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Five Nights at Freddy's: SL App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Five Nights at Freddy's: SL app received 28 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Five Nights at Freddy's: SL? Can you share your negative thoughts about five nights at freddy's: sl?

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Five Nights at Freddy's: SL for Negative User Reviews

Night 4Hi, whenever I play Night 4. After the scene where the faceplate opens, the game literally crashes. This happened 3 times in a row. Please fix this bug.Version: 2.0.2

I can’t hearI want to love this game because I’m a fnaf fan but I can’t cuz there’s no sound for me I’ve deleted this game 17 times and re buyed it to try and make the sound work but it doesn’t work plz jix.Version: 1.0

No effort?Ok I love FNaF and all games made by Scott Cawthon but my gosh, this was one of the best games in the series, and yet it lacked to much to be “fun”. The game was obviously rushed to release for mobile and with rushing comes a messed up game. This game didn’t have very many bugs whatsoever. But it did have a lot missing, the time at home, all of the minor details, the main control spaces looks and interactivity, in the PC virsion all of this is different. There are interesting parts that were left out from this game. What am I most disappointed about? Scott’s laziness on anamatronic animation. I understand that anamating these things are hard but Scott needs to realize more people play his mobile games than the PC version. In conclusion, this game is amazing, but for its mobile port, the effort is lacking, and the games experience is poor. Next time you release a game, Scott, put some gosh dang effort into it? People pay money for these things. -A FNaF Fan.Version: 1.0

Great game, but…So, I had originally bought it a year ago, but then uninstalled it due to lack of storage. The other day, I reinstalled it because I had enough storage space again. But this afternoon, I went to look at my bank account, and $10 has been taken out by the App Store. The only possible explanation I can think of for that $10 being taken is the App Store re-charging me for the game. If you have any way of helping resolve this issue, please let me know..Version: 2.0.1

Terribly optimised for IOSPLEASE read this review before purchasing: Now that the game is “remastered” it essentially means that it has been copied exactly from PC onto mobile, with zero differences. This is great if you want an authentic experience, however if you want to actually progress in the game this is a terrible choice. No changes have been made to account for the clunkier, slower and more awkward controls on mobile, which means it’s harder than the PC version by ten fold, which already has razor thin margins. Because of these terrible controls the Baby Death mini game is impossible, and I haven’t seen a recent review that has actually beaten it. Night 4 is also incredibly difficult because of this issue with controls, and lighting. As no adjustment has been made for the lighting, unless you’re playing this game in a dark room then you cannot see the minireenas climbing up the side of the spring lock suit. This seems really counter intuitive for a mobile game, which should be designed to be played anywhere. Overall this is a lazy copy paste port without and consideration for the differences of a mobile interface and you should save your money and purchase a different game.Version: 2.0.1

Good but crashHi I love the fnaf games and the story im a big fan and I buy every games but at night 4 when baby open the face the game crash. I tell that to 19 of my friends and they have the same probleme pls solve that or tell me what to do..Version: 2.0.2

The spring locksThe spring locks unwind too fast and too many minreenas or whatever and night 4 is way too long to do this pls do something.Version: 2.0.1

Lost all my progress glitchI absolutely loved this game and I would rate it five stars, but I recently completed the whole game, even beat ennard and unlocked custom night, but for some reason when I opened up the app all my progress was gone and it said I had to continue from night 1 all over again, and I couldn’t access custom night or the extras. I hope that I can fix the issue, somehow without having to beat the whole game all over again..Version: 2.0

Is it just meOn night 5 when you have to go back through Funtime auditorium to the scooping room no matter what you do you always die, after you are told to stop the first time it’s fine then told to go forward and left (you can’t change directions) I go forward and die I have attempted this 8 times now and got the same result every time please fix this.Version: 2.0

SOUNDI can’t hear it pls fix soon.Version: 1.0

If I could give 0 stars.. I wouldIf your playing on iPhone X, Xr, Xs, Xs Max, 11, 11 pro, 11 pro max Your out of luck. The screen ratio is wrong! In five nights at Freddy’s 2. The screen ratio was stretched out to fit the screen, but with this one your just stuck with the box screen ratio! The graphics are so bad. In the elevator you can see the color shifting and how pixelated everything is. I do play on iPhone so I don’t expect the quality to be great. But I have played five nights at Freddy’s 1 and 2 and this iPhone, and the quality is better and those are older games! A lot of things baby curious says on computer won’t appear here! When your crawling in the vent, the vent Announcement dose not go off! Also there is currently a tiny glitch going on where if I get out of the screen to view the time or check my battery while in the office! The sound will completely go mute on the game. The vents will not open! And your stuck there and forced to restart the game! This was not worth the money I spent on it and I wanted a refund! This game was full of bugs, glitches, wrong ratios, and unfinished work! I’ve seen gameplay of this on computer. And it looks smooth and fun! But here on phone.. it just doesn’t work. Honestly this game shouldn’t exist and I want a refund! 🤬👎👎.Version: 1.0

My fav FNAF game so farIt's a great game, but there is a problem. In night 5, when that voice tells me to go forward, I get jumpscared. Other than that, very awesome game!!! Love it!!!.Version: 1.0

I’m sorryI can’t get passed night four due to the game kicking me out 🥹 I’m sad about that.Version: 2.0.2

