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My thoughts on HSNow just to let you know that by the current state it’s in, I would recommend it without a doubt... but it comes with a risk. The storyline how your with these characters and how you connect with then is fantastic, it feels new and fresh, and it’s amazing. Now with the gameplay, it’s basically every other puzzle game so that’s fine. My main complaint is how difficult it is to pass through days though the sometimes CRAZY objectives to get stars in levels. I’m not that far in the game and it’s frustrating that your wasting your time and in-game currency (money) and time to get lives towards being how difficult these levels are, it’s mind boggling. Personally devs, this game is a blast, however you need to tweek the difficulty setting because that the reason why: 1) This is just off receiving 5 star rating 2) To give the player the full Homescapes experience, instead having to waste real life money for lives and power ups to pass through levels and the story itself. This game is nearly at its full potential. However with a couple of mistakes that can be easily cleared, this game won’t be a hassle to complete for everyone and will be a better experience for new players. Cheers for reading :).Version: 1.1.0

Great game but needs tweaking 🤔I really enjoy this game but I find that the one star reward is utterly ridiculous, so much so that I am likely to delete it🙃 The idea of being able to “do up rooms & have different adventures” is great but to be stuck on one level for days & then finally get one star ( and then you need two stars to start a new day and 3*3 stars to finish one of the next challenges 🤯) is taking the joy out of the game. (I’ve had this game on both my iPad & my mobile for about 3 weeks. ) With regards to weekly team challenge- the first week we did ok, were placed in teams that, even if we weren’t at the top, they were still within reach. Week 2 the 3 first teams had 1000’s of points before we even started😳 Hardly encouraging to continue 🥺 Please sort these tweaks out, I know that you want people to spend money ( which I did in the beginning, but when it becomes clear that those who do all the time will be the only ones with a chance to move forward, then I feel less keen to do so) All the best A.D..Version: 4.3.5

Great gameVery great and fun game following the story of fixing up the old family house. I particularly enjoy the story line, graphics, interactive aspect, design options, and ease of playing. Never had any issues with crashing or bugs. If playing though, I would highly recommend building up a substantial amount of stars before completing the daily activities, as this way if you run into a difficult level, with a big amount of stars you’ll be able to finish your day which gives you another set of 5 lives to keep playing. Fun game so long as you know how to play smart 👍🏽.Version: 2.5.1

Great game 👍😁This a really good game but one thing to improve on. When your at the end of the level but you haven't passed, you might have some explosions that you've just made. But you can't use them because you don't have any moves left. So at the end of the level weather you've passed it or not the game should automatically explode the explosions because that's what people usually need. Otherwise it's a great game!!👍😁 Thanks.Version: 4.5.4

Amazing graphic, a bit difficultI saw the game in an ad and I thought I discovered one of the best games for phones... love the graphics , love the characters, love the idea! However levels got difficult really fast; initially I thought maybe it’s me, but after reading the reviews I realised it’s not. The upsetting part is that I bought a package with coins ( £4.99 ) that I managed to spend in 10 minutes :( I bought some lives and some boosters but never got them... As others have mentioned after working so hard to get one star, it should be used for the house and not for other silly things like opening the door !!! can you please think of a way for us to make coins quicker or even lowering the difficulty of the levels a bit ; you could give a daily gift or the option of replaying previous levels to get coins without losing lives , or maybe a daily spin gift ( coins or stars or lives or to use against a task) i would play the game continuously if it wasn’t for the lives thing. Wouldn’t you prefer that ? And who wants boosters and stuff can still invest money... I’m sure you will listen to your players requests!.Version: 1.0.0

Good game, fun to watch as well as play.I downloaded this on a recommendation from a friend. It’s fun to play, challenging at times, and has some great differentiators (the side quests, the development of the house) which I think set it apart from the usual candy crush like games. Some negatives: 1 - I typically access Facebook by an app. When I started playing this game, I’d given up FB for lent, so the app wasn’t on my phone. I was pretty disturbed, when I re-added the app last weekend, that it was clear from changes (the appearance of photos in the challenges, etc) that the game had attempted to mine my data, even though I hadn’t linked it to FB at all. Not nice. 2 - I think the game is planning to take the main male character down a romantic route with a female minor character. There isn’t an option to have your main character be anything other than male and (apparently) straight - bit of a shame they couldn’t offer a little more diversity, or else just leave the characters as friends..Version: 1.5.1

Amazing, can’t find a single flawSo I love this game. It’s got great graphics, great levels, amazing storyline and characters. What more could you ask for? I see most of the low reviews come from people who find the game too hard early on. I find them easy, ok I’ll be honest I’m on over level 2000 of candy crush so I am pretty good but there is never a point where you feel a level will take you weeks to complete. The longest I’ve spent on a level is a day. I do agree that stars are sometimes used for stupid things like opening a door but I know it’s for the storyline. Another thing people complain about is lives. Luckily you can exploit some bugs to get around that. Also coins aren’t too hard to get. People are saying it takes 18 levels but realistically it’s never more than 15 because of the bonus coins and adverts. Anyway I can’t see any flaws with this game so I’ll give it 5 stars.Version: 1.1.0

A little frustratingI am enjoying the game, the storyline and doing up the house. Although I find that the money collected at the end of levels and the money needed to get a few more moves is extremely far away from each other. 50 coins per level to 900 for an extra 5 more moves if you get stuck. It takes forever to get the coins so you can get extra moves so I find myself taking over a week to get to the next level. You need to get 2 or more stars to do anything in the house which seems to take forever. You have a set of 3 cabinets and it will take you 3 stars to do 1 cabinet at a time. So getting anything done that shows progress seems to be a while in coming. If you have money to throw at it then you can go far in the game quickly..Version: 1.1.0

Great game!!This is a great game to sit back & relax with. I read a review you can’t get past stages without money which is untrue,I’ve been playing for a year and a half and I’ve never needed to pay (though I have bought items to treat myself to boosts during a competition) Perseverance is key. 1 Star per level may not seem great when you start off but eventually you get there when you have a couple hundred stars you sitting there for when you’ve run out of lives then you can start working on your house. Great game. Recommended to family to help me build a clan!! Come join Taz rebellions!.Version: 3.5.7

The only game I playI have been playing this game for more than a year and I’m still addicted. It can be frustrating as some levels are very hard to complete (some of the “easy” levels are harder to beat than the “difficult” ones!) but after a day or 2 of multiple attempts the game will let you complete them. The extra mini games are great and a good opportunity to stock up on coins/boosts, plus, in tournaments you’re up against other players and the prizes are worth it if you can get to 1st place. (For example, I just won 2 hours unlimited life and 7 boosts for coming 2nd place, and 3000 coins for coming 2nd in a team tournament!) I must admit that some of the furniture/interior design choices are pretty bad (sometimes I just think they’re all really ugly) but it’s a game at the end of the day - not your own house. I’m currently at level 972 and haven’t ever purchased anything in the game; there’s no need to spend real money if you can play the game well - one of the reasons why I love it! Thanks for creating this game and for updating regularly with new features. I definitely recommend..Version: 3.2.0

