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WARNING WILL COST YOU TO PLAYThe game is fantastic, but it’s riddled with inconsistencies. You earn stars by playing candy crush like mini games, then follow a storyline as the protagonist renovates his house. The mini games are ok, but they get hard quickly. Without power ups, it’s almost useless. The thing that bugs me is that you need a star for EVERYTHING-scratch your nose, star gone! Spill coffee, there goes another star; and because it is so hard to get a decent amount of stars, you get put off before the end of the first chapter of the storyline. Definitely not a children’s game - what with real money needed to progress. Play at your wallets peril. IT IS ADDICTIVE!!!.Version: 4.2.0

Could be goodIt’s a nice idea and graphics but it spoils it with the little rewards and high price for extra moves, plus there are bugs that are hard to report if they are spotted after they happen. For example on occasions on 2 star game, if you only have one star it deducts one but on the next go it still deducts 2 as if you already didn’t pay one before. The unlimited lives don’t always add on top. With 18 min left I won 15 unlimited minutes which replaced the 18 I had before so not really a bonus. Spinning the wheel for a jackpot has a pre-programmed outcome as I noticed when I closed the game without claiming the reward, it spins again when I re-open and always gives me the same reward regardless when I press the Stop. So I tried this 5 x and all results the same... coincidence?? Losing patience with this game. If the coins went a longer way I’d be more willing to buy. I see useful comments in previous reviews made 1-2 years ago and it’s still the same issues so developers don’t seem to have much interest to take these on board. Get it if you are bored and want to spend days earning 1 star to answer the door, make a phone call or feed the cat rather than making any improvement to the house. But really, aren’t there better things in life to spend time on...?.Version: 4.0.0

Love the game but....I am at level 498 and I love the game. But when you have 10 more moves left and you win the level you are lucky to win 58 coins?!?! And you just better break out your dollars because some levels you will be killing yourselves to win. Like 498 level I am not going to spend anymore money on this game. And the few moves it gives you to play and the purple blocks that has the bugs in them good luck they get much harder in higher up levels. This level it has the regular white blocks that grow but the purple ones you have to kit them 2 to 3 times and they grow back just one to two moves after you remove another side. To get extra coins for more lives or boosters it is a lot of money for what little you get. 900 coins you get 3 this. And 1900 coins you get 3 globes. The lives run out so fast and sometimes my friends send me lives I see them and play one game go back to collect the life because it won’t allow you to have 6 life’s and it is missing. I am in the room right at the stairs I forget what it is called. Looks like another living room to me. The outside green house it felt like it took years to finish the plot line. I wish you could request the boosters but place them where you want them if you want them in the game. Like they would be added to your side menu but not dropped down in the puzzle because it places them and there would be a awesome move but the boosters messed it up and you only can use the boosters there is no other move..Version: 1.9.0

Not worth itI will be deleting as soon as I’m done reviewing. Spent 98% time and effort to win stars in a ‘candy crush’ game but the game I wanted, which you showed in ads, is non existent. What a waste of time!.Version: 2.6.0

Losing interest because it’s too hardThis game started off really well but then became hard out of nowhere... now I’ve been stuck on the same level for about 1 and a half weeks and I’ve used all my powerups on this very level. For this reason I’m starting to get over this game. This isn’t the first time this has happened either so it’s getting a bit old now. The developers of this game have another version (Gardenscapes) which I recommend as gameplay is so much better. You progress quicker but it’s still challenging as you still get stuck on levels but never more than a day or two. It’s prefect! Ive had Gardenscapes for half the time and I’ve progressed twice as much! It’s so much fun! I still go onto Housescapes to collect my daily bonus and give the level a go but it’s not fun anymore. Even if I do pass this level I’ll be stuck on another level in the next couple of games. Also, it’s costs too many stars to do anything either so you’re just sitting there doing nothing and it’s boring!!!.Version: 2.7.0

Yeah ok uhhhhh noI was about to download this game for the ad but I was reading the games review and for the first I was like ok no big deal then I got deeper and every one was saying “false advertising” so here I am now so if you were going to download this game for the ad please don’t it’s a waist of your time that is why I’m giving this game... 0 ⭐️ (yeah ok I wish ) 1 ⭐️ thank you for reading.Version: 3.6.5

Used to be funI’ve been playing this game for a while and am at level 1700+ Full disclosure, I’ve never spent any real money on this game. Not that they’re not working extra hard to make you do it... When I started playing, it was fun because I always had a chance to win. The kite will do what it’s supposed to and the bombs won’t go and destroy the next move. The rocket with a kite won’t go and clear the row with already a rocket in it, thus ruining 2 rockets. Decorating wasn’t as hard either. You didn’t need a star to make every call and 2 stars for a rehearsal. Around level 900 it started getting frustrating and I stopped for a while. A few months ago I started playing and nothing is the same. The power ups are there to ruin your game. One has to depend on luck than tact to win. It’s now designed to eat all your hammers, kites, gloves etc but still won’t let you win. If I was frustrated before, I’m finding it hard to express myself now. Ofcourse the proportion of coins you win to the stars you earn was always unfair but atleast I knew that in every game there would be some move and a definite chance to win. They want you to buy coins, I get it, they are after all here for the money. But looks like they’re taking away the fun factor away from the game which for me has been the biggest disappointment. This was a good game, very addictive and fun. It’s getting hard to say that that is true anymore..Version: 3.4.0

False advertisingThis game is nothing like the advertisement. I am on level 82 and still nothing remotely close. If I wanted to play Candy crush I would..Version: 2.6.0

Fake adsThis and many games like it give you false hope of a good game. It is nothing like the ad suggests. I’m just more curious to find the game advertised then anything..Version: 3.0.0

DeletingWell, I’ve given it a good go. On lvl 263. But it’s been a struggle. The levels are so difficult (even the normal ones, never mind hard and super hard!) The only thing that’s kept me in the game this long is the progression of the house. And even that’s minimal at lvl 263! I’ve only done the entrance area, his bedroom, the kitchen and a part of the garden. I can sometimes spend days doing an easy level. So, weighing up the pros and cons, and all the frustration. I’ve decided it isn’t worth it. The only way you can get ahead in this game is by spending money (which I’m sure is the point) When all I want is a little distraction and relaxation and fun for a small portion of my day. You’ll also notice when playing the game, that if a level is too difficult and you spend days on it with no end in sight, then abandon it for a few days out of pure frustration, you will all of a sudden find you have all the luck in the world on your return. How convenient. Especially when the 50+ times you’ve played it before didn’t yield the same results. It’s almost as if the game is predicting your abandonment and future deletion. ?? Anyway, if it wasn’t for the difficulty levels, and the obvious money making tactics. I would really like the game, even with the long winded progression of the house. Shame really..Version: 2.7.0


Cute and fun! 👌🏻 But here’s the thing.Homescapes is a good app. Not amazing but it’s good. It’s cute, it’s colorful and you feel accomplished when you fix the tv or replace the chair. The characters are nice and honestly kind of funny. 😄 and I’m glad you guys even included pets in the game! I like how everything is tried to kept decorated around the house. I like Homescapes much better than gradenscapes just because the colors and the graphics are better int my opinion. At least the game is a little better. The problem is you have to get stars from playing one game only. And even on a hard level you still get 1 star. It’s annoying how fast your stars run out. What’s even more annoying, it’s that sometimes you have to give one of your stars just to open a box, that you’ve already given a star for box to get to the house! What I’m saying is give more chances to get stars. Like as a prize. Instead of just money, give us a little money and a star! Or have different games besides just the one game to match the colors. Another thing is that it takes so long to complete one floor or one area of the house because of how limited of the stars you have. So I suppose you should just focus on the star problem because it will fix this one of taking so long! 😆 Please take this into consideration. The game would be much more entertaining and exciting if I didn’t give up so much on the game. Thank you 🐘🐘🐘.Version: 2.0.0

False adsIs there a way to play the challenge games without decorating a house? the game ads show the games & nothing to do with the house decorating- false advertising!!.Version: 3.6.5

LEVEL 85?!?!The game is quite fun, and I have enjoyed swapping out the furniture, and designing the house but it’s ridiculous how hard some of the levels are. Level 85 is quite frankly almost impossible. I’ve used hundreds of lives, coins, extra moves and starting off with power ups, but because of the layout of this level most of them are useless. Starting off with power ups is a waste because of the few spaces to put them means that either you have to use them straight away and they are of no help or they are placed where you can’t use them until you have cleared all the boxes in the area which mostly takes up you all your moves. Not very well thought out. I know that you are trying to get people to spend money but it should also still be possible to play the game entirely free, with a little bit of perseverance however I’ve been on this level for nearly two solid weeks and even with purchasing extra off you I still have been unable to beat it and I’m not the only one. Maybe a bit of re-evaluation is needed on your game play!.Version: 1.1.0

GarbageNothing like the ads. Its all false advertising and click bate. This is just candy crush with stupid side quests..Version: 2.6.0

Far too expensiveThis would be an amazing game and I (and my kids) have been obsessed with it until I realised how much money it costs - it is insanely expensive and thats disgraceful considering what we make an hour.- it is SO easy to overspend as I (used to) load money on Tunes and the kids spend it like water...and I am seriously considering deleting it. I will hang a few days to see whether my (and others reviews) will impact on the developers in any way and then I will impact them by (sadly) deleting it. You cannot play the game without “buying” these imaginary coins as it gets hard so quickly that you get stuck on one level for AGES. 😡.Version: 2.7.0

So frustratingI play Gardenscapes and was really looking forward to a new version of the game in Homescapes. Originally, it started out well, very much like Gardenscapes but with some slight alterations. I’m now at level 170 and some of the levels are just impossible. I’m having to play the levels 30+ times to even get close to passing them and it is just frustrating. I’ve been stuck in the kitchen now for so long and am not able to progress any further because I can no longer get past the levels. Really really disappointing - it’s like you want us to purchase all of the power ups and extra moves possible to allow us to pass the levels which is unreasonable and just plain annoying. I’m happy to use a power up if I can see it will actually make a difference but in homescapes - it seems that they are just there to make you guys money. Would have given 5 stars if it wasn’t for that. So frustrating and disappointing..Version: 1.0.0

Not what's in the advertisementI mean, it's ok for a match 3 game, but it's not a match 3 game that's advertised. I wouldn't have downloaded it if the ad was true to the game which I guess is how they pull you in. It's a cute story but it isn't what I wanted to play..Version: 2.6.0

False AdvertisementVery disappointing game, nothing in the advertisements show a match 3 game. It shows fixing/repairing a destroyed area by picking one of three items as well as picking one of three items to save someone from a bad situation. Very shady and sad that they can’t even advertise the real game (cause it sucks compared to the advertisement!).Version: 3.1.0

Ad is very misleading!The ad really is nothing like the game. I downloaded because the ad made it look like fun however it’s basically like playing candy crush. Very disappointed. Will delete..Version: 2.6.0

Relentless ads are the worstWhat could be so great about a game that has to assault you with ads to convince you that it’s worth playing. Not worth the time or attention..Version: 3.8.5

Think its goodI only just started playing but looking at the other reviews , i have a feeling it actually will get worser. Im not saying that I don't like the game i love it so far, i really don't want to delete the game so please try to make it better before it gets to the point in the game where the others commented those true/ fake reviews. PLEASE IMPROVE IN ANY WAY!!!!!!! Also, please make the levels more easier because im very stuck on level thirteen. Thank you I also had garden scrapes and I enjoyed it very much but then the tablet ( not in the game ) broke and cant get it fixed. Anyways , GREAT GAME! I take back all that. Im seriously stuck on level 45. Im starting to lose interest so PLEASE improve.( make easier).Version: 1.7.0

Please make it fairerIve been playing for a while. And i have to say i feel so frustrated by the slow development. I usually give in and buy coins. Which is an issue. You only get 50+ coins if you do win a game and only 1 star. The puzzles are very difficult to win. It takes many attempts and you usually don't and it ends with only few items to get. This is why its frustrating. Everything takes too many coins to buy. If you want to purchase the bombs that help within a puzzle your talking 900 plus coins. The hammer is 2000 plus coins. How many games would you need to play and more importantly win to get you anywhere near that amount of coins. If the coins won per game would increase it would be fairer in my opinion. Plus other things to win things like challenges.. do make more interesting. But it needs to be fair. Im aware that the makers like the fact people give in and pay. But these games are aimed at kids who cant. Apart from thats its an alright game. Just costs far too much to play and progress..Version: 1.4.0

Who has time to spend weeks trying to beat a single levelI really enjoyed this game initially. The puzzles and all were really fun. But I just don’t like the fact that every little thing you do cost multiple stars and so you have to complete multiple levels to do the simplest things that honestly shouldn’t cost a star at all. Really thought the game would be more focused on designing the house. Not the garden or paying attention to what’s going on in town. Additionally, I understand the game is supposed to be challenging. But who honestly has time to spend weeks trying beat a single level to continue on with the game. Some levels are literally so difficult that the user ends up frustrated and just closing the game out for the day. Sure I’ve spent a fair amount on money trying to beat those select levels. And I see some user reviews that talk about spending a huge amount of money. But who honestly has time to devote that much energy into a game as well as waste money trying to get through a level just to get stuck and have to spend more money again later on a higher level. Really think the developers should have an option to just skip one if they can see you have tried 100 times and still can’t get past. It just ruins the game if you can never progress any further..Version: 2.0.0

Love this game! But you gotta spend money!I love this game! Super addictive and fun. You can spend hours playing it, HOWEVER... as you increase in levels it starts to become less fun. The boards get harder, naturally, but you still only get 1 star for the Hard and Super Hard boards when you win them. But tasks take upwards of 6 and even more stars to complete. And some tasks are just ridiculous to even warrant a star! Make a call, move an object, can take 2 stars at times!! It makes it extremely hard and tedious to advance in the game. Not to mention the coins, you only get at max about 100 coins depending on what level you beat, but if you want extra moves it 900 coins!!! Ok, you do the math.... when it’s all said and done you have to spend money on extra lives to beat the boards, on coins to advance in the levels and get the stars you need in order to fix things to advance! As the boards get harder we should get more stars, Hard=2 stars, Super Hard=3 stars and so forth, as we advance in the game tasks cost more stars so we should naturally EARN more stars to off set it! Not keep us at 1 star per level, but the higher we go tasks are costing us 6-12 stars PER TASK, come on!! Same with the coins! It’s not fair, and you are forcing people to spend money if they want to continue in the game at a reasonable pace. Love the game, hate the setup! Not spending money on this, they need to change the system!.Version: 2.5.1

