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Google Pay: Save And Pay Negative Reviews

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Google Pay: Save and Pay App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Google Pay: Save and Pay app received 48 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Google Pay: Save and Pay? Can you share your negative thoughts about google pay: save and pay?

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Google Pay: Save and Pay for Negative User Reviews

Very confusingI prefer cash app but maybe I’m biased since I’ve had it forever. I used google pay to receive some money and was very surprised to find out that they ask for the last 4 of your social for “verification”. Then when I tried to transfer the money on my cash app card because it would be easier for me since I already had money on it they supposedly don’t allow prepaid cards which is dumb. If you already know it’s me and it’s my money, I should be able to decide what card I would like it to go on . Also, it took me a while to figure out where to go to transfer the money ..Version: 118.0

TERRIBLE UPDATEGoogle pay was the first and only money transfer app I’ve ever used and I LOVED it. It was a simple interface and a super quick and easy to send money to my mom (not very tech savvy) and friends when we’d spot each other money every now and then. The new update interface is really convoluted and confusing to use and all my contacts have to download a new app and add each other again (and jump through hoops to do it). After I sent my mom money to pay her bills, we were surprised with a brand new 1.5% debit transfer fee that SHE would have to pay to get her money instantly. Instead, we had to give google access to our bank accounts and wait 1-3 business days to get the money without the fee. Needless to say, we both are deleting the app. Google is a already billion dollar corporation that monopolizes a big chunk of the tech industry and hardly needs money to cover debit transfer fees. I hope Google reads these reviews of people saying the same things and will see what a big mistake they’ve made..Version: 118.0

PointlessEverything works just fine, but there seems to be no real features that drive me to use this. I keep seeing the add where it imports receipts and tracks spending, but find no way to do that in the app. There is no real analytics on your spending, no receipts, just how much you paid and what business it was to, but my banks app can do that fine. It seems like it’s just venmo, but because no one I know uses google pay over venmo, it truly is a useless app. I know google makes great useful products, but this just feels like a useless app. It would be nice if it tracked spending, allowed for budgeting, had analytics on spending, allowed you to search through past transactions, etc..Version: 118.0

Horrible Update1) The ratings for the old gpay and the new gpay need to be separated. The 4.7 stars is based on the old app, not the new one. 2) I used the old app to transfer funds between 2 debit cards/ bank accounts. I was able to switch between my main google account and a secondary google account I created specifically for gpay. With this update I can’t send a “friend” invite to my mobile number because google views it as the same account. I use the same mobile number on both accounts. Now, I can’t use the main feature that the old app was easily able to do. 3) My credit union is not a listed bank 4) This app states bugs were fixed , what exactly was fixed? 5) As many have stated there was no notification that we would no longer be able to use the old app. I never write reviews, but this “enhancement” was so bad that I had to write something. We should have had the option to be grandfathered into the old app and notified that starting in 2021 if you don’t upgrade now, you will automatically be instructed to install the latest version. So simple..Version: 117.2

This is the WORST updateI absolutely loved google pay. It was INSTANT transfer. Free. It made paying other people so so easy without having to deal with a transfer fee. Used it for the last 3 years. This was great for paying for rent in my situation. I got the notification to get the new app and not only did I lose all my contacts that I had from the previous app, it now doesn’t seem to do instant transfer. I went to send money this morning using it and it said it’ll be SENT in 1-5 business days. Seriously??? I didn’t even get a warning of it taking that long and there’s no way to cancel it. Very unhappy. I guess I’ll go back to using Venmo or Apple Cash again and deal with the fee..Version: 117.0

DisappointingI usually don’t write app reviews, but I felt this one was a must. I absolutely loved the old Google pay, the reason this money transferring app was my favorite was because it offered everything the other apps did not. From instantly receiving transfers to your debit cards at no cost, to switching out payment methods. Now this new Google pay is heading in the same exact direction as Cashapp, where they want you to keep your money in their app. If you wish to do an instant transfer, they will charge you a fee. Only way to avoid the transfer fee is to transfer to your bank account, which can take up to 5 business days! It is unfortunate because the old app was perfectly fine. It was free and easy to use, and in my opinion well above the competition by a landslide. On top of the new unpleasant features the new app brings, it is also confusing to use. No changes were needed, Google dropped it on this one, and I no longer intend on using their app to transfer money..Version: 118.0

