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Photoleap: AI Art Photo Editor App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Photoleap: AI Art Photo Editor app received 120 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Photoleap: AI Art Photo Editor? Can you share your negative thoughts about photoleap: ai art photo editor?

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Photoleap: AI Art Photo Editor for Negative User Reviews

Too expensive for what it doesThe app itself is ok at best, subscription business model works for photoshop because they offer cloud storage as-well. You are not adobe, you can’t charge more then them for less..Version: 1.4.9

Is this necessary?I truly agree with a previous review stating the outrageous cost for this app. Why not add features such as layers into Enlight, and improve on the original app, instead of proudly showing off this new, subscription based editor that demands far too much money for its capabilities? The fact that Enlight is a one time pay app, and one of the best on the App Store, makes you feel it was worth the money for the unlocked features. I just think that it would be a more successful app and better for the buyers to improve on the one, instead of producing others? Again, the costly subscription really isn’t worth it :(.Version: 1.2.5

£65 just to use the effects on the previous EnlightAs a previous Enlight app customer I must say it’s a bit much to charge £65 just to use what I’ve already paid for. Enlight no longer works as of iOS 13.6 and I have to say I loved that app. You can’t save or use collage anymore. All I want is to use the paint effects and filters of Enlight but they are now behind a very expensive paywall. Why can’t previous customers just have access to the effects that are on the old version, I don’t want the new stuff? Or at least give us a decent price for the full version, I don’t want a subscription..Version: 2.2.11

Aggravated that I’m being forced to switch from Enlight OGI’m sure Enlight Photofox is great and all, but I enjoyed the original Enlight and back then I could just use it after paying $4.99 and that was that. Now they will be dropping support and removing it from the appstore so if i have to reset my phone I lose an app I paid $4.99 for and now like most developers in this age of micro transactions its subscription only so how is that a fair trade? If I’m being strongarmed to eventually upgrade then as a previously paid customer either the pro features should be free or at the bare minimum the subscription HEAVILY reduced. I love Lighttricks apps, don’t get me wrong, but I’m feeling a bit screwed over and gonna get ripped off for $4.99 in the end. If this is the common business practice these days there’s always more reasonable apps to switch to with a one time paid price. I get the whole “subscriptions incentivize new features” thing but what was included with enlight version 1 should be made available to users like me and any extra features I could buy in app as a add on....Version: 2.0.5

Stop Changing It!!!!!Why do you always change the UI the interface the editing itself how setting work why there’s no point and everyone you change something you remove something else and make it so you have to pay for your subscription, Here’s a idea bring back all the stuff that I could use to edit 2 months ago and maybe I can actually use your app but in its current state you’ve taken away everything I had so now it’s a pile of unusable trash to edit with good job all your apps like VideoLeap and Photoleap are by the same developers and all of your editing apps do the same thing stop it I had to quit using VideoLeap even though I loved it because I can’t spit out $35 for your “Subscription” why do you guys ruin everything just stop it already all your apps used to be so good but you take everything and put it behind a pay wall and wonder why no ones using your app. 1 star trash company fix yourself. I do not recommend any of these Leap editing apps they aren’t worth anyone’s time and certainly not there money.Version: 2.16

Great but your pricing could be betterPhotofox is a great editing app along with some of the other apps from Lightricks. I have no problem paying for apps & I’m keen buy a few of yours, although I’m not too fond of subscriptions. I believe the cost to buy this app outright is too high. Previous app Enlight was great and at around £4 it was very cheap (yes, too cheap). Affinity Photo (much more powerful) is £20. There’s no reason for all of your apps to be as high as £65. 3 iOS apps from Lightricks would set you back £195 🤯 By comparison, Pixelmator for iOS.. £5. I could find 6 alternative editing apps and pay less than half of 1 of yours. Your pricing does not represent good value overall, even if your apps are some of the best..Version: 2.2.19

:DI love this app but I don’t want to pay every month so….Version: 2.4.6

Apps for rentI really like the first app: novel and fun to use. Like many other reviewers of this new iteration I am disappointed that so many developers are switching to annual rental rather than a once-and-for-all price. I can only think that they’re taking their cue from products like Windows 360. As far as the product goes, the free version is comparable with the first app so it’s still novel and fun - just with the annoying reminders that you can get more, more, more for £s, £s, £s! Sad trend..Version: 1.2.1

Used to be 5/5 now 2/5.I love this app, but the unnecessary changes with the most recent update have made the app rather annoying upon recent use, from my layers constantly being deleted via the new "Trash can/Delete" that appears on the photo itself which then forces me have to completely back out of the "Erase" function by hitting "Home" to undo the layer being deleted which also sets me back to the beginning due to my layer and progress being deleted..Version: 2.4.6

I lost some features after updatingI bought this app year back ago when it was a one-time purchase, it used to be called Enlight, and I had all the features available, some filters, and most importantly the Healing brush, the app used to work just fine for me, and I used very often and I was happy with it, however, I noticed the text adding isn’t working properly and the app just freeze when I use it, so I thought updating might fix it, and when I updated it, I lost my healing brush and many other tools and now it asks me to pay for it again when I already bought it before, this is a scam and there is no way I can revert to older versions to get back my paid for features, wish I never updated. if you have the app with the older name don’t update or you will lose everything like me..Version: 2.2.21

Wow okay thanks.I canceled my trial well in advance and uninstalled the app. And yet was still charged $50 for an app I didn’t want or like. I’ve reported to apple for this and I would just really like a refund for something that should not have even taken anything out in the first place. Ridiculous..Version: 2.5.1

10/10It’s a great app! I can easily edit photos in my animations and edit out things I don’t want in a photo, the setting of the app is simple so I don’t forget what to click and I think that it has everything I need to edit. I love using the doodle tool to draw and edit my cartoon characters. I recommend this to people that are just learning to edit photos and to experts!🤩🤩🤩.Version: 1.6.3

Laughable pricingLaughable pricing. Reputation and customer satisfaction is as much, if not more, valuable than money they make. The greedy ones base it purely on money. These companies build their business initially on loyal customers and then ditch them once they are up the ladder. Later they stupidly kick off the people holding their ladder - with an impending downfall. App Store is just as much like a social media platform. When the mass dislikes an app for any reason, you can be assured it will not have a chance to survive. It will just speed up their end on App Store. There are other worthy apps for free and just for a bit of premium features, it doesn’t justify extortionate price. RIP.Version: 1.1.4

Ripped OffI canceled this subscription yet I was still charged I am still trying to get it reversed th Rees no information or menu or contact for this app..Version: 2.0.10

Not goodIt’s not a good app.Version: 2.6.3

Stop updating the appI’ve been using this app for 5 years, I love it, but the past two updates have made everything unnecessarily more confusing and it randomly deletes my layers..Version: 2.4.6

