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AdvertsI really enjoyed this game up until a few days ago, the recent update now puts an advert in when you aren’t far off completing the puzzle and I lose my train of thought. What a stupid idea that was. Finding a new sudoku app have deleted this one..Version: 4.7.1

Fix the hint systemOverall the app has been pretty great, but with the latest update the hint system has become totally non-functional. It was incredibly helpful when it simply filled a single spot I chose. But now it auto-fills a nearly complete row/column, which does nothing to help. I prefer playing the game with number-first inputs because it’s just helpful to me personally, so I often end up with nearly complete rows that I’ll get to when I get to the number that completes them. I don’t need hints for those, I need hints to help when it’s 50/50 where a number will go. Edit: oh, so now it’s finding even more ways to avoid being helpful. I know how to use the pencil feature. I know the strategies of how to best use the pencil feature. What I don’t know is the 50/50 chance that I’ll make a third mistake and have to either start over or wait through one of your terrible 45 second ads. Strategies only go so far. Fix the hints ASAP, or I’ll delete the game..Version: 2.2.0

Too Many AdsUsed to be my favourite puzzle app. Very satisfying to complete a puzzle. Unfortunately the ads have gotten out of control. There used to be one ad in between games but not there about 5 ads during each game which ruins your train of thought and the satisfaction when trying to complete a puzzle as quickly as you can. You have driven away your most satisfied users with the increased ads. I have uninstalled the app and won’t reinstall it until this issue is fixed. The developer please actually respond to this review with something other than generic PR speak..Version: 4.11.0

Too many ads !Why isn’t there a pay for version?.Version: 4.9.1

Getting worseI got a reply about the constant adverts popping up during the game. It is a tiny bit better, but still happening all the time. But this morning I was really cross. I had this installation, that I got this three mistakes when I had a number wrong. This morning I thought I was doing quite well, everything worked out until I went with the last two numbers and obviously there was a mistake somewhere and the whole game did not work out. So obviously something has changed as I didn’t get the three wrong attempts. I’m so done with this game. I started to play it in November 2018 and pleaded daily. I think that is to be quite a loyal customer. But I’m thrilled with that. It will be the second game this month that I will delete and not replace. It is annoying and I’m a bit disappointed, but I’m done with it.Version: 4.9.0

More ads ruined gameplayI played for a while and I used to enjoy this app and would deal with ads in between games. In between games is understandable for a free app. Now, ads show up DURING a game. It happens when you clear a whole number in the board (e.g., you find all the 5’s) without the user prompting for an ad. I’m not trying to do an ad for anything that’s standard premium (e.g., game hints). The sudden ad in the middle of a game is frustrating and ruins the fun. This is an absolute deal breaker and is an awful user experience. This app deserves 1 star for this awful setup and awful cash grab for its users Also, the fact the developers are pushing the “you can go to settings and PAY to go ad free” as a solution for negative reviews is ridiculous and manipulative. It feels like a slap across the face. I don’t care it’s a “one-time” purchase or fee. I would pay to support an app I enjoyed, but the developers ruined the user experience to push people to pay. That is not worth any time or purchase from the user.Version: 4.11.0

LevelsAdds that stop you playing half way through the game are distracting. Not consistent at each level.. some are easier/harder than the level you choose.Version: 4.8.0

So many adsI have just played today’s daily challenge and the game was interrupted numerous times by ads. Until recently there was maybe one at the beginning and another at the end. Lately the games have been interrupted in the middle with another ad. Today’s challenge I’ve done in between visits and chores during the day. Every time I open it up, another ad. I’ve just spent the last ten minutes (or less) completing the challenge and in that time, there was an ad on opening, an ad on finishing, and at least another two ads during play. What’s with that? Is it even worth playing anymore?.Version: 4.7.1

Overwhelmed by adsI have been using this app to play sudoku for over a year. I really enjoy the daily puzzle and the times events they run. But recently the amount of ads I’ve been getting while playing is too much. I’m a realist, I understand that these apps run on ad revenue. I’m happy to get an ad before a puzzle, or if I need extra hints. But now they have put it in that an ad triggers when you clear all of one number from the puzzle. So you now get an ad mid way through solving the puzzle. This is too much and ruins the experience in my opinion..Version: 4.7.1

Annoying advertsI’ve been doing the daily challenge on both my iPhone and iPad for over a year and just recently it’s become intolerable because of all the interruptions and time wasted while ads for mostly stupid games are run for about 30 seconds. Now, whilst in the middle of a puzzle, ads are being run, which can interrupt a train of thought and are very annoying. It never used to be like this - there were some ads but nothing like you have now. It is ruining the game for me, and I will be deleting both at the end of the month if things remain the same. I used to enjoy doing the daily challenge but I’m finding it annoys me more now instead of being fun..Version: 4.7.1