Terrible experienceUsed the old google pay app about a year ago to transfer money to a friend. Today needed to transfer money to same friend again. Launched the old app, but it asked me to go and download this new one. Stupid, but fine. Downloaded, re-enabled old cards. I see my friend in the list of people and it shows Invite button. Tried to invite him, but he already got the app and also sees me there with an Invite button 🤦‍♂️If we try to invite each other all it does - sends a message with a link go download the app. But we still can’t transfer money to each other 🤦‍♂️ Eventually my friend setup “bill to split” and requested money from me this way. I got push notification which launched this ap and it immediately crashed on launch. Another 🤦‍♂️. P.S. and new app icon is terrible too. Counter intuitive and hard to distinguish from other similarly awful google apps icons..Version: 118.0

Remarkably SlowI want to love this app and I can even put up with the nonsense attempt to make it a social network BUT the payments inexplicably can take a WEEK or more to transfer. I’m still waiting a week out on $100 my wife sent me for the electrician. And the differentiating feature I liked — the ability to attach requests /payments to Gmail emails — is no longer. I’ll be going back to Venmo which seems to clear transactions in a day or so, or immediately for a small fee. If Google is serious about being a player in this space it would do them well to remember what people love about Google to begin with: speed..Version: 118.0

Extremely frustrating!Honestly. I HATE the new app! Everything was so much easier on the old app and now all of sudden fees are added, it’s take WAY too long to add your card details and then you HAVE to add your bank account too! the money goes to your “google balance” and if you want or need it at that moment, you’ll have a fee! why i do need to pay YOU to get MY MONEY. I genuinely don’t like the “changes” and became so frustrated, i recently got rid of the app and started using another service. I wish everyone would stop trying to be like other services and stick to what the users actually like. You companies are always trying to find a way to earn an extra dollar out of people and it’s sad. Won’t be using the service anymore..Version: 118.0

All of my passes from the old Google pay app never transferred over to the new app.I had to consult customer service because all of my passes never came through from the old app. I couldn’t even see my own bank card anywhere. Everything but my contacts went missing on the app. Not even customer service could help me, as if they had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned “passes.” I’ve tried multiple times to figure out how to find my missing info but the options are so limited. I prefer the old Google pay app and I’m not looking forward to having it removed in April just because the new Google pay version will be taking over..Version: 118.0

I expect more from GoogleI invited a friend to use this app and was embarrassed after it changed over night. No warning about that the or explanation and do complete that we couldn’t walk into it or choose if we want to use it the new way. You guys are not the only game in town you shouldn’t take your customers for granted. I feel like this was the worse roll out that you’ve ever done and that it hurts your brand to bully your base in anyway. Everyone is watching you mess this up and apps are swooping in to provide this service in a clear, direct, inclusive way for the disgruntled voices. The group of 4 star reviews are skewed because they clicked through to the rant and didn’t realize they hit the wrong star number. We are summarily floored! I hope you’re listening. I want to say good things about this app again..Version: 118.0

DON’T UPDATE APP!!I don’t know who’s idea it was to make a new app for google pay. This is the worst thing ever. The older version of the app was by far the easiest thing to use, for me ever better than cash app or other apps similar. This new app is way to complicated and not easy/ friendly to use. There are more fees in the new app that there wasn’t in the first one. You also have to re-enter all of your banking and card info and they don’t make that easy either. They made a new app when they should’ve just updated the old one or make it easy for their consumers and have all of their info already put in or transferred. They also try and force you off the old app. If you have the old app and send someone money, that person won’t get it because you have the old app but it will still say that it was taken out of your account and you and the other person have to get the new app to get the money with a fee being charged when there was never a fee in the old app. If I could give a no star I would!!!.Version: 118.0