Easy passI’ve seen these ads for a long time before deciding to try it out. I deleted it after reaching level 20. The reason I deleted it is because it’s too boring to me. It was interesting fixing up the house but having to use multiple stars for some aspects and even to move to the next day is greedy. The bank I despised. Good premise but it holds coins you earn hostage unless you pay to buy it once you accumulate 3000 or 5000 coins. There is no choice either, you watch your coins disappear. The small mini games shown in the ads are the best part but they are way too few and far between. The majority of this game is playing levels over and over trying to get the next star to fix the never ending repairs. I also found having to use stars to open packages annoying. If I’m getting a gift it should be just. There is some humor and the scenes are colorful which is why i gave it two stars. Had the earning of coins been much higher, the mini games much more prevalent, the bank either free to obtain or at least an option, the limiting of one star per repair and not having to use stars on anything other than repairs I could have seen playing this longer. I tried these match three types of games several times now and always delete them quickly once the repetition of levels hits. If the match three aspect was a minor part rather than 90% of playing these would be tremendous fun, I’d even consider paying for that..Version: 4.2.0

We weren’t born yesterday, fellas.The whole game gets stupidly annoying really. I know it’s my own choice to keep playing it! It is entertaining, I’ll give it that. But seriously, how many flipping stars do you need to do really really basic tasks? I’m on level 590-something, and I realised a long time ago that it was all about how many times you’ve played a level. I suspect there’s just a pre-set number of times required to play a level before ‘oh, look, you’ve done nothing differently but it’s time for you to complete the level!’ and magically, you complete the level. Sadly this gets higher and higher the further you progress in the game. And now I need an increasing number of stars to do really mundane things too. Really? And ‘ooh, look, you’ve nearly finished this bit. Why not spend some cash just this once?’ Yes, it’s a fun game. (But frankly I want to do up the house, not fix the flamin’ car and phone people up). But it’s a load of fixed nonsense really. Shameful. But a fairly peaceful way to pass the time..Version: 2.9.3

Another good game ruined by greed!Firstly, this is a good game. It’s enjoyable and very pretty to look at. I was having fun playing it and was willing to pay for extra coins to extend play. However, it is huge and I only got to the 3rd section when it got much harder. I’m now finding I hit designated ‘hard’ levels every 2 to 3 games. What this means is that I have to either re-play the level multiple times until I get a lucky combination (although this is now getting less effective) or spend my in-game coins to get through. I get that the developers need to make money but this is getting ridiculous. It’s not fun anymore as there is no thought or challenge - it’s either luck or money now. Developers of these types of games just don’t understand that people have to enjoy a game all the way through if they want them to stick with it and spend a reasonable amount. Treating players as cash cows is not the way to build loyalty and ongoing support. Another good game ruined by greed :-(.Version: 1.3.0

New advertisement is misleadingI’ve been playing for over a year or more, and have gotten to even form a team with people I know Overall I can say it has relaxing music, beautiful graphics and kinda boring and challenging yet nice gameplay the events keep people engaged so good job on that. The thing is, i’ve been seeing new advertisements all over the internet of fairly crappy ads that trying to get you to engage in the game. Keep in mind, I’ve been playing the game before these low quality advertisements. And honestly, If I’ve never played the game before, I would not probably click on the ad or get it at all based on the low quality ads I see. I would assume the low quality and slow ads I see mean the game is just like that. Even though the whole game is not even represented in the ad, I would have no clue. Also, the cover or thumbnail icon of the app is a low quality image too, I’d assume it was one of those games with ten million ads when in actuality it’s so much better. For the mini game, its ok, but I really would suggest bringing up the graphics of it to match everything else in the game. Game developers, please change your advertisement strategy. The advertisement looks cheap and is really misleading where as the actual game is so much different from that..Version: 3.7.0

Good concept but..The game is. Good concept and it’s fun renovating the house. But I didn’t download this to play essentially play “candy crush”. It’s a good idea having a mini game to gain stars to complete action but the levels get really hard early on and take forever to complete. This is especially frustrating when you need a star just to open a parcel. It’d be great to have more mini games instead of just one, or earn stars by your score when you (eventually) win the level, not just 1. Will leave on my phone to see what the updates bring but I’m done for now and I’ve only had this a week..Version: 2.1.0

Not as advertisedThis game is nothing like the advertisement. Just another Candy Crush. Very disappointed with it..Version: 3.3.0

SeraFirst off. You can't post a review unless you give it a three star review so highly doubt this will be posted but this is NOT the game advertised. Shame on you getting people to download this hooey. Make the game you advertised and there you will have a great game. Shame on you.Version: 2.6.0

You are not listening to your players!!!!I have just read over 30 reviews & they all talk about the useless waste of stars on the stupidest things possible (and God knows how difficult they are to get) & how pathetically, ridiculously hard the levels are as it can take weeks just to get through one to have another one thrown at you, a level later, making it impossible to achieve any of the so call “rewards” the game offers. There’s no help given what so ever, no way of winning any of the tools that might help you beat the level because guess what? You CAN’T pass the level to win it!!! And let’s not talk about the absurd $900 😳charge if you want to get an extra five lives that are not going to be of any help anyways because IT’S TOO HARD!!!! Yet the worse part about it, is that after all of these reviews, absolutely nothing has changed and yet you claim to be reading such reviews & passing it on to your research team. So my question to you is: Are you deliberately ignoring your players/customers when they are screaming for changes? I’m going to play the game for two more weeks just to see if my comment is just simply going to go in the ignore pile or whether you people actually are going to listen & comply. Let us see!!!.Version: 4.4.4

It was fun to begin with but........I haven’t been playing the game too long and at first it was really fun but now at level 80 the levels are becoming ridiculously hard. Also at first it would be a hard level every so often but now they are too hard and I waste loads of coins and boosters on trying to beat the level but still don’t and it is just getting frustrating and boring. I understand that the levels are tested to see if they are passable but who are these people testing them? People who actually play the game and have had no training or professionals ? The lives system is ok but it takes way to long to get a life and costs way to many coins ,because you get about 50 coins per level and to get one life is 900. Though it is quite fun and the story line is interesting. There aren’t many adds so that is pretty good too. But the choices of furniture, flooring, etc is really bad and doesn’t match anything you have previously chosen. Overall, download it but be ready for lots of frustrating days of the game..Version: 2.5.1

Great game but...Edit: After most recent update today the game seems buggy. I have reinstalled a number of times, it throws errors on some of the updates. After another reinstall updates completed successfully but no progress is shown. I am completing tasks using the stars but can’t see any of the completed tasks actually happening. I am currently in a new area (after garage) but it’s unlit. I apparently assembled a tree and was asked to select lights for it but nothing is showing on screen. Probably my favourite Match-3 game, great graphics and the design aspect keeps one interested, but there are way too many tasks requiring two or three stars to complete. Pretty much everything in the living room for example so far, which spoils the feeling of progress and just leads to frustration. (Edit: this is getting worse, 3 stars required to fertilise a tree is ridiculous, unnecessary stringing out of gameplay.) They are quite generous with the bonuses and infinite lives time but it would be nice to be able to choose when you want to introduce your power-ups, rather than it being dropped on playfield at the beginning..Version: 4.2.0

Starts off good but is pay to winYou don’t get enough coins, you get stuck on levels for weeks and it seems the only way to get ahead is by purchasing boosters, the game is buggy and crashes and you lose boosters etc that you have paid real money for and when you contact help they ignore your request for them to address the lost items. When you download the game you agree to terms and conditions that you will NOT be refunded for any losses that occur during the use of the game. Too risky, too many issues, too expensive and it’s sad because the game is actually really good otherwise..Version: 4.1.0

A great game, but not what is advertisedI have been a fan of Homescapes and Gardenscapes for many years. I love the gameplay, and I love the storyline, I even like the level difficulty. It is very much worth the download! But something I have seen that’s becoming really disappointing is the misleading advertising on both of these games. Both games are advertised using entirely different game plays that are not at all featured in the games. Further more, the most recent update has changed the app icon to reflect the false gameplay in the advertising, rather than the gameplay in the actual game. It is becoming very clear that this company is very committed into misleading you for a download, which is very sad, as like I mentioned earlier the game is a great game on its own. In future, I would love to see accurate advertising and the company to have more faith in their gameplay, as I think this would result in more people playing the app rather than downloading and being disappointed..Version: 3.7.0

Good game but not so greatThe challenge is bet too hard to achieve u should allow more moves thank u but the game is entertaining fun but it just bet too hard takes bet too long to play rather more fast action than slow like chest game puzzle. You should at lest allow 2-4 more moves or more cash u should give $100 one round com on the levels r impossible to bet u should really allow more move or unlimited moves so we can actually play it else it's no fun playing it won't et anywhere crazy No one wants to play the game they just cheat use hacks but that doesn’t work n delete u.Version: 1.4.0

???Why is the game not the game you show?...pick and item (correct or fail)? Where is that game?.Version: 3.1.0

Terrible support teamThe game is decent. It’s fun and can be a little addicting. The story lines are cute as well. Some of the story items cost way too much compared other games and honestly nothing should cost more than 2 stars, let alone stuff that costs 6. That’s ridiculous and no other game does it. Speaking of... so when you have to clear 6 game boards to complete a story line task, every one counts, and often you may use a booster for that last piece with your last move. Only on occasion, when the board is NOT MOVING, an airplane will go take out some random piece that has nothing to do with advancing the game. You lose a life, and they start to back you into a corner where you need to use coins. It’s cheating. I contacted Support and their response? Lol “The way the game works.....” sooooo, i understand how the game works, I’m close to level 3,000.... not what I stated the issue is. They never addressed the issue and simply kept saying that I don’t know how to play. They slid me a couple of boosters to “lightening my day”, whatever that is, and even said at that time “this wasn’t our fault but here are a couple of boosters to lightening you day”. Extremely frustrating that they didn’t even acknowledge a possible issue.... not even a “let us look into it”. Whatever.... I still play but I refuse to buy coins. I will maintain the free version and spend my money elsewhere. ✌🏼.Version: 3.2.0

Enjoy game but....I began this game because of the ad and thought you had to build the house before you faced scenario challenges. I have finished the house and instead of scenario challenges there is another house to build. Lost interest in game now as it is not what is advertised and tired of how the levels are all getting ridiculously hard with no increased reward both in stars and coins won. I have enjoyed this game, even with the frustrations and have considered many times to delete. The most annoying thing is the glitches I keep experiencing on the occasional purchases of extra coins when I’m am tired of playing the same level and never passing. I’m certain this is designed like this to encourage expensive purchases. I have been charged for coins I have not authorised or charged more than once for one purchase. Currently I have been charged 5 times for one purchase and note I never receive the coins! I then have to go through the dispute process which takes 48 hours and when it’s rejected I have to dispute that decision which is another 48 hours. Very annoying and if it continues I’ll delete the game. Please sort this out!!.Version: 3.3.4

Bait and switchI kept seeing the ad for this game and thought that looks like fun. Putting out fires and fixing the plumbing. That’s not the game I downloaded. This is a puzzle game. Which is puzzling to me. Why don’t they show this in the ads. And where is the game shown in the ads? Because that’s the one I want.Version: 2.6.0

Are you listeningI’m sure this will fall on deaf ears! Before I downloaded this app I read all the reviews! Everything everyone said about it is so true, yet you do nothing about it! I think a game should be fun and challenging but not frustrating! There’s not enough moves especially when a square has to be unblocked two or three different times. The levels can be beat but it takes way too long to beat them sometimes. Then you get one star for all your work! I like the idea of decorating the house that’s why I got the app! Instead I get to use my stars to feed the cat, call a taxi, or answer the door! So frustrating!! Please listen to your reviewers! I’m starting to hate this game! Sooooo frustrating! I may have to delete it! Sad because it could be so much fun! 😕 I see the developers still really don’t give a crap. After reading so many complaints on here and the developers never even answer one of them. I am not using my stars on putting up decorations in the kitchen. Dumb! Why have so many rooms when you can’t get into them? Ridiculous! I really only play it when I absolutely have nothing else to do because I’ll never get to really decorate the house. I thought that was the point of the game. Has anyone completely decorated the whole house? I think it’s impossible. What’s the point of the game if you can’t finish it! Oh, and I absolutely refuse to spend any money on this game. I’d delete it first!.Version: 2.9.3

Highly addictiveThis game is very addictive. I would of stopped playing it a long time ago but I keep coming back. I don’t know why..... it’s frustrating a lot of the times and I really don’t like the fact the my boosters will take out other boosters on the board. I think I’d like to choose when to use them. Isn’t that what a booster is for? I also hate the fact that the coins won are so meager but it costs a whooping $900 just for 5 more moves.... ridiculous. And don’t get me started on the amount of stars you need to change something in the house. I think if it goes up to four after the next day I start, I’m done. It’s hard enough as it is to earn those. With out having to spend money that is. I just wish there was a game like this that was more evenly distributed with its advances in game moving a bit faster than this snails pace. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother with this one..Version: 1.5.1

Okay gameGame is alright to play, however some things are a bit unreasonable: • the game has a jump in difficulty in the beginning, instead of gradually getting harder. Because it is so hard, passing the levels in mainly reliant on luck and playing levels over and over until you get lucky. • to renovate the house, each action requires a star or several stars. The problem here is that the actions cost way too many stars, or a broken down in a way that means in total it costs too many stars, especially considering how hard the levels are and how hard it is to earn them. For example, it often costs 2 stars to tile/floor half a room and another two stars to do the other half, or simple actions, such as answering the door costs 2-3 stars. This many the game unenjoyable since half the fun is renovating the house. Really, it should cost 1 star to do each action and flooring the room should not be split (I.e. 1-2 stars to floor or wallpaper the entire room, not half). • the money system is a bit unbalanced - you only earn 50 coins per level (100 on the difficult ones) yet it costs 900 to buy more lives or buy 5 extra moves..Version: 1.2.0

