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Dave - Banking & Cash Advance App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Dave - Banking & Cash Advance app received 13 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Dave - Banking & Cash Advance? Can you share your negative thoughts about dave - banking & cash advance?

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Dave - Banking & Cash Advance for Negative User Reviews

Finally got and email back...I wrote a review on here on Monday, I’ve been using Dave for awhile now and never had a problem. I got an advance last week and paid it Friday. Come Monday Dave just takes out another $75, so I’m in the negative and with late notice and not being able to go put cash in the atm, as it was night. I have to take ANOTHER $75 with the express fee, $4.99. So that’s close to $80, next day I get charged the $35 insufficient fee because Dave took the $75 and made me negative and I didn’t make the cutoff time. So I’m out $118 this week because of Dave, I emailed them and they said on their part they see they only took $75 out once. I checked my Dave app and my bank statement for the two transactions and they are still there. I’m not sure if they are just checking one date as I said Friday and Monday, I sent them screenshots of both saying they took $75 out. Fingers cross they can actually investigate and not send me these short emails that do not even clear up or explain why they took out $75 twice. Also I emailed them Monday, they messaged me yesterday night. I would not download this app. It’s such a hassle trying to get your money back if they mess up on their part. All you can do is email them, it takes them days to email back. They have people that help you that don’t even see to really care about the problem or issue. I’m removing my app..Version: 2.9.4

Good App, just a step behind the competition.I’m fond of this app as it’s helped me in certain situations however as I write this review I can’t help but compare it to its competitors. The backend system cannot account for split direct deposits, If you receive a split direct deposit between checking and savings account in this $800 and $900. The system will only recognize your payroll as $800 thus potentially impacting your borrowing ability. Dave also is not capable of understanding update to date balances, so if your account WAS negative even for a day and now has a balance of $500. It would take days before allowing you to borrow funds, simply because “your account is too low to bring to positive”. Finally there’s is no real time support like Earnin App, where you can chat and get questions answered immediately. I’ve sent in a ticket to Dave 8 hours ago and haven’t heard back and while one may say they need more time and one must bear personal financial responsibility, times are tough, meaning time is crucial. Positive feedback I hope you can take away from this, I love the idea and the app, however like the title says in comparison to your competitors which I do not work or have any interest in are better in terms of convenience. Thanks Guys!.Version: 2.9.3

Dave is great… BUTWhen in a pinch it’s great to know that you can rely on Dave to get you to payday. I’ve used it several times and I’m very grateful for its existence. However, the app is extremely controlling over how you use it. It takes way too long to update your “available balance” so, if you want to pay back manually, it may not let you because it doesn’t detect that you’ve been paid. I understand this is meant to prevent overdraft, but cmon, I don’t need a babysitter. At least allow me to override this so I can get on with my life. I know how much money is available in my account, and I also know that it may not be there anymore when Dave automatically tries to collect- which is why I would love to pay back manually without being told I can’t. I’ve had to email support a few times to get an “alternative payment form” emailed to me, which just makes it even more annoying. The budgeting features of the Dave app also suffer from inaccurate or out of date information regarding the available balance of the account in question, because it takes forever to update. If your looking for a payday advance, Dave is great just be ready for some frustration when it comes to what seems like basic function. If your looking for a great budgeting app, keep looking..Version: 2.52.0

APP WORKS GREATUsually never do reviews but i HAD too for dave. i been using dave for a while and it has been helping me keep with gas and food until my next paycheck. i love the fact that it sends the money asap if you ask for it early enough. they start you off with a $75 limit which mines has just increased to $100 because i use it so much and have it auto drafted back out to pay. also as soon as you do pay it back you can request more next day which is helpful especially if that money you had to pay back is something you may have needed for something else. so it literally helps keep money in your pocket if you have a job. these are all great things about dave but the reason i wrote this review is because of the way dave handles getting their money back. i just moved to another state and got some money from dave to help with that. i just found a job in the new state but i haven't been gettin paid yet so i am behind on my pack-back to dave. I JUST WANNA PRAISE DAVE ON NOT TRYING TO TAKE MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT WHEN ITS NOT THERE. they check 1st which is so nice cause alot of us using the app are already not very financially stable or literate and we need all the money we can get and getting this overdraft or ach fees really hurt us more than you know. I hope you read this developers cause i just wanna say THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. and i start my job soon and im not in debit THANK YOU!!!.Version: 2.35.0

