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SoFi: One-Stop-Shop Finances App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

SoFi: One-Stop-Shop Finances app received 24 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using SoFi: One-Stop-Shop Finances? Can you share your negative thoughts about sofi: one-stop-shop finances?

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Questionable payment practicesI like the interest rates offered by Sofi. I initially applied for a loan about a year ago and was denied. A month later, I reapplied and my loan was approved. The difference being that the first time I applied, a cash bonus was tied to it. Since they rejected me, they didn’t need to pay it. The second application apparently was approved because I no longer had the cash bonus tied to it. Convenient. 🤨. Since then, there have been payment issues. My most recent issue was that my payment was due on Monday, 4/27. I am enrolled in autopay. They took the money from my bank account on Friday, 4/24. What if I didn’t have enough in my account that day? I would have likely incurred overdraft fees from my bank. Why take money from someone’s bank account a full business day before it is owed? The payment didn’t (show) process in their system is until 4/28. However, they had my money on Friday, so according to their records, the interest accrued through Monday. In actuality, it should have only accrued through Friday because that’s when they took my money. It was not available for me to spend on Friday, so they had it. No other accounts I have follow this practice. Why does SOFI?.Version: 2.15.1

Caution to potential membersIf you’re thinking about joining just be aware what money you put into the invest account you might not get back. I had some financial strain that i had to sell some securities. The funds settled and ive gone through the withdrawal process. Its been over two weeks and they wont give me the money. Six times they have told me to cancel and redo it with no progress. I had one agent cancel my withdrawal without notifying me after i had told him I didn’t want to. Ive asked to speak to a supervisor probably ten times and still haven’t spoke to one because apparently we have to schedule a call. Well after so many requests i still haven’t received a call. When ive asked their agents why i have to cancel and redo a withdrawal their response was “ i just think its a good idea” when I requested who their SRO is they wouldn’t give me that info either so i had to find it myself. Its pretty sad they knew my financial stress recently and absolutely NO help. They just keep holding my money from me. Also this isnt the only issue be very careful with the money account as well. Whenever i do get my money im closing all accounts here. Which is disappointing cause ill be honest i was super stoked joining the first day. Good luck to new members..Version: 2.68

Dispute process and investment accountDispute process is absolutely trash!!!! They canceled my card and made it to where I couldn’t take any money out. Also made me wait 14 days to receive my card. And they told me that I would have my money back by 10 days. Money is nowhere to be found and I disputed the fraudulent activity for no reason. I also put over 700 dollars in my investment account but it takes over a week to get those funds back in your checking account. And they don’t tell you all that when you are investing the money. They don’t tell you until it’s already too late. Starting to feel like this app is a scam. Just like all other banks. Worst part about it is, not one person from customer service could give me a valid answer to when everything was going to be fixed on my account. They literally just come up with answers on the spot. I wouldn’t personally recommend joining Sofi banking, for they’re too many issues with customer service and to many misleading perks that you have on the app.Version: 2.78

Service is great, but WAY too much marketing.I like SoFi Money, I like the features (vaults especially), but I don't like the obscene amount of marketing I have to look at both within the app and via email. I just signed up yesterday, and I already received two emails in the same day with "ACTION REQUIRED" in the subject line prompting me to sign up for direct deposit. The second email came after I had already unsubscribed from marketing emails (I know it takes a few days to update their system, but it's just an annoyance). The app itself has "cards" that show up every time you sign in. These cards are mostly ads for other SoFi services in the form of blogs or newsletters. You can hide cards, but next time you sign in there will be a fresh batch of them waiting for you. As far as I know there is no way to turn them off altogether. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE. Overall, I'm happy with SoFi so far, but the aggressive marketing is a serious turn off for an otherwise great account..Version: 2.39

Could be good for investing…I just started out with So Fi Investing after trying out Robinhood, Webull and Public. So Fi has promise and blends together other services such loans, credit monitoring, credit card etc. and it has promise. It’s clean and nice to use, but there’s two major things that need to be better IMO : 1) tools, data and charts to research a potential investment in a company. Simple things like actually saying what the dividend is or it’s history would help a lot; not just the dividend yield %. There are other things that could help too, but that stands out. 2) this is my biggest issue actually. Every time I have gone to sell an investment, the key pad for numbers 1-6 DO NOT RESPOND OR WORK! If I try to sell $15 of a partial share in Tesla, the 1 key doesn’t work! It’s astounding that this is an issue and that there is no explanation or workaround for the issue. It’s infuriating for making any trades. Until this is fixed I’d recommend Webull or Robinhood over So Fi for investing.Version: 2.81

