editing it. I would love to see a function where you can save to camera roll and also to something else like Google Drive. Other than that it’s a good Adobe app for Mobile and Tablets..Version: 1.0.2

A great v1.0 but remember it is just 1.0Overall this is a really impressive v1.0 product. Colour grading is excellent. Elements of the UI are clunky and a little buggy, it’s not the easiest thing to navigate on iPhone but it’s really good. Would love keyframing. Would love a hex number entry on the colour wheel. Would love a little more control over transition speed and I’d love more control generally BUT this is v1.0. It will improve from a great baseline..Version: 1.0

Good, but a few issues.Love the concept of the app, working across multiple platforms, but having started a project on the i-phone and then continuing on the i-Mac there are issues with the footage turning completely red! Very frustrating! Also, time remapping is not available (it is in i-movies) and to fade an audio track requires a video transition effect! Again, easily done in i-movies! All these issues can be resolved by exporting to Premier Pro, which sort of defeats the object of having Rush in the first place. I would hope Adobe will resolve these issues quickly. I do like the way the app updates via the Creative Cloud, really cool. However, unless I’ve missed something, I don’t see a way of syncing back to Rush directly from Premier Pro. The only option is to export from PP as normal and then airdrop the MP4 back to my phone. Overall a good app, but needs further development and improvement..Version: 1.0.2

Delightful app - but one huge fix needed!Was delighted to see PP had an iPhone app, as a video journalist this was terrific news, and while it’s really handy to use, there were two missing elements which I’ve found it very difficult to edit without: the ability to split audio and video, and ability to add audio transitions, to make the snip from clip to clip sound smoother. Please please please add these, and you’ll have a super app. Not much use without I’m afraid..Version: 1.2.17

Uhhh fine I guess read this all.So my first day on the app was fine and made lots of videos and guess what that’s kind of all I have to say. I think it’s a great app I wish their was no premium member though, it’s annoying..Version: 1.5.54

Why need to payI feel like this app would be better if there’s no payment to it since not a lot of us can pay.Version: 1.5.8

A few tweaks away from perfectAwesome app, fairly intuitive and easy to use. However, it does not have a drawing tool. I use this app for informative videos so having the ability to overlay videos with arrows etc would be good..Version: 1.2.19

Good app but with major problem!So first of all this is a great app that has a lot of features that aren’t often found on iOS. Despite this I have found that when editing the video playback is extremely laggy and this makes it very difficult to know what the finished video will look like. Also I find it unfair in the sense that when I was rendering a video, it got cancelled yet the app says that I only have 2 downloads left even though I should still have 3. Other than that I do really recommend it..Version: 1.2.0

This app is so much better than iMovieBack when I had iMovie it glitched all the time and most of the options were pretty unsophisticated. Rush, on the other hand, is simple but great. My only bone to pick is that sometimes it won’t display the video, just the audio. I’ve tried shutting off my phone, shutting off the app, deleting and inputting the video again, etc. I just can’t figure than one out. Edit: The app developers responded very quickly (never had that happen with other apps) I have a post on the Adobe Community page and I’m working with someone to get the bug figured out. It doesn’t seem like other people are having this problem though so if you’re thinking about downloading this app I totally suggest this one over others..Version: 1.5.16

Great for getting started with Tiktok videosSuper.Version: 1.5.46

If only premium dident cost so muchI will use it all the time if only you had more exports on free cause I have a YouTube channel.Version: 1.2.17

My favourite mobile editorI’m in Adobe Premier user but whenever I wanna make a TikTok or pretty much anything that’s short and simple that I shot on a mobile device, I love using rush, because I can access all the footage through my creative cloud and edit on my laptop, iPad, or phone. Plus the features are constantly getting updated!.Version: 1.5.46

OutstandingI’m so happy 😀. I’ve spent so long looking for a video editor like this which can import, edit and export video in portrait mode from a phone. It’s also straightforward to add some landscape clips into the mix, cropping to taste. It’s also extremely easy to do quite advanced editing with a very clear and simple interface. It works equally well on my Windows laptop and my iPad pro with simple drag/drop/pinch/zoom control. Numerous export options are the icing on the cake..Version: 1.5.10

Great app but keeps crashingPremier Rush is a great video editing app for the iPad, and bearing in mind it's free it gives you a lot of options in terms of what you can do. When compared to iMovie, it's a little harder to use, but again, for an iPad app and a free one, it offers more. However, one thing that ruins the experience is that it keeps crashing. The app will stop when playing back the timeline and then will close by itself. I think this is the app itself as other apps like iMovie will work fine. If this issue is fixed, I will be able to recommend this app, but otherwise the crashing every 5 minutes makes an otherwise great app for people who are starting out on an iPad not fill it's potential..Version: 1.5.37