A great sudoku app - when it works!I’ve played this app regularly over the past couple of years, and can recommend it as one of the best - I’ve previously rated it 5 stars. The reason I’m downgrading my rating now is that, over the past few weeks I’ve noticed an increasing number of ads in this App that “time out” with no exit option (ads normally have an “X” in the top right corner to close them after they’ve run). This leaves the player no option to return to the game in progress but to hard re-start the device and lose any progress made. It’s becoming such a frustrating aspect of using this App that I’m considering changing my allegiance to one of the other Sudoku Apps out there….Version: 4.9.1

I wish the puzzles would stay openThere are definitely features I like, such as being able to change the color of the board and the brightness independently from the phone’s brightness setting. I also enjoy having the daily challenges and the “adventure” challenges to mix it up. There are ads, but you can skip them after a few seconds (though some ads seem to have found a way to not let you skip. I don’t know if they hide the skip button or if some ads are just allowed to force you to watch the whole thing) My main complaint is that if I switch apps quickly without closing the app (for example to read a text quickly or change songs on my music app) it frequently backs me out of my puzzle when I switch back. It’s not a huge inconvenience, it’s just irritating enough to make me play a different app if I know I’ll be switching back and forth frequently..Version: 3.5.0

Best sudoku app; but very glitchy, crashes my phone and freezesThe gameplay itself is really great when it works well; the only thing that I would recommend to the developers is to lock in a correct answer when it’s been entered. It’s very frustrating when you’re finishing a game and get a “mistake” when you click an already found answer - it can be undone and count against you, which just makes no sense. But the major issue with the game is that it has frozen my phone twice (so I can’t even lock it or turn it off; I had to figure out how to restart without using the screen). It also often generally freezes and slows down (so when I click on a box it takes about 5 seconds to react). It’s unfortunate; I hope these things are fixed in future iterations. But thanks for the great gameplay all the same!.Version: 4.9.1

Way too many adsI love this game and have had it for many years and I’ve completed well over 22,000 games in medium difficulty but the ads have now gotten completely out of control. Ads used to be played between completed games but for the last month or so the amount of ads have dramatically gotten worse. It went from a 30 second ad between games, then a ad was played every time you completed a line and/or a number and now I’m getting all of the above and ads every 45-60 seconds. Often 2 ads will play at the same time. This has now made the game completely unusable. Really disappointed I’ve lost my favourite game until this gets fixed..Version: 4.9.1

No end command..After i fill all the numbers the time is still running and there is no end command available.....Version: 3.8.0

LittleBlueOnly learnt how to play sudoku this year, hubby taught me. Now we challenge each other alas he beats me. On medium his fastest time is 3.33 mins, dang! Love this game to bits, now aiming for his record and want to move on to the next level after this. The only downfall is my iPad crashes on this game😜.Version: 1.3.1

You’ve just lost a playerLoved this game until last night. I used to play everyday. Now there’s a tracker on it??? Honestly you have to ASK the app to NOT track you? Instant delete 😡 Now you want a nickname to submit review? Every nickname I put in is taken!.Version: 3.4.0

Bowmans bingoVery fun app! unfortunately, as you get to the harder puzzles - bowmans bingo (pure guessing) is the suggested hint for 60-70% of the puzzles. This is incredibly frustrating when you work so hard to get to that point, only to have to “guess”. I saw one review response say that there are other methods to solve a bowmans bingo - I would love if the hints would teach us how we can do that and would gladly change my rating to 5stars. Thanks.Version: 3.9.0

Great game, bad ad placementUpdate Nov 2021: I originally docked 2 stars for the mid-game ads, but now I’m going down to a 1 star rating. They already have blinking flashing ads running at the bottom of the screen during a game, and now they interrupt gameplay for full screen ads that sometimes crash the game. Developer response has been pathetic. This game now has the most intrusive ads I’ve ever seen. Completely ruins gameplay. I have been playing this game pretty much daily for over a year. I’m a cheap sob and have not paid, so I have to live with the ads between every game. It’s fine, I’m used to it. But a new wrinkle is placing ads in the middle of the game…interrupting game play! This absolutely kills any momentum and thought process as you work through a puzzle. And some of the ads have actually caused an app crash, with no way out but to restart the app. This also happens occasionally with between game ads, but it’s much worse when it happens in the middle of a puzzle. It’s a 5 star game, less 2 for the new mid-game ads..Version: 4.8.0

ExpertI used to really enjoy this wiz until the ads started popping up during a game by entering a correct number👎🏽.Version: 4.8.0

Crashes and software glitches end game during playThis would be a fantastic app however I’d strongly recommend avoiding this app and trying an alternative until you can be sure that they have resolved the issue that causes games to disappear during play. Sometimes it will freeze or come up with an error which causes the app to restart. Once this happens your game vanishes and you have to start a new one. This is frustrating, not least when you’ve spent so much time on a game and feel close to finishing. Reinstalling the software doesn’t resolve the issue so I only hope this can be fixed in the future as the rest of it seems great. Just pointless until you know you can securely finish a game!.Version: 2.5.0

