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Best sudoku app out thereIn the early years of iOS, I had all but given up on finding a well-designed sudoku app that was pretty, functional, and uncomplicated. But I’m delighted to say: someone finally made just that. This is by far the best sudoku app I’ve seen. The interface is clean & beautiful, the settings are super customizable, and the features & hints are *actually* helpful. I’ve been playing expert sudoku for years, but this app has still taught me new (very useful) logic strategies! I’d always thought that the best app would just be a digitized version of a paper puzzle, but they’ve genuinely managed to improve on the sudoku experience. Yes, the ads on the free version are kind of heinous, but it’s worth the $5 upgrade. Besides: if you like what someone’s created, pay them for it!.Version: 3.7.0

Excellent interfaceThe design covers all the bases: intuitiveness, numbers that disappear when all have been used, the ability to put in numbers that are still viable, good difficulty levels. There are, however, a couple of things I’m not overly fond of. 1) I have the sound off but the ads almost always are extremely loud. The sound is off so I can play the game when any noise wouldn’t be appropriate. Why would I want annoyingly sudden and loud sounds? Is there a paid version without ads? 2) I also turned off the time feature; at least I thought I did. Even though I don’t see the timer while playing, my time is still shown at the end, along with some sort of inane congratulatory message. I am totally not interested in being timed. It would nice if we could turn that really off..Version: 2.2.4

Even better than the web versionThis is hands-down the best sudoku app out there. The UI makes the notations really clear by highlighting all of the selected numbers. I also really like that if you’re stuck, the hint button doesn’t just fill in a square, it shows you a move and explains to you step-by-step why it works. Don’t even bother with any other sudoku app as this one is miles ahead. One thing I’d like to see added is expert-only events because easy/medium are boring if you’re used to hard/expert. Different types of sudoku would be a cool addition in the future too..Version: 4.6.0

Great game for the mind!Taught me the best way to play such satisfaction when it all fits. 💯👍.Version: 3.0.0

Sudoku, simpleIt’s an easy to use and simple app for sudoku puzzles, with the ability to put notes in squares and a timer so you can note how long your game took. I mainly play the daily puzzle, but the recent addition of longer “challenges” has me playing a little more. The one downside is hints - they’re sometimes great at giving a single number to get you out of a stick situation and these always explain why that square has to be that number. However, occasionally the hint fills in all the notes for every square and suddenly you just have to follow those notes without learning why those notes are there. That hint is vastly over-powered and the reason I hesitate to use hints to get me unstuck..Version: 2.3.7

Could Use Some ImprovementsSudoku is my absolute favorite game, it trains your mind and helps build brain activity, as well as helps focusing on other things (like a break). There are many sudoku games on the internet, and this one is by far my favorite. It has a lot of very customizable features, such as the background color and several other settings. I, however, have a few suggestions that I think could significantly improve the game. I’ll start by mentioning a few quality of life features. One problem I have is that my grandparents often play sudoku on my iPhone, and they have massive fingers so always make mistakes because they miscible on a tile for a number. I would recommend a zoom feature by I don’t know, dragging with two fingers or something. It would help out larger people, and also I tend to work on a single square within the three by three, so it might also help me focus a more. Another feature I might suggest would be the option to turn off the explanation for a hint. I know how to play sudoku, have since I was three or four years old. However, I sometimes just get stuck and need to use a hint. But the excessive explanation is too boring for me and I have to quickly click through it to continue playing, but I understand why the hint is right, so it just gets annoying. Anyways, I hope y’all devs read this and consider my suggestions. It would certainly bring my rating up to a five out of five stars! - Sathare.Version: 4.4.0

Updated review following developer responseSomehow auto check for mistakes was switched off in my app, following advice from the developer I checked my settings and switched it back on. Back to loving the game again; thank you! I have left my original comments below intact in case someone else has the same issue, if I switched it off it was purely by accident... I love this game but recently I have had a couple of daily challenges that are allowing incorrect numbers to be accepting meaning you can’t complete the puzzle as the only place to put the remaining numbers is incorrect. I somehow managed to solve it the other day by systematically swapping previously accepted numbers but the 1st September challenge has allowed the same thing. Please fix it as prior to finding these bugs, I really enjoyed the app.Version: 3.3.0

Game is excellentIt’s just me who can’t play it and becoming frustrated. It’s absolutely fine Edit: many thanks for the response and offer of help. It’s just a case of me getting my head around the technique to solve the grids. For what it’s worth, there have been issues with the screen going blank on the completion of a game sometimes. Also the Paddy’s day challenge has crashed on a couple of occasions. However I suspect that maybe more to my iPad having just the latest iOS upgrade and that it is a now an older model. Or even just issues with WiFi access given the current situation. Biggest gripe of course is the amount of adverts that pop up. Finally on the iPhone 8 it is very small so makes seeing the notes harder. Possible to add a zoom facility? Many thanks again..Version: 2.5.0

SudokuThe ads have just gone wild now. Really over that part. Was great before that. An when you write would be good to delete the note numbers when they have all been filled in. An a option, when you stuff up it doesn’t say you have. Definitely worth a download.Version: 4.11.0

Pretty Much IdealIf you’re a fairly serious and/or conservative Sudoku athlete (commonly referred to, and pronounced as “Sudoke-letes”)(yes, I literally made that up) then you’ll love this App... It’s got a lot of different difficulty options, a timer, hints if you need them, as well as tips for strategy here and there. You can make notations, and it keeps track of your best times for each difficulty level. There isn’t much in the way of sound, just enough to contribute to the in-game actions without disrupting your gameplay, however, as I write this I can’t remember if I changed my sound settings to be as minimal as possible, either way you won’t be bothered by sound. The only MINOR drawback is how sensitive the numbers are as you tap them, so you learn quickly to be very deliberate with your moves. Oh yeah, and it keeps track of your mistakes during your gameplay and let’s you know if you’ve made one, but be careful, three strikes and you’re out!!!! Occasionally they put out these challenges that you can participate in to earn trophies, these trophies remain stored in your trophy case. The challenges are usually along the lines of completing a certain number of puzzles that vary in difficulty, it adds a little bit more game to the game. Basically, like I said at the beginning, this is a well designed app for we Sudoke-letes, you won’t be disappointed..Version: 2.4.0

Great version of the classic, except for ‘Bowman’s Bingo’Fantastic version of the popular brain training puzzle. Perfect in every way, or so I thought, until I reached the Expert level.... Many puzzles now get to a point where the only way to solve it is in effect to guess or use ‘Bowman’s Bingo’, which often requires taking the hint option to confirm logic can no longer be applied. I hate this. It drives me mad. I would like an option to eliminate all puzzles which cannot be solved using standard & advanced Sudoku methods. Otherwise it’s great and worth paying to remove the annoying adverts popping up all the time. Received a reply from the Easybrain team. “ Hi! Thanks for your feedback. Our team is removing such layouts. Also, please note, these puzzles, that are suggested by our Hints to use Bowman's Bingo can also be solved with the help of other strategies. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions." Excellent news! Thanks.Version: 3.4.0

Slight change wanted.I think it would better if there was a delay in a number being “permanent”. Eg. If I insert a number, it goes green for two seconds before becoming a permanent blue. I’m this short period a player has the chance to delete the number if it was entered wrong in haste. After 2-3 seconds it becomes permanent and then is either correct or wrong. The game continues as normal. Too many mistakes are made due to fat fingers rather than stupidity The delay will give a player a chance to quickly delete as soon as they see they have tapped the wrong key..Version: 2.3.7

Gets the Brain workingFirst time playing Sudoku and the app makes it very fun and easy to learn. I feel smart playing this game LOL. Great game and it really gets the brain thinking..Version: 2.3.5

Pretty goodGood app for sudoku. The only thing that I find bad is that the hints you can access when you are stuck often don’t make sense, ie it will tell you to pay attention to these numbers and by studying then you can tell that this cell is the only place a certain number can go. However on multiple occasions it’s obvious that that is not the case, and the number could be placed in numerous other cells which is bad because the point of the hint is that it is making an effort to teach you - so maybe don’t use this if you are trying to learn sudoku..Version: 3.7.0

Good but some problemsI have 2 problems with this app. One of which is that when you complete a certain amount of games on any difficulty, your best time turns to 0:00 and there’s no way to change it back. Because of this, every time I complete a game, it’ll say something along the lines of “you beat your best score, it’s now *insert any time*” and it’s a little annoying as I genuinely was interested in my best times. The other problem is that whilst playing a game, if you get rid of certain numbers it’ll act as though you’ve completed the game (even though I still need to put more numbers in) and it’ll play an ad. It’s not that big of a problem but it’s kind of annoying. Apart from that I genuinely enjoy it, there are regular side-games such as “holiday” sudokus or sudoku adventures as well as daily puzzles. Defo would recommend.Version: 4.9.1