Easy Cash to Pure TrashThis new app is one of the most aggravating apps I have ever dealt with. Please believe the 1 star reviews, these people are all correct in what’s wrong with this app. From new transfer fees to the invasion of privacy to collect and sale your data for targeted marketing attacks. The most frustrating aspect is having to force your friends to download the app as well in order to even send them money. You can’t even put in a friend’s gmail account address without first forcing them to get the app. On top of that, I don’t know where they are pulling phone numbers for contacts because the number for my sister was wrong and didn’t even match my phone’s address book. The app refused to accept her new number as the correct point-of-contact so I could never send cash. I’ve never had an app change be so infuriating. I’ve been in IT for 20+ years and am fairly tech savvy and this app was so frustrating to figure out. They buried the purpose of this app for some stupid money-making gimmicks. I can’t recommend this app at all. Just awful!.Version: 118.0

Complete trashThis app is unusable, frustrating, and top of it, full of bugs. I had been paid twice in the past week, all went into my bank via my debit card. Now I was going to get paid the third time, but noe I got the message that my info could not be verified. Well, smartypants, how did I get the previous two payments!? The person could never pay me using the app because of whatever glitches and problems, so the person paid me via the website. But I was told I need to contact support because all of a sudden my info could not be verified. Tapping on the "contact support" button, I ended up at a blank page with no support contact. THANKS FOR THAT!!! So then I tried adding the same info with a different email. Well, the app is unusable on the iPad. The app was obviously not tested on a tablet because adding a payment method is not possible. First, the "scan your card" label/button covers the input field where I would otherwise enter my card information. Once I was able to get paste my card number, I could not add the card because the "Done" or whatever button at the bottom is covered up by the number keypad and the button does not scroll into view so tapping on it is not possible. Who are these INCOMPETENT IDIOTS at Google who never heard of testing before!!! Your computer science degree doesn't worth a penny because you are a disgrace to software development! I am switching to another payment app because Google just ain't worth wasting time with..Version: 118.0

WORST AND MOST CONFUSING UPDATE EVERThis is my first app review ever, but my anger of this app forced me to write it. I love and use all google apps. They are usually so easy to use and really helpful. I’m not sure what they were thinking with this new app. It’s impossible to “pay” anyone— even when you type a gmail address that is registered with this new app, it doesn’t “find” the person. The old app (while limited in what it can do) was easy, straight forward, and transferred money quickly. This app tries to be a budgeting app, Venmo, cashApp, bill tracking, social app, and more all in one but fails at doing ANY of this. I’m really frustrated and wish I can just have the option to use the old app. I should add, I’m not a Boomer and grew up with smartphones almost all my life. Yet I’m still not able to figure this out. Please at least make the old app available, and keep this for whoever wants to waste hours of their time figuring this out..Version: 118.0

SUPER FRUSTRATINGI have used the old google pay app since I was 16, my whole family did. I have been using it to transfer between my different banks. But now I can only have one account per phone number and if I even want to try and send money between my accounts, I need to move it to my “google pay”balance and then transfer that to my card I want. It was really confusing to figure out and I’m 21, I’m not someone who doesn’t know her way around a smart phone. I honestly just wish they left how the old app was and then add these new upgrades. I am no longer using google pay and I have told everyone who does to use something else cause this upgrade took all the things I like and threw them away.Version: 118.0

THERE IS NOW A FEE FOR INSTANT TRANSFERS TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNTAre you kidding me? First off, the new interface is super convoluted to start. It took me a hot minute to figure out how to simply send money in the first place. Secondly, it is SO buggy. It has this “stutter” that I can’t explain, that makes it extremely annoying to use. I am running an iPhone 11 on iOS 14.3. Thirdly, and the worst part: Google Pay will now charge you a 1.5% fee for instant transfers to your bank account. This is where I draw the line. Google Pay was the best money-transfer app for so long, because I could send money to any of my family members who quickly needed it, and it would hit their bank account instantly. Or my roommate could send me his half of rent/utilities and I could pay it all outright, right then & there, because it would hit my bank account instantly. Simple. It was what set it apart from Venmo, Cash App, etc. And now it’s just the same as any other, but with an awful interface. No thanks..Version: 118.0