Can't save my videos in 1080Why it's that i can't save my videos in 1080.Version: 1.5.54

Sweet and Very Nice!I just started using Rush for a quick editing. Everything is working well so far. I’ve made two short videos and sent them off straight from my iPhone! I’ve also used rush on my iPad, and it works well from there as well. The one thing I had trouble with was working on projects on my MacBook Pro after working on my phone or iPad. There were some issues with finding the media that was used. I’m not sure if it was me, or the software. I haven’t tried that in a while because I haven’t had any large projects to transfer over to my MacBook Pro. Otherwise the app is top notch, and it comes with tons of graphics and effects so it’s awesome to be in the field and be able to edit video straight for my iOS device!.Version: 1.5.32

Need speed/duration optionGreat app ! Huge range of editing options and easy to manage. It would be perfect if I could control the speed/ duration in the clips..Version: 1.2.4

Almost thereI think this is very good for a mobile editor. I think if a few features were added this would be really really good for quick edits while traveling. A few features I would like to see are, key frames for basic stuff like scale etc., maybe some masks, and a few effects like grain, and the warp stabilizer. I would also like to change the sequence size to a custom size. For example 2.39:1 instead of using a .png overlay. Also this is probably the most important thing I would like to see, can we please have a way to view, at least preview our full timelines from the desktop app over CC to show clients what we have been working on, on the go?That would be extremely useful for me at least. Overall, this app seems very promising, keep up the good work 🙂..Version: 1.0.1

Frequently Doesn’t OpenI love this app, WHEN I am able to access It. It works for a couple of days and then will stop opening on my phone altogether. Each time I have to delete the app and then reinstall, which is a pain to have to do so often. I’ve done this 5-6 times now and is the only way to keep using It, It seems. I’ve called Apple thinking it was my phone before but It was not. I tried contacting the developers to see if they knew what could be going on and why, but I wasn’t able to get through to any actual person to help. Very disappointing. For now I just will keep on deleting and reinstalling until maybe I get some help. Otherwise, the app itself is actually great..Version: 1.0.2

NiceThere’s a suggestion that I want to add. You should add chroma key like a green screen thing so this app could be more useful. I like the colour grading and stuff and the pre installed presets seems useful and 5 out of 5 for more features..Version: 1.1.7

Good But Need ImprovementHello I have enjoyed this app so much but I have realised it doesn't have features like speeding up clips and things like sound effects and video effects. It would be lovely if these were added in the next update..Version: 1.0.1

A bit frustrating to use on an iPadThe app overall is good and very convenient. I made a video sequence fairly quickly by combining some iPhone videos and photos. I easily added a title, did some cross fading between photos and videos. Added a background music from Rush’s catalog. The frustration came when I wanted to move the music sound track. Pushing left or right did nothing. Double tapping would put an orange border around the track to show it was selected. But it was not very responsive. And shortening or expanding the track was also a mission. It seems that you have to touch the side border on a very precise point in order to drag it in or out. And even then it is not clear if the track is expanding or simply being moved on the timeline..Version: 1.1.0

Great app!Great app for editing on the iPad and iPhone, it is just a data heavy app that requires a good internet connection to get the most out of which is not mobile friendly (yet). The only shame is the cost is too much for me to have on an ongoing basis given all the other expenses we never had to account for in the past now rearing their head thanks to the wonders of technology (think iCloud/Lightroom/Apps plus internet costs = $). Anyway enough of a rant, my only issues with this app so far are: - not being able to use the app for editing on iPhone 11Max in landscape orientation, it only gives me the video controls - The splice tool on the iPhone was hidden and the swipe right on the toolbar wasn’t intuitive and I needed to watch the tutorial for the most basic of all video editing functions - I was working on a clip with multiple videos (same audio) and there appears to be no easy way to sync the videos on an iPhone - there needs to be an option to click to rotate videos in 90’ increments, as the slider would always go to 91’ as I release my finger (on my iPad pro I face this same issue as well) Other than these small gripes it is a great app in my opinion. The only other suggestion I could add would be to have an option to export videos stored in Lightroom directly to be edited in Rush. I haven’t used the Mac version yet so I can’t comment but I am sure that it will work well..Version: 1.2.14