From Joy to Tears.I just... I simply want to thank the creators of this app. Honestly. This and Videoleap are the best editing apps out here. I’ve made money from making things on here and if I make enough, I swear to god I’ll pay for the full version. I’ve only ever paid for two apps before. This and VideoLeap are next, just... thank you. It’s truly amazing to be able to express my artistic side like this UPDATE: This app has turned around so quickly, the last 2-3 months, the latest and needless rearrangement of the app is exhausting, removing shapes from eraser and inverting the shape eraser function has been put into another feature and inverted so I can no longer cut away perfect squares but can now only cut away what isn’t in the square. This isn’t the biggest issue. The biggest issue is the random but common crashing of the app. No matter what updates I do or if I restart my phone, if it’s on power saver or not, if I delete and redos load the app, the crashing is happening within 10 minutes of use. I use this app to edit photos monthly or weekly, I use it to make money and am now being hindered by it. From Joy to Tears. I truly hope this gets sorted out VERY soon..Version: 2.5.1

I wish I’d never updatedImporting images and trying to resize them became more difficult with the upgrade. The toolbar arrangement impedes more than helps. Anyone recommend an app that dies what this app used to be able to do? Edit and blend photos easily? I had the pro version too. Will look into whether there’s an automatic renewal fee I need to cancel..Version: 2.4.3

New Update Had Made This App DifficultI tried to fiddle around with some photos, but this new update has ruined the experience in fiddling photos around. I made book covers, character profiles and outfits with this, but the new update has thrown me into the ocean without any swimming lessons. At least fix this for those who were used to the old format. This used to be fun. Now it feels like work. B. O. R. I. N. G..Version: 2.4.2

They raise the price even if you already paidThis was an awesome app while it lasted. A few years ago i already purchased this app and now i’m being lead to a new subscription plan. They should have grandfathered customers that already paid or given us a deal for already paying not knowing they would eventually make a subscription service. I won’t be using this app anymore because i don’t trust that they won’t be asking for more money to use the app. They being said, it was awesome and if you aren’t already a customer then it’s a good app but the deceptive move for customers that have supported this app for years before them making you sign up for a subscription is a bad move. Beware if you buy it. They could change without offering anything. This wasn’t a rental app when i bought it. And now i’m walking away with nothing..Version: 2.2.23

HmmThis may have the best features but I can only afford one of you're suite - even the most basic photo editors allow more than one text element. Please allow for the less fortunate graphic enthusiast. Part 2 - looks like you think I cant add one text. Try adding two without subscription. I bought one of your other apps, I can’t afford this one. You can help by unlocking the other suites for the price of one - or at least let me use more than one text layer..Version: 2.2.13

DESPICABLE MONEY MAKING COMPANYThe original version required a one-off fee, which many of us paid, and it had EVERYTHING. This new version is subscription based and requires an exorbitant amount of money for ‘pro’ features — WHICH WERE ALL ALREADY AVAILABLE IN THE ORIGINAL! Despicable company. You get what you pay for. Such a shame they are so disloyal to old customers like me who purchased the original, and made their name, and now we are left behind in the cold with nothing to show for it except a defunct original app that doesn’t even work properly now. Terrible service..Version: 2.0.4

I got as far as needing to pay for a subscriptionAnd then deleted the app as I don’t like the subscription model..Version: 1.4.3

DO NOT GET THIS APP! Impossible to cancelI subscribed to this app and it took three months to cancel it. Each month I had to call apple directly to have them cancel it, and yet the subscription kept on charging my account. They are, quite simply, operating illegally. I have a screen shot of 2 separate months where it said “expired subscription” on my subscription file on my phone, while receiving a simultaneous bill saying “renewed subscription” on my billing invoice. I had to call Apple ID people, and both times they said that because it said “expires on —— date” it will automatically cancel. This is false because each month I would get a receipt where it says “renews on —— date”. This process was infuriating and after three months of this in a row, I finally spent 45 minutes with a supervisor at APPLE ID to cancel it manually. A few cool pictures are NOT worth the trouble..Version: 2.0.8

App didn’t work and then I was charged for itApp didn’t work as claimed the feature I needed wasn’t available in the package I was then billed the amount for a full purchase, have asked for a refund and had zero response..Version: 2.13.1

BRING BACK THE OLD UI!!!I used to use this app for all of my collage artwork and I absolutely used to love using it… until the 2.2.37 update a few months back made everything in the app a complete nightmare to work with. I hate that you can’t use the two-finger pinch to change the size of the picture anymore (you have to drag the corners to the size you want and something the dots don’t even pickup my finger so I’m just sitting here for 20 minutes trying to resize the picture when before this update it took me two seconds lol). I also hate when bringing in a new picture, it doesn’t match the size of the original canvas, you have to (once again) fiddle with the corners for 20 minutes and hope that the pictures line up when you use the blend feature. I’ve seen a lot reviews like this one and I understand you guys have a lot of positive feedback but this new update ruined my artistic brand and I haven’t been able to find anything else like the old version of the app. I’ll email the support team but I doubt that’ll do anything because a lot of the negative reviews in recent months compare to this and nothing has been done :(.Version: 2.4.3

Don’t waste your timeMoney grabber, deleted.Version: 1.5.2

Buyer Beware - Storage Problem Force Crash!!!As powerful and as fun as this app can be, it lacks a huge feature you should not overlook… Cloud Storage! Why you ask? Because if you’re like me and use this app a lot you’ll find that after a few months you’ll max out your phone or pad storage! And guess what?! There’s no way to offload your source files!!!! You either have to delete them forever or store them in your device backup for some future date when maybe you can reimport it back in??? Lame! How in this day and age can you miss something like this?! You want to compete with Photoshop but forget about file storage?! Buyer beware! I have had to backup my phone 4 times this year from a 256GB iPhone, then go back and delete the files to free up space. Oh and one last little nugget of fun… if you let your iPhone max out storage your phone will start buggin out and crash… last time this happened I lost my entire data! Luckily I had a cloud backup from the previous few days to restore at least most of my data. All because this app is not thought through. Boo!.Version: 2.6.2

Bad updatesThe erase function is terrible and always has been. You can’t turn off the snap feature and in the new update you can’t erase with shapes anymore which was one of the best features. I’ve been paying for years as they got rid of the purchase option for awhile but now that they’re making the app worse and taking away a lot of the features it’s not worth the price unfortunately. Too bad because it used to be a great app..Version: 2.4.6

Not impressedI’ve used this app for ages. But until now, after getting a brand new phone it will not let me even use the app because it requires a log in, and I constantly keep getting the message “oops there was a problem logging you in”. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app several times to still receive the same message. Fix your app!.Version: 2.2.21

Current update is not user friendlyThe latest version makes it harder to use. Can no longer stretch images with ease, or navigate editing. UI is very challenging, makes editing photos very clunky and hard now 🤦🏻‍♀️.Version: 2.4.3

SOMETHING's WRONG.. (UPDATED)So, I subscribe to their One-Time Purchase (since I'm a long live Enlight user before Photofox arrived), and for me this app is such a mess. Here's why: 1. With the updated version, I'm no longer be able to transform Elements (ex: transform circle into oval, etc, since there's only 2 options which is flipping and rotate). There's no corner points, just like to transform a photo. (Update: to transform the elements, you must convert the elements to be a photo, I think its not a pretty clean process 😅) 2. IT IS A SCAM!. When you use "One-Time Purchase" as a term, it means that I pay to use this app with unlimited access for lifetime. But your app tells me that all the access only available for 10 years. Is that means I should pay again after 10 years?. New Update: I'll give this app a 5 star, if they can resolve the second problem, to make sure that Its not a scam for everyone. Take a note that I've paid the full version of Videoleap, and there's no problem from its end. (Yeah I'm that Mobile Creator, sorry 😅)..Version: 2.2.5