So many issuesI downloaded this to participate in the reward program with some friends and I can’t say I’m impressed. From the start it’s been nothing but difficult. I have had a google account for 12 years but for whatever reason it didn’t believe I existed and made me jump through a million hoops to verify my account, which is still not verified. I did a text verification, an email verification, I took pictures of myself and sent those in, I gave them my social security number, I scanned in pictures of my drivers license, I sent them a copy of my lease to prove my address, and the list goes on. It’s just ridiculous. I think it’s great that they’re taking safety seriously but this is just absurd. I spent hours collecting all the information they wanted from me and they still don’t think I’m a legit person. I think it’s safe to say after all of that and STILL not having my account verified I’ll be sticking with Venmo and PayPal.Version: 118.0

🗣 Google Scam Bloatware 💸After referrals sent out out directly to several colleagues. Zero payouts! Google has tons of profits yet is pulling a bait and switch so never refer people to this App! Google could write this App to be less than 99 megabytes, but laziness with sloth and indolence obviously took hold for this behemoth begging to be broken apart! They created a legalese out, but never tell you status, just while supplies last for payouts. Well obviously they change their terms of service unilaterally faster than you can say Kim Jung Un to cheat you from your earned referral mutual credits. None of my colleagues have received a dime nor indicated dollars from the greedy Google Plex whilst you download, jump through hoops and perhaps like me, actually have a real reason to utilize Google Pay in context, yet are prevented from rewards because of their greed to be I’ve sided like a monopoly would behave from the John D. Rockefeller handbook of Sherman Antitrust moves. 🤔 So do not refer with expectations of payouts, as these Mountain View cheaters to United States, Singapore and India have decided to be rogue on referral dollars promised with true legalized banditry!.Version: 118.0

Money taken out of account on the wrong day mess up bank accountThe type a bank account I have the money comes out immediately google pay request the money out from my bank on the 22 instead of the 19 which is the day I made and cancel the transaction call google pay they tell me that It my banks fault check with your bank that that’s your banks fault no I have proof in pictures that the money was requested from Google on the 22nd and there’s nothing that they would do to fix it no courtesy to put my money back in my account nothing so I will not be using Google pay once everything is said and done these are the reasons why companies fail I have all the proof all the proof I don’t mine waiting but I’m still upset because of the wrong information and because I do have pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!!! For all my bank knows I asked for the money to be sent to google on the 22 instead of the 19 when I actually made the transaction. I still have those pictures my proof showing the money was wrongly taken out on my account after it was canceled on the same day. Zero stars is what I want to give google pay I apologize to the people I feel deserve an apology get better google I would get this app because I use to love google but the app is not the same I will not recommend this app..Version: 118.0

Poor Customer SupportI made a transaction with an activated offer through the Google Pay app in early January. After over a month of back and forth with the Google Pay Support Team because I never got the cash back, they finally asked me for a screenshot of the activated deal, which has long since expired. I provided proof of purchase, activation information, and everything they asked me for and they claimed that I had never activated the deal. The sole reason I made the purchase was to receive the cash back reward through Google Pay. I activated the offer, and made the purchase using the card that was set up for rewards in my Google Pay app. I’m very disappointed in Google Pay’s user interface as well as their customer support team, as they did pretty much the opposite of supporting me with this transaction. Save yourself the time & energy and use Apple Pay/Venmo/Zelle instead..Version: 118.0

Very unprofessional customer serviceGoogle provides support from poor countries such India as hard why they can’t solve your problems. I used old version app with no issues. After I installed new version over 2 weeks ago still can’t use it in normal way. At the beginning I’ve been told it’s just regular procedure. I received an email from support what my account is good and I can send and receive money but nothing worked. Then I received new emails saying my access is limited to prevent fraud. A week later they asked me to verify my identity again. I sent everything and already 4 days waiting. As soon they release my funds I will close Google pay and won’t recommended to anyone..Version: 118.0

TerribleGoogle pay had a promotion to refer friends to use the app to receive $21 per person referred. It sounded too good to be true but who am I to say no to free money. At first they allowed you to refer up to 10 people but they probably rethought the idea and lowered it to 3. They changed the policy to you will receive $1-$10 and your friend $1-$5. Why is it not a set amount? The app is also so hard to navigate and was very confusing to use. It’s also so slow on the iPhone and after feeling like I was tricked into downloading this. It is not a very user friendly application and takes way too long to do anything. The gamble side of referring is also terrible. Who in their right minds would refer anyone for the possibility of earning $1?.Version: 118.0