Once great app has become problematicI was once a huge fan of SoFi and their app, at least for investments. I like the relative easy of executing transactions in this app. I also think they struck a nice balance of information for beginning investors and those with a bit more expensive. While they can be sluggish to update some movement, I was okay with that at first. That said, I’ve recently begun contemplating a move elsewhere. As of the last couple of updates, I no longer receive valuable (literally) push notifications about changes in stock prices. In addition, I had an issue with the photo in my app that made me question whether the app was secure (photo not belonging to me appeared in my profile and I didn’t put it there). After several calls to SoFi, I was assured there was no security issue and that it was an engineering problem. Despite that, I went ahead and opened an account with a larger, more well-known brokerage with much more information and a much better app experience. For now, I have left my current investments with SoFi in my SoFi account as there are tax consequences for liquidation, but I certainly won’t be making any new investments through SoFi and have cancelled my recurring deposits..Version: 2.38

Worst Experience EverI love the concept but I had the worst experience ever using this service. My husband submitted a check and after a week SoFI made available. The problem is the following day they came back saying the check was returned and they closed my account. I was not given a reason as to why it was returned but when we called the bank who issued the check they said the check was fine. To make my experience with them the worst they send back my remaining funds to my linked account even though there was a pending transaction. So now I get an email advising I have a negative balance and to add funds however I can’t because on my end the account is closed. So after being transferred three times in Customer Service, I literally had to shut the guy up because he kept trying to transfer me back to same girl who kept transferring me to them and explain everything all over then he finally was able to get me the answer I needed to make the transfer I needed. I’m sure not all of their team gives bad service but they need to really learn to listen and stop assuming they know what the problem is especially if they do not all have access to the same information as their other departments..Version: 2.5

Cool concept but they won’t verify my accountThis is partially a complaint about the business, but the business and the app seem to be two in one. I like the idea but the app is a little bit laggy and it WILL NOT verify my account. I keep getting emails saying they couldn’t verify it and so I was going to try re-entering my name and info in case something was wrong (and/or they needed a middle name or initial) and it turns out I can’t even change the info I entered in whole unless I call the company. The problem with THAT is that there were practically a hundred people in line ahead of me on the phone and the whole reason I got the app was because I wanted a quick solution, and I don’t have all day. I am sure this app is great when it works, but there is no reason they should be able to verify my personal info and let me use the app. Or at the very least, tell me if you want a middle name or something so I can include that the first time rather than spending an hour trying to fix my account. Also, I was offered ten dollars in free stocks when I got the app, but after re-attempting to make an account, it changed my promo award to five dollars, which is a small detail but it’s annoying nonetheless. As of now, I’m still waiting for my account to be verified, or to find a way to fix my account. They don’t even have a support email, only chat or phone, which is difficult if you don’t have two hours to wait in line..Version: 2.40

Promising app, but needs improvement.SoFi is one of the most exciting fintech companies in recent years. I recently have been evaluating many different apps and financial institutions and the biggest appeal about SoFi is that it offers many services in one package. The app, however, needs some updates before I decide to align with SoFi permanently. Firstly, there are too many “ads” and “promotions” within the app. I wouldn’t mind paying like $1 or $2 a month to remove these, but they should try to eliminate these from the app - it “cheapens” the feel and I’m afraid SoFi may lose credibility as it’s attempting to acquire new users. The charting in the investment portion of the app needs a UI update, as well. It doesn’t feel responsive enough, is not snappy, and is slightly sluggish. Sluggish charting also doesn’t help with trading tools, or at least that’s my hypothesis. Finally, the general look/feel and branding need slight updating. Just one opinion - I think it would look nicer if “SoFi” was instead spelled “sofi” or something like that, but that’s nitpicking of me! Compared to other apps though, the general UI could be improved - mostly just talking about the main menu here. Thanks SoFi for all that you’re doing! I am excited because I have to believe you’ve got exciting updates to come on your roadmap. If some of the above is addressed in some manner, I’ll definitely be a longtime user and will work to migrate my finances..Version: 2.56