Fun and addictive but some minor features would be greatGood app with a good game engine and hint feedback. Just a couple of things would be so great for those expert puzzlers: - a confirm dialog of you click “hint” - it’s frustrating to accidentally touch that when I don’t want a hint recoded against the stats/history (or maybe a cancel option if it’s entered into) - a way to show that a cell has locked-in pencil mark options - for example, when I know a cell can only be 2 or 3, would be great to hold down on that cell and set it to a different colour or centralise the 2 and 3 “pencil mark digits” so I know that cell is “solved” at a glance. The click and hold zoom doesn’t really add much value to the UI I feel. Thanks!!.Version: 4.11.1

Has potentialI like how with this version, you can pencil in possibilities for each square. I think the number you are on should all be highlighted the same colour, but a completely different colour to the rest of the numbers on the board, it’s easy to miss a number you are on, in one of the squares. Also, I think once your pencilled in numbers get reduced down to one, that pencilled number should also come up highlighted..Version: 1.1.7

Great way to pass timeI take public transport every morning and when I recently downloaded this, my commutes changed. They became much more enjoyable and I felt as though I was doing something productive with the time that would otherwise have been wasted on pointless scrolling through social media or surfing the web. 10/10 would recommend to anyone with half a brain..Version: 2.4.0

Nearly perfectHaving played Sudoku on different platforms over a number of years I am enjoying this version. I particularly like the way candidates along columns, lines and in the 9x boxes are removed when numbers are entered into squares. As far as I am concerned, the one downside is that the default is for the player to select the square first and then tap on a number for it to be entered, which is a slow and clumsy way to enter candidates. It is possible to select a number first by pressing and holding on it, but the two problems with this is that (a) it slows the game down and (b) it is far too easy to accidentally touch another number or not hold it for long enough and get the wrong number unintentionally entered into a box and not notice - so it is only when the game doesn’t work out that you discover this. I wish there was an option in settings to change the default to ‘select number first’. It also would appear that in the more advanced levels the only way to solve it is by guessing a number and then backtracking if it works out wrong. This was certainly the clue I was given when asking for a hint. But Sudoku is supposed to be about calculation not guesswork. Having said all that I am enjoying playing this version and would certainly recommend it..Version: 2.3.4

AWESOMEGame is awesome and I would not change anything about it.Version: 3.9.0

ChancePad assez de chance.Version: 3.9.0

Good value!I enjoy playing sudoku, challenges the mind, thanks!.Version: 4.9.1

Bowman’s Bingo smart hintI really don’t like the Bowman’s Bingo hint, especially when you have no way of exiting it making no changes. I understand why you want to provide it - so you can solve any sudoku - but, unlike the other hints I have seen, it is not a rule/technique generally able to be used in a pencil and paper solution. At the moment, the Hint function is a “Hint and Apply” function. At the least there should be a setting that allows exiting a hint without applying. Personally I want the smart hint system to just tell me what I have missed..Version: 2.2.2

Great GameOnly issue is the ads popping up. Also in the hints; perhaps if there are no mistakes to correct then the hint could just highlight a square it would better than actually filling the square in.Version: 1.3.2

Challenges & KillerThe number of challenges has increased and seem to be constant one after the other which I am not enjoying. I am enjoying the killer sudoku challenges and would enjoy the developer releasing a separate app as I am particularly enjoying the ones where there are no numbers in at all. It might also be good to allow users to choose the difficulty levels they would like for their daily challenge. I.e. so one could choose either hard or expert and only these would appear as the daily challenges from these two categories..Version: 3.1.0

Best Sudoku App Ever!I have downloaded plenty of different sudoku apps over the years, with all of them either being too complicated or not having the features I want. I can safely say that with this app my search has concluded. This app has all of the core features I look for in a sudoku app, combined with a minimalistic and unobtrusive layout that leads to a very enjoyable game or two to pass the time. To all those that were involved in the development of this game, well done..Version: 1.2.1

Excellent app.Love this, simple and not packed with nonsense like most apps. It’s a sudoku app and that’s what it does. The only thing I’d say is the numbers are a little small so it’s easy to hit the wrong number (and I can’t stand it saying I’ve made a mistake because I’m like that) & why can you edit a field when you already have the right number filled in? I occasionally tap the wrong cell and enter the number before realising — this is annoying when it’s an empty cell but infuriating when you’ve already filled it in (why would I edit that?!) You should set it like the numbers in at the beginning so you can’t overwrite them..Version: 2.2.5

Love it just the way it is except . . .This is an exceptionally well thought out game. The more I play the more I want to play. I started off at a medium level and am up to expert. The hints have helped me improve my game and now sometimes help me to complete a game. It’s possible for the player to make technical errors like touching the wrong cell or number at the wrong time but that’s just part of the challenge. Some people want to play every game free forever but when I come across a game that I play a lot, I will pay for power-ups or to remove ads within reason. I do have to say that I’m having a couple of problems running the app lately though. First, it freezes (not so much since the most recent update, in fact maybe not at all - I’ll have to pay attention) and second, it is a real power hog and will drain my battery in no time. I can’t have it open if I leave the house and I can’t play it in line at Costco or in a Dr’s waiting room because it can drain my battery just that fast! Not sure what to think about that..Version: 3.8.0

Lock the Number DownOne little change that would be nice is to not let us put a possible number in a square that already has a correct number. It’s easy to hit wrong ‘keys’ on a screen, and it’s is one that could easily be filtered out. For example: if I have a 6 in a spot and it is correct, I should not be able to inadvertently hit another number like a 2 to replace the 6 as just a possibility. I am not putting this very well, but once we have entered a number and it is correct, it should be locked down and not be able to be overridden in any way..Version: 3.8.0

Number of errors allowedI enjoy sudoku, however there has been a change in that there is now a limit of three mistakes. That doesn’t enable me to learn sufficiently from where I go wrong. Please change it back..Version: 1.2.9

Best sudoku app one little annoyanceSo this is the best sudoku app I’ve found I love the monthly trophies and the events that you put out my only annoyance which is very small is when I’m doing the monthly puzzles for some reason the game starts at the end of the monthly and continues backwards. I know I can just select the start or the month but I then have to select the days in order everyone because it automatically goes back to the end of month once you finish a puzzle. That’s it tho other then that, which is probably just my OCD, is the best sudoku app 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 🇦🇺.Version: 2.4.1

Addictive and calmingI absolutely love it. It’s the best suduko game on the App Store. It’s challenging, addictive, and actually really calming. I play it with the mistake limit off because I make a lot of mistakes, but the option to leave it on is great. I tend to play it when I’m in bed trying to go to sleep, it’s super calming and after a few puzzles, I’m out like a light. Which is also great because you can change the colors of the game and basically put it in night mode so it isn’t blinding you, Which might be my favorite part. It’s one of the only games that I’ve found with this feature. I also love how you can go back to previous months and even years and play puzzles from there. The satisfaction I get from completing an entire month is unmatched. I don’t have any complaints honestly. It’s just a great game.Version: 2.2.2

SudokuToo many ads.Version: 3.8.0

Feature RequestMy fault for not being more careful, but… Sometimes I have to leave a game for a while and return to it later. I usually leave it with Notes turned on, but when I reopen the game, Notes is turned off. If I fail to check, and add a new note, it often triggers a mistake unless I’m really lucky. Would it be possible to have it default to Notes on after a restart, rather than Notes off (or remember the setting). I’m enjoying the app otherwise. Cheers..Version: 4.9.1

Excellent Sudoku puzzle - but would benefit from harder levels.An excellent implementation of the ubiquitous sudoku puzzle. Simple and intuitive to use, and the occasional “killer” sudoku puzzles are a bonus. A couple of minor criticisms: the buttons are small (on iPhone) so I occasionally hit the wrong one by mistake, especially when against the clock - and it’s a “three strikes and you’re out” affair. Also, it would benefit from another level above “expert” - I’ve been playing it daily for about 12 months, and even the hardest levels now only take about 10 minutes..Version: 3.1.0

Great app - with one suggestion for improvementThis is a great app - thank you! I play it almost daily, and it’s fun, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable. The only suggestion I’d like to make is to get rid of the puzzles requiring “Bowman’s Bingo” to solve them. To my mind the Bowman’s Bingo “let’s assume” strategy is just guessing. You might as well “let’s assume” (ie “guess”) a number is correct and follow it to its conclusion one way or another. The guessing involved is irritating - I get to a certain point and don’t know if there’s a logical move I’ve missed, or if I’m now meant to “let’s assume”. The only way to know for certain is to check the hint, which I try to avoid doing. The hint function is a fantastic way to learn the strategies. Thank you for this, as well as the game on the whole..Version: 3.8.0