Confusing App and Will Not Let Me Change My Legal NameThis app is far more convoluted and confusing than I would have thought, to the point that I had to have somebody hold my hand and walk me thru the entire process of setting it up and learning how to use it. I’m 24, I was raised in the age of smart phones, this shouldn't be that difficult for me. But beyond that, when I tried to look at my personal info, it showed my legal name as something completely different from my own, and is locked, making it so I can’t change it. Which is INCREDIBLY STUPID if you ask me bc, even ignoring the fact that it just has me wrong??? People change their names!! Legally!!!! They realize their gender is wrong or they get married or divorced or something! And change their name! But you can’t do that here!! Also, while I realize that most payment apps charge you to remove your money, finding out from other reviews that they didn’t used to have that feature infuriates me even more than it did when i saw the fact they were going to charge me. All in all, its a one star from me, bc I just can’t figure it out despite growing up w technology, the movement of capitalism to where every single thing you use tries to charge you infuriates me, and the fact that they LITERALLY gave me the WRONG NAME and WILL NOT let me change it..Version: 118.0

AwfulNot only are the animations super jittery, the UI is convoluted and confusing. As soon as I enter the app I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. Add friends? Sure. Why can’t I just use the same contacts I used in the previous app? Why do I have to “invite” people? Why does everyone apparently have to sign up for this new app in order to use Google Pay at all? Why is it now harder to do the things Google Pay is supposed to make it so easy to do: send and receive money, and transfer that money to my bank account? I immediately switched back to the old app, and if I’m going to be forced to use this one I’ll instead be using an alternative like Apple Pay. Be better, Google..Version: 117.2

Confusing App. This is not an updateI found the original Google Pay App very straightforward and helpful. I loved that it was simple for sending money directly to friends, much better than using PayPal, which holds the money in a balance like a middle institution. With Google Pay I send money to anyone via a phone number or email, they don’t need to set up a special account just use a debit card to receive it. And it was quick! I’m glad we can still use that app because this new one is completely different and a major step back in every way!! Maybe I don’t know how to use it, so please correct me if I’m missing something. Why can’t I send money to a phone number or email anymore? I do not like the extra step of first sending an App invite to someone, and that seems to be the only option now!! Why can’t I switch between my two Google Accounts anymore? It only allows one login and it says my other account cannot be used (which is a Google Voice number!). That eliminates one of the best features of using Google Pay, to transfer funds between my own accounts. Please keep the original App active! This one is totally different and unusable..Version: 118.0

Why do this?I used the old app to send money to my dad every month, to help him out with bills. The old app was super easy to use and the money was deposited instantly into his bank account, without him having to do anything. This was ideal, as he is older and not tech savvy. Now, we will have to find an alternative, as the new app is way too busy-looking and confusing to use. Instead of the money going into his bank account, it will sit within Google Pay until he goes in and figures out how to transfer it - for a fee or after waiting several days. Why do this?? People just want a fast way to send money directly and not jump through hoops to get it done. This app no longer does that and I no longer have a reason to use it. It seems many others feel this way as well. Anything to try to make a buck, right?.Version: 117.1

If it isn’t broken don’t fix it !!!!!LOVED THE OLD GOOGLE PAY. It was perfect for what me and my family and friends needed. In paying and receiving money. It did it fast and with out charging us. It was Exactly what we needed it was perfect until it wouldn’t let me send money to pay someone It wouldn’t let me and sent me to this app and told me to download. I loved google pay so I trusted this would be great. But no. ! I sent a person money and it charged. The other google pay didn’t ! And the person wasn’t able to get the full amount with out taking money out of what I sent to him ! None of us will be using this app. Again. Will be removing my info and deleting. Really wish y’all would have left things alone. If I could give it a lower rating I would !.Version: 117.1

Got rid of the things I liked and added everything I've been avoiding in other appsI started using Google Wallet in ~2015. It was my favorite money app because it was simple, instant, free, and let's be real, google had our credit cards anyway. This new Google pay ruins everything I liked about the original app. Instant transfers aren't free anymore, they've added an excessive number of features that I never wanted, it's got a social media/promotional component I've been avoiding in other apps, the entire app is convoluted and more difficult to navigate with all new crap, and the privacy settings are far more complicated because they added a bunch of ways for Google to access our private info in order to enable those features I never wanted. 0/10 do not recommend.Version: 118.0