Do your homework firstNot a good product, it is very challenging to deposit checks and get a reasonably quick access to your money. This product is not for everyone. Don’t be conned with all the pretty bells and whistles. Check into it first. After much excitement to move my account to SoFi, I have grown very disappointed in this service. A check made out to my 10 years daughter in her name can't be deposited and was returned., causing to reach out to the family members who provided her the gift. My former bank (CHASE) easily deposited the checks in the past. I called on this matter on Saturday (1/25) 7:40PM (EST) and waited 25 minutes (passed from one department to another) and then told the Money Department closed at 8:00PM (EST) and I would have to call back on Sunday morning. I deposited a separate check from a local business and a major bank on Saturday afternoon (1/25) and now told the check will not clear until 1/29. My previous bank was much faster and more efficient and did not sacrifice on security. SOFI has been very disappointing. I am in need of access to my finds to pay bills and manage affairs. I thought this product would help with that and unfortunately it is not useful at all..Version: 2.3

Price chart/list screens are inconsistent!There are several charts and price lists within the investing area of the app. None of them are consistent so you can actually see your position on your investments. Prices of your stocks are different on each screen, when you go into a particular stock the “day” tab showing the price and chart of the stocks performance doesn’t load. You have to refresh the screen a couple of times, and you have to continually refresh manually to update the price. It is hard to know where I stand in a certain investment when the price displays are not real-time and consistent. Same thing happens on the purchase/sell screen price isn’t updated and you end up loosing money on the trade. (Yes, I understand the trade execution maybe delayed and price may change). RobinHood is able to keep price displays accurate and consistent in real-time...why can’t you? Also, they up charge you on Crypto trades (buy and sell) at 1.5%, DO NOT USE their crypto service!! Until you fix this I’m pulling my money from your service..Version: 2.41

Where are all these five stars coming from?I opened a sofi account at the suggestion of a friend after my numerous complaints of ATM fees. So I made the switch from a major bank to them. I was uneasy about not having access to my money in the event something happened to my debit card and well it’s been a nightmare. My direct deposits come a day later than my other bank. I’m able to split direct deposits and when I called in and asked where my deposit was, they advised me my employer hadn’t sent it yet, even though I received my other deposit the morning my payroll was processed. I had my backpack stolen in January and ordered a new card on January 22nd. It’s now February 8th and still no card!!! They advised me this is normal processing time, where exactly is this card coming from? I’ve literally received a replacement card for all my other debit and credit cards. When I ordered a replacement card, I asked if this could be expedited and they assured it would. Well come to find out it wasn’t. You’re better of using another similar service to their. But not having access to my money at anytime is a huge concern, just glad I kept my original bank account opened..Version: 2.4

Incapable of accepting an opening deposit!!It’s unfortunate that I have to even give SoFi 1 star. For well over a much now I have had a deposit scheduled and never withdrawn from my bank or deposited into my invest account. Hurdle after hurdles. Achieve the hurdles still no deposit. What do I have to do? Buy them a dozen roses and propose to just get a deposit in. It’s hard to start an invest account when they will never deposit your money so that you can invest. Gross incompetence. How can anyone trust a brokerage account that does not like to accept money? You sure won’t make any money, but on the bright side you won’t loose any as well. All you will loose is a lot of time and get to watch the security you were interested in and the only reason you decided on giving SoFi a shot, you will get to watch it move so much that you don’t want it anymore and are just disappointed and disgusted . That has been the experience with SoFi. So far pure disgusting disappointment. Also, you guessed it I’m still waiting on that opening deposit..Version: 2.63

Account was compromised funds unavailable for 90 daysMy sofi cash card was compromised and 10-20 unauthorized purchases was made on my card. I was told the charges cannot be disputed until the charges stop showing up as pending. Upon the transactions coming out of pending, one must wait up to 90 days to have a resolution for the disputed charges. I was traveling and my account balance was completely drained (purchases of 1000 or more at Gucci and amiri and Uber eats charges). Sofi is not a bank and will not reverse any fraudulent charges until you go through this whole process. I’m now on vacation with no money and have no resolution to my problem. They advised me to call each individual merchant to dispute the charges, but they directed me back to sofi. Uber and a lot of businesses force you to go through virtual chat now as well as say there is nothing they can do. Unprofessional customer support team and just a miserable experience. Any bank or other institution would be more helpful to dispute multithousand dollar transaction 1000 miles away..Version: 2.81