Unable to completeI’ve been enjoying the game but a lot of the daily challenges recently have been impossible to complete. There’s no possible way without duplicating numbers therefore can’t finish :(.Version: 2.7.2

ConfusionExample today l have completed 3 games on your New games expert grade the first game completed in 6 m 59 second game 2 7 m48 s which was my best time third game 7min1 sec was labeled at better than 93%of other players now how can 7.48be better than the others This is a problem every day explanation please.Version: 4.9.1

SudokuVery entertaining.But I wish you hadn't changed the part where the number at the bottom of the grid vanishes when all nine numbers have been positioned.Before the last update it used to do just that..Version: 2.1.1

Still good, but used to be betterThis has been my favourite Sudoku game for a few years and I play it at least once a day. I get that the app is free and is supported by ads. At the start of a game or at the end of a game, watching a 30 second ad isn’t a problem. But recently, there are ads *during* the game too. For example, If you place all of one number on the grid, it takes you straight to an ad. On the more difficult games, I’m often thinking about several ‘moves’ at the same time; these mid-game ads sap my concentration and I wish they’d stop! I’ve no problem about ads paying for game developers, but these mid-game ads are ruining it now. Suggestion to developers: add a way to auto note. I can do it manually, of course, but an auto-note feature would be very useful..Version: 4.7.1

Killer sudokuAbsolutely love the game and the challenges that come out. Only feedback would be to add killer sudokus as a permanent feature! I really enjoyed them :).Version: 2.9.0

Best, but.This is the best sudoku game I have encountered so far. It deletes the notes when you put in a number, saving a lot of time and hassle. This is amazing, and well done for that. However, one fault in this game is the 3 mistakes that if you make you cannot continue playing. A lot of the time I accidentally forget to switch back to notes and end up making the three mistakes, which is really annoying. There is another sudoku app that I have tried before that had 2 boxes next to each other at the bottom, one in big, one in small making it easy to switch between notes and numbers and not forget to switch back. If you could change this it would be very much appreciated..Version: 2.1.1

Best sudoku app I’ve tried, but..It’s really easy to play, very intuitive. Also adds a bit of competitiveness with the daily challenges, which is great. I’ve played it for a few weeks and really got to love it. However, strangely the app started playing seriously loud alarm sounds out of nowhere. Not sure if it goes off to internet and plays an alarm mp3 or somehow launches an alarm sound from within but it’s incredibly deafening. This has sadly stopped me from playing the game completely - I will gladly return to it when that’s fixed but won’t launch it again till then..Version: 1.1.2

Needs more challenges/long adsRecently finished all the available daily challenges up to current, looks like only goes back about two years. I play all the levels easy to expert based on time available and how relaxing, levels seem pretty good mix of difficulty. Would like to see more badges or challenges or some kind of themes for backgrounds. Have tried various sudoku games, this is the one I have kept going back to and do at least one game daily. Like that can go back and do previous daily challenges. Maybe would like option to replay particular boards where I previously took longer than average or had too many errors and had to retry. Only annoying thing is the ads have been getting longer and longer, video, and sometimes when I do not feel I have touched anything in the middle of playing it sends me to the App Store as if an ad has been triggered..Version: 2.1.1

Couple of missing features, pity!Good, clear Sudoku puzzler. I particularly like the fact it's in landscape orientation which is how I prefer to use my iPad, and the hints help you learn some mastery techniques. Two big things for me, which loses it a star for each: 1) You can't login either via your Gamecentre profile or an email/facebook etc. This means if you pick it up on another device, you can't simply continue the daily or special challenges already completed as it doesn't know it's you. 2) It's just too easy to forget to revert nack to 'notes' mode rather than inputting a definite number (and if you make a mistake it's too easy to miss that fact - I've racked up my 3 mistakes in 1 second flat as I try and quickly add a single number to 3 squares as a note, not realising I'm no longer in notes mode). A feature I like in other Sudoku apps is the presence of two separate input pads, one is always a 3x3 grid of notes numbers (nicely denoted by the notes position of the number in its square) and the other for definite ones. If these two things were sorted it would get 5 stars and I would then also buy it to get rid of the ads!.Version: 3.6.0

Full of advertisingMakes it painful to play.Version: 2.3.6

Best sudoku app out there!Being in quarantine for a couple of months, I was desperate for some brain stimulation, and downloaded this app. I use it every day and I’ve gone from easy to hard, even being able to finish some expert level puzzles. I also love the special events that crop up here and there! My only suggestion would be to maybe have the killer sudokus as a more permanent addition - they’re so much fun and it makes me sad that you can’t replay the levels once they’re completed..Version: 2.9.0

Something is very wrongAt first it was like a normal sudoku game except once I started to play it a bit more, I couldn’t win. Say there is a four in the middle of the square but I need a four to complete a line, I can’t complete it or else I’d have two fours in the same square! I don’t know if it’s a glitch or not but it usually happens so I just have to make a new game and hope it works ☹️ Edit: It works! I turned the auto mistake thing on. THANK YOU.Version: 3.6.0

Great game, but three mistakes rule is annoyingThe three mistakes then game over is annoying, and should be removed in my opinion.Version: 2.3.7

Pam JISudoku has been a favourite game for me for many years, this particular site is very rewarding because you really do have to strategically work out the position of your numbers, if you try to cheat too often it’s game over. Also, you can play as many games as like each day, & I make full use of that. The challenge is as difficult as you can master, & I’m looking forward to being able to work out the most difficult ones. Updated 2/6/20. This is my absolute favourite game site, my first challenge each day. I really enjoy the extra game events held throughout the year. Keep it up team & many thanks for the pure enjoyment I experience each day!!.Version: 2.8.0

Fantastic, clean and simple sudoku app.It works well, it’s very customizable, it has regular special events and it’s a very clean app with purchases. I’ve been using and playing with this app for over a year and been very happy with it this entire time..Version: 3.8.0

Love it just fix the freeze !Hi! Love the app (bought the no ads though) but there is that one bug when everything just freezes from few seconds to a minute. I'd love it to be fixed !.Version: 3.8.0

Love the game but ads are untenableI have played this version since purchase of my iPad several years ago. It has been my favorite game. The last few months, ads have increased in frequency and length, often interrupting a game several times and wasting 2-3 minutes of my time with one game. Other games I have downloaded to try do this, too, but I just delete them. Lately with Sudoku I have experienced ads that lock up my iPad, and several times a day I have to hard reset it- not the game - my iPad. Just now, an ad for Candy Crush came up and it locked the game in ad mode, ran full length several times, even running continuously after I was able to exit the game and try to restart. It did finally stop, but isn’t there an answer to stop this? If it doesn’t stop this soon, I will just delete the game..Version: 4.9.1

Great sudoku app, best I’ve triedI spend so much time in this app, I find sudoku very soothing and the interface is smooth and great. (I’ve paid for it, because ads are not soothing and devs deserve money. And I appreciate something that doesn’t have microtransactions.) I absolutely love the “killer” sudoku in the new event, and I hope they’re introduced as a regular option to play, because I’ve just finished the event and I already miss them! My only real issue is that the 1 is so narrow and so close to the edge of the screen that it’s incredibly difficult for me to successfully hold it down to select it—a huge amount of the time I end up too far to the left and then when I try to correct I end up brushing 2 and it changes the number in whatever square I last entered and I rack up mistakes for no reason because I’m fighting with the interface. It would be nice to be able to rotate my phone sideways and have the numbers up the side of the puzzle instead..Version: 2.8.0

Best version out thereI really like this but I have a problem. When typing in a number it is very easy to hit the wrong one and make a “mistake” especially when you are on a roll and are completing the cells quickly. There is plenty of space on the screen to split the numbers into two rows and have them spaced further apart to help prevent this. It would be nice too if there was an option to automatically fill in the pencil marks. I know this is sometimes done when you choose hints, but it would be useful if there was an option for it..Version: 4.3.0

From a Sudoku Amateur / EnthusiastSo I’ve been paying this game for awhile now, and after completing all the daily challenges possible (as of right now, 678), I think its a relatively good time to finally make a review. I just want to saw that the minimalism feel of this game is just personally very good. Compared to other sudoku apps, I think this app nailed the note taking aspect especially, note taking is usually infuriating for me, but this app in my opinion is very easy to make quick, easy, and simple notes. The reason I gave it 4/5 stars was: 1. Not enough sudoku diversity (i.e. more killer sudoku or maybe sudoku w/ chess twist, etc.) 2. The diversity this app does have is just the same easy-medium sudokus in the events and daily challenges, not really unique at all, I could just go to the regular easy / medium sudokus What I do want to suggest: 1. New optional themes, provide choices for something other than minimalism or maybe different fonts) 2. More note-taking styles (i.e. highlighting could be added) 3. More creative sudokus To clarify, I really like the minimalist look, and I don’t want the app to sacrifice its minimalistic look for a more crowded sudoku even if it meant more note-taking styles and etc., but if you can provide more choices, then please add more themes, note-taking styles, and etc. At the very least, please provide more diverse sudokus, your sudoku generator-bot is already nailing the difficulty pretty dang well already :P.Version: 2.9.0