Used to be the best; nothing special now.Google Pay (the old version)has always been my absolute favorite money-transfer app. I have recommended it to everyone I know. This “update” has removed all of the advantages it had over its competitors. Previously it would transfer money directly from someone else’s bank account to mine (or vice versa) within minutes, for free. Now it holds money in a Google Pay account requiring an extra step from me. Furthermore, the money will be transferred either for a fee or in five days. All of the things that made it better than PayPal or Venmo are now erased! I see no reason to continue using it. Google Pay, you have lost an ardent fan and supporter..Version: 117.1

Some improvements but missing featuresOverall the new app seems to be working well. I’m not having issues with crashes like I was before which is obviously an improvement. But I do miss the passbook from the old app. Instead of having them all in one place I have to search individually for each business loyalty card. Would really appreciate that being added back in. Also the overnight switch with no announcement or warning was very frustrating..Version: 117.1

Difficult to navigate and InconvenientHonestly, worst app I have used to date. I have never struggled so much on an app like this. It makes no sense onto why this app needs so much personal information as well. As to how young I actually am and how I grew up with technology, you could believe I can easily navigate and figure out a simple form of an application that’ll “help” manage money. That is incorrect. I, for my dear life was unable to figure out how this really works. And apparently there’s some form of payment to access my own money or send/request it? Yeah, no. I’m not doing that. There’s better apps who are trusted and safe that I can use. It also didn’t make sense to me why it’s requiring me to put my SSN? Last time I checked... this is an app. Not a bank. Not a form of credit. Why is it needed? Yeah... no.. I’m not “verifying my identity”. I wasn’t given another option besides my SSN....Version: 118.0

The STUPIDEST app imaginableThe Old Google Pay app was great. It was very simple. This new app is extraordinarily convoluted. It has no section to receive money and absolutely no ability to integrate from the old app. The customer service is beyond horrible. My name on the old app wouldn’t transfer and I tried contacting cs. They wanted me to uninstall & reinstall. We were connected through the New app. I asked if that would disconnect us. They said No. Of course it did. Then after talking to 3 different agents none of them understood the problem, but want more screenshots. I used a different email to connect to the new app, since the old one has some undefined fatal error. And I still have absolutely no way to either input old contacts or receive money from them. I thought I found it and NOPE, it was sending a text message to someone to download the new app, not connect with me. After fiddling around with it for an hour of credit card info, password changes, requiring a passcode on my phone. I gave up! I decided to simply use another system. This is beyond ridiculous! They should have just kept the old app exactly as it was..Version: 118.0

Do not like this new app...I have used the old Google Pay app for awhile and loved it because it was easy, simple, and efficient. I tried this new one today and I absolutely hate it. The new app is not user friendly and they are trying to be like Cash App. Previously the money sent to me went in to my bank but now it goes to a Google Pay balance that I have to transfer to my bank. If I want an instant transfer I must pay a fee or else wait 5 days for free. Also every time I click on something a screen pops up for me to enter my phone’s passcode to unlock Google Pay. This is so annoying!!! As I said before I loved the old app!! If it’s not broke don’t fix it! They have ruined Google Pay and I won’t be using it anymore....Version: 118.0

Truly terrible user experience!I’ve used payment apps (Google Wallet/Pay, Paypal, Zelle, etc.) for nearly as long as they have been around. This is truly the worst update/change that I have ever seen. The UX is horrible and I am struggling to figure out equivalent functionality from the previous version. If Google’s goal was to drive users off their platform I think that they may have succeeded! For instance, am I no longer able to transfer funds directly without adding them to my Google balance first?? This is one of many frustrating changes which appear to be undocumented in a transition guide. Creating a false narrative that the product is “better” when it is actually “worse” from the user’s experience is unacceptable. Who else thinks that we should boycott this platform??!.Version: 118.0