Could be betterIt’s a great app, I like the layout - I would be willing to use the app exclusively and subscribe just to get the auto framing feature which I think is clever.... however, it’s still basic compared to Videoleap (free app, with subscription options). The one feature what’s missing for me and stopping me from using this is Keyframing. Once that’s added, it’ll be a serious contender to the other apps..Version: 1.5.50

Simple cutting made easyI’m actually looking forward to getting an iPad now. See how good this is on iPad. Adobe, please let creative professionals move complete workflows over..Version: 1.0.1

Major app, minor flawsThe UI is simple and easy to use. The transitions, audio layover, lack of ads and easy clip editing are all wonderful features on a FREE video editing app features. The only catch is that, when I’m rendering lots of footage, the app crashes and closes. To be fair changes made pre-crash are saved, but its just frustrating reopening the app, and I doubt its due to my device as I’m not editing 4K video and its on my iPad Pro 2020 which can handle raw 4K footage just fine..Version: 1.5.46

It’s pretty goodIt’s intuitive and powerful but a bit buggy. It always loses media whenever I import more than a handful of files at a time, so I have to go back to scrolling through my videos to relink the ones it missed. Thumbnails fail to display in the timeline a lot too. And you can’t edit the speed of a video which would be very helpful. Still, I have been impressed overall..Version: 1.0.2

Easy and effectiveI’ve just completed my first video using Adobe Premiere Rush and it couldn’t have been easier. I love the transition graphics and there was a great selection of music as well as simple editing tools to help me along the way!.Version: 1.5.34

So easy to useI’ve just downloaded this onto my iPad, and bashed out a video (what would normally take an hour) in 10-mins! And I haven’t even had my first coffee of the day! Thanks for making this so easy to use..Version: 1.5.54

Best video app, finally I can import audio from filesI love it, if I could ask something it would be to save in lower quality..Version: 1.5.54

Love This AppI really like this app because if your used to edit with things like Hitfilm Express and Vegas Trial, your already good at this I will be listing my favourite features of this The Creative Cloud: I really like the creative cloud if I’m ever on a plane, I can edit a rough edit and do the fix ups at home or on my laptop Layers: I love layers, I can have a piece of footage of my PC screen and record myself with a camera and boom just ad it over each other than I just cut it up add SoundFX and VisualFX! Single Frames: Ah yes my favourite part of this editor is the single frame pictures I can do all the key frames and animations! So that is it Subscribe to PewDiePie, Pewdiepie Pewdiepie Pewdiepie Pewdiepie Pewdiepie Pewdiepie and more Pewdiepie.Version: 1.1.0

Best video editor ever for mobileLove this app so much it’s easy to use especially for people who only edit videos on mobile I highly recommend it.Version: 1.5.58

Amazing App, Even Free VersionThis is an absolutely amazing app that lets me edit my videos on the go in extremely high quality. The only feature missing is the ability to fade out music..Version: 1.5.37

Everything but the music!App is super easy to use, tutorials was great! Lots of edit options! However, music is everything with a video, can’t you use your connections to expand the licensed music library. Especially for us beginners whom don’t know how to search, filter, download? Add to good music tracks to videos..Version: 1.5.16

Amazing!!!Amazing application for video and movie editing. Would highly recommend this to everyone who what’s to start editing..Version: 1.5.52

Better than iMovie but room for improvement.Would love to be able to cue tags to my videos so that I can line up music and other effects with important moments in the timeline. Currently I cut the video so that I can find my cue points. Also some more dorky video filters wouldn’t go astray..Version: 1.0.3

We are living in the future!Absolutely excellent v1.0. As much power as you will need for ‘most peoples’ fairly advanced video editing. Video and audio tracks, titles, brilliant colour correction, easy sharing built for social media. It is so so good. If Adobes track record with Lightroom CC is anything to go by; more useful features will be added quickly. They have absolutely smashed it! Simplicity isn’t the absence of clutter, it’s how you take all the clutter and make it ordered - Jonny Ive This is simplicity for video editing. Finally!.Version: 1.0.1

It is great but shouldnt be your go toFor a mobile video editor it is great. If you compare it to iMovie you will know what i mean. Although the computer version is alot better, personaly i use it for instagram posts not proper editing but it is still great.Version: 1.5.1

Great AppI wish my mobile was a bit newer as it’s struggling to handle some editing. This app allows you to do almost everything that you need to produce a decent video..Version: 1.5.54

Great App but keeps crashingHi i have been using this app for a while now and i noticed within the last 2 weeks of writing this review that the app has been crashing more frequently especially when i press the cut button which makes the app shut down immediately and when i add a video from my cameral roll into the app and then i add a audio file from my files app on my phone the app crashes every time, but i figured out that if i add the audio file first and then the video it does not crash, these problems started happening after i payed the $5 a month for the premium features i don’t know if this is important but i didn’t have these specific problems when i was using the free version of the app..Version: 1.5.58