Love love loveBest sudoku game ever, love that you can hold your finger down on a number and fill the boxes in quicker, The only downside is the challenge games are so easy, I’ve usually finished in a couple of days, so annoying that you have to wait 4-5 days or more to finish. Please please make them harder, Also could a be good idea if you could make levels, so you start on 1 and continue to 1,000+, as I’m finding it’s boring waiting for the daily games, don’t always want to do statistics, so it’s more of a challenge seeing how quick you could get on in levels, using easy, hard etc..Version: 4.6.0

Great game!I downloaded this game less than a year ago, and it is my favourite thing to do whilst on calls, listening to audiobooks or podcasts. I got tired of the ads, so decided to purchase it. Love it a lot more now. And well worth the price. (Ads are generally the reason I delete games as they can be too much and the frustration when you’re listening to an audiobook and the sound forces through even though you mute it?? Also when phone is on silent sometimes ads still start playing. Not ok. But no issues after paying for the app.) Keep at it - and please have more events. I usually finish an event the same day it’s released😅 In an ideal world, there would be an event twice a week but maybe less levels per event? (I don’t mind many levels, but I do appreciate it’s a lot of work to develop.).Version: 2.8.0

Excellent gameBest way to lurn how to do sudoku.Version: 3.9.0

Great game! One minor feature I would love to see...I love this app! The events are awesome and the interface is super intuitive. Also, the smart hints that don’t just give you a number and actually show you the strategy are incredible!!! One minor nitpick has to do with the tap-and-hold a number feature that allows you to quickly enter it into multiple cells. I love that when in the default entry mode, you can select a cell with a number already in it and see all of those numbered notes in bold on the other cells. Currently, when you tap-and-hold a digit, the cells containing that digit show a grey background (which is awesome!), I just wish the notes were also bolded. I find myself deselecting the held digit, tapping a cell to see the notes bolded, making a mental note of where I need to enter the new notes, and quickly going back to the held digit to enter them all (and mistakes get made!) Thank you for the great app and actually responding to user reviews, it means a lot!.Version: 3.0.0

BrilliantWow. Easy to learn. It has so many levels of difficulty and you can set different ways for how you want to learn to play. Nice play area display, with simple colours and good size cells, which is great if you have poor vision. Timer can be removed especially good if you get distracted or need to leave the game at short notice and reduces stress if you can’t press the keys fast enough. I can’t stop playing this game. I have downloaded other versions which had too many colours, time limits, and numbers flying or spinning all over the game board and other options I did not want. It is worth it to pay to remove the ads. Thanks for producing a great version.👍😊.Version: 3.1.0

Gets you thinking, but...I’ve always loved sudoku, and I’ve always been fairly good, and nowadays you don’t exactly get the luxury of having a sudoku book and your favourite pencil. I love the app; it’s really easy to use, great interface, love dark mode. And all the different difficulty levels seem fair. However (and this is a big however). I think the “3 mistakes max” rule is a load of trash. Yes, I get that they have to earn money through adds, and once you’ve made 3 mistakes, you get the option of having a second chance by watching an add. I’m in full support of add revenue for a good app. But sudoku is about making mistakes. Traditional sudoku is thinking you have a square or the first three squares right and only finding out 2 squares later that you’ve messed up somewhere in the beginning. I feel like it would be more punishing to let the ‘player’ complete the entire puzzle, regardless of mistakes, and then at the end count how many mistakes there are, but don’t tell the player what they are, thus they are forced to restart. I don’t know; just a suggestion. But I’ve found that my mistakes are more often than not caused by a slip of the finger and inputting the wrong number even though I know what is actually the right number. Call it a silly mistake, sure. And yes, I do make genuine mistakes, but maybe don’t limit them to 3? Other than that, I genuinely love the app..Version: 2.7.0

LivesCould you please give us more lives like around 5.Version: 2.6.0

Good challenge, poor coloursFor someone who is a little colorblind, it's easy to not see the difference between the correct and the error colours..Version: 2.6.0

Love this game, one suggestionI really enjoy playing this, but would like the ability to play my own music whilst playing. Unfortunately, it cuts off whenever the game is opened..Version: 4.9.1

The bestThe best app ever.Version: 3.8.0

Number Crunching ...Most enjoyable puzzler overall on the “Expert” level other than the fact that the clock reverts fastest time back to zero after about 5 or six games and resetting “stats” does not change that situation. I doubt it is needed in reality. I just want to complete the puzzle. How long it takes me does not matter. Same with “mistakes” - they mean nothing, as with any kind of puzzle, if you’ve failed you try, try and try again until you are successful. On many an occasion with Sudoku puzzles one reaches that point where only trial and error will reveal the right solution by elimination of candidates and one is lucky if it is achieved on first try. This should not be regarded has having “lost a game” just a method of completion after all sets and subsets have been exhausted. Further, I don’t see any point to “scoring of points” in a Sudoku puzzle. That’s meaningless. I’ve enjoyed completing my first 300 Expert Level puzzles, thank you, but that’s all I need to know..Version: 3.0.0

GoodThat’s fun.Version: 3.9.0

Last update is horrible!Update: The weird game-in-game mode is gone and the original game is back!! Adjusted my ratings- Thank you! PS-I have no problems with ads like other reviewers; they’re easy to turn off in settings. Have been playing this game for a long time, and this really was my go-to relaxation, but the latest update is horrible! -The level selection at the start is annoying. -Then the forced ‘choose your daily bonus’; I don’t want any bonus!! I just want to play sudoku! -Then the 3 strikes and you have to watch an ad to continue is highly annoying and frustrating. I know I can turn off the mistake limit, but I can’t turn off this new ‘game mode’. These updates to the game are annoying and horrible and make me dislike a previously fun and relaxing game. -Also, suddenly the ads at the end of each game have become much, much longer. I’d think the developers should think about why people play Sudoku (a classic ‘brian game’!) before doing ad placement and updates in this way. Too bad you ruined a great game just so you could charge more for ads and ad-free play! Update: To the developers response; Did you read my review?! I said I know I can turn it off- but I can’t turn off the stupid game mode!! And I did send a message through the help section too, so this reply completely missed the boat..Version: 1.2.1

Mostly greatI really enjoy the Sudoku app for the most part. I enjoy the challenges, though they recently made them so many levels that it is really difficult to complete the entire challenge without spending a ridiculous amount of time playing the game - I think the previous number of games was much more reasonable. My main complaint about the game is when you have an expert game that comes down to “Bowman’s bingo”, where you have to play the game forward in your head to see whether a number works in a square or not. Without being able to take notes on these moves I lose my place trying to remember all of the moves in my head, so it is frustrating to get stuck in these situations in a game. I wish they had a way to take notes specifically for Bowman’s bingo situations, so I wouldn’t have to try to memorize the moves. I often use a hint just so I don’t have to write it out on paper, but I dislike using hints..Version: 3.0.0

PoggersPoggers.Version: 3.9.0

SudokuHi I’m Elizabeth and I really enjoy this app. I like how it has different difficulties and challenges you. I always play this game in the morning so it helps me focus in school. I also play it at night to relax me and it works. Me and my dad have it so we have a little bonding session and we have races to see who can complete one the fastest! Only one downside is that you could put a little symbol in the corner -clock- and then when you press it it comes up with all of your best times so you know what time to bet. Overall I really enjoy the game and I will definitely recommend this app to my friends and family..Version: 2.0.1

Love This Game! So Addicting!When I first got this game, I had only played sudoku a few times, but I remember loving it! So when I saw the ad for it, I thought to try it out! When I did I was instantly hooked! I was able to set what puzzle I wanted and was able to understand the directions clearly! I was hooked instantly. The only thing that I had a problem with was the three tries thing. But by reading a couple of reviews myself, I found that all you had to do was open the app, go to the gear option, and change I could turn off the three tries option by clicking the “Mistakes Limit” switch. I found it a little hard to get to, maybe putting the option in a place more obvious like making the icon bigger or just not having the option to begin with. Other than this small problem, I love this game and can’t wait to see how it continues to grow!.Version: 2.2.5

EnjoyVery good version when you pay to remove adds. Would like to be able to alter the position of the notes in the square, normal, top, middle or bottom..Version: 3.9.0