Not good helpI am stuck on level 40 and have been for 4 ish days. I messaged help and the robot gave me things that didn’t help, and when I ask to speak to some actual person, no body has replied!! It’s been 2 days since I asked and nothing has come through. Can anybody relate or help me please? But I do find the game great, just tone down some of the levels ok? Also the money amount that you earn is absolutely RIDICULOUS compared to how much you spend to continue. 50 coins earned against 900 coins to continue? You obviously are trying to scam us for our money, and I don’t get why you can take a amazing storyline, gameplay and graphics level and turn it upside down because of COINS. Please fix this!!!! (PS I do really like the game, but the problems stated NEED fixing IMMEDIATELY!.Version: 2.8.0

Fun matching game with a little extraThe match game itself feels pretty comparable to others, what I enjoy though is that beating a level allows you to make transformations. Just an interesting spin to make the game a little more addictive. The little side quests like trophy challenges and the parrot gifts are super helpful. However I will say sometimes you are gifted 30 min unlimited game play and you don’t really have an option of when to use it. So if I am getting in a quick game on a break or before dinner and I am gifted one of those it goes to waste if I can’t continue to play for an extra 30 min. Not going to lie, at those moments It really is frustrating because you get only 5 lives and the regeneration rate is slow. In addition the buy rate for items feels a little high. As an example to buy an extra 5 moves at the end of a tough level is 900 coins. You maybe get 55 coins for beating a level. So you have to tear through 18 levels to earn enough to buy that extension. It actually de-incentivizes me to buy a package because it never really feels like you are getting a deal. That being said if you can play and not get frustrated when you get stuck on a level for days, or are willing to pay for buy ups this game rocks..Version: 2.6.0

Could do so much more with..The game on it own is quite good, the newest updates were really needed to make the game more enjoyable though I find that having to spend real money for the coins and power ups are really disappointing. It would be a great idea if the game developers could invent a way to provide either heart shaped lives or power ups as options, that would make the game more fun. Though I don’t see the point of having to win the first stage of the event of free 30 mins or 1-2 hours of free lives, when we have the option to request more lives through the group chat. Hence the 4 starts..Version: 2.6.0

Star StarvingI find it’s very annoying when such small parts of the story use up so many stars. It takes so long just to get one star and then you carry on through the story and something like opening a parcel takes four stars! And then rather than the parcel opening and assembling itself, it takes another four or five stars to assemble it! I just wish actions were limited to 1-2 stars. I understand it helps the storyline carry on longer but it also puts people off playing..Version: 2.6.0

Good game but..The game does have a level of appeal where you want to keep playing just to complete each task but after flying through most of the first levels it soon became evident you’re probably gonna need to start spending some money to keep going. I myself refrained from spending any actual cash as I just can’t justify it. There’s no way I’m gonna pay up to $150 just to comfortably complete levels for an app on a PHONE! I’m sure it’s a popular game so a one off payment to “buy” the game would be more suitable. Expecting people to cough up more and more money just feels like gambling to me except there’s no prize money at the end of it. I will continue happily playing for free as long as I can but as soon as it comes to the point where I can’t go any further without spending money I am out! Lol -.Version: 2.1.0

FunI like it.Version: 1.0.0

Almost 5 Stars, addictive & fun, but...I don't have complaints at all about game play or rewards like some others do. I feel it's challenging, but not frustrating, very satisfying. I like gameplay more than Gardenscapes, which I still play as well. My only complaint is one others have had as well, this game is called HOMEscapes, but for weeks the story line has me upgrading the garden when I've only renovated 3 rooms in the gigantic mansion. Just when I thought I was finished in the garden, the story line STILL has more garden tasks. I really want to see more of the mansion! My daughter played this game as well and mostly stopped playing when the garden renovation began because she wanted to renovate the home. I can see how those with less patience would easily give up if they want home renovation instead of the garden. I'm on level 454 and have only renovated the butlers room, great room, kitchen, and stairs! Maybe the creators of the game could give players a choice on which room or area to continue with? Otherwise, I love the gameplay. Just stick to the idea of home renovation instead of branching to other story lines for so long. Don't mind it for a few levels, but veers off way too long..Version: 1.4.0

GGGreat game overall! Let down at first by the false advertising but quickly became addicted. I get stuck on a few levels every now and then but eventually pass them. Enjoying unlocking new rooms and enjoying the story line so far. Dislike how few coins you earn from each level and think it would make it that much better if you could earn more coins from passing a level. But overall I’m enjoying the game..Version: 2.8.0

Not the same game as adsDon’t get me wrong, the actual game is enjoyable enough (or just frustrating enough to get through the levels of the puzzles), but the game “Homescapes” in the ads, shows that the game is choosing between options to solve a challenge the characters face (ie: chainsaw the door vs pick the lock with a paper clip, plunge a backed up toilet vs blow it up, etc.), but that isn’t anywhere in the actual game. The levels with soap bubbles or oil spreading while you try to keep it at bay while solving the actual puzzle is ridiculous and next to impossible. Only getting 5 tries at a time to solve a puzzle like that (unless you get a random surprise “reward” of 30-60 mins, or a few hours of unlimited play) is frustrating beyond words. ESPECIALLY when, if you don’t have time to stop your day to use that surprise time, it goes away. The clock on that time should stop when you log off to live life, and continue when you have time to return to the game. I think people would play more if they didn’t cut you off at 5 tries at a time. I know I would. I’d really like to know which game is the actual “problem solving” game they advertise..Version: 3.5.8

Could this be my second love?So I’ve been playing Homescapes for the past couple of months (yes, I said months) and I must say this game I by far one of my favorites and I am finally at a point where can break it down real brief. Short background about me, I grew up playing the classic game Bejeweled! Which trickles down to all these copy’s of the “traditional match-3 mechanics”, however Homescapes does a beyond amazing job of intertwining this type of game pay with a well-developed storyline! As of this review, I’m currently on level 415, have accumulated about 40 stars, and am on day 6 in the story and have only about 1/5 of the game completed (this is a rough estimate based off of the amount of the estate that I’m making progress in! This is definitely a game that I have been enjoying level by level until completion, from the basic to the super hard (difficulty settings)! There are also constant twists and turns for each level! Like the developers at Playrix really sat down and thought of a variety of ways to get people like me addicted to the amazingness their minds constructed! This is pure awesomeness! I greatly appreciate this game! It’s relaxing vibe makes it perfect for any time of enjoyment! Playrix! Y’all did your do on this one!.Version: 2.4.0

HomescapesI really enjoyed playing this game, and I even converted my friends, but the real BIG DOWNSIDE’s!!!to this game is that you can’t access the other rooms to this house, because once you complete the bedroom, hall and kitchen, you then have to complete the garden which is VERY!!!frustrating because I am already playing (Gardenscapes) and I’m now on lvl 403 of Homescapes and I’v still yet to finish the garden and due to this I know I’m ready, with most of my friends, to find another game due to the lack of inside room decorating, and due to the fact that you only get 1 star per game challenge, and some/ most of the game levels take a lot more than the five lives your given, the progress is EXTREMELY SLOW!!! So pls stop with all the silly stuff like making phone calls, getting the neighbour to pick up his dog and putting chairs in the green house which all costs tones of stars, and just open up the rest of the house 😕.Version: 1.3.0