Best Banking app and The Best Banking ServicesI’ve been using Sofi Money and few other Investment products for a while. I don’t normally write a product review but I had to this time. I just wanted to say thank you sofi for making my life easier and better and teaching me how to bank and invest. Can you believe I had 4-5 different types of accounts in 3-4 different institutions? I closed all of them and now I manage all my money in one app. You will get checking account, savings account, Stock and crypto trading, IRA, Home loan, Student loan all in one app (and without any fees). I hope sofi stays the same - a new way of banking for millennials! However, Sofi Home Loan is not something I liked. I had to back out of the loan at the last moment because of non responsive loan officer and it took too much time (2+ months) to close the loan. I understand the due to Covid they are moving slow but don’t promise that you can close a loan in a month and keep moving the closing date further and further..Version: 2.31

Awful customer service. The app is goodI am leaving 3 stars and not 1 only because I have used you guys for almost 2 years and have had no problems with the app itself. I even referred 2 friends which are now using the service. However, the very few times I have truly needed customer support, my experience has been absolutely awful and I am reconsidering if I want to keep using this account for the future. I definitely will no longer recommend it. I have been on hold with chat support for over 40 minutes right now with no feedback on wait times. Just “we’re still waiting for the agent. I’ll pass your message along when they connect.” This is not the first time it has happened and the phone support is equally as bad. I need to make a wire transfer today for a settlement/purchase. Very impersonal, very unavailable customer support. Waiting for help on the phone now. Will update..Version: 2.90

Terrible Investor platform & customer serviceI am an extremely experienced online investor since E*trade was started. I left them when I only had a few thousands to invest. Why? Customer service was terrible and they began to tie up your money for inexplicable reasons. This led to missed trade opportunities & 5-10 day holds with no interest or recourse. Now, I have a portfolio a thousand time larger after a couple decades and I decided to test the waters to spread out my risk. SOFI failed and failed miserably. This was after they solicited me. They failed to execute a very simple requested trade. Not a huge trade but a test. They failed to execute without explanation other than my request wasn’t considered substantial and/or a priority. I had to hunt someone down via the maze of click deterrent Bots and the limited app capabilities. I don’t recommend this app or it’s other services that request any transfer of funds. Stay with a proven and blue chip firm. The way a company treats whom they believe are the smallest of customers is the ways they will eventually treat the largest of customers. Also in this digital age there is absolutely no reason it takes 3-5 day to get your funds back/transferred when it took less than 24 to take it out of your account..Version: 2.82

SoFi doesn’t care about human life, just their money and company policyThey won’t even help my son take out his money so he can get his medication. Been two weeks trying to access cash. Even talked to the managers, but it was the same line about how they can’t help. You’re telling me a company this big doesn’t have anyone smart enough to figure this issue out so he can get his meds today? The manager told my son to just hang on for one more day and the money will be available tomorrow. What if he doesn’t have one more day? What happened to companies that care about compassion and doing the right thing by their customers? I am asking everyone who reads this to share this everywhere you can so no other people will be hurt by their platform. It’s wrong, just plain wrong. If something happens I will the news will know why, it’s because of SoFi. Talked to three different people and none of them can help. Wow, what does that say about your capability as a company? I don’t want my son to end up as another veteran who takes his own life. Sofi knows all this, but they simply do not care; otherwise he would have his money right now and on his way to get his meds. Who here believes a fin tech company this size can’t figure out someway to help? Yeah nobody….Version: 2.84.2

I want to like this app but I don’tSeems like there is so much possibility for this app to be great. Who doesn’t want to see their finances in one place, manage banking and investments and more? Unfortunately it’s riddled with issues. Updates to manual information won’t take manual updates. Linked accounts have connection / sync issues constantly, debit and credit charge lists don’t line up for things like hotel charges and gasoline - the initial hold like $75 shows up and looks like someone used your card - but the transaction then reports elsewhere in the app correctly. I’m unable to delete linked accounts or they are linked multiple times. I don’t want to see student loan push notifications (I’m 61!) And I choose “see less like this” but there they are next time I log in. I have set up direct deposit from work but every day I have a push ad that says I should set up direct deposit. I’d like someone to get his/her/their/it act together. So much potential here yet so much noise, malfunction and mismatched logic. Fix fix fix. Please please please. Thank you!!!!!.Version: 2.61