SudukoAs a senior, doctors said, "try new things," ie Games, music, etc. to spark and re-route brain cells. This Suduko is part of a 3 or 4 game self-challenge I use to check speed, problem solving & comprehension. I like this iphone Suduko better than the other app I tried. Timing and thinking have to do with whether I'm ill or not, and what effect medication change has on my brain. Also, the games are FUN❗️ It's been a bit of adjustment for my ego to realize I may never get the speed of the players younger and healthier than I am, when I make comparisons. I have played against myself and love to see the improvement. I also like the difficulty options, according to the needs of my condition. I'm impressed with the people who create the programs for these games. You are all probably the age of my grandsons, approaching 30 years of age. Thanks, SandyB 👩🏼/👵🏼 🐬👍🏼.Version: 1.1.4

Dark theme ????I used to love this game and even paid for the version without ads. I played it every night before i went to bed as it was a good way to unwind. I’ve recently got a new iphone and I cannot find “dark theme” anywhere in the app settings. I no longer use this app as it is too bright to use at night before bed. Bring dark theme back..Version: 2.6.0

Don’t like the new interface, but does what it says on the boxI like the daily and seasonal challenges, even it is just more sudoku. Not enjoying the new colour palette, the dark grey and low contrast make it very difficult to see clearly without having my screen brightness all the way up, I feel like I’ve been making way more mistakes because I can’t see the boxes clearly. And I want to be able to turn off the new statistics ticker. I don’t care about how many games in a row I’ve won, or how much faster it was, etc..Version: 2.4.0

Great app but somewhat confusingMostly I love this app and can no longer cope with any other form of Suduku such as those found in newspapers. However I become very frustrated by the new rule that 2 errors mean either you have to watch an advertisement or sometimes it closes down and I have to start again. I have bad arthritis and often my hand just jerks on to a number and I make errors..Version: 1.3.3

A beautifully designed version of a classic gameIt's sudoku, in an applesque package. Clean lines and great features to help you learn how to play. Worth the full price..Version: 1.1.6

SodukuNiveau de difficulté élevé, facile à utilisé. Je fais tous les défis quotidien Sans les commerciaux ce serait un 5 étoiles..Version: 3.9.0

AdsWhen you make a mistake the advertisement are too long..Version: 3.8.0

Good app!!!Not lots of ads good quality, not slow. I have to say. It’s so addictive but awesome. If you want to download this I 100% recommend, my uncle showed me this app and it helps with maths! So fun and good for the brain. I wouldn’t recommend for ages 9 and under. Just because it’s a bit of a hard game but easy at the same time lol. So amazing, GET THIS GAME, xx Sophia<3.Version: 4.9.1

SO much better than the pen and paper version!Even though I’m not a mad keen gamer on my devices, Sudoku is so addictive this way. Much easier to see patterns, with the “highlight” feature and good to be alerted immediately to mistakes. Love it!.Version: 1.3.1

Love it!The game functions well. It features settings to change whether the game is timed, whether you want limits on how many you get incorrect, along with lots of other options. It’s very simplistic without flashy colors, and has three different color options for different times of the day (white, yellow, black) similar to functions on an internet browser, so your eyes don’t strain from white light etc. It doesn’t take up much of my battery usage, and works on airplane mode/without data, so it’s nice for a flight or a road trip. The single downside to this app is the ads before and/or after each puzzle is completed, and if you have a limit on how many you can get correct it plays an ad before you can continue, but again the limit can be turned off in the settings. Overall, this app is fantastic and I definitely recommend downloading it if you are a fan of sudoku..Version: 2.1.1

ExcellentI love this app! Great for all levels- beginners to advanced. It’s great to pass time, exercise your brain and take your mind off your troubles. It calms me..Version: 3.8.0

Great game!!It’s a great game!!! Just a suggestion though, have a home page, so when u open the app it goes to a home page we’re u can access statistics, start a new game, e.t.c. I think it would be a little easier to navigate and you’ll be able to see pretty much everything on the one page. Other than that, I think the game it great!! Highly recommended for people who like logic and strategy games!!.Version: 1.1.10

CrashKeep crashing. Every 10 seconds game closes down itself. It started happening after last update which was on August 26, 2017..Version: 1.1.1

Great appI’ve been solving these puzzles for some time now and thoroughly enjoy them, of late it’s been crashing, today crashed three times before I could solve today’s puzzle, I’m updating the app and hope this will solve the problem, if not, is there something else going on? I also play spider solitaire and am not having the same issues. Thanks.Version: 3.7.0

Too many AdvertisementsThe application is really good but only too many adds. regards Matt.Version: 3.6.0

Wake my BrainGreat tonic for the grey matter. At 73 I so enjoy the challenge of this game. I surprise myself as I can see my continual improvement. Clever people who created it. 😎.Version: 4.9.1

Wonderful Game, but Beware of Ads Filling Your StorageAs I said, great Sudoku game, crisp and simple format, blessedly lacking the foo-foo weird variations of other apps. If you want pure sudoku without the other silliness, this is your app. But beware, as I have played and won about 900 expert level games, the app has grown like a sinister blob monster and has filled an insane 6.86 GB of storage on my iPhone, more than all my other apps combined! Tech support replies politely and speedily, but only action recommended is to delete and reload the app, losing all of your progress and trophies. You have to start all over. Explanation being it’s the ads filling and gumming up your OS. Heavy sigh... Only other criticism is I wish it had cell coloring ability so I could use advanced solving techniques taught by the brilliant Sudoku Swami. In any event, you’re going to love this app, if you’re a sudoku purist and use pure logic to solve puzzles. And if you get stuck, it does give you hints... but the price is ads! Storage-Stuffing ads!.Version: 4.5.0

Great app - found an issueI have found an issue with the last two (14th & 15th Feb) daily challenges that can’t be solved as the same number is required in the same row. Todays (15th) bottom right middle row third number is 3 however there is also a 3 in the same spot in the box above. Hope this makes sense I have screen shots if that is easier..Version: 4.9.1

Performance degradedHi, like others who have commented I enjoy the app, but also find the battery consumption really high - it uses the most of any app I have by far. Also noticing with the last couple of releases that there are often time lags of several seconds when moving between or selecting cells which is annoying when you’re trying to solve the puzzle quickly.Version: 2.9.0

Love the app but one thingThank you for a great straightforward app! For the past few weeks, I’ve been using it when I wake up, and before I fall asleep. One problem though, sometimes I fall asleep while playing it, and I realize a few hours later that my phone did not lock while the game is on, so I wake up to a hot phone that has been on the whole night. That is not good for the phone, nor for me. Why does this happen only with this app? Can you add a feature that it dims or allows the phone to lock after x amount of time? Thank you!.Version: 2.3.0

Jeu allumantStz J’adore Me garde en forme.Version: 3.9.0

Love SudokuI’ll preface this by saying I love the app, very seldom do I run into any bugs or glitches, I enjoy the daily challenges and stats that are kept, and it's an app that I use pretty much every day. It's well maintained and could use some more interesting mechanics but I trust in the developers to make the app better as time goes by. The one issue I have with it is the introduction of ads in the middle of a game. when I get on a roll and start filling in cells it never fails that an ad will just pop up and ruin the momentum and fun. at that point I just close the app and play later in a few hours because I refuse to sit through an ad in the middle of my puzzle. I get that in this era there has to be constant monetization but surely the puzzle itself, from start to finish, should be off limits. I’m fine watching an ad in between games but I won't tolerate it in the middle of a game. that needs to be rectified and I’ll bet every user agrees on that point. I look forward to seeing the advances made on this app but I don't see myself sticking around with it if the avaricious nature of the new ad campaign is going to continue unabated. Keep up the good work and lose the mid-game ads..Version: 4.7.1

Awesome app! but...Almost everything about this app is great! It operates smoothly, it’s very straightforward, gameplay is fairly natural. I started playing sudoku on this app and I’m totally addicted. Ads are very light and often skipable, though they do put a large ad box dangerously close to a frequent click area... 😏 My hobby is to play a few games a day, trying to beat my previous time records and average times, and to learn a new technique here and there. Unfortunately I’ve been encountering a bug more and more often which infuriates me; the clock will fail to count, and can sometimes be stopped during a game by accident, skewing my results. This has happened to me in every category, so now I know none of my fastest times. It’s also happening almost 1/3 games now, or more, and I don’t catch it until I’m done because I’m so focused. Please fix! Then it will be 💯!.Version: 3.0.0

SudokuGreat game, better than the newspaper version!.Version: 3.8.0

👍This is the best version of Audubon in apps available. Love the variety of levels and accuracy in ranking. Finally an ‘expert’ level that challenges the amateur pro! Would love a bought version. The constant ads just plough through my battery and would love the space to be nutting out number patterns without the subliminal selling (sure some tune out), I have great peripherals so the constant flicker is just plain boring. Take my money and left me play uninterrupted sudoku... pretty please!.Version: 1.1.10