Just don’t bother with this appI don’t even know where to start with this. Well for one, all of my information was leaked. Which is still causing me issues to this day. Don’t trust them with anything at all. Their customer service is honestly awful. They’re the most rude people I’ve even spoken to, and incredibly unhelpful. If you have their bank account they add an extra % to any purchase you make at a restaurant or hotel. I put $50 deposit down at a hotel, they took out $60. 30 days later and I still don’t have my money bank. I’ve contacted their support so many times and they either lie to me or just do not care about my problems. I have a charge on my account that was declined, yet their still holding on to that money. And the phone representative lied to me saying that the charge never existed. So where did my $105 go? Also if you ask to speak with a supervisor they will just lie to you and say that THERE ISNT A SINGLE SUPERVISOR WORKING THAT WHOLE DAY. Y’all need to hire some supervisors because those representatives are doing a terrible job and no one cares. I asked if they could advance me the $60 as a courtesy since I was straight lied to. And you could sense how much joy that rep got from telling me no. I cannot wait to get my money back so I can close this account. Not 1 single positive experience has come from using Dave..Version: 2.36.0

Dave fails as a banking companyI received my first direct deposit from my employer today into my new checking acc with Dave and I had some questions about my direct deposit and banking with Dave. I use the chat feature in the Dave app, where I am now banking with Dave who I setup a checking account with, and who sent me a debit card with their company’s name and logo on it… and the customer service rep did not know that I am banking with Dave, that my paycheck was direct deposited from my employer with Dave and overall they were not setup for success by Dave to be a rockstar customer service representative for their company. So I called the number on the back of the debit card, provided by Dave that is for my checking account with Dave and they said “I cannot help you with these questions about your bank account because we do not have access to your information with Dave and you have to go back to the app and use the chat feature there.” Ive been in software for 15 years, taught customer service, wrote manuals on customer service, along and with various other positions in tech. I have never seen, heard of, or experienced such failures at a corporate level! If Monte Python met Alfred Hitchcock in the Twilight Zone to shop for Thneed’s I would understand that, my customer service experience on my first day banking with Dave… I don’t know what the french tickler just happened!.Version: 2.53.0

RidiculousIt took me 3 months of back and forth with their customer support to finally be able to get an advance of $15. The loan was paid back on my payday, plus fees. The next was dropped to $5 available loan. That was paid back, as well. The following was still at $5 availability. I spent 3 days back and forth, trying to find out why. They corrected it and allowed me to do up to $75, but I only needed $50. Again, that was paid back, plus fees, on time. I checked it again, and loan amount had dropped back down to $5. Once again, I have spent another 3 days back and forth with their customer support, to find out why. This time, I was told have only received 1 direct deposit check from my employer. Hmm...didn't make sense that I've received advances previously....one of them recently and paid back on time. I reinformed them I have received regular direct deposit from my employer and gotten advances before from this app. I was then told that, because I received a direct deposit from another source, (because I have bonuses and employee benefits hit my account every 6 months) in between my pay days, I would have to wait to show that their are more direct deposits coming from my employer. So, essentially, what they are telling me, is that, you are not allowed receive money from anyone other than your employer and by payroll only, if you want to use their app. What a crock!.Version: 2.5.1

Missing fundsProbably the worst mistake I’ve made ever going with Dave Banking. The customer service is no different than a robot, they have lines and a script they go by. They do not help resolve any banking issues whatsoever. I use cash app to transfer funds between myself and fiancé. I’ve always used them no problem. My fiancé sent me a large sum of funds through cash app. I transferred those funds to my Dave banking account. They haven’t been deposited to my account because Dave claims they don’t support the cash out option. That’s a complete lie because I’ve used cash app with my Dave no problem. They told me the funds will be deposited to my account within 3-5 days because they never showed in my account. After the fifth day a woman told me she sees the funds and they will be deposited that day. I waited till the next morning. Still no funds. I called again. They claim it couldn’t be deposited cause the source couldn’t be determined and they say they sent it back to the creditor. Cash app has done great helping me track my funds and told me Dave never sent anything back. I called Dave and told them that but still tell me they sent it back. I asked for proof of that, and they could not provide anything to set my mind at ease. DAVE BANKING HAS STOLEN MY FUNDS AND WILL NOT RETURN THEM OR GIVE ANY HELPFUL ANSWERS. If it can’t be resolved I plan on contacting BBB and also my attorney to proceed with an investigation..Version: 2.43.0

HandyWell I’ve used this service 3 times and the first two times I’ve gotten my money right away by paying the three dollars. But on my third time using it I paid the three dollars and it said it was deposited in my account I confirmed it and then the next morning it was gone and they still said it was going to be paid back on my next payday but yet I had no money from them and it put my account in the negative. Later on the second day I received a message saying it was sent and should be there soon and asking for a review but yet I still don’t have what I asked for they say it was sent the bank can find no records for it. Needless to say I’m not happy. Also the way they kinda trick you into adding a tip is kinda shady they should put a close button on the screen if you do not want to include a tip. And the default is 15% if you don’t pay attention you will pay back plus the 15%. Now for me if I’m hurting for money and need to borrow some this is an awesome service but 15% is kinda high if a person is strapped for cash. In the end I still have not received the money in my account and I paid for the quick deposit. If it does not show up by the day before I get paid I’ll lock my account so they cannot take money out in case they try..Version: 2.22.0