App is excellent except the hint mechanismI’ve been using this app for at least two years (hey, I want that trophy at the end of the month/year!) and it has been appealingly consistent with updates and the ad placement doesn’t bother me in the slightest, mostly because it’s unobtrusive and doesn’t get in the way. Edit 1: Still a great app and I do at least the daily challenge every day, if not more. That being said, with this most recent update (today is 20 May 2021), the style and buttons all changed. Normally this is fine, but in dark mode (which i have to use for my eyes ) where the background is dark grey and the numbers are white and pale blue, this most recent update means that the pencilled in numbers grey out to invisibility instead of highlighting brightly like they used to. Before, when I’d choose a number for final input (where it would go blue and easy to see), every other identical number on the entire board would be bright white. Now, it greys out and it’s impossible to see where matching numbers are across the board..Version: 4.3.0

Buggy - borked my phoneI never write reviews, but I felt others would want to know that this app has crashed my phone multiple times. I also found the ads to be very annoying. I don’t mind having an ad on the screen while I’m using the free app, but you’re forced to watch long full scree ads in the middle of your game. Usually more than once per game. I found my phone would get hot most of the times I played. On multiple occasions the phone would become almost unresponsive - delays of multiple seconds. I would have to kill the app and then everything was fine. Twice it got so bad that I had to restart my phone. But today, the screen froze. No matter what I did, the phone would not respond. I couldn’t kill the app. Couldn’t restart my phone. Eventually the screen went black and stayed that way for hours. I eventually found a way to restart new iPhones without using the touch screen. I have an iPhone 11 with the latest iOS. Maybe your luck will be different, but I wouldn’t risk it..Version: 4.9.1

A weird update that never went awayThis is by far the best sudoku app on the appstore. Its simple, clear and fun with the events. But this one update that they did a while ago haunts me. The fact that you can’t press hold and lock a number in without highlighting the location of every other place that number is. They used to let you turn that setting off and you could just lock numbers, making it a lot easier to play with one hand on the train or when walking etc. I use the app regularly so this kind of change made me play a little less. Its almost perfect other than that one issue. I don’t know why not just add a setting to let us turn off that feature? Its really really bad :(.Version: 4.8.0

Worse appThis app frozed my phone 3 times while using it. I was not able to do anything and I thought it broke it. DO NOTRECOMMEND.Version: 3.9.0

Was great before the recent updateThis has been one of my favorite apps for a long time. Clean, simple, and easy to use with good puzzles. The recent update has introduced far too many advertisements though. I understand the need for adverts as an important revenue stream, and had absolutely no problem sitting through them whenever I began a new game considering it allowed me to play the games for free. The recent update however has now made it so that every time I open the app, I have to sit through the same advertisements over and over just to finish one darn game. I mean, at least switch up the ads or something, but having to sit through the half minute of adverts numerous times just to complete one game because I don’t have half an hour to dedicate to sit down with it is too much. And I’m sorry but $7.99 is just too high for removing ads from a Sudoku app. That’s just not worth it. Thank you guys for the great service up to now, but unless the adverts go back to between every game, I’ll be looking for another app..Version: 1.2.1

It could be betterThe puzzles are good and I do like the daily challenge and the special events. However, the game itself needs some major improvements. You should be able to disable hints completely so you don’t accidentally hit it. You should also be able to enter a number in a box and then have a button to ‘confirm’ your entry. I don’t like that when you do accidentally enter a number in a box it immediately lights up red to let you know there’s no way that number can go in that box. I would like to disable this feature and just let me enter and remove numbers as I work my way through the puzzle. When you mark my mistakes like this it’s essentially the same as giving me a hint. These are the things that don’t make this app great. It’s still good though as the puzzles are challenging on hard and expert but I find the lack of features makes it more difficult to complete the expert puzzles..Version: 4.8.0

Plagued with adsApp works well, not a good tool for people trying to upskill as any time you need a hit you have to watch a 30 second ad. Many other apps do not have this ad spam. Cheers.Version: 4.11.0

PLEASE READThe 2 starts missing are because of my brain tells me to change the number so I can do this one but I’m on a correct number but I click the number I want and it just goes red then my face goes red so if you could make when you finish a spot make so you can choose the number while the search is off That’s all I need thanks..Version: 4.11.0

GoodThe reason why I gave this a 1 star review is because this game is so good.Version: 3.8.0

Great app but.....I have used this app daily for some weeks now and find it quite addictive. I accept the ads. Are part of it even though they seem to go on a bit - even longer for the ‘second chance’ option. The ads at the bottom of the page when you are playing can be intrusive to the game but the worse are when you get flashing. I have now deleted this app because of an ad./video that appeared at the end of a game....I did not watch it through but mentioned the words ‘for the sake of allah’....sorry but I did not sign up for religious or political ads of any sort.....TBF it might have been seeking donations for good causes but I did not wait to see. I would rate this app as 4/5* but the ads. bring it right down..Version: 1.2.5