Well done, but.Thanks for the 3 ‘mistakes’ you added a while back. For playing at Expert, they are often needed as guesses. What happened to the feature where the numbers disappeared as you got all nine of them, that was very useful towards the end of the game, it saved a lot of wasted time, and careless losses. Still works on my old iPad2, well done. Some developers, it seems like they are just Apple agents, making us buy the latest kit! Any chance of having a ‘maybe’ feature in ‘Notes’ mode? Perhaps cycle black, amber, off, instead of just black, off? Or an extra box at the ends of each row and column? Still 6 stars if I could!.Version: 2.0.3

Collects copious data from your phoneEnjoyable app and good interface. I’m reducing my rating to 2 stars for a few reasons. 1-frequency of ads has recently increased significantly. 2-duration of ads before being able to skip has increased by 20%. 3-the themed adventures have become extremely long, nearly insurmountable, causing a casual player to feel unaccomplished. This fuels FOMO and reflects greed on part of the developer by either increased advertising exposure in both frequency and duration (cf. 1 & 2 above), or greater likelihood of purchasing the ad-free version. 4-tracking of out-of-app actions has become glaringly obvious. Please be honest in your marketing of this app: your product is not the app being marketed to me. Your product is my information that you collect, marketed to your advertising partners. Sudoku is merely the vehicle by which you collect this information without compensation to me..Version: 3.0.0

Some issuesThis is a great app and I pretty like it. However, not sure if it ever happened to anyone, sometimes when I spent up to an hour trying to solve a game, then I got 3 mistakes and there was an ad appearing. But the screen was just total black and nothing was loaded. I tried to wait for quite long but nothing was changed so I had to close the app and reopen it. But then the game that I was playing earlier was completely cleared and I had to play a new one. It happened to me not just one time, and honestly it’s really annoying to me. Don’t know if you guys can fix it, if yes, that would be perfect. Anyways thank you for developing an amazing app..Version: 1.2.2

I’m trying to learn sudokuI have never played sudoku before and I decided to try to learn it. I got this app and chose easy mode. i read the rules and started playing. It was discouraging to see that it only let me make 3 mistakes 😔. you should make some sort of free play/practice board where people don’t get a limited number of mistakes (but they don’t get stars/points for playing). it would be helpful for beginners like me who don’t really care about stars/points at first they just want to learn how to play. also, the ads and their placement is really annoying. the banner-style ads that are at the bottom while you play are in the way. if i try to click a number and i press too low, i click an ad! i know you have to put ads to get money but please put the banner style ones at the top of the playing board where people will see them but not click them on accident. also, the video ads are really long and there are LOTS of them. i really don’t want to pay FIVE DOLLARS to get rid of them. other than those complaints i have, the app is very nice and neat. i like being able to change the board color for free. the erasing sound is very nice. i haven’t tried any challenges yet because i am on my first puzzle, but they sound interesting. the hints are terrific! it suggests where to put a number and explains why it put it there. i’m glad i decided to learn how to play sudoku! 😀.Version: 4.9.1

Great game and great developersI’ve been playing this game for a few months now, thoroughly enjoying making my brain work. Up until recently I have not needed to make contact with the developers, but recently I thought of a little tweak I thought they could make. I sent a message and had a reply within the same day. I’ve now sent a couple of messages on different threads and they always come back quickly and friendly. I can’t say I’ve had any response from any developer where I have sent feedback before. I am very impressed. Keep up the good work, and definitely a great app!!.Version: 2.6.0

Brain teaser😚🤪Ok so this app is great. If you are reading this and you are unsure to use your mgs on this app my advice is YES. This sudoku app is fun, officiant and great for math building. Sudoku is great for making quick descisions and making the right ones. I would denifitely recommend this to someone who is lacking in the basic facts areas and someone who just wants to keep their brain up to date from day to day. Sudoku is free and fun and a great way to warm your brain up. So if you are decided to press that ‘get’ button then I say press that get button😇😂!!!!!! KR, me..🤞😎.Version: 2.5.0

One suggestionThe game is perfect already, I just wanted to suggest putting in a ‘night mode’ (where background goes black, black texts goes white etc etc) just as a nice setting for users to have as a custom preference. If there is already an option to do so sorry please direct me! Great job on producing an easy to use game in the first place, it’s super simple and I play it everyday!.Version: 1.1.4

Wish i could turn the highlight offThe highlight is annoying, distracting does not help at all. Cannot turn it off too. That’s why I dont give 5 stars.Version: 2.5.0

Great game no saving optionHello, I love this app I think it’s the best sudoku app so far, but I’ve switched phones and reinstalled it after uninstalling, which made me lose all my progress on daily/monthly challenges as well as my statistics. I strongly suggest letting people create accounts or link their FB or Google accounts to save progress, as I don’t feel motivated to start over and over again. It would also be nice to connect and compete with people and compare our high scores. Thank you..Version: 4.5.0

Good appGood app, but adds are too long.Version: 3.8.0

Great but typos are counted as mistakesI don't know if it is just me, but I keep making errors in typing. These errors are usually just one number from the one I was supposed to write, like eight when I try to type nine, but it counts as mistakes and when there are only three mistakes allowed. I don't think that there should be a limit to how many mistakes you can make. Also, if it is not asking too much, developers could add a system that makes it that it levels you up from easy to expert. It would be cool, to have a game tell you that the skills are better. It would mean that the next difficulty up would be the default. So on and so forth. Other than that, it is an amazing game and it would be five stars if the mistakes are not limited..Version: 2.3.0

Excellent game/Could have more featuresThis will be a lengthy review so bare with me. I think a great addition to the game would be 1v1 / Multiplayer Sudokus where you can compete against friends. The game would be timed to see who can complete the SAME sudoku in the fastest time. (it’s not the same just picking a random sudoku of the same difficulty as the numbers in the cells are different and could provide a slight advantage to one of the players) This new feature could be added by utilising Bluetooth to connect the two devices or being able to enter numbers in a blank sudoku grid so that you have the same game. Other than that for the game in its current state is 5 stars when compared to other apps. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Things I love: - simple/user friendly interface - multiple options to chose from in the colour pallet - hints that explain in detail which provides a learning experience instead of the AI just filling in a blank cell - killer sudoku events which are a great new feature (would be great to see it as a permanent game mode in stead of an event) - stats on all games played to track progress and improvements..Version: 3.3.0

Great, but prompts incorrect numberI live this game! The only fault I find is that if I don’t have most of the numbers on the field and enter the wrong number for that sequence it will prompt that it’s the wrong number. So I wouldn’t be able to tell why it’s the wrong number. It would be great if this could be programmed differently so that you could only see this towards the end of the game so that you can’t cheat the game by testing the numbers..Version: 1.2.9

LOVE this app!I absolutely love sudoku, and this app has become my new fav way to play. Only downside with it is that if I want to play, I can guarantee I will need to charge my battery at some point that day. Usually, my battery will easily last the full day, but I’ve found if I play this (even just one or two games, for about 6 mins total), my battery goes down rapidly. I’m talking 10% in 10 mins. But as long as I’m near a powerpoint, then no issues!.Version: 1.2.1

Great fun Free version spoiled by @#E$ AdvertisementsThanks this is a great game. With wonderful interface. How can we get rid of these darned ads? Cannot believe that the app interrupts the game - middle of the game! - to show 30 seconds of advert! The more I play the more ads I see. Not happy, will leave soon, Yes I understand that you need to make a living…. How about a paid advert free version UPDATE: Thanks I’ve found the paid option and have paid to remove ads, all goo now.Version: 4.9.1

It would be cool if we could make our own SudokuI love the game, don’t get me wrong. But I thought that if you could either upload your own sudoku into the app or possibly make one that the devs could include it would be cool. Sometimes I find a sudoku online and I haven’t found an app where I could input my own numbers (the starting numbers) to do a sudoku online. Just a thought, don’t know if it is possible..Version: 3.6.0

Is a great app done by good peopleI have rewritten this review. As my first one was a negative review. However the app support of this app have came back to me with a resolution to my situation. Where you can switch of the three mistake rule in the settings. I didn’t know this. So I would firstly want apologies for any negative comment made by me towards the developer of this is app. Secondly thank you for advising me how to solve this. This app is a really good app. To have them help a fool like me understand little more I have to admit I feel like the people are better. So again thank you.Version: 1.2.1

I think the game is...AMAZING!!! It helps you with your brain and how you think. You have to look at the numbers that are highlighted and see it they have a certain number that you have down the bottom. If you make three mistakes you have to start again or you watch an add and then you go back to two mistakes. It make me feel so calm and relaxed. It is great! ❤️❤️❤️ Love Essie Xx Oo.Version: 2.1.0