Great!I’ve been reading the reviews, saying that this game is too difficult, and that it’s a money grab, but the truth is, I’ve been playing this game for the better part of 2 years, and now that i’m on level 2300, i still haven’t spent a single cent on this game. The option of buying coins is there, but i feel like i haven’t really needed that. Apart from that, the endearing storyline gets you invested, and it’s fun having the opportunity to customise the house (maybe even moving furniture around in the future would make this game even cooler). You really do get to know the characters, even if the story is a little basic at times!.Version: 2.6.0

A bit too intriguing...Dearest Homescapes developers, The whole concept of Homescapes is that you pass match-three levels to earn “stars” these stars then go towards helping Austin the butler renovate the house for his parents. It is so much fun to follow along with all the laughs as well as drama from the storyline with all the “stars” you earn from the levels and of course choosing new furniture for the house is splendid. Though every time you lose the match-three level you lose one life, now, you only have five lives so when passing levels you often -maybe a bit to often- have to try and pass super hard and/or hard match-three level with only five lives so you often lose all your five lives trying to pass one level and have to wait a very long time until you get at least one or two lives again to continue trying to pass one match-three level which, now don’t get me wrong- I love a good challenge, is quite annoying because you kinda get addicted with how much lives you have so you just wait there doing nothing until you can try to pass the level- I think play fix should give you TEN lives at a time not FIVE. Yours sincerely, KitKat2o4 👌👌👌.Version: 4.6.2

If you like a challenge...Downloaded after seeing it in an advert whilst playing another game. The graphics are really nice and the game looks good. Lots of people complaining about it being too difficult too early which is kinda true but what's the point in playing it if it isn't a bit of a challenge??? You don't have to spend money if you don't want to, I'm on level 78 and haven't spent anything. It costs a minimum of 900 coins to do anything and you earn a minimum of 50 coins per game. So 18 levels to earn enough coins to buy something seems pretty far fetched. However, you can watch adverts to get free coins (usually only between 30 and 50 per advert) which is fine when you've got nothing better to do. Some people have complained about the lack of lives but that to me is a good thing, again it makes the game harder and it's more satisfying when you do win a level. I'm not sure if it's deliberate or just purely coincidental but when I'm stuck on a level it seems after a few failed attempts the game just makes life really easy. It seems it arranges the items such that power ups can be made in abundance and I can then complete the level with ease. Maybe it's just pure luck?? It's a good game but maybe not for someone who wants to sit down and play endlessly for hours on end..Version: 1.0.0

Addicting but it has its problems.I enjoy the game and how you have power ups etc etc, but I have to agree with others that the system is unfair. You have to at least have 900 coins which takes awhile to get. Then, if you don’t have 900 you have to risk one of your lives. They take long to get and it takes most of your day to get them full. However, the graphics are great and I like how there is always something to do..Version: 2.4.0

Less frustratingWould be less frustrating if the planes would hit appropriate targets rather than ones not doing anything. Obviously it’s possible to pass some levels without having to buy tokens. Spent a week trying to get past a level. Obviously for some levels it is almost impossible to get through without purchasing retries and weapons etc. You even get the privilege of getting reminded to buy special tools etc. some levels are relatively passable after many attempts with various strategies but disappointing some you virtually have to pay for or it drives you nuts after a week. I guess it’s user pays to varying degrees. Or maybe I need a photographic memory for previous strategies lol.Version: 3.5.0

Great but needs accurate adsI downloaded this game after seeing an ad for it and was extremely disappointed to find it was a completely different game to what the ad showed...false advertising is not a good look. But I do thoroughly enjoy playing this game and the people who say you HAVE to buy power ups to win obviously have no patience because I’m on level 1203 and have NEVER spent any money whatsoever on this game. It’s not a cash grab it just has some challenging levels that take time to master.Version: 2.8.0

Good GameVery good game. Same concept as Fishdom but a lot harder. I find Fishdom very easy with a few levels here and there that take more than a few goes to pass. I've noticed Fishdom has recently been made easier in the sense that it's now easier to get diamonds. I do think that I would personally enjoy Homescapes more if it was the same level of difficult as Fishdom but that's because I'm easily frustrated. As other reviews state, it's quite challenging and would be boring if it was too easy. I think maybe a feature where you can select the difficulty (easy/medium/hard) would go really well with this game because I've seen a lot of reviewers are happy with the difficulty. I also think considering you win between 50 and 60 coins per level that 900 coins for 5 extra moves is quite over priced no matter what difficulty the game is supposed to be. On Fishdom it costs 9 diamonds to get some extra moves and you get at least 1 diamond every time you feed your fish. So if you have 4 tanks you'll get 4 diamonds. I have 8 tanks so I get 8 diamonds every day, which I would say makes the game a fair bit easier. I would prefer this difficulty level to be implemented with Homescapes. I think the developers should really look at this as difficultly is mentioned in nearly ever review..Version: 1.4.0

Honestly..The game itself is quite addictive, I love the idea of building it up to unlock rooms and renovate the property bit by bit. However I don’t feel like the level difficulties and rewards of have been thought through properly. Yes, it is possible to not make any in app purchases to complete levels. However if you enjoy being stuck on a level for days on end, relentlessly trying to beat it over and over to get 1 poxy star - go for it. I think it’s ridiculous that some of the to-do’s require 4-6 stars to complete and to even gain that many stars, it can take you quite a while to do so competing levels. The levels get WAY too difficult too early on in this game; with you needing to waste boosters which, to me, shouldn’t need to be used until further into the game. I also think the amount of coins you get as a ‘reward’ for completing a level are a bit pathetic. Some of the ‘hard’ levels you only get about 100 coins/1 star for, yet you can be stuck on that one level for days. I would happily rate this 5 stars if the above could be rectified in some way as it’s a nice little game to pass the time and weirdly, feels like you’ve accomplished a little something when a room is completed and you unlock the next one 👍🏼.Version: 1.9.0

Great game but has a few flawsFirst off just wanted to say it’s such a fun game. Love all the little side tournaments and things that pop up. My only feedback would be that as the levels get harder the stars that we collect shouldn’t be for simple thing like lifting a sheet off a car. And that two it took me four stars or five if I can remember to just lift the tarp off the car. Also the cats tasks should not be included with the main game but as a side game to achieve tasks for the cat. Perhaps if the developers can just make it a bit easier. It’s demotivating to have to use about ten lives to receive one star and then the task is something simple like taking a nest and placing it on a tree or as I mentioned the thing about the tarp on the car. I shouldn’t have to work sooo hard to use five of my stars to do something so simple. Thanks !.Version: 3.5.7

Good but some things to tweakSome of the things you’ve advertised were the multiple choice things, and there have been a lot of complaints about the mini games, I would strongly suggest to have a mini game button to play so players don’t get so annoyed and it would be so much more fun too. With those mini games you could have rewards like hearts, or money because another thing a lot of people don’t like is the limited hearts. So by adding the mini games you would be able to take out the false advertising issue and the hearts issue. Make it easier for you so you don’t get as many complaints, and make it a lot more fun for players like me who enjoy playing but can’t stand the hearts. Also side note, on harder levels you should add more stars as a reward, although I don’t have an issue with it I’ve read some reviews and agree that on harder levels there should be more stars. Please take all this into consideration. -thanks x.Version: 4.7.2