Ads ruined it for meIt’s a great app. I love sudoku and this app is brilliant can’t fault the functionality of the app at all, I could play for hours. However, ads have started appearing mid game. I can deal with an ad popping up when I begin a game and even one at the end too, but not just bang in the middle for no reason. Every time that happens I just close the app. Get rid of this feature and you have a perfect app, but I won’t tolerate ads mid game.Version: 4.8.0

Great Online Sudoku But...Love having this game in my phone except for two important issues. First, and most important by far, I wish there were an option to fill in all candidates automatically. Filling in candidates is pure rote. It takes no thought but is just a tedious, plodding chore before you get to the real “thinking” game. I am at the expert level and want to spend my time thinking logically and strategically, not doing a time consuming rote exercise. I do a Sudoku on my PC and the automatic fill in option is there. So much more fun. Second, it is kind of annoying to be charged with an error because you forgot to switch from “off” to “on” or visa versa when playing . That’s not a substantive error but a bit of carelessness. You mean to enter a possible candidate and get charged with an error because you forgot to click on “ on” and end up actually selecting a number. I guess the game can’t divine your intent. Anyway, 5 stars with auto Mac fill in of candidates..Version: 2.3.7

Great app. But...It’s a brilliant little sudoku app, has everything I could ask for and the range of options is great but there lies a major fault. Several times when I’ve finished a puzzle, The game will load an Ad before bringing up the completed screen. It has caused my phone to completely freeze up. I’ve had to hard reset the phone which often causes it to not save and I’ll go back to a daily puzzle being incomplete or partially completed. I’d probably remove ads if it was the price majority of App Store games charge, but other than the game crashing I wouldn’t have any issue with ignoring a 20-30 second advert for a game I have no interest in (or the 3 games with a different name that all have identical mechanics).Version: 4.2.0

.I don’t like how it only allows you to make 3 mistakes, it’s quite frustrating..Version: 3.8.0

Ads are too longGood game but ads are too long.Version: 3.9.0

Not goodDo not mind advertising as you had it before, when you make mistakes BUT find it very annoying when you are winning and right in the middle of getting a run. It severely interrupts concentration..Version: 4.8.0

Painful!!Not really special. Extremely irritating with the ads at the bottom and full page when finishing. To remove the ads the cost is ridiculous at $12! I have another purchased Sudoku at much less that I can Family Share. This is just not worth it! As I said the price is too high else I would have. However. It can't be shared on Family Share..Version: 1.2.1

Great app but going to delete because of adsI’ve been using the app for a while and enjoy teaching my daughter to play sudoku. She now is able to complete the easy puzzles alone. Naturally frustrated by the frequent ads but tolerated it in spite of their length. Often motivates me to move on to do something else because I dont have the patience to wait for the add to finish (which may be a good thing actually!!) However today after playing a game one add came up which was for a game where the player seems to be changing the clothes of a very scantily dressed female and seemed to end with the option of removing her clothes. You promote this app for age 4+! Why on earth would you permit ads for games like that? Needless to say I’ve deleted the app and will be using one with my daughter that does not provide a platform for such advertising..Version: 2.3.7

Ads kill itI like the daily challenges and the ease of the operation of this app the noise is just annoying lol but the constant adds just kill the app and most of the time I stop playing due to them.Version: 2.3.4

Expert games full of impossible gamesThe game play of this Sudoku is excellent. Really easy to populate the board, erase mistakes and the gaming levels validity set correctly. There is a major issue with Expert level though - as others have reported. For example, I had one new board that did not have a single move. The “hint” showed nothing to fill. I logged a help ticket for this. Another instance of the issues is that when you believe there are no more moves, press hint - you get a resolution that says, for example, put 7 in this square. When quite clearly the 7 could have also gone in another square in the same section. Again a ticket raised for this. Too often you get a Hint that simply shows all the possible numbers that can go in each square given the progress you’ve made. Again this can be multiple options for every square so you have to guess at one with only 2 numbers in. Not good enough. You never ever get this in a hard copy expert book so why on here? The Helpdesk do respond quickly but have a denial slant to them. Worth the purchase if you can cope with the frustration of knowing that if you start an Expert game there is no resolution..Version: 3.3.0

Ad placement lousyFirst, with a couple exceptions I really like the app. It has great features. For the challenge I like to play it with no extra tools or hints that I’ve made a wrong entry. At times I get to the end and there’s a problem I can’t undo easily so I just want to start over. I can’t see how to do that without “un-doing” every move, or selecting each square and hitting erase. Please add a button to clear the puzzle to start over. My second concern is irritating enough to delete the app and find another game. On my IPhone 6s it’s the tight placement of the ad banner next to the number entry at the bottom of the screen. If I play with two hands inevitably I miss the number and hit the ad banner which takes me to another page. I understand the need for ads with a free game. But, that placement is so close that I mistakenly hit the ad many many times during a puzzle and I lose my place or thought process. It is maddening. I don’t even look at the ad, I get frustrated and immediately hit the button to return to sudoku. I’m glad you get the clicks for the advertising revenue but it feels like a setup with the layout so you get those clicks. Please fix these. It would be a 5 Star review otherwise!.Version: 1.1.10