This app is broken. Please fix it.Hello. You recently made an update where you moved the Vignette feature from "effects" to "adjust" but for some inexplicable reason you specifically removed the blur feature, which I'm pretty sure a lot of people including me really needed, and it can't be found ANYWHERE else, not even behind your paywall. What happened? And can you bring it back please? Ok.... your most recent update is completely broken. I make an edit to a photo, but as soon as I click the checkmark, I can't edit the image anymore. If I select it, it selects a blank rectangle in front of it, and the image is somehow stuck to the background now. If I save the project to my photo album, it saves a blank picture with nothing on it. If I discard the project and start a new one, that same image is fused intot he background and when I add any more images, they just appear as more blank rectangles. I used to love this app but it only took 2 updates for yall to completely break it. I hope everybody else has this issue so that you actually think about fixing it. If you can't figure out what the issue is then literally just revert back to the last update. This update added nothing useful - just utter destruction.Version: 2.16

Original app was betterI have been using the original enlight photo editing app for some time now, and unfortunately due to updating my phone I can no longer use it. The selection of filters, the user-friendly interface, and the ease with which to refer back to the original image are all things I will greatly miss. I would encourage enlight to consider re-incorporating the duo filters and analog filters to the app. I understand the need to monetise particular features now and I am happy to pay- but the removal of some of my favourite features has left me searching for another app to fulfill my editing requirements..Version: 2.0.5

Hmmm....Seems less accessable than the first one which I thought was quite good. Also hate the subscription model! This works out so much more expensive than affinity photo that I just purchased for $30 and is on a while different level to this. Not worth it!!.Version: 1.0.6

It’s a good app but I couldn’t cancel my membership so now I’m out almost $60I like the app itself but I can’t even use the contact us button to ask about getting a refund after my free trial ended because it just says to make sure my email is configured properly. I had an emergency at work and so I couldn’t change my settings on my apple subscription within the time limit prior to the renewal (literally just finished my shift after a good almost 2 days of living there). I’m hoping this review will get the attention of the developers. Because it shouldn’t be this hard to get contact with them to begin with and I’m already exhausted..Version: 2.5

Hate it.I have been using the original Enlight App for a long time and I love it. Then one day I get a message saying they are no longer going to support the product I paid for and that i need to switch to their much more expensive app. I finally decided to shell out the cash and after a couple days using the new App, I hate it. The UI on the older app was much more intuitive. It was easy to explore and simple to make quick changes yet powerful enough to perform complex edits when required. Granted the new app has more options but it is not nearly as easy to use. Also, the new app deletes the photo EXIF data. This is unacceptable and makes it completely useless for what I need. In speaking with customer service they advised they had to get rid of the original EXIF data due to issues with the new iPad OS. This is not true since i have other photo editors (Affinity for one) that retain the original EXIF data after an edit. Thank you Apple for giving my money back..Version: 2.2.1

Make a bundle price package!Instead of these individual subscriptions, I’d be more tempted to go pro if you could bundle some into a one payment/subscription- just makes it easier to keep track, and build your own package..Version: 2.6.2

Free trail was canceled and ended and still charged card!!!!Update- I absolutely received a free trail. Im not sure why the developer responded back saying that it’s free. Whatever I signed up for the app gave me a 7 day trail. Anyway I did end the trail but was still charged. I reached out before I left this review via email. Someone messaged me back. And processed my refund for me without question. I still think it was weird how I was charged. My free trail ended yesterday. I made sure my subscription was canceled. I never was able to use this app for what I needed it for so of course I would make sure the free trail subscription did no carry over. I go to my subscriptions and canceled it. I go to the app and it listed I was not in any subscription. Why was my card charged yesterday afternoon??? I have been emailing f them. Talking with my bank smh. Plz do not download this app. I have not heard back from anyone. I would not be this upset even if I did use the app but I couldn’t even do that! There is no number to speak to someone only email smh I need my money back for a mistake on the company’s end!.Version: 2.6.5

Y’all Frl ruined it with the watermark🤡.Version: 2.8.1

Purchased previously but now unable to useBought this app previously but it no longer works; now a monthly subscription price for something I already purchased. So frustrating. Not to be trusted..Version: 2.0.7

Buggy and laggyWon’t work at all and when I try to erase things I pinch it to go in and I have to try like 100 times for the inside of the outlines to be erased.Version: 1.5.2

Change for the sake of changeI tried to like the app, I tried to replace the older Enlight, but since the UI is vastly different (and I feel, less usuable) and features I use often in Enlight are now behind a subscription, I've dropped it from use. I'll keep using Enlight until it stops working, then that will be it. Unless the developers decide to offer a migration path that places the new app as a direct feature replacement for Enlight. Then I might give it another go..Version: 1.7.0

Don’t sign up for free trial, can’t cancel and will be charged an annual subscriptionDownloaded app 12th September 2022 for free trial, have to provide card details. No option to cancel on Apple subscriptions or my account. Emailed support 13th September to cancel as found the app clunky to use, email acknowledge with advice on how to cancel but no account found when I logged in. Charged £52 20th September 2022. Contacted support 21st September 2022 to ask them to cancel subscription and refund annual fee and have so far been ignored. Hopefully my review will help others avoid this issue..Version: 2.10.1

Background eraserHi I recently bought this with the purpose of removing background but can’t seem to find any tool for it. Please advise..Version: 2.2.17

Already purchased Enlight now told to get this instead.I had already purchased the Enlight app which I was happy with, now certain features are not working on it due to IOS updates so I’ve been told to download this app instead and I have to pay $109 to unlock all features!? I already paid for Enlight initially why should I have to pay again for a different app when your original app is no longer working properly. Completely ridiculous and unfair just to make more money!.Version: 2.2.13

Update?This was* my favorite app, I used it for everything. I paid $4.99 for it at the time of download and had access to everything. Then out of nowhere I get some notification that they’re changing it to this, Enlight Photofox, and that the original Enlight is being removed from the App Store. The new app is priced at $7.99 a month. I can’t even use the old app because it barely works anymore. I’m really disappointed because this isn’t what I signed up for. I would’ve really supported this company had i not felt a little ripped off. Good thing is that the free version includes MOST of the same features as the old version. You can use the other features in different apps that don’t charge monthly, it’s just disappointing to have to pay a subscription price after the $4.99 and using the app, suddenly for it to be revoked. Otherwise, Enlight was a great app and this one has most of the same features..Version: 2.2.5

Scam or whatSo first you get enlight, which costs money. Then you upgrade to Photofox which, when you’re in the enlight app doesn’t say that it costs money at all let alone once you get into it, is also a subscription based model. So I have to pay for photofox, but upon paying I’m not entitled to all the features, and instead have to get a subscription. So it basically does less than enlight but for more money. Poor decisions guys.Version: 1.4.5

Thanks!!I paid for the full version a while ago and was comfortable with that, and now my money has gone to waste since the full version is gone? And now I have to pay $100 for it? Just create a new app if you want to upgrade, but I was happy with my smaller simpler version. That I paid for..Version: 1.7.3