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! It’s a SCAMThis game is absolutely nothing like what the adverts have been showing! It’s essentially a low budget candy crush and not helping a lady get to her lover or whatever else they advertised! They make their money off downloads so they don’t care whether or not you are pleased with or actually play the game. This rubbish should be taken off the App Store!!! COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!!!!!.Version: 3.3.0

GregYou will see many ads for this game and related ones (gardens capes, townscapes) in many other games. However, gameplay in the ads is NOTHING like the actual gameplay. I downloaded this game on the basis of the ads I had seen and played it for several hours before deleting it. Not what I had expected. Additionally, there are many events which operate on a clock ( eg bonus in effect for xx minutes) so for maximum benefit, you have to continue playing. I' prefer a game I can play non my schedule, not the games..Version: 2.6.0

It’s Okay But....Hi, you may of seen the title of this review thinking that it is going to be bad, well not exactly. First of all, love doing the designing in the house it’s so cool to make everything look nice and all but there is one problem and I think others have the same reason as me and the reason is that you have to buy things that cost like 900coins and you get 50coins every match, example. I’m on level 24 which is the “impossible” level that I’m stuck on. And I want to buy something to help me win it, well I can’t because of the money and plus you win 5 games it’s 250, you lose 5 games “nothing” and you have to wait 30m for a live! This game is somewhat money hungry like why can’t we just play the game like normal people and not buy anything, but yet again we can’t, the game is money hungry please fix . Or deleting..Version: 2.7.0

Be waryI absolutely loved this game and played it for years prior to even spending a penny. A year ago I would give the game 5 stars. The graphics are good and it’s really enjoyable. I didn’t mind paying for a few things I wanted, mostly for events because it was contributing to my enjoyment of the game and as you see in the first review - the rewards can be quite stingy. After a while the developers/company start adding “golden tickets”, be aware that the cost of this is not worth it as they originally advertise that you keep what you pay for but in fact it is actually for the 5 day duration of the event. Who in their right mind would bother to pay for 5 day boost of a game? Especially when they originally advertised that the changes are permanent. As a result you actually do not get what you pay for. After contacting them about it they basically ignore you and try to fob you off with 30 mins of free play- beating in mind what you purchase is way more than that. After asking for proof of the page where the terms and conditions are they give you an updated version of some obscure terms and conditions reference that they rewrote like the day before. I think they have no respect for the intelligence of their players. Honestly crush candy, everyone else is..Version: 3.9.3

Great and entertaining game but...Honestly, I love this game. It is very entertaining and sometimes I spend hours in a day playing it. The levels seem to get really difficult after you start renovating the third room. I really find it so frustrating that we have to wait 30 minutes for each life to come back. Also, the amount of moves given in each level is ridiculous. Sometimes, you need just 2 more moves to pass the level and you can’t because you’re out of moves. Then, if you want more, you have to pay 900 coins for only five more moves. And if you don’t have the money, you have to forfeit and loose the game. Other times, you can join competitions and get really cool power ups. If I get stuck on one of the levels in the challenges, I loose all my prizes and earned money. The point of the game is to be fun and decorate a house, which honestly is my favorite part of the game. Don’t get me wrong, the matching part of the game is so fun too, I just hate the fact that you have to wait so long to get lives and some of the tasks they ask you to do are just ridiculous. As an example, if I got a cat in the game, it says I need to give a star just to name it. I mean that’s ridiculous. The game is so fun, and after reading a lot of reviews I do think the game should be updated and should fix these problems..Version: 2.8.0

Nothing whatsoever in common with addInstalled 3 games from this developer looking for the interesting puzzle like games that were advertised. For some reason they have decided to provide adds for their games that have nothing whatsoever to do with the game being advertised. I don’t get it. Uninstalled.Version: 3.2.0

Riding the fenceI love the whole concept of the game, the feeling of accomplishment and pride, lol, as if it were MY home. The ONLY reason I put 3 stars is because the spend v reward is the biggest joke I have ever seen on any game I have played. Period. There isn’t a level you cannot beat with no money involved but it will take you about 4 days of playing the same level. Then you spend astronomical amounts of money to buy the goodies that help you win each level to have them nickel and dime you by making sure at the very last, when you should be able to pick a move that has ALWAYS, with no exception, removed x amount of things in certain patterns or directions, it only works partially. So, guess what? You guessed it! When you have already spent gratuitous amounts of money to win something, that never in a million years makes you feel like you won anything, you have to spend more. My moral to this story is, as much as I like the whole concept of the game, I get so angry and frustrated at their trickery(aka:dishonesty) with their power plays and how they usually work compared to what happens at the end and how the reward system works that I have decided to find a game that I have no problem spending money on but walk away feeling happy and relaxed about how I spent my very little free time that I have and my money that I work very hard d for..Version: 1.2.0

Great game, but don’t buy the coin packsNot really a fan of these games as they take far too long to get what you need to fulfil the tasks. Saying that, my other games got a bit boring after a while so gave this a shot. Got quite addictive and with the free lives for hours on end, I managed to use them to play as many games as I could, which really helped on the difficult levels. I was so close to finishing a level and I wouldn’t normally pay for playing a game, but I succumbed to buying the apprentice pack with 2 of each booster and 5500 coins as I only had 398 coins and couldn’t get another set of lives. Purchase complete and felt like this time I’d be luckier. Went to play and had the boosters but only had 5178 coins?!?! Contacted customer support and after a few days of them only given 1 generic answer early in the morning, they concluded with your account was sent the 5500 coins purchased. If that was the case then I’d have them as well as the 398 coins I’d started with. Like I said, good game but don’t buy the coin packages, if it wasn’t for that then I would of given it 5*.Version: 2.8.0

FakeLe jeu est pas comme l'annonce. Ce n'est pas vrai que tu repare les choses. Tu dois jouer a un jeu comme candy crush pour recolter des etoiles pour ensuite seulement cliquer sur un objet cassé pour voir apparaitre 3 choix d'objet pareille.Version: 2.6.0

Levels really hard..payout really lowI really like this game and Gardenscapes but it is getting very discouraging to play. The levels are so hard and the payout is so low. I’m deleted the game today because I don’t spend “real” money on games, especially when there isn’t a good return. The amount of coins that are needed to buy things like boosters and lives are crazy high. 900 coins for 5more moves on a level is crazy and then if you want to do it again, it’s 1200! When you only win between 50 and 100 coins ( on a really good round) it takes a really long time to recoup. They are very stingy with giving you boosters and chances to get more coins. I play other games that are very generous with coins and boosters which allows me to play and enjoy the game. Isn’t that what the game should be all about? Challenging levels are one thing, but when it takes so many lives to win a level it’s not fun anymore. I won 2 hours, played constantly for that time and only made it through 2 levels. Also, when you win 2or 3 hours of free play, it should be put away so I can play when I want to. If I win 3lives on the wheel, it gets put away...I should be able to play an hour at a time when I want to play....I worked hard to win those hours and I should be able to play them. Love the game, but it’s too bad that the developers are really greedy and don’t want us to enjoy their games..Version: 3.3.0

Great but a few other things🥲Ok so I love the game and all, but sometimes it just annoys me due to the fact that you have to be stuck on levels for days on end, and I’ve been stuck on a really early level like level 20 for about a month now. Also I find that I’ve downloaded the app, but I still get the ads on other games. Other people have said the same things as me, and I 100% agree that they should make the levels easier and change the ads; as well as adding more of what the ads say the game is about, like those pin removing puzzles. A friend of mine is really high up, and said that eventually you need to pay coins to continue, which you pay real money to get if you don’t have enough. The game will be so much better with everything I said above, with lots more people keeping the game and not deleting the game. Now I will keep the app for longer to see if any good changes have been made, and trying to check every so often. Thank you for reading and understanding my review. Have a good day or night, and try to stay happy in these unfortunate times..Version: 4.3.0

It's a good game...but there are a few downsidesIt is highly addictive, and I love the variety of power ups, and unique levels. However, considering the significant jump in how difficult the levels got so soon, it is a downfall. Not that I don't expect a challenge, but considering lives take 30 minutes to recharge each, if you attempt one level and have to repeat it over and over, it is tiresome. Also, if you want to continue a level 900 coins is a lot, especially when with each level you are only getting around 50-80 coins in return, and that is if you manage to pass in the first place. I really like the concept, and I am sure this isn't an issue for people who pay to play the game, but it is a bit too much. I have been enjoying the updates and daily reward, that's fantastic!!! However, I have just reached level 154, a level that I have played now over 20 times with no luck (not even close to passing the level). On trying to find tips on completing this level it used to be a 50-50 level where people use nearly all of their moves to achieve a pass, and now it is 70-70. I had the rainbow ball three times, and I put it on the red bow and it still was not enough to collect enough of the items I needed during the level. How!! I am not going to pay to complete levels..Version: 1.1.0

Rewards aren’t sufficientI have played many, and I mean MANY, games such as this one in my lifetime. I find them to be fun and even addicting. Although the concept of the game is great, and I’ve only been playing for a short while, something needs to be improved with the coin/lives system. Getting around 50 coins per mini-game, which can take multiple lives to complete, isn’t sufficient enough. In order to buy a life, 900 coins, you would have to play around 18 rounds just to get enough coins for ONE life. I do not pay money on games, never have never will, but it’s so frustrating that you may have one move left and instead of paying real cash, not in game coins, you have to wait for a life to replenish just to try and fail at the level again. Each round can take 10+ lives to complete, and it takes quite awhile for the lives to replenish. There should be some kind of reward opportunity other than completing a day, especially because you need to play the mini-games to get stars, in order to complete tasks, to complete the day. That’s a lot of tasks to do with not a lot of lives/coin rewards!!! If there were events where you can play other mini-games to gain rewards/treasures I think it would be more efficient. I also think 28 minutes is a long time to wait for one single life. I don’t want to give up on this game with not a lot of time put into it already, but if there is no improvement, I might have to..Version: 1.0.0

Subpar brilliance.Most of the reviews I’ve read have been accurately stated, this game is a typical game while at the same time being uniquely special. The creators found a concept and design that are both fun and a great way to entertain oneself when needed. However the game like the majority of games in countries without micro transaction laws, is heavy on giving users the need to spend real money and light on actually rewarding users for their hard work and commitment. All in all one could do a lot worse, if you can manage to avoid spending real money on an app, intend to use this game merely to entertain yourself as a time killing option, or simply don’t mind spending real money and enjoy these types of games, then this is at least a 3 out 5, in my opinion it would easily be a 4 or 5 out of 5 if the game didn’t drag out every little detail possible while exploiting potential monetary gains. However, this is 2020 and unless you live in a country where micro transaction laws exist, then you’re completely use to the modern manner of app/console/computer gaming where product quality and consumer satisfaction have taken a far back seat to profitable gains, because let’s face it, business innovation has died and flogging a dead horse for everything one can get out of it is the only skill modern business has left..Version: 3.5.0

HomescapeThe game is very fun to play and I’d play it more often but I feel the game should allow you to send more life requests then once a day and you should be able to receive more life request more then once a day also when you play a super hard level and beat it you should receive at least 3 stars not one especially when it’s so hard to beat and on a hard level maybe 2 stars and a normal easy level 1 star especially when it takes all your lives away just to beat a super hard level and takes days to beat because you can’t ask for more lives or receive more lives then once a day so it makes me not interested in the game. It’s also funny cause how I started playing this game I was given a false advertisement showing that it was a guessing game of what I should do when something goes wrong and the game is nothing like the advertisement but I played anyway just to see if eventually it would lead to that and nothing yet so I was disappointed. So I stopped playing for a while and just started playing again I’ve grown to like the game even better then soda crush and I absolutely love that game and this game has grown on me and I’d play more and give a better review and give it a 5 star if you could fix it adjust some of these things to make the game more fun and interesting.Version: 3.3.4

AnnoyedThis game is not what the advertisement shows. I got interested based on the ad now I'm annoyed that I'm stuck at a level and still no sign of the game being like the ad. Where's the part when you hit the wrong picture you fail? And choosing the right tool to fix thing? Where? I'd really like to know. Btw I hate candy crush and didn't anticipate playing it on this. Give me what the ad shows.Version: 2.4.0

DONT BE FOOLED!The adverts for this game give you the impression it’s a puzzle game which it’s not. For example they show you a kitchen with a fire and underneath you have several buttons to press one of which is a fire extinguisher button which extinguished the fire and then you will see smoke and you think about opening a window or something similar. So it looks like an interesting puzzle game where you have a problem and then take one of the offered solutions. In fact this game is just a copy of other similar games where the levels get so unbelievably hard you have to buy extra lives or boosts to have any chance of completing a level. The story of Austin the butler renovating the house is just to hook you into the game as yes it does give you choices of how you renovate the house by choosing wallpaper etc, each room has over 100 games to complete before you move onto the next room. Some of the levels are ridiculously difficult and I’ve spent over £300 in about 2 months and completed over 500 levels and I’ve not even finished 4 rooms and I’m a pretty good player so only buy extra lives or boosts if I genuinely cannot complete a level without having to do so. If they made it clear upfront the advert is nothing remotely similar to the actual game I would have never downloaded it, so be warned....Version: 3.0.0

Ok, but levels are to hardHomescapes s a very fun game. I love idea of fixing this old mansion as I love decorating and designing, but I’m stuck on level 24 and I have had this game for over a year now. On the first few levels you would be expecting them to be a bit easy, but in my case and many others it’s not. If you’re not able to complete a level how are you supposed to get stars? This brings me to my next case stars. When you go and finish a level you get one star but when you go to use them you end up having to use 2 to about 3 and that to me is pretty hard as I can not complete “easy” levels. Maybe if on harder levels you could get a bonus star or just make the tasks worth 1-2 depending on what it is. I’m not saying that the game should be made ten times easier, I’m just saying that it is frustrating being stuck on levels and not being able to get stars really fast and that i think it should be made a tad bit easier..Version: 2.7.0