Night 5 enardSpoilers Once you can go to the private room and attempt the enard room challenge you will regret it. Even though it was really hard it still seemed easier on iOS but that makes up for it with the clunkier controls. I just like mouses more. Anyway the game is well made changing the playstyle every night but the bonnie part on night 3 seemed impossible. Bonnie didn't appear for me for a while and sometimes he didn't appear at all so I would get jumpscared. One last thing. Can you please add the cutscenes.Version: 1.0

Half baked port - nothing like the originalI was really bummed out when I finally got this game. I have it on my pc, but wanted the experience of FNAF 6 on mobile. I bought it, switched over to my iPad Pro, and played it. I played through it and beat it within a half hour. The dialogue of baby was cut short numerous times, the audio in the game is no where near the quality of the one on pc, and the jump scares were mediocre at best; only showing a few frames before freezing. On PC, you get chilling stories from Baby, audio that sounds as thought they are speaking right next to you, FULL music that was NOT played on a 2 second loop, and fluent jump scares that consisted of numerous frames. What peeves me even more is the last night - Night 5, there are absolutely no directions for how to move. Granted, the same problem was on PC, but it was easy to find out because they used the default WASD keys. It took me so many tries, and I eventually looked up the horrible controls. On top of all that, the custom night also is nothing like the original. Please, save your money and just buy the game on PC. Complete waste of 3 dollars..Version: 1.0

Night 4 troubleHi Scott, I love the game but on night 4 with winding up the spring locks they go down to quickly and it is to difficult. I got through night 1, 2, and 3 first try but I've spent the whole time since the game came out trying to beat it! Please fix it!.Version: 1.0

This needs to be fixed.Okay, starting this of, I really liked the design and the details that you have put together and these nights are just amazing, but there is a problem. The problem is, on night five, after fixing Baby, she is meant to instruct you to stop, yet, she does not, leading you into a jumpscare to Ennard. I'm not sure how many people have had this issue, and I know your busy with producing the new games, but please fix this bug. Please..Version: 1.0

Sound won’t workThe game is overall amazing it’s a really good game. And when I first got it there was no problem with it it was working fine. Except for the second time I opened the app, I couldn’t hear anything and I still can’t. I’ve tried with head phones I’ve tried with the ringer on I’ve tried everything but there’s no sound so I’m not sure what to do. Someone help me please..Version: 1.0

Crashing issuesFun game but the game keeps crashing on night four after baby’s dialogue and I tried multiple time to play but I keep crashing.Version: 2.0.2

Confusing NightI mean, this is a great game but I am having some trouble with night five. I go into the dark where ballora is and Baby tells me go forward and so I do and it works. But then she tells me go forward and left so I do. But I get killed every single time. Please make this night a little easier to understand..Version: 1.0

Please fix this glitchIf your on iOS playing this game you might be struggling to complete night 5 same. The thing that I hate about it is that when I press the green button to send baby to the scooper and I go back she told me to go forward so I did then she never said to stop or go left I just got killed please fix this glitch. One more thing I am on iOS and the baby mini game is hard because the kids are stuck in the ground😕.Version: 1.0

DETELE THIS NIGHT DUDEDelete Might 3 Pls l Can’t Beat It AMD l Giving .it 1 ⭐️ If You Don Delete Night 3 l Gonig To Quit And Swapping to sercuity Breach With l Have a Pc.Version: 2.0

Please readI can’t beat Night 4 I’ve tried a lot of times I can’t beat it but the game is really good and keep up the work.Version: 2.0.1

Game crashAfter the face plates open on night 4, my game immediately crashes, please fix this!.Version: 2.0.2

Night 5 is not possibleOn night five it says turn left but you can't turn left so I always die.Version: 1.0

FNAFSLGame is fun but the stupid mini game is hard to come by fix this issue it’s so dam annoying.Version: 2.0.1

Where to begin?The game is nothing like the PC version, with shorter dialogue and a shorter storyline. Nonetheless, the story is still fabulous and beautifully told. However, when trying to beat the custom night vs Ennard, he sometimes has a tendency to MOVE WITHOUT MAKING A NOISE! He's untraceable because of it and he can be in cam7 straight to cam 1. It's very frustrating when this happens and seems to happen to me about 3 times per night. If you have a PC, then get THAT VERSION! Buy if all you have is a tablet or whatever then sadly you have to get the worse version. Thanks for reading and... Exotic butters!.Version: 1.0

Night 2 problem on iPad Air 2Hi, I'm writing this review because I am very disappointed of this app on iPad Air 2. On night 2, When you need to drag the metal cover under the desk. Like baby told you to. I can't drag it and straight away jump scares me. Even though I was happy that it was fun to be scared, it became very annoying and boring quickly. It would be awesome if you fixed this as this bug came to deleting the game I brought. It's cheaper than some games, that's what tricked me and since I saw famous you tubers like DanTDM play this, It inspired me to play it. I don't have a PC that works/downloads/buys games properly. until I have found out it was on iPad, I waited weeks to be able to buy this game. I'm pretty sure more hates will/have came/come in about this. I will give it 2 stars, here are reasons: Positive: 1. It's fun to get scared Negative: 1. I can't get past night 2. This has left me very disappointed :(. Thank you for reading, please fix this and have a good day! Oh, and you don’t get the mini games. -Gamer9girl.Version: 1.0

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