Good to BadI started using this app before it’s drastic update, and it’s pricing variant came about; I used it for everything under the sun. While it was free, I grew very comfortable with what was being offered to me, I knew the ins and the outs, and without a doubt I’d finish in 10 minutes or less by simple proficiency. Now that it’s been changed and revised for a ‘smarter’ use, and everything I once used for free became “you must pay to use”, I didn’t find much drive for it. If it was the same app and I had to pay from the start, maybe, sure I don’t see why not. The changes aren’t in favor for me, and honestly I use it far less frequently than Photoshop on mobile. I wish it was the same app, but it isn’t. I’d give 5 stars, but perhaps if you didn’t turn what was once free into a must pay to use what we gave to you once before freely kind of app, I’d have an incline to return. We all must make money, I understand that. But taking things given for free and then making us buy what was given to us isn’t the path to go. Many new users wouldn’t understand that, but I know..Version: 2.1.5

Too confusingBought it and immediately wished I hadn’t. Nothing you can’t do on canva. Not worth the money also money grab..Version: 2.4.6

Update ruined itThe users that paid for tools of reshape or reform now are obligated to pay again ? C’mon we’ve supported you from the beginning now what the hell ????.Version: 2.0.1

APP CAUSES PHONE TO CRASHEverytime I download this app my phone will restart itself over and over until I delete the apps.Version: 1.5.2

Too bad you charged me anywayEven though I canceled prior to the end of the free trial I was still charged 54$… Not impressed.Version: 2.4.6

Recent update removed vital functionI've used this app for about four years and have always subscribed to the premium edition. Up to now it has been brilliant. Unfortunately a change has recently been made that is now causing me so much additional effort in my workflow that I have just cancelled my subscription which is due to renew in a few weeks. The change is the loss of the ability to resize individual layers by pinching and moving the layer at the same time. This is vital when compositing multiple layers as I spend much time doing. Resizing now has to be done using handles at the corners of the layer, and then you have to move the layer into position, find the sizing isn't quite perfect, resize again, then reposition etc... What used to be an intuitive, simple, and fast process has been ruined. The 'pinch to resize' function now resizes all layers at the same time which is pointless. If this function is reinstated then I will not hesitate to re-subscribe. But in the meantime I'll be looking for an alternative application that doesn't impact my workflow so much. DEVS - Please fix this issue as I genuinely love everything about this app but it no longer fulfills my needs!.Version: 2.4.3

Not for the long runI chose Enlight from the same developer years ago, then one day they dropped the support for that app and luring me to buy their new app, there is no more support to their previous product, Enlight is bugged, basic functions like MEME is broken and no one cares to fix it. Being a loyal customer to their previous App, I feel I have been left behind, so think twice to spend your money in their new products.Version: 2.2.28

Could be betterThe app has so much to offer and so much potential, but right now with just starting to use it I honestly don’t foresee myself continuing to pay a subscription fee for this. The limitations it has seem so um dumb (for lack of better word coming to my mind). For example I can cram the whole picture but not the individual pictures within with the current layout I’m using. The add text feature is by far the worst and seems so insanely archaic. The blending tool or option won’t let you blend with a brush it’s just a basic sliding bar. The cutout options are a lot and I mean a lot but yet you can’t change any other the shapes just their sizes, so if you need and oval you’re not going to get one but if you want a triangle with pentagon or star in it then yes that you’ll find 🤷‍♀️. I’m like yes this is kinda cool, but meh maybe not worth the money..Version: 2.2.35

Worst worst worst update ever makes it worst editing app everI have no idea why you decided to go for this update that makes everything so much harder to edit. The image is extremely floaty when zoomed in making impossible to reach out to the very edges of the pictures and the new cropping tool (clothes, face, background étc…) don’t include an eraser … so we can’t redefine things more precisely after using the cropping tool. Absolute waste of time and disrespect of paying users who get imposed an update that is not good..Version: 2.4.6

If I could give it ZERO stars I would!!!Had the original Enlight from the day it went live on the App Store and it was truly fantastic, so great I bought the yearly subscription. Fast forward to now, updated version come out and Photofox are no longer supporting or upgrading the original so I upgraded and bought. Big mistake... my phone is on iOS 13, reading below reviews at present they haven’t got it sorted to work with that which I found out upon opening the app to discover NOTHING HAPPENS, I can’t complain about the quality of the app as all it repeatedly does is ask me to subscribe (which I had already done) Subscription is cancelled and I’m writing this review AND sending comment directly to Photofox so that they do the right thing and give me my money back as £36 (which is also approx. 7x more than the original cost) for something that doesn’t work is taking the proverbial pee!!!.Version: 2.0.3

$ grab - look for alternativesReally expensive for what it seems to offer. And even though, I am not a fan of the subscription model anywhere (because it reeks of greed), Photoshop has better subscription plans than this. I understand that this is targeted at achieving PS like results on a mobile environment but still, that one caveat cannot be used as the sole USP for putting a higher price on the product. That being said, 0 stars for removing the option to have a lifetime subscription. Also, I see reviews from not even a year ago and their lifetime subscription price seemed to have bumped up from being at $40 to a $100 just a few days ago to totally being removed as an option today. That is simply being a money grabber. Pathetic..Version: 1.3.3

Impossible to cancel the free trial - looks like scamIf you decided to cancel the free 7 days trial - app developers made it impossible for you 😈 The app doesn’t show in subscriptions list. The app shows in “purchases” list that doesn’t give you a chance to cancel it. If you try to email the app support team - they simply ignore your emails and don’t answer. And then charge you after free trial period finishes. SCAM SCAM SCAM.Version: 2.15

Just buy the $3.99 original Enlight. Do not pay for thisI loved the original app and how affordable it was for the price. It had a lot a features that I personally used. But then they added this app. Which essentially has the same features as the original, they just removed most of them for free users. I was happily ready to pay the full price, but then I saw that the price is absurd for what is a really basic photo editor. $70 for the one time fee! That’s $76 more just for little more features than what the original had. For crying out loud it’s a basic photo editor. You can get Affinity Photo, which has many many more features than Photofox, I think it is the photo editor with the most features on iPad, and is only $20. I think I’ll stick with the original, thank you..Version: 1.6.3

ConfusingEven though there were tutorials I still couldn’t figure out how to make the photos with a cool background like in the ads. Seems okay though, a lot of variety but will probably delete since, again really confusing..Version: 1.2.5

AgainI have to agree with others on price etc. most of us only want an app that will just tidy our photos not turn them into something there not. How many people look back through their photo of family, holiday etc. Be honest not many of us do that. I don’t even get to finishing an edit on them before the dust and cobwebs hide them from view. So high priced apps for the everyday person. No thanks. Subscriptions are just ridiculous prices. Be careful you don’t get caught out like so many do. Sorry if it’s negative but.............Version: 1.3.9

No back up optionsI would give this app five stars because it’s been awesome especially when it comes to editing photos. BUT there’s no back up option, you can only save the final piece to your device but if your device fails or gets lost or broken, there’s no back up of all the work you’ve been editing so you can’t go back and modify anything, you just have to start fresh with the next device. This app would be perfect if you allowed us to back it up to our devices and navigate existing edits from one device to another, like I want to be able to open it up on my iPad and then also if I don’t take my iPad with me, I could later open it up on my iPhone and finish editing it. Please please please update this feature!.Version: 2.4.3