Used to be a good game before they got greedy.This used to be a very good game before the creators got greedy. the team events are usually unsuccessful as each player needs to pass an average of 35 levels each in order to qualify to win the prize. Given that every other level is hard, very hard or extremely hard this is nearly impossible without having to pay. As previously mentioned by another reviewer they also have golden ticket events where even if you can get through the levels you still don’t win anything near the same amount as the people who pay for it which makes it entirely pointless to even bother trying. Again mentioned by another reviewer recently the add switch allow you to earn much-needed Queens will play however they do not pay out and you cannot even exit out of them so it just crashes your game. I have no problem with people who pay being given parks but people who can’t afford it should be able to earn the same items with hard work, this seems to evade their comprehension. Trying to get any issue fixed by to attempting to reach them on any platform just goes ignored..Version: 4.1.0

Super Hard levels too frequent & costlyI have mostly enjoyed this game, but as I’ve got to higher levels (I’m on 861 now), I’ve found that the Hard and Super Hard levels have become far too frequent, and they’re virtually impossible to get past without spending money. It’s such a relief to get past them (the normal levels are challenging enough!), but I’m finding that I’m lucky to get two or three normal levels before being hit with the next Hard and then Super Hard level. My heart sinks when I see them, and I just have to give the game a break for awhile, as I know it’s likely to take me a couple of days to get through that level, at least. It’s getting to the point that I can no longer afford to play this game, and even though I’ve got 10 days left on my golden ticket, I don’t know if it’s worth it to keep going that long! 😟.Version: 4.3.7

DisappointedDisappointed. What is in the Ad is not at all what is played. Same game different name. Makes you do all kinds of useless things with the stars you collect instead of moving forward with the renovations. Anyways boring and was expecting so much better..Version: 2.6.0

False advertisingChoose the cat and get rid of the mouse? Never get that option. This is just a lame game with ugly design options..Version: 2.6.0

Impossible to achieveThis game starts off well, loved it. Now I am continually getting stuck on levels for days, using loves throughout the days and unlimited lives times and still unable to pass. These impossible levels are always timed with collecting tickets to complete cabins etc, so they are impossible to ever finish as they have a 7 day collection time and you get stuck on levels for 4 or 5 of those days. If you want to play for free, don’t get hooked as after a while it seems the only way to complete anything is to sink a massive amount of actual money into it. No longer enjoying this game..Version: 4.2.0

Confused at first but let down BIG time !I must say I DID like this game to begin with and I only downloaded it because of the ads I kept seeing which made it look like loads of fun! It seemed to be that you would have to choose what and how to renovate/fix problems in a specific way until playing the game I realised it was a completely different game all together from what was advertised although it was still entertaining!! Once getting into the game it is impossible to be able to complete the levels and to have enough coins to continue playing the difficult levels!!! On top of that, you only get one star and just over 50coins if you’re lucky per game that is won 👎🏽 The only way to smash through this whole game would be to keep purchasing more coins/lives/boosts etc. Almost a secret scan within the app itself, getting tonnes of money from the players for not much result 😤 Huge let down and will not recommend this game to anyone 🙅🏽‍♀️.Version: 2.4.0

Has some fatal flawsAs you play the game, things get harder pretty fast. For example, every task around the house goes from costing one star to two. The rewards aren’t sufficient to the amount of boosts being spent on harder levels. Some levels are so hard and waste so many lives that you have to use boosts just to get through it. There should be more levels that don’t take multiple tries to get through. Some of the tasks that the game makes you do are stupid. The game is trying to get you to use all your stars so you have to play more, which is typical, but with the levels so hard, it’s really just a tactic to get people to spend more money. It’s also takes way too long for the lives to reload. It’s like 25mins per life. I really liked this game at the start but the further I’ve gotten, the less I want to continue playing. Instead of throwing in so many different aspects into the puzzle games so soon, they should have waited and made it harder much later. I’m only in the kitchen and I spend on average 3-5 lives on each level. I try not to use boosters because they are so hard to earn. Paying 900coins to get 5 more moves on one level, when each level earns you roughly 50-70 coins (hard levels earn you 100+) is just sad. In conclusion, this game only remains fun for the first 60 levels then gets frustrating. Pretty much a scheme to get consumers to spend a lot of money..Version: 1.9.0

Honest as I can beOverall game is great. Graphics, events, and seeing the house come together was super satisfying. Why the one star review then? I got to level 2520 (completed the first house entirely) simply because it was so addicting and I have to say this game was super stressful and frustrating, especially when you lose on the last turn. There where times where I would be stuck on a level for days, not because I was bad at the game, but because I didn’t have power ups. There are certain levels that can only be won with all the power ups! Also, their were times the airplanes wouldn’t hit the right tile on the last turn and I would lose.... Deleted the game a few days ago and I must say it’s a great decision I made..Version: 4.4.4

Fun game but also aggravatingThe levels are fun and the decorating is enjoyable, however, you have to waste stars constantly doing meaningless tasks such as finding the cat or calling the parents a taxi. I would not recommend playing if you actually want to focus on the decorating. Quite disappointed..Version: 1.8.0

Homescapes= An ok game (quite a long review but please read)I’ve been playing homescapes because my friend recommended it so I gave it a go, at first I thought “Huh, this is quite easy!” But now I’m on level 43 and am stuck on it. People may make hacking websites and no matter how many times I try it, it NEVER works. All I’m saying is that Homescapes is a lovely game and I love the story behind it but you have got to make it a bit easier! You never know someone out there might be still playing this for months, years and still be on the same level! At least on the daily rewards you could put like on day seven you get seven stars etc. I’ve deleted the game and I really didn’t want to but I’ve been stuck on the same level for two weeks. Homescapes isn’t meant to be like that, it should be hard, but not so hard that you get stuck like I did. Homescapes, please sort it out because I really want to finish the game but how can I if you don’t help us and if you’re thinking right now , “We give you so many power ups and you want more!?” Yes we do want more because the game is literally impossibe. Trying to get rid of cookies and and sixty four pieces of grass with just under twenty moves isn’t possible. Only a child genus or a robot could do this. P.S. Sorry that it’s quite a long review but I hope you can relate..Version: 1.9.0

Difficulty increases too quickly - be prepared to spend moneyThe concept of this game is great. However, it gets too difficult far too quickly. Rewards do not reflect the difficulty of the levels, it should really reward more coins, boosters and stars for passing levels. You can get stuck on a level for days, maybe even weeks, unless you want to spend money on in-app purchases, which I won’t do. One of the most annoying things is you can’t start a new game if you want to try again once you realise you really should keep hold of your boosters and coins as far as possible. Even if you delete the app and download it again, it remembers your progress and you can’t opt to start a new game. I would rate this game 5 stars if all of the above were changed - increase difficulty at a slower rate, reward more coins, boosters and stars and allow players to start a new game if they want to. These downfalls will see me giving up on this game very quickly, whereas I would have otherwise played the game long term. Such a shame. Time to look for an alternative I guess.....Version: 4.4.4

Character flawsI agree w/Luis905..”umm one big issue”. The levels are hard, but they want you to continuously spend money on coins etc.. to try to win or put in an ad about other versions of this game. It gets frustrating and you want to put the game down and never return. Let’s say you’re rewarded with an hour or more of free play, it ticks down from that minute instead of letting you go in and play on your own schedule and let it tick down. Some of us work for a living and may play during our lunch or break, if you activate the free time, it is ticking down and over when you are off work and can play. The creators want you to acquire other versions/themes of the game.. if they’re like this one.. no way I’d get them. Funny that in the garden today while sweeping the butler says how he like to keep the dust out of the carpets there and keeps a clean house ( same thing he says in the house.. you should change the text to match the scenes) the guitar is in the house, but it magically appeared for him to sit on a bench and play it while chastising me about how hard the game must be for me to play. when you lose each life, the look on characters face is like you’re a failure... this doesn’t encourage you to play, you want to avoid that look like the plague. At times it’s disheartening. I will still play, but you lose interest in the story line due to frustration of game levels.Version: 3.3.4

HorribleThere is a fine line between challenging and stupid, they have leaped over that line here...such an obvious ploy to get you to spend money on more lives and boosters, no entertainment value like previous games just an old formula to try to grab money..Version: 1.0.0

RidiculousAs per LampKing review, this game have good graphics and quite addicting game. Better not try while you still can. It’s an app purchase game. It purposely made the game hard for you to achieve at the very early start (as in maybe till Day 2 of the game). The rewards you get is very little, you either have to pay 900 coins (which you barely get back in return) or lose a life which can take 30mins to get back or use power ups to purchase in order to hopefully if in luck, complete the level. I rather play Cookie Jam than to continue playing this game. I will not spend a single dollar for an app game that have an obvious intention to grab your money. I’ve played a purchasing app game before but this is just RIDICULOUS! Too bad, it has some potential as I like these kinda graphics but I’m not desperate. Deleting the app..Version: 2.3.0

UnsatisfiedI downloaded this game because of the mini games that require you to help the main character out of tricky situations. I was very annoyed at first that those games were rare and it was mostly a candy crush spin off. I stuck with it, enjoyed renovating the home, but then the mini game became far and few between, I’ve played about 20 levels and not one mini game. Top it off with the ‘hard’ and ‘super hard’ games cropping it more and more frequently and it seems to only occur when events are on which is frustrating because I can spend a whole day on one of these levels stuck and not be able to participate in the event, especially annoying when you pay for a ticket to be in the special events. And then it seems it wants you to pay more money to be able to move on from the super hard level, only to have 2 levels that are challenging but doable and then be stuck on another hard level. Not impressed at all..Version: 4.4.4

I AM SO FRUSTRATED!So I saw the ads for this game constantly and it looked really fun so I got it, and i was completely mislead by the false advertising. But I still continued as it was still entertaining. But I didn’t expect it to be a bad version of candy crush. If I wanted to play candy crush I would be playing that. The most ridiculous part of this whole game is that you play these levels that get quite hard to only get 1 star, whilst most things take 1 or more and then you have to repeat the whole process. Yet I still ignored thinking oh I’m sure I’ll start getting daily rewards, you know as it’s so annoying to get stars, but no! And then I thought maybe the harder levels will reward with 2 stars so you don’t have to repeat it again and again and again, but no again! Anyways the game itself is addicting I must add but after a certain point I would just rather go and play anything else! I think if a few of these things were changed the game would be a very fun game. I also read a few other reviews and know I’m not alone in thinking this, so I think it would be a good idea to 1, not false advertise, and 2, listen to what everyone is saying in their reviews. Don’t mean to be rude but just thought I’d share my review! Thank you!.Version: 4.7.2

Love hate relationshipThe idea of this game is awesome - the functionality however is not - for the fact that I find myself more frustrated playing this game then “having fun”. Please please make your levels more easier, and tasks account for less stars.. I find it ridiculous how it costs 2 stars just to call someone or open the door for them. There’s so many things that can be done to improve the enjoyment of this game, and I think judging by these comments, most of your users would agree!!!.Version: 1.1.0

Great game, needs improvement (Bug fix please)So this game has been the most enjoyable on my phone so far. In saying that when I play I like to pre plan my level. I seem to match up planes and bombs in order for me to have an edge after it drops to the second part of the level. Then when I match up colours and wait for my boosters to drop down they are non existent. Also how many times does a level need to reshuffle??? I’d be more than happy to spend money on this game which I have been yet these are the things that keep me from doing so. It feels as if the game is fixed..Version: 1.9.0

So frustrating!! Poorly thought through!As everybody else has said this game has tremendous appeal and has great potential fir becoming addictive....however! Some of the levels are impossible to achieve without spending money over and over again on boosters etc that last seconds and often get you nowhere! The boosters you buy have to be chosen before you play the level and are placed on the game at the beginning. You have no control over where they are placed! More often than not they are triggered by a run of cascades and therefore not at all useful. This is a complete rip off money making ploy designed to make you spend more money and completely takes away any enjoyment of the game! Why can't the boosters be available for you to play when you need them (as with the hammer). Perhaps the developers should take a look at games like Empires that are much more satisfying to play. I enjoy working at getting through a challenging level that requires a bit of thought and skill but when it takes days and days to get one star to clear away rubbish or feed the parrot rather than actually refurbish the house that is a waste of my time. With so meant poor reviews saying the same thing about this game you would think the developers would listen and 'develop' rather than lose players! Oh well, another one lost I'm afraid..Version: 1.1.0

Not the game I sawI was excited to play the game I saw in the ads however it’s not the game I downloaded. I’m very disappointed..Version: 3.1.0

Lots of room for improvementThis is a simple yet super addictive game. I love being able to decorate your own house, however the further you get, it’s quite ridiculous how many ‘stars’ are required to complete one change (I.e. build bridge/whatever). Especially considering how hard it is to get pass some levels. Even USING all the power ups, some levels still take 10-20 times (I am on Level 496). I also like that there are little side stories/events, but HATE that they don’t give you a choice of when you want to use the ‘infinite lives’ power up. Sometimes I pop on to play for 10-15 minutes, pass a checkpoint and BAM it automatically uses the infinite lives for 5 hours power up that you got as a gift/prize. Well, thanks but no thanks! If I wanted to play for 5 hours, I would’ve made sure I had more than 10-15 mins spare! Extremely stupid function that still hasn’t been fixed/changed!.Version: 1.7.0

Disappointed, but not surprisedThe concept/theme of the game is really original and has some good graphics, however it’s let down by many issues: the levels get incredibly hard early on into the game. A lot of the time you need power ups to complete the level, so you’re out of luck if you can’t afford to buy any. The fact the you only win one star each game completed is ridiculous, especially when you need so many to do little jobs. You’re given a small amount of coins when you win, but have to pay 900 coins if you want to continue a game. BUT because you didn’t spend coins on continuing the game and you can’t afford power ups, you keep loosing all of your (5) lives and then have to wait a million years for them to be revived. I really am disappointed in how this game has turned out because it had such great potential and yet is like every other game - making it too difficult for its players so they must spend money to get anywhere..Version: 2.0.0

Addictive but...I have seen many ads for this game so I finally decided to download it. I liked it at the beginning because the levels were a bit simpler and you got to do more of the renovating part. Now I am on level 37 or something like that and the level is way too hard even if I use a lot of power ups. I thought it was called HOMEscapes because we got to renovate homes. However I do really enjoy the mini-game and would like to do more of those to get stars because I can’t find apps that do that. Please recommend an app that just does that for me because I would prefer that. Also, if I wanted to do the hard levels when trying to get stars then I should’ve just downloaded candy crush or something but I don’t like those types of games so I don’t think this game is quite what I like. The only thing is: it is quite addictive which I don’t truly understand why because, as I said, I don’t really like the candy crush type of games. I guess the renovating part and the mini game I like too much. I also enjoy the storyline of it..Version: 4.2.0