Google, please discontinue thisYou can take your chances but for me the app is always returning an “unexpected error” when setting up a payment method. Now I can’t tip my doormen these holidays because I’m away and they sadly only take google pay. That’s one thing. Another concern is, if the developer of this app is unable catch and display exact errors, how can I trust that they’re not making other genius moves like storing my credit card information in plain text or something? The most frustrating thing is that there is absolutely no need for this terrible app to exist because the sphere is already saturated with great alternatives. Yet google is forcing this into the market and consumers are now sometimes stuck with it (because some entities adopt it and don’t accept other types of payments)..Version: 118.0

DO NOT GET APPI have never had trouble with any apps or the apps team EVER! This one stole money from me, was hard enough trying to find out how to contact them. They have no phone number, so spent 4 weeks going back and forth with one of the laziest team member(s) and was asked to file a dispute. The only dispute they have is a Peer to Peer unauthorized transaction. My bank shows I made to payments out when I had only made one and got that one payment sent back and put back into my account. They do not take the time to clarify why google took another $10 out of my bank. It does not show in app history two payments out only one because that’s all I made. I sent them proof and confirmed that my bank shows two transactions of $10 and my history only shows one because that is all I made and still get no clarification from the team members and they still fight me that I made two, and again asked me to put in a peer to peer dispute even though it was not a peer to peer dispute. Worst app ever! Do not waste the time. Stick to cash app and PayPal who I’ve never had problems with and always ready to help and clarify any and every situation!.Version: 118.0

No carryoverI discovered that I am using the old google pay app and that there is a new app when trying to transfer money. Google seemingly disabled the old app overnight. When transitioning to the new app none of my old accounts transferred. Now a quick chore of sending money to a colleague has evolved into verifying identity, looking up account info, and re-entering debit cards. Very frustrating roll out of this app. No announcement email, overnight shut off of the old app, and a requirement to re-enter all your financial information. Disappointed Google handled things this way. Not planning to go through the setup again and will just transfer to PayPal..Version: 117.0

They pretty much robbed meSo I my friend asked $10 for an Uber ride which he did not have so I could’ve paid him a different way but I tho thought I give google pay a chance and so I gave him the ten dollars and then I figured out there’s a way to earn free money on the app so me and my friend did the free money thing and I earned $20 but I still had to put in $10 so then my friend was able to cash out his money no problem and for some reason I couldn’t and apparently I need to verify my account in which my friend did not have to do and so I tried to verify but I needed a drivers license and I’m still in my teens so I don’t have one so I pretty much just have money in my account which I can literally put into google pay but can take out.Version: 118.0

Will never use againI used the old version google pay with no problems. I sent money and received money with no problem and it only took a day. However I downloaded the new app and it has been 22 days since I sent money and the person I sent it to hasn’t received it!! I have emailed and looked everywhere to call support. Finally I was able to chat with support and they called me. The tech support person couldn’t believe how long it’s been and said processing. She said that they would put my case on top priority and it would be resolved in 48 hours. It has been six days since and the transaction still says processing. I should have gotten an email by now as well. I do not recommend using google pay. I will never use it again..Version: 118.0

Can’t Register Phone NumberI live in Puerto Rico (PR) we are part of USA and I'm using the Google Pay (Google Pay (old logo)) many times, when try to send money the app ask me to install this new GPay (new logo) as a early access because I can't send money. Downloaded and installed, then... I can't register because my phone number is from PR not USA. “We are part of USA” But what the heck!, people that live here in PR using Google Pay are fine without problem using Google Pay (as repeat old logo app) and by the way in the "United States: Supported payment methods" the list of banks YOU HAVE Banco Popular of Puerto Rico and im using another local in PR bank on my list of payments methods. You MUST INCLUDE Puerto Rico's area codes; 787 and 939 for the process of register correctly my account as well thousands of residents in PR and those who live as well in USA using phone numbers from PR. So you're giving a bad step for this early app for people of Puerto Rico and you strongly discriminate us. By the way too, Google recognizes us part of the USA on many services using our area codes... I have to use for emergency PayPal's service instead. Shame on you Google..Version: 117.1