?? Think twiceNot what expected. Tried canceling, it wouldn’t. They also will not respond to emails.Version: 2.6.2

Erase doesn’t have same tools??Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE photofox, I use it all the time. But this recent update seems to have gotten rid of the tools in the erase tool such as feathering and size. Either I am wrong and just can’t find it, or you have gotten rid of this. This is quite annoying for me as when I try to erase things, there’s always things left behind that the app thinks i still want there. It’s so much harder to do now. Please fix or tell me how to do it!!.Version: 2.1.5

Not the bestI did not really enjoy this, it was not what I was looking for.Version: 2.6.5

Greedy Develops. Waste of timeDon’t bother downloading this app, the free version has less available features then the original Enlight and the paid version is ridiculously expensive for a mobile-based application. If you want to spend that kind of money invest in adobe software and edit on your computer. Sick of greedy developers creating new paid apps instead of adding features to existing ones..Version: 1.2.3

Object, removal, as in people, useless.So you have a group photo and you want to remove the boy that’s blocking your daughter someone and maybe one other person you can’t you just simply can’t it either wants to erase them where are you gonna have a big hole in your picture and then somehow figure out how to fill it in there, but ultimately it is the same as all these other apps to promise they can remove people. They simply can’t. This app is no different than any of the other ones. You can’t just remove a person from a picture and have it look natural. So frustrating..Version: 2.16

Used to love it!I really used to like this app and thought that it was so good. Now in the new update everything I used to love about this app is gone, meme maker being no. 1. Maybe it’s not gone and an hour of searching to find it isn’t good enough but it’s just so much harder to use than before. Now that it’s in one long toolbar everything’s jumbled up and I liked it when there were tabs that would open sub sections like the ‘add’ tab which had everything you could add. Anyway, if you download it now without having already used the previous version it would probably be perfect so yeah,.Version: 1.6.1

BIG CHEATI’ve had this app for years. I used it all the time to slightly edit my pictures when the iPhone photo editing wasn’t very advanced. The app has recently stopped working and I had to delete it and install it again. Guess what?! I had no idea that deleting it would have deleted a perfectly working app with a nice interface with this new confusing interface and most of its features being locked and unusable!!! I would be happy to pay a reasonable price for this considering I have been using it for free for so long but the price is absolutely outrageous! I can’t believe I was forced to delete and reinstall and I get the nice surprise that I can’t use if for free anymore... None of this is too bad though cos unless you want to scatter stylised hearts all over your pictures, you can do most of the editing directly on your iPhone photo app. No need to pay this ridiculous money for a coupe of needless features. It’s a shame because instead of being used by professional photographers who want to slightly tweak beautiful photos, it will now be used by teens with disposable money. I guess it does reflect the look of the interface, it used to look professional now it’s just random 👎🏽 not cool! Bottom line is, the app used to be great, it’s now changed to not so great and the definitely not worth the money! I will sadly uninstall after 5+ years and look elsewhere..Version: 2.2.7

Light tricks iOS 15 Update broke an amazing appThis used to be one of my top five apps on my iPad Pro. I was hoping the update for iOS 15 would include some new features which I feel were missing from the app. Between amazing capabilities of the iPad Pro combined with iOS 15 there was a lot of opportunity missed to do some great updating on this app. Instead they did 3 things! Added sticker, made layers, other then the one being worked with transparent so you can no longer color match among many other edits that require comparison to multiple layers, and broke the snap to frame feature which was so amazing. In the past when importing from photos the import would be made to fit the canvas it was being put it into. Now every photo is imported smaller than the canvas it’s being put on. This makes the snap to frame feature even more important. Instead each layer imported must be manually sized to the canvas it’s been add too. It takes several tries to get the image manually sized to fit the crop area. And usually then it still doesn’t fit perfect. So I’m constantly having to check to make sure there’s no gaps on the edges. If you trying to match up layers precisely forget about it. After five years I’m downgrading my rating from five stars to two and now in search of a new photo editing app.Version: 2.4.4

Please change newest updateThis new update has changed how I edit my work!! I used to love the fluidity of this app but many things that I love aren’t there anymore! Or they are but I either cannot find them or I have to go through so many steps to get to what I want! This update has made it much harder! Where is the magic eraser? Where is the shape/outline option for the eraser? I loved that option but now it’s gone! To top it all off! The white look of the app is horrible! So bright and dazzling. It’s hard to read all the editing options! I’ve seen another review similar to mine and I agree with everything in that! You mentioned to turn dark mode on to get the app looking darker like it did before but I don’t want to do that. I wish there was an option to toggle light or dark mode within the app Wish I never updated this app!.Version: 2.6.7

This app sucksThis app needs to be better and stuff.Version: 2.6.0

Lost add photoWhat’s going on? A very vital part of editing is gone...cut out n blending not much use if you can’t add more pics to layer or blend.Not happy.Version: 2.5

Stop with the subscriptionsI purchased enlight over two years ago and I decided to make the switch over to Photofox. I just deleted enlight off my phone HUGE MISTAKE. all the features I enjoyed for a one time payment of $8 are now gonna cost me 10 dollars monthly? I don’t often edit photos probably less than what ten bucks a month is worth. I really hate having to factor in how much my mobile photo editing app will cost me every month while paying rent. I wish software developers would stop being greedy when we are paying for a product and not a service..Version: 2.0.4

Not highly developpedWe should need to cut a picture like it would be a sticker’s but of course not the white circle between de the cut picture still show up Would love to retry if this probles is solve.Version: 2.8.2

All about moneyI’ve paid for the old enlight app and used it for many years now it’s gone from my phone and i have to pay for a subscription again? What’s wrong with all of you people? How many times do i have to pay for the same app only in different names now just to get my features back? That’s very low i’m sorry but it is low from you.Version: 2.4.3

Fix bugsTruly amazing free to use app which can replace photoshop for many. I been using this app for last year to create quick works, yet there is massive problem with bugs. After last update not only usage of app was made more uncomfortable, it also doesn’t allow me to add layers on new projects. Which obviously made app unusable. After creating new empty project I can’t add any of my photos, and I can’t find way to fix it..Version: 2.4.3

Bring back the old enlightI really miss the old enlight (as many reviews here have said). It had a simple, intuitive way to touch up normal photos and make them even more beautiful- to bring them back to how your eye saw the scene or image before the camera took it. I’m finding this new version nowhere near as easy, quick, intuitive, or user friendly and the filters aren’t as good..Version: 2.2.13

Bring back the originalThe new enlight is terrible and difficult to use. Bring back enlight legacy. So annoyed this app is no longer available as it was the best for detailed photo editing on an iPhone. Where is the collage function on the new app? Where are the previous preset filters? It’s so hard to navigate, messy, not as accurate and downright disappointing. Not to mention the absurd price point of the pro features which were standard on the original!.Version: 2.0.10