ConfusedThis game is nothing like I expected. I was intrigued with a game I saw an ad for (lots of ads mind you). However, after trying it out, realized it’s nowhere close to the type of game advertised, just a very very poor excuse for yet another matching game..Version: 2.6.0

Not at all like Gardenscapes! No bonuses, very hardLove Gardenscapes so thought I'd give this a try. After a few rounds and completing the first two days I realised that we were not going to get automatic life refills at the start of a new game day. Also no daily gifts to collect to gain boosters. All is does is Make this game very difficult to move ahead. Then add to that the exponentially difficult rounds, and you soon find yourself very wary of the game. So if you have been enjoying Gardenscapes, I don't recommend starting Homescapes, as it bares no resemblance....well at least until they have fixed some of these issues!.Version: 1.0.0

Not as advertisedI’m rating this game a 2 because the ad that I saw for this game was NOT at ALL what this game turned out to be. BUUUUT having said that, I have become so addicted to this game, checking in on it several times a day and can’t wait for my lives to regenerate and LOVE it when I finally win a particularly difficult level. I do wish that the rewards were a little more generous. And that things didn’t cost so much gold I mean 900 for only 5 more moves! That just kills my stash! But I keep playing so 🤷🏼‍♀️ It kills me to admit that I have spent money to buy more gold coins in order to keep playing or buy more boosts, and to buy the gold is $5.99 which even though i paid for it I feel is a bit steep. I wish that more of the gold you win for beating each level went to you instead of into your piggy bank, that is very frustrating!! But here I am still playing. I might have to delete it to spare my own piggy bank. ***I finally had to delete it*** I refuse to throw away any more money on something so frivolous but kept getting stuck on these ridiculously hard levels with no helps and not enough gold to buy any more. :( they really need to lower the cost of things and give you more gold when you win a level. I play Toon Blast now and love it have not needed to spend money the rewards I get for playing are enough to keep going and it’s so fun!.Version: 2.5.1

Must pay $ to be able to advanceI actually love this game, but you end up having to spend $ to advance: It’s easy to play, the “puzzles” that you play to be able to build things for the house are fun, & challenging. But you reach a certain point where you have to have boosters to beat the levels, & because Playtrix only gives you a max of 70 coins for each level beat (a taudry amount considering what things cost in the game), you end up spending your own money to be able to keep playing levels, or to be able to buy boosters to beat the levels. To break it down for you: I’m at level 122 (which is impossible to beat without a booster because of how it is set up), which is about midway through the 5th decoration level in the game (haven’t even broached the upstairs level yet). I’ve already spent $60 on coins/boosters, & I’ve only been playing 2 weeks. Not going to spend anymore $ on this (even though I enjoy it) simply on principle. The rewards for levels are not anywhere close to what they should be, & the amounts you get for what you pay for aren’t enough either. In other games if you spent $20 you would be set for a couple weeks. This game ends up being a days at most because of demand for boosters/coins to the cost ratio. I see this company fizzling out soon because of this. It’s a shame. They have a good game. If the reward system worked like Zynga games then they might last..Version: 2.2.2

Not recommendedI really like the idea behind the game and the drawings/look of it are really pretty. As in Gardenscapes, however, I will probably abandon it soon for two reasons: Austin the butler is kinda creepy, and because the puzzle games you need to solve to obtain "stars" (the currency needed to perform actions) become insanely difficult very early on. I am usually good at these kind of games, but without power ups (which mostly you have to buy) one level every two is really hard. I need to play some levels 20 times to be able to eventually solve them (thanks to pure luck). It would not be so bad if then I could use these stars to actually refurbish the house... but half of the times these stars are needed for inane actions such as "open the door to the postman" or "make a phone call". I am now stuck at a level knowing that when I finally conquer it I will have to use the star to "call a taxi". It's mildly infuriating. I understand the dev's goal is to frustrate you into paying real money for power ups and extra lives, but I still think it's ridiculous. If you are not hyper patient or hyper rich I'd not recommend this game. What a pity though..Version: 1.0.0

Amazing until it becomes very frustratingThis game is really amazing. I’m not even going to say how much I’ve spent on this game to get to advance quicker and renovate the spaces even faster. The story line is cute, the characters are enjoyable, and you’re actually very motivated and excited to advance and fix up the areas. HOWEVER, you reach a point in the game where it is impossible to win any level without boosters or spending coins to get some extra turns, and that really becomes no fun. You also start competing in challenges with other players and, since I was always given the “Hard” or “Super Hard” levels (as they are called in the game) during challenges, I rarely did well, and always dropped in rank. Not that it matters or that I really cared, but one more way to feel frustrated with this game. Also, this is not the “Gardenscapes” game, but you’re forced to spend a VERY long time renovating the greenhouse and outside. I really wanted to get back to the inside of the house, but it’s not an option since you have to go in order of the story and where the areas open up for you to work. I have uninstalled this game. I refuse to spend any more time or money on it, but I am bummed about it. I would have loved to keep playing and renovating, but not with how impossible the levels become. Save your time and money and don’t get sucked in!!.Version: 2.2.2

Really fun but...Please rethink the game. Really hard to get through some level. Not enough hammer or bonus stuff. Also you never give enough money for us to continue. It gets boring when you can do anything..Version: 1.0.0

FakeNothing like the ads. I downloaded it thinking it was like the ad. Deleted once realizing it wasn’t. Go make the game u are advertising and I’ll download that.Version: 2.6.0

Ok but I didnt get the game to play candy crush!!!Ok but they dont give you any stars to start the game. If you like candy crush this may ust be the game for you, but personally if I wanted to play candy crush I would get candy crush. They should get rid of the candy crush, and put more of the escape game. You only get to play the escape game every once and a while. Also you need to use your stars for stupid things like waking the character up. Overal, not a fan. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 4.4.0

Starts well, becomes unenjoyably frustratingI reviewed this game not long after I got it and gave it 5 stars as I like the story and it’s an enjoyable waste of time! However, after having it for a while (level 600) I am not enjoying any longer and have stopped playing. I still like the concept and the story and regret this, but it has stopped being fun. I get that the levels will get harder, and I’m fine with that. I also get that it should take longer to complete tasks as you get further through the game and am fine with that too. However, one recent task (ONE task) had two parts, both requiring 4 stars, which then turned into ‘whoops we messed that up so now we have to do the same thing again’ requiring another two-part, 4-star each task. So 16 really difficult levels to complete one part of a task. Every task is like this now. If some were like it, but then you had a few 2 star complete tasks, then it would feel like you were getting somewhere. But 16 difficult stars to complete one thing, followed by 8-stars for the next and so on is just dull, and I’ve lost interest because it means the story has become far too slow. A real shame..Version: 1.5.1

Annoying StorylinesI'm giving this game 3/5 stars for a few reasons. I thoroughly enjoy the puzzle aspect itself, more so than competing puzzle games. The animations are smoother, the power ups are well thought out and exciting to use, and the puzzles are fun. I'm docking points though, because the storylines are infuriating to deal with. What roped me in to downloading this game was the home decor aspect. As a huge fan of interior design, this seemed like the perfect game for me. I got to play fun levels, but also simultaneously get to decorate a home. However, after spending months on this game, and completing 240 levels, I've only just now unlocked the 3rd room. If you can even call it that. It goes living room, kitchen, and then garden? Why!? There are TONS of rooms in this house, and after TWO HUNDRED AND FOURTY levels, I'm decorating a garden while so much of the house is untouched. Don't even get me started on the baking storyline. 6 stars just to bake the cake base. Another 3 to bake the house cake. Another 3 to frost it. Another 3 to put it together. Then 2 to drive it to the studio. Then 2 to celebrate the win. Then another 2 to open a present for winning... it doesn't stop! I didn't download the game to bake a cake. I downloaded it to furnish a house! Stop with that nonsense. It took WEEKS to get through that ridiculous storyline. I hope the developers listen to this criticism, because it's really really turning me off to an otherwise fantastic game..Version: 1.3.0

Upset in level settingThis game may fun but after unfound that you went round and round not getting anywhere and found that u had purposely set the level so hard its wasting ❤️ and patient and those inks in this are not on making it more inpatient to point ☝️ of giving up on completely from been struck at 28 and waste those hearts and real money 💰 to bankrupt..Version: 1.0.0

Good & BadThere’s a lot I like about this game. Specifically each round gives you a challenge and I love to always test my mind. I like that beating the rounds gives you stars which in turn help you build up the mansion and property. What I find annoying and has made me look for another game is the fact that sometimes there are “festivals” or “events” that your stars go towards which temporarily decorate the mansion. This to me is pointless and doesn’t contribute to the actual upgrades so it feels like those stars are wasted. I don’t care about the “flower festival.” I don’t want my stars wasted on the temporary decoration of the mansion with pointless flowers for this festival. I want my stars to go towards things that matter like unlocking rooms or pieces of the property. When the stars are wasted on these things it makes me feel like I’m no longer progressing in the game and I get bored. Especially because I actually put money into the game so I’m not a F2P. So yes, my actual money is being wasted here. I get there’s a story line that’s to be followed but I feel like many of these things should be reviewed. Why am I paying for the festivals and other events? That’s not my goal. My goal is to build up the property. So these festivals and events shouldn’t be taking stars. Still add them as part of the story line without taking away stars and the main objective..Version: 1.8.0

Fun for a start, then suddenly quite toughI have had fun with this game - for a while. Then it has become quite difficult to move on and sadly I’m beginning to lose interest. I agree with others that it is hard to pass each level for one star, and then frustrating to find you need two to get a simple task done. I’m very patient and would rather not use up my boosters if I can help it - because it’s also difficult to get more boosters!! I think overall this is a good game, but with the levels becoming more difficult before players have had a chance to hone the skills to pass them, developers may lose players..Version: 1.1.0

Misleading adsThe ads for this game is extremely misleading. Game disappointingly is just another match 3 game..Version: 2.6.0

Fun but hard!Gosh, what a hard game to finish. An amount of tasks to do, not to be completed without stars, and can’t get stars unless win matching those jewels. It often takes days (if not even weeks since I was rather too distracted to go back knowing that I won’t be able to win) to get a star, except the one that gives 2 rewards. Yes that super hard game is super hard, indeed! If I don’t have coins enough to get blasts or other bombing tools, I often is spending my credits at the iTunes to purchase them. Until I don’t have it anymore, so struggling to get the game finished and winning it, is rather a daunting task. I’d rather just do my homework..Version: 2.3.0

In 2 mindsDownloaded this game a few months ago, and was absolutely obsessed straight away. It shows you all the rooms you get to redecorate and you’re instantly excited, but the more you go on, the harder the levels get. (Obviously) but when I say hard, I mean hard. You get stuck for weeks on one level and get right to the point of completion but you just miss out by one move. So angry! And It’s such a shame because you work so hard to get just one star and then end up having to waste it on something that has nothing to do with the room. Starting to get a bit frustrated with how hard the levels are because it’s not even like you feel rewarded when you pass one. Feels more like an effort rather than a challenge. In app purchases aren’t too bad, but to continue a level you need 900 coins which aren’t easy to get, so also another issue for me is the amount for something things within the game. Considering how much money I’ve spent on this game, my house should be complete by now. Im in a love hate relationship with this game. As much as it’s frustrating, you can’t stop playing. Maybe when an update is due, make the new levels a bit easier please..Version: 2.5.0

Initially enjoyable until the penny dropsI have enjoyed playing Homescapes and renovating the house and gardens. However, it is an illusion to think that you are in control of the outcome of the games. Frustratingly, the algorithms are far too predictable. The ability to pass a level is only partly down to skill and strategy and mostly dictated by the length of time since you last played and your previous playing history. I don’t enjoy the feeling of being manipulated so overtly either (eg. with special bonuses to stimulate addictive behaviours, power ups which magically appear just when you’re about to lose a game to try and stimulate you to spend 900 on 5 extra moves). There’s some serious inflation too - 6 stars to put up curtains! I understand the concept to make it appear more challenging and consequently feel a greater sense of achievement when a level is accomplished (hence playing it for several weeks), but it is hugely annoying when the penny drops and you realise skill has little to do with the outcome..Version: 4.0.0

Disappointed as no resolve on my lost game progressI’ve been trying to get the issue of my lost game progress sorted for over a month now and still no resolve. I’ve tried to get help 3 times now over the contact us now section in game and After answering tonnes of questions and being told an agent will get back to me, which takes over a week each time, you then get the exact same response that says “I’d like to apologise for the delayed response. We were having issues with our support system, which is why we weren’t able to get back to you in a timely manner. Don’t worry, we will make sure this doesn’t happen again!” The conversation then gets closed a day later if you do not respond and then you have to start all over again. This is ridiculous how are your support systems still not “fixed” in over a month? Why after having to wait over a week for an agent to respond (all 3 times), do I get less than a day to respond back before you close the conversation? And will I ever get my progress back?. I used to really enjoy passing the time playing this game but I’m not willing to start from the beginning of the game to continue playing it after it randomly lost my progress. I’d like some answers as I have been more than patient enough!!.Version: 4.1.0

Is anyone there?This will be the third review I have wrote and still nothing posted or any response given. Why offer someone to write about your game if you have no intention to post it? I’m sure this one will end up is the same spot as the others, the deleted/don’t care what you have to say trash. The point of every game is to be challenging, what’s the fun if it isn’t. This game however takes challenging to a whole other level! As I’ve said it other post, this is not a game of skill. It’s all based if the game allows the pieces to fall, the boosters to point in the direction needed to win. A blind monkey can play this game because it’s all luck, like a slot machine. Most levels, no matter if they are regular, hard, or super hard take 2-3 lives to beat. I will say, I have on very rare occasion beat a level on the first attempt. Currently I am on level 214 “super hard” I have attempted to beat this level no less than 25 times, maybe more! Challenging 🙄? Let’s change the game to mission impossible 🤣😭! I have spent real money on a package to help. It’s was useless and I went through it in a couple levels. Developers, can you tone it down a bit and let people actually get through the game like games are intended? I know that seems like a lot to ask, but at least consider it before you just delete my message. Thank you for your time and mine I wasted writing this 😂🤣!.Version: 3.4.0