Great game, but gets hard so fast!!!I downloaded homescapes today, and I'm obsessed!!! This is a great game, (just like gardenscapes) but the levels get hard way too quickly! I've been waiting and waiting for over three hours now for my lives to refill, and I haven't completed the same level yet! From reading the other comments, I think it's a good idea to have a video you can watch to get a life back, or make the waiting time shorter. I think five minutes is long enough. No hate, it's an amazing addictive game, but please make an update on the live timing. Also, I think you shouldn't need to do a level to make a new day. Thanks!.Version: 1.0.0

Addictive ‘gem-swap’ type puzzle with storylineI’m over level 1300, so fairly committed and long-time player. I agree with other reviewers that it’s a fun and challenging game, great for some time-out. Core characters live in a large home, that resembles a boutique hotel. As you progress through the levels players have the opportunity to restore and decorate the rooms within. The roving pet cat is an adorable addition, and the ‘cheesy’ storyline is quite entertaining. The structure is genius, and ability to join teams, have lighthearted interaction and the chance to win team prizes is a much-appreciated bonus. Most of the puzzles hit the ‘sweet spot’ between challenge and victory. The only thing I’m resenting is the ‘alarm clock’ levels, where you have to match gems containing a count-down. Once any one of the timers on the clock-gems hits zero, it’s game over! A less-severe punishment would redeem it. I actually don’t mind being stuck on a level for days if game-play is enjoyable - inevitable conquer is sweet - but there is nothing enjoyable about the rip-off alarms. Ugh. Would have been five stars otherwise... If there are too many levels with alarms I can see it will change my mood for the game, which may not be a bad thing, considering it’s been so addictive. Overall well done and worth giving it a go!.Version: 3.5.7

It could be betterThe games start of easy and fun, but before long, so hard you can spend a week just trying to win a game for one star, OK if you want to spend big money, but to me that’s not on. Also been finding it might say you need 2 stars, but I’ve found really you need four stars, this is so annoying, a fault in the system, I tried contacting them, but you get no where, don’t know if I’ll continue..Version: 3.5.7

Entertaining Game...Remarkably I am now on level 673, I have been playing homescapes for about a year and a half (possibly longer) and still enjoy it. Most games I start obsessed but then it dies and I delete it, this game although sometimes very frustrating it has been the only game to last such a long time. I must say the support team are awesome, I recently came across my first glitch in the game, when I finished enough levels to get my big reward on my “scarf” the reward didn’t come through on my account (3 hours of unlimited loves & power ups) I found it so easy to locate how to send a message to support and they got back to me within 24 hours with a response and put the reward into my account. I was very impressed with the efficiency and nice message from the support team. So thank you 😊.Version: 2.2.2

Love itLove this game but we should get $$ easier, it gets a little hard sometimes... just wish you could get extra cash.Version: 1.0.0

Gardenscapes vs HomescapesInitially homescapes is rather cartoony compared to gardenscapes but once you play a few levels you get used to it. I like that homescapes uses different combos & while other compare to candy crush - match 3 games were around long before candy crush & this is just another enjoyable form. I like the fact that the storyline is more interactive than gardenscapes. I am over lvl 1000 in gardenscapes and you have to gather many star just to wait many hours for stairs etc to be built. I am current 170+ lvl in homescapes & while I'm starting to see more stars required it hasn't become a drag. The daily spin or bonus is missing which would be nice to be included. Overall a pretty enjoyable interactive story game with the ability to customise (via in game limited options) the decorations & make the home reflect closer to what you want..Version: 1.0.0

Played for years, still play everyday. Love it!This game is still great fun. And yes it does get super hard at times (usually on the super hard levels ha-ha. However if you join a team you can play up to 20 games in a row and more if you win. The game gives you loads of free stuff like extra lives, infinite time etc. Any levels you get stuck on will eventually pass as they game seems to make you pass around the 20-30th attempt. They also have discounts on coins often if yon don’t have the patience to wait. I’m on level 2500+ and I haven’t spent a cent. I watch a few ads everyday only if I want (which I do free coins s!) and they don’t force them on you. I’ll keep playing as long as they have new levels, well done Devs 10/10..Version: 3.4.0

Fab gameI absolutely love this game I’ve had it for about a year and a half now and I’m on level 300 I love the way that you get to renovate the house and you have choices of design. I could spend hours at a time on it(if that was possible) but you can only get five lives (max) and it takes half an hour to revive a live, but I’m not complaining... this makes the game a lot better as you know you are not going to be able to keep playing but that you are going to have to take a break.... you can buy lives for 900 coins and you get at least 50 coins per level (the less moves you make on the level the more coins you earn) I would really recommend this game to all ages as it is great fun and the best game I currently have downloaded on my phone Thanks for taking your time to read this!! I hope I’ve helped you make your decision and that you download this game because you won’t regret it.Version: 3.3.4

Good game!This game offers excellent entertainment for free. While there are options to purchase boosts to make the levels easier, they aren’t at all necessary. A little bit of strategy, and judicious use of the free boosters given out daily is enough. The house storyline is satisfying and fun, and very well executed. I have been playing for over a year, and though there are probably more productive things that I should be doing with my time, this is a very engaging and fun pastime, and I will probably still be playing for a long time to come. Highly recommended..Version: 3.1.0

I love this gameI’m addicted... Yes there are hard and super hard levels throughout the entire game not just in the beginning (which can be very frustrating, but I have learnt not to always do the suggested move but to do the illogical move instead), but yet if it wasn’t for them I would become bored and delete the game. To me Homescapes is a challenge and the reward is rebuilding/redecorating the home. I don’t like the 30mins between lives, mainly because I want to keep playing. Maybe add a couple of power ups as a gift (along with the coins we already get) for completing the hard/super hard levels could be a bit more of incentive for some people. Keep up the awesome work and keep the variety of difficulties flowing throughout the game, so we actually have to use our brains, our thought process and work out a different strategy for each level.... See ya, gotta go back and play as I just won 3hours of unlimited lives... WooHoo Bye 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳.Version: 3.1.0

Interesting game, but...I have been playing this game for long time to kill the time. However, like others said, taking too long to finish 1 hard game. It could take up to more than a week. There are not much option to do, so most of the time are ‘no more move’. Spaces are limited to be able to make 3 matching colours. To make the matter worse, there are not enough same colours to match it. I have been looking into other games too. If this game getting too ridiculous, I might just completely stop it. However, the good things are you give us challenge team game and extra time to play. The things that I don’t understand is ‘why we need to have the safe to keep the money while we can’t take the money out to use it?’ Then you keep asking us to buy a bigger safe to be able to save more money??? What for????.Version: 3.1.0

Becomes monotonous !A good game but the rewards are too sparse. Some levels take forever to complete and you end up spending money to get extra moves out of frustration. That is the whole point I suppose, raise revenue, but eventually the game becomes boring and monotonous. The rewards of free lives for a set time always seem to come at a time that is inconvenient and I haven’t got an hour spare to sit and play. It is a shame that you cannot reach the point of having free lives for an 30 minutes and some how ‘bank’ it for when the hardest levels come up. A smart little game though, but trivial tasks in return for stars make it silly at times. I hate having to work through levels just to change gates/benches/tiles etc to fit in with seasonal holidays. Really ? Already earned those stars and paid for the improvements, now having to earn the stars all over again to end up with Christmas/Halloween/Easter decorations all on the same screen ! I no longer play this game as much, it has become predictable and repetitious. Don’t spend real money, just find a better game that truly is free..Version: 2.6.0