Enjoyable but battery draining literallyI love this app, however I’ve recently had to remove it from my phone as every time I would open it my phone instantly shuts down and my battery reduces from whatever it was to under 10%. It is a shame as this is one of my favourite games..Version: 4.4.0

SudokadThe sudoku works great. The ads are obnoxious. More so than ads usually are.Version: 2.3.4

Adds adds adds all the time.Greedy developers bombard their users with adds. This app relentlessly makes it mandatory to watch adds video before and after a game. Developers are so greedy that they show adds even at the bottom of the screen while playing..Version: 3.9.0

EhToo many ads.Version: 3.8.0

DisappointedI love Sudoku; it is one of my favorites and I play it quite a bit from many sources so I thought I would give your app a try. I chose easy for first game to allow me to see how your app operated in terms of filling in the grids. I had a bit of trouble with the game placing numbers in the chosen square; they landed in a square adjacent to where I chose. Quickly the game ended saying I had made three mistakes and game was over. They were not mistakes I made by choosing the wrong square intentionally but rather by a square inadvertently being touched or my not knowing exactly how your game operated. I do not like the feature where the game ends if 3 mistakes are made; especially on the very first game when a player is still trying to understand how your app functions in terms of number placement. In fact, I like to work my sudoku puzzles to completion and if I make an occasional mistake, I like the challenge of finding and fixing it. I do not want the game to kick me out. As a result your app is gone. I have plenty of other sudoku games to play that are both challenging and fun and they do not aggravate me with unnecessary restrictions..Version: 3.9.0

Poor Use of Ads Kills BatteryMany free games use an ad banner at the bottom of the screen and that is perfectly fine; however, this game’s ad banner actually has an impact on my IPhone 7. When I have data on (regardless of whether on WiFi or 4G) the ad banner is at the bottom of the screen and my battery life drops VERY quickly while also increasing the temperature of my phone. When I have my data off and no ad appears, no temperature or battery issues. The problem of course is I don’t want to sacrifice my ability to use my phone’s features like IMessage or email over a game of sudoku when I’m not at home using a charger. Great game were it not for this issue. I would assume this has something to do with poor programming on the side of the ad banner where it’s somehow running on maximum overdrive or something to constantly stream information regarding the ad instead of however other games download that banner info..Version: 2.1.0

Keeps crashingI really liked the app before but after the recent few updates it drains the battery very quickly, my phone gets super hot as soon as I start to use it and the battery can drop down by 40-50% in 1-2 games. And in the past week or so it started to crash every few seconds which is very frustrating. I also tend to use it whilst listening to podcasts or music, I’m no longer able to as it crashes or disrupts those apps too. The game itself is good, ive used it pretty much everyday for nearly a year. A few people complained about 30sec ads but you can exit them early most of the time. However due to the issues mentioned I am considering moving on to something different. Please fix it....Version: 2.4.1

It’s just sudoku....Sudoku, it’s an age old game. Countless apps on the App Store for it. So please tell me WHY ON EARTH there needs to be so many ads??? I hope the developers know that there is NOTHING special about this app’s game play that would warrant me sitting through a 10-20 sec ad after every game (regardless of whether or not I win). The UI of the actual game is clunky: I constantly mistype numbers bc they’re so close to each other, accidentally tap the ad banner at the bottom (redirecting me to a whole different screen), nothing special or catchy about number input, too many steps to switch from notes to numbers (important for when ur trying to beat a time), the list goes on. I know there isn’t a perfect app, I get it. But with all this in mind, devs continue to shove the most LITERALLY THE MOST ANNOYING ads Ive ever seen down our throats. Instead I can and I will go download one of the numerous sudoku apps at our disposal currently available on the App Store that actually PRIORITIZES user experience over $$$$$$..Version: 2.2.2

Annoying addsReally irritating ads for other games. Totally put me off using the app. I deleted it after 3 games..Version: 3.3.0

Fun game, when it worksThis is a pretty nice sudoku game, there aren’t any gimmicks or unnecessary features that would distract from the classic game. And I appreciate the inclusion of a “daily challenge” option. But, the app suffers greatly from constant performance issues. Without warning, and at random intervals, the app will completely freeze and I will be unable to tap or select anything on screen. Sometimes it will unfreeze after a short moment, but other times the only way to fix it is to completely close out the app and relaunch it. But relaunching doesn’t always work because, as I said above, the freezing is a constant problem that happens without warning. This problem has only gotten worse with each update and the app as a whole suffers as a result. The gameplay cannot make up for such a frustrating experience. I would honestly rate this app 5 stars if it weren’t for the constant, game ruining performance issues..Version: 4.4.1

HORRIBLE GAMEI was playing this game and the numbers weren’t even in the right place it was a horrible I tried putting in the numbers and it kept on saying wrong even though it was in the right place and also I tried searching up the app to contact them it gave no contact details !!!!.Version: 3.7.0

Colour customizationBoth me and my mom hate the volour scemes, because all the colours kind of blend in with one-another. I would very much appreciate it if there could be more colour customization and more contrast between the colours..Version: 3.9.0