Great at First, But Eventually Experiences IssuesInitially I was skeptical to install and use an app requiring entry of my banking account info, but after reading dozens of mostly-positive reviews I decided to give it a try. Entering my bank account info and inputting my paycheck schedule was quick and easy, and not long after the verification was completed I requested and received a $75 cash advance. Over the course of a couple months I requested and received three $75 advances, each of which was paid from my checking account on the scheduled date. However, this week I attempted another advance but the app reflected it did not register my most recent paycheck, thereby limiting to $20 the amount I could advance. Upon trying to update the paycheck schedule (which has NOT changed, mind you), the app informed me it could not offer advances based on manual paycheck entry. This issue was something I read in many reviews, but I opted to continue with the installation and use of the app. Now, due to the frustrating glitch in the app’s ability to record my always-on-time paychecks and other, static monthly deposits, there really is no point in keeping the app on my phone. Currently I am evaluating the use of other, similar apps, as I see no need to maintain the Dave app because it no longer properly records my paycheck information. I’m glad I waited to write a review because it allowed me to experience both its pros and cons..Version: 2.9.15

TheivesEvery time I borrow money from this app not only do they take the fee that I know I’m going to be charged but they also take five or 10 extra dollars and I never get that back! I have went through to the email support and the chat support my request and my questions get ignored I’m tired of money being taken out of my account that I did not authorize and I am also very tired of not being taken seriously and replied back to you about my money being taken $15 might not seem like a lot to some people but when it’s all you have and you’re unemployed $15 extra being taken out of my account that was not authorized is stealing. I’m going to remove this app from my phone and I’m also going to tell all of my friends not to use it. It’s one thing to borrow money and pay back A five dollar fee that is fine by me but it is another thing to take the money that you borrowed plus the fee plus more money that you were aware of without my permission. They even take a dollar out from time to time and they put the dollar back but whenever I have just enough money in my account for a certain bill and taking that dollar out at that time that is unknown causes me to be in the negative that bothers my credit that bothers my bank account and I don’t need any more problems with either one of those issues..Version: 2.49.0

Not Helpful & A Thief In The Night!I CANNOT recommend this app!!! I’ve been using the Dave App for approximately seven months now and so far it has been mostly frustrating. After taking the time to apply for a spend account and uploading my driver license, Dave rejected my application because they couldn’t verify my identity. Weird because I have been at the same address over six years my license address matches and I have credit &bills consistent with this. Okay, so even though I’m not elected eligible for a spend account Dave allows me to get advances on my monthly income. Great, right? Not really because Dave pays himself back by going by when my credit union last applied my monthly direct deposit. The problem is, is that my credit union deposits the money the moment they receive it which could be different dates every month but Dave doesn’t take this into consideration so he has overdrawn my cu account on a few occasions which is the opposite of what Dave’s main objective is! I have contacted CS several times about it and they have been no help and only repeating what the last rep said or telling me what I already know! To top it off I am being charged for using the app because I don’t have a spend account. Ugh! FRUSTRATING to not have this issue resolved. I will be closing my account since it really serves no purpose but to borrow from at ridiculous fees and to overdraw my cu account costing me even more. 😒 Thanks Dave..Version: 2.55.0

Going backwardsLet’s start by saying the when I first started using this app it was working fine, now I have been trying to use it for a while now and it was stuck on the screen that said a verification for the bank account was needed and it should take two days, I’m wondering how you guys count your days because it was displaying the same message for over a month, I tried to do the process again and after I linked my bank account for the second time it took me to a screen that requires me to verify all my information again including bank account and routing numbers, once y put my information says my bank account number it’s not correct and I know what you are going to say you probably did it wrong try again, well surprise it was done multiple times and by different people now one out of two everyone it’s making the same mistake or your app has bugs, I think it’s safe to say the second option seems like the right one, I know you will give an answer saying you are really sorry and that you will look into it, save the time and use it to improve the app and please add a phone number to contact your customer service if you don’t have a card other wise it won’t let you do anything because all the options that you have online are useless or at least don’t solve my problem specially since my screen it’s stuck on the part asking for my bank information after I linked it electronically. By the way I uninstalled the application. So keep it up..Version: 2.18.1

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