A game I hate to loveSeriously love this game! It’s so addictive but then again it’s sooo annoying. I’ve had this game for maybe 2 or 3 months, I’m on level 324 and to think I’d have more than just 3 areas completed 🤷🏻‍♀️ the levels are really hard and even the purple hard levels can be ridiculous sometimes, can you make them easier??? All in all this is a great game but I’ll be loosing interest if I can’t move forward any faster and complete more rooms..Version: 1.8.0

Love it...but needs fixingI love the game with out a doubt, but there’s a few things that could be changed. 1. To get more lives it takes 30 minuets, which is a long time to wait 5-10 minuets is more reasonable. 2. While you wait for new lives there’s nothing to do, you could maybe make it that simple everyday tasks like answering the door, feeding the cat, cleaning and starting a new day not require any stars. 3. To continue on or buy boosters it $900 which is a lot considering that you only get $50-70 each time you complete a level. Most of the time I have just one more thing that I need to do but I only have $500 which takes me a week to save up. 4. When you complete a “hard level” you still only get 1 star and some coins. Maybe make it that you get more stars for the “hard levels”..Version: 1.7.0

Love the game, but........Being stuck on a level for a week at a time gets pretty annoying!!!! I could see this being one of my favourite games. I am absolutely addicted to Gardenscapes, and once you get used to the slight differences in play with this one, it is fun. But the time it takes you to get through some of the levels is ridiculous!!! I do miss the daily spin that Gardenscapes has. Maybe if we had more access to bombs, etc it would make the game a little easier. I’ve been stuck in the kitchen now for a week, and on one level for about 3 days now. And a lot of the times you don’t even get close to finishing. Every 2-3 moves you run out of moves, the board resets... and it is like that for your whole 5 lives! $900 for 5 more moves is a lot, and I appreciate that you can watch ads to get money.... because sometimes getting the 5 extra moves... and then another 5 more is the only way to get through a level. I’m not asking for every level to be simple and easy... but a level to be achievable would be a bonus!!! I’ll give it a bit more time before I throw my hands up and surrender!.Version: 1.0.0

AddictiveDownloaded after seeing it a million times in game adverts & because I like interior design I thought why not. 700 levels later and I’m clearly addicted to this game. Although it is just like candy crush, the fact that you get to design and house makes me want to keep playing it. Even though you only get three choices it’s still very fun to make your house look nice and design it. I have recommended this game to friends but they play it for a couple days and end up deleting. Money is quite hard to collect and the power ups are pretty expensive but it just makes the game harder and more enjoyable and aren’t needed. Will continue playing this game, can’t wait to unlock more rooms!!! Edit: can I just say, I’ve read some of the reviews saying you need to buy coins (with real money) to help you get past levels but I’m over level 700 and not spent a penny on this game, only used in game currency..Version: 1.7.0

Fun but frustratingSo I been playing for almost a year now and I’m on the 1000+ levels. It’s fun but it totally clickbait me on Instagram with the little games that I haven’t seen once after downloading. I’ve gotten so frustrated so many times I had to stop playing for a couple of days because the levels get so hard you need god to help you and not boosters. Sometimes the normal levels are harder than the hard ones. Not only that but you start by collecting 1 star per game to having to pass multiple levels for one task, which can take 3 stars per task when it used to be 1 Star per task. And I hate when you’re remodeling a room and at of nowhere something happens in another room you have to fix. Like, everything is supposed to be new, why are they making me waste my stars on a room I had already finished ? And 5 lives isn’t enough! Either give me more lives or make them take less than 30 minutes each to reload. Oh and lastly if you’re getting a gift for infinite time let us choose when we can use it. I shouldn’t have to waste it because I had work or class. Sometimes you can’t play for 2 hours at that very second. Your girl has a life too you know..Version: 3.6.0

Great game but could use some improvementI love this game and the idea of game! Although there are some unnecessary tasks, the whole cooking show skit isn't needed. I understand you're trying to create a story but maybe make it optional? Earning stars isn't easy, some of those levels are very hard! So i'd rather use my stars on decorating the rooms and expanding to different areas but now I have to use them to bake a cake? Also I think smaller tasks like calling someone or greeting a guest or starting a new day etc should only cost 1 star! I love that we get daily bonuses and all the power ups without them I wouldn't have been able to pass the harder levels. I have been on the kitchen for so long and now I have to do the cooking show I just want to move onto the rest of the house! I love the game it's very addictive but I think some of the tasks need to be re-thought.Version: 1.3.0

HomescapesI tried the Gardenscapes and got more than a little frustrated, this game started to capture me, the graphics and Austin are intriguing. However, the hard levels are too frustrating. I'm going to keep going a short time but think I will be exiting soon unless the levels are easier to get through, which makes purchases more attractive. Trouble is, there are just as attractive games out there that don't provide the frustrations. Pity, because I quite like Austin!.Version: 1.5.0

WHAT FUN!!This game is a good one and a bit hard to put down, but sometimes a bit hard to play!! I am in the 3000 levels and in the top 5 out of 30, in the team l have joined. And we are a great team helping each other giving lives and winning competitions and communicating with each, we are all new friends so it's good for having some helping friends now and sometimes winning playing together! But some levels are just a little bit too hard. They should make them a little easier so you don't have to try so many times wasting all your time and lives. And when you do pass and win extra, rewards should be won, and maybe more than one coin, so it's a little easier to keep going, without being stuck on one level for way too long and ready to give up!.Version: 3.5.8

Fun with a few minor issuesDon’t get me wrong, I love this game, but it seems a little slow. Like in the beginning when I was trying to repair the entry hall, the can of paint spilled. I know that it only took 1 star to clean it up, but really? That part was a waste of coding and time for one little thing that they don’t need, and it was annoying. I just started playing, and I already like it, but I also see that it will be a little stubborn and slow at certain times. And in Austin’s room, when your done with it and everything looks new, there’s a dusty old desk that doesn’t go with the room, and I felt like I should replace it, but I can’t. There were a few more parts that didn’t need to be there, but they put them there. Like when Austin’s dad stomps on the floor and breaks it, he they didn’t have to do that. Austin would have repaired it anyway. I am also confused about when Austin got to the house and went into his room and instead of a bed, there was a couch. Where did he sleep? Also, if nobody had lived in the house for years, why where the clothes on the statues not dusty? If you make another game from another game then shouldn’t you mention it? I mean it said nothing about Gardenscapes. I liked the game, but it had a few issues..Version: 1.7.0