Was good but now too many adsNow in the middle of the game your getting ads. Really annoying.Version: 4.8.0

Not For The PuristIf you are a sudoku purist you won’t like this app at all. There’s just way too much going on while you play. I’m sure their hearts are in the right place and it’s all intended as visual aid but it’s mostly just distracting. The “marking” feature is nice to have but it’s not perfect. It could have been implemented better. The display is big and bright. That said, being big still doesn’t seem to stop the app from acting like you touched 3 when you meant to touch 4. This isn’t just my imagination and it’s not something with my device. I have other games that do not exhibit this behavior. Mostly it’s just too busy with thing lighting up you have no idea why at first u til you realize they’re trying to help you. It doesn’t help. It just makes you lose your concentration. I’ve gone into settings and turned off everything I can find of but a lot of it isn’t optional. I’m sure there’s a market for this app with much of the population becoming increasingly A.D.D. but this purist is still looking for “the one”..Version: 3.9.0

GarbageAd fest.Version: 3.8.0

Love the Game- Eats BatteryI am a fan of the app other than battery usage. I am assuming that the all white background is what is drawing down my normally excellent battery? Perhaps I will change my phone’s screen brightness settings and see if that helps. Otherwise, this is a great version of the classic game. Update: Now that I have been playing for a few weeks I have another annoyance to note. All it takes is bumping the bottom of the screen, fat fingers, or forgetting to switch back into note mode to cause a “mistake.” Three mistakes and you’re out! I understand that you can switch this off, but I would rather there were more than three mistakes allowed in this mode. I have lost multiple games due to these unintentional mistakes which had nothing to do with gamesmanship. There is no cushion between the advertisements and the bottom of the gameplay area which causes the advertisement’s links to be bumped and new windows to pop up regularly..Version: 1.3.4

Annoying30 second adds are annoying.Version: 3.7.0

Guessing GameSince the last update they are not solvable without guessing. Not just one guess is required but you must guess multiple times. So they’ve basically turned it into a guessing game. A reply from the developer to my review claims.... “If you have big experience in solving sudoku and knowledge about different strategies, you can solve them without hints and the method of trial and error.” This is NOT TRUE, at least not since an apparent update, and when playing the daily challenge. I’ll try the regular puzzles and see if they’re solvable without trial and error IOW guessing, but the daily challenge isn’t. Somehow it was set, not by me, to three errors and you lose, maybe it has something to do with that setting. Regardless it’s become quite disappointing to spend time only to get to where you must guess multiple times and then lose. I like a brain challenge not a guessing game..Version: 1.3.3

Decent, but the mistakes limit is awfulI like brain games and this app is a decent digital version of sudoku but there are some strange problems. Example being the "limit mistakes" setting which does nothing; you can restart the game, wait, restart the app, no matter what you'll get screwed over by the mistakes. Hit one wrong button and the game boots you, and by mistake I mean hitting the wrong button, because sometimes the notes are off and you're just trying to mark a possibility, nope, you're a dunce for not seeing the slight difference in colour. To be fair, this might just be me but the fact that I can't let myself make a few mistakes more than the crazy difficult tiny three limit is upsetting. The setting is there; why doesn't it work. This is a big drawback for me but besides that the app is just fine: good UI design, nice looking, it's easy to tell when you've done right and what you started with, generally pretty good. But that one problem that I presume to be a glitch or a miscommunication really takes a lot out of it..Version: 2.7.2

Love this butA great app, calming and gets the brain working, only trouble is that it keeps freezing. Works ok for a few games then at the start of a new game nothing works. I delete the app and reload but lose all the progress I've made on the daily challenge. Also it would be good if the numbers could be marked when all are in place. But still good:). Thanks for your answer. Auto check does remove the numbers that are used but it also tells me when I've got it wrong. Had to turn it off, to easy to be lazy. Since the update the continuous flashing ads at the bottom of the screen make it impossible to play this for any length of time. Thank you... you have cured my addiction to this game.Version: 2.6.0

Good but drains too much batteryThis is a very good sudoku game app. I find it very easy to use, with many sudoku puzzles available. Ads are not too bothersome. Main problem is that it drains ridiculous amounts of battery at a time. I don’t understand why, considering the game doesn’t look very demanding battery-wise. For example, my phone battery went from 60% down to 26% in only 3-4 minutes of playing the game. Impossible to play without a charger, and a shame since it is a good way to pass the time if I want to, for example, go on public transport..Version: 2.1.1

Recent Update to featuresThe most recent update makes all the numbers highlighted when you use “first-number input” setting. It was not like that before the update. As well you have a setting that highlights same numbers. So could you please remove that feature of the “first-number input” or keep the settings separate like before. I will wait for what happens next. Whether you see it or not meh. Just makes me not want to play sudoku for while. Thanks.Version: 3.8.0