First video experienceFor working on your phone app it’s getting there. I’m liking the audio control you get, being able to change the frame of my videos a must need for portrait size. But i found it a little difficult, to get precise cuts on my clips, also the lack of a creative installed title presets, it’s a little difficult to position curser when changing or correcting words and the no speed interpolation for video tracks. So i have to switch between adobe clips and this. I feel they could have just added what they did here to adobe clips and made that a better app, rather then start a whole new one. One last thing. If your going to give us the ability to lair tracks then we need our blend modes..Version: 1.0.1

Glitches...I’m new to adobe! Anyways it’s been working great until I went in further because I need more effects. So first off, I need the text to be in a specific place with the same words. So I saved a template. But when I search up the template, nothing shows. So I just make another one with the same name but it doesn’t let me because it says there already is one. So it says there is one but doesn’t show up. Now this is frustrating because I can’t put words at the same place. Another issue is for some reason, specific clips just go completely black. I restart adobe but it’s still there. I’m having now to delete the clips and put it back in again. Also it is very laggy at some points during editing if I want to preview the whole video. I hope these will be fixed!.Version: 1.5.20

Awesome! But suggestions...Don’t get me wrong, I love this app. I was originally using FilmMakerPro, but then I transferred over to Adobe Rush! Major difference. In Adobe Rush you have SOOOOO many more ootions to things. Plus, in FilmMakerPro it comes up with their logo in the corner of your video which gets really irritating. So I started using Adobe Rush. I have been on Adobe for quite a long time now, and it’s great. Although you need to get the premium to upload MORE items, it is still great. You get 3 free uploads until you have to pay for the premium version. My suggestions include: Better quality options, like 4K. And more chances to upload until you have to pay. I love Adobe Rush! Best editor app! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Just some suggestions for the future! ❤️ From radicalchild2000.Version: 1.1.8

BrilliantThis app has saved me as a media teacher. Over the years iMovie has become a shadow of its former self and is now so dumbed down that I can’t recommend it to enthusiastic kids to start making movies on their phones and iPads. Enter Rush which offers a real, stripped down editor with multiple tracks and creative control. I think it’s phenomenal what can now be done on a mobile device and the kids I’ve recommended it to have produced some fantastic work. Good job, Adobe..Version: 1.5.16

Graphics???This app was supposed to be amazing especially for students who don’t have access to editing systems now because of the online transition. I am one of those students affected. The graphics section was supposed to accelerate the app when all it did was fail those who downloaded it. I have tried this application on multiple devices and each one has had the same result. The graphics section just shows up as constantly loading. I even submitted a complaint following all instructions and even sent in a screen recording to show the problems I was having and no response. I am very disappointed in Adobe, a company I have admired since my early days in education. I really hope this problem is fixed and I am willing to comply with anything adobe needs from me to solve this problem..Version: 1.5.25

This is amazingI don’t usually write reviews but writing one now is saying something... This is honestly the best video editor I’ve ever seen. It’s 10x better than iMovie! Anyone who rates this low hasn’t been using the app correctly because this is amazing. There is tons of cool things that you can do and it is great. In my opinion, this is better than premiere pro because it’s so easy to use and it’s on mobile. Adobe, good job on this app because it is just awesome!.Version: 1.0.3

Premier RushGreat app,the only problem with this app is that it doesn’t delete your videos,it will store it as documents and chew up all your memory, I constantly need to keep deleting the app and reinstalling it to get my memory back other then that,it’s probably the best app out there..Version: 1.5.20

The best editing app for mobileI use this a lot I love it not completely free but the only not free part is you can only render 3 times.Version: 1.0.2

Room for improvementGlad to see the 4:5 ratio introduced for Instagram feed videos thank you, now the only major thing missing is the ability to reverse clips.Version: 1.5.25

Very good quality. Few small problems that could be fixed.When importing videos longer than 20 minutes or so. The bar almost goes all the way and then starts from scratch. Then it doesn’t load at all. It just stays in one spot. Then other times u can load it in perfectly fine and u import it then u go to edit it and it’s not there on ur timeline even though u just imported it from ur photos. I don’t know if this is fixable or if it’s my device as far as I know a few other people that use it have had the exact same problem. Few tweaks need to be fixed here and there. Such as music fade and a few more effects maybe but apart from that it’s a good little mobile editor for ur films..Version: 1.5.29

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