Please add a couple of features from your other gamesSo, after playing for some time now, I see the flaw that caused me to remove a star and ask for an update. In the developers' other games that I play (Gardenscapes and Fishdom), there are events and challenges that occur often, granting rewards and prizes that help keep you going. In Fishdom, there is Herman and the Bathyscaphe, daily gem and coin rewards for feeding fish and cleaning tanks, the Lightning Ray challenges, and often there are Treasure Chest rewards for beating levels. There are also achievement awards, although I suppose the "day completed" bonuses in Homescapes may count like an achievement. In Gardenscapes, there is a Rose growing challenge with treasure rewards and a fireworks league event that offers great prizes. Often you get power ups and unlimited lives for periods of time. This keeps you going in the game. However, thus far in Homescapes, there have been none of these things, and I find myself stuck on hard levels that could really use power ups or extra turns, and no way to obtain more coins or specials without spending money. Since that would be a bottomless pit, due to the never ending nature of these games, I find myself tempted to abandon Homescapes. I still want to help Austin refurb his home. Please update with some of the reward earning events that are used in your other games to help keep us going..Version: 1.0.0

Too many starsI love this game. The story is somewhat interesting, the levels are nicely challenging, and the house looks pretty fantastic as you remodel. If I could improve a few things it would be even better. Firstly, a few more design options would be awesome. Sometimes all the choices are really ugly or just don’t match well (the kitchen wallpaper for example). Another game I play that’s similar, let’s you visit random houses of other players and, if they have an item you don’t, you can collect it for your own house. You can also friend these people to ask for lives, etc without having to connect your game to Facebook. Secondly, the number of stars required to complete items is ridiculous. When you start, there’s a variety of things that require different amounts of stars, eg 1 star might get you some tidying of rubbish but 2 stars will be enough for a new chair and three would be enough to rebuild a cabinet. But now, I’m lucky to get anything done for less than 3 or 4 stars! I just used three stars to unpack a tree, three stars to hang lights on the tree, four stars to hang a light curtain over the door, and now I need another four stars just to install a couple of speakers! With how hard the levels are getting, I’m lucky to get four stars without about ten hours of gameplay and I’m losing interest in the game..Version: 3.0.0

Fun but number of stars you collect to move on needs changedI love this game and Gardenscapes. As you progress through the game the levels get harder (which is expected) but you also need to collect more stars to complete a task and move on. This is the only thing I don't like about the game as I am now on level 100 odd and there is still SOOOOO many rooms left plus the garden, none of which have been touched and I'm starting to think I'll never see what most the rooms could look like. You also sometimes waste stars and moving on time by using stars to complete silly little tasks, for example, I had to collect 2 stars to fix the sink in the kitchen, for it to then not even be fixed but even worse and then I had to collect another two stars to stop the leak. Was much better when you just needed one star to complete a task, especially for ones that require you to do it more than one. The only reason I end up not playing the game for a while as it's so off putting, especially as sometimes I need to do a level multiple times to pass it and collect a star in the first place. Gardenscapes is the same..Version: 2.2.2

Takes too long to renovateLoved this game and I was hooked earlier on. However, now I’m on level 160 and every tiny renovation requires I pass 2 or 3 levels. Which obviously now are really hard. I’m still only on the third room, the kitchen, and it’s boring now as it takes forever to see any changes. Eg 2 levels to get some kitchen appliances which barely make any difference to the room. Or 9 levels to fix the windows. Preferred it when it was one level per renovation/change..Version: 1.2.0

Great game that keeps on givingI’ve been playing this game for years now. I love the story that goes along with it. It’s the most enjoyable of this type of game that I’ve come across. I see ads for it and it looks pretty bad but I’m glad I gave it a try because the game is way way better than the ads. In some instances it’s completely different. In reality it’s a match and line them up kind of game from which you earn points and then use those points to make something happen as you follow along with a cute story line. You can also just interact with the characters by taping them and they will have dialogue with you. I have chosen to spend a little money here and there but to be honest don’t mind supporting the makers of a game I have spent hours and hours playing. Highly recommend..Version: 2.4.0

Great fun but has its momentsIt’s a great game at heart, I love a story and that you work toward something, but everything takes three stars sometimes six and could take you weeks to get those! The mini games are a great addition and you can get through a few levels. I think some things shouldn’t cost so many stars like a call to someone should be 1 and to start a new day, he’s tired man and wants to go to bed let him! 😂 a few niggles but throughly enjoy it all the same. thanks for making it!.Version: 1.5.0

Good, but needs more controlHighly addictive game, I have a love/hate relationship with it. I think some of the tasks cost unreasonable amounts of stars, and many of them are unnecessary. The bigger issue I think is the lack of control while playing the game and levels. For instance: if I were activating a plane, I would like to be able to determine which tile it destroys, it’s happened MANY times where I’ve got a move and if I had control over the plane, would be able to win, but didn’t, because I didn’t have the option. Some levels are just way too hard, but if you had the control you could win easier. Some levels have too many colours, so you end up wasting like 20 moves trying to get somewhere, and to no avail. Another thing is that I would have preferred to not add certain things to rooms, to not have joined into events, but I do understand why these things are a part of the game. (Level 625 atm if that makes any difference).Version: 2.5.1

Edited reviewDon’t like this update preferred it before oh well I’m going to carry on playing cause it’s the only game I like Edit: So I don’t quite remember what the update actually was but I stopped playing this game for ages because one level I was on (I think it was either 128 or 129) I was stuck on for ages and when I returned I was greeted with three hours of unlimited lives and several power ups. However the lives were wasted as I played two rounds and had to go out. I hadn’t deleted the game from my phone but the game seemed pleased I’d returned and wished to keep me playing. I completed the level in one go and then five more easy enough. Now I’m struggling again on level 134 and all I need the star for is to open a parcel. It’s really annoying as what I want to do is finish my kitchen but hey ho. I don’t think these should be part of what you spend your stars on. However, after reading the other reviews saying you are practically required to buy items to help I have not had to do this. All that’s required is patience and logic. As a tip maybe think ahead of each move. So before you make a move, think. Will this create any further opportunities or will it remove an opportunity? I will be changing my review from 3 to 4 stars.Version: 1.2.0

Love it.I have so many issues with this game, all have been listed in other reviews: too expensive for +5 moves, making power up’s and not being given them during game play, not enough coins rewarded for completing levels, free game play wasted (should have a pause function), being stuck on one level for days on end & numerous stars needed for insignificant tasks. However, I love this game & can’t stop playing it; haven’t since I first downloaded it a couple of years ago... I’m almost on level 3000 - house completed, now onto the surrounding areas. I save up stars and spend them when I know I have enough to complete a full day (around 60-70 stars usually) and I never let them drop below 50, as it became sooo frustrating to need one/two stars to complete a day/task, at the same time as being stuck on a level for weeks & not able to complete anything! I never spend money on this game but I play strategically and this works for me but I’ve been playing long enough to know how to plan the board to my advantage. My friend downloaded the game, he doesn’t play as often as I do, maybe once every couple of months and the last time he signed in he completed over 100 levels on the trot, had an hour free on all 3 power up’s at the start of each level, finishing each level in just a few moves and he ended up with 28 hours free game play. So I guess the key to easy and non challenging game play, is to not play very regularly 🤷‍♀️.Version: 3.4.0

MehIt was fun and addictive until you had to pay to win. The levels got ridiculously difficult to beat and the quests start requiring more stars to complete - which are obtained by beating levels. The only way to beat the later levels (I’m on 485) is to pay for extra lives, moves and boosters. I understand it’s a business, but’s incredibly frustrating after a while. Art and animation is A+++ tho 👌🏽.Version: 3.8.5