Used To Be Great, Not So Much NowThe most recent update for the app has drastically reduced the functionality of the app. I dare say the features are all still there but the UI on it is now terrible. I used the free version & would be furious if I was paying for it & this change occurred; as I’m not paying, I can only be mighty disappointed. I used to use the app all the time, now I rarely use it & even then, it’s only on my iPad - which is too old to load the newest update so it’s running the older (& in my opinion), superior version. This is the first app I’ve ever rated & I’d previously have rated this one 5-stars but the fall from grace in terms of ‘ease of use’ has prompted me to actually rate this one..Version: 2.4.3

Dumb dumb dumbWhilst I get the developer claiming they have to sustain a business hence the exorbitant price model and whilst they field all the complaints of the pricing model, telling users just keep using the free version. This is not well thought. Why not a more aggressive price model to make the leap from free to pro edition only a slight one than the yawning gap which exists now? If users keep peeling off or only use the free version there won't be any "business" left.Version: 1.4.0

Used to be good, now it is a shell of its former self.OK, hear me out. I used to love using this app. I’d use it for editing my Minecraft Skins, for making questionably sized eyeballs on people, and for generally messing around. I had the Creative pack. But recently, Enlight began “rebranding” their apps. Pixaloop became whatever it is now, and it’s most basic feature became locked behind a paywall. Guess what? I deleted it. I deleted the other one, and now I just have the video editor and this. Actually, I deleted this ever since I found out you have to MAKE AN ACCOUNT for basic things. This is terrible. I am not making an account because for all I know after reading other reviews it makes you pay $50 every week for basic features. Please, restore this app to the glory it once had. Or let your studio collapse from infinite greed. Signed, A very unhappy consumer..Version: 2.2.20

Needs a free trialI downloaded this app through an instagram add because it looked interesting. This app is subscription to use (which I’m fine with.) But the problem is that there is no free trail.. not even for one photo. Why would anyone purchase an editing app without trying it first. I know the developers read the reviews so this is direct to them. It would be a good idea to let people edit one photo through the app on a free trail. The fact that you have to pay for it straight away without this will lose you business. I won’t pay for a subscription because I don’t even know if I’ll like the app. This needs to be looked into.Version: 2.2.8

Waste of time!So I needed a quick and easy iPad version of Photoshop Elements. This app looked promising, but it was Very, Very, user-UNfriendly. Not intuitive at all. I needed this app to do the most basic of photo editing out there. I needed to stitch 3 photos together. The only option that I could find was the Collage option. Unfortunately, like I previously stated it was very cumbersome and not user- friendly. Adding my photos to the app was the only simple step, everything after that was a mess. After about 15 minutes of playing around with the options, I finally discovered the complicated, hidden puzzle that allowed me to choose my 3 images for the collage and not use the stock images they kept forcing on me. But all of my images were completely resized and chopped off at the top and bottom, without any options to change it, making the Collage option totally and utterly useless. I found very few tutorials in this app, 3 to be precise and none of them were how to use the app for what I needed to do. I just wanted to stitch or combine 3 photos as is, next to each other. A photo editor should be able to do this seamlessly and intuitively, this app was a complete failure and I cancelled my free 7 day trial in under 30 minutes of use. I would not recommend it..Version: 2.11.3

Simple changesI feel like there could be some simple changes that would improve my experience with the app. Having the option to line up the text boxes with each other (not just having them lined up in the centre of the image). More basic shapes for the elements or stickers there isn’t even a rectangle to choose from. Lastly I dislike most of the fonts I can never find one that fits just right, there’s always something wrong with them. All of the cursive text options are ugly in my opinion. I have the full version of this app so it would be nice to not have to give it up so soon and have these changes be made..Version: 2.2.14

Awful new update - might deleteUsed this for years but the new update includes the new auto eraser “feature” which I know I never ever use, but it’s so close to the regular erase button I’m clicking on it constantly. Also the limit of 3 layers without pro (a subscription is unacceptable) makes serious work incredibly slow as layers that aren’t in constant use have to be saved then brought back in the project and if there are more than 3 layers that need to be there at one time then this app is useless..Version: 1.7.6

Your welcome...Early user of the original app that back when you were new and cutting your teeth in the App Store we paid $4.99 for. All of us paying that back then was the catalyst of your group growing to where it is today. But killing off the old app completely is really wrong. For me and what I want to do from my phone the original app was perfect. I’d been away from iOS for a while and just getting things back during my return only to find you destroyed my favorite quick edit app and now I have to go pro in order to save a photo with a few text layers? Crazy... I’m all for business growing, expanding, doing new and better things but you should have treated the early adopters better than this. I’ll use any tool other than this just based on the principal. A brief read of the reviews shows I’m not alone in my opinion..Version: 2.2.17

Paid app. Pay more...The only reason it isn’t 5 stars is because premium package is expensive. But the app itself has lots of things. Just annoying you pay for an app And then you end up having to pay monthly fee to get all. Rather have the app just be fixed price and all included. Seems like money grab. Pity cause it’s a great app..Version: 1.3.6

Horrendous -Change it back -edited even more issuesThis was my favourite and most used app ever until I updated it today. It’s horrendous. Change the layout of all the tools back. Bring back the black background scheme, the white I can’t see what I’m doing at all, it’s dazzling. Change the layers location back on screen. Change it all back. I’d be disgusted having paid for this app. REMOVE that appalling dustbin button that appears when you’re working on a layer, the amount of times today I accidentally deleted my layer while I was using the eraser tools was ridiculous, it’s right in the way of doing anything! What on earth has happened to the cutout shape feature? It used to cutout everything inside the shape, now it only keeps what’s inside the shape? And you can’t invert your selection and then continue to move the shape around. Absolute rubbish. Revert it to how it was, and return the cutout shapes tool to the eraser screen. New cutout tool has very mediocre results. Items now suddenly resize at the slightest touch, the selection box is way too sensitive. Wanted to throw my phone today in anger using my favourite app. Add the purple outlines back. You’re mad changing something that wasn’t broken. Will have to go elsewhere after years of using you unless sorted. You’ve made my work so much harder now 😠 I so want to fall back in love with this app, please fix it..Version: 2.4.5

Too ConfusingI was very excited to use this new version, as I regularly edit using the Enlight full version app with ease. For example, the tutorials talk codes ES71, tried to layer with no success; it's stays a checkered screen even with effects. Overall I'm just extremely disappointed with having paid for the full version and no matter how many times I try to figure it out, it doesn't click..Version: 1.1.3

Was great, now appalling as a business - DELETEThis is a fantastic example of greed. This app was destined to become an Adobe killer, so I paid for it - it was worth it. I also paid for its video editor. But now it is IMPOSSIBLE to know how much you need to pay to actually get the app with its features intact - they are using the classic gaming ‘coins’ hoax on us. You think you have paid for it - but you now just need to pay a bit more - again and again. Simply open up the list of in-app purchases available. You will see a whole bunch of identical purchase items at completely different prices - and some even make it sound like you will get everything - but then you don’t. So then click on the developer’s website to get more information. Nothing at all - NO information for users, just their media press kits. Extremely unfortunate. I’m backing to looking for who I am ready to give my money to for a great photo editor. I’ve got the cash, but not for this business model..Version: 2.2.13