Gambling machineAll I have to say about this game is it’s all down to luck. No skill needed. Just like a gambling machine. You put your £1 coins in to try and win the jackpot but you will only win when the computer wants you to win. This is exactly the same concept. You could use 40+ lives on one level and it will not let you win. You leave the game for a bit, come back to it and attempt the level once again. This time it will give you as much help as possible. Turning your moves into power ups allowing you to beat the level with 10+ moves remaining. Currently on level 232 and I can count on one hand the amount of levels I’ve passed without losing a life. Levels are repetitive, difficult and frustrating. I like the concept of rebuilding the house, but many stars won are used on daft actions such as “use 1 star to answer the door” or “use 1 star to feed the cat”. These actions do not bring anything to the game and I’d rather use the stars on actually renovating the house. Due to the nature of difficulty in passing levels this has been given 1*. I understand developers want to make money, but I’d rather pay for the game upfront than give money to a company forcing players into spending their hard earned cash on pushy power ups that have have no guarantee in completing a level. As far as advertisement of this game goes, maybe the makers should be sued for false advertisement, as the adverts of problem solving game has no resemblance of the actual product..Version: 2.6.0

Waste of time & false advertisingThis is not a game, it’s click bait. All positive ratings are fake. The game adds don’t reflect the game. There was never a problem to fix. After spending way too much time I never progress to rooms. The characters dialog was stupid and couldn’t skip. To move through levels you have to spend money or relying on social media. Waste of time..Version: 2.6.0

The ads are a lie!I got conned by the stupid Facebook ad because this game looked like a puzzle solving one. The ads I saw contained a man who had two options, drop lava into the water or more water. He could die if you didn’t make the right choice. There were other similar ads and it looked really fun! So I got it. And basically the thing is a candy crush copy cat. It’s alright, I don’t mind paying but it is always trying to get me to buy more coins etc which is annoying. If you like candy crush then this games for you, if you came here because of the Facebook ads you won’t get what you want, don’t waste your time..Version: 3.0.0

So annoying!!!At the start i really liked the game...i still do but i think it lost its purpose. i got the app because of an advertisement on another game, but it was so misleading. the homescapes ad on the other game, showed someone choosing choices when a tap in the bathroom started leaking. when i downloaded it i thought it would be a choices game, but was just when of those boring match 3 games, like candy crush. SO TOTALLY CLICKBAIT!!! i started to play it and really got addicted because it was fun...but the levels quickly got hard. level 12 was really hard and it took me many tries to beat it. in the game you get one star on completing a level and it goes toward renovating the house. but it’s so annoying as you only get one star on the regular, hard and super hard levels and sometimes it takes 2-3 stars to do the simplest tasks. and sometime you use stars to do the stupidest things like feed the parrot and clean up the cats mess and put the parrot back in it’s cage??and you also have to spend stars on doing chores for the butlers parents, like i’m sorry but the parents don’t do anything for me. you have to spend a star on calling the cab for them, but seriously can’t they just call the cab themselves???and not use my precious stars that i worked oh so hard on grtting???. i don’t want to use the stars that i worked very hard for to feed the parrot. overall, do not get this game, candy crush is better..Version: 3.2.0

Useless gameGood fun game until you get further into it, it gets really difficult to play and can be stuck on one level for a very long time which doesn't make the game exciting any more especially when you only get a small amount of coins for each stage you pass, so that also takes along time to build up enough coins to buy boasters , you should at least give more coins and some boasters if you complete a stage because some stages require a lot of boasters to pass, this is my second time re-installing the game as I got frustrated on the first one but thought I'll give it another go but I'm so close to re-installing the game again if nothing improves Thanks.Version: 1.0.0

Money GrabAfter playing this game for awhile you realize you cannot get anywhere in this game without spending money. You begin to realize rather quickly that you will be one or two moves away from completing a board so you should buy more coins to extend play in order to complete the board. The game will also provide these help pieces such as a plane, bomb or spinning disc ball to help complete boards. These pieces are a hoax as they do not have as much of an effect on the game play as they would lead you to believe. There is some strategy involved but for the most part it’s seems you often beat boards when you spend money otherwise it becomes a slow tedious and often unfulfilling task. If you step back from the idea of winning a couple of rounds and helping to restore the property and truly examine this game you will see that it is close to impossible, if not mind numbing, to try and win without spending money. This game was masterfully designed to hide the spend but the boards and the program itself seems to play into spending and spending often to get anywhere. Just be prepared if you want to get anywhere in this game and you like to win quickly you will need to spend significant money. If you are content to play a couple of levels now and again and you can care less about completing tasks then you can play this game for free..Version: 2.8.0

Interesting concept behind the game but rewards are too little!!I discovered this game last year whilst playing another game and thought let me try it. I have given it a fair chance to see if things would improve but they haven’t. I enjoy the concept of this game, I.e. restoring a house, but sadly am thinking of unloading it because the coin deductions are way out of sync with the minuscule rewards you earn when winning a game🙄how can you take away 900 coins and win a game that gives you back, more often than not, less than a hundred coins? That’s ridiculous and suggests this game is intended to bleed you dry financially and give Apple further profits! It is also frustrating that each time I have watched a video to earn coin rewards, the supposed coin rewards HAVE NEVER BEEN ADDED TO MY WALLET, although it pours itself into the wallet as if it is going to do so; my balance remains the same!!! What is that all about?? You need to take a good review of this game!! I’ve already stopped playing Gardenscapes for the same in point, where are my 300 coins for getting past level 1000??? They have not increased my total AGAIN!!.Version: 3.4.0

HomescapesI love this game and play it far too much but it is frustrating that there are no incentives or daily rewards to help you get through the difficult levels. I’ve been stuck in the kitchen forever and can not continue because I have been stuck on level 183 for nearly a week. The only way I can see to get through this level is to purchase items to assist and then keep extending the game by purchasing more moves when you run out. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of money on this game and am unable to spend anymore. Although I love the game so much, I am becoming far too frustrated about not being able to complete the level without spending money. Every other game I play has daily loyalty rewards and special events which enable you to win random prizes or money amounts. If you add these things in that game would be 5 stars and I’d never be able to put my phone down. I’d even be willing to continue to pay money for items but without the game giving anything back on a daily basis I refuse to do this. Sorry to say but I’m becoming one very bored and frustrated player and can not see me continuing with this game for much longer.Version: 1.0.0

False advertisingNothing like what was shown in ad..Version: 3.7.0

On Level 1725So I’ve played this game for a long time. I can fairly say that it is a well-executed game with consistent updates and support. I like the creative side as well as the puzzle side it’s a nice balance. One thing everyone should know unequivocally before beginning, however, is that the developers hate the players. Hate may not even be a strong enough word for it. I could be wrong, maybe it’s impossible to fairly balance a puzzle game but to program it so much in the favor of you losing is... unsurprising considering how often it wants you to purchase things. Now, you don’t have ads in this game, which is nice, and the options to purchase don’t ensure victory (I mean at all), so in a sense the game is consistent and there’s some comfort in that. The reward system is pretty rough, it does sometimes feel like an endless attempt to wear you down. You will rage quit from time to time, or put it down for a couple months, but this is a casual game. Whereas other games make me feel as if they’ve earned my business, I find the challenge of this one is seeing how far I can go without spending any money, because it tries so hard. It’s my tiny moral victory. But hey, great time waster so if that’s what you’re going for, you’ll likely stay engaged and distracted from your reality and isn’t that what we all want anyways?.Version: 3.7.0

Bad out weighs the good.This game first off falsely advertises the true nature of the game. It presents as a multiple choice game but after downloading it’s another match 3 gems game. I looked past that and continued to play even spending my own money on thyme game as I grew to enjoy it. The game makes it very hard to enjoy after the first few easy levels. You need stars to progress in the game which can be earned by beating levels, it’s 1 star per level. Then the stars are often used for useless things as in greeting guests, calling the parents a taxi, starting new days, feeding the cat. These things make me resent the game as levels get harder and harder and you have no choice but to use the stars for something that does not benefit the point of the game fixing the house up. Furthermore when receiving a gift of unlimited hearts you have no choice when to open the gift and use it so too bad if you’ve opened it before you’re about to sleep or on a lunch break and have to go to work and it ends up being a compete waste. The game needs to give an option of when these can be opened so you can get the full use out of them. Again I like the game and will continue to play for now but each day I am losing interest. I was once spending money on this game but it’s getting more and more difficult to enjoy when your efforts are used on pointless things not used for the house and cannot use the unlimited hearts when you’re not busy..Version: 3.8.0

Love, hate relationshipI absolutely love this game and enjoy doing up the house. What annoys me is how it takes 6 stars to complete one thing sometimes like 2 stars to get a curtain to one side and I’ve got 3 windows to put curtains on, another thing is the levels can become way too difficult for the amount of lives that we get which is only 5 and there’s no other way to get coins like watch a 30 second video or anything. Love the game but it does annoy me at the same time! If these things could be improved that would be great thank you :-).Version: 1.3.0

I rate 7/10 😭I really like this app but it’s super annoying how you have to download new places. And I am up to upstairs and it took me two minutes to download and most of the time it was stuck on %38 and %82! And also why do you make super hard levels? Hard levels are ok but most people hate Superhard. But mostly can you plz fix the stars. Like get the parrot back in it’s cage??? Call a cab for Austin’s parents? That wastes all the hard work on stars plz also try for people to get 2 or 3 stars if they beat a hard or superhard level. It’s pointless if you get 22 moves and win it but get one star. And can you give more moves? In all playrix games. Once I had to get 34 red bow ties and it only gave me 15 moves and I was stuck Forever on it! My friend is up to lvl 364 and she wants to ask if u can also make more than 30 players in a team because most of them on Kitten Club that she is on never even tries and they are basically off 24/7. She asks for 40-45 in a team. And she wants it to be only people who are actually on most of their life like her. lol 😇😇. Plz fix 🤩.Version: 4.0.0

Not bad, decent, could be betterThis game is a good time waster and quite fun if you enjoy match-3 games. However, it gets frustrating when it seems that some levels are basically designed for you to spend money on coins to get upgrades or extra moves to pass the level. Some people don't have the spare cash in their budget to purchase coins and what real money you spend isn't even worth what you get, especially if you have to throw currency conversion in. The daily bonus is a good idea, though the seventh day isn't that great compared to the best spin in Gardenscapes. It's more interactive with the designing of the house than designing the garden in the previous game which is a definite bonus. So to summarise, it is a difficult interactive time-consuming match-3 game that may require you to purchase bonuses or extra coins for lives and bonuses..Version: 1.2.0

Could be betterI downloaded the game because I saw an ad for it on another game I was playing, I had been seeing the ad for a while and finally decided to download it, however, the game itself isn’t so much about what you see on the ad it’s about renovating a home. I played the game for a bit, there’s too much dialogue, you spend a lot of time reading and then the rest of the time you spend playing something similar to a candy crush game just to earn only one star to pay to replace a rug, or furniture or paper the walls etc i would prefer to play more of the games you see on the adverts, less of the candy crush type game, I would prefer less dialogue and for the game to move a bit faster in terms of working on the rooms etc. I do like that the game allows you to change your selection for example if you’ve selected a blue arm chair and you change your mind you’re able to change it at any time and I like the general idea of the game I like being able to turn something old and dirty into something new and clean..Version: 3.5.0

A bit of a con!This game suckers you in by ads that look like one game but are nothing like as advertised! The actual game itself isn’t that bad but there are algorithms involved that will give you a force sense that you’re actually in control, when in fact you can only win by either buying your way through or by using up any prizes you may have acquired until miraculously you win! Have no discussion as everything is controlled by this game’s algorithm and you are just along for the ride! There is no skill involved but I for one will probably keep playing because it at least makes you feel like you’re winning and who doesn’t want to feel like that! I’ve given 3 stars out of 5 but only because of the con to get you to play the game in the first place... If they were honest, it would have been a 4 out of 5! 🤣.Version: 3.0.0

Love this game BUT changes need to be made!I love this game! I’ve played many games, but this one has become my favorite. Over time though, I am beginning to get frustrated! You only get about 50-80 coins a game after completing the level, but in order to get more chances to play it’s 900 coins for the first 5 extra moves and then goes up to 1200. I don’t even know what’s after that, because it’s just so much! Even with the rewards they grant, you only get 100 coins which is like nothing. You really have to spend money to play this game. I’ve tried to be patient and play the games out without spending money, but many levels you just can’t! I don’t mind spending the money here and there, but it’s so expensive, it doesn’t even make it worth it. You get 1000 coins for .99 and it takes 900 coins to get 5 extra turns. That adds up really quick! Plus it’s even more expensive if you want power ups! I’m not too sure how much more I can continue playing if they don’t make some changes. It’s beginning to add up with how many coins I’ve been buying just to beat rounds. On top of that I believe that there are also sometimes when the board isn’t applying the power ups correctly. It's almost like a glitch or something that’s not working. I’m really hoping they make some changes to this game! Such a shame that it seems they are more concerned about money, than people continuing to play..Version: 1.3.0

Save katrin?!What the actual heck? An add popped up on my minesweeper game advertising some kind of homescapes game where you torture some chick. Da f’q is wrong with you people? That’s sick..Version: 3.1.0

HomescapesI liked the game at first but the more you try to play, the more ridiculous and costly it gets. I love all kinds of match 3 games, but the more I try to play both Homescapes and Gardenscapes the more frustrating they get. I believe games should be fun and challening, but come on, this is beyond ridiculous. I looked and read other reviews, a lot of them, nd they all basically say the same thing. I cannot believe Playrix, the developers and makers of some really wonderful games came up with something this impossible to play. The Develpoers REALLY need to pay attention to the reviews. They should really listen and make some serious changes to fix what could be a wonderful game. I think the developers should fix the game so the power ups are on the side so you can choose when to use them, and if you have any left they should be useable on the next level. I think the developers need to really read the reviews and seriously think about making some changes. One change, let us choose when to use our boosts or power ups. Put them on the side and let us be able to use them during a level at nytimei stead of all of them at once. Does anyone know if any of the developers even read the reviews. Why ask us to rate the game and write reviews when it doesn’t seem like the makers of the game are even reading them..Version: 2.2.2