Customer service is uselessI really liked a lot of the futures of the app although was not quite intuitive however on several occasions I’ve had questionable transactions that I would like to dispute and never submitted them on some occasions they had but on some cases where another financial tutution was making deposits and subsequent withdrawals I called to report that these were unauthorized transactions so if I refuse to do anything about it and allow them to continue doing it even after I pulled all the money out of my SoFi account so this financial institution would make a small deposit $3.05 dollars at a time sometimes several a day and then go back and withdraw the money after it was not available and hitting me on there and with nonsufficient fun fees and I do like how you earn points for utilizing the app and credit cards and so forth and so on and the referral money was nice but I had to pull teeth to get it and in most cases never saw any of it.Version: 2.98.1

Not very intuitive.I find the SoFi banking app to be quite confusing. Instead of savings accounts we have “vaults”, which is counted in with the funds in my checking account. I don’t like that they have to take 3-4 days to make a payment, whereas major banks take a day by transferring funds immediately for bills. We tried to send a check to someone and we’re told it would take 7 took 10! And they really needed the money. I tried to make my mortgage payment for October 1. There was not a day to select when the funds would go out to the mortgage. Stupid me assumed since it was due 10/1 it would come out 10/1 but it ended up coming out a few days after I initiated the payment, which TOTALLY messed up my month. Glad I had funds in the ‘vault’. I called and asked to have the money to be put back and was told it would take 4 days. Again, a major bank could have it done in a day. We waited until we decided it wasn’t going to happen. Then we received a check in the mail 13 days later, which, takes 3-4 days to fund after we deposit it! 🙄 I would much rather return to a major bank who can do things quickly and smoothly..Version: 2.31.1

Beware their workflowAs you set up the app to create an Invest trading account they will first ask you link your bank account and move money onto their platform and afterwards they will leave you hanging for days in an "application pending approval" stage. Even though you have to go through great lengths to verify your identity and prove you are the bank account owner. In addition to proving who you are via online automated methods they will then ask you to upload multiple items to further verify your identity. I am ok with waiting to be verified, but taking my money at the beginning of this process is total bulls**t. What happens to this money and how long do they tie up my resources if I should somehow not get approved. Also, there was no warning that it would take many days to be approved. If you are looking to invest immediately be warned, this is not the app for you. It seems that stock like AMC and GME are available for purchase, but you will not be able to get in right away if you are moving off other platforms in the pockets of the hedgies..Version: 2.40

Needs more workThe vision is a good one but this needs a lot of work and it shouldn’t be a $15 publicly traded stock. It tries to replicate a news feed experience but they are too stupid to realize that a news feed is people/persona driven and so seeing the SoFi icon instead of attractive people’s faces delivering you the platform information makes it very impersonal. You should automatically get five friends when you join each of them bots who provide you with the different info categories and you should be able to chat/message the bots for additional info and links. The bots should represent real financial people who are recruited as attractive spokespeople for the platform. Maybe you can even get them to respond to your messages in real time if you have good questions that don’t fall into the standard categories. So that’s just for starters. It’s cool that this is trying to transform your friend networks into a financial subculture but it’s lacking Zuckerberg’s vision for user interface/user experience. It’s a clunky interface and they have not yet found the right social formula to unlock a deep unique social experience..Version: 2.65

Super slowI joined SoFi initially because of the high interest available on the savings account. After going I opened up an active investing, and auto investing and a Roth IRA account because it was slick and easy to use. I have since realized it's easy to put money in, not easy to take money out. I decided I wanted more control over my investing so I attempted to liquidate my Auto Investing account and move it into my money account, it initiated a sell of all my positions on February 4th with the money sent to my SoFi savings account. The invest account shows as "completed" finally on the 6th with all my positions sold and gone from that account but they are not in my savings account. That can take an additional 3 days which means this entire process is going to take an entire week with the weekend in the middle. And, to just like on more, the ability to cancel auto deposits to any of your SoFi accounts does not work from the web, clicking the cancel button does nothing, you literally have to use the app or you can't cancel auto deposits. It's obvious SoFi is far to "young" in the financial space and has a long way to go before I could ever recommend them for any service. Oh, and the savings rates have dropped drastically so that account isn't worth keeping open either..Version: 2.4

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