URGENT FIXESRegarding the paid no ads feature: -Please fix unlimited hints so that you are only limited to one hint and any other commencing hints earned by a system of coins after solving a puzzle or by the standard ad watching. -Please also fix the unlimited second chances after 3 mistakes. These are both huge advantages in comparison to the free version. These problems essentially allow people to solve puzzles without thinking at all Please look into this, much appreciated :).Version: 4.9.1

AddictiveI never played sudoku until I downloaded this app after seeing it advertised through another game and thought I would give it a go, since then I have found it can become addictive but the good kind of addiction. I would recommend this app to those who want a straight forward easy but challenging game to fill in their day..Version: 2.3.2

Sudoku reviewFantastic that you have created several levels. I am not good at it so appreciate being able to choose how many mistakes I can make without being shut down. The different levels of difficulty are correct. Knowing when I have made a mistake makes it superior to paper games. Thanks for just about perfect game. So many games don’t work along with a person’s ability level.👍🖖👌.Version: 2.2.0

As a beginner.....It would be nice if there were more than three chances per game. That’s a bit frustrating. But I guess if people want to continue then they are forced into watching a video. I know that’s how you probably make money ....but it’s still frustrating. Decent game though. .....thanks so much for the feedback.......didn’t realize that was an option to turn it off..... thanks :).Version: 3.8.0

Love the game, wish there was a little something moreLongtime puzzler! I’ve been using this specific app for quite some time! I haven’t found one that’s comparable to it, however I wish there were either more than one puzzle for the daily challenge or more events. I love doing the events and I’ve only missed one since the start of the new year! Even if they were just weekly events instead of specific holidays I would love that. There’s something really charming about reaching the end of the event and getting the medals. Opening the app and clicking new game every time and then selecting the difficulty doesn’t have the same charm as working up from easy to hard as in the events. It’s a lot harder for me to keep track of how many puzzles I did in a day but starting new games and such. Overall I really like the app and the design and layout. It’s easy to customize it a bit so you can make it more or less of a challenge, but I wish there was a bit more to the events..Version: 2.6.0

Love the game Hate the ads for other gamesTired of being interrupted by promotions of other games🙄.Version: 3.8.0

Add the option to log in!!!I love this version of sudoku. It’s helped me to not only learn how to play but also become an expert, which I have now been able to take on in handwritten expert sudoku game books. The only downside to this app is that you have NO way of saving the awards you’ve won! I’ve had to change my phone twice since first downloading this game, and both times I’ve lost my monthly awards. I’m even afraid of losing my event awards I’ve won on my iPad (which won’t translate to my iPhone!) I’m very proud of my newly learned skill, which continuously helps me through my PTSD, but losing all of my hard work twice now has been very saddening. Please, please add the option to log in and have the information saved. This app is my favorite, and I want to give it the full five stars it deserves but free for paid advertisements is simply not enough..Version: 3.6.0

WoW AwesomeNice and funny game with several levels.Version: 3.9.0

Brilliant butAs previously mentioned comments re 3 mistakes. However I prefer it that way as this is your target; do not have as many mistakes. The only thing that annoys me now is when you have solved it and it is a matter of filling the last number in each box. I wish once you have put the right number, it doesn’t change and be ones fixed. Just like the original ones. So if press the correct number by mistake, it wouldn’t change again. Hence, I don’t have the mistakes 😊 One more suggestion. At some stage of the game, it becomes a matter of filling in the remaining numbers to completely solve it. This is where sometimes we can make mistakes when typing in the wrong number by accident I think. Can you make it as auto fill like in some games? Or would that kill the joy!.Version: 2.3.2

Mostly great sudoku app!I have been using this app for about three years. I like the interface, and I play the Daily Challenge nearly every day. With that said, there have been two features from recent updates that are impacting my enjoyment of the app. The first one, is the takeover of ads. I used to be able to start a game, pause the game, come back to the game, and I’d only have to watch an ad at the beginning or end of the game. Now, there’s an ad at the beginning, an ad every time I unpause the game, and one at the end too. That’s a lot of ads! Even more frustrating, and I swear this only happens when I’m getting on a roll, ads are now interrupting my game mid-move. The other strange change is with the difficulty settings on the Daily Challenge. When I first began using the app, the difficulty level was random, which was fun. After another update, I would only get easy and medium puzzles. A bit strange, but at least I could finish my daily puzzle quickly. After the most recent update, the difficulty levels of the Daily Challenge are only hard or expert. I can not find any setting to change to fix this. Overall, I really like the app, but with the recent changes, I’m questioning how much I’m enjoying my time with it..Version: 4.8.0

Events should have fewer levelsFirst off, I love this app. It has a simply beautiful interface and it’s easy to use. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a sudoku app. My favorite part of the app is completing the seasonal events. They’re fun and I like collecting the medals. However, recently the number of levels in an event has been increasing and I think that having to complete 100 levels in a week to receive a “gold” is excessive. It’s doable, but it’s majorly time consuming (especially when people have work, etc). For me, I don’t really like getting bronze/silver so if I get past the “bronze level”, I’ll play for hours on end until I complete the event to get gold. But at that point, the fun is taken out of the game - I’m just playing to complete levels and it’s not enjoyable anymore. If the events continue to have an insane amount of levels, i probably just won’t start them anymore. In my opinion, the events should be more around 20-30 levels (at least <50)..Version: 3.0.0

Great app and fabulous customer serviceI play this most days, if only briefly, and it’s the best Sudoku game I have found. After re-initialising my phone recently, I saw that the number buttons were now overlapping the icons on screen that enable you to flip into erase or notes mode. I raised the issue in a review and was immediately contacted by the developer and they were able to point out that I had enabled zoom mode when I initialised the phone. That was the problem and it was identified in less than 24 hours. THIS IS SIMPLY FABULOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! OTHERS COULD LEARN FROM THESE GUYS!!! I can’t give them 5 stars, as the game should really work on my phone but hopefully they will address this in a future update..Version: 3.7.0

Best Sudoku app!!I’ve got about 9 purchased Sudoku apps, this one is the greatest by far!! Especially being a free app, for everything you get in it, the ads are more than tolerable, and for those who really can’t stand them, buying them is just a way to show gratitude to the developers 😉 To the developers - I don’t know how difficult it is to integrate cloud syncing between devices, but it would be amazing if you could build this feature in as I have multiple trophies on my iPad, but do not always have that with me when I’m, for example, waiting in a long queue at the bank as I do have my phone. Would just be perfect to be able to carry on with some of the previous daily challenges without having to re-earn all the trophies. Please keep up the incredible work!!.Version: 2.4.1

Easy to useLearnt to play through this app..Version: 4.8.0

Excellent features.. please enable Dark Mode too...Version: 4.11.1

Too many adsGood game but too many ads..Version: 3.9.0

GREAT GAMEI have tried to write great reviews for this game for 2 hours now but in the middle of them I keep getting logged out of the App Store. Anyway, this time I will mainly critique. A great feature to add would be what I am about to tell you. So whenever you put a number in a box (with notes of obviously) and it IS wrong, it erases every note around it that was the number you got wrong. If that was too confusing then here is an example: Let’s say I put a 1 in a box (with notes off obviously) and it IS wrong. The game will remove every note that was a 1 around it. Meaning that every note that was a 1 was removed in the square, row and column. This is very frustrating because I have to go back to every box and see if I had a 1 there as a note before. If you could make this change I would really appreciate it!.Version: 2.8.0

Transfert de donnée.J’aime bien votre application sauf que je viens de changer de tablette et je ne récupère pas ce que j’ai déjà accomplie sur l’autre tablette ☹️.Version: 3.9.0

Thanks for a good game.Sudoku is my relaxer. I’ve passed the expert upper levels and whilst good can be too frustrating. So I am quite content to simply enjoy finishing (most of the time) those of the simpler lower level. Thank you for making this game such a pleasure to me..Version: 3.6.0

Bowman’s BingoI really enjoy the challenge of playing the expert level of this game. The problem is, there are too many puzzles that end with a Bowman’s Bingo! After strategically placing and eliminating numbers for 30 minutes or more, to have a puzzle end up unsolvable without a pure guess is extremely frustrating! It’s not infrequent either. It happens repeatedly..Version: 3.9.0

Challenge matchGreat App! I purchased the full version!! However, I wish the daily challenge could be the same game cross so that I can play with my friends and have competition at the same time!!!! Please consider!!!.Version: 3.8.0