Worst payment app I have ever TRIED to useIt’s interface is confusing and not user friendly. Made me enter my debit card into. Ok. Bank routing info. Ok. My last 4 SSN. Still can’t accept payment. Makes me enter my full social which makes me cringe. Still can’t Accept the money in my account. Now I’m waiting for this person to resend my money via check since they don’t have zelle or Apple Pay or Venmo or cash app or PayPal. And for some bizarre reason only have google pay. By far the worst of all the payment apps I have ever encountered I just lost almost 2 hours of my life that I will never get back trying to set up, verify, and deal with customer support. Not an understatement to say this app was truly worthless to me.Version: 118.0

Worst appJust found out about Google offers and would love to use Google pay more, but I’ve found this app to be confusing and difficult to navigate. As great as some of the Google offers are, something as simple as saving and adding the offer to your account is a process in itself. I’ve literally used this app twice and both times, I wondered to myself “did the offer go through” as there is no way to check! I’m currently waiting on customer support to check my latest transaction... added offer to my account, accessed the website through Google pay app, and made my purchase with the eligible credit card on file....after all is said and done, THERES STILL NO INDICATION OF WHETHER THE OFFER WENT THROUGH ARE NOT. How hard is it to have a notificAtion that says “sorry this offer can’t be used anymore” or a “congrats, you have successfully utilized the offer, please wait for further processing”?? Additionally, opening a chat ticket to ask for help is another hair pulling process in itself. Once this issue is resolved, this will probably be the last time I use this app, regardless of how great the offers are until all these little quality of life issues are fixed. There are too many other great apps currently available for me to have to put up with this headache..Version: 118.0

Not good at all.I used this app to purchase a subscription of Disney+ for my daughter. I added $10 to be put into Google Pay. The next day, $10 was deducted from my bank account. However the funds were not available in Google Pay until 4 days later. I then decided to transfer the $10 back to my bank account which will now take a additional 1-5 days to transfer. So, I ask 10 days normal for transfers? Is even 5 days normal? The answer is NO. If you are in no rush to send and or receive money, than this app is for you. Also, you are charged 1.5% of the money you are sending to a debit or credit card. The app has been removed from my phone..Version: 118.0

Awful upgradeThe old Google Pay was user-friendly even for those who are not tech-savvy. The app was connected to my debit card with no charges or fees. I used Google Pay with my family over apps like Venmo or Cash App for a very long time. However, the new Google Pay does not live up to the previous standards. The money sits there rather than being immediately transferred (like Venmo). It’s confusing for users, even tech-savvy ones. And, I spent close to an hour (at least) messing around with the new app and could never get it to work for me. When the old Google Pay quits operating, I will no longer be a Google Pay user..Version: 117.2

Ok if you can wait 2 weeksThis review is more for the service than the app itself. The app is fine as far as functionality but it’s the wait time to get your money. Someone transferred money to me on 2/10 which did not get credited to me until 2/17. The credit then went to my google pay account which subsequently needed to be transferred to my bank account. Enter another “1-5 business days.” As of now, I can expect money that was transferred to me in February 10th to be available to me on February 22nd. That is totally unacceptable. The previous google pay app was an almost instant transfer. Now not so much. That being said, if you use this service like you would Venmo or Cash App and send only small amounts then I guess it’s not that big of a deal. Larger amounts though...I won’t be using this again. UPDATE: Small amounts are the same wait period. This is useless..Version: 118.0

Don’t terminate the no fee instant debit transfers please!I guess google is going to get rid of the old google pay app that has no fees in place of this new app which will charge 1.5% for instant debit transfers and require you give them your banking routing information for free transfers that happen in 1 to 3 days. I have a pixel phone and google fi but am looking to use zelle and go with an iphone for my next upgrade since I am anticipating the termination of the no fee google pay app. The google ecosystem is going to be less attractive for me with the changes but I guess google is known for changing and terminating products quite frequently and apple is less invasive in my personal affairs anyway..Version: 118.0

Terrible appIt’s amazing how software company like google will put out something like this. After I downloaded the new google pay I made a grave mistake of deleting my old app, now I can’t use the new and supposedly better app because it failed in every way. I thought when the new and updated app was created that you will make it so it can pull information from the old one while allowing the users that’s still using the old one to be able to connect with there contacts regardless of which app they have, now I will have to go back to using cash app which I hated very much. So for the upheaval this app has caused me I can only give it one star..Version: 118.0

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