It's a good appDear lighttricks, i think you have a great app but there are two HUGE problems that have made it unusable for me. 1) you STILL can not duplicate a project. unless maybe i am missing something? i'd love to know your reasoning behind this. it seems ridiculous for a photo editing app. is it to encourage us creatively? lol. so basically it is impossible to have two alternates of the same project unless you literally build both projects from scratch. please help me understand why. 2) there is an ad/suggestion for videoleap in photoleap now. i have videoleap. i love videoleap. i would love to not have an ad/suggestion to import my photo that i'm working into videoleap. i can do that myself. honestly i wouldn't mind it that much if it was at the end of the list, or even halfway. but as the very first item in my list of tools... it's infuriating. if there's some way to get rid of it for people that already have and use videoleap, PLEASE DO. I miss using this app but my 1st issue makes it impossible to use it for real work on the go, and my 2nd issue just annoys the crud out of me, which is not how i like to feel when i'm editing. if anyone from lighttricks took the time to read this, thank you. i hope you can pass on my critique to someone who is willing to listen. you've created something great, and it's a bummer for tbe rest of your team that your dedicated users are needlessly frustrated..Version: 2.2.36

Looks amazing but subs model not rightYears ago I paid for the original Enlight app which was brilliant but no longer supported and buggy. Only occasional use. Downloaded this to do a simple collage thinking would be free, but the Photofox watermark is there. I would only use now and then but if the free version can’t do a basic collage then it seems pretty useless and I’m not interested in an open ended subscription or paying £65 for a one time purchase. I get it has powerful features and it looks amazing to play with but if I simply want to save a photo I have to pay far far too much. Shame, the free version seems pointless for the occasional user (and previous Enlight customer!) 5 stars as it looks amazing 1 star for value - 3 stars..Version: 2.2.8

Good but a bit of attitude.This is a great app. It does everything it claims easily and effectively. But you can’t save without a subscription. The business model being applied here is awful. I’d be happy to pay for this app, but I’m not willing to pay a never ending subscription- it just doesn’t do enough. I took a screen shot of the picture I’d made (because you can’t save without a subscription) and received a snooty message about paying for the developers hard work. I agree people should be paid but not when they communicate like this. Seriously you’re in such a competitive market, you’re not market leaders so don’t go to war with somebody who was considering giving you cash. This app is now deleted and will not be used again or paid for. I’ll get the same effect in photoshop..Version: 2.2.7

Bad update: Not intuitive, cash grab—DELETINGTL;DR review: Long time Enlight user. This new update is not intuitive. None of the features work the way they used to. The worst: Features I used heavily in the past are only available if I pay. Addition of layers is genius but not worth the above drawbacks. I’ve used Enlight for the past two years and loved the free version. Then the other day I started having problems with various features. So I decided to delete and re-download. The only similar download to the older version was this one. Immediately it was clear we weren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto. None of the features operate the way they used to. None of it is intuitive. Then when I went to use several of the features I used the most, I was taken to a pay screen. 🤦🏼‍♂️I can understand if they added new features and wanted to charge for them, or maybe charge for the layers feature. But to try to charge me for something I used to use freely is a deal breaker. The addition of the layers feature seems to be the only positive in this new version. All of this adds up to an app that will take up storage space and not get used, so I’m deleting it. Let us know if things change! 👋🏼.Version: 2.2.7

Go back to the old formatI love using this app, it helps with a lot of projects. But each and every new update makes this app worse and worse. PLEASE go back to the old format of the app, you’re slowly making it more and more unusable and confusing.Version: 2.4.6

Paid money now taking it down?I bought this app since it came out because App Store recommended it. Now there are glitches with finalize and the app is coming down because of a new app they release. Why mess with the app that I have downloaded? I can still use this app because I paid for it and supported it when it came out and now to prepare for the other apps you decide to mess up a perfectly good app..Version: 2.2.1

Just reading the reviewsMade me realize I don’t want this app. Sure enough, some options it states pro version. Ok. I leave those alone. Try some where it doesn’t say pro yet as soon as i want to apply, it asks me to choose a plan. I bought videoleap and am very happy with it. Not this one..Version: 1.7.7

Has some good featuresHas some good features, useful ones at that. But it’s lacking some things for me to consider it over my favorite app, Bazaart. If Bazaart added like one or two of the features from this app, it would make this app irrelevant, but since this app has some nice features, it breaks my heart not to commit to it. Here’s some things Bazaart has that is missing from this. Add these things and this app would be phenomenal for me. It isn’t copying either, it’s just minor things. -Add the ability to add shadows to objects. Make it editable (direction, opacity, blur, color, amount). -Add the ability to add outlines. Make it editable (thickness, opacity). -Add an internet option. Like in Bazaart, I can click to add a picture from my photos, from their stock options, or from searching the internet images. That way, I can search for say a lightning effect png. Then a bunch of already cut out lightning images will appear from the internet search and I just click it to paste it into the canvas. -A more organized text/font layout. Capable of adding my own fonts. Those are just some things off the top of my head..Version: 2.5.1

ScammersThe Enlight team sells you an app, they then update the app making your previous purchase obsolete. You must purchase again to use an app you already paid for. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 Enlight Teams response: Thanks for following up and for clarifying. We would like to explain. After the update for iOS 13 Enlight is no longer supported and this is likely what is causing the issue you are experiencing with the app. While it is possible to reinstall the app, coming changes to iOS will affect its functionality and there's not much we can do about this, unfortunately. We have included an in-app message explaining this over the past few months, apologies if it wasn't clear. If you’re looking for the same photo editing functionality you had in Enlight, we would recommend you check out Enlight Photofox. Photofox is the next generation of Enlight, it is free to download and comes with many of the Enlight tools, as well as tons of new tools and functionality. Photofox also includes Pro tools that require making a purchase, but this is completely optional and up to you. In addition, if you purchased Enlight and still have an iOS device, you can access Photofox Pro for 6 months, on us! If you need help redeeming this offer, please let us know. Our sincere apologies again. If you need any assistance on how to use Photofox or redeeming the offer, please reach out to us. We are here to help..Version: 2.2.8

PatheticI bought the old enlight app and loved it, I was on it all the time so to see a perfectly good app get taken down made me curious so I got this one and everything seemed all well and good until i started trying to add multiple layers of pictures and text and I was very disappointed to find that the only way I could do this was to buy the pro version. Now me being a 16 year old kid doesn’t want to pay something like $70 dollars for the pro version when previously I had an app that I had no complaints about. It’s honestly sad to see companies get this money hungry, I have already payed for the first app and can’t use it not even knowing if I got a refund for it or not, now I have to put up this this app that will charge me every time I click a button. I think it’s pretty unfair that I was forced to switch apps and then pay an insane amount of money for something that I already bought in the first place. Although nobody will probably see this and I know this won’t make a difference I had to vent somehow so thank you,.Version: 2.0.3

DisappointedYou know I really loved this app but like everything else a subscription becomes a burden. A fresh idea is needed today for all apps that charge a ridiculous fee! It’s greed that turns man into a monster. I’m unemployed right now so can’t afford this subscription and I think it’s unfair I can’t use and save my photo edits because they have a big watermark over them! Other apps may ask the same fees but they allow you to do certain edits and save them so why doesn’t Photoleap? I’m standing my ground here and happy to delete Photoleap because I’m so disappointed..Version: 2.4.3