Annoying features without configuration optionsEdit 1 month later: still freezing. Lately the app is freezing on an iPhone 12 Pro Max which should be one of the best in performance. They implemented some features that you can't shut off, like adding boosters. And keep popping up in front of you. Also, for some reason, once you place a number, you can place a wrong number at the same cell and it will simply fail your game. This is specially problematic when it's freezing because it will delete the correct number and place another one. Edit: as per developer response to open tickets. I did it twice, and they were simply closed with some unhelpful responses..Version: 3.8.0

Do not download!!If this app operated correctly it would not drain your battery by 20% in 9 mins.. if the developers try and tell you to buy the ad-free version then this would be blackmail with your battery health at ransom!! I have disabled the app from using data but it continues to make my antenna red hot.. my phone is pretty new and don’t have any other problems with other apps and battery issues. Just this app!! I will find a way to notify Apple store and I might even seek compensation for damages to my battery health! There are other apps out there that still have ads and do not drain your battery. It’s almost like this sudoku app want you to spend money on their app.. this has gone long enough!.Version: 1.2.7

Ads every 5 seconds. Really?The app is now unusable with obnoxious ads taking over the screen every 5-10 seconds. I see multiple reviews about the same issue here all with the same copy paste response from the developers stating that they understand our frustration. Do you? The old ads were fine at the end of every game, an ad per number however is not acceptable. I understand that you need ad revenue to survive, but you won’t generate ad revenue if you drive away all of your players. Please drop the obnoxious ads from this one great game.Version: 4.9.1

Turn offI enjoy playing a little sudoku to help divert my mind and find a little peace. This version of an artful mind exercising route to tranquility is RUDELY interrupted by loud unrelated advertisements! There’s no setting in which you can turn the annoying sounds OFF unless you turn off the advertisements which is a pay for option. So sorry Developers, any class you gained through pleasant typography and a dark mode is utterly lost in crass kiddie cartoon colour and nasty fake horror scream audio. TURN IT OFF!!!.Version: 1.3.1

My go-to sudoku app, I just wish they got rid of Bowman’s Bingo hintsI got this app a few months ago, having never played before. After playing for countless hours, I’m up to doing the expert puzzles. Much of my strategies have been from methods from the hints. However, sometimes the hint is to use “Bowman’s Bingo” which is basically guess and check, and it’s extremely impractical and rarely used. It gets kind of annoying when I get stuck and get this hint as it makes me feel like some puzzles are impossible without using this method. I’ve asked a few sudoku experts about some of these puzzles and they all have been able to find a much easier technique to solve them (even as simple as a skyscraper). I hope in future updates the app will incorporate more techniques into the hint system and eventually be able to get rid of Bowman’s bingo. Edit: I don’t know when they added this, but there’s now horrendously offbeat music. It’s horrid to listen to and I can’t even focus on the puzzle. Please fix this ASAP!!! And I’ll put my rating back up to 4 stars when you do.Version: 3.3.0

Crashes nowSince aug 26 update it crashes an unable to use.Version: 1.1.1

Freezes all the timeFrustrating to play because it keeps freezing. Works ok if you can get past that, but I don’t have the patience..Version: 3.8.0

Great game butGreat game and thoroughly enjoy (although it’d be great if once you placed a correct letter you couldn’t “overwrite” it with an incorrect one by accident!)... Unfortunately recently I’ve had nothing but adverts for very sexist games (or the same game? Unclear). One advert tells me to select the age of my girlfriend, and then choose her temperament and closes with it saying “you own me now”. The other one is about hiring a secretary with a rating for body and intellect (where the 21 year old has a body rating about 80% and intellect of 12%, roughly reversed for the 40 year old...) and the screen selects the 21 year old then can choose to “punish” her when she makes an error. Obviously both of these adverts are extremely offensive and sexist and have put me off using the app..Version: 3.9.0

Not the worstFun but it deletes your notes as you play. I haven’t had a game without a mistake caused by the game deleting my note in a long time. Also the ads are so loud I can only play this game in silent mode because it’ll startle my 6 month old from across the room. It would be a lot better if they moved the hint button so you don’t accidentally hit it when going to notes or hitting the 9 button..Version: 3.9.0

Great puzzles but intrusive adsThese puzzles are maddeningly more difficult than the last sudoku app I had on my phone. They make me feel like an utter moron for a long while before I finally crack them and feel like a superhero. The controls menu could be a little clearer (for example, “New Game” is misleading; I’d change it to “Options”), but overall the puzzle interface is intuitive and easy to use. However, the incredibly long and unskippable ads for BS Candy Crush clones or Clash of Clans-style phone RPGs really dampen my joy. What’s worse, they play before they show my final time/score, which adds a certain dread that creeps up during the home stretch of finishing a game in anticipation of the annoyance. Because of this, I rarely play more than one game at a time. I would gladly pay for a pro version to make these intrusive between-game ads go away. The puzzles are my new favorite daily challenge, but the annoying ads keep the app from five stars..Version: 1.1.10