Addictive!Although it's nothing like the adverts suggest, I decided to give it a go. I've been playing now for 3 months or so and on the whole I really enjoy it. The graphics are super and the story is lovely. I try not to spend any money on games as there's always another one to play but this one has kept me interested and I'm now approaching level 600. As some of the previous reviewers have said, some of the levels are extremely difficult and frustrating but are evidently 'do-able' with a little patience. There are regular theme events and competitions to take part in either alone or in a team which brings a different dynamic - that's where the addictive bit comes in! One thing I would change is to have the opportunity to bank some of the 'unlimited time' that is rewarded. It really is annoying to win this time only to have to waste it because I have other things I need to do! Generally though, it's a great, fun game with regular challenges! Well done..Version: 3.1.0

Challenge your mindThis is the first game that I ever played that a year later I can still play and move up levels. Every game you play gets harder as you move thru the levels so of cos Homescapes is the same. I have been stuck on some levels for weeks but sooner or later I get it. It challenges your mind the way a game should. After a year I am up to 517 and still enjoy the game. The only gripe I have is I get unlimited lives at a time when I normally can’t use them. Well done homescapes.Version: 4.3.5

Could be a lot better.So pleased I read the reviews before wasting my money on a golden ticket which is a very temporary boost. I’m all for supporting developers, but I get fed up with how many stars have to be used for so few things and such a lot of efforts (given you can be stuck on a level for hours or days - result is one star. Some of the renovations are downright ghastly (curtains draped over the stove for a TV show for example) and I’d like the option to ignore. 2 stars to put up a poxy hedge. An option would be good - should Austin do X or Y? So you control the destiny a little more. I’d like to think winning a level is based on skill but often it isn’t. It’s down to if the algorithm wants you to win that time. When choosing a booster you should be able to select when to implement it - and where. You can’t. It’s placed in at the beginning and invariably is activated by another unwanted chain sequence. My advice is to not waste your boosters. I also worked hard last weekend to come 3rd. For that I should have received 5 planes boosters. They didn’t get awarded so that was a complete waste of a Sunday. Come on developers, listen to your gamers. I’d be happy to pay a fiver for a real long term reward but as it is, I’ll stick with the free version..Version: 4.0.0

Good game but ...This is a fantastic highly addictive game, lots of fun to play. Love the scarf thing to get endless lives for a time limit. Would also love the hard levels to give 2 stars instead of one like the Gardenscapes game. Also would be better to help get through levels if more tools to use were given as rewards in the scarf system. Some levels are very hard and it takes a long time to get enough stars to make a difference..Version: 1.3.0

It’s good but requires too many stars for such little thingsI love the story line i love the game i love the way you have to play a game to get stars and complete goals. i love having 3 choices to decorate and design the look you want, there’s many things that i love, i hate to mention something that i really dislike... i feel it is required to win too many stars for such little tasks and sometimes i don’t feel like playing anymore as some levels can be so hard to get past let alone be able to get just one star and the goal requires 2 or 3 sometimes even 6 or more. please if you could take it down to one to two stars i would be a much higher level because i would non stop be playing. i also love the occasional rewards of continuous play although not being able to choose when to use them can be a real bummer as sometimes i’m playing with a two spare minutes i might have and then win a couple hours of endless lives that i can’t even use because i’m still very busy, being able to choose when i can use the hours of free play pretty much would be a really great idea! thanks so much for your amazing game and for taking the time to read my feedback! have a good one!.Version: 1.7.0

Great but too many side tripsThis is my 3rd review and it’s gone up yet another star. 5 bc it’s my fave game, my daily go to. Can’t believe it has kept my attention for so long. I love playing it, love the characters and love fixing the house snd garden (although it always goes a bit too far!) here’s my older reviews FYI: I left this review a while ago with a 3 “Love playing it but I hate having to replay a game over just to feed a parrot or cat or start a new day. I just want to fix the house. Need more lives and less levels just for no advance in the game ie fixing the house. Love the characters and visuals but let’s get focused!” Since then things have improved. They really listened! But I have been in the garden ages now. It looks awesome but I want to get in the house. I would like to be able to direct the order I fix the house in... still, it’s gone up a star in my estimation and it’s my fave game atm... loving it..Version: 3.2.0

GreatI really like this game and how you complete games to upgrade the house but the wait for lives is way to long and some levels are way to hard for me, also getting money is really slow so when I spend 900 on 5 extra moves but still fail the level it’s a real pain but even if I do complete it after that I gain less than 100 coins which is a bit unfair but a really easy way out of this would be to make a mode where you have infinite money and stars so that you can refurbish the house freely without having to go through the pain of having to play the same level over and over again, this way you could let our inspiration run wild other than go dry because of painstakingly hard levels. I care more about the story line of the characters so this way I’ll be able to remember more of it and not just say “ but why is this happenin?” “Who is that?” You could still have the option to do levels if we wanted and have infinite lives and boosters to still challenge our selves every now and then. This kind of defeats the point of the game but I believe that more of the point is to refurbish and listen to the story line..Version: 2.2.2

My favourite game!!!To everyone who says they have to spend money on this game in order to succeed, or that it's too hard, or down to luck - I'm on level 2461 and I haven't spent any money to do it. Some levels seem hard but if you have patience and keep at it, you will beat it. The game hands out plenty of free power-ups on a regular basis and if you find a group with other regular players, you can chat to them and get loads of free lives from them. There are also weekly events that you can take part in that also hand out free power-ups and allow you to compete with others. Other than that, it's a fun, match-3 game that can be very satisfying and addictive. I enjoy choosing the items to go inside Austin's house and learning the little storylines behind each renovation project. There's very little of this game I don't enjoy, and I can play it as much or as little as I like. Of all the games I've downloaded and played, this is the one that has held my interest over the long term. It's not exactly the most profound or complex game, but for me it has been the most consistently enjoyable and rewarding..Version: 3.2.0

An Amazing and addictive game but the advert is very misleading.Recently when playing other games I’ve come across adverts for this game (which I’ve had for some time now) and the content of the video relates to absolutely nothing of the in game content. He’s never in a life threatening situation and we do not save him or accidentally make things worse for him. We play some levels and re-build an estate. It’s rather annoying when you see an advert like this, I understand the appeal to make it interesting but you’re attempting to advertise to the wrong audience. Advertising to people who are stereotypically on their phones 24/7, by which I mean teenagers, doesn’t really fit your supposed demographic. Again I’ll come back to the annoying part of these misleading adverts; what I see in an advert is what I expect to get. If I see a man surrounded by fire I expect to see that in the game and him surrounded by fire and with a chance of dying if I make the wrong choice. In this game however, there are no wrong choices and it’s based on your own interior and exterior taste. You should focus your adverts more towards your actual audience unless you want to completely redesign your game to reflect the adverts you are producing..Version: 2.8.0

Love the gameI love this game , I am on level 279, don’t want to quit now as I’ve been playing for quite some time . Finally finished the kitchen. I’m with everyone else thou , I don’t mind the harder levels but I wish you made boosters easier to get. I’ve been stuck on 1 level over a week a few times and I’ve been so close to delete the game as I was close to throwing my phone at a wall! Some levels are just completely insanely hard .. and seems to be more harder levels than normal levels, Love the game , just wish I could do more than a few appliances or a something per week!.Version: 1.6.0