Old Enlight was betterAs many others have said, I was using Enlight religiously for several years and it worked perfectly for all of my needs. As minor as it is, it’s one of the only places I can intentionally invert colors as a filter. I downloaded the app again after maybe a few months of not using it only to find the UI changed so much I no longer knew where to access any features and the ones I needed were now listed as paid for features. Even if some features had been locked, I could have maybe swallowed that pill if it was the same familiar Enlight app that I had been using for years and knew my way around. However having to basically pay for a complete different app that doesn’t even fulfill my needs anymore? It’s not happening. I’ll find a different app if I must, but I deeply regret that I’ll no longer be able to use the familiar Enlight app I’ve been loyal to for years..Version: 2.0.7

Bloated and stop trying to make me create an accountI loved this app when it first hit. I enjoyed it so much I paid for lifetime access. I don’t do that much nor do I pay for apps much. But I used this a lot. Over time it just keeps getting more and more bloated and continues to try to get me to create an account and use other software made by the devs. So few things. 1. Don’t continue to advertise to people who spent that much on lifetime access to the app. It’s just gross commercialism. Or let me opt out of the continued advertising. 2. Stop trying to get me to create an account every time I open the account. I WILL NEVER MAKE AN UNNEEDED ACCOUNT. Ever. It makes me not want to use the app when I have to click out of a few pages to get to the art I have in progress and just want to jot an idea down in the image to work on later. Again let me opt out. And if you force account creation I’ll stop using the app. There is no need for me to have an account in a mobile photo editor. 3. Please put more time in to making the features in the app better and not just bloating the main screen and menus. Why do devs alway change things that were fine? The UI was fine. The older filters that were taken out were great. Don’t make it harder to find filters/options/etc. It’s a good app, but like many other companies, just going down the wrong path in their development model..Version: 2.6.2

CON - NO REFUND - AVOIDSeriously disappointed with this app. I downloaded this thinking it would help me for the ONE simple project I wanted assistance with but it was no use at all. All I wanted was to remove the background, remove a person and create a new background. Simple but not possible. To add insult to injury they then debited £50 from my account without reminding me this would happen. Despite contacting them daily there has been no response at all to my request for a refund. AVOID AVOID AVOID.Version: 2.10.3

Sickening customer serviceThis company doesn’t care about people at all someone obviously stole my card information and when I bring it to their attention they give me some stupid ring around about needing account information…account information I had no clue existed until I got charged $58 absolutely shocking how a company is willing to just ignore fraud so they can make a quick buck. Wouldn’t recommend anything by this company at all haven’t even tried their products but customers being frauded is not the way to run a company.Version: 2.16

Was fantastic now it’s just a good from me.Was a fantastic app on my phone, but the latest up dates have made it difficult to edit. I used to be able to size photos and objects by pinching with my two fingers. Now they have changed it to you having to pull from a certain point, which is sometimes impossible to do. At to that that they have added a delete icon to the object which causes you to keep deleting things by accident. Will keep using, but will be using it on my iPad instead unless they make it more user friendly..Version: 2.4.3

Love itTotally love this app, although before the leap to fox I paid for enlight which I just received notification that it has ended and been taken down. . And hey that app no longer works. So I am using this one, alas this one is now asking me for £66 one time payment. Or £36 per year ? How do I know if I pay for this £ 66 one time t the developers will not take this one away as well ? I love the app and want so much to give it 5 star and continue using it. Can I have some reassurance please Thank you.Version: 2.0.3

Miss the old versionI had the old Enlight when it first came out years ago. It glitched a few weeks ago and I went to delete and redownload it in hopes it would fix it— yet I was incredibly disappointed to find that I can’t redownload it, it’s gone. I tried this version and I dislike it in every way. I can’t do nearly as much as I could with the other version.... unless I pay a bunch of money. and it still wouldn’t be as good as their old app. I emailed support really hoping I could get it back, yet I never received an email back. smh. I don’t know why they had to delete such a wonderful app and replace it — and based on these reviews, I know I’m not the only one who thinks so. BRING BACK THE OLD VERSION, PLEASE..Version: 2.0.7

Pixelated images even with the Pro planI bought the pro plan to save high definition images all I got big images but pixelated. Very disappointing I won’t renew my plan starry ai has crispier images than this app..Version: 2.10.1

Super expensive!You can download for FREE but then as soon as you want to use it, they ask you to subscribe or pay over $100..Version: 2.1.5

Unspecified premium tools/contentThere is no mention of what is considered to be ‘free’ in the app. Also, the ‘premium’ content is unspecified so no one knows exactly what they are paying for. It is listed as a ‘free’ app on the store but you cannot export, save or share the image you create through this app - what you get for free is a demo of what the app does and what the filters look like when applied to your image. If you want to actually create something with this app, and have it in the device - you need to pay. Basically, a clickbait app :).Version: 2.0.7

I’m already not happyI purchased Enlight 2 years ago and while I understand that you have a new product I don’t want to subscribe. I want to be able to do everything I do in Enlight because I PURCHASED IT!! I don’t understand how you must subscribe to something that shouldn’t cost more than a 1 time charge since nothing is updating!!.Version: 1.7.8

Was great until asked to buy againLoved the app. I’ve used it for a couple of years. People like me who bought it when it was getting on its feet are the backbone of the app. Now I’m being asked to subscribe in order to use new updates and some features that I have always used aren’t available unless I subscribe or pay a one time fee. I feel I was duped and tricked. How can you sell someone an app , the paid full version, and turn around a couple years later and ask them to pay more money (actually an absurd amount for what other apps are now offering for free). This is the first review I’ve ever wrote because I generally don’t rock the boat, but this is completely unfair. Shame on you for taking my money so the app could grow and then take away what I paid for to start with and ask for more money for the initial features and future features. I’m sure I’ll get a response of “we’re sorry you feel this way.” When the response should be “Thank you for buying our app and your account is now open for you to enjoy all our features because if it weren’t for people like you who backed us when we were small , we would have never gotten off the ground.”.Version: 1.3.4

Free features removedI was really enjoying this app, the free version allowed you to try the basic edit of all the quick art options, only prompting you to pay (extortionate amounts mind) if you wanted extra features, and that was okay. But now they’ve removed the option to save ANY of the quick art tools and it’s basically rendered the app useless. Subscription models need to be banned by mobile apps, it’s either paid for or not, because who in their right mind would pay the same for something like this at the same price as a giant like Netflix? Incredibly disappointed :(.Version: 2.2.5

It sucksIts terrible its WAY to laggy.Version: 1.2.1

Please keep Enlight available!I’ve been a long time user of the app Enlight and I was very disappointed to learn that soon it won’t be supported anymore. I liked the interface and the multiple options of tools and effects. I’ve just downloaded this new version that they suggested to have a look and this is what I saw comparing the two apps: the filters in the good old Enlight that could be set&saved in the app are now a lot less ajustable; passing from meany great options (structure, brightness, contrast, offset, saturation, film intensity, dark hue, lights hue, fade, grain, vignette intensity, spread, transition, corner, light leaks and border) to a ridiculously small amount of options (grain, fade, intensity). That means that to make a consistent feed of picture with the same kind of effect it will take 10x more time to achieve. This is without mentioning that they are selling the “full” app of the new version at a 100$... I honestly would prefer to pay that and keep Enlight!.Version: 1.7.7

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