Good for a FEW FREE hours of funI knew this game was too good to be true. It was super fun and addicting, and I’m not even the game type. It’s much like another popular similar game that had people hooked for hours—but with a cool twist that added to the appeal. As you complete levels, in a Sims style, you are helping a character rebuild his childhood home. It’s fun seeing it go from shambles to chic as you play! I thought, wow, this is free?! (I noted the lack of ads and waited for it...) All things that seem too good to be true usually (always) are. After a certain point, you need money to buy coins in order for passage of the levels to be possible. It IS possible to pass them, but only after several tries, and your tries are limited to “lives” that you must buy or wait minutes/hours to reload...Sound familiar? I refuse to fork out money for monetary units in a fictitious world. I’d rather pay a flat rate and just have a more accessible game, if that makes sense. I just can’t justify buying “coins” or “stars” or “hearts” or whatever it is the game uses as barter. So, with that, back to my real life, and I’ll probably play this every once in awhile while sitting in a waiting room or something like that. Like the other game I’m alluding to, this will inevitably be deleted and forgotten about, but it was good for a few solid hours of fun. :).Version: 1.6.0

Nothing like the Ad!Where the heck is the game from the ad I clicked on! This is candy crush with horrible interior decorating. Seriously, I wanna hit a robber in an elevator with a bat!! Why Homescapes!.Version: 3.0.0

Good but frustratingI was really enjoying the game but I feel something needs to change. The levels become too hard too quickly, I have just finished the first bit and struggle to get stars to continue. I feel like either the star rewards need to be more than one per level or the levels need to take longer to get harder. One star per level then taking 2-3 sets of lives to get through for the next star is very frustrating and completely unsatisfying. Once it becomes too difficult to clear a level for one star I will most likely give up and delete the game. Keep improving it, I will keep trying for a bit longer :).Version: 1.3.0

Homescapes...Whist in the start I enjoyed this game, like other players some of the levels are extremely hard, and even after using various power ups I am still stuck after multiple attempts at a level. Seems there is no logic to some of the boards and appears based on random chance, which makes you loose interest rather fast. No prepared to pay money out all the time to get useless power ups and not be able to move forward. Sure the game needs to challenge, but really, after about 30 attempts at a board who wouldn't get sick of being stuck. You can wait to gain coins, but you don't get enough back compared to the cost of the power ups. Either reduce the cost, increase the reward or have a spinning wheel of chance like Gardenscapes. Makes you want to look at other games rather than continue this one..Version: 1.0.0

ClickbaitIt’s almost like this game was a clickbait. Not the game that was advertised on other apps. If I wanted something like candy crush, would’ve downloaded candy crush. Barely gave this game 5 minutes.Version: 2.6.0

Fun game too expensiveYour game is fun and I enjoy the challenging levels, however your coins are too expensive for what you get! You get close to the end of the level and need a couple items and it's $900 coins to start only going up from there. TOO EXPENSIVE! I spent $120 at least but no more I will be deleting this game you should make it more fair for your customers and not be so greedy! I have been playing Hayday for years now and I have no problem spending money with them as they are fair with what you are paying for, you guys are not!.Version: 1.0.0

I don’t want to play Candy CrushI got this game because I thought it was about renovating a house. Nope it’s basically candy crush, and bits of renovating in between. And it’s so hard to earn stars to complete an action. Thinks take 2-3 stars, and that’s not including when things are divided up such as flooring. It is extremely difficult to pay levels with buying extra moves which I don’t want to do. And earning money from levels is just not worth it. The levels need to change up a bit, make it a candy crush level, then throw in a word search, crossword or hidden object kind of levels to change it up. Also levels are labeled as hard but still only worth 1 star. Make hard levels worth more stars. Also why am I wasting 2 stars on making a phone call, answering the door or cleaning up the cat and birds mess. It’s just not worth it. When you’ve completed a day why not make it wait an hour and then start the new day instead of wasting stars. This game is just a money grabber.Version: 2.0.0

Slow progress with little rewardThe levels are ok.. but everything else is so annoying. You could spend 1 day maybe a week getting past a level depending on the time you dedicate to the app. The star you get for passing a level is valuable and you expect it some progress in the house reno. If the points stars were put to the Reno alone that would be one thing but instead it goes to silly things like ‘the next day’ and you waste a point watching the character go to bed and get up? Or you are a few hours getting 2 stars(levels) only to ‘receive a gift’ from your uncle and you have no choice but to accept and waste your points. And don’t get me started on all the blabbering among the characters that doesn’t always give you an option to skip...the list goes on. to sum it up- some levels are just too busy, your stars/points aren’t valuable enough for the effort you put in. Not a satisfying or rewarding game just frustrating!.Version: 3.3.4

Very addictiveAt first I loved the game - seemed to be a lovely idea to redecorate and renovate a cottage. It is however anything but. This game is in fact a candy crash saga in disguise topped with a boring story about a butler, who becomes really annoying with levels very difficult to complete. Forces you to make a purchase, and five bucks gets you nothing really, just more lives faster for two weeks, still cannot beat the levels after having dozens of goes at it. One would need to purchase coins, and do it over and over again, as it comes at a few thousand coins to finally finish a level. Ridiculous. And the rewards are very little, technically spent the whole day to finish a task and still nowhere near. One would need many boosts to be able to complete one game, but even if someone would think of purchasing a pricey package would only get a few boosts of each kind, that won’t even last for 3 or four games. And one have to spend, once again thousands of coins if wants to carry on with one particular game. Not fun, really annoying. Mini games are bit childish but fun, there should be more of them with a chance of getting more rewards. This game is just a money making trap..Version: 4.4.4

Really good app but has some cons as wellThis is a really good app with an amazing story line and has become extremely addictive. I love how it has a variety of different power ups compared to a lot of other games as well as it going towards a particular goal as you pass each level. Although, I am quite a new comer to this game and I am ONLY on level 60 and I have noticed an extreme dip in difficulty. Not that I don’t expect it to be a challenge etc. but it gets kind of absurd when you have pretty much in my opinion barely started the game and you are already struggling to pass levels to even get 1 star. Especially when the goals you need to complete begin to use more and more stars. I’m sorry to say but something may need to change or I can’t play this game anymore, and I am sure all users have the same views as I do... if this one thing slightly changed it would probably be my favourite game!.Version: 1.2.0

BooYou have made the game way too difficult. Don’t enjoy the game not fun anymore. Notice team players aren’t on like before. Spend days on very difficult puzzles..Version: 4.4.4

False Advertising - Fun in spite (for some)I gotta give this game a somewhat low score just on the principle of its disingenuous marketing. If you’ve seen any ad for this game then you’ve probably saw the “pull the the pins” type of gameplay presented to draw you in. That’s NOT what this game is. That type of gameplay is so small & almost insignificant that it’s pretty shady for them to put that at the forefront of their advertising. If you had to pay upfront for this game, I’m pretty sure there would be grounds for a lawsuit; it’s THAT bad. What this game is centered on is the much more generic Candy Crush, “match the tiles” type gameplay. The reason I don’t give it a 1-star is because they have actually made this generic premise fun, and put some admirable twists into the formula (at least I think. I don’t play many mobile games and especially match tile types). Interesting challenges, creative power-ups you can make if you’re smart, genuinely challenging puzzles (in a fun way), admirable special effects & sound design. Doesn’t SEEM to try to force its way into your wallet (from the 12hrs I’ve put into the game thus far) in terms of gameplay, but it does do plenty of in-game marketing. If this game was honest about what it really was, I’d give it 4-stars. But I think A LOT of people will go into this game expecting one thing and getting another, and I think that is a significant knock against the game..Version: 3.7.0

Ok at first BUT not fairThis game is fun at first but as you rank up higher and higher the more often u get hard levels. It’s annoying I’ve only had this game for a week and I’m uninstalling it. You need stars to complete tasks and you only get one when u pass the level. As u rank up the more stars u need to complete ONE task it’s not fair. Also I downloaded the game mainly to be able to redecorate the house and once you finish the kitchen you get sent outside to build the garden/ greenhouse. It is the most boring part of the game that takes FOREVER to finish. You can finish a room in 1-3 days of completion. But the outside has taken 6+ days to work on and I finally just gave up because of how many unnecessary tasks you have to complete just to get through one day. Every time u think your finally done with the outside theirs something stupid you have to still do. This game is only fun for a few days after that it’ll just make you want to throw your phone in the garbage. Also the amount of coins you get for each level is unbelievable you should be able to get more the higher you level up but nope they just want you to try to buy their packages. Something no game will ever get out of me. As soon as games start to cheat you into wanting to spend your real money is when it gets deleted from my phone. I recommend finding another game to play unless you have plenty of patience for bull*hit..Version: 3.5.0

SO FAKEThe ads seem so interesting way more interesting than the actual game I hate that they make the ads so different so you actually want to get the game but I kind of understand why probably because the game itself is such a waste of time and money. If you like this game....ok I am not judging you but for my opinion it’s a NO! 🙄😑👎Horrible.Version: 2.4.0

Not like the adThis game was disappointing. I was interested by the game that was shown in the ad, and yet the game is NOTHING like it at all! Why show an ad for a game that isn’t even available? Why not make that game?.Version: 3.0.0

Fun to play but...This is a fun game to play. It has a quirky storyline and likeable characters. However I believe there is more to winning a level than just luck or skill, especially when real money is needed to buy virtual coin to extend a round by five moves. Initially I did part with my hard earned cash to advance but as time went on I felt I was being manipulated by the game to spend money as on several occasions I would miss out on completing a level by only a few moves, thus enticing me to spend just a little more for a guaranteed completion. After deciding to turn off the flow of cash into the bank account of the developers, I found my luck changing for the better when I found that I could easily complete a level after completing my penance of failure. While it could be argued that I was just lucky or unlucky, I reckon there’s more to it than that with an algorithm deciding if I would win a round or not. I am happy to be proven wrong if a developer would reply..Version: 1.7.0

RNG hellIt’s a fun game most of the time but it seems to be more malicious RNG than a skill game. It’s pretty bad when you start a match with no moves and it has to reshuffle. Power ups can be hit or miss at the start. Towards the higher levels you’ll start off with a very small section and you’ll have to open the rest of the field but you’ll end up wasting 3 or 4 moves before you can even do that. Some levels seem impossible to beat without the RNG gods giving you tons of power ups. You’ll often lose by 1 move which prompts you to use coins to buy 5 more moves. If you don’t have the coins, that’s when they hit you with the pay to win aspect of it. As many other people have said, it often feels like the game is working against you maliciously so you’ll be forced to buy more coins or power ups. It gets extremely frustrating playing the same level thirty times and losing by 1 move over and over. This is the same for both gardenscapes and homescapes (and probably the other games by the same developers). Bottom lines is you can pretty much tell by mid match if you’re going to beat the level or not. If you still have 75% of the objectives to complete and you’ve been forced to waste 3 or 4 moves in a row and you have less than 10 moves left, you’re not gonna win. I usually just quit and start over at that point. No sense continuing if I already know it’s a dead match..Version: 2.8.0

BlandHomescapes brings the annoying butler Austin you may (or may not) know from Gardenscapes back to his childhood home. His parents, as empty-nesters, have decided to sell their large estate and move into a smaller, more efficient home - better suited for their needs and season of life. Well Austin, being obviously wiser than they, immediately moves back into his parent’s house and convinces his aging parents to not only stay living in an enormous mansion they can’t possibly keep up with, but to spare no expense at fixing the monolith up. If that part of the story doesn’t fry your bacon, then be prepared for pointless tasks designed to eat up the stars you earn on activities NOT RELATED to repairing the old mansion and the rooms within. The levels require very little strategy; I find the board layout to be purely based on luck and it can take several days or even weeks to beat one, so earning stars to get ahead will truly enslave you to this game. As for the characters; Austin is the know-it-all son, his father a dim-witted buffoon, and his mother has no personality. His relationship with Katherine is uninteresting and ALL other characters are one-dimensional stereotypes. So if any or all of those things appeal to you, download the game. I gave 1 star for it being ad-free and another for the ‘clean’ factor (I can have my young son play and not worry about mature content snuck in). I keep playing thinking it will get better but sadly it does not..Version: 2.5.1

Initially good, but so difficult.I think this game is ridiculously difficult. I have played it every day for absolutely ages and am on the verge of deleting it. There is no way to complete some levels except if you happen to be playing when the powers that program in the middle of the night, happen to give you a break. It is so hard to complete a level and then you can only complete a task by getting four stars. You could renovate a whole house in real life whilst you finish the mansion stairs. And forget about getting your cat to the top floor of that tower block. It ain’t going to happen unless you purchase a pile of coins. The game needs to be easier, the renovation choices need to be more impressive, Gardenscapes and Homescapes need to be merged into one slightly easier game, so that people completing one area can be doing parts of the garden, while they wait for lives in the house. Personally, I did not want a fish tank in my hallway, nor a library corner. I would never see a bedroom off the ground floor in any British Mansion. But there was no choice in this game. This could be a brilliant game, if it was developed further. As it is, it’s just a money- spinner for the game developers..Version: 1.7.0

HomescapesCan’t get passed the level im on. i’ve tried using all lifelines to help me get through it but jus seems to be impossible. anyway of skipping this stage in the game? i’m starting to dislike the game now because no matter what i try it jus seems impossible. therefore i can’t move on & are missing out on daily competitions & prizes. would be good if u could skip stages or have a prize or special ability u could earn or pay for using coins to skip a stage & return to it later to try again if u wanted. maybe have 1 stage skip per day then you can choose to use it or save it for another day. otherwise i’m most likely to stop playing this app because im sick of the stage i’m stuck on & can’t do anything to move on..Version: 2.8.0

Misleading advertisements for this gameWhile playing other games, I see ads for this app. These advertisements are completely irrelevant to the actual game - these ads are misleading of what the actual game ensues. That’s disappointing..Version: 2.4.0