Wonderfully addictiveI love homescape and it's sister game gardenscape! On the positive, it's fun and addictive, not just the bog standard match 3 - there are design options that you don't necessarily have to take in order, bonus games to win prizes, the graphics are great and the banter between characters keeps you amused if your stuck on a level. There are a few negatives, mostly the same as others have said - it can be a money bleeder if you let it! Booster packs and extra moves are expensive and don't last long as you need them in many of the levels if you want to get anywhere. You often need to buy extra moves more than once, with the cost going up each time. You have to be very disciplined to not let this game take over your bank balance. Also it frustratingly keeps crashing, but that may just be my device. All that said, it's still one of my favourite games that I will continue to play until that house is habitable!!.Version: 1.6.0

Interesting Game... Can Be ImprovedI simply adore Homescapes. It is fun and easy to learn how to play, and it kills time while making us think. I believe the new tournaments are fun, but it needs more. The levels need to make it so more coins can be earned. If I earn the minimum coins per level (50) and play 10 levels, it still isn’t enough to get a retry on a particularly hard level. Now I do think the fact they are called “Hard Levels” makes it better for us to prepare, and definitely the coin amount there is worth it. But in order to pass a level, I spend almost 6-8 hearts if it’s extremely time-consuming and hard. There is still the issue with more prizes. I like the daily bonus, but after the seventh day, it sent me right back to the first day without any prizes. I believe it should be after the 7th day, you get all the prizes from day 1-6 at the same time, and then day 8 and on should have more until you reach every seventh day again. It’s a good way to make people play the game. There also need to be more tournaments that don’t give prizes based off places. I never get first place in the plane tournament, but in the knitting ball one, I got a lot of prizes and it made me feel more encouraged to try. This game is great but definitely needs more to attract more and lose less people..Version: 1.4.0

Good but never endingThis game takes the good things about Candy crush, and Hay day, and makes them into a live action renovation game! The only thing I don’t like is that it does get quite hard fairly quickly, so unless you’re willing to pay you can only achieve by putting lots of time in. Also, it does take a long time to renovate all the rooms., and it goes into the garden as well. To the developers: too many clicks required. Why do we have to tap the screen so much after ending a level?.Version: 2.3.0

A really fun gamePeople will love this game it’s so interesting when you start this always really really really really really interesting and when you start to the top and really fun to play it was a big sister or a brother or anything or just yourself or just yourself you can play it by yourself or ask your mum or dad or a big sister or brother or your whole family to try it out because you don’t know if they like it thanks for listening to our review let’s have fun watching this we hope you like to look at it bye.Version: 4.1.0

A great game.This is a great game yet it takes forever to get through hard levels even when you use power ups and extra lives. And looking through the reviews, everyone says how great it is and how long it takes lives to recharge and nothing has changed. These reviews go back to years ago and the same issues are happening so obviously no one developing this game is reading them! Frustrating because it is such a great game but now I go through weeks without touching it because it takes so long to work through the levels. Even when I buy extra credits etc I still don’t get through a level. Someone needs to pay attention to what people are writing because there are other games out there that are taking people away from this game..Version: 2.7.0

Has some good aspects but . . .I started playing for the interest in rebuilding the home. However it quickly became evident that this wasn’t going to happen any time soon. 1 star per task seemed reasonable but then it became 2 stars per task then some are 3. And some tasks are divided into 4 x 2 stars to complete: it takes the fun out of the whole goal of the game. And I now find that I’m playing the level games for satisfaction gained in completing each level and I’m not interested in how much there is to do in each room. And while we’re on that rant, why does cost 2 stars just roll over from one day to the next? The cost of continuing turns in a level is rather excessive. 900 coins for 5 turns then 1200 coins then . . . I forget what ripoff amount is next because I don’t play it. I know the developers/owners of the app want to make money but the increase should be linear, not exponential. Yes, I know that I don’t have to play but a fairer balance of cost per achievement might see me play a it longer and spend a bit more..Version: 1.7.0

ImprovementHomescapes has really improved lately!! Grandmas knitting to win long lives and the calendar which earns you extra power ups is really helpful, love them. As always I want this amazing game to keep improving, so I really think the option to gain 5 extra moves for 900 coins is too much considering you only gain roughly 60 coins when you finish a level. Another aspect that needs a change is when you complete hard levels you should win 2 stars not just 1. Finally I didn’t like how many stars I had to use up when completing the small storyline about grandmas cooking competition with Ralph. I’d rather use my stars to build my house and garden. So I think the building is the main path and character things are on the side, you don’t have to complete them to move forward, but you receive a prize if you do complete it..Version: 1.4.0

Good game but hard to move forwardThis game is great I love doing all the designing and everything just it’s so annoying and frustrating to have to keep doing the same levels over and over just to do the improvements in the game. I would love to just be able to get on with the game and have so many stars to do all the improvements and have easier levels again..Version: 1.3.0

Addictive but it gets hardI really like this game. It’s fun to play just like Gardenscapes but the levels are quite hard. It’s frustrating that you spend ages trying to complete a level. I want to have a maximum of more than five lives because it’s frustrating that you are trying to complete a level and then you don’t have enough lives. Apart from that I love this game and I like Austin too. I would suggest you have easier levels. They are doable but it is frustrating that it takes so long. Good game though. :).Version: 1.4.0

Well developed gameI do indeed enjoy playing this game. I play it normally thru out the day. It helps the time go by quickly. The only thing that bothers me is the hard and extra hard part of the game. I realize that it breaks up the monotony, but, I spend days sometimes trying to beat the level. But, it is good that the hard and extra hard are few and far between, so it’s not overwhelming, it’s a good change of pace. And, as others have said, rewards are few and far between as well. Especially with the hard levels, the rewards are just this: your normal level low coin reward is doubled and you are rewarded with one extra star. I know you have to make money in this venture, but, your doing it to the detriment of your customers. There is a reason we play games that say that they are free, it’s because a lot of us do not have the funds to use actual money to progress farther in the game faster then the other players that can afford to use their hard earned money. In conclusion, I think this game is well worth 5 stars, however, I did only give it 4 stars on account of the hard and very hard levels & the lack of well deserved rewards. I think there should be better rewards and it should be a little easier to get stars. Just my opinion for what it’s worth. But, great game!.Version: 1.3.0

General ReviewThis is honestly my favourite game, I was an avid player of Gardenscapes and downloaded this as soon as it came out. The levels can be quite hard and I’ve been so tempted to delete the game at some points but I’ve never felt so proud and satisfied when I’ve completed a level. I’m currently on level 169 and I just can’t stop playing! This is one of the few rare games that I haven’t deleted after the first few days and I really love the idea of having an objective as it makes me want to carry on. My only complaint that I would hopefully like to see changed in the future (unless you’ve already done it of course) is that of the infinity hearts. I usually play before college or before I go to sleep so when I’m given an our or two of infinity hearts I can’t use them which defeats the point of the reward. I would absolutely love it if we could apply them at the time we want instead of just starting the timer automatically as soon as you’re rewarded it . I quite like the limit of lives haha otherwise I’d never stop. Overall, fantastic game glad to have downloaded it. Hope to have some feedback! Thank you 😄.Version: 1.3.0

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