Love Sudoku - Love This AppThis app is great once you’ve applied the one off cost to remove the adds. I’ve done enough of the puzzles to make up the cost I’d have incurred buying a puzzle book anyway. The hints are also brilliantly incorporated into each puzzle to teach you new ways of completing them when you’re stuck. I’ve now up-skilled myself and can complete the Expert level puzzles without needing any hints! Woohoo! Feature requests: - re-do button (sometimes I click undo once too many times and forget where I was) - clear all notes (sometime I mess up the notes and just want to start fresh!).Version: 2.7.1

Great gameReally enjoy passing time on the train playing. Good wake up exercise before work..Version: 1.1.4

Enjoyable, but I’d like to see some improvementsThis is the best sudoku app I’ve used. I can’t imagine going back to pen and paper now. However, I’d like to suggest some improvements: - Make all stats available for every game. Every time I complete a sudoku l’d like to see how my score and time compares to the average - and I’d like to see how many players that average comprises, as well (getting a faster time than one one other player doesn’t mean much, but getting a faster time than lots is something to be proud of). - Make the “life countdown” a configuration option. Sometimes I enjoy the jeopardy, sometimes I just want to complete the puzzle)..Version: 3.6.0

Too many adsUpon opening the app, I am faced with a 30 second ad before selecting my difficulty or ease of game. Then I am required to watch another 30 second ad before my game starts. So one minute from opening the app, to when my game starts. Then any mistake after three wrong tries and it’s another 30 second ad each time. Very frustrating..Version: 2.5.0

One main improvement but mainly goodI am really enjoying this game but the one thing I feel would improve that enjoyment would be that numbers lock in place when you get them right. I make “mistakes” mostly when I think I’ve tapped on an empty box but actually my thumb has just slightly caught an adjacent one and I’ve not noticed. I then input the number I think it is and it flashes up in bold red that I’ve made a mistake. On the pre-existing numbers, that’s not possible to do. Given that you know if you’ve got it right because it doesn’t flash in red, I see no harm in locking the number because you know you haven’t got it wrong. That’s my least favourite part of an otherwise great game and it does dampen it when I’ve played a perfect game in reality but not on “paper”. Beyond ads of course, but that can’t be helped in this day and age unless I want to pay £4.99 and I get that salaries have to come from somewhere..Version: 2.3.5

Good - can we use it more pleaseNice interface, easy to use. Would be GREAT if we could enter the starting numbers found from other so sodium sources, and use the apps “engine” to solve those! Not as good as it was because adds now pop up when you are part-way through a game. Can you opt out of that please?.Version: 4.7.1

AddsIt’s annoying having adds interrupt during a game. Isn’t before and after enough..Version: 4.8.0

SudokuGood for clearing the morning fog!.Version: 3.8.0

LearningJust some constructive, I hope, feedback. As a very beginner to the game I am enjoying your app and I am learning slowly from the easy level. My feedback, it is very annoying when the error message comes up in the middle of the screen after 3 errors as I can’t see where my mistake was to learn from it. Is there another solution..Version: 4.7.0

Challenge friends with Daily game.I love this game. A few of us in our family have it and are competitive, comparing best times for the different levels. We would love the ability to all attempt the same game at the same time. Would it be possible to number the games and have an ability to choose to play a particular number? Or for the “daily” sudoku game to be the same on everyone’s phone so we would be able to see who gets the best time each day?.Version: 2.2.1

Great app, could adjust adsGreat game! One of my favourite sudoku apps, nice UI, easy to use and easy on the eyes as well. The amount of ads and when they play are ideal, in between games and don’t take up part of the screen. However, there’s one thing about the ads that always bugged me a bit. During video ads the sound is automatically on, even if the phone is on silent, do not disturb, and when there’s sound coming from another app (like music or podcasts). It isn’t a massive deal and I turn off the noise quickly when these ads pop up, but there’s still a fairly annoying pause in the music. I was curious if developers have control over these subtle issues in regards to ads, if not, thanks for the lovely game!.Version: 4.9.0

Adverts spoil a great gameI have used and enjoyed this app over many months now. I put up with adverts at the start and end of the game as part of the price of development. Now, however, adverts appear with increasing frequency during the game itself, which is a real turn off. Given that the app says it is already using cookies to track my activity, even though I’m not signed up, I reckon you’re already doing well enough selling my data without adverts taking up as much time as playing time. I’ll likely delete the app before long..Version: 4.7.1

The Real dealI like it but it’s just like not for me because I want my who likes to do it and books not like on Internet but I know how you’re feeling trying to get kids to do it more light on the Internet trying to get to like okay I understand it’s just it’s not for me and I I’ll probably eyelike it is a little difficulty because one day it could just gets the hardest level latest goodbye.Version: 2.3.7

ReccomendationIt would be a good idea if there was like a “trophy cabinet” so a place where u can go to see all the trophies you have earned from the daily puzzles. They have similar on the app 4 pics 1 word and it’s a great idea. Makes me feel successful over time to be able to show how many trophies I have earned to friends etc. (I am not sure if this is already a feature as I only just got the app but it doesn’t appear to exist at this point). Thanks :).Version: 2.0.3

Power draw affecting iPad battery?I’ve enjoyed this game over the last few months on iPhone and iPad. But I’ve noticed that my battery in my iPad has not coped with the massive power draw. It began suddenly reporting 1% power levels and shutting down -no matter what the real charge was. This has gone on regularly over a period of 6 weeks. The battery seemed to have developed a memory. It affected all other apps too. The battery tested ok. The only thing to have helped is refraining from using this app. Pity as I enjoyed it. iPad works fine again now. Definitely the app. Not the battery. No issue with iphone..Version: 1.2.2

Great app, only one wishThis app is great for sudoku, but on expert I often find I have to screenshot the board and edit it in my photos to be able to distinguish my pointing pairs with my other possible numbers and such. If it could be possible to also choose the colour of the possible numbers in a square, then it would make it a lot easier to catagorise and solve the puzzles. Another feature that would improve the game would be the option to put “temporary” numbers (that will not tell you if it’s correct or not and not count toward the 3 mistakes) in squares, to solve what would happen should a square be that number. That way I wouldn’t have to do that in an image editor. The colour change of the possible numbers should be an easy tweak and the option to use “temporary” numbers may take some work, but I think it’s what is needed to be the best app and to beat competing software. Thank you..Version: 2.1.0

Ad Bar Interferes With PlayI love this game. The daily challenges are fun, and the events can be challenging, but they have ads that hug the number pad so close that often times my finger will accidently touch them when I'm trying to enter a number. As a result, the full add loads up and covers the game screen in the middle of play. When this happens you have to get out of the advertisement, remember what you were trying to do, and go back to the square you were working on when the ad popped up. I don't mind watching an ad or two between each game, but when these ads pop up in the middle of play it is very distracting. If they had a little more space between the ad bar and the number pad, it would fix this problem. The game itself is awesome, but the placement of the ad bar so close to the number pad has become such a distraction to me that I'll be looking for another sudoku game to take the place of this one..Version: 3.1.0

Great app!I really like this! Great puzzle game to wake up to with a cup of coffee and get my brain started. Small areas for improvement might be to: 1) have an option for “random” level of puzzle difficulty. It’s great to do the daily challenge and then find out it the level once you completed it because it’s part of the fun to guess the difficulty level (for me at least). 2) I have been doing the daily challenges for almost a year before the current ones (going back to do the ones I didn’t do before). So having an easier way to scroll through the previous months / years of puzzles would be helpful (similar to the calendar setup for iPhone where you can go month by month or view it as a yearly display and click on a certain month). Overall though love the app! Keep up the awesome work!.Version: 2.1.1

The best sudoku I've triedWorks well unless the internet speed is a bit glitchy. Then the timing isn't great..Version: 1.1.1

Really goodReally good! There are some glitches that stop the app from working properly sometimes..Version: 2.3.7

Like this app , fun to playA fun game and like how they show adds.Version: 3.9.0

SudokuI love the challenge have to use my thinking cap.Version: 3.0.0

Unsolvable PuzzleHi! I was playing one of the puzzles (this might be a one time thing) but I got to the end with two squares left, and it was impossible to complete, as all the other numbers had been used. 2 and 4 were left at the bottom, and neither of them worked. This might be a one time problem, but I took a screenshot of it and would add it to this if possible. Other than that, great game. :) thanks!.Version: 2.3.3

Great Game, Screen Freezes?This Game is Great! My screen always freezes or slows down when I’m playing and if I try to get out of the app it os way to slow and won’t let me get out, so I have to force my iPad to shut down. But could you also add a feature where if you get something wrong it could tell us what the mistake was? Apart from that the service is very good..Version: 4.11.1

Sudoku NumbersGreat app, however the line of available numbers needs to remain consistent. As a number is used it disappears from the list which is great but when you change to the pencil in mode the list changes back to all numbers even though some numbers have been completely used and you would never pencil in a number that has already been completely used. Great game..Version: 2.0.3

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