WrongMisleading ad.Version: 3.3.0

I agree with others....I changed my review on this game! Don’t waste your time starting to play! Once you get into the higher levels you cannot get enough boosters unless you spend a lot of money to have them! Please don’t waste your time! The rest of the review is correct. Except you can never reach anyone to express your dissatisfaction with this game! The game is great, it’s fun and challenging however the coins you are able to make are way off to the game. I know you need to make money but come on. We all don’t have hundreds of dollars to waste on games. I think you are still money hungry and need to adjust the coin to win ratio. I like most of the games but some are just plain stupid! Unless you have all kinds of boosters or all kinds of coins (money) there are some levels that are almost impossible to win! Well here it is the first of the year and with the new update I see nothing has really changed. Money hungry! What would be nice and cost you nothing is to be more like CANDY CRUSH SAGA! At least with those you get to choose when to use the boosters! Not always at the first! Putting boosters in at the first in most of your levels is a waste! Well I quit for a while and I think others did too because it’s more fun now! At least for the moment, I raised my rating. We will see.....Version: 3.7.0

Slow & also the tile thingies need to matchThe game is ok, it’s time consuming and entertaining but the storyline is so dumb and annoying like i don’t need to know what grandpa thinks buddy. and the process is so slow like i have to wait and tap and read storyline (i tap over it/skip it) but it’s still slow. like why can’t i just press on the furniture and choose a style and it spends a gold star on it? pls make a settings where i can remove storyline nd make the game faster. and also when one of the color thingies fall down, like say 5 blue ones fall down, they don’t make the world orb thingy. they make a stupid 3 thingy and leave 2 blue ones left. fix that. it’s so annoying. i just had a 6 in a row nd it only became an paper airplane. also when one horizontal power up thing, when i use it it clears the path right, but say if i has a box and a box with stripes, it would only clear the box and make the box with stripes a regular box. even if i have 2 in that same row. making one horizontal thing have an effect and not make the other one have an effect. that’s wrong. fix that. and we should be able to position where the flying paper airplanes come out of. it’s messed up a lot of my rotations before. like say i was just about to swipe a blue into a 4 match up, so turning it into the globe thingy, but the paper airplane HAD TO FRIGGWN GO TO THE BLUE ONE which made it not match up. FIX IT. IT IS SO ANNOYING.Version: 3.9.3

WHATS WITH THE CREEPY AD?!This is a decent and fun game... But the ads that I see for this game while I’m playing other games don’t make any sense at all: they are completely misleading and don’t have anything to do with the Actual gameplay. When I first downloaded this game it was because of an ad that I’d seen, and the demo allowed me to pick out which furniture, which wallpaper, etc. Then I downloaded Homescapes and played, even spent some money on it because I was having fun and wanted to keep progressing. Now all the ads I see for this game don't make sense. I see some where the main characters are trapped on an island and they are being attacked by a shark, some where they are stranded in the cold and freezing, and within the last couple days I saw two more that DONT MAKE SENSE! The guy has to pee and he’s running down the hall and things are breaking. Then the reason I wrote this review is because I was so confused and disturbed by the one I just saw: the guy has his hands and feet tied to bed posts and the room is on fire and he wants to escape. That seems macabre and violent; who tied him there... his parents? It’s creepy when you compare it to the actual innocent and child friendly gameplay. What in the world was that ad?! Why would you make that strange violent ad to promote this game? I’m disturbed... lol... it’s been months and months since I’ve seen an ad that depicts anything similar to the actual gameplay. :/.Version: 2.8.0

Great idea but levels & reward a disappointmentI like the concept of this game however progressing the levels are becoming difficult to pass and the 1 star rewards are terrible, I would suggest for the hard level to award 2 stars with the 100 coins and some of the chores are painfully a waste of stars. A recommendation to review the reward and chore chart would be good to keep players interested... Also the 900 coins to “play on” is a total rip-off ... this eats up the gold coins collected plus it’s the same amount to renew your 5 lives. A revision of this is also recommended..Version: 1.6.0

Good game that could be better..I really like this game, but some of the early levels are too hard and it can take way too long to build up stars. I also find it very frustrating how many stars you have to 'waste' on pointless tasks like opening a parcel. I love choosing furniture and doing up the house and think every task should be related to this..Version: 1.0.0

GreedyI am intrigued by the shadowy rooms which are still to be refurbished but I may be an old woman by the time I finish them. I don’t mind that some levels are really hard to complete - but it’s far too expensive to buy extra moves when you are really close so I just get stuck. I think on the whole the phone app gaming market is getting greedy. Now they have found a revenue model they are milking it. Now I’m sure developing games takes a bit of time and money, but at the end of the day this is just a match three game, it’s nothing revolutionary. Surely earning a little money from lots of players is a better revenue model than earning more money from the few who are mental enough to spend £30 on a decent amount of power ups. I think on the whole the pricing is too greedy and that makes the game inaccessible for those who can’t afford to buy. Not spending a penny means progress is deathly slow - you need so many stars from completed games to participate in the story line that being stuck on one for days on end is horribly dull. I have very little time for game playing and have concluded that this is a waste of that precious time. I think a little more thought into player psychology wouldn’t go amiss..Version: 1.4.0

Addictive. Just be prepared to spend a TON of moneyThis game has a great concept but it’s clear that all this company wants is for its players to spend as much money as possible. As the levels get harder you’re forced to pay for power ups because you have limited moves OR you spend money on more coins because you run out of lives. Each level you get a measly 50-70 coins depending on how well you do the level and one star. The more grand the tasks that Austin makes you do however, you need more than 1 star per task or else you can’t progress. You potentially end up spending a lot of money to finish a level or a task. It’s extremely frustrating. I’ve been looking for a game like this forever but I’m deleting it because the concept is getting ridiculous. The game adds more and more obstacles in each puzzle making it even more difficult to finish it in the 25 moves allotted. It’s a lot of work for little reward. If you’re going to make us only have 5 lives then give us unlimited moves or vice versa. Let users watch ads to give us stars or something along those lines. Give us more coins per levels and let the coins pay for each task with the stars being extra rewards. But I know none of these suggestions are what the company wants because they’ll lose money and this review will not be read anyways. I’m deleting this game. Sorry for realizing how money hungry you guys are. Despicable..Version: 1.0.0

Not what it looks likeIf you’ve seen an ad for this game where you repair and fix things, not be fooled! This is a glorified candy crush type game. And not that good..Version: 2.6.0

False advertisingNot the game from the millions of ads all over the web. It’s a Bejewelled based purchase storyline, nothing more..Version: 3.0.0

EhhhhI LOVE this game but it gets boring when I get stuck on a level it kinda takes all the fun out of it when they make these super hard levels that are almost impossible to beat. I wish that we could get more than one star for the super hard levels and only one star for the easy levels to at least make it worth the headache. Overall, I really do enjoy the concept it’s fun to renovate the house and the graphics of the game is very well done. I will change my 3 stars to 5 stars when you guys can change the difficulty of some of the levels. It’s literally almost impossible to beat some of them and it’s very frustrating. I keep comparing it to candy crush which is my all time favorite game and the difference between the two is that candy crush gives you WAY more incentives for beating levels and gives you the opportunity everyday to win free power ups their version is a lot more fair in my mind. Also, I wish there was way more mini games as well since that’s what made me install the game in the first place. All in all, like I said it is very fun but the developers need to change the difficulty on some of the levels before everyone just stops playing this game. Literally no one on my team is EVER online so I can’t even get free lives from them. 🤷🏻‍♀️🌝.Version: 3.6.0

Fake addsThe game was nothing like the one in the add. That was the only reason I wanted to get this game. So naturally, I was bummed that the whole game was just a stupid candy crush rip off..Version: 3.8.5

Please listen to your players!!!I've seen so many negative reviews and I don't know why the makers of the game haven't done anything about this? I love this game but the levels are so hard and just ridiculous if I'm honest. I love the fact you can do a home up and I understand you need stars to unlock new things but seriously the levels to get these stars are a joke. Some of them even need 3+ stars just to unlock 1 thing. And the fact you ONLY get 50 coins per level no matter how many times you gotta play the hard level is rubbish! It's 900+ to do anything if you wanna win a level so you don't even make your money back. That's 18 levels just to make the 900 coins. This is a joke. I stopped playing candy crush as the levels got impossible and now most of these are just the same. It's ok if you spend loads of money on games but I don't and I just find this game is going down the same route candy crush did. Deleted all because it's about Money money money. You don't even get daily rewards. Something needs to change for this game. So many negative reviews on how are these levels are and your not changing them. Gonna loose a lot of people playing if you don't change it. I'm deleting this game I'm not playing to waste my time for no rewards !!!.Version: 1.0.0

Frustrating!This game is annoyingly addicting. I say annoyingly because every little step takes so much time to complete! You only get 1 star per level, and only 50 coins, but 5 extra moves or lives cost 900 coins. Almost every level seems to allow far too few moves, forcing you to use boosters to win, unless you don’t mind waiting around for lives. The time it takes for lives to regenerate is far too long as well, meaning sometimes you get stuck on one level for several hours. I wish they would allow more moves per level, reduce the time required new lives, or reduce the price of extra moves and lives..Version: 1.5.1

Fausse publicitéJe voulais jouer au jeu de puzzle trouver le bon chemin ou le bon outil, comme la pub !.... mais ce n’est pas le jeu du tout.... ne vous fiez pas aux apparences..Version: 4.2.0

Initially Fun, But FrustratingI downloaded Homescapes because of the ads for it I saw on Words With Friends. The ads mostly show the lead character, Austin the Butler, in a sticky situation and the player has to pull levers to get him out of it. The actual game, however, is mostly improving the large house owned by Austin’s parents. The sticky situations are called “Austin’s Bad Dream and in 35 levels, I have only been able to see a few of them. The game is mostly playing a form of Candy Crush to earn stars in order to improve the home. That part is not so bad. The music is pleasant and the game is a relaxing time waster, at least initially. I don’t mind using the earned stars to replace furniture or a rug, but as the game goes on, you have to use the stars to do just about anything like answering the door, unpacking a TV, or even starting a new day. And once you’re out of stars, you can’t do anything else until you have won more candy crush games and earned more stars. You earn one star from winning each candy crush game no matter how difficult the game is. Win in one round, earn one star. Win after 20 rounds, earn one star. The idea of course is to get the player to purchase items to play longer. I get it. Most games I have seen do the same thing, but they don’t ramp up the difficulty so quickly..Version: 3.7.0

DisappointedThis app is free and is fun at first until you realize that they make you win puzzles before you can complete any action. Including mundane actions like calling someone on the phone or greeting a friend. This wouldn’t be so bad if the puzzles were at least designed more fairly. It seems once you pass a certain level the puzzles of course become get more difficult but they also seem to give the game an unfair advantage over the player. As the levels become more difficult even the boosters seem less effective. Where on prior levels you can get a few boosters and they could help you win the level, but later it takes more than triple the amount of boosters to pass the level and they don’t seem to be as powerful. Some levels are almost not passable without spending actual money to buy enough boosters so you can pass it or unless you just get lucky and pieces fall just right. Even when you do complete a puzzle the amount of coins you win doesn’t seem to match up with the difficulty of that puzzle. Only receiving 60 coins for a puzzle it took 20 times to pass. Making it feel almost not worth all the times you had to play to pass the single puzzle. All of this made me feel like I was being cheated and the game was no longer fun compared to the reward so I decided to stop playing all together after a few weeks of experiencing the same disappointment..Version: 2.6.0

FrustratingI installed this game because I really enjoyed the original Gardenscapes and mansion makeover games. The games you actually BOUGHT and could COMPLETE! I like Austin. I like his family. I don't like games that never end. It is pathetic that every little thing requires passing yet another level. If you can't afford to buy coins and don't have enough coins to buy boosters, then you can spend days on attempting to pass one level. I bought the original Gardenscapes, Gardenscapes Mansion Makeover, Farmscapes, etc. Was looking forward to another PROPER game with Austin and his friends and family but instead we get this. I did purchase some coins so I could gat further than the first "day" of game time but... I've also played the current Gardenscapes, reinstalling it after deleting in disgust. Everything in both games is SO SLOW TO MAKE IMPROVEMENTS, requiring heaps of levels each room. I'm on level 109 and still only on the kitchen!! The third room. And I have to complete a level to phone someone or answer the door!! Two levels for a new day! Come on. Yet again you ask for a review. Not happy with the first one? Hate the updates..Version: 1.6.0

In agreement with everyone elseWell think I’ve been playing for a bout 2years now, almost up to level 3000, the game is quite addictive in itself, does get a bit tiring when every time bonus games games come up you end up being stuck in a level most of the time the bonus is on the timescale hence why it’s hard to complete the bonus. And also seems most of the levels are reoccurring now but even harder, I’m not wasting my hard earned money to buy extras! As for buying extra lives with your coins I think it’s a bit harsh it costs 900 coins!! Come on guys it’s about time you come in line with the other games, lower the cost of coins you earn to buy extras please!!! I love this game it’s great but you really need to look at coin prices and change them, seriously! And after reading a lot of the reviews they are all basically saying the same, does that not tell you something, or are you just going to keep ignoring them? Also only noticed a reply to a couple of reviews, so what’s the point of having the option to write a review when they get ignored? Time to make some changes don’t you think?.Version: 4.2.0

Greedy DevelopersThe developers of these kinds of games don’t care about giving us quality games, they just want to say they are making the games “challenging and fun” but are really just wanting us to dole out tons of real money to line their greedy pockets... Challenging and fun does not mean rob me blind just to get through some levels on a stupid game that looked awesome but was deceiving... I am having to use all my energy 3-5 times refilled just to get through one level!!! That is 15-25 energy for ONE FREAKING LEVEL!!! Some of these levels are near impossible and the developers don’t care to listen to our complaints since there are so many of us who give in to buying our way through the game we cannot otherwise get through... I have already uninstalled this pathetic excuse for a game... If I could develope a game similar to this and Matchington Manor/Gardenscapes, even poor as I am I know I wouldn’t be trying to rip people off... These games could be good and I would be willing to pay for packages but not just to get through levels... The ratio of money we earn in comparison to what things cost is just ridiculous... But like I said the developers of these games do not care about anything but lining heir filthy greedy pockets and I for one will not aid in doing so when I can play actual gun games that don’t require real money just to progress... Buying packages should be when you want to buy limited time house items or something....Version: 1.1.0

Why should I report an issue with Homescapes?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Homescapes to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Homescapes customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Homescapes.

Is Homescapes not working?

Homescapes works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Homescapes.

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