FreezesGame keeps freezing about 10 seconds in.Version: 3.9.0

Keeps CRASHING since update!!!😡Fantastic game, can’t stop playing!!! It’s my go to game! However since your latest update while in the middle of playing the game, it keeps crashing.. the screen goes completely black except for the advertisements at the bottom of the screen! I’ve tried closing the app and restarting the game but it happens again immediately after opening up the game. I’ve tried starting a new game and again the screen goes black all except for the advertisements at the bottom. Then I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and guess what? It happens again! No other apps do this on my iPad so I know it’s not the problem, plus if it were my iPad then the advertisements would go black too and they don’t. Every single time the screen goes black it still shows the advertisements at the bottom and the rest of the screen is black! I pray you get this fixed ASAP! This is my favorite game to play on a daily basis and since I couldn’t play using this app anymore, I was forced to download another sudoku app in order to get my daily sudoku fix. I will however continue to check this app regularly to see if the problem has been resolved or not but in the meantime I’ll be using another sudoku app!.Version: 2.3.0

Ads mid game, stay awayI loved this game, played it every day for the last three years. I understand it’s a free game and ads are to be expected, but I expect them at the end of the puzzle once you’ve competed it, or if you need a hint you watch one for the hint. However, this week they now started adding ads into the middle of the puzzle. Once you completely place all of a number into the grid you get hit with an ad. It’s a shame they’ve completely ruined this game with this decision. Both this and the killer sudoku game they offer were amongst the best out there. I’m now fully expecting the developer response to show up on every critical review telling us there’s an ad free version that we can purchase (like they’ve done on the killer sudoku game), which just confirms the reason they did this. Force more ads onto the users in hopes that a small percentage purchase the ad free version. They don’t care how many people they drive away or how small the user base becomes, they just want you to pay up..Version: 4.7.1

Great Sudoku app, but the ads served up are false and misleadingThis is a really great Sudoku game. I play on easy mode against the clock to give my brain a quick workout, or expert mode when I want a long challenge. Game implementation is strong. However the ads are a problem. I don't mind ads, I understand that this is an important revenue stream, but I do have two pieces of feedback. Firstly, I would prefer to see an ad before my hame starts than at the end when I have succeeded with a puzzle... It feels like my reward for winning is to watch an ad, instead of celebrating a good result. I think i would be more tempted to play again if things worked this way around. Maybe worth trying? Second, I am really put off by clearly misleading ads for games like gardenscapes, Fishdom and now Envoy. The ad agency supplying ads to your game depicts these games as logic puzzles where you move barriers to help a character escape or find treasure. These are nothing like the actual game play at all. I appreciate that some of this is not your direct responsibility but the ads are showing up in your game, and not elsewhere. I strongly doubt that the ads would be permitted in the App Store, for example. Sorry for the negative review because it is a great and well written game, but people should be aware of the ad situation..Version: 2.5.0

FreezesScreen freezes and unable to progress . Uses a lot of battery playing.Version: 4.9.1

NoI don’t want to write a review.Version: 3.9.0

To many ads nowHaving ads come up in the middle of the game when you are in the flow of solving significantly takes away the enjoyment..Version: 4.8.0

Good but drains battery ridiculously fast!I enjoy this game and competing against myself to get faster. It has lots of handy features to help you, which you can turn off if you wish, and lots of difficulty levels. However it drains my battery ridiculously fast! I have my phone settings so as to maximise battery (screen as dim as I can, apps not background refreshing, location off, WiFi on etc.) but after one ‘easy’ game which takes me under 5 minutes, my phone battery drops to under 20% even if it’s been on 60% or 80% five minutes previously. No other app does this to my phone. For this reason I can only play when my phone is on charge, which is very limiting!.Version: 1.3.4

Too much pop-upsHad to delete because the ad popping up got INTENSELY annoying. Like sudoku is meant to be a calming and thoughtful game, and getting interrupted by pop-ups just ruined it. By the 4th expert puzzle I attempted, I couldn’t even complete it because I was too frustrated with the pop-up. Like this isn’t supposed to be some cheap kids money making ad generating app. Like you could get away with ads in between puzzles. But during the puzzle no way. Sorry had to delete. I remember having this app on an old iPhone a year ago and not having this problem. But now I’ve come to realise that you can’t download any apps anymore because it’s just ads..Version: 4.9.1

Too much battery drainFor a simple game it takes too much battery. Had to delete it and downloaded a different app.Version: 1.2.7

Too easyMost of the puzzles are too easy even in the ‘extreme’ mode. The monthly challenges/events start off with 10 or so easy puzzles which just take up all my time trying to reach the more difficult puzzles. I do like the ability to add pencilled numbers in multiple squares, and 3 errors limit for additional challenge. The hints don’t feel like hints as they only add a number and I have no idea how it got that number, or whether that was the next step or just a random number I hadn’t figured out yet. Would also be good to have a catalogue of the puzzles to pick a particular one to do. And maybe extra types of sudokus like thermo sudokus or killer sudoku..Version: 2.8.0

Ok app butTo many time consuming adds.Version